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t has been a little over three years since we have published our TEENVIEW magazine in the Wichita and surrounding areas. Still, I am not sure many of you know exactly what this publication means, and I think it is important that you do.

HOPELESSNESS Some years ago, as I tried to empower a group of young people at the local Boys and Girls Club, I noticed that I was starting to become ineffective. I regrouped and began to offer up some of my best presentations that would inspire a nation; yet, these few students were not moved. After a while, I stopped with the presentation (feeling a bit insecure in my ability to teach) and flat out asked the students, “What’s going on?”. They responded, “Mr. Murphy, we like you and appreciate what you are doing. We just don’t believe that what you are saying is possible for us.” I’ll never forget that day. In fact, I thought about it for a long time. These kids “are” hopeless. There is nothing I can say that can move them from this state. Hopelessness eats away at your will, conceals your dreams and smothers your passion... For the young, it steals the possibilities of the future. I knew that my purpose in “Nourishing My Brother” would be fulfilled in restoring hope to a hopeless generation. So after some thought and a great deal of prayer, it occurred to me that if the students could somehow touch their dream, then they would see it possible to obtain. Our youth needed to realize that their lives are significant, and that their views matter… and so was “birthed,” The TEENVIEW Magazine! Producing a magazine would allow them to meet people, attend events, research careers and experience opportunities that they could, otherwise, only dream. They could write about them for their peers to also learn from their experiences. It was a great idea! The students had a sense of restored hope as we worked to make this project happen. The only challenge was that I didn’t know how to produce a magazine by myself. It was no surprise that it took us a whole year to get the first one out, and then, another year for the second one. GIFTS WITHIN After a while and with little community support, we shelved the TEENVIEW project. We worked to put on events to try and raise money which turned out to be a BIG Fail! For those of you who may remember, Unity Ball/ Day 26 in 2009! Time went on and some of the original TEENVIEW Members said that we should “bring the magazine back.” It was 2012 when we partnered with MindFire Academy to do a summer program. We took about 10 kids and trained them to use Mac computers, taught them Illustrator and Photo Shop. None of the students had ever worked with computers on this level. They helped design the first magazine in September 2012. In November, we produced another magazine. We decided to produce a monthly magazine in January of 2013. The students are trained to not only write the articles, but, also to work on the layout, take pictures, work the website and even produce a TV show. We remind them that they have the “Gifts Within” to accomplish whatever their heart’s desire. Every year, students “graduate out” and new ones come in. We have clubs in surrounding schools and reach about 103 students in our network directly. Some students have gone on to receive big college scholarships, better jobs and unique opportunities because of their involvement with TEENVIEW Magazine. It is my goal to increase our effectiveness and reach students from Junior High through college. I hope to give them stronger skills in media arts, financial literacy, business etiquette (“soft skills”) and career development.


Every time we produce a magazine, you can be confident that we are restoring hope to young people and giving them a platform of endless possibilities!


Marquis Murphy -Founder/CEO


Issue 46 FEBRUARY 2018

features MACI JOHNSON Meet Miss Hear of the Midwest, Maci Johnson and her platform My American Dream. Pages 4 - 5 DATING ETIQUETTE 101 Here are four steps that can help you let your crush no that you like them without scaring them away Pages 6 - 7 2018 FITNESS FASHION Get in shape, and stay in style. Find the fashion that is heating up the gym. Pages 12 - 13 SPORTS BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS Its early in 2018 and multiple major events occurred that turned the sports upside down. Pages 14 - 15 BLACK PANTHER Black Panther is Marvel’s first major movie with a black superhero. Black Panther is coming to a theatre near you on Feb. 16th. Page 17

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about us

The TEENVIEW Magazine is a publication designed “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view”. It offers a platform for teens to connect with other teens on issues that are relevant to them. Teens are also able to gain “real-world” experience as they report on various topics and assist with the design and lay-out. Participants learn various computer programs, photography, general to creative writing and many other skills as a result of their involvement with the TEENVIEW Initiative. Moreover, participants are afforded great opportunities, such as meeting and interacting with influential people. TEENVIEW Magazine is a sub-program of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in teaching financial education to youth, ages birth to 24 years, with a special emphasis in low-income communities.




n some cultures if you are born poor or in poverty you will die in poverty. There is no possibility of changing your economic status, you would just have to make due. But the hope of America gives anyone the ability to live out their American dream based on hard work and perseverance.

out his American dream to become a doctor.

This is the message that Maci Necole Johnson, the current Miss Heart of Kansas and Miss Kansas 2018 contestant. Her platform is Poverty to Prosperity and she is sharing that platform with a series of videos titled “My American Dream� featuring individuals who have or are currently overcoming poverty to live out their American dream.

When asked about her American dream, Maci states that she is looking forward to becoming the next Miss Kansas, but desires to follow in the steps of one of her heroes, Oprah Winfrey and become a talk show host.

Maci, who is herself moving from poverty to prosperity in her own right, said that she wanted to show case individuals who had the power to overcome obstacles so that young people can see that they too can do the same. Her first interview was a special one that featured her brother Nicolas Johnson, who is currently living

This series has three episodes and has plans for a total of six in all. Maci is taking these videos all over Kansas as she inspires young people and is being a living example before them.

You can clink on the link: http://youtu. be/w3mvmUKvlZQ to watch her first episode. Subscribe in order to watch all six. After watching her videos it is easy to see that Maci Necole Johnson is living out her American Dream!


Miss Heart of the Midwest

101 Etiquette


People are always dating and it isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first date. You don’t really know what to do or how to act. It can get really awkward but by the time you finish reading this you will know what to do and wear on a date.





People wonder how to ask someone out on a date and how romantic does it have to be. Your prayers have been answered because it doesn’t have to be all that romantic unless you want to decorate for Valentines day and propose. To ask someone out you can either ease into it or be straightforward. Easing into it would be basically working the question into the conversation, which helps you build up the courage.

The way you act towards a person impacts their decision if they want to date you or not. That means be respectful, do not cuss at him or her, do not be abusive mentally, physically, or emotionally. Also, guys open the door for him/her. Always let him/her walk on the side where they will not get hit by a car. You can also buy them a gift. Everyone loves surprises! Be kind. Do not call him/her names, be mean or make him/her feel less than. Make him/her feel welcome and well… like they mean something to you.

Being straightforward means you have worked up the courage and you can ask them out with no problems. It means you have let go of the fear of rejection for now. It means you can handle what they are about to say to you even if it a no. As said by Nicholas Sparks “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” NUMBER 2: WHAT TO WEAR

Be yourself because being someone else will not get you anywhere in life. It also won’t help you get anywhere in life because that’s really fake to be someone you’re not. Plus the person may not like impersonators, just a thought. As said by Charles Shultz “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. “

When it comes to fashion people always want to NUMBER 4: ANY ADVICE FOR look like the people in the ANY NEW COMERS -William Shakespeare magazines, or a model, or their favorite athlete. People The best advice that will be don’t seem to realize that you need to dress like given is do not let anyone abuse you. Be with you. Whether you wear dresses or pants as long as someone who respects you enough to be real it’s the appropriate place. That doesn’t mean wear with you. Know your worth do not let anyone pants to a Gala. There are rules for this thing. belittle you in anyway. Be yourself no one likes an impersonator at all. Do not settle with just one When it comes to going to the movies or hanging person because that one person may not be the out at the house with the lucky fellow or gal best one for you. Get to know them as much as you wear pants and a cute shirt or flannel with boots. can because if you don’t know them all that well Depending on how comfortable you are with each what’s the point? Be friends first because you will other wearing sweats is ok. Now if you’re going find out that you have so much in common that somewhere fancy like a Gala or prom, a cute dress way. with flats, wedges, or heels would come into play. Mark( my close friend at school) said “ As long as Go somewhere you can talk whether its about you look appealing to the other person you’re okay.” feelings or about gossip. As long as you know you can come to them about anything. Another thing is So basically if the person likes you and you look make sure that they are who they say they are. That appealing to them you have a shot with them. means make sure they don’t switch in the middle of dating them. Also make sure they have manners and they don’t sit there being disgusting.





ave you ever been rejected before? If you have, you know how it feels. It’s emotionally painful and depressing. I was talking to “L” on Christmas day when I told him that I liked him. Shortly after I texted him, he replied that I was too young for him. Later I am considering a post why love has no age but for now… He also said we are better off being friends! I was upset that he didn’t see me as more than a friend, but I found ways to get over it! Rejection affects us all and it’s hard to process. It causes problems for everyone no matter the age. Rejection Hurts! When rejection festers, it becomes worse and more intense. It can cause depression, lower your self-esteem, anger/lash-outs, decrease your self value and so on. It can take a while to get over it. But the goal is to work to get over it. There are many ways we can encounter rejection. It can be from our parents, loved ones, siblings, friends, or even an institution like a job or not getting accepted into a school. So here are some things you can do to overcome rejection: 1. Know your worth- No matter what a person may say or do, You Have Value! 2. Surround yourself with loved ones- So this is where mushy parents come in. Let them mush all over you. Get with your friend that will reinforce your value. 3. Don’t get caught up in this one incident- This may be hard to hear, especially if you had high stakes for this incident, but sometimes it works out for the better. You just don’t know it yet. 4. Grow from this incident- Use this as a Life Lesson, take something positive away from it that will help you in the long run. Key word here is “Positive” DON’T GROW BITTER! 5. Last but not least, join TEENVIEW and write a Blog- I know I am starting to feel better already! So, the next time you feel rejected, remember these points and don’t let rejection get the best of you. Well that’s our VIEW anyways!

written by: ShiAnn Hicks - Northeast Magnet & Samara Murphy - Maize High




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IF YOU’RE Firstn is o i s s GOING TO TRAIN, Se forUs! Visit on more photos. TRAIN ELITE


The new year usually means new you and with that comes getting in shape. This month for TVM fashion we are covering the top five fitness fashion trends for 2018.






Show off your wild side with fun and crazy leggings. Leggings are always comfortable to wear when working out. The crazy print gives a fun flair to basic workout pants. Match these leggings with a fun shirt and cute shoes and you’re good to go!

Show off your sense of humor with hilarious workout tanks. Nothing beats a good laugh at the gym. There are so many funny quotes to choose from and it’s hard to pick just one. The cool thing about this fitness fashion is it works for men and women alike. Plus, they also fun to wear outside the gym.

Our last pick for fitness fashion was pulled from our Tech Zone department. The Apple Watch Series 3 is hands down one of the best smart watches to work out with. It is a perfect device to track your heart rate and workouts. With the built in bluetooth, cellular, (only certain devices include cellular) and apple music you can pretty much leave your phone at home when you go on your daily morning jog. There are many different watch bands to match with any outfit you wear to the gym, so feel free to express yourself. Did we forget to mention that the Apple Watch Series 3 is waterproof? So hop in the pool and get that water workout in too.

#2 SEXY SPORT BRALETTES Bralettes blew up in 2017, so it’s only right to include them into your regular fitness outfit. Whether you are going for a quick run on the treadmill or finishing a squat set on the bench you will feel confident and sexy while wearing a sports bralette.

1 written by: Michaelie Holly

#4 FIT TED HOODIE Since it’s still cold in February it’s important to stay nice and warm while working out. Fitted hoodies work for men and women. They are comfortable and contour to your body to keep you warm. We recommend a hoodie with a zipper so it’s easy to take off just in case you get hot while pumping that iron.





These are the top five fitness fashions to look out for in 2018. The number one rule of fashion is make it your own and have fun doing it. Let us know some of your favorite fitness fashion trends on our facebook at Teenview Magazine. Also snap us a tweet on twitter using the #TVMfashion and show us your style on our instagram at @Teenview_ magazine.

written by: AJ McDaniel - Life Prep



t’s the beginning of 2018, and there has been so many events that has shook the sports world. We are so excited we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

Larry Nassar Former USA gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 - 125 years in prison for three counts of criminal sexual conduct in his final trial. Nassar also worked as a doctor at Michigan State, and is said to have abused more than 265 you women, including athletes, and disguised it as medical treatment. Nassar will serve the 40 - 125 year sentence after he serves his separate 60year sentence in federal prison for child pornography. Nassar will serve at least 100 years in prison, which mean most likely the rest of his life.

Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey made a surprise appearance at WWE’s Royal Rumble and announce that she will become a fulltime pro wrestler.

Roger Federer Roger Federer wins Australian Open for his 20th career Grand Slam. Making him the G.O.A.T of male tennis.

Vince McMahon has announced that he is bringing XFL back.

LII Superbowl 52

Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will be in superbowl 52. Will the Eagles get their first championship in franchise history, or will Tom Brady get his sixth ring?

Alex Smith was traded to the Washington Redskins.

Blake Griffin was surprisingly traded to the Detroit Pistons.

30,000 Point Club

LeBron James Lebron James became the youngest player in NBA history to score 30,000 career points against the San Antonio Spurs.

Chief Wahoo The Cleveland Indians will discontinue the use of their Chief Wahoo logo beginning in 2019. Many believe the popular symbol was no longer appropriate for use on the field. Some people love the logo, others calls it offensive, outdated and racist.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2. Karl Malone 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Michael Jordan 5. Wilt Chamberlain 6. Dirk Nowitski 7. LeBron James

I applaud the team’s decision to show the city, nation and world that Cleveland is an inclusive place that values all diversity - in this case showing greater honor to our nation’s first people by retiring the Wahoo mascot from uniforms. -Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson



CULTURE Dirty Napkin PIZZA REVIEW : ZIGGY’S PIZZA written by: MiKayla Cooper - Andover Central


Camila Cabello


Ed Sheeran


Post Malone


Bruno Mars

Bad at Love Halsey


Imagine Dragons


hen we went to Ziggy’s pizza, the first thing that we noticed was how calm and quiet it was. Ziggy’s pizza is a family owned restaurant, one that started the neighborhood surrounding it to receive attention and business. It’s most popular area to eat in would be the patio, especially in the summer. The waiters and staff members were extremely welcoming and helped us find a table. The staff greeted us with kind faces and warm smiles. The food looked very appetizing, and the price wasn’t too expensive, it was affordable to even a college student’s budget. The taste of pizza definitely tasted as good as it looked. While they didn’t offer very many deals, unless you’re over 21, it is definitely a good pizza place to eat at.

God’s Plan Drake

Too Good Sam Smith

The Middle Zedd


Justin Timberlake

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Movie review Black Panther


written by : Trey Murphy - Maize Middle



M @TeenViewMag

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arvel has done really well these last couple of years with all their movies like, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Now marvel has a big movie coming out called Black Panther. Black Panther will be released February 16, 2018 and will be a big part of the African American culture. Black Panther has everyone excited especially the African Americans because it shows a lot about their culture and is the first marvel movie to have a movie based on an African American man.

Black Panther’s first appearance in the 20th century in marvel was in Captain America: Civil War. Ever since, lots of people have been so interested in this character. Black Panther is one of the oldest marvel characters. Even though he is just now being announced in the marvel movies he was in a lot the Marvel Comics. From the Fantastic Four and X-Men and Avengers comics he was in it all and now he’s gonna have his own movie. This movie will be a big part of Marvel.

Marvel Comics were the first to introduce Black Panther in Fantastic If you see it tell us what you think! Four (July 1966). Black Panther is also well known for his relationship If you go and see the movie tell us with Storm in X-Men. The two might how it was! have been married and engaged through countless battles but their commitment would put a stop on their relationship and lead to divorce. Black Panther is a king that is protecting his fictional country Wakanda. Wakanda is located in Northeastern Africa on a map at the northern end of Lake Turkana. Bashenga was the first Black Panther. Wise and bold, he closed the hill and formed a Cult that would guard it against all intruders.


tz techzone

Consumer Technology Association

Samsung announced their 146-inch modular TV, called The Wall.

LG Display - Worlds first rollable OLED TV.


Google announced its standalone VR headset.

rom smart cars, to smart TV’s, Sony to Samsung, its that time of the year again where the big companies in technology and electronics show off their new ‘toys” at this years CES. On January 9th -12th in Las Vegas the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off. With over 150,000 people in attendance this year, 2018 is a huge year for electronics. Everything is bigger, faster, brighter and in the same sense smaller when it comes to the amazing gadget that was displayed at this year’s show. In previous years, technology has became smarter and easier than ever to be controlled from your mobile device. Big name companies like LG, Samsung, and Sony showed off the next technology step in smart TV’s. In 2015 we saw the introduction of HDR in TV’s , last year LG introduced us to a TV so thin it looked like a poster hanging on the wall. This year LG announced the LG Display, the world’s first rollable OLED TV. OLED

Honda announced their new concept robots that all serve different functions.

will have a bigger prescence with more companies adapting the brighter, clearer display. With Dolby Atmos becoming more mainstream expect to also see and hear more soundbars, speakers and TV’s applying this audio feature during the show as well. Finally Honda has confirmed that they will unveil four new robotic devices at this years CES. The robots range from helpings around the house to driving us from place to place. CES is one show that kicked off 2018 in the world of technology. Here at Tech Zone we are excited about all the new Tech we will get to play with. Let us know what you are most excited for coming out this year. Use #TVMtechzone and let us know on our social media. written by: Kyle Holly

• 1 OUT OF EVERY 5 TEENS have abused prescription drugs. • ONLY 50% got them free from friends or family.

Only use n o i t p i r c s e pr d e b i r c s e r drugs p to you!

TVM February 2018  

WE'RE BACK!!!! Check out TeenView Magazine February issue. Get to know Maci Johnson and her platform, My American Dream. Also, feel free to...

TVM February 2018  

WE'RE BACK!!!! Check out TeenView Magazine February issue. Get to know Maci Johnson and her platform, My American Dream. Also, feel free to...