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APRIL 2017


Painful backs are the curse of many a golfer, something I recently experienced on the golf course. If only I’d done a few warm up exercises, or gently hit a couple of balls into the nets but it was a chilly day, I felt sluggish after an indulgent Christmas and I made the mistake of just rushing onto the 1st tee. You’d think I’d have learnt from previous back problems - I know how important it is to keep core muscles strong but I’m not very self-disciplined when it comes to exercise. As for gyms I’ve always found them brimming with red faced individuals, waiting their turn to leap on complicated, torturous looking equipment. It’s interesting to compare the miserable partner. They consider it far more A few years between ago I recallsomeone signing upstarting for a Steps Class which, according theout convincing differences important to have a goodtoday with mates flyer posted through my letter box, would whip my muscles into shape, increase out playing golf and an experienced on a pleasant but forgiving course. my stamina and help megolfing lose weight. golfer in their twilight years.The fit looking instructress was a wonderful advert for her profession, making the exercisesBeginners look effortless whilst teaching a class can sometimes struggle with crammed full of glamorous ‘Sweaty Bettys’ who moved together in perfect unison. For instance, newbies are keen to play as long carries and dog-legs due to much golf but as possible so they’llI turned play inup anyin functional inexperience andand misjudgement. Intimated not undaunted, leggings baggy t-shirt,Sadly, set conditions. Whereas, older golfers are some elderly golfers alsoI must fail tohave cope with up my steps and enthusiastically hurled my body into the programme. reluctant to venture ontoheight the course the Towerlong carries lose their muscle climbed the equivalent of the ifEiffel (600 steps)asinthey the challenge to keep weather’s looking a bit dodgy and are more power and distance. up with the seasoned regulars. Despite oxygen deprivation, common sense finally than happy to while time in the being out of step with the class wasn’t the end kicked in and I cameaway to the conclusion clubhouse until the clouds pass by.Lance Corporal NewJones golfers are pretty naïve when it comes of the world, even if I did look like in Dad’s Army. to course management but they gradually It wasn’t until I tried to drive that I caughtlearn sightwhere of my to puce facetheinball, the car mirror When beginners initially enterhome competitions place nevertheless, and realise when I they tried need to co-ordinate the clutch realisedbullish my legand muscles they more lessons to and accelerator, they tend to Iremain optimistic had turned jelly soThe I ended up kangarooing alleven the when way home. improve theirtoscores. difference with they are in deep trouble. older golfers is they’ve already developed However, senior golfers know precisely Worse still, I woke the next day as stiff as a board, taking a good five minutes before I the techniques but it’s just a question of where to place the ball, even if they can’t could even swing my legs over the side of the bed. Every muscle from my waist down whether their hips, knees or shoulders will always reach it, or see it! They’re had gone into shock and my spine had seized up in sympathy. cope with the challenge. experienced and realistic enough to know if they’ve just played lousyback shotpain. it’s Days later, I hobbled through the doors of a physiotherapist, rackeda with Initially, as a beginner, it can be difficult probably unrecoverable and the chance of Instead of the usual bodily checks and manipulation, the physio asked me copious trying to remember how many shots you’ve scoring is pretty remote. questions, finally asking me to demonstrate how I walked up stairs. Now this physio taken let’s face it, multi-tasking is trickyto have serious doubts at this point - surely, came–highly recommended but I started when you’re so focused on striking and Beginners soon understand a good part of she knew how people walked up steps? tracking the ball. Interestingly, it’s not the pleasure of golf is about friendship but When I attempted the golfers action, to shealso pointed uncommon for elderly it’s the senior golfer who appreciates the out my core muscles on one side were ‘mislay’ the odd shot due to short term so ‘good feel’ factor of the constant cracks pathetic,loss. my hips tipped like a see-saw, memory with a bunch of fellow golfers, regardless putting enormous strain on my back. of how dire they play. When you’re fresh into golf, you’re keen to Numerous physio appointments later sign up for any games, even if you don’t It just shows you that regardless of your age, and minus hundreds of pounds, my have a clue what you’re entering, or who the benefits of golf are huge for everyone. core muscles were truly toned and my you’re playing with. Whereas the wiser, older hips back in balance. Let’s hope I golfer chooses carefully to avoid slogging recover quicker this time! © Claire Kane over long courses, through soggy meadows Follow my tales on twitter@golfsnippets or©having climb cardiac hills with a ClairetoKane

18 TEE TIMES | February 2018

Golf Academy

IPces available ited spa LimSH IN&TE en –ER s OpMB SenRiorME Ladies, MiWxed £29 mno Fro August pp –528tchh2018 £25£32 Teaor on 5* ter Af1st lf &from MixedAvaiGolable November 2017 – 31st Mar site ry forms available via web All Opens Ent *Terms and conditions apply


Enjoy golf on our free draining downland course over the winter period, confident in the knowledge that the weather will not stop you playing and you will get great value for your membership fee.

Nothing more to pay until 01/01/2018 (terms and conditions apply) · Utilise the clubhouse and catering with · 7 days a week discount card for bar and food purchases · NO joining fee • Highly regarded and well presented free draining course · Full use of club’s practice facilities, · Eligible to play in competitions driving range and tee PAR3times course necessary After 2and practice rounds the wait • Friendly clubhouse • Nowas booking system for ‘roll up’s’ · B  ring guests to play on reduced · O  btain an official CONGU handicap over and Romsey found out who they • Superb practice facilities • Regular competitions and ‘roll up’s’ members ‘guest rate’ socialinfunctions would· Attend be facing their group stages. • Reciprocal golf at other private members clubs LIMITED TO 30 SPACES They were drawn with England Home nations Cheriton Road, Tichborne Down, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 0PN champions Cuddington, Bothwell from Tel : 01962 733746 Scotland and Pyle & Kenfig from Wales.

Day 1 of main tournament saw Romsey V Cuddington in a 6 person Matchplay format on the Morgado course. It was a tough The Manor match with some fantastic golf. Romsey House triumphed with a 4-2 win.


FREE GOLF At The UK’s Largest Golf Resort

Ashbury Day 2 saw Romsey v Bothwell CastleSet in a in the foothills of Dartmoor National

Hotels Park, Devon. The Ashbury Hotel is the ideal - The Only Sport,on Craft & Spa thrilling match the Alamos course. venue for your golf break. Hotels in the UK Romsey once again win 4-2, and now go top Atmeant least 27 of their group! This thatholes they of onlyFREE golf with each night of stay! Kigbeare 15th Pines 17th needed a draw in the final group match to 382 yards, Par 4 442 yards, Par 4 qualify for the final. Day 3, Romsey v Pyle & Kenfig was to be Romsey's finest performance with a 5-1 victory! They make the final against the other group winners Beadlow Manor from England.

into the team at the last minute. There was not a lot Romsey's Josh Hannam could do “I’ve never played such fantastic courses.” W - Trip Advisor Manor to and the Stephen match went to Beadlow So it was to be an all EnglandKigbeare affair with halve the 3-3. Par match 72 6528 Autumn to Spring neither team expected to make it past the Pines Par 72 6400 groupNOW stage.- 25/04/18 Unfortunately Beeches Par 69 the 5803tournaments rules state • FREE Golf Oakwood 68 5502 that if aParMatch is halved then the winner will ½ Price £8 Morgado Ashbury 9 + Pines Front 9 Par 69on 5775 The•final wasBuggies held on-the course be decided the number of holes won. • 10% OFF Spa Treatments Ashbury 9 + Pines Back 9 Par 71 6111 and Beadlow Manor took an early lead on & So Much More! Par 54 1939 Multi Sport Simulators the front 9. Things changed onWillows the back Beadlow Manor were to crowned champions nineMarch with Romsey's Owen Grimes bringing in as they won 10-7 on countback. Romsey 2018 Full Board Bargain Breaks from: the first win, followed by George Nicholsonwere gutted as they lost on a technicality. 4nt Midweeks £190pp • 3nt Weekends £150pp Jack with a nail biting win on the last, Romsey 2up. Additional Facilities FREE toThis residents ourmatch hotelsand Romsey did was a of great Sports Racket Sports Leisure Family Ranges themselves proud up. They never Bowls Tennis Swimming Funhouseas runnersArchery Table Tennis Badminton Spa & Sauna Gamezone Air Pistols Beadlow Manor came back with winning the lost a match the whole week, the only team 5-A-Side Squash Snooker Waterslides Air Rifles next twoBasketball matches with some stunning golf,Ten-Pinto achieve Play this.Area Short Tennis Lasers nowPLUS all square. was down tofeaturing the last two uniqueIt Craft Centre 17 tutored crafts, including Pottery & Woodwork matches, and Romseys Aaron Danson took No one expected a small club to do so well the next match making a draw most likely. and to be the second best team in the Uk is 0800 197 7582 quite an achievement. This has been an TheAll lastrooms match saw Beadlow Manors that the whole team will never en-suite • Full junior board • experience Child rates • Party discounts have a hole in one after only being brought forget. Well done Romsey Juniors. !

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Tee Times Golf Magazine, February 2018  
Tee Times Golf Magazine, February 2018