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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 18th October 2011 Present:

Jenny Gill, Campaigns and Welfare Officer (Chair) Lori Wheatman, President Phil Makinson, Education Officer Tony Clapham, Student Activities Officer Over 100 members

The meeting started at 5.40pm 1. Welcome The Chair, Lori Wheatman, welcomed everyone to the meeting. She passed the Chair to Jenny Gill for the remainder of the meeting. 2. Ratification of the Minutes of Previous AGM Matters of Accuracy There were no matters of accuracy Matters Arising There were no matters arising. Moved to vote. The minutes were passed as a true and accurate record. 3. Approval of Updated Constitution and Bye-laws The President gave speech explaining why the changes to the constitution are important. The constitution is out dated. To improve the student experience this needs to be brought up to date. The SU needs to help more students on the key issues. Under the new constitution every student will have a say and a vote. She noted that the University’s Board of Governors have reviewed this revised Constitution and bye laws and approved it with some amendments. The President urged members to pass these amendments. Q: This change will make this SU undemocratic. I propose that every student is given a vote. LW noted the meeting is currently looking at the Board of Governors amendments but will answer this questions later. Point from the floor - Point 52 does not make sense and will need to be re-written. This was noted by the Chair. The Chair proposed the amendments are passed on the understanding Point 52. will be rewritten. Moved to vote.

For: 96 Against; 0 Abstention: 10 Board of Governors amendments were passed. The President proposed that AGM approve the new Constitution and bye-laws. She responded the question regarding the Student Panel. She noted it these changes will make the SU more democratic and the most innovative. Every student will have a say and have a vote on policy without having to attend a meeting. Q: Who selects the 100 randomly selected students for the Student Panel? The President noted the 100 students will be selected from the six demographic groups with help from the University to ensure all groups of students are represented. There will be a further 100 students on the panel randomly selected from those already involved with the Students’ Union to ensure these students are not left out. The purpose of the Student Panel is to look at the Officers’ objectives. Any policy issues will go to the General Meeting which can be held virtually or physically and every student can vote. Q: Why is the system changing when AU and Soc Fed work? The President noted these two meetings do work as one off bodies. Clubs and Societies have to attend and they do. Under the new structure they are given more power to mandate the Student Activities Officer. Regarding Union Council, four out of six meetings during the last academic year were not quorate meaning policy cannot be passed meaning no business is carried out. Under the new system policy can be passed by every student Q: What is the Student Representation Forum? The President noted this will introduce the Equal Opportunity Reps, the Student Safety Reps and the Student Experience Reps along with the School Reps. This group will work on developing policy. Q: Every student can put forward policy? The President confirmed this all students can put forward policy. A policy would be submitted, put forward to students, any amendments would be submitted (if applicable) then the vote would take place. Q: Why on line voting? The President noted that online voting gives more students the opportunity to vote. They can vote anywhere and do not have to be in the SU. A member of the meeting proposed an amendment. He proposed that instead of a General Meeting there is a council meeting every month where every student can vote and all students can submit policy. The President spoke against the motion. This would be a step back for the Students’ Union and students. Students may come to the AGM but they are unlike to attend a meeting every month in the same numbers. Moved to vote on amendment.

For: 8 Against: 85 Abstention: 3 Amendment failed Vote on original motion For: 99 Against: 6 Abstention: 6 4. Receiving the Year End Accounts The Education Officer presented this item. He explained the Board of Trustees has approved the Accounts for the year ended 31st July 2011. They comply with the Charities Act and Education Act requirements. The accounts have been audited and “give a true and fair view”. AGM 2011 is asked to receive the accounts Moved to vote. Passed 5. Appointment of Students’ Union External Auditors The Education Officer presented this item. He explained that TUSU must have an audit of its accounts. Anderson Barrowcliff are Registered Auditors. AGM 2011 is asked to reappoint Anderson Barrowcliff as Auditors for 2011/12. Moved to vote. Passed. 6. Approval of Affiliations of the Students’ Union The Education Officer presented this item. He explained that in 2010/11 the Union’s affiliation were: NUS BUCS NUS Services Ltd AGM 2011 is asked to approve these affiliations for 2011/12 Moved to vote. Passed. 7. Appointment of Returning Officer

The Student Activities Officer noted that it is a legal requirement to have an independent Returning Officer. He proposed that the Returning Officer be appointed by NUS and would monitor the elections and sign off the vote. Moved to vote. Passed. 8. Guide to Elections The Student Activities Officer noted the every year a Guide to Elections is produced for candidates. Under the new Constitution it is linked to the Election Byelaw and therefore needs to be approved by AGM. Q: How are you going to increase the voting turnout? The Student Activities Officer explained that increasing voter turnout is one of his objectives. One of key ways to increase turnout is to increase candidates. He is also working with NUS to look at the options available. 9. Open Questions to the Trustees Q: Why is the SU not supporting the NUS demo? The President noted that last year the cost to send three coaches to London was high and the SU are unable to do the same this year. However, the SU do support what NUS is doing and are willing to work the students but cannot provide transport. Q: There are going to be demos by lecturers. Will this affect the University? The Education Officer noted that he is working with colleagues to find out what the University will be doing but this has not be confirmed. Point from the floor – lecturers will be going on strike over pensions and there will be picket lines. Students should go along and give support. The President noted that there are flyers on the chairs showing the four positions available for the elections. The Officers are keen for there to be as many candidates as possible. She highlighted some events during her time as President so far. If anyone is interested in standing they can speak to any of the Officers. 10.

Presentation by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Henderson

The President introduced the Vice Chancellor who answered questions from the students. 11.

Any Other Business

There was no other business.

AGM 18th Oct 2011  

Minutes of Teesside University Students' Union Annual General Meeting 2011

AGM 18th Oct 2011  

Minutes of Teesside University Students' Union Annual General Meeting 2011