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Take it off AND THE WINNER IS. . . rightSPORTSMANSHIP now! GOLF Reflecting on a marvellous Masters: Justin Rose, Hampshire’s favourite golfing son, made us so proud as he played his role in one of the tightest but most gentlemanly showdowns in the history of the event

Mighty Augusta block tiny club’s Green Jacket tribute NORTH Hants Golf Club in Fleet will have to find some more space in its Justin Rose Room to record the continuing exploits of the county’s favourite golfing son.

Wear it with pride… but not for long: 2017 Coverack Masters winner and Mullion Golf Club past captain Wilf Hutchinson being presented with a green jacket by Ed Oxford.

ItRoom was will meant to beforan affectionate be found mementoes of the 2017 be world’s placed alongside nod toMasters one of tothe premierthose of Rose’s U.S. Open in 2013 and his tournaments whentriumph golfers in a tiny Olympic Golf Gold. Cornish fishing village put the word Masters thewas titlepipped of a club event. But whilein Rose at Augusta by Garcia,the the inevitable disappointment ToSergio complete compliment to The for his fans counterbalanced by a Masters at was Augusta, they awarded display of skill and sportsmanship which was ana credit iconicto Green Jacket both men, and totoa their sport which champion. still prides itself on honesty and fairness. Spot the difference: Typical views at August National and Mullion Golf Club But not any more. Players in the Yes, the final round between these two Ryder Coverack Masters at Mullion Golf Club secretary Ray Griffiths is said Cup titans was bound to be emotional. Rose competition in a corner of England, Club have been told by the mighty rarely involving more than two to have passed the letter on to was edging his way towards a second Major, Augusta National club in Georgia and Garcia was trying to secure his first on dozen pub pals, could possibly be Coverack Masters organiser Ryan the very which would have been the they are day breaching copyright laws confused with one of golf’s four Retallack, who declined to discuss 60thmust birthday of his hero, Seve Ballesteros. and stop. Majors. the matter when approached by The Mail on Sunday. The status-conscious Americans But the overriding emotion for spectators of Sources told journalists that insist they hold the for the the final round was therights way these two Augusta National sent a letter of But this year’s event was renamed Europeans fought the mate:captain, At the end and terms ‘Masters’ andfight. ‘Green Jacket’ complaint to Coverack’s Mullion in memory ofWell aplayed, late Masters former on the course, Rose and Garcia were in a golfing context. sporting gentlemen Golf Club after spotting a photo Bob Oxford. In the final round, they were toe-to-toe rivals of 2017 winner Wilf Hutchinson Golfers in Coverack have been Augusta National declined to but not opponents, supremely competitive baffled trying toacknowledging work out how yet gentlemanly, eacha other’s proudly wearing his green jacket. discuss its “private business”.

MAY 2017


HowINSIDE do you solve a problem like Garcia? Rory: My Green Jacket wedding wish – Page 4 We meet the 10th tee hell hound Bus Pass Golfer – Page 16

second spell the It Philip’s is hard to avoid admiring as Hants PGA skipper passion of sports stars who wear – Page 16 on their sleeves. their hearts In golf, we have adored the dashing Hampshire spirit of an Ian Poulter and the Jenny’s Spanish fire of Seve Ballesteros, lifetime fist-pumping his adrenalin and accolade – Page 16 feeding our adulation. And we love the Mediterranean Was this dash of Sergio Garcia… golf’s most of the time. worst

injustice But the 39-year-old star has ever?Fans feel gone too far this time. – Page 24 uncomfortable when a desire to win is swamped by petulant, PLUS bad behaviour and sustained 2 Coursesportsmanship. Reviews this month! appalling

Bird Hills Golf Centre Garcia conducted an - page 14-15 unprecedented third-round assault on the Royal Greens course at King RomseyEconomic Golf ClubCity. Abdullah - page 19-22

Cont on page 16… Tee Times – your

FREE local national golf magazine •Justin Turn to Page 4 Rose California dreaming… before a bit of a nightmare - see page XX skills with a knuckle-touch or a nod.

all your comedy needs ADGERHampshire BROWN ...forGolf Club



Introducing one of the South’s leading and most sort after

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