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Hope you all have had a great few weeks off and are ready to hit the last term full pelt! As you may have noticed it’s been a bit hectic in the Students’ Union over the last few months. We have had some major events going on including the infamous Tees/Wear Varsity (which we won) and a little event known as the TUSU elections 2012! Elections fever took over the SU just before the Easter break and you voted in your thousands for your next Officer team and for your NUS delegates. It was a great week and it was good to get out of the office and on to campus and speak to loads of students about why it is so important to have your voice heard and to use your vote! It was also fantastic to see all candidates out and about chatting to students about issues that affect you while you’re at University and to see how they would take forward your ideas to make your student experience better! I think it’s safe to say that it was a hard week, but everyone had fun and all candidates did a fantastic job and helped the SU smash all targets set. This edition is just as jam packed as the last, we have an election special, introduction to your new Officers elect, a Varsity special and information on the National Student Survey, as well as the regular Officer blogs, Campaigns and Welfare Update and Beavered. As usual if you want to be involved, drop me a line at alternatively why not pop in my office for a quick chat! That’s all from me apart from have a fantastic last term have fun and stay safe.


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Meet Your Officers Elect


Meet Your NUS Delegates


Campaigns & Welfare Update By Jenny Gill


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National Students Survey


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Green Impact Report




Meet The Careers Team


Awards Dinner 2012

By Lori Wheatman By Phil Makinson

by Michelle Murphy Teesside Gets Gold!

18-19 Tees Wear Varsity By Tony Clapham


AU Chair’s Club of the Month Scuba Diving


Soc Fed Chair’s Society of the Month Real Ale


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Ka-pow Get Georged!

By Tony Clapham

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THE PRESIDENT - LORI WHEATMAN /campaigns & welfare offcier - jenny gill

the officers What have you been up to over this term? Obviously elections happened this term – massive result for the SU – congrats to everyone involved from staff to candidates – everyone did amazing. We even got mentioned in a NUS democracy mail out to all SU’s around the country. It said ““Being as it is election season across the country I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a union who have worked really hard to increase their turnout. Teesside SU is one such union, who quadrupled their turnout this year to include nearly 14% of their students in the voting process”. On top of this I have been working with the University on our part time students offering – looking at how we can make the student experience even better for part time students of the future. There is some really interesting work being done within the University and I’m sure all current part time students and part time students of the future will appreciate it. What are your highlights for this term? Highlights this term include the elections which is being mentioned and recognised nationally and is a massive highlight and a

the president

massive achievement. On top of this watching the basketball match, the last match at Tees Wear Varsity, was amazing. Sunderland’s spectator’s area was full and our side wasn’t so much but we managed to out sing them and go on to win the match and in doing so win Varsity – massive achievement for the basketballers, Tony Clapham and indeed the netballers and volleyballers that were there supporting. What are your main aims for the rest of the academic year? Making sure John Pinkney (President Elect) gets the best handover possible. I’m writing a handover bible for him with everything he should ever need in it and will also be introducing him to important people before I leave to ensure he gets a running start in July when he takes over! I am also writing a document showing each student how they can get involved in your SU – this will include everything from elections to campaign teams to Student Experience and School Representatives to working behind the bar! What are your big wins for students this term? Big wins this term include putting disabled issues firmly on the map in the University

STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICER - TONY CLAPHAM / education officer - Phil makinson

Lori wheatman and setting up meetings with our Disabled Rep, Emma Doree, and Deputy Vice Chancellor to discuss issues surrounding disabled students and how we can work together in the future to solve them. And again getting Election fever as high and well received throughout the University as it was an amazing achievement!

The President

Finally, what words of wisdom would you give your successor? My words of wisdom for John include: Follow your heart – if there is something you want to do and something you want to achieve then follow your heart and do it, it’s so easy for office work and admin to get in the way. It’s a very tough job and you are always going to come under scrutiny by some people who don’t agree with what you are doing or saying but if you stick to your gut, follow your heart and don’t let them get to you I am sure you can achieve everything you want to.

campaigns & welfare officer jenny gill What have you been up to over this term? Over the last term I have been working particularly hard on my objectives, particularly on placement and international students. I have launched a placement student’s survey which asks students about their placement experiences and the services they access whilst on placement. I have also been working with The Link and Student Services within the university to make the international student part of the website easier to understand and navigate around so that it generally makes more sense. I have also completed a map of communications which shows who we have contact with within the university, this will help us lobby the university more effectively for change. What are your highlights for this term? Highlights have to be Elections...the biggest turnout EVER at Teesside!!! Being elected as an NUS delegate for the 4th time, so a massive thank you for all that voted for me....I will do Teesside proud and stand up for what we believe in and the big Sunderland v Teesside Varsity win! Big congratulations to all sports teams and Mr Tony Clapham!


What are your main aims for the rest of the academic year? My main aims for the rest of the year are to complete all my objectives including a report on the outcomes of the placement student survey. I will be ensuring that we hold two student panels next term so that we as executive officer can inform you of what we have been up to and what wins we have had for you, I will be starting my handover to your new Campaigns and Welfare officer elect Natalie Davison to ensure that she can hit the ground running when she starts in July. What are your big wins for students this term? This term the biggest wins I have had speaking to over 300 students about elections during my goats and goals sessions, working with the safety reps on issues such as unmarked taxis and hate crime, getting the university website changed for international students so it’s easier to understand and finally editing the previous edition of The Tease.

re Officer igns & Welfa


Finally, what words of wisdom would you give your successor? Work Hard....Play Harder!!! The great thing about this job is going and speaking to students and getting involved in the activities they do! You can find out a lot just by staying involved, so go out and have fun and you will reap the benefits!

phil makinson the education officer

What have you been up to over this term? The 2nd term has been really hectic for me, as it was last year as well. The National Student Survey (NSS) has taken up a lot of my time; ensuring that Students understand the importance of the survey. I have been out doing a number of lecture shouts explaining how important it is to complete the survey. It might sound like it’s a small part of the job, but the NSS holds such importance to me as an Education Officer that I want to ensure that as many people as possible complete the survey so it does take up a lot of time. What are your highlights of this term? The major highlight has got to have been Elections! It’s been a fantastic few weeks to see all candidates out there campaigning. It was especially good to see three very good candidates fighting it out for my position. Knowing who will succeed me is great and hopefully over the coming months I can leave Hannah in good stead to continue into the future! What are your main aims for the rest of the academic year? I want to ensure that as many students as possible understand the importance that feedback from lecturers, from work and other things plays in their time at University. Feedback is a recurring issue in the NSS and just generally in conversation with students,

tony clapham What have you been up to over this term? The past term has been hectic but probably the most successful I have had in my two years in Office. A large proportion of my time has been spent working on the Students’ Union Elections and trying to get as many people to vote as possible. A lot of time and effort has gone into from all the staff in the SU on trying to make it easier for students to vote and giving them an incentive to vote. This lead to the SU having its highest ever election turnout with 2817 people voting, which smashes the previous highest total of 1172 votes cast. I have also organised the annual Tees Wear Varsity event with Sunderland. This year the event was held at Sunderland University and had 22 sports fixtures taking place during the day. It was a close contest and the lead changed hands several times during the day but Teesside came out on top winning 11 points to 10. There was some unbelievable performances from the guys and girls such as Women’s Football winning 10-1 and Women’s Rugby winning 56-5! It is always a fantastic event but it was an Honour to lift the Varsity trophy for Teesside at the end of the day! I’m gutted that it will be my last Varsity but delighted that the sportsmen and women of

so if I can do something over the next term to ensure that as much as possible is done to highlight the importance to as many as possible then that will be good!

What are your big wins for students this term? A lot of concerns were raised during the last academic year about the way the University holidays worked and how much teaching students were losing as a result of multiple holidays falling at awkward times. It was decided that a group of senior University staff would look at this, including myself, and the Academic Board in December agreed that next academic year there will be a 2 week holiday at Christmas, so therefore the term will end on 21/12/12 and we will then return after Christmas on 07/01/13. In addition to this there will be a 3 week break at Easter with the Easter break being 15/03/13 – 08//04/13. I think again that this represents a great win for you as students, you get longer after Christmas before coming back to university, and a longer break at Easter when the weather is going to be hopefully nicer. I have been working with the University to ensure that they are listening to student concerns about their employability when they leave Teesside. The University has opened up opportunities to over 50 students who graduated in 2011 to take on work

placements with local companies. With this in mind, there are now well advanced plans for students to be given paid work fficer Education O experience placements with companies at the end of each academic year for upto 6 weeks. This shows a great step forward in the commitment to your concerns, and in my eyes a great win and a massive opportunity for all students in the coming months and years! Finally what words of wisdom would you give your successor? I am not somebody who is big on words of wisdom if i’m honest! I would say to Hannah, as I will do over the next few months, ENJOY THIS JOB! The next year of this job will be one of the most challenging, but again one of the most rewarding! I have done it my way for the last two years, but its up to Hannah to shape exactly how the job works for her and shape the future of the role!

Student Activities Officer

Teesside brought the trophy home. What are your highlights for this term? The highlight of this term was defiantly lifting the Varsity trophy on behave of Teesside. When announcing the results I was buzzing with excitement and just wanted to celebrate but being stood on the stage and seeing all the Teesside students going crazy after we announced the winners was amazing! What are your main aims for the rest of the academic year? My aims for the rest of the academic year are to organise and hold the Annual Awards Dinner and run Athletic Union Tour. This years Awards Dinner is again going to be held at The Tall Trees in Yarm. This is a chance to celebrate another successful year in the Students’ Union and to show our appreciation to all our clubs, societies and representation volunteers for all the hard work they put in over the academic year. Athletic Union Tour is taking place from 24th March to the 30th March and Teesside are taking 140 students to Croatia. This gives our sports teams a chance to compete on the continent and give them a chance to blow off a little bit of steam after a hard year competing in BUCS competitions.

What are your big wins for students this term? My big wins this term come from the Students’ Union Student Activ elections. ities Officer The Students’ Union spent a lot of time with University staff seeing how they could help with the Elections. Without the help of the University staff we would have never got anywhere near the total. It is a big win as the it represents the importance of Exec officers within and represents the importance of the student voice. With over 2800 students voting it should that students are becoming more aware of the SU and what they SU can do for you. Finally, what words of wisdom would you give your successor? Enjoy yourself! Not many people in country get an opportunity to be in the position that you are going to be in so make the most of it and enjoy your time whilst you are in post.


meet your officers elect

meet your officers elect

MEET YOUR OFFICERS ELECT From Monday, February 27th to Thursday, March 1st 2012 a total of 2,817 current students at Teesside University voted to decide the four people they wanted to be their next set of Students’ Union Executive Officers and NUS conference delegates. The four people chosen to run your Students’ Union in the next academic year are...John Pinkney (President Elect), Hannah Graham (Education Officer Elect), Hannah Parratt (Student Activities Officer Elect) and Natalie Davison (Campaigns and Welfare Officer Elect). They will take office in July 2012 when the current team leave office. They will be responsible for: - Overseeing the running of the Students’ Union

HANNAH GRAHAM - EDUCATION OFFICER ELECT Hannah is 22 and originally from North Lincolnshire. She is currently completing a BSc (Hons) in computing. She chose to study at Teesside University because of the first impression created by the Open Day she attended where she was taken with the facilities and friendly, approachable people she met. She chose to run in the elections because she loves a challenge and believes that we need to be challenged to further ourselves in life. She also felt that the role of Education Officer would be of great interest given her past experience as a student as she feels there are a lot of simple measures that could be put in place to improve education standards.

- Upholding the Students’ Union constitution and ensuring it’s observed at all times - Advancing democratic participation amongst Teesside University students - Gathering student opinion then representing it to the most senior figures at the University such as the Vice-Chancellor, Board of Governors and Secretary as well as many other senior managers and staff

HANNAH PARRATT - STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICER ELECT Hannah is 21 and originally from Newport in South Wales. She is currently completing a BSc in Youth Studies and Youth Work.

- Sitting on a series of influential University Boards and committees to represent student opinion and lobby for change/ improvement to the student experience

She picked Teesside University because it was highly ranked for nursing, which she originally came here to study, and because she loved the atmosphere and community feel of the place. However, after a year, she realised nursing was not the path for her and moved over to a youth work degree. She ran in the elections following a high level of previous involvement in the Students’ Union including Chair of Athletic Union and the Badminton Club. She has also been inspired

- Running a range of campaigns aimed at students including sexual and personal health, safety and crime prevention, environmental awareness and much more. - Pursuing duties linked to their particular role


John is 22 and originally from North Shields near Newcastle. He is currently completing an MSc in Youth Work. He chose to study at Teesside University because he felt the Undergraduate course he originally did in youth work had the best structure of any in the country in that field. He ran for President as he felt he would be hypocritical not to after voicing his opinions about the Students’ Union to friends many times and felt it was time to take action. He also wanted to give something back to a place that he felt he had gained a lot from over the past few years. “It feels amazing to have been elected President, I’m ecstatic that the time, effort thought and emotional rollercoaster me and my friends have been through has resulted in the best job any Graduate could wish for.” said John “I want to ensure that I am part of a team that is able to make positive changes to student life especially around major issues like housing.”


“Winning the election was surreal if anything, the moment my name was announced on stage I felt such a great sense of relief at first then huge excitement as I knew everything I had been working for had led up to that moment. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and proof that hard work does pay off.” said Hannah “I think the main issue I want to address is Assessment Feedback. Some Academic staff give fantastic, detailed, constructive feedback, whereas others give a couple of lines and a grade with ideas for improvement if at all. There needs to be clearer guidelines set so each member of academic staff will give students the feedback they deserve for putting in the hard work and end up leaving university with a degree to be proud of.”

by the example set by current post holder Tony Clapham. “I can’t properly describe how it felt to win in the elections especially as I had such outstanding competition from a very strong field. I was surprised and delighted to be elected and I’ll never forget having all my friends cheer me on as it was announced that I had won.” said Hannah “The single biggest thing I want to achieve is to get a much wider range of people involved in student activities and/or volunteering with greater accreditation for their efforts.”

NATALIE DAVISON - CAMPAIGNS AND WELFARE OFFICER ELECT Natalie is 25 and originally from Sunderland. She is currently completing a BSc in Diagnostic Radiography. She chose Teesside University because it felt like a great place to study but still close to home and partly because it was one of the very few institutes to offer her course. She first ran in the elections to be a NUS Conference Delegate in 2011 and, after attending Conference, was inspired to look in to the officer roles a lot more closely. She became more active in the Students’ Union over the past year as a School Representative and this served to make her want the position of Campaigns and Welfare Officer all the more.

“It was an incredible feeling to win especially as it was such a close election against a very strong opponent in the shape of Chris Adamson. We both worked so hard and gave so much, I couldn’t have been happier when my name was called.” said Natalie “My biggest aim in office is to generally reach out to lots more students from all backgrounds, I want to hear what they have to say and what they want me to do for them, my door will always be open.”


meet your nus delegates


Alongside the Officer elections we held the NUS (National Union of Students) Conference delegate elections.

campaigns & welfare UPDATE WITH JENNY GILL

CAMPAIGNS & WELFARE UPDATE WITH campaigns & welfare officer

jenny gill Taxi!!! I have been made aware through the Safety Reps that there have been some issues with taxis and students. There have been a couple of incidents where students have used unmarked taxis and been victims of theft. Recently in the news, marked taxi drivers have attacked vulnerable women. I have been working with the University to ensure that our students are safe when they are out and about, and Stuart Jones who is the University Security Manager has come up with the following 8 top tips for staying safe when using taxis.

LORI WHEATMAN - DELEGATE LEADER Lori is originally from Wrea Green in Lancashire and was a Graphic Design student before being elected. She’s a keen Nottingham Forest fan and is often to be found in the Terrace Bar following their fortunes. She is the President of the Students Union and this will be her third National conference.


Jenny is from Sunderland and was an Occupational Therapy student before being elected; she’s the SU’s first officer dedicated solely to campaigns and welfare having been heavily involved in the SU in the past few years. This is Jenny’s fourth National conference.


Pete is a second year History student and is heavily involved within the Students’ Union. He is not only a School Representative and Student Safety Representative, but he is also a Student Trustee of Teesside University Students’ Union. This is Pete’s second National Conference.


Matt is a second year Coaching Science student and is originally from Nottingham. He is an active member of the Men’s Hockey club and stood up for Teesside Students in the National Demonstration against the increase in student fees and is a SUNEE volunteer. This is Matt’s first National Conference.


1. Know the telephone number of a reputable taxi/cab company and carry this with you or even better programme it in to your mobile phone. 2. Consider sharing a taxi with a friend, not only safer but cheaper too. 3. Always sit in the rear of the taxi.

STUDENT SAFETY REPS The student Safety reps ensure Teesside University students stay safe and well throughout the academic year. The reps, funded by The Safer Middlesbrough Partnership and managed by Teesside University Students’ Union, will work in teams of 5 to provide essential safety information and resources to students. They cover a range of areas including fire safety, staying safe on a night and how to lower the already slim chances of becoming a victim of crime while living in student housing or Halls of Residence. They support existing Students’ Union campaigns around student accommodation, sexual health and reducing hate crime particularly towards international students

and work closely with the Students’ Union Campaigns and Welfare Officer Jenny Gill; the University Student Services department and a host of external agencies with a stake in student safety including Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire Service. Team 1 is led by Michelle Murphy and includes Peter Scholey, Tim Pegden, Joseph Nwosu and Rachel Hannah Russell. Team 2 is led by Adnan Ali and includes George Ritchie, Laura Massey, Jade Lee and Claire Dempsey. Watch out for them every Tuesday in the Students’ Union where they hold community corner. Stop them and say Hi when they are out and about on campus and have a chat when they are around halls.

4. If you feel uncomfortable about the driver, stop at a busy area and get out. 5. Never disclose any personal details about yourself, no matter how genuine the driver might appear. 6. Before you get out of the taxi have your house keys ready to use. 7 Do not be tempted to accept a ride in a taxi that stops beside you without a booking, it may not be genuine. 8. If you are a female and would feel comfortable with a woman driver, then many companies now employ woman drivers if you ask. If you have been involved in or are worried about any incidences with Taxis, you can go and speak to an advisor in The Link or you can speak to our local PCSOs every Tuesday at Community Corner.

Teesside University Students’ Union Student Safety Reps.


awards, recognition & you / by lori wheatman

national student survey / by phil makinson

AWARDS, RECOGNITION AND YOU – THE STUDENTS! by lori wheatman Elections, elections, elections – there is more to democracy than elections – believe me as President I know this better than anyone.. Here at TUSU we have been very busy getting our Representative Forum up and running. The Rep Forum includes our 21 School Reps, our 10 Safety Reps, our Student Experience Reps and the Executive Officers. It is a place where everyone can share experiences and thoughts that have come about that term by talking to you – the students of Teesside. I know from experience that forums like this have never worked well at Teesside with too many rules in place and it becoming a place where ‘laws and rules’ had to be passed. I am very adamant as President that the Student Rep forum is an ideas hub of our Reps on behalf of you lot. These ideas and thoughts will then form the campaigns of the Executive Officers now and of the future and make sure that your SU is working on the real issues that affect you as students. I want to thank all the Student Reps that turned up to the |Forum and spoke up and congratulations to Kaylie Jay (Business School Rep) for being elected as Chair. And here is to continued success of the Forum and students of the future.

As well as this the Executive Officers are in discussion about holding a referendum in the next term. A referendum is a weeklong vote for our students to answer a simple yes or no question on an issue that affects them here at Teesside. Teesside has not done a referendum in the last ten years to my knowledge and after the achievement of our election turnout we think it is particularly important to hear your collective voice on other issues as well! We are still in discussion about what the actual referenda question will be but if you have any suggestions please email myself at and I will make sure it is debated between the Officers, the AU Chair, the Soc Fed Chair and the Student Rep Forum Chair – it’s all very exciting! We have also been working on a very special recognition scheme within the SU. Currently the SU gives out Honorary Life Memberships to staff of the SU and University and ex Trustees however we felt as an Executive Officer Team that the HLMs were better placed in the Student Community. Therefore, this year at the Annual Awards Dinner we will

be presenting HLMs to students who have gone above and beyond their call of duty within the SU. The reasons can be anything from being an amazing Rep, working behind the bar and helping in campaigns. The one rule is that they have had to make a significant impact to Teesside University Students’ Union. Again for more information email myself. For more information on the Annual Awards Dinner please visit the Activities Centre in the SU or email Tony Clapham, Student Activities Officer at We are also working hard on our Student panel #winning blogs this term. These blogs get sent to 200 randomly selected students so you can vote on whether you are happy with the work we as your Executive Officers are doing for you our Students. These blogs are also put onto the TUSU website so even if you are not randomly selected you can still give us both positive and not so positive feedback on our work! Check out the website for more information!

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond their duty at TUSU? Have they been an amazing School Rep? Have their bar skills and banter been incredible? Has their dedication to your sport club or society been immense? Have they truly made your time at Teesside that little bit better? If yes to any of the above please nominate them for an Honorary Life Membership of the SU and show them how much their hard work has actually meant! Teesside University Students’ Union Honorary Life Memberships 2012 – get involved and tell us! 10

NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY by phil SET TO BEAT RECORDS! Makinson The National Student Survey (NSS) looks likely to break the Teesside record for the largest turn out in history! This year sees the NSS enter its eighth year for students at Teesside and as we look at the turnout currently (59%) it looks to be on its way to beating the 65% turnout, the highest in Teesside history, set last year. Universities across the country put much importance on the survey, none more so than here at Teesside and that is why the University are offering cash prizes to four lucky people who complete the survey before April 30th, these are 1 x £500 and 3 x £100 so what more of a reason to complete the survey!

completed the survey online, so this is more of an incentive also to complete as quickly as you can. As we approach a new era in HE with Fees almost trebling, it is even more important that students are seen as partners in their learning, and through the NSS we see this much more with students actively giving feedback to shape and improve their course.

If you are reading this and still unsure about completing the survey, then I would strongly urge you to complete it, but when completing it, you must reflect on what has happened over the whole time you have been on your course, not just a couple of incidents which would reflect badly, and what’s more, for the 5-10mins the survey takes, you could win £500, that is equivalent to being paid £3000p/h!

So what? Well the NSS is the biggest survey of FINAL YEAR undergraduate students, whether you’re studying a 2 year Foundation, Higher National or other 2 year degree, or you’re studying a 3 year Bachelors Degree, this survey is for you! The survey asks a key set of 23 questions which then go to show how your time as a student has been at Teesside. The survey is the University’s, and the Students’ Union’s way of finding out what is going well on your course and what needs to be improved, to make the experience of future students even better than it already is. Without this invaluable feedback, as an SU we would not know what to campaign on in the future. Last year, the NSS showed us that there were problems with the way that students saw the organisation and management of their course, and to that end, working with School and Course reps, we set about investigating what was good and bad about it, and now we hope to be able to resolve the problems with better and more flexible timetabling, with more advanced notice of lectures being rearranged or cancelled. Also another key step forward for the university will be to make timetables available to you at the beginning of the year in a more timely fashion allowing for more organisation of your own life away from University. The quicker you complete the survey, the less ‘hassle’ you will receive from the survey promoters Ipsos Mori. In order to get the largest number of respondents to the survey both institutionally and nationally, the promoters begin to contact students by both phone and post if they have not already


pick of the month / by michelle murphy



NORTH EAST GRADUATES LAUNCH EXCITING NEW WEBSITE BIGSCENE.TV: A New Home for the North East’s Urban Entertainment Scene In an era where the internet is the primary medium for musicians and their fans, a group of recent Teesside University graduates have set up an online network that is set to become a Mecca for the North East’s Urban entertainment scene. If you look hard enough you will find masses of talent across the North East, BIGSCENE.TV is providing an online home for aspiring and established musicians alike as well as dancers and comedians to name a few. Jamie Alderson, Marcus Briggs, Petros Georgiou and Liam Peters all studied degrees that brought them close to the regions Urban music scene. Whilst each of them had different experiences working with aspiring artists, they could all see that there was very little support for up and coming Urban entertainers in the area. Having heard some outstanding North Eastern singers, rappers and comedians the four students decided

to put together their skills and create a company that will help the North East’s Urban entertainment scene grow in a way that they believe it deserves to. Record producer Soul C, who is based in the North East, said “There is a huge audience for Urban entertainment yet not many websites or clubs seem to back our scene, instead they focus on music from America and London. What BIGSCENE.TV is doing sounds great and is much needed”.

BIGSCENE.TV is set to be an institution for the North East’s Urban entertainment scene, showing that the area has as much potential as London or America and is as equally talented. If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with BIGSCENE.TV , please call Liam Peters at 07772 643184, Petros Georgiou at 07887 600490 or e-mail

The website ( features profiles of entertainers from the North East as well as performance videos from them, exclusive releases, an Urban events planner and a monthly e-zine. Since being launched in mid-December, the site has received a great deal of attention from both entertainers and fans and is growing at an incredible rate.

ALBUM REVIEW ESTELLE – ALL OF ME Estelle hit the bit time when she collaborated with Kanye West on the massive single “American Boy” from her third album shine in 2008 and became an instant big hit! She seemed to cast a shadow over Mr. West and let’s be frank there aren’t too many women out there that can hold their own when singing with Kanye West. This album shows that she still has that same feisty sense of humour, and vocally delivers on much of “All of Me”. Though there are some excellent catchy tracks on this album, there’s also a few that feel a little lazy and that are slightly boring. The opening song on the album “The Life” has her rhyming and singing with style that would rival Missy Elliott, while “International (Serious)” featuring Chris Brown and Trey Songz, have a cool reggae feel and a deep bass groove that has a youthful punch that rivals even Rihanna.


Early single “Thank You” is a classic ballad, and even with a few clichés thrown in it still sounds smooth and relaxing and “Back to Love” could possibly be one of the best songs on the album, with its Coldplay-esque string section and dramatic chord progressions.


“Speak Ya Mind” has a catchy tune and lyrics, and some great baselines, while “Do My Thing” featuring little Janelle Monae, is one of those songs that truly grows on you. Unfortunately I found the rest of the album pretty generic R&B cheese. I found that tracks like “Cold Crush” and “Break My Heart” featuring Rick Ross take this album from good to distinctly average. It is for this reason I give Estelle 3/5.



green impact report / by jenny gill



Green Impact Students’ Unions is an environmental accreditation programme with an awards element designed specifically for Students’ Unions. For decades students’ unions have been at the forefront of social and environmental campaigning. This is why here at Teesside University Students’ Union we take greening our Union seriously. Last year we were awarded the Silver Green Impact (narrowly Missing Gold) for the major improvements we have made to the SU. We have reduced our carbon footprint, we have reduced how much water we use, we have had lights installed when a room is not occupied, and we now only use organic Fairtrade Eggs plus much more!

responsibility to operate in a sustainable way and limit our impact on the environment very seriously. I’m absolutely thrilled that after a rigorous analysis of our practices over the past few months we’ve been awarded gold in

such a high profile and demanding initiative, it’s a wonderful testament to the great work done by Officers, Staff and of course students over the past year to make TUSU even greener than before!”

This year we have been working hard to ensure that Teesside University Students’ Union carries on the good environmental work we have started. We submitted our criteria for the Green Impact Awards and kept our fingers crossed when the auditor came to look further at what we have been doing over the last year! Over the last year we have made several changes to the SU including, re-vamping both the male and female toilets on the first floor of the SU, we have turned off the energy consuming patio heaters on the terrace and have replaced them with blankets, ponchos and umbrellas, we are successfully working with the University on the garden so that it include pollinator flowers for birds and insects, we have purchased and implemented bird boxes and bird tables they are going down a treat. After an agonising wait to find out our award status we got news on Tuesday 20th March that we had been awarded the Gold award! #WINNING Jenny Gill, Campaigns and Welfare Officer at the Students’ Union and lead officer on the bid for gold in the Green Impact Awards said: “Here at the Students’ Union we take our



meet the careers team

MEET THE CAREERS TEAM Sue Stockwell: (3rd from right, back row) I’ve been the Careers Adviser for students on science and engineering courses since 2009 and work with undergraduates and postgraduates, international and UK students. I also co-ordinate the Diversi-tees mentoring scheme, which matches students who may be disadvantaged in the labour market with mentors in the workplace.

We are a team of professional, dedicated staff who are here to help all our students make the most of their skills and experience. It can be easy to put thoughts of employment to the back of your mind while studying but it is important to make use of our services, if you want to find a career that suits you. The Careers Service is on the first floor of the Student Centre near the Vibes Café. Eimer Bourke: (4th from right, back row) Careers Adviser at Teesside University who joined the Teesside University careers team in September 2010. Eimer supports students from Sociology, Criminology, Crime & Investigation, Sports and Youth Studies in SSSL and is also the Careers Adviser linked to the School of Computing. Eimer is a career changer who has held varied roles over the past 20 years including German Teacher, IT Project Manager and Florist, before becoming a Careers Adviser in 2005. “I really enjoy trying to get students & graduates to use social media wisely. We all have to get our online reputation work for us not against us”. Emma Dyson: (first on right, seated) Since joining the University in 2001 I have worked with Law students and those in the School of Health and Social Care. I have recently taken on shared responsibility for advising students from all subject areas about how to get into a career in teaching. I particularly enjoy helping students and graduates increase their confidence in selling their skills and experience to employers. Before becoming a Careers Adviser in 1996 I had a range of jobs, including banking, historical research, teaching English abroad and celery picking. Bill Greenwood: (5th from left back row) Senior Careers Adviser managing the Careers Service at Teesside University since 2001. My first career was as a teacher of English and Deputy Head. I became interested in careers work after returning from a two-year teaching stint in Italy and particularly enjoy working with students and graduates to develop their practical, career management skills.


The Careers team is a great one to manage – quality-focused and full of ideas. Gillian Kazeminia: (5th from right, back row) I am passionate about helping students reach their full potential and my role involves assisting students get the help they need. My aim is to raise the visibility of the Careers Service and develop our relationship with students, staff and graduates. I’m a Teesside University graduate and currently studying an MA in Careers Education at Warwick University. Before coming into the Service in 2010 I held both academic and guidance roles in Higher Education. Saeed Muhammed: (1st on left) Life as it flows; in the past I have worked in various roles within the Navy. From being a Navigating Officer onboard Type 21 Frigates and Supply and Logistics Officer onboard MCMVs (Mine Counter Measure Vessels), I was later an Underwater Diving Officer and Training Officer for new recruits. I worked for the Connexions Service and the Further Education Sector for a few years before recently joining the University as a Careers Adviser. I gained a BSc (Hons) Naval Sciences in 2001 and a Post Graduate qualification in Careers Education and Guidance in 2007. As a Careers Adviser, I am working on a new and innovative project which involves the creation of the University’s very own Employability Portal. The project shows the University’s commitment to its students and graduates and will support them by enhancing their employability prospects. Jane Simpson: (3rd from left) I’m an English graduate and joined Teesside University Careers Service in 2001. I currently support students from Teesside Business School and the School of Arts and Media which is varied and interesting. In a previous life I was involved in careers work with the 14 – 19 age group, spent several years in IT training, taught English as a foreign language and worked as research assistant on an English dialect project. I love travel and always get a buzz out of hearing from students who’ve taken the opportunity to work or study abroad during their time at university as they always seem to have gained so much from it.

Prior to this I was based in the University working on a regional project to encourage people with non-traditional qualifications e.g. work-based qualifications and NVQs, to progress to higher-level learning, particularly in engineering, health and social care and leadership and management. I qualified as a Careers Adviser in 1991 and have worked in various roles in colleges and in a private careers company. The Graduate Employability Team: The team headed by Jan Harris, (4th from left, back row) Graduate Employability Officer, Jo Garbutt (2nd from left, seated) and Jayne Cranston (2nd from C right, back row) deliver various projects designed M to give students relevant work experience and assist graduates in launching their career. With Y a wealth of combined experience in the field of CM graduate employability and a proven track record in delivering successful projects, we work closely MY with local businesses to assist them in employing CY a graduate. In doing so we offer a comprehensive recruitment service as well as financial assistance CMY to help meet the initial costs associated with taking K on a new member of staff. This is something which can often be a barrier to a company expanding their workforce, particularly for smaller enterprises. ‘Students and graduates can rely on our support in finding suitable placements and work opportunities and can feel safe in the knowledge that they can come back to us for advice and assistance should they need it. In the current economic climate we are facing a number of challenges in placing graduates but are working hard to address these with funding from the European Regional Development Fund.’ Jayne Villiers: (2nd on left seated) I have held a number of posts in the University for almost 25 years (how time flies!) but my current post of Volunteer Co-ordinator is certainly the most rewarding and interesting so far. My colleague Trish Tarrant, and I work with local and national voluntary and community organisations to promote and develop volunteering opportunities for University students. We also try to encourage students to develop their own volunteering projects through the VIP (Voluntees Impact Programme) Boards. I’ve previously volunteered as a Special Constable with Cleveland Police and as an Instructor for Cleveland Army Cadet Force and know at first hand the massive difference volunteers can make to the local community.

tees wear varsity / by tony clapham

tees wear varsity / by tony clapham

TEES WEAR VARSITY by tony clapham

This year’s Tees-Wear varsity saw Teesside travel up to Sunderland on the 7th March to try and win back the Varsity trophy. Teesside took over 200 students to the event to compete around the city of Sunderland in 22 fixtures in 14 different sports. The day started with the Cheerleading fixture. The Teesside team, who were carrying a number of injuries, put in a stellar performance and even had a little bit of help from the netball girls but unfortunately lost. The effort that the cheerleaders put in was remarkable bearing in mind the injuries they had.

As all the Students’ made their way to North Shore, Sunderland’s Students’ Union bar nobody was sure of the final result. The announcement of each result was made and Player of the Match made their way to the stage to collect their medal and you could feel the excitement in the air. As I already knew the result I just wanted to get it over and done with. As the announcement was made Sunderland stated they had gained 10 points, I was handed the microphone and announced Teesside had gained 11 points! The crowd went wild. Teesside had brought the trophy home.

Next was dance and Sunderland have always been strong when it comes to their Dance squad. But, Teesside put in an amazing performance, showing how far the club has come over the last year. When the result was announced that Teesside dance had won they went crazy! Teesside had their first point on the board. As the afternoon moved on results started to flood in and it looked as though there wasn’t any clear leader. Teesside won the American football, Cricket, Netball 1st and the Men’s Football 2nds and 3rds fixtures and it looked as if it would go to the wire. Two remarkable performances from Women’s Football and Women’s Rugby gave Teesside the edge. Women’s Football who were playing at Sunderland AFC’s training ground, The Academy of Light, dominated in their fixture and won 10-1 whilst the Women’s rugby team showed an equally dominant performance winning 56-5. After the afternoon it looked as though Teesside had a narrow lead but anything could change with the coming fixture.

Volleyball narrowly lost out in their fixture and even though Women’s Basketball lost they showed that they have the potential to be a side to be reckoned with in future years. With the day finely balanced the final fixture was Men’s Basketball. A large crowd had gathered in support of both Universities and it looked like it was going to be a close match. Teesside started the game well and were off to an early lead and with the Teesside crowd of the Netball girls and Volleyball club making all the noise it looked as if the fixture would go our way. At half time Teesside had a good lead but with a small number of players on the bench fatigue could have played a part in the fixture. This wasn’t to be and Teesside went from strength to strength and eventually won by 20 points. I was honoured to lift the Tees Wear trophy for the first time during my term in office and over the moon that the clubs could put in some outstanding performances and win the trophy. I am gutted that it is going to be my last varsity as Student Activities Officer but what a perfect ending!



au chair’s club of the month / scuba diving






as possible. The current membership of the club is £10 with dives and training coming at a reduced price. The club has some strong plans for the future with diving internships in Tenerife over the summer for the members who are interested. While the club’s main aim is to get people interested and joining the club, it would like to continue to build the club and buy some new kit. If you are interested in joining Scuba or would like some more info please look at:

SOC FED Chair, Steph Crookson

Facebook page - Teesside Scuba

Teesside University Real Ale Society (TURAS) is a brand new society this year and their aims are to promote and support the tasting, production and promotion of real ale not just in local pubs and breweries but supporting real ale wherever it can be found.

Committe names: James Perry - Chairman Dav Lee - Secretary

AU Chair, Hannah Parratt This month’s AU Chair’s Club of the Month goes to the newly established Scuba club ran by Chairman James Perry. The club’s main aim is to get as many people as possible interested in the sport and trained to be active divers. It also gives any experienced or current divers the chance to get back into diving and build on their current skills whilst given the opportunity to learn new skills and have new opportunities.

All training is done by PADI, which is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is recognised as a scuba qualification all over the world. The club meet on a weekly basis at a local pool to train members. After they have been trained there will be dives going on twice a month at various sites around the UK. Once members are comfortable with diving, the club aims to allow its members to dive freely and when they like, while also giving its members the opportunity to meet new people and to go to new places. The club is able to offer discounted prices for diving. The club currently has 15 active members who are in the middle of doing their training but aims to have more members in the next term as more training will be starting and would like to recruit as many new members


Tommy Henman – Treasurer

TURAS meets every Thursday night at the best local real ale pub – The Swatters Carr. The society also organises trips and activities every term such as brewery tours and beer festivals.

To contact the society email them on or search ‘TURAS’ on Facebook

The society is in a strong position for next year with lots of new ideas and trips planned for members, they’ve also invested in a brewing kit which will enable members to cheaply brew their own beer and learn valuable new skills. They are also in the process of becoming affiliated with CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) which will allow members to have the opportunity to gain a student CAMRA membership, which has all the benefits of a normal membership but will come at half the price and will also put Teesside University on the ‘real-ale’ map. TURAS is very much like a good ale; there are different things for different people and should be sampled by everyone to see just how good it really is. Whether people are hard-core ale enthusiasts or just fancy a decent pint with decent people, TURAS is a very friendly society and will be more than happy to see anyone for a pint or two. They are delighted to be part of the Students’ Union and want to see the society go from strength to strength in the coming years.


SPORTS ROUND-UP / by tony clapham

ROUND-UP SPORTS by tony clapham

What a term for Teesside Sport! When writing this, a total of 9 sports clubs/teams have won their representative leagues or competitions with a number of other clubs still in with a chance of bringing more silverware back to Teesside. What a term for Teesside Sport! When writing this, a total of 9 sports clubs/teams have won their representative leagues or competitions with a number of other clubs still in with a chance of bringing more silverware back to Teesside. Men’s Hockey 1st, Women’s Hockey, Men’s Badminton 1st, Women’s Badminton 1st, Netball 1st, Men’s Football 3rd, Men’s Gaelic Football, Teesside Dance and Men’s Futsal have already been successful and if you add the Tees -Wear Varsity trophy on top of that it’s been a very successful term for Teesside Sport. There is still more silverware to be won, with Men’s Badminton 1st still with a cup final to play. With all the league titles and championships in mind, there have been some amazing performances from all our sports men and women. Futsal has had a phenomenal year and became National champions for the 2nd time in 3 years after winning their championships in the last week of term beating Team Bath in the Final 4-3. The Futsal club competed in 4 matches in the finals, winning 3 of them 4-3.

Netball 1st completed an unbeaten season after beating Sunderland 52-20 on the last day of the season, highlighting the dominance they have shown in their league all year. We also had a number of teams clinch their title on the last day of BUCS season including Women’s Badminton 1st and Women’s Hockey 1st. Women’s Hockey had to play two games in a week to clinch their title, beating Leeds University 3-0 and beating Sheffield Hallam 6-2 on the last day to clinch promotion. As Hockey was winning the title, Women’s Badminton was doing the same thing after beating York St John 7-1 in a top-of-the table promotion clash. Teesside Dance competed for the first time in a competition in Sheffield and won the Beginner Street category. The performance highlights just how far the club has come in the last 12 months. All that needs to be said is that this year’s sporting performance from all our clubs has been outstanding!

With a large number of their members being international students from Spain, the club has re-named itself Tees....Spain! It highlights the diversity of the members of the Athletic Union and shows the strength of athletes Teesside is now starting to recruit. Gaelic Football blew away the opposition in their championships clocking up five wins from five matches on the way to the trophy, brushing aside local rivals Sunderland in the final. Men’s Hockey won 8 straight games to clinch their title with 2 games still to be played in the league. They’ve enjoyed emphatic victories over local rivals along the way including a 7-1 drubbing of the University of York and a 7-2 thumping of the University of Sunderland.



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