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CONNECT! Dear Reader, Enjoy reading our third edition of the Teesing newsletter Connect! We send it to a limited number of contacts within your company, so please pass it on to your colleagues. “BY MAKING A SELECTION OF EXISTING AND CUSTOMMADE COMPONENTS, ENGINEERING TRAJECTORIES ARE NOT MADE UNNECESSARILY EXPENSIVE.”

COST SAVINGS THROUGH EXTERNAL ENGINEERING PROJECTS TEESING IS THE INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIER OF HIGH-QUALITY CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS. The company is focusing increasingly more on providing customisation in connection technology. Engineering department The Engineering department led by Mark van Bronswijk sees a significant increase in the issues from the market. A good example is the company Thales Nederland which originated from the former Hollandse Signaalapparaten located in Hengelo.

MARK VAN BRONSWIJK Manager Engineering

“Teesing’s Engineering department is positive about the future: existing and new customers are increasingly making use of our services. Whether it involves streamlining and adapting existing assemblies and modules or assembling a solution from scratch, the knowledge gained in recent years is now coming in extremely handy.“

bare-boards, and the final assembly of the radar systems. This is how Thales finally arrived at Teesing BV. Teesing anticipates the development of companies that want to focus again on their core business and turn to the specialists for advice. Client Thales: ‘We are very satisfied with the path that we have travelled with Teesing’

Specialisation The company was looking for a competent partner in engineering to outsource future developments. Examples include the liquid cooling system, the pump assembly and the filter modules for cool water installations. Partnership Through further specialisation of Thales, the company is increasingly limiting itself to the core activities such as the development of software and radar, the manufacturing of

Filter module

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SPARGERS Spargers introduce gases into liquids through thousands of tiny pores, creating bubbles far smaller and more numerous than with drilled pipe and other sparging methods. The result is greater gas/liquid contact area, which reduces the time and volume required to dissolve gas into liquid.

MEASURING AMBIENT DUST AND PARTICULATE Teesing provides a wide range outdoor air quality monitors. The Dust Sentry is a lightweight purpose-built outdoor monitor for measuring and reporting outdoor ambient dust and particulate - PM10, 2.5, 1, and TSP - continuously and in real-time. It can integrate noise, wind and weather sensors, and has a range of communication options for seamless connectivity.

REGULATORS FOR THE SEMI CONDUCTOR MARKET The APTech range of products are suitable for both low and high pressure applications and primarily applicable to the Ultra High Pure and Process Industries.The core of AP Tech’s product range includes Regulators and 3 Port Air Operated Valves. Their regulator range offers a choice of body materials from Brass, Stainless Steel 316L and Hastelloy for ultra pure applications. Allowable input pressures can be as high as 10,000psi and output pressures as low as less than 14 psi. Port Sizes range from 1/8” to 1” with a choice of threaded or welded connections.

More information? Feel free to call our engineers for more information about these products or visit our website for our complete range of products and services.

TEESING HAS ADDED MANY NEW PRODUCTS FOR THE SEMICONDUCTOR MARKET With distinctive unique products and value added services. Own products that are developed in cooperation with customers and Teesing‘s own engineering department but also filters, spargers, purifiers diffusers and UHP valves . Double packaged and produced under cleanroom conditions or even assembled in our cleanroom class 100 or 10 .

Mott The diffusers are designed for the process chamber where particle formation has to take place as slowly as possible. With the aid of the porous metal diffuser is a laminar flow maintained. This results in a minimum displacement of particles in the process chamber .

What are the new products? APTech has become a global leader in pressure regulators and valves used in the semiconductor industry and other clean industries such as solar panels and flat screens . Saes purifiers are the most complete and reliable solution for Point-of -Use ( POU ) gas cleaning . Optional valves and 0.003 micrometer particle filters are available as complete customized subsystems .

APTech new products


Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Teesing plant in China

PRIME MINISTER MARK RUTTE VISITED TEESING DURING OFFICIAL VISIT IN CHINA On 15 and 16 November 2013 Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid an official visit to China, accompanied by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen. Ms Ploumen will start her trip a day earlier, joining Bernard Wientjes, chair of employers’ association VNO-NCW, and a trade delegation of 14 Dutch CEOs. During this visit Prime Minister Rutte visited Teesing to see how this company has been able to settle in China.

The Netherlands is European Union‘s second trading partner of China. The two-way trade between the two countries in 2012 reached approximately 39.5 billion euros. Particularly in the areas of agriculture, water, creative and high tech industries are great opportunities for Dutch businesses in China. Teesing continues to invest in the local economy and contributes significantly to a cleaner future for Beijing !

Teesing Industrial Systems has been active in China for years and may one of the few “foreign“ companies who produce locally for the local market. Teesing has focused on renewable fuel solutions for the automotive industry and is about to sign some major contracts in the presence of Prime Minister Rutte There has been a contract signed for the construction of 40 Aspro-TIS CNG compressors which will be placed in the ENN stations in Beijing. This contract is signed by Mr. Dick de Jongste ( President ASPRO - TIS ) and Mr. Liu Min ( President ENN Langfang ). Also there has been a contract signed for the supply of 10.000 Lisa Dual Fuel systems which will be installed in the diesel trucks from Petrol China.This system significantly reduces the use of diesel and therefore fits in perfectly within the plans to reduce air pollution. This contract is signed by Mr. Dick de Jongste and Mr. Li Kaiguo ( Vice President CAERI ).

CNG Compressor,the flow can reach up to 6000NM3/h.



“It is a real pleasure to work with Teesing, issues are resolved instantly, communication is powerfull and fast.”

The new installation of NTC Tankcleaning BV at the Botlek area offers eight cleaning bays for tank containers, two food cleaning bays, four chemical cleaning bays and including two bays with 200 bar cleaning. The control cabinets contain SMC solenoid manifolds with Profinet connection that drive the valves which control the desired cleaning solvents. The development of these control cabinets has been a collaboration between Gröninger and Teesing. Companies like Gröninger see the advantage of dealing with one partner like Teesing, that can provide such an extensive range of products. Teesing now provides manifolds, LDPE and PTFE tubing, ball valves, fittings and more.

High pressure truck cleaning



Teesing sponsors the team behind the Hydrogen Powered Forze VI based on the Lotus Super 7 chassis, with advise on Serto unions, hose nozzles, plugs, ptfe tubing, hose clamps and much more components.

After a brief introduction about what Teesing does and makes, the kids were given an extensive tour through our building.

Established in 2007, Forze is the high-tech hydrogen racing team of the TU delft, which is close to Rijswijk, where our Teesing Headquarter is located. The team consists out of students who develop, produce and race a hydrogen fuel cell powered race car. A new car is developed every year .This year the Forze VI will be on the road again to show that hydrogen powertrains can be the solution for renewable mobility. The team is going to be the world’s first to build and race a hydrogen fuel cell driven track racer. At Teesing we believe in the vision that hydrogen technology is of great importance for our future! “Zero emission, infinite future”

With a questionnaire students were able to ask the staff questions. In the role of a journalist the students asked for instance: How do you control a forklift? How do you make a product? Did you ever make a mistake? ... the students enjoyed the stories and especially if they were allowed to do or make something. The students remember those visits and maybe Teesing will see them again when they are looking for an internship.

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