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Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas Break! It was well deserved and I hope you’re ready and raring to go! It’s been all change here at Tease HQ! We have said goodbye to editors Martin and Chris, and your very own Campaigns and Welfare officer has had the privilege of putting together this edition! Not only that but we are currently recruiting 2 brand new editors and have got a fantastic group of volunteers who want to be involved in future editions, so if you’re interested get in touch! As you can tell it’s been very busy here at the Students’ Union over the last few months and as you will see as you turn the pages we have made some awesome changes. We have recruited new Student Experience Reps, elections are in full swing and our sports clubs and societies are doing us proud! We have also got some new additions to the magazine, including, sports club and society of the month, entertainment guide and some brilliant student reporters putting forward their work. We have also brought back some old favourites such as Beavered and Welfare Updates. As usual if you want to be involved, drop me a line at, alternatively why not pop into my office for a quick chat! That’s all from me, apart from I wish you all the best for the new term and I will see you around!


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CALLING ALL editors, STUDENT WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS & DESIGNERS... OUR STUDENT MAGAZINE NEEDs YOU! VOLUNTEER NOW TO BE PART OF THE TEASE EDITORIAL With thanks to; Lori Wheatman Tony Clapham Phil Makinson Amy Cook Martin John Luke Stretton Jonathan Fearnley Paul Swalwell Mike Patrick Charlotte Gavin Jacqueline Lowther Emily Baldwin Damon Skinner Michelle Murphy Steph Crookston Hannah Parrett And the SU proofing team!


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Lori wheatman indeed praises they have about their course, the university and indeed the SU. More information on this in my Student Experience Article later on!

The President How was your Christmas and New Year? It was a quiet affair really – time at home with my family and time in Nottingham watching rubbish football. It was good to be home for more than a weekend though and catch up with old friends – it was surreal thinking it was actually 5 years since I lived there – don’t know why it has taken so long to sink it but it did this holiday! What do you have planned for the next term? There is loads going on in this next term. I have interviewed Student Experience Reps and I am currently working through their induction with them. By the time this is published they will be up and running, going around the University and partnership colleges collecting information from a range of students and seeing what problems or

Off course it is elections this term as well which means I will finally find out who will take over the position of President for the year 12/13 – it’s very strange to think that my time is coming to an end and I will have to handover my reign (leather chair) to someone else! However I urge everyone to run for the position of President – it has been the most rewarding job I have ever had (hard work but rewarding) and it enhances your CV so much – please come and see me if you are even thinking about running and I can talk you through it! We will also hopefully be holding a referenda or a general meeting in the next coming months to make sure the new constitution (the rules we have to stick to) is working for our students and at the same time tidy up some things that we overlooked when we changed the constitution in October. What are the big differences you have made for students in 2011? I think a change in the constitution leading to a more direct democracy and engagement strategy was a massive change not only for the Students but for Teesside University Students’ Union in general. It means more students opinions are taken when decisions

are made and more students can get involved. We understand that students can’t always attend meetings in the SU (a lot of you have kids and/or jobs and other commitments) but the changes mean you can still have a voice and opinion for change! Through the new constitution we also developed the new Student Experience Reps and different ‘huddles’ in which you can tell us (The Executive Officers) exactly what you want done differently for your student experience and we try our best to act on these! What are you most looking forward to this term? As I said before I am so looking forward to elections! I can’t wait to see who steps up to the mark to run in the first place (an amazing experience even if you don’t win) and who takes over the running of Teesside University Students’ Union for the next year – I just can’t believe it was a two years ago that I was in that position for the first time! (I feel old!) Any New Year resolutions? My new year resolution is the same every year – visit new places. So last year I visited Paris, Dublin, Galway and Bournemouth to name a few! This year I will be going to Croatia with the Students’ Union Tour and will be visiting Chicago and Wisconsin (its a hard life I know!)

the education officer

phil makinson food, too much drink etc but I really enjoy it! It was really good to spend a longer amount of time with my girlfriend too who I only see at weekends usually!


Education O

How was your Christmas and New Year? Christmas and New year have been great this year! It was nice to have a break from work and be able to properly relax for an extended period of time rather than just a weekend! Term 1 never really gives you chance for a break so to get to Christmas is lovely. There is the usual bad things at Christmas, too much


It seems so long ago now though Christmas and New year!

ensure that as many final year students have completed the survey as possible. This is something which I think all students should complete as it gives the opportunity to tell the University the good and bad things about your course, and also the things that shouldn’t be changed. Without that feedback, the University don’t know what to change, and the Students’ Union uses it to inform campaigns and what we do for the next year and we look at key issues which we should be lobbying for change on through this.

What do you have planned for the next term? Term 2 for an Education Officer has quite a heavy focus on the National Student Survey. It’s my main priority for this term, trying to

Unfortunately for us as well, Term 2 means the job hunt has to start! We are only here now until June with elections fast approaching, so we must find ourselves jobs following this. Remember if you do want to stand, then you

New Year was just a quiet affair in the house! In bed and asleep not long after midnight if i’m honest, no long parties into the early hours or anything.

EDUCATION OFFCIER - PHIL MAKINSON / STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICER - TONY CLAPHAM should come and speak to one of the Officer’s or look on the website for more information! What are the big differences you have made for students in 2011? The two main things I look back on over the year and say they were real stand out successes have got to be the introduction of the a new Assessment and Feedback policy, almost a year ago now. This means that students will get a lot more out of their assessments and the feedback they receive should enable you to achieve better as you go through university. The other stand out achievement was the delaying of the Library redevelopment. The University had plans to start doing massive redevelopment work in December through to April, but we felt this was too detrimental to students’ lives, so persuaded the university to delay the redevelopment until the ‘summer holiday’ when it would affect less numbers

of students, whilst also being mindful that it will have an effect on some students. If you want to find out anymore about the redevelopment and how it may effect you then please come and find out from me or another Executive Officer! What are you most looking forward to this term? I am really looking forward to elections if im honest. Although it means its getting closer to me having to leave, I am really looking forward to seeing who will be the new Education Officer and I am looking forward to working with them over the coming months to ensure they are able to start the job in July being fully aware of the issues and the work I have been doing!

Any New Year resolutions? I don’t use New Year’s resolutions anymore because I have found that I never stick to them. I say I will do this, and I will do that, but by the end of January it has all gone out of the window. One thing I am doing though is saving a lot of money so that when I leave this job, I can be confident that I will have the money to be able to find a flat / house wherever my next job takes me! As always, if you do want anymore info about what I have just been talking about, drop me a line on and i’ll get back to you! Or just drop in to the office anytime and ask!

The Annual Awards Dinner will be coming up just after Easter and that is always another highlight of the year to come!

Student Activities Officer

tony clapham with Teesside only losing by 1 points so it’s important that we put in a winning performance this year.

Student Activ

ities Officer

How was your Christmas and New Year? Christmas and New Year was brilliant! It was good to get home for Christmas and to spend some time with my mum dad and brother. I was in Northern Ireland for the New Year to see my girlfriends family and again it was brilliant. Santa brought me loads of amazing presents so I can’t complain about that but it’s just a shame that it went so quickly What do you have planned for the next term? The 2nd term is going to be hectic! There is so much going on, Its coming up to the election period again with both the Students’ Union Executive Officer elections and the NUS delegate elections. It’s important that you make your vote count! This is your chance to have a say in who runs your Students’ Union and who represents 30,000 students within the University. I also have our annual Tees-Wear Varsity against Sunderland planned. This year all of the Teesside sports teams will be travelling up to Sunderland to win back the Varsity trophy. Last year was a really close contest

What are the big differences you have made for students in 2011? The big differences I have made for students’ in 2011 include the introduction of the new Samurai leisurewear range for our clubs within the Students’ Union but I feel my biggest contribution has been whilst I have been working on trying to improve the employability of our club and society committee members. It is now important that students do more whilst they are at university and it’s even more important that they can highlight what they have done. By working with the careers service within the University and the Activities Centre in the SU we put together a number of initiatives to highlight what skill committee members were gaining from being involved and how they can use these in later life. Hopefully it has made a difference and those individuals will success in finding a job in the near future. What are you most looking forward to this term? There are a number of things that I’m looking forward to this term! Firstly the elections at the end of February. It’s going to be an interesting week and I can’t wait to see what surprises all the candidates have in place to try and win your vote. It is going to be a little bit strange that I’m not going to be running

for Student Activities Officer again but exciting to see who could possibly take over from myself. I’m also looking forward to Tees-Wear Varsity! The annual sporting event is always something to look out for in the SU calendar and this year it’s no different. There has always been a healthy rivalry between the two Universities and I would love to win back the trophy in their back yard. I can’t leave Teesside without having both Varsity trophies. Any New Year resolutions? No nothing special, I’ve never had any new year resolutions really. I’m boring when it comes to stuff like that.



campaigns & welfare officer - JENNY GILL / jOURNEY OF YOUR EDUCATION OFFICER

campaigns & welfare officer jenny gill

How was your Christmas and New Year? I had a great Christmas and New Year; it was great to spend some time with family and close friends. I think it’s fair to say I ate and drank far too much, but it was well worth it! It has also dawned on me that we only have 6 months left in this job and I want to finish everything I have started, so I better get my skates on!

What do you have planned for the next term? I have loads going on this term... campaigns wise, I have a few things planned including health and well-being days, healthy eating days, student safety days and community corner. There is also Officer and NUS conference elections, SU on Tour and I will be holding shadowing sessions, for potential election candidates and drop in sessions so I can hear about what issues students are having and how the SU can help. What are the big differences you wave made for students in 2011? 10 student safety reps, Silver Green* Impact

Award, represented Teesside Students at the NUS conference 2011, welfare campaigns including alcohol and drug awareness, reduced the number of crimes that take place on campus, including theft, updated the environmental policy, increased the number of student who took part in sexual health testing to name but a few. I was also one of the 4 officers who spoke to over 1000 students during freshers week, and lobbied for the lift at the front of the SU building to be repaired so it does not constantly break down. All in all I was a busy little welfare officer over 2011! What are you most looking forward to this term? This term I am looking forward to the officer and NUS conference officer elections, it will be strange not been involved in an election as I have been a candidate for both NUS conference and officer elections for the last 4 years!! It will be exciting to find out who will be the next four executive officers for the academic year of 2012/13. I am also looking forward to finishing off everything

Campaigns &


i have started and continuing #winning for students!! Any New Year resolutions? I have the usual resolutions to keep fit and go to the gym (so far so good) but I also need to find a new job :( I have some exciting adventures planned including working in Dubai – So watch this space! Love Jenny xxx

journey of your education officer by phil makinson

The SU hasn’t always been a massive part of my life! I came to Uni but still had a part time job and until April of my first year, I hardly ever used the SU! Once I found out about it, and what it did, I was hooked, and it became so important to me! I came to Uni, and did the usual couple of nights out, but never really going to the SU, and always going home on a weekend to play sport and work, a job which I had had since I was 16. I didn’t really enjoy my first year at University, and I was doing my degree at Darlington College, so I was going through to Darlington 3 days a week! This meant that I didn’t come in to the Terrace Bar for lunch or anything like that; something which I would recommend to everybody. Throughout my first year, I was, along with another girl on my course, elected as course rep for everybody. Nobody really knew what it was, but we went along to the meetings, and as we did, we started to become more aware of what the role was. This is something I think everybody should be aware of, and something I have been working hard to ensure happens this year! I rolled through my first year, not really enjoying it and then I saw a job advert to work in the Students’ Union


and I jumped at the opportunity. I got the job, which meant that I would be able to quit my job at home after the summer and work and really start to enjoy my time at University. I really got involved with the SU in my second year, working a lot of hours here, which meant I got to know a whole new set of people, some of those who I will keep as friends for the rest of my life. I joined the cricket team and played in the successful promotion winning side of 2008-2009, a highlight of my time at Uni, and the cricket team still is a highlight even as Education Officer, I try and get to training with the lads whenever I can. Working in the SU meant I started to become involved in what the Executive officers at that time were doing, started to become involved in campaigns, I was writing for The Terrace Star (the SU newspaper at the time) and became good friends with Mark Gillespie who really developed my passion for the SU. He showed me how much of a difference the SU really makes, and this is when I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and really work to make Students’ time at University so much better! I also received the ‘Media and Marketing Volunteer of The Year’ award at the Annual

Awards Dinner, another highlight of my time at Uni. To think I had done all of that in my 2nd year was pretty good really, at the start of my third year, I was elected Chairman of the Cricket Club something which I loved, although we were relegated, just didn’t have team. I loved my third year, and knew quite early on that I wanted to run for elections. I was intending to run for Communcations Officer but this position was changed, and having been a course rep, I decided that Education Officer was something I was also passionate about. During my time as Education Officer, I have seen so much change across the university, a lot of it for the better and been a part of it has been such a rewarding experience and something I will never forget. My first year was amazing, and decided to re-run after a lot of thought and a decision I am pleased I made! I have loved the 2 years working in the SU and something I would encourage anybody and everybody to at least give a thought too! Being involved in the Students’ Union has been so rewarding for me, and it should be for you too!


TEESSIDE SU ELECTIONS 2012 by tony clapham It’s nearly that time again...time to decide who leads your SU in 2012 as the four Executive Officers ( President, Education Officer, Student Activities Officer, Campaigns and Welfare Officer) and which six students speak up for Teesside on the BIG stage at the single biggest gathering of Students’ Unions and students - The National Union of Students (NUS) Annual Conference 2012. Who and what would I be voting for? You would be voting to elect the four people who lead YOUR Students’ Union as the Executive Officer team (President, Education Officer, Student Activities Officer and Campaigns and Welfare Officer) in 2012/13. They bascially lead the SU, make sure it’s being run properly by staff, speak up for you to the Vice-Chancellor and other senior, decision making figures in the University. They also have responsibilities linked to their particualr role like running campaigns, supporting clubs and societies, working to improve the educational experience here at Teesside and so on.

I don’t know who to vote for? I don’t know how to vote? There’s loads of ways to find out who is standing in the elections and why they think they deserve your vote not least scrolling further down this page! You can also view manifestos and candiate publicity in the SU building, get yourself along to the Candidates Question Time on Friday 24th February to hear their speeches and put your questions to them. Failing all that why not stop them when they’re out campaigning during Elections Week (27th Feb to 1st March) and get to know them a little better.

Voting really couldn’t be any simpler if we tried. If you’re a current student you’ll be able to vote from any computer, anytime from 8am on Monday, 27th February to Thursday 1st March at 8pm, including machines in the SU building, other locations around campus and a mobile computer staffed by the SU! All you’ll need to do is click a link from our website or links on our facebook excuse for anyone who wants to vote not taking five mintues to do so!

You would also be voting to elect the six currrent students who you want to speak for you at the National Union of Students (NUS) Annual Conference at the end of April in Newcastle. This is the single biggest gathering of students and students’ unions every year, it’s also the place where NUS decides who will lead it in 2012/13 and the policies they will pursue. Why should I care? Why should I vote? You may think it makes little difference who leads the SU or represents Teesside at NUS Annual Conference but you might feel differently if you don’t vote and the Executive Officers then go on to make decisions or pursue policies you passionately disagree with later. Similarly if you don’t vote and people end up going to Conference who don’t represent the issues you care about you have missed another opportunity for your voice to be heard on the national stage. You’d be suprised how often the odd vote has made a difference in an election and very vote cast really does count so please take a few moments come the voting days (Mon, 27th Feb to Thurs, 1st March) to have your say and exercise your democratic right, it’s vital that whoever is elected they have a proper mandate from the students they are trying to represent.

? R O F E T O V U O Y L L I W O 2 H 1 0 W 2 S N O I T C E L SU E



campaigns & welfare UPDATE WITH JENNY GILL

CAMPAIGNS & WELFARE UPDATE WITH campaigns & welfare officer

jenny gill Accommodation – An article 4 direction is a government white paper and is a new initiative which ensures communities stay balanced and trouble free. Article 4 was developed to tackle anti social behaviour, noise, crime and to engage with troublesome communities. The paper itself came about after local councils consulted with permanent residents about where they live. This was generally done in highly populated student areas, and local residents put blame on students for deprivation within their communities. Article 4 outlines how local councils can tackle these issues by reducing how many people can live in one area by restricting planning permission on houses. This means that houses that have multiple people living in them (such as student housing) will be limited as there will be restrictions on how many of these houses are allowed in an area. This was done without consulting Universities, Students’ Unions or students. The Government then decided that they did not want to be held accountable for this agenda and decided that local councils can make the decisions under the new Localism Agenda. The Localism Agenda is where the Government put local councils in charge of what they do in their own areas and how they spend their money. It is meant to put local people in charge and have a say on what happens in their community. Unfortunately a flaw with this agenda is that when they consult about new ideas and changes to areas they only speak to local permanent residents, they rarely consult with students, and we believe that students are part of the local community and deserve their voices to be heard. Middlesbrough maybe facing Article 4 directions from the local council, like York, Durham, and Newcastle. Article 4 is basically a decision made by a local council and it could restrict how many Houses of


Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) are available in Middlesbrough. HMOs are houses that multiple people live in; it has to be rented to at least three people (not of the same family) who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Basically most student accommodation in Middlesbrough is an HMO. HMOs are not regulated unless the houses are of three or more storeys or have more than five people living in them. These HMOs should be licensed and regulated. This will affect students, as most if not all live in HMOs. Article 4 will stop landlords turning houses into student houses or multi dwelling accommodation, making it harder for students to find affordable rented housing around their university, and we are working on a policy that outlines the Students’ Union position. Watch this space for developments... Hate Crime – ‘Have you ever felt hurt?’ is how Safety rep described Hate Crime! A recent National Union of Students (NUS) report reported that 40% (3,666) of respondents stated that they had been subject to at least one form of anti-social behaviour or crime while studying at their current institution. This was alarming as we discovered that more than half of respondents were students from Teesside and the Partnership colleges. It is important to add at this point that after looking at local statistics for Middlesbrough this percentage has dropped and hate crime is at an all time low in the Middlesbrough area. I am currently working with the Student Safety Group and Student Safety Reps to help our students understand Hate Crime and what it is through an information campaign, and to work to produce policy and guidance for Teesside University, Teesside University Students’ Union and most of all Teesside students. There are many types of Hate crime including: verbal abuse and threats of

violence, discrimination through race or ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, association and physical mistreatment to name but a few. It is important to tackle Hate Crime and the only way to do this is to report it. You can report this to the police or either the reporting centre within Student Services in the University or The Link in the Students’ Union. Green Tees – I have now submitted our criteria for the Green Impact Environment Awards which is a scheme lead by NUSSL (National Union of Students Services Limited), in which we hope to achieve Gold. We were just a few points short of receiving the gold award last year so we are excited to be making small changes to our SU to ensure that we are environmentally friendly. This has included the switching off of the patio heaters on the terrace. Don’t worry though you won’t get cold!! We are providing umbrellas, ponchos and blankets to keep you warm. We are also providing more and more recycling for you including paper, trash, plastic, cans, batteries and even mobile phones!!! Just pop along to reception and we will be able to point you in the right direction! I have also updated our environment policy (sounds a bit dull) but I am looking for ideas of what you think of the policy and that can be found on the SU website! You can drop me an email at if you have any ideas. For full Green-Tees updates check out our website at




by lori wheatman

We currently have various representatives within the Students’ Union. These include – Executive Officers, School Reps, Course Reps, Student Safety Reps, Athletic Union Reps and Societies Federation Reps. But we felt there was something missing – the whole student experience and hard to reach groups of students were being overlooked.

lack of communication with some of our ‘hard to reach’ students and little ability or time to contact them.

So in May last year we started thinking how the issues from these hard to reach students be received and indeed solved. As students are paying higher and higher fees in the coming years we believed expectations will rise, and rightly so. Students are being seen more and more as a customer and as a customer they have the right to an excellent student experience. On top of this we have

Disability Rep - Emma Doree

So we decided to recruit for 8 positions - 5 of which have been filled! Below is a diagram as to how the Student Experience Reps will fit into the SU structure.

International Rep – Saud Hassan Middlesbrough College Rep – Nicky Teasdale

Post Grad Taught – Christoph Neuhold Hartlepool Rep – Karl Findlay So look out for your reps – they will be wearing purple hoodies with the SU logo on them and are very approachable and friendly! We are still recruiting for reps for LGBT, Parent/Carer and Redcar and Cleveland College – you can earn £200 talking to your fellow students. Contact for further information!




THE PAY DAY LOAN COMPANY RETRACT ADVERT AIMED AT STUDENTS. Teesside University students are being warned against the dangers of ‘Pay day loans.’ Pay day Loan Company, Wonga, have come under fire from the NUS after running an online advertising campaign aimed at students.

Wonga The online advert stated: ‘A student loan is fine to help you pay for your university and living costs, but what about those times when you’re waiting on money to come in and you need to buy or pay for something unexpected now?’

Teesside University Campaigns and Welfare officer, Jenny Gill, said: ‘I believe Wonga targeting students is wrong.’

‘A Wonga loan is essentially a short-term loan that can help you manage your cash flow – without having to extend an overdraft or credit card even further, or get a large student loan.’

‘They are leaving students in even more debt and while they are initially helping, they become more of a hindrance when students cannot pay back the loan.’ ‘I think Wonga saw an opportunity to target students due to the new increase in fees.’ Jenny added: ‘As a welfare officer I would advise any student who is having financial difficulties to speak to one of the welfare advisors in The Link or one of the financial advisors within Student Services in the University.’

The controversy can be felt online. Social Networks, including twitter, campaigned against the issue and a #WRONGA movement has been set up.

‘They can offer help, advice and support to all Teesside University students.’ National Union of Students NUS vicepresident, Pete Mercer has been stinging in his criticism of the industry. He said: ‘It is highly irresponsible of any company to suggest to students that high-cost short-term loans be a part of their everyday financial planning.’ ‘Students should think long and hard before choosing payday loans over any other form of borrowing, Wonga should immediately withdraw this predatory marketing, which contains information that appears to be inaccurate, and is aimed at financially vulnerable young people.” The current rate of Representative APR for a Wonga loan is at a staggering 4214% Jenny Gill added: ‘Student support on campaigns, such as the Wonga deals, was essential when lobbying to get this changed. ‘There is strength in numbers and students have a right to have their voice heard.’ ‘It is great that we as a Student Union can do this locally, but it is even better working with NUS who can do this nationally and together we can have massive wins on the behalf of our students.’


Middlesbrough Cllr Janette Walker said: ‘This company has no idea the problems that are caused by making short term loans available to almost anyone at obscene interest rates.’ While Luke Chapman added: ‘Payday Loans are dangerous, awareness should be drawn especially to students how bad they can be, I speak from experience’ Teesside University student, Leanne Johnson, said: ‘ The APR is absolutely ridiculous. It has never crossed my mind because of the amount of money it would cost to pay back. It is not a real alternative to a responsible student loan.’ In a statement released on their website, Wonga said: ‘We have removed the previous material on this page, which was about student finances, the risks of unauthorised overdraft charges and the differences between long and short term loans.’

‘We took it down because we do not actively target students as potential customers and we wanted to clear up any confusion about that.’ The intense pressure from the NUS welfare officer, Pete Mercer, and the #WRONGA twitter movement has had the desired effect. Wonga added: ‘We would like to clarify that Wonga does not target students.’ NUS Vice President, Pete Mercer concluded: ‘RESULT! We successfully forced #WRONGA to remove pages advertising payday style loans to students.’ A £400 loan over 30 days with Wonga would cost £525.48. A petition to ‘End legal loan sharking: Cap the total cost of credit’ can be found at: petitions/20219


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Are you the next Stephen Spielberg? The next Holly Willoughby or Phillip Schofield? Or even the next Will (the floor manager) on the Jeremy Kyle show? We want you!! Come and find out more about how you can get involved in TUSU: TV, whether it is to enhance your CV, to do a project for your course or just for fun we want to hear from you! We will be holding an open meeting which you are all invited to: Where: Studio Cafe – Teesside University Students’ Union When: Thursday 16th February 2012 Time: 1500 – 1700 Hope to see you there. For more information contact Jenny Gill Campaigns and Welfare Officer on




THE LONG ROAD TO JOBSVILLE BY JONATHAN FEARNLEY For many of you the end of your time at Teesside is drawing near and the prospect of moving on and looking for a job looms large. The same situation faced me when I left the Students’ Union in 2008. Back then I was Communications Officer (a position that no longer exists), edited this very publication (it was called P.T.O. in those days) and helped set up Click (originally named UTRN). Yikes, a lot has changed in 3 and a half years. The job hunt started promisingly. Not long after I left I had an interview at Thomas Rotherham College and although I did well I didn’t get the job. As a town Rotherham is like Middlesbrough but much, much worse, so maybe it was a good thing I didn’t get it. Winchester Students’ Union offered me an interview but I didn’t do very well on the day and wasn’t surprised to get the rejection phone call. I was surprised when they posted back to me the notepad I’d left behind. Took them 3 months to get round to it but I’m grateful nonetheless. Next was a position in Loughborough Students’ Union and this was a job I really wanted. I arrived super early and killed time by trying to spot unattractive females. I sat waiting in their Union for over an hour and didn’t see any. Wow. I really wish I was smart enough/good enough at sport to have got into Loughborough. That said, our Ten Pin Bowling team used to hammer Loughborough every year. Yes, we used to have a Ten Pin Bowling club and the Teesside Pirates won plenty over the years. Perhaps I could’ve got into Loughborough on a bowling scholarship, if such a thing exists. And yet I digress. I made a rubbish job of the interview, possibly distracted by the beautiful blonde on the panel. Never mind.


Following on from that was Bishop Grosseteste University, but I crashed my car on the way there and wasn’t in much of a mood to give a good account of myself. I did do well at Bradford College, giving my best ever interview. I scored 38 out of a possible 40 marks. The job went to someone who scored 39. Gutted. I bounced back from that by making a complete hash of a job I didn’t want and wasn’t suited to or qualified for at Middlesbrough Council and giving rubbish answers to simple questions at East Durham College. Askham Bryan College needed someone to run their Students’ Union and I thought I’d be perfect. I interviewed really well and could tell I was the best candidate for the job. Instead they gave the post to the guy who worked there as a part time AV technician and when he was a student there didn’t even know there was a Students’ Union. In related news, his mum also worked for that Students’ Union. Hmmm. Interview number 9 was Harrogate College and on arrival I was greeted by the news that there were actually two jobs available and just four candidates. I did really well and was offered one of the jobs. Hallelujah! The alternative to me was a candidate who didn’t answer any of the questions and just flirted with the panel and another who when asked how he’d deal with a sensitive student issue said he’d phone his mum for advice.

Two and a half years later and I’m still at Harrogate College and while it’s quite pleasant here, it’s not exactly Loughborough. Other than me there are only four other members of staff in their 20’s. Brilliantly, they’re all beautiful girls. One of them is even a Teesside graduate. Happy days. So what has that proved? Well, not much. Your university education should’ve taught you not to draw too many conclusions from a sample size of one. Still, I think the underlying message is persistence. My interviews came along at the rate of less than one a month but if you stick at it there are jobs out there. Work hard, prepare properly, don’t crash your car on the way there and you’ll be fine. A little bit of luck never goes astray either.









Le Quattro Volte – Michael Frammartino A little known critics favourite from last year, Le Quattro Volte observes the peaceful life of a Calabrian village. In a singularly bold move, Michelangelo Frammartino strips the film of dialogue, story, and action to accentuate the sights and sounds of this remote mountainous location. With predominantly static shots and unobtrusive camera-work, the camera’s gaze becomes transfixed on and compassionate for a sick goat herder and his animals. The everyday happenings of this southern Italian village are intimately explored with no need for the hook of conversation or voice-over. Instead, LQV brings to the fore bells ringing, the yelps of a dog and the chattering of the elements. Man’s best friend provides the biggest laugh

of the film, displaying no respect as it pesters a religious procession passing through. After being chased away, the unruly chap re-emerges only to dislodge a rock beneath the wheel of a stationary truck sending it careering into a nearby goat pen. Sensing freedom, the goats disperse along the road and a number of them find their way into their keeper’s room. One plucky fellow even manages to mount a table and pose somewhat triumphantly. A goat – on a table. Just as Kim Jong Il liked to look at things (see tumblr – Kim Jong Il looking at things), it emerges that goats like to climb on top of things. Who knew? For a brief time, the results resemble the chaotic scenes of Werner Herzog’s Even Dwarfs Started Small, only with goats instead of dwarfs. In quietly profound

moments, the birth of a new-born goat is captured, as are its first tentative efforts to stand up. LQV captures the essence of the village, locating it in the relationship between its people, animals and nature. It wins you over with its modesty, sincerity, intimacy, and also its sense of fun.

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO – DAVID FINCHER A new screen adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has just been unleashed in the cinema, this time in English and with David Fincher at the helm. His previous film, The Social Network, was widely lauded as one the best films of last year and with Se7en and Zodiac already under his belt he’s assuredly a pair of safe hands when it comes to dark thrillers. This new iteration, based on the popular Stieg Larsson novel, plays out strikingly similar to the highlyregarded 2009 Swedish language film of the same name. However, with a fresh cast, a more pronounced soundtrack (the industrial sounds of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross), and English dialogue, there are some notable differences between the two, despite the narrative of both films unfolding in essentially the same way. The story observes the coming together of Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a damaged but resolute gothic-punk computer hacker; and Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), a journalist on the trail of a corrupt billionaire financier who’s suing him for libel. Both are brilliant minds, and both end up investigating the case of Harriet (Moa Garpendal) - a young girl whose disappearance and suspected murder decades earlier has since vexed Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer), the amiable family patriarch with a soft-spot for his great-niece. The Vanger family has to its name a vast business empire which has afforded it the luxury of an island-ridden estate all to themselves. Harriet’s murder occurred whilst access to the mainland was restricted and thus each of the Vangers, Henrik included, is considered a suspect.


Henrik makes clear to Blomkvist the extent and danger of his task, explaining that he’ll be “investigating thieves, misers and bullies - the most detestable collection of people that you will ever meet - my family”. A smattering of Nazis populate the family tree notching up the threat of danger and, upon soliciting the help of Lisbeth, the pair immerse themselves in the murky details of the case. Abusive relationships, Nazism, misogyny, atomisation, and the breakdown of communication all plague the Vanger family beast, and by bringing these problems into the open TGWTDT scrapes at the muck clinging to the dark underbelly of Swedish society. The book’s Swedish title, Men Who Hate Women, points to more serious subject matter and to Fincher’s credit he doesn’t shy away from the darker themes of fascism and sexual violence. The Vanger Nazis are callous and damn right scary, and the seemingly routine sexual abuse of women in the family shows just how central to their being violence and misogyny really are. The parallel is readily there: sexual violence is a form of fascism, stipulating as it does a hierarchy not just of races, but of the sexes as well. Lisbeth has suffered all manner of untold abuse in her life and can be said to represent all women who have suffered at the hands of men. She’s a continuation of her mother who was regularly beaten by her father. In one chilling story arc, Lisbeth is raped by her guardian only later to enact her revenge. Some critics have questioned the decision to allow the camera to linger during the brutal rape scene and also accused the director of

voyeurism. But to cut away is to compromise, and Larsson’s book had described the crime in vivid detail. Without the character of Lisbeth, very few people would likely have heard of the Millenium series, such is the brilliance of Larsson’s female protagonist. Transparently honest and enigmatic, she doesn’t take any shit and many women in particular have admired that. The world of cinema has been crying out for an alternative heroine who is pierced, tattooed, bi-sexual, eats junk, spends too much time with computers, isn’t very sociable, hangs out at alt-goth nights and dominates in the bedroom. Rooney Mara convinces as Lisbeth, portraying well the anger that bubbles inside her whilst also going to some length to look the part. It’s an impressive transformation which included, as much of the media revealed salaciously during the film’s build-up, having her nipples pierced. If you’re not acquainted with Lisbeth in this richly detailed, socially aware neo-noir, you’ve been missing out on a gripping and contemporary story that rewards mature audiences. See the Swedish version first if you can, whilst die-hard fans of the original film shouldn’t fret too hard about seeing this very competent re-make.



PATRICK MONAHAN BY MICHELLE MURPHY The release of the DVD ‘Patrick Monahan Live’ brought the man himself to HMV in the mall on Monday the 28th of November for a signing. I was lucky enough to catch up with him and ask him a few questions. Patrick is Irish/Iranian and he grew up in Redcar and moved to Stocksley when he was 12. I asked him how his eastern culture influenced his comedy he quipped that he thought everyone had weird parents and that growing up he didn’t think his background was that interesting. He was approached by a comedian who gave it to him straight… When people go to see a Patrick Monahan gig, they expect an Irish guy with ginger hair and freckles because of the name, they hear someone like Ant & Dec, and they see someone who looks like he works in a pizza shop…from then on Patrick played on this and drew on his culture to engage the audience…and it works. Patrick’s style of comedy is not to attack anyone. He explained he’s not cutting edge, he’s not dark, there’s no taboo about him…but it works. In 2001 he was the winner of ITV’s ‘Take the Mike’ contest, and again this year he won ITV’s ‘Show Me the Funny’ contest. He also picked up the Edinburgh Radio Forth Fringe Award this year. These awards are all voted for by the audiences. This year also saw Patrick commenting on the best bits episode of Geordie Shore where he delivered some witty banter on the cast. When I asked him about it he described the show as car crash TV but still amazing! He accepted that Newcastle has its fair share of orange people but he couldn’t realistically see how a guy with waxed eyebrows could go around the Northeast for a weekend and survive. Before being bombarded by more press he gave me a message to pass on to the new Teesside University graduates- he said to take the experience of Middlesbrough and Teesside University and use it in their future career… Patrick will be back in Middlesbrough Town Hall for more laughs on the 23rd of March 2012.






MUSIC SOCIETY by phil makinson

TEESSIDE’S MUSIC SOCIETY HELD THEIR INAUGURAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT IN THE TERRACE BAR ON THE 13TH OF DECEMBER! A NIGHT FRAUGHT WITH NERVES FROM MICHAEL, CHAIR OF THE SOCIETY. A great night was had by all, with many different performers combining their talents to produce a great night of music and entertainment. A night which started off relatively quiet with a couple of acoustic guitar acts and a ukulele act, soon turned into a very noisy affair with bands and loud music as you would expect at a music concert! The crowd soon swelled to give a very good atmosphere, a crowd which was joined by the Vice-Chancellor and the rest of his Executive team, to see many bands play both Christmas classics and their own music; Michael Patrick, Chair of the Music society stepping up, in usual fashion, to deliver a performance which has seen him play at University and SU functions alike.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Henderson CBE said ‘It was a huge pleasure for my colleagues and I to be able to be part of such a great evening of music. The variety of music performed and the energy and enthusiasm of the musicians taking part, made it an excellent evening and I would personally like to both thank and congratulate, everyone involved in the organisation of the event and to wish them every success with similar events in the future. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!’ The society are always looking out for budding musicians so if anybody is interested in joining the society, they should contact Michael Patrick on





This month’s club of the month is Touch Rugby. This club has had a remarkable start to life and the enthusiasm of its members show that it has a bright future ahead of it. The club was set up after an initiative from the Sport and Well Being department within the University that was encouraging more people to be involved in sport. The initiative was only on a temporary basis but the participants wanted to make it permanent and this lead to the club being set up within the Athletic Union. The uptake to the initiative was fantastic with both male and female participants turning up on a regular basis which lead to the current Chairman Michael Heap to contact Student Activities Officer Tony Clapham. Once the club was set up the committee contacted both the men’s and women’s rugby clubs and the Rugby League club to see if any AU Chair, Hannah Parratt


of it members were willing to join. This turned out to be a major success for the club as the attendances increased massively which gave the club opportunity to be involved in other ventures. These include regional competitions against other North east Universities. I’m sure that the club has a bright future ahead of it! If you would like to get involved with the Touch Rugby Club they train on a Tuesday night on the Olympia Astroturf pitch 4pm – 5pm. Committee Chair – Michael Heap Secretary –Ben Guthrie Treasurer –Bridie Reeves


BADMINTON by emily boldwin

Teesside University badminton club are holding a fundraising event in February 2012 for sports relief. The event is a badminton themed fundraising day to raise money for sport relief, and it will involve a number of badminton challenges (for example who can clock the fastest smash and who can complete the longest rally). We

will also be holding a cake stall, raffle, quiz and facilities for people to do their sports relief mile. We opening the event to the whole community and there will be a special family hour to encourage children to come and join in without being intimidated by there being lots of adults there. There will also be an after party at a local bar with 10% of drinks sold going to sports relief. We have decided to raise money for sports relief because we want to help people who are worse off than ourselves, through what we do best which is badminton.

We are aiming to raise £2000 during this event; however we also want to encourage people to get involved in sports and physical activity. We believe that this is important because obesity and depression are on the rise in this country and the simple solution to this could be sport as it can help burn calories and encourages you to meet new people and build up a bigger support network. The event will take place in on the 25th February 2012, 10-2 in the university’s main sports facility (Olympia). On behalf of the club I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

WOMENS HOCKEY by charlotte galvin

After an eventful start to the season Teesside University Women’s hockey got their head away from the Astro turf to get involved in the university club life. That involved firstly dressing up as plucky red nosed reindeers to go sponsor roller blading for Diabetes UK. (Picture L-R Jody Lawson, Kelly Blissett, Philippa Moore, Emily Gallagher, Laura Bradley, Chloe Williams and Jess Kirkby). After having a fabulous day and raising in the region of £50 for Diabetes UK, the team though it would be a great idea to get more involved with charity work and with so many having been affected by cancer in the recent years it was appropriate to do an event in aide of Macmillan Cancer Research. So the girls put their culinary skills to good use and provided the outside of the terrace with some great delights with Ashleigh Theobald’s brownies being the biggest success of the whole stall.

Over the day with numerous cookies, cupcakes and cakes having been consumed the total amount raised came too £82. It proved a huge success so it certainly needs to be looked out for in the future!!!!!!! Finally before Christmas and having got into the Christmas spirit the Men’s and Women’s Hockey clubs joined forces to raise money for Cash for Kids the local TFM radio charity where all the money that was raised and the toys that were collected got to go to local underprivileged children who on the 25th December would not have got even one single present. The university got a special guest over the 13th and 14th December in Courage the Cat the mascot for the charity. (Picture Courage the Cat and the Vice Chancellor) After two days of bucket collecting and various bits happening outside the Terrace the overall total that was raised was £372.00 plus extra toys that had been donated by Teesside Dance and Teesside Badminton we gave some children in the local area a special Christmas.

you must go to Women’s hockey and Men’s hockey for their hard work over the first term and hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the year. Charlotte Galvin (Women’s Hockey Treasurer)

Cash for Kids will be coming to the University on the 21st February as part of our volunteering week so everyone needs to get involved even if it isn’t a lot something is better than nothing. A massive thank




CREATIVE CRAFTS afternoon. Our creative antics include making costumes for nights out, Christmas presents, life drawing and even a team mascot in the making. We recently raised £100 for charity with a UV face painting event at the Students’ Union – if you attended the rave, you might’ve spotted us there!

Our inspiration came from being around so many talented individuals who didn’t have the space or the money for the materials they Our inspiration came from being around so many talented individuals who didn’t have the space or the money for the materials they needed. Our aim is to give these artists and crafters a chance to tap into that creative potential. Maybe you studied a creative subject back in college that you had to drop because of your chosen school subject. Or perhaps you’re an artist needing a place to be motivated and practice your work.

SOC FED Chair, Steph Crookson

It isn’t just our Saturday sessions that students can attend. We have recently began running an event called ‘The Drink & Draw.’ Aimed at artists (Both novice and masters) who need a place to chill out between deadlines, get a drink, pick up a pencil and do some drawing. Not only that but we also get a 20% discount off food for all of the attendees. It’s not often you see so many creative people in one place at one time!

Craft society has two large art rooms available for all students to use on a Saturday

Creative Craft society meets in the Athena Building at 1pm every Saturday. We’re situated on the third floor, at the end of the corridor. Our Next Drink & Draw will be held on the 27th of January at the Swatters Carr, Linthorpe Road starting from 6 onwards. If you wish to get in contact, simply email




by damon skinner

Here is the February schedule for the World and Art house Cinema Society Wed 1st - Ma Mere - Christophe Honoré Fri 3rd - I am Love - Luca Guadagnino Wed 8 - No film (Animex) Fri 10 - No film (Animex) Wed 15 - The Skin I Live In - Pedro Almodóvar Fri 17 - Talk to Her - Pedro Almodóvar Wed 22 - Incendies - Denis Villeneuve Fri 24 - Film socialisme - Jean-luc Godard Wed 29 - A Separation - Asghar Farhadi All films start at 6PM in OL1 (Europa Building). Membership is £4.60 for the entire year (

We start out courting controversy with Ma Mere (My Mother), a story about a mother and son’s incestuous relationship. Isabelle Hupert and Louis Garrel star in the film whose tagline is “there are no boundaries to desire”. Keeping with the theme, I am Love explores how desire impacts on a Milanese bourgeois family. British actress Tilda Swinton plays a leading role in this Italian language film and will now be familiar to many after her recent turn in last year’s We Need to Talk About Kevin. Next up is two films from the Spanish maestro Pedro Almodóvar. The Skin I Live In is his most recent effort and sees the director reunited with Antonio Banderas. He describes the film as “a horror story without screams or frights”. Hailing from 2002, Talk to Her is a very accessible drama film whose themes include love and loneliness. These two films pay tribute to this heavyweight of European cinema.

Combining elements of drama, mystery and war, Incendies follows a pair of twins as they journey to the Middle East to carry out their mother’s last wishes and uncover their family history. Noted for its beautifully “bland” cinematography and emotional intensity, the film won critical acclaim back in 2010 despite going under the radar of many audiences. Less conventional is Film Socialisme, perhaps the most divisive film of last year as archprovocateur Jean-Luc Godard released the film in “Navajo English” without proper English subtitles. Will confusion reign? Come Friday the 24th and we’ll know for sure. The last film of the month won BBC4’s World film of the year award for 2011 - Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation. A married couple confront a dilemma: to move abroad for the sake of their child, or to stay in Iran to take care of an ill parent. Farhadi’s film of subtle moral complexity positions him alongside a strong list of contemporary film-making talent in Iran.


We’ve had a busy time so far raising quite a bit of money for our 4 charities, you can see more of these on our website www. We’ve completed the Entrepreneurs Cup Cake Challenge and shared first prize with another team, raising £572 for our charities. All the TUTS had to wear something yellow that day or have to donate £10 to the fund; needless to say nearly everyone wore yellow.

army assault course (this has been postponed due to work on the course by the army but will go ahead shortly) The second event is a Salsa night at the Hub, in April (date to be confirmed) this will be done by local football hero Nobby Solano and his band The Georgie Latinos. That should be a really good night.

We recently had a cake and bake stall together with a student hamper raffle which raised another £80, with more planned in the near future.

Also our society has fortnightly speakers that come in from different Trading Standard Offices around the North East. This has proved very popular and helps us learn things that we wouldn’t get to at Uni, from people actually doing the job we’re training for. We also have a trip coming up, to visit the nearby Tees Valley Measurement Centre.

As well as raising money for charity we are also raising money to get our members to the Trading Standards Institute Conference in June, this year it’s in Manchester. This is an essential event to not only get our university known in the trade but also it helps us to find jobs at the end of it whilst learning a great deal. We’ve been given £80 towards our accommodation from the Soc Fed but need to raise quite a bit more. We’ve got planned two events, the first of which is an

We have an excellent membership rate, all but one 2nd year is a member and only a few 1st years are still to join. The 3rd years are deeply engrossed in getting to the finishing line, but help us out when they can. We also have support from the Trading Standards Institute who were hoping to go to chartered status through this degree. This is an excellent course we’re all on and through the Society we help each other to pass it. It’s only a shame that the powers that be have

now pulled the plug on this course and after this last intake in September 2011. This is the same all over the UK, we were the last University to run with it. Mandy Lowther Chair TUTs



ROUND-UP SPORTS by tony clapham

AS THE BUCS SEASON STARTS TO GAIN SPEED AFTER THE CHRISTMAS BREAK IT LOOKS AS THOUGH IT COULD BE A BIG COUPLE OF MONTHS OF FIXTURES FOR A NUMBER OF OUR SPORTS TEAMS AND SPORTS MEN AND WOMEN HERE AT TEESSIDE. Men’s and Women’s hockey, Men’s Badminton 1sts, Men’s Football 1st, 2nds and 3rds, Women’s Basketball and Netball 1sts and 2nds are all still in with a chance of winning their respective leagues with a number of individuals looking to bring glory to Teesside. January has been a successful month for one of the University’s elite athletes and amateur Boxer Louis Cunningham as he was crowned British University Boxing Series Champion. The result is nothing more that he deserved after all the hard work put in by himself and the strength and conditioning coaches within the Sport and Well Being department within the University. Since coming to the University Louis has been a dominant force in the University boxing set up and long may it continue. The first week of BUCS fixtures of 2012 brought a few remarkable results! Especially from the Men’s Football Club. Men’s Football 1st, who are still looking at winning the league, travelled to Leeds to face Leeds Met 3rds in a match that could determine where the trophy will finish at the end of the season. Teesside seemed determined to gain victory in this fixture and the score showed how determined they were. Teesside were victorious! Winning 9-4. A result you could expect from a rugby fixture never mind a football fixture. One player stood out during this match, playing a part in all nine goals. Scoring 7 and turning provider for the other 2. Third year sport student Mikey Roberts, making his first appearance of the academic year, showed why first Team manager Chris Bivens brought him into the squad. Even though Mikey will take all the glory from the result it is important to highlight the performance of other individuals in the team. With special credit going to Men’s Football Chairman and First team goal keeper David Hynes after he saved not one, but two penalties during the fixtureWith the result in mind you would have thought that it would have taking all of the limelight within the Athletic Union but it was not to be as Men’s Badminton 3rds produced an outstanding result. The Badminton 3rd team were facing a team from The University of Bradford.


Both teams had yet to win a fixture during the academic year so it looked as though it could go either way. The lads from Teesside had other thoughts in mind blowing the opposition away 8-0! What makes this result even more remarkable is that it is the first victory that the Men’s Badminton 3rd team have had in the last 5 years! With a stunning performance from James Lucas, Teesside showed that all the hard work the badminton club are putting in is paying off. I’m sure this fixture is going to be a massive boost to everyone in the club and hopefully the winning run will continue! The beginning of 2012 has brought success for a number of individual athletes from the university, both past and present. Past Women’s Rugby and Netball member Sophie Spence has been selected to represent the Irish Women’s Rugby squad in the up and coming Six nations Tournament. It’s great to see former members of the Athletic Union performing at the highest level and hopefully this will spur on other current students to follow in her footsteps.


Edition 9  

Check out the latest edition of the only official magazine for Teesside University students

Edition 9  

Check out the latest edition of the only official magazine for Teesside University students