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There shall be Sports Clubs of the Students’ Union known as “Clubs” that shall be members of Athletic Union


Any ordinary member may join a Club and agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct


Former Ordinary Members may apply for Alumni membership of a Club by contacting SU Activities for details of the application process and criteria


Each Club will be run by a Committee in accordance with the Byelaw and Clubs’ Handbook


Only Clubs recognised by Athletic Union may receive funds from the Students’ Union or use facilities provided by the Students’ Union


No Club may be recognised if its objects conflict with those of the Students’ Union, except that this restriction shall not be interpreted so as to prevent the establishment of political, religious or ethnically based Clubs


Committee members may not be on the Committee for more than one Club. Only ordinary members may be on a Committee for a Club


Officer Trustees may not be on a Committee of a Club in any capacity

2. Setting up a Club 2.1

Ordinary members wishing to set up a new Club must apply to SU Activities who will assess the viability of the Club based on its aims including numbers of members, cost, availability of facilities, similarity with existing Clubs, legality and consistency with the Students’ Union’s ethical policies. The Club may appeal the decision of SU Activities at Athletic Union. The ordinary members must provide: i) ii) iii) iv)


The name of the Club The aims of the Club Contact details of a minimum of 10 potential ordinary student members The composition of the Committee and its responsibilities

Subject to approval by SU Activities, for new Clubs to become active they must: i) ii) iii)

Hold an Annual General Meeting at which the Committee will be elected Attend an induction meeting with SU Activities at which a development plan will be agreed and a membership fee for the Club set by SU Activities Be recognised by Athletic Union

3. Continuing as a Club 3.1

To continue to be recognised as a Club by Athletic Union and to remain active Clubs must: i) ii) iii)


Hold an AGM in the second Semester of the academic year to elect a Committee for the following academic year Attend an induction meeting with SU Activities at which a development plan will be agreed and a membership fee for the Club set by SU Activities Attend Athletic Union meetings. Failure to attend two Athletic Union meetings without apologies will automatically trigger an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) within ten University working days at which a new Committee will be elected Continue to be active as assessed by SU Activities

Version 5.0, November 2019

v) vi) vii) 3.2

Hold general meetings each semester where the members can hold the Committee to account Abide by the Students’ Union Constitution, Byelaws, Handbook, Code of Conduct, policies, health and safety, University policies and the law. Not damage the reputation of the Students’ Union

Failure to comply with 3.1 above: i) ii) iii)

May result in disciplinary action by SU Activities which may lead to the removal without recompense of members, the Committee or the Club May result in inactive Clubs being derecognised by Athletic Union Any kit, equipment or monies of derecognised Clubs shall be recovered by SU Activities

4. Responsibilities of Club Committee members 4.1

To promote the Club particularly at Freshers to recruit new members


To be responsible for the Club’s adherence to the Code of Conduct and other SU policies, reporting any issues of misconduct to SU Activities


To be responsible for the care of any kit or equipment when used by the Club


To be responsible for arranging Club meetings giving at least five University working days’ notice to its members


To ensure that memberships are paid by members as authorised by SU Activities


At least one Committee member to attend Athletic Union meetings


At least one Committee member to attend the Students’ Union’s Annual General Meeting

5. Financial management of Clubs 5.1

The Students’ Union budget shall make provision of funding for recognised Clubs


Allocation of funds to individual Clubs will be in accordance with the process in the Clubs Handbook administered by SU Activities. A Club may appeal against its funding allocation at the next Athletic Union meeting


All requests for expenditure must be authorised by the SU Activities Manager. The Students’ Union will not be held responsible for unauthorised expenditure


Clubs may only order goods or services by emailing their requirements to SU Activities who, subject to authorisation will place the order on an official Students’ Union order form. The Students’ Union will not be held responsible for orders placed outside of this process


The Club shall not hold its own bank account or otherwise hold funds outside of the Students’ Union. All Clubs’ finances will be administered by SU Activities


All funds paid by members or otherwise to the Club will be paid directly to the Students’ Union either online through the Students’ Union website or at the Welcome Desk. Members must not pay funds to Committee members, other members or third parties unless there is prior authorisation by SU Activities

6. Meetings of Clubs 6.1

The quorum for Club AGMs will be a minimum of 10 or 50% plus one of paid members or provisional members for a new Club

Version 5.0, November 2019


All Committee members must attend Club meetings or supply apologies


In the event of the removal or resignation of Club Committee member(s) the Club must inform SU Activities and within ten University working days organise an EGM to elect replacements

7. Athletic Union 7.1

There shall be an Athletic Union that shall represent Clubs and student sport at the University


Athletic Union is an integral part of the Students’ Union and forms part of its democratic structure


Athletic Union shall meet six times per year in term time with a minimum of one meeting per term scheduled by the Students’ Union prior to the start of the academic year


The Chair will produce an agenda with appropriate papers with support from SU Activities at least five University working days prior to each meeting


The membership of Athletic Union shall be: i) ii)

At least one representative from each recognised Club At least two Officer Trustees in a non-voting capacity


The quorum of Athletic Union and any sub-committees shall be 50% plus one of its membership not including Officer Trustees


Should any meetings be inquorate then these must be rescheduled to a date agreed by the Students’ Union. For rescheduled meetings should the quorum not be present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting the members present shall be a quorum


Members shall have full speaking rights and one vote per Club


A representative from SU Activities and the University may attend the meeting in a nonvoting capacity


The Chair may invite guest speakers to the meeting at their discretion


Elections for positions in Athletic Union will take place at the last or first meeting of the academic year to include Chair, Deputy Chair and members of Scrutiny Committee. Post holders cannot serve more than one year without re-election. In the absence of a Chair or Deputy Chair an Officer Trustee will chair the meeting


Non-attendance of Officer Trustees at Athletic Union or any issues regarding their conduct shall be reported by the Chair to Scrutiny Committee


Athletic Union can mandate Officer Trustees to consider matters at Elected Officer Committee


The Chair (or Deputy Chair if the Chair is unavailable) shall attend Elected Officer Committee


The Chair (or Deputy Chair if the Chair is unavailable) shall attend the Students’ Union Annual General Meeting


Athletic Union may elect sub-committees as and when necessary. All decisions of subcommittees must be reported to Athletic Union

Version 5.0, November 2019


Athletic Union may vote to call a referendum

8. Awards Committee 8.1

There shall be a single Awards Committee governing both Athletic Union and Societies Federation which will consist of: i) ii) iii) iv) v)


President Activities Chair of Athletic Union Chair of Societies Federation Two external persons with knowledge of Students’ Union’s activities who have been previously approved by both Athletic Union and Societies Federation At least one member of staff from SU Activities in a non-voting capacity

Awards Committee shall meet annually prior to the awards ceremonies and be responsible for: i) ii) iii)

iv) v)

Electing a Chair at the start of the meeting from the external persons Collating Clubs’ achievements and performance Objectively deciding on recipients of awards based on criteria specified in each award. This will be done by debate and voting should a consensus not be reached with the Chair having a casting vote if required Ensuring that the recipients of the awards remain confidential until they are formally presented SU Activities shall organise the awards ceremonies including the engraving of awards as appropriate

9. Voting 9.1

Election of positions within Athletic Union, its sub-committees and Clubs shall be by secret ballot with transferable voting

Version 5.0, November 2019

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AU and Sports Clubs Regulations  

AU and Sports Clubs Regulations