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Student Representative Forum: Tuesday 23rd October 2012 MINUTES 1. Apologies: Seb Kazemi (SSL), Sarah Chatton (SSE), Diane Longstaff (HSC), Emma Doree (SAM), Thomas Blackham (TUBS) 2. Welcome and forum processes (HG/EK) – Meeting for all the reps to discuss their schools, events, get feedback, hold officers to account, ask for things and talk to the officers. 3. Timing of Student Rep Forum (HG) – Question was asked if the meeting was too early, can be a problem with students on placement, overall it was found that 5pm is fine. 4. AGM – How did you find it? (HG) – AGM is not well attended. Discussed that documentation is not well sign posted so people don’t know what they have voted for as they haven’t read the correct document. Asked that after the AGM can the results be circulated to reps, students via email, the website and facebook so people can see what has been passed and why. 5. NUS National Demonstration (HG) – We are going to the demo on November 21st. Helpers have been requested and John Pinkney is working with the Activities Co-ordinator, Naomi, to get freshers reps involved as they did a good job. There will be a meeting before and no one will be turned away if they want to go. It was asked if reps can be given a leaflet to hand out to students stating why we are going and what our aims are. 6. SU on Tour (JP) – Reps were thanked for the help with the tour. There will be a review on Thursday 25th. Tour is to promote the union and get feedback about services. Had good feedback numbers and the aim is to get students more involved in the union. Looked into going to new places such as Brittan building café and Olympia. 7. Officer Updates Term 1:

a. Hannah Graham – Education Officer – Assessment feedback, getting a feedback leaflet printed. Want to know what type of feedback you get, is it constructive and how quick do you get it. Was suggested that lectures should be given deadlines and punishments for late feedback. Also suggested that all lectures, as a standard, should use blackboard for feedback. – New app being developed for surveys, input email and school and you get sent quick question. Can also be used for announcements. – Will be recruiting library mystery shoppers. It will be a student led project and there will be a forum., b. Natalie Davison – Campaigns and Welfare Officer – Think housing campaign, getting better housing and get students to wait before signing a contract. Will be a housing fair on 17th January. – Money matters campaign, get students money to stretch further. Will be budget plans, leaflets etc. – Working with health and wellbeing, fair trade event coming up. c. John Pinkney – President – Hidden course costs, feedback leaflet has been produced, need help getting feedback. Was suggested to help costs having a day for students to sell old books to lower years for cheap. – Trying to get a better image for the SU, better advertisement, especially to post grads and part time courses. d. Hannah Parratt – Sports and Activities Officer – Re-establishing RAG, Manon is the Chair. RAG week is the 10th-17th November. Want to get the reps and staff involved. Anything raised before 14 th November can be put towards ‘Pounds for Pudsey’. Allowing people to adopt a charity and aiming to raise £500 per group. – New class is being put in place for parents and children to come play sport at a time that suits them. – New Vinspired scheme to reward volunteers for the amount of time they put in, can also use Voluntees if over the age of 25. 8. Welfare Representatives (ND) – There will be 2 per school and will work with the school reps with issues. Still at recruitment stage, look to get applications from school of health as had non so far. 9. School Updates: a. SAM – Having a walk around 3 times a week to get faces known, having a facebook surgery every Tuesday. Been sorting out IT issues and are working closely with international students. b. TUBS – Available for talks on Mondays and Wednesdays, put up posters in all areas and on PC screens. Holding a competition to design their student board. Going on click weekly.

c. SCM – Having issues with timetables and final year supervisors. Not enough space in the Athena building, no air con and lack of software. Having a gaming event in the Hub for charity, making a video blog and talking to course reps. d. SSL – Being active on facebook, blackboard and in lectures. Emailed all students to make aware of reps presence. Trying to set up a mentoring scheme for 1st years and making use of the psychology society. Also looking to create model essays as guidelines. e. SSE – Had 2 stalls already and have more planned up until Christmas. Emailed out to all student to make aware of reps, have new advert board and posters. Having a course rep forum on the 24th. Setting up a facebook chat session for the evenings. Getting an anonymous comments box for the Stephenson building. Looking into vouchers for people who comment on facebook. f.

HSC – Gone into lectures to promote selves. Having a student conference on the 7th November. Have a competition on facebook/blackboard. Planning an article for the Tease. New posters have been made.

10. Whole rep team event for Sport Relief (TUBS) – Will be a meeting closer to the time but the event will be in March and will look to see the reps work as a team rather then individual schools. Will also include welfare reps. 11. Elections for Chair of Student Representative Forum (HG) – Vicky Steele was voted in as the new chair. 12. AOB – Twitter accounts are allowed as method of communication for reps. – Scrutiny Committee was mentioned, need 2 people to be elected, they attend meetings and will hold the officers accountable for what they do or need to do. Will elect people next time. 13. Next meeting will be 11th December

SRF 23rd Oct 2012  

Minutes of a meeting of the Student Rep Forum at Teesside University Students' Union.