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t has been a little over three years that we have published our TEENVIEW magazine in the Wichita and surrounding areas. Yet, I am not sure many of you know exactly what this publication means, and I think it is important that you do.

HOPELESSNESS Some years ago, as I tried to empower a group of young people at the local Boys and Girls Club, I noticed that I was starting to become ineffective. I regrouped and began to offer up some of my best presentations that would inspire a nation; yet, these few students were not moved. After a while, I stopped with the presentation (feeling a bit insecure in my ability to teach) and flat out asked the students, “What’s going on?”. They responded, “Mr. Murphy, we like you and appreciate what you are doing. We just don’t believe that what you are saying is possible for us.” I’ll never forget that day. In fact, I thought about it for a long time. These kids “are” hopeless. There is nothing I can say that can move them from this state. Hopelessness eats away at your will, conceals your dreams and smothers your passion... For the young, it steals the possibilities of the future. I knew that my purpose in “Nourishing My Brother” would be fulfilled in restoring hope to a hopeless generation. So after some thought and a great deal of prayer, it occurred to me that if the students could somehow touch their dream, then they would see it possible to obtain. Our youth needed to realize that their lives are significant, and that their views matter… and so was “birthed,” The TEENVIEW Magazine! Producing a magazine would allow them to meet people, attend events, research careers and experience opportunities that they could, otherwise, only dream. They could write about them for their peers to also learn from their experiences. It was a great idea! The students had a sense of restored hope as we worked to make this project happen. The only challenge was that I didn’t know how to produce a magazine by myself. It was no surprise that it took us a whole year to get the first one out, and then, another year for the second one. GIFTS WITHIN After a while and with little community support, we shelved the TEENVIEW project. We worked to put on events to try and raise money which turned out to be a BIG Fail! For those of you who may remember, Unity Ball/ Day 26 in 2009! Time went on and some of the original TEENVIEW Members said that we should “bring the magazine back.” It was 2012 when we partnered with MindFire Academy to do a summer program. We took about 10 kids and trained them to use Mac computers, taught them Illustrator and Photo Shop. None of the students had ever worked with computers on this level. They helped design the first magazine in September 2012. In November, we produced another magazine. We decided to produce a monthly magazine in January of 2013. The students are trained to not only write the articles, but, they even work on the layout, take pictures, work the website and even produce a TV show. We remind them that they have the “Gifts Within” to accomplish whatever their heart’s desire. Every year, students “graduate out” and new ones come in. We have clubs in surrounding schools and reach about 103 students in our network directly. Some students have gone on to receive big college scholarships, better jobs and unique opportunities because of their involvement with TEENVIEW Magazine. It is my goal to increase our effectiveness and reach students from Junior High through college. I hope to give them stronger skills in media arts, financial literacy, business etiquette (“soft skills”) and career development.


Every time we produce a magazine, you can be confident that we are restoring hope to young people and giving them a platform of endless possibilities!


Marquis Murphy -Founder/CEO


features WOMEN’S HISTORY IS NOW Take a look at 10 women who have made history in sports, space, and different agencies. Pages 4 - 5 ANTOINETTE “TONI” HARRIS Toni Harris makes history by becoming the first female to receive a collegiate football scholarship, that is not a kicker. Pages 6 - 7 PAWNEE CLOTHING Meet Quanah & Camryn, the creators of Pawnee Clothing in Wichita, KS. Pages 12 - 13 COLIN KAEPERNICK What’s next for Kaepernick? After his settlement what will be his next move? We don’t believe it will be in the NFL. Pages 14 - 15 STREAMING WARS There are so many streaming services to get content, here are some of the plans that major services are doing to separate themselves. Page 18

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Issue 59 February 2019

The TEENVIEW Magazine is a publication designed “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view”. It offers a platform for teens to connect with other teens on issues that are relevant to them. Teens are also able to gain “real-world” experience as they report on various topics and assist with the design and lay-out. Participants learn various computer programs, photography, general to creative writing and many other skills as a result of their involvement with the TEENVIEW Initiative. Moreover, participants are afforded great opportunities, such as meeting and interacting with influential people. TEENVIEW Magazine is a sub-program of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in teaching financial education to youth, ages birth to 24 years, with a special emphasis in low-income communities.

WOMEN’S H IS NOW Whenever people talk about Women’s history they always go far in the past. They bring up names like Maria Curie and Rosa Parks. Both women changed history forever and deserve the love and admiration they receive, but women progression is not History it is currently happening. There are still women out there right now trailblazing and bridging gender gaps. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the women who are alive right now and are making history:

Jen Welter Coach –wi assistant c

Nancy Pelosi- first female speaker of the US House of Representatives-2007

Katie Hnida- the first female to score in a Division 1 game– placekicker for the University of New Mexico Lobos. – 2003

Sarah Thomas- first full-time Female referee In the NFL 2015- First woman ref in major college football game-2007

HISTORY Peggy Whitson- broke the record for most total days spent in space by any NASA astronaut.2017

r – First Female NFL ith the Cardinals as an coaching intern-2015 Janet Wolfenbarger – first female 4-star general in the U.S. Airforce -2012

Gina Haspel- First female Director of CIA -2018

Kathryn Bigelow – first female director to win the academy award for best director- Film was the hurt locker.2010

Becky Hammon-first fulltime Female Coach in the NBA – assistant Coach for spurs-2014

These 10 women are still alive and are still making history. As a female now is the time to make your dreams come true. Now, more than ever before, a girl can wish to be anything and make it happen. We are not as far as we need to be in terms of equality, but these women proved that you can make anything happen if you want it and are dedicated.

Megan Brennan- first female US Postmaster General (CEO of the US Postal Service) 2014




ave you ever heard of a woman playing football with men? Toni Harris has made a big impact on all women by showing them anything is possible no matter what it is. But the question everyone wants to know is, how. Toni Harris has become the first female ever to sign a Letter of Intent to play college football on a scholarship. The 5-foot-7, 164 pound Free Safety is sparking conversation all across the country. Toni started playing football at the age of 6 and has been making a name for herself ever since. She played at Redford Union High School in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan where she played Wide Receiver and Safety. After graduating from High School she went over to Eastern Los Angeles Community College. She didn’t get to play in 2017 but played in 3 games and recorded 3 total tackles 1 for a loss in 2018. Toni had a really rough time trying to find a college to allow her to play because not too many people are willing to take that chance. “A lot of coaches didn’t believe in me,” Harris told ESPN in

January. “A coach told me, ‘Nobody’s ever going to play you to be at the next level.’ In the end, you’ve got to push yourself. I’m going to focus on my goals.” Her biggest goal is to play in the NFL as every football star like her is but for right now she wants to focus on her opportunity in front of her with Central Methodist, “NFL is the dream,” Harris said in a Q&A with ESPN. “I’m going to be working toward that until the death of me. Whether I go drafted or undrafted, I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep my faith and God is going to take me there.” Toni Harris Toni Harris is now going to be an inspiration all over the world to many women today who wanted to play football but, were told they didn’t have what it takes or they weren’t strong enough or somebody was worried they’d get hurt.

written by: Jada Gilmore - Gordan Parks Academy


ROBERT KRAFT CASE Robert Kraft is an American businessman also known Chief Executive officer of the New England Patriots and Major League Soccer New England’s Revolution. Kraft is also the chairman and chief executive officer to the Kraft group. Kraft was born June 5th, 1941 he is 77 years old and was born and Brookline Massachusetts. Kraft was married to his wife Myra Kraft for 48 years, but she later died in 2011. The two had 4 kids together Jonathan Kraft, Daniel A. Kraft, Joshua Kraft, and David Kraft. Kraft now has a girlfriend and her name is Ricki Noel Lander and the two have been together for 5 years with one daughter together even though he is not the biological father of the little girl he still takes care of her like she is. Robert Kraft net worth is worth 6.6 billion USD. Authorities say” Robert Kraft went to a massage parlor for very disturbing things on the morning of the AFC championship attended later that day. “According to documents released by the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office on Monday, it was the second visit by Kraft to the parlor in less than 24 hours”. The report states he arrived at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in a chauffeured 2015 blue Bentley car at 11 am on January 20th. Officials say he gave the women a $100 bill and another bill before leaving 11:15 am. The AFC championship game against the Chiefs started at 6:40 pm which Robert Kraft made an appearance at. This 77-year-old man who was seen involved in disturbing acts on tape 17 hours before January 19th was officially charged with two misdemeanor counts of first-degree solicitation”, this was announced by Palm Beach Attorney Dave Aronberg. A court date was set for 8:30 a.m April 24. This court case has been being investigated for 2 years Kraft was charged with low-level arrest similar to a traffic ticket even though this case has been going on for two years. If Kraft was guilty he would be charged with one year in jail with a $5,000 fine. On Sunday, January 20th was the AFC title championship game. Robert Kraft was charged with a months-long investigation. Robert Kraft was caught at the orchid of day spa soliciting prostitution just hours before the Patriots played in the AFC Championship Game. Today news says that wasn’t the first time he went there that he went there twice. A report says that there’s a video that shows him carrying out the activity. Well, studies don’t say why he did these things but what i did find out is that Robert Kraft is defending his charges as in he is saying he never did those things, here is what we also know, he was paying these women to have a nasty fun good time with him. Robert Kraft has more than enough clues and evidence to get put away for a year. Most people have a lot of opinions of why he did what he did and some may say well his wife died of cancer and he has a new girlfriend but she is younger and already has a child. So my point that I’m making is that Robert Kraft was possibly lonely and needed a little lift…. A big lift. The most recent opinions that we have seen lately is that Robert Kraft has had a rough life after his wife died so in compare paying for sex is compiled or appropriate for him.




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PAWNEE Pawnee Quanah&Camryn By Samara Murphy

Quanah Ottaway and his fiance, Camryn Older, have a clothing brand named Pawnee. His clothes are very unique and come from his own experiences and past. When going out to buy clothes, Quanah did not see stores with styles that he liked.


Pawnee Pawnee

Quanah has always wanted his own clothing brand. He first wanted to create a brand and name it “Emotional” and create clothing based off of his emotions and perspectives. He did not start off with a style that he wanted to create, so he narrowed it down to what he wants in a clothing brand and it trying to make it industrial. So he began to research how to make clothing, bought some clothes and put his print on it.

Pawnee Pawnee

Quanah comes from a family veterans, all the males have fought in the wars. He noticed that after the war the men would adopt bad habits of drinking or were very angry and brought it back home with them once they returned. Quanah feels as if he has inherited these traits passed down from generations and thinks that other people can relate to his feelings. To express his feeling about the subject, Quanah created a clothing style print and named it “Children of Violence;” the traumatic wave that affects generations. He is also working on other ideas and came up with a “Shalom” print also. Once when he went to Oklahoma, he saw a designer named Ass Pizza and gave him a jacket he created and even had some people buy some of his clothes.

Pawnee Pawnee Pawnee Pawnee

written & designed by: Samara Murphy - Maize High

Pawnee Pawnee Quanah is inspired by many things when it comes to the creation of his designs. His surroundings, environment, favorite music artist and people he knows inspire his designs. One day, Quanah encountered a homeless man and gave him a jacket that he designed and they told him their story. It is these interactions that Quanah has with others that he uses to his benefit to create new designs.

Pawnee Pawnee Quanah’s designs include slogans, sometimes even in a different language. Quanah has used Russian in his designs because he sees the Russian culture and people are being strong. They inspired him and he likes that way the language looks. He feels like he can relate to Russian children and the effects of violence being passed down because he has seen that their parents have made a bad decision or have bad habits that have put them in a bad position.

Pawnee Pawnee

Quanah’s goal for his business is to have his clothing brand seen and know. He knows people like his designs and he wants to continue to create his own designs and not create designs based off of other designers or design on their clothes. Quanah also plans on designing on other things like furniture and more and plans on creating a website to show off his work and tell the meaning of all of his designs.

Pawnee Pawnee

To anyone who aspires to become a clothing designer also Quanah says to define what you like, research, and find value in even the smallest things. Quanah has found good clothes in the trash and other places people would not think to look. Quanah and Camryn also say to pray about it, when you find what you want to do then do it, things will come if it is the right thing for you.

Pawnee Pawnee



Settlement Will Not Result in an NFL Job


ate last month Colin Kaepernick’s grievance of collusion case that he filed against the NFL finished. Colin was offered a settlement deal and was paid a sum of money for the case to be over. The long-standing case has been going on for over a year. The long journey that started in 2017 has finally come to an end. But I don’t believe it will be an end that leaves the 50% of NFL fans hoping to see Colin Kaepernick play again someday happy. Now for a lot of people seeing the NFL willingly give up on the case and offer a settlement deal to Colin is as much of an admission of guilt as pleading guilty in the NFL’s case. Especially since you look back at cases that involved Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliot where they lost the case two, three, as many as four times before they finally got their opposing force to just give up on the case. The NFL not given a settlement deal to anyone in this century, so why would they start now? As suspicious as that is the case is settled and Colin is on the winning side, unlike when he went to the Super Bowl. Now the question everyone has is who is going to sign him now that he has won his case against the NFL. Well, the answer is no one. Colin did win his case and he earned the settlement but that doesn’t mean any NFL owners are going to change their minds. The whole thing about collusion is that everyone has to be on board with the plan or it won’t work. So now that everyone knows it’s happening you think it’s just gonna suddenly change? Colin is still just as much of a bad Public Relations move as he was before the case was settled. Look at it through the numbers lets say 90% of NFL fans have a yes\ no opinion of whether or

not Colin should be playing in the NFL. so if that 90% is split down the middle 50\50 then 45% NFL fans say “no”, while another 45% say “yes”. Now the 45% that say “yes” they still watch the games every Sunday they come out and buy tickets all that good stuff, even though Colin isn’t playing. Now if you switch it and put him on a team the people that say “no” roughly ½ to ⅔ of them will stop watching football altogether. Now for anybody that hasn’t been following the numbers that about 19-20% of fans that the NFL will lose just because Colin Kaepernick is on a team. In other words, why would they sign a decent talent to the NFL just to lose a substantial portion of their viewers, causing them to lose ticket sales viewership all these things would go down by large amounts and cause them to lose a lot of money. Look Colin was right they were colluding against him to keep him out of the NFL but he did it to himself. Look I am currently on a platform where I get to express my thoughts and emotions about things I see in sports. But if at any time I was to come out and say some things that did not align with Teenview’s values and principles they would fire me and pull any of my work that was in question. Colin did the same thing he abused his platform to send a message that the NFL did not want being displayed on their platform. So they removed him from the platform. There is no fault for what the NFL did in my opinion and I know that is a VERY unpopular opinion but he abused his privilege to be on that platform. And he did it when he wasn’t very popular in the first place like if Tom Brady came out and said he was a strong advocate for something that the NFL was against the NFL would most likely sit down shut up. But because Colin was a guy no one really cared about the NFL didn’t see a problem with kicking him to the curb and not thinking twice about it. Yes, it is a shame that Colin Kaepernick will never be given a chance to play in the NFL again, but he did it to himself so there is very little sympathy I have for him. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you because eventually, it will stop feeding you and it will start hurting you. So for all you fans that want to see Colin play so badly, I’m sorry to disappoint but it will not happen.





7 Rings

Gamer review

Ariana Grande written by: ACE Tylon


Without Me Halsey


Post Malone

Thank U, Next Ariana Grande

Please Me


f you search social media on anything to do with Anthem or Bioware, you will find disappointing reviews. Once again we have a game that cannot deliver what was promised. Anthem has beautiful graphics but a weak story, it has amazing in-game mechanics but a broken loot system. The game is not giving players a reason to keep playing it. This is especially not good seeing how there is supposed to be a 10-year plan with Anthem. Millions of players were hoping for a better Destiny, they may have received

Cardi B & Bruno Mars

something worse. Microtransactions are overpriced and the loading screens have abnormal wait times. This is still a fraction of what is upsetting the Anthem community, so much hype should not be equal to this much disappointment. This is the beginning of Anthem, no one knows what the future will hold, but gamers have seen this pattern before. Instead of holding your breath, hold your money, this may be another poor investment.

Dancing With a Stranger Sam Smith




Lady Gaga

Sicko Mode Travis Scott

Middle Child j.Cole

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You oof like an oaf Nobody likes you loser and they never will


STREAMING WARS Things are heating up in the video streaming market as new competitors are prepping to enter the ring. Disney and Apple are both planning to release a video streaming service in 2019. What does this mean for the consumer? WITHDRAWAL OF DISNEY CONTENT One possible fate is that Disney content will be removed from all other sites except for its own. With its new streaming service, it will want something to draw in customers from other streaming sites. That thing that will grab customers attention is seeing content that they already know and love. It could be argued that the cancellation of the Marvel series on Netflix was a preliminary start to this move. MORE ORIGINALS With new companies entering the streaming game it will probably spark a need for new content. In the early years of video streaming the only thing that really separated a theater and a streamer (besides a building) was that the theater had new content. Netflix changed that by kicking off its own production team and producing original content back in 2013 (first show was House of Cards). Now Original content is the

tz techzone

backbone of video streaming sites. This game changer has caused Warner Bros to restructure its company to get ready to enter the streaming game as well since viewers are spending more time on their TVs and less time in the theaters. With new competitors emerging it seems clear that it will be a battle for the best shows, like the battles we see between TV stations and Movie studios. CHANGE IN HOW WE CONSUME VIDEOS While some will be going with the curve, which will be to create new content, some will get ahead of the curve. One way that things might change is how we consume videos. VR content has already been tested and maybe the next game changer for movies. Netflix has already experimented with the Sony VR experience with their show Stranger Things. VR has lost its social buzz over the years but it has not gone away. It has the potential to change how videos are being made but the major studios will have to get behind it before any real changes will happen. Streaming wars have been going on for some years now but new competitors are still emerging. It is hard to say what will happen but what we can expect is a withdrawal of the original content of studios who already lease it to streamers, an increase of originals being put out, and maybe a change in how we consume videos. Stay tuned for more coverage of the streaming wars.

• 1 OUT OF EVERY 5 TEENS have abused prescription drugs. • ONLY 50% got them free from friends or family.

Only use n o i t p i r c s e pr d e b i r c s e r drugs p to you!

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TVM March 2019  

Welcome to Women's History Month. In this issue ​we covered some of the great women who has ​made history in sports and space.

TVM March 2019  

Welcome to Women's History Month. In this issue ​we covered some of the great women who has ​made history in sports and space.