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WHATS HOT OR NOT Your Monthly Blog by

Claire Kane

Golf through The penalty when Sat go wrong theNavs Ages How many of us have naively followed our Sat Navs and ended up rumbling down a narrow lane or worse still, hit a dead end? In the early days of Sat Navs I drove a car full of golfers to a club I’d never previously visited. No problem, I thought, I’ll just tap in the post code and it’ll take me straight to the door. The journey started well with ‘Sat Nav man’ jabbering away, telling me to turn this way and that way but one of my fellow passengers was not It’s interesting to compare miserable out partner. consider it far more impressed with the newthetechnology, pointing sheThey always relied on a differences between someone starting important to have a good day out with mates good old fashioned map. In my innocence, I defended my new gadget, out playing golf and an experienced on a pleasant but forgiving course. confident thetwilight talkinggolfing mapyears. would come up trumps. How wrong I was, golfer in their because we ended up by the Green Keepers’ with absolutely no BeginnersShed can sometimes struggle with For are keen to playwas. as Embarrassingly, long carries and dog-legs duetotodouble clueinstance, wherenewbies the main entrance we had much possible so they’ll in any inexperience and misjudgement. Sadly, back golf andasask someone forplay directions. conditions. Whereas, older golfers are some elderly golfers also fail to cope with As a result of thisonto disappointing I went outlose thetheir nextmuscle day and reluctant to venture the course if theexperience, long carries as they weather’s looking a bitUK dodgy andmap are more power and distance. purchased a new road but interestingly within days, the lady than to while away timeinvested in the in a Sat Nav! whohappy swore by her map clubhouse until the clouds pass by. New golfers are pretty naïve when it comes Thankfully, the accuracy of satellite navigation has since but improved to course management they gradually greatly, so when I heard about a car ending up in the middle my golf When beginners initially enter competitions learn where to place the ball,of nevertheless, they realiseI was they need morehow lessons they tend to remain bullish and optimistic course, curious thisto could happen. improve their scores. The difference with even when they are in deep trouble. Allegedly, driveralready was developed blindly following directions fromknow her talking older golfers the is they’ve However, senior golfers precisely map, although knows shetowas to, orif they whatcan’t the techniques but goodness it’s just a question of where where placeheading the ball, even whether their hips, knees or shoulders will always reach it, ormain see it!drive They’re destination she’d punched in. Having driven up the to the cope challenge. experienced realistic know if club,with shethethen went completely off track, drivingand along theenough buggytopath they’ve just played a lousy shot it’s that winds around the clubhouse, before zooming off to the golf course Initially, as a beginner, it can be difficult probably unrecoverable and the chance of and onto a greenkeepers track! It’s unclear fact,remote. completely puzzling) trying to remember how many shots you’ve scoring (in is pretty what–happened but clearly she chugged on and on until reaching taken let’s face it, next multi-tasking is tricky when you’re hazard so focused striking Beginners soon understand a goodinto partthe of the water byonthe 2nd and hole where she plunged the vehicle tracking the ball. Interestingly, deep pond – clearly overit’sthenotred line! the pleasure of golf is about friendship but uncommon for elderly golfers to also it’s the senior golfer who appreciates the Now I’ve a number of term balls take ‘good a divefeel’ into thisofparticular ‘mislay’ the seen odd shot due to short factor the constantwater cracks hazard loss. and it’s highly likely the odd golf dipped its wheels memory withtrolley a bunchhas of fellow golfers, regardless they play. into the pond but who’d have thought ofa how ton dire of metal would end up When you’re fresh into golf, you’re keen to perched over the watery edge. sign up for any games, even if you don’t It just shows you that regardless of your age, Luckily wasentering, hurt and despite being Christmas have a clueno-one what you’re or who the benefits of golf areDay, hugethankfully for everyone. you’re Whereasaround the wiser,who oldercame to the rescue. I have no idea thereplaying were with. members golfer slogging if thechooses driver carefully ended toupavoid being late for any Christmas festivities but the over long courses, through soggy meadows Claire Kane incident would certainly have made an entertaining tale over©lunch. or having to climb cardiac hills with a Follow my tales on twitter@golfsnippets © Claire Kane

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Golf Academy

After 2 practice rounds the wait was over and Romsey found out who they would be facing in their group stages. They were drawn with England Home nations champions Cuddington, Bothwell Castle from Scotland and Pyle & Kenfig from Wales. Day 1 of main tournament saw Romsey V Cuddington in a 6 person Matchplay format on the Morgado course. It was a tough match with some fantastic golf. Romsey Sport Manor Craft, The Only & triumphed with a 4-2Hotels win. in the UK Ashbury Hotels & Spa

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May 3-Night Weekend from


est. 1978

Day 2 saw Romsey v Bothwell Castle in a thrilling match on the Alamos course. Romsey once again win 4-2, and now go top of their group! This meant that they only needed a draw in the final group match to qualify for the final. Day 3, Romsey v Pyle & Kenfig was to be Romsey's finest performance with a 5-1 victory! They make the final against the other group winners Beadlow Manor from England.

tay & p

PRICE INCLUDES: ✓ En-suite accommodation ✓ 18-holes of golf everyday ✓ 4 multi-sports simulators ✓ 3G & MUGA pitch ✓ Activities coordinator ✓ Personalised programme ✓ Indoor & outdoor gym into the team at the last minute. There was ✓ Free craftcould tuition not a lot Romsey's Joshexpert Hannam do Full-board and the match went✓ to Beadlow dining Manor to

s at a halve the match 3-3. Stay Choose rulesfrom state Ashbury Golf HotelUnfortunately the70tournaments FREE SPORTS & CRAFT

l y ataffair with So it was to be an all England neither team expected to make it past the group stage.

Ashbury Hotel

that if a Match activities is halvedfrom thenour theprogramme winner will The final on theGolf Morgado course be decided on the number of holes won. Thewas 9thheld Largest Resort in the World OUR FREE FACILITIES: and Beadlow Manor took an early lead on Ten-Pin ✓ Archery 99 holes all on site, Ashbury Hotel theBoasting front 9. Things changed onone the back Beadlow Manor were to crowned✓ champions th Bowls ✓ Table Tennis is the largest Owen golf resort the world. nine with 9Romsey's Grimesinbringing in Nestled as they won 10-7 on countback.✓ Romsey ✓ Tennis ✓ Basketball thewin, heart of the National park, our theinfirst followed by Dartmoor George Nicholsonwere gutted as✓ Hydro they lost on a technicality. ✓ Lasers Spa hotels unique Jack with offer a nailthe biting win onopportunity the last, to experience ✓ Air Rifles ✓ Air Pistols word-class complimentary sporting, leisure and ✓ 5-A-Side ✓ Squash Romsey 2up. This was a great match and Romsey did spa facilities, alongside free expert craft tuition. Snooker ✓ Short themselves proud as Tennis runners up.✓ They never ✓ Swimming Beadlow with winning match the whole week, the✓ 20 onlyCrafts team Relax Manor those came tiredback muscles after atheday lost on athe next two matches some stunning golf, whichto offers achieve this. OUR COURSES INCLUDE: course in our with luxurious Hydro Spa now all square. It was down to the laststeam two room. 20 treatments, sauna and matches, and Romseys Aaron Danson took Kigbeare No one expected a✓ small club(6528yrds) to do so well ✓ Pines (6400yrds) the next match making a draw most likely. and to be the second best team in the Uk is ✓ Beeches (5738yrds) For more information, contact: quite an achievement. This has been an ✓ Oakwood (5502yrds) The last match saw Beadlow Manors junior experience that the✓whole team will never 0800 197 7582 | Willows (1939yrds) have a hole in one after only being brought forget. Well done Romsey Juniors.

… Call 01592 770 003 or visit BLACKMOOR GOLF CLUB

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