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Teesside University Students’ Union


There shall be a Student Representative Forum which exists to report issues surrounding the student experience of students at the University


Student Representative Forum is an integral part of the Students’ Union and forms part of its democratic structure


Student Representative Forum shall meet six times per year in term time with a minimum of one meeting per term scheduled by the Students’ Union prior to the start of the academic year


The Chair will produce an agenda with appropriate papers with support from Students’ Union Student Support at least five University working days prior to each meeting


The Membership of the Student Representation Forum shall be (subject to appointment or election as applicable): i) ii)

School Representatives At least two Officer Trustees in a non-voting capacity


The quorum of Student Representative Forum and any sub committees shall be 50% plus one of its membership not including the Officer Trustees


Should any meetings be inquorate then these must be rescheduled to a date agreed by the Students’ Union. For rescheduled meetings should the quorum not be present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting the members present shall be a quorum


Members shall have full speaking rights and one vote per member


Representatives from Students’ Union Student Support may attend the meeting in a non-voting capacity

1.10. The Chair may invite guest speakers to the meeting at their discretion 1.11. Elections for positions in Student Representative Forum will take place at the last or first meeting of the academic year to include Chair, Deputy Chair and members of Scrutiny Committee. Post holders cannot serve more than one year without re-election. In the absence of an elected Chair or Deputy Chair an Officer Trustee will chair the meeting 1.12. Non-attendance of Officer Trustees at Student Representative Forum or any issues regarding their conduct shall be reported by the Chair to Scrutiny Committee 1.13. Student Representative Forum can mandate Officer Trustees to consider matters at Elected Officer Committee 1.14. The Chair (or Deputy Chair if unavailable) of Student Representative Forum shall attend Elected Officer Committee 1.15. Members of Student Representative Forum shall attend the Students’ Union Annual General Meeting 1.16. Student Representative Forum may elect sub-committees as and when necessary. All decisions of sub-committees must be reported to Student Representative Forum. 1.17. Student Representative Forum can vote to call a General Meeting Version 2.0, November 2019

Teesside University Students’ Union


Student Representative Forum Awards Committee


There shall be a Student Representative Awards Committee which will consist of: i) ii) iii)


President Welfare President Education Members of staff from Students’ Union Student Support in a non-voting advisory capacity.

The Awards Committee shall meet annually prior to the awards ceremonies and be responsible for: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi)

Electing a Chair at the start of the meeting Collating School Representatives’ achievements and performance Objectively deciding on recipients of awards base on criteria specified in each award. This should be done by debate and voting should a consensus not be reached Should the votes be tied then the President Activities will be asked for a casting vote Ensuring that the identities of winners remain confidential until the awards are presented Students’ Union Student Support shall organise the awards ceremonies including the engraving of awards as appropriate




Elections to positions within Student Representative Forum and its sub-committees will be by secret ballot with transferable voting

Version 2.0, November 2019

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