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Minutes of Soc Fed Thursday 8th November 2012 Present: Audio Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Drama, Mind Body & Spirit, Islamic, Anicom, Gaming, Project Islam, Nerf, Music, Live Lit, New Designers, Christian Union, Creative Craft, DJEM, Film Production, History, Interlink, Legal, Nigerian, Real Ale, Trading Standards, TV & Movie, World & Art House Cinema, Entrepreneurs, Digital Forensics, LGBT, Psychology, Stephanie Crookson (SC), Hannah Parratt (HP) Natalie Davison (ND) John Pinkney (JP), Naomi O’Neill (NON).


Apologies –Crime Scene, Limitless Change.

2. Minutes of previous meeting – passed as a true record 3. Deputy Soc Fed Chair – (SC) explained the role of Deputy Chair, and invited any candidates to come forward and make a short speech. The new Deputy Chair was elected by a show of hands. Iain Clement (Real Ale) was elected as Deputy Chair. 4. Scrutiny Committee – SC explained how they were re-introducing the scrutiny committee, and the role of committee members. The vote was taken by a show of hands for the two candidates. The following two club committee members were voted as members of the Scrutiny Committee 2012-13 with no opposition. 1. Matthew Anderson (Real Ale) 2. Christina King (Law) 5. AGM’s and Induction Process – SC advised all societies who had not held their AGM’s needed to book this before the deadline: Friday 16th November. If these had not been booked by this date then societies would start losing hall space, grant allocation etc. Contact Hannah Parratt or Naomi O’Neill as soon as possible. 6. NUS and Officer Elections – (SC & HP) Committees were reminder about the elections for the officer posts coming up next year. (Student President, Student Activities Officer, Student Welfare and Campaigns Officer and Education Officer) along with NUS elections to attend National conference to represent Teesside. For more information contact HP or any of the other student officers. 7. Fines for Soc Fed – SC explained that they were re-introducing fines for societies who are not attending Soc Fed meetings. From this date onwards, any society who does not send apologies for absences and missed three meetings will be fined. 8. Grant Allocation – SC & HP informed committee members that grant allocation forms were available from the Activities Centre from 9/11/12. If any committee require

any assistance or advice please visit the AC. Deadline for applications will be Monday 26th November. 9. RAG – (SC) RAG week is taking place from 10th-18th November. Society members can help with bucket collections in Middlesbrough for Children in Need, and are welcome to take part in any event during the week. Anyone wishing to take part to contact the Activities Centre. 10. Soc Fed tour – (SC) Tour deadline is 09/11/12. Unless 45 people have signed up by this point the tour will have to be cancelled. All societies were asked to push the trip and get as many signed up as possible. 11. VInspired & Voluntees – SC explained the two schemes with the award process, and discussed how to get more information from the scheme’s websites, or by contacting HP. 12. Health and Safety – SC requested any societies with Health and safety issues to use this time to make themselves known/ask any questions – None were put forward. 13. A.O.B a. Cake Stalls – (SC) Due to health and safety reasons societies will no longer be allowed to hold cake stalls in the SU. b. National Demo (JP) National Demo is taking place on Wednesday 21st November 2012. All students are invited to take part and can sign-up at the SU reception. Cost is £10 per person for coach travel to and from London, and the deadline is November 15th. c. Teesside Entrepreneurs – are holding their ‘FIRST’ networking event on Tuesday 13th November at the Dickens Inn, Southfield Road from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. Three guest speakers will be there giving advice and the chance to network, along with free refreshments. 14. Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 6th December.

SF 8th Nov 2012  

Minutes of a meeting of Societies Federation at Teesside University Students' Union.