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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 22nd October 2012 Present:

Hannah Parratt, Student Activities Officer (Chair) John Pinkney, President Hannah Graham, Education Officer Natalie Davison, Campaigns and Welfare officer Over 100 members

The meeting started at 5.20pm 1.


The Chair, John Pinkney, welcomed everyone to the meeting. He passed the Chair to Hannah Parratt for the remainder of the meeting. 2.

Ratification of the Minutes of Previous AGM

Matters of Accuracy There were no matters of accuracy Matters Arising There were no matters arising. Moved to vote The minutes were passed as a true and accurate record. 3.

Receiving the Year End Accounts

The President noted the key points from the End of Year accounts. • • •

Spent about £675,000 on our members (page 14) Bigger Ents with surplus on our trading (pages 13/14) More income so surplus since reinvested in SU Building

He noted the End of Year accounts had been approved by the Board of Trustees and asked AGM 2012 to accept them. Moved to vote Passed 4.

Appointment of Students’ Union External Auditors

The President explained that auditors check the accounts and financial systems, prepare the audit report in the accounts. He noted that it is a legal requirement to have an audit of its accounts. Anderson Barrowcliff are Registered Auditors. AGM 2012 is asked to reappoint Anderson Barrowcliff as Auditors for 2012/13.

Moved to vote Passed 5.

Approval of Affiliations of the Students’ Union

The President explained that in 2011/12 the Union’s affiliation were: • • •

NUS BUCS NUS Services Ltd

AGM 2012 is asked to approve these affiliations for 2012/13 Moved to vote Passed 6.

Appointment of Returning Officer

The President explained the Returning Officer will oversee the elections, confirm they have been run correctly and sign off the result. He proposed that the Returning Officer be appointed by NUS and would monitor the elections and sign off the vote. Moved to vote. Passed. 7.

Receiving the Updated Guide to Elections

The President noted the Guide to Elections is produced for candidates and has been updated for the 2012/13 elections. Under the new Constitution it is linked to the Election Byelaw and therefore needs to be approved by AGM. Q: Last year there were issues with candidates using iPads. Has anything been about this. The President noted this has been included in the guide. Moved to vote Passed 8.

Approval of Amended Constitution and Byelaws

The Education officer explained that the SU is legally bound by its Constitution and Byelaws which direct how the SU is run for students. They are reviewed every year to ensure they are up to date and relevant. The Campaigns and Welfare Officer noted the key changes:

  

Student Panel was a scrutiny tool but didn’t work so has been removed A Scrutiny Committee has been set up with 2 members of AU, Soc Fed and SRF elected as members together with a Student Trustee The chair of AU, Soc Fed and SRF will attend Elected Officer Committee

The Campaigns and Welfare Officer asked AGM 2012 to approve the improved Constitution and Byelaws Moved to vote Passed 9.

Officers Representation and Campaigning Aims including Q & A

The Officers presented the campaigns for the year ahead.        

Think Housing – a better deal for students, looking at safety and value for money Money Matters – small tips to help money go further, budgeting plans Health and Welfare Campaigns – sexual health, mental wellbeing, drug and alcohol awareness, student safety Employability – awareness of skills that can be transferred to the workplace, careers information V-Inspired – this is a nationally recognised scheme and the SU is now accredited to give out this awards to volunteers Assessment feedback - working with the Schools to offer consistent, constructive, timely feedback Hidden fees – paying for course related items that were not specified before arriving at Teesside SU on Tour – across all Schools this term, Officers and staff will be present, cards to fill in giving feedback on your course, University or SU related issues

Q: On November 21st there is a demonstration in London about tuition fees. Is the SU backing it? The President noted the Freshers Ballot was used to find out whether there was interest in the demo and it found that 95% of responses supported the SU taking part and 55% of responses wanted take part in the demo, and therefore, the Officers are making arrangements to go. The Officers are working with the five Universities in the North East to travel to London together. The SU want as many students as possible to go. Information will be released shortly. The slogan is ‘Don’t let the Tees feel the squeeze’. Q: Were the papers for today’s meeting advertised and promoted? The Chair explained the papers have been displayed on the Students’ Union website for a week but noted that in the future this should be promoted better Q: There is a lecturer dispute over pensions and last year there were strikes and picket lines. Is there anything the SU could do to support the lecturers? The President noted the Union representative for the lecturers has contacted us and we have started a dialogue. The change in fees has affected lecturers. The SU is

working with the University to ensure time with lecturers had not been affected. To ensure we have a good understanding of what is happening we are working together. 10.

Presentation by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Henderson

The President introduced the Vice Chancellor who gave a presentation on the changes in the Higher Education sector and answered questions from students.

AGM 22nd Oct 2012  

Minutes of Teesside University Students' Union Annual General Meeting 2012