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- FRIDAY 6TH MAY 2011 -


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Hi all! Well here it is, Term 3. Who would have thought it would come around this quickly? Still, before the joys of summer, we’ve got a whole lot of fun and frolics to look forward to! There’s the incomparable Chase and Status playing Dirty Disco, the Annual Awards Dinner, not forgetting the stupendous party that is Final Fling, featuring the return of the almighty Pendulum! We’ve been keeping ourselves busy since the last issue; you’ll find new articles and features in this issue, as well as (hopefully!) returning favourites such as Beavered, A Moment with Martin and the Spotlight pages. Hope you enjoy the issue, and if you want to contribute to The Tease, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at


Your editors, Martin, Chris and Sean

TUSU Elections Phil Makinson Blog RAG Week Jenny Gill Blog Charity Drag Voluntees Lori Wheatmen Blog Tony Clapham Blog Whats your Game?

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Jump Start your Career Crohn’s and Colitis UK Beavered A Hypnotic Event A Moment with Martin Teesside has got Talent Horroscopes Sports Highlights

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Chase and Status come to Teesside! Well, in the past Teesside University Students Union has brought you some truly amazing acts, including Example, Greg James and Zane Lowe. And guess what? … this term you haven’t been let down either. On Friday 6th of May 2011 electronic production duo Chase and Status come along to the Union for the regular Friday night Dirty Disco event to get you twisting out some shapes on the dance floor once more. Saul ‘‘Chase’’ Milton and Will ‘‘Status’’ Kennard have had three number one tracks in the UK dance chart and have went on to be a massive success all over the British Isles, collaborating with artists such as Plan B and Kano. The album, ‘More Than a Lot’ received the Best Album award at the Drum and Bass awards in Birmingham, 2009. After this the band wanted to gain more global success. So after meeting with a long time favourite of theirs, cloud9, they decided to move in a different direction. They agreed that they should do more pop collaborations in order to achieve a more mainstream fan base. Later that year, the duo entered the UK top 40 chart for the first time with the track ‘End Credits’ which was written for the movie Harry Brown, and featured well known pop singer Plan B who sang on the track as well as starring in the movie itself. With the continued success of the band, songs such as ‘Hypest Type’ and ‘Let You Go’ are sure to get you all going crazy when the lads visit Teesside later on in the term, and is sure to be a night you will all remember for a long time to come. Make sure you all get your advance tickets from the Terrace Bar for just 5 pounds, but be quick, because word has it that they are running out fast. To find out more about Chase and Status, including the upcoming ‘No More Idols’ tour, go to


TUsu elections

ALL four of Teesside University’s Student’s Union Executive Officers have recently been re-elected back into their roles. In a hotly contested week, Jenny Gill , Phil Makinson, Tony Clapham and President Lori Wheatman kept hold of power following a fiercely fought campaign. Students turned up in their hundreds to hear the results which were announced by university radio station, Click Teesside. The night was tense throughout, with all of the candidates pacing around the room looking very nervous and tetchy. With that, as each result was read out it was plain to see that the overall tension in the room seemed to drop, minute by minute. On being Re elected, President Lori said: ‘‘I’m really excited, I love this job and I just want to keep doing my best for all of the students here at Teesside. I had to wait longer than the rest to find out if id won, so as you can imagine I have been nervous for a long time.’’ ‘‘The competition was scary, and there were times I didn’t think I’d get back in, but credit to them all for putting up a great fight.’’ Lori was up against Martin Palin and Julie Evans, the latter having also ran against her the previous year, meaning the position was very hotly contested for a second year running. Campaigns and Welfare Officer Jenny Gill piped Mary O’ Brian to the post in another close contest. She said: ‘‘It has been really tough going up against Mary, she has been a great competitor and I thought she had done really well in campaigning all week, but I’m just glad to have been re elected.’’ With Student Activities Officer Tony Clapham unopposed in his position, he was comfortably elected again to take-thereigns and carry on the great work he has already been doing for all of Teesside University’s sports clubs and societies. He said: ‘‘Being un-opposed does not mean I’ll be resting on my laurels. Sport at Teesside is very important to me. The societies are all close to my heart and I will strive to deliver everything I can. Anyone can approach me with a query and I’ll be happy to help.” In what was also tipped to be the closely fought contest, Phil Makinson faced Sean McDade for the role of Education officer. The result was announced and it was Phil who came out on top, relieving the pressure he was under almost instantly. Phil said: ‘‘I did not expect this at all. Sean and I have both been campaigning really hard so credit to him, but I’m really glad I have won. I have been worried all week.’’ ‘‘My work here is far from done. I will strive to deliver in every way I can for all of the students here at Teesside University. I have done a lot of work this year and hope to pick up where I left off.’’ After the newly appointed executives had time to cool off, Jenny, Phillip, Lori and Tony all went on stage to a thunderous applause, with the crowd chanting and cheering, making for a great atmosphere. And as the night drew to a close, it was plain to see that everyone had a fantastic time. By Chris Adamson.


PHIL MAKINSON BLOG 1. what have you been up to over the last month? The last month has been a really busy one, yet a very relaxed one for me. The last couple of weeks of the month included the Easter break , and with no students around, both the SU and the campus were very dead with quite a strange atmosphere. The Officers all took 3 days out and went away together for a lot of teambuilding and looking at how we want to work together over the next 15 months now that we have all been re-elected. Coming back after that has been great and beginning to look forward to a very exciting 15 months. first couple of weeks of the month were very hectic for me. Although I am not directly involved in Varsity I helped out at times and it was a good day had by all, a shame we couldn’t retain the trophy but still a good day. I have attended a lot of University meetings, trying to get the best out of the University for students, both now and in the future, in the face of new and increased fees. Overall it has been a really good month of March, and the good weather has topped it off. 2. What was your highlight of the month? My highlight of the month would have to be getting re-elected. I am really keen to follow through the objectives which I set during this year and be able to start planning new objectives for next year. Throughout the whole elections process I was really nervous about my chances, but I am really pleased to be back for another year, as you will find out below. 3. Congratulations on being re-elected. How did that feel and what are your plans for the rest of your term in office? It felt great to be re-elected for a 2nd year. I have worked really hard this year on behalf of all students to make sure your time at university is the best it can be. Sean, my opposition in the elections, ran a good campaign and pushed me hard and genuinely had me worried, so all credit to him, but I am really pleased to be here at Teesside for another year. There are a lot of plans in the pipeline for the rest of the year and my time in office. I want to work with the University, to ensure before I leave, students in 2012 are getting the best deal for the money they are paying. I want to do a lot more campaigning on your behalf on the matters that affect you, and be out with students a lot more listening to your feedback. As always though, if you have anything you want from me, just drop me an email (see bottom). 4. How have you made a difference to students this month? I have made a number of differences to students this month. Having worked with the University, we are now going to introduce grade boundaries for Foundation Degree students, which is great so all students studying that path can now show how well they have done, rather than getting a generic mark and it not meaning a lot. I have also worked with the University to introduce much clearer forms for all students needing extensions or deferrals for their work! Yes I know it’s all really sexy and amazing work I do! 5. What are your plans for the upcoming month? I am now working with the University to start planning the way that inductions are run on courses in the next academic year and to see if there is anything that can be done to make them more exciting. I also want to get out and speak to students as much as possible and see what you want me to campaign on. 6. What are you most looking forward to this term? I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but Final Fling will be a great day. A lot of old friends are probably leaving this year, people I have known throughout my time at University so I will be saying goodbye to those guys and looking to the future! NUS Conference would have to be the one thing I am really looking forward to. It’s a chance to represent all students nationally on matters that affect students locally at Teesside. I know a lot of other Officers around the country, so it will be good to see those guys and see what they are doing on their campuses which could influence the work I and the other Officers do here at Teesside! It’s all about making your student experience the best it can be. I am also really looking forward to the Annual Awards Dinner. It’s always a great night and to see the hard work that people put into their clubs and societies etc. being rewarded is really good, so hopefully it will be a great night, and I would recommend that people come along .


2011 RAG Week saw a number of Teesside University clubs and societies take part in fund raising activities for this years RAG charity the National Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). On the Monday of RAG week, Men’s Hockey competed in a halfy half match against Men’s football where half the match was played as a hockey fixture and half as football fixture. The closely contested fixture saw both teams only score whilst playing their own sport with the final score being 7-6 to Men’s Hockey. Teesside Dance also held a Wii Dance competition in the Terrace Bar on Monday Evening. This saw individuals strutting their stuff on the dance floor and eventually raising around £250 for Charity. Wednesday saw another busy day of fundraising with both Women’s Hockey and the Badminton Club hosting events around campus. Women’s Hockey completed the mammoth task of climbing Mount Everest. This was achieved by climbing up and down all 10 floors of the Middlesbrough Tower stairs to the equivalent height of Mount Everest. On Wednesday evening the Badminton club hosted a Question of Sport in the Hub with their very own Sue Barker, current Student Activities Officer Tony Clapham. The event saw everything from the picture round to home and away. The event went down to the last round with the winning team coming out on top by a whisker. RAG week was brought to an end on the Sunday by the Poker Society. They held a poker match for both society members and students and was very well attended. It was a cracking way to bring the week to a close and summed up what RAG week was about.


JENNY GILL BLOG 1. what have you been up to over the last month? Last month has been unbelievable! So much has gone on in such a little time. The Officer and National Union of Students (NUS) delegate elections has to be one of the main events that has taken place! It was a brilliant week, and lots of fun was had by all candidates. I have also been working hard on the Green-Tees Environmental Campaign, and I have nearly secured recycling facilities in all halls of residence and a plot of land on campus for a grow your own garden. We also held a very successful Fairtrade Fortnight with the help of the newly appointed Student Safety Reps. It went really well and we have really raised awareness of what a great job Fairtrade does for those in developing countries. 2. What was your highlight of the month? My highlight has to be being re-elected. It is fantastic to know that students believed in me and that I have delivered on all that I said I would. Also being elected one of the NUS Conference delegates was a highlight! The team elected is a great team and I cannot wait to get to Conference to fight for what Teesside students believe in! 3. Congratulations on being re-elected. How did that feel and what are your plans for the rest of your term in office? Been re-elected is one of the best feelings ever! It means that you are doing a great job and that students believe in what you are doing! It will be a pleasure to represent Teesside Students for another year! I have so many different plans running around in my head, it’s hard to pick the ones that students feel most strongly about! I will be continuing with all current campaigns, as well as taking on some national campaigns and working on the student experience with the other Officers. I am also in the middle of developing TUSU:TV and The Tease further so they are more inclusive of all students here at Teesside! 4. How have you made a difference to students this month? I have been working with the other Officers on the student experience and making sure that our students are having the best experience possible here at Teesside. I have been looking at student mental health and how this affects the student experience, and what we can do to make improvements. 5. What are your plans for the upcoming month? There are so many plans for this term, including representing Teesside at NUS Conference, as well as all the campaigns I have planned for the summer term. Please see the campaign plan attached. 6. What are you most looking forward to this term? I am looking forward to all the events that are taking place such as Chase & Status, Pendulum, NUS Conference, NUSSL, Final Fling and Bournemouth 7s. I am also looking forward to working on all the campaigns planned, and also working with the other Officers to make sure that you are getting the best out of your time here at Teesside!


Teesside Drama Society’s

Charity Drag

Volun-tees Want to gain new skills? Develop your employability skills? Make new friends and have some fun?

The Teesside Drama Society are proving that the winter does not have to drag this year as they have been busy with a month full of charity based events. Ryan Kenny, Director of Teesside’s got Talent explained the reason for the theme, “Drag is actually an acronym. We call these events ‘Raise and Give’ and saw that ‘Drama Raise and Give’ actually spelt out D.R.A.G, if you take the first letter of each word. We ran with that idea and are having a lot of fun with it”. Weekly bake sales have been happening in the Students’ Union (SU) to help raise money for local charities. On March 11th the Teesside University Drama Society will perform ‘Teesside’s got talent’, along with the ‘Tease’ very own Martin Durrant and Christopher Adamson. The shows directors, Ryan Kenny and Chris Lord, have put a lot of time into making sure that this evening goes without a hitch (Insert quote here) . They have chosen the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity because (quote). Founded on the 1st October 2007, Help for Heroes was established to help wounded soldiers in service of the Queen’s Army.

Volun-tees aims to help students find the right volunteering opportunity to suit your needs. Whether you want to get involved in a regular activity, or perhaps take part in one off events, Volun-tees has a wide variety of opportunities available. Simply register with Volun-tees and use the Search facility to find the right opportunity for you. To find out more visit our website: or email queries and comments to us at:

By Jonathan Chamberlain


Lori Wheatmen BLOG 1. what have you been up to over the last month? Since the last Tease I have managed to be re-elected as President of the Students’ Union along with the other three Officers. During the spring break we thought it would be a good idea to get away from the Students’ Union and get plans in place for what we want to achieve next year individually and as a team. We have got some very exciting plans for the Students’ Union in the next few months and are really excited about making a significant difference to the student experience at Teesside before we leave in the summer of 2012. We have also had our ‘Star Chamber’ funding bid to the University this month which took a lot of hard work and long hours to make sure that we are telling the University absolutely everything we are doing for the student experience, what we want to do in the future, and even our thoughts on what the Students’ Union might look like physically in the future! 2. What was your highlight of the month? Highlights of the month include being re-elected, the charity basketball match which was an amazing game to watch and raised a fantastic amount of money for an amazing cause, and seeing Jason Derullo live in Newcastle! 3. Congratulations on being re-elected. How did that feel and what are your plans for the rest of your term in office? It was an amazing night and a fantastic feeling being with friends and family to celebrate. I feel that I now have enough time to finish my plans fully and effectively and not have to rush what I wanted to do. Also last summer we had a lot of training, however this summer we can work solidly on putting plans into place for campaigns for when the students get back in Freshers Week. I particularly want to focus on the strategic plan and direction of the Students’ Union. I believe fully in this Students Union, what we do, what we want to do and where we want to be and I believe that having an effective strategic plan in place our vision and mission can be achieved. 4. How have you made a difference to students this month? I have sat in fee strategy meeting with the University this month. We have discussed what fee level Teesside University should charge and what benefits the students will get from increased fees in the future. I have fought hard at these meetings to make sure future students are getting the best deal they can from their money and their university experience. I also did a presentation on the Students’ Union and our future strategy at a Board of Governors Student Experience Committee. I used this presentation to help the Governors understand what the Students’ Union does now and how we want to continue to work on raising the student experience here at Teesside. 5. What are your plans for the upcoming month? I want to continue to work on the strategic plan of the Students’ Union and make sure the Union has a solid and effective plan for the future. I want to present this to students and make sure that they know we are focussing on the right themes. I am also running for a position on the National Union of Students Council Block of 15. The Block of 15 looks at the work of the NUS President and Vice-Presidents in NUS and make sure that they are focussed on our Students’ Unions and our students. I want to make sure that Teesside and the North-East are represented at a national level. I am also working with the democracy team within the Students’ Union to look at our current Student Opinion Counts forum (which has had a poor turn out this year) to see how we can make our democratic procedures more student focussed and encourage more students to take part in Students’ Union decisions. 6. What are you most looking forward to this term? I am really looking forward to the Annual Awards Dinner this year which is always a fantastic night within the Students’ Union. I am really excited about getting my fancy new party dress on and seeing everyone in there suits and dresses. Good luck to all clubs, societies and School Reps who are in the running for awards. I am also looking forward to Easter Bunny Blow Out and The Final Fling which are amazing days in the Students’ Union. Check out our websites for information about how much these cost and where to get tickets.


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Tony Clapham bLOG 1. what have you been up to over the last month? The last month has seen Teesside hold the annual Tees-Wear Varsity event against Sunderland. With over 20 fixtures taking place on campus and around Middlesbrough it saw another day of intense sporting action. Unfortunately Sunderland came out the winner, winning by 1 point. It was great to actually get out and see our sports teams whilst they were competing and the social was cracking! 2. What was your highlight of the month? Obviously getting re-elected was a highlight but on the whole it’s been a good month. It’s been a busy one and I was happy to have a rest during the holidays but now I’m ready for the final term and this one looks even busier than the last. 3. Congratulations on being re-elected. How did that feel and what are your plans for the rest of your term in office? It was a great feeling getting re-elected. Even though I was uncontested I wanted to show people I’m still dedicated to the job and want to be here. It’s great that the Officers have all been re-elected as it means we can finish what we have set out to do over the next academic year. 4. How have you made a difference to students this month? I have been working with the other Officers trying to get the Students’ Union’s strategic plan sorted and it’s now starting to fall into place. I have also been working with the Activities Centre planning the training days for our future club and society committee members and also looking at the development days which will highlight the skills that are being used by our current committee members. 5. What are your plans for the upcoming month? During the final term I am planning to attend NUS Conference, hold training days with our club and society committee members and to host the Annual Awards Dinner. NUS Conference will give me the chance to represent you and Teesside on a national stage. It’s important that the Teesside delegates show how passionate we are about the student movement and it’s our chance to have a say on what will happen next year with NUS. A lot of planning has gone into the Annual Awards Dinner and hopefully it will be as successful as past years. It’s going to be nerve-wracking presenting the event to all you guys but I’m really looking forward to it.

6. What are you most looking forward to this term? Without a shadow of a doubt the event that I’m most looking forward to this term is the Annual Awards Dinner. It’s back at Tall Trees in Yarm and it is looking to be another fantastic night. It’s great to highlight and celebrate what our clubs, societies and volunteers do each year and it’s always a special night.


What’s Your Game? University students and gamers were shocked by the news that the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts claimed that students are being taught the wrong skills needed to succeed in the games industry. Square Enix President, Ian Livingstone and Managing Director of VFX company Double Negative, Ian Hope compiled the report. NESTA go on to make 20 recommendations to the Department of Education Concerns grew as, according to the document, only twelve percent of students from game-specific courses find a job in the industry within six months. Culture minister Ed Vaizey, stated: “I’m thrilled this report has emerged. It highlights the importance of video games and special effects to our economy. We need to make sure there’s the option to do computer programming in schools. It’s a vital skill for the 21st century.” The UK has the 4th largest gaming industry in the world; it pumps millions of pounds back into our economy therefore it is deemed very important by the Government to resolve this issue. Not many gamers realise that some of the best games have been developed here in England, such as Grand Theft Auto 4. The GTA series is ranked 7th in the all time best sellers list! Stuart Middleton, who has 20 years of experience in the industry, added “We’re at a point now where we think twice about interviewing anybody with video games programming qualifications because they’re virtually worthless.” This news affects hundreds of Teesside Uni students as gaming based courses are growing in popularity every year here at Teesside. I thought it important to find out what students and lecturers think of these claims. However, not everyone agrees. Some students have mixed feelings about these claims. Matthew Norman, a sales advisor in Game, is currently studying Multimedia


Journalism here at Teesside. Matthew said “The facilities at the Uni are good enough to get the right knowledge, such as the Mac Labs. But I do know people who get bogged down in stuff they don’t need to do and which won’t get them anywhere.” Keith Ditchburn is the Games Programming Course Leader here at Teesside University. He was invited by Ian Livingston to take part in the NESTA report in London. He also agrees that the skills being taught in the UK aren’t sufficient. He said “Unfortunately there are a large number of games courses now being taught, due to the popularity of the subject, but these courses are often very poor. They often stitch together a games course from other courses with only one or two games modules.” He added “They also often do not work closely with industry and fail to meet the level needed by industry.” The plans to make the courses better are firmly in place. “There are always areas that will need tweaking. In particular the report mentions management skills which we do not yet teach but will need to look into.” However, there is some good news. Mr. Ditchburn said “In order to address these issues, the Skillset accreditation process was set up a few years ago. It has had many applications but only a handful of courses have received the accreditation. Our BSc Games Programming Course is one of these.” Hopefully the recommendations made by NESTA can improve the courses both in the North East and across the UK and propel the British games industry back to its former glory. by Ben Hardy



Crime Scene and Forensic Unit raise money for Crohn’s The Crime Scene and Forensic Unit have been extremely busy this month raising money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. This is a charity that we hold extremely close to our heart as a few of our members course mate and friend, Sarah Tracey, tragically passed away over Christmas due to Crohn’s. Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease that cannot be cured. In her memory the society decided to hold two fundraising events. After careful planning and much consideration into activities which Sarah had enjoyed taking part in herself we established a selection of different activities which could be carried out in her memory. With the aid of her friends and family they were both huge successes! Our first event was an extremely popular bake sale in which we raised over £80. No sooner had we put the cakes down, which had been donated by many of the society members themselves as well as our sponsors ‘Westgarth Social Club’, had people thrown their money at us and scoffed the cakes down. Our second event help in memory of Sarah Tracey was a bike ride in which the society members cycled a shared distance of 405 miles! Equivalent to the distance between London and Edinburgh! After what was a long and tiring day but extremely worth while we raised an amazing £400+!!! Sarah was an inspiration to us all, coping with this horrific illness whilst trying to earn a degree. She was a bright student who was always able to submit her assignments in with time to spare even though she suffered from this awful illness. All of those who knew Sarah had something nice to say about her and she was liked by everyone on her course. She will be missed dearly and never forgotten. The society is already planning our next load of charity events! These will be held for RAG and for Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA).


BEAVERED Is Barry Beaver on your face?

Here’s how the game works: first you enjoy the random collection of picture perfect moments from the past few weeks. Secondly you may notice a snap with you in it, but Barry’s grin is captured instead of yours. Thirdly, you get in touch with us at, we meet and examine mug shots and you WIN yourself a ‘I love it Dirty’ ticket of your choosing (except Fling!) How easy?! The Beavered person is chosen at random, so it could be you!


A Hypnotic Evening at the SU Lo Reid was back on the 28th of February to entertain Teesside with her witty take on live stage hypnotism. The show started at 9pm and the 20 empty seats for volunteers were filled in seconds by students flooding up towards the stage.She started by hypnotising the volunteers, convincing the boys they were world class ballerinas and convincing the girls they were models.

“I love the atmosphere here and I love how the people aren’t scared, you get the best of shows at Teesside University” she said. The show went on to have students demonstrate their impressions of Baywatch, Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode and angry Japanese tourists who’d lost their cameras. Elliot Smith, student volunteer on the show said “I knew what I was doing but I couldn’t really stop it, it was good fun”. Here at the Tease magazine we were able to catch Lo Reid after her performance for a one to one chat with the lady herself: Tease: What is it that inspired you to train as a hypnotist? LR: When I was younger I went to see a hypnotist and became really interested and what pushed me more is when I was told I could never do it because I was a woman in a man’s world. At first I trained as a stage hypnotist then later started practicing hypnotherapy. Tease: What is it you enjoy about performing at Teesside University? LR: I love Teesside, I really do. I’ve been coming to Teesside for around 15 years now and you get the best shows here because people are really up for it and don’t mind joining in to make the show, I always get the best requests at Teesside. Tease: Have you ever been hypnotised yourself? LR: I often put myself under hypnosis in order to relax. I’ve also done charity work where I put myself under hypnosis in a shop window for a precise amount of time and my challenge (which was sponsored by members of the public) was to bring myself out of hypnosis after, for example, 35 minutes and 31 seconds. Lo Reid promises to be back in Teesside soon with some bright new material and will also be taking requests from the audience on the night - By Samantha Michiels


A Moment With Martin – Lucy Reeves from CLICK


This month, Click Teesside’s Lucy Reeves takes time out from her busy broadcasting schedule to take the chair and answer some questions from, as always, Martin Durrant. MD: Hi Lucy! First of all, how did you get involved with Click Teesside? LR: I knew I wanted to get involved in the radio before coming to uni, so when I arrived I heard on the grapevine and through some of my lecturers about an open day. I went along and heard more about Click, wrote down my details and show ideas and boom, the legend was born. Haha, but seriously it was really easy to get involved. MD: How did the idea for the 24 hour Click-A-Thon come about? LR: We’d done a 24 hour broadcast a few years ago in the side wing of Athena and thought we’d give it another go, just bigger and better! Then of course we heard about Radio 1 going for the record - major competition - but it didn’t put us off! MD: What was it like being cooped up in that tiny cage for 24 hours? LR: Myself, Ben and Tom hadn’t actually seen the cage before we went in, so I was expecting a tiny thing but it wasn’t too small. We were allowed to go to the loo but had to run there and back and we were fed, so not too bad really! MD: Are there any more Click Teesside events coming up? LR: There are always Click events coming up! Keep an eye out for the Facebook page, and our lovely tent is often perched outside the SU. We’ll definitely be there for the Final Fling, at the end of term! We often have special interviews with celebrities, including Greg James from Radio 1, Phillip Schofield, Greg Davies and more and you can listen to those as podcasts. MD: Finally, how can people get involved? LR: Simply come along to an open day which we advertise, or come and say hello to one of our Click presenters of Street Team. If you don’t know anyone, then come to Aurora House (next to the Southfield) and you can find out how to get involved there. Alternatively, you can email the Station Manager, Jake, at MD: Thanks Lucy! LR: No problem, thank you! 18

TEESSIDE HAS GOT TALENT! A wide array of talent was on display as Teesside University Drama Society hosted a variety show packed with laughs, dancing and singing, all in aid of Help for Heroes. Of the acts that took part, boyband Junction 4, comprising of Joel Peters, Jonny Lake, and The Tease’s own Martin Durrant and Chris Adamson came out victorious. They battled in a hard fought competition, coming out on top over Ryan Kenny and Chris Lord as “Lordy and Kenny” and impressionist Andy McBride in the final. The night, hosted by Ellie Fox, was a great success. The three judges, Jeremy Piles (Stuart Leeming), Cheryl Dole (Danni Beck) and the imposing Max Grande (Michael Comerford) added a real touch of humour and personality to the evening, drawing huge laughs from the audience with their comedic comments about the acts. The acts that made it through the tough first round were Junction 4, Kenny and Lordy, Andy McBride, Peter Rigney and Donna Greenway, who did Phantom of the Opera and Rob Haime with his poetry. A special mention must go to Elliot Smith, who tried to sing his way through the first round, got rejected, only to return, disguised in a blond wig and leather jacket. He didn’t make it through, sadly. As the second round began, it was obvious the acts went up a gear in terms of performance. Junction 4 received a standing ovation for their rendition of the Backstreet Boys classic “As Long As You Love Me”. Kenny and Lordy had the audience dancing when they performed “Everybody Get Up” by Five. Andy had the audience rolling in the aisles with his hilarious impressions, while Rob’s second poem had the audience thinking and laughing in equal measures. Donna and Peter’s rendition of “The Point of No Return” from Phantom of The Opera was haunting and captivating, with the stage crew using the lighting excellently to create a real sinister effect. To comprise the final three, each judge picked an act. Max Grande picked Junction 4, Cheryl Dole picked Kenny and Lordy and Jeremy Piles picked Andy McBride. The final result was up to an audience vote, with Junction 4 receiving 20 votes out of a possible 39. The band then performed “As Long As You Love Me” again, with assistance from the rest of the cast. The audience really enjoyed the show, and the society raised in excess of £900. Look out for the Drama Society next year with more new and exciting performances! By Martin Durrant For more information on Help For Heroes, visit

The winning act, boyband Junction 4 (l-r) Jonny Lake, Chris Adamson, Joel Peters, Martin Durrant



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SPORTS ROUND UP WITH Well, after scouring through all of this month’s sports reports yet again, I am pleased to tell you that this time around there were a lot more wins for all of our clubs and societies than last time around. So as I do every month, I have spent many hours reading through all of the reports and gone through a lot of coffee to keep myself awake just to pick from the best of the bunch. Here are this month’s highlights Teesside Netball first team vs. Newcastle University Teesside went into this game knowing only a win would be enough after the last time these two North East rivals met it resulted in a landslide victory for the Newcastle girls. In a very evenly contested game throughout, it was plain to see that this was going to be a very tough encounter, and almost impossible to determine a winner. With the home team knowing that only a win would suffice, now wasn’t the time for giving up. At the end of the second quarter the home side was losing narrowly, but as the third quarter started, fired up by the inspirational Kate Jameson, Teesside kept going, levelling the scores. This led to an intense final ten minutes with both sides failing to add to their total after a number of missed chances. But with seconds to go a superb passing display saw our girls sneak past the Newcastle defence to bag the deciding points in what was a great game for the neutral. Woman of the match: Kate Jameson. Final score: 35 - 34.

Badminton men’s first team vs. Hull University This one was to be a very emotional day for badminton as it was the final appearance for the departing Steven Andrews. So as you can imagine, Teesside went into this badminton match determined to win so he could leave the team with his head held high. The home side started as they meant to go on, winning the first couple of games without even trying. This suggested it was going to be a very easy day for Teesside with Hull being second best throughout. Half way through the game Teesside were now 4-0 up and it seemed there could be no way back for a Hull side looking very average compared to the home side’s quick feet and clever play. Coincidentally it was Steven Andrews who gave a superb account of himself on the day he was to bow out, giving a man of the match display in near enough every game. Hull got one back, but it wasn’t enough for a Teesside team who


H CHRIS ADAMSON deserved every game they won. Man of the match: Steven Andrews. Final score: 7 - 1. * The Tease Team of the Month

Teesside women’s hockey vs. Leeds University After losing 5-2 away to Leeds a couple of weeks prior to this game Teesside knew there could be no room for mistakes this time around. This didn’t look as though it was going to be the case, with a very early opening goal for the home side after a lapse in concentration from the Leeds defence. From there, Teesside got stronger and stronger and there was no stopping the team’s tempo and superb interlinking play. The majority of possession was Teesside’s, and the goals just kept on flowing, with the team only conceding once after an unfamiliar mistake at the back. 4-1 up at halftime and the team was cruising, having had the lion share of possession throughout, giving Leeds no opportunity to come back at all. It was fully expected that Teesside would continue this trend going into the second half, and they did. A further 3 more goals in quick succession meant the home side cruised to victory in a very entertaining game, burying the ghosts of the defeat two weeks prior to this encounter. Woman of the match: Hannah Nunn. Final score: 7-1. *Note - some reports have not been included because more in depth analysis is needed. (i.e. who scored, who played well, what happened) ‘woo, we won 7-0’ isn’t enough information to form a good enough article!

Varsity: Finally, it wouldn’t be right of me not to mention anything about this year’s Tees-Wear Varsity tournament. All clubs and societies involved did really well in competing and although we went down to a narrow score of 10-9 on the day, you all played out of your skin to make it a very memorable day, so from me and Tony Clapham, a big well done to everyone!


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