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t has been a little over three years that we have published our TEENVIEW magazine in the Wichita and surrounding areas. Yet, I am not sure many of you know exactly what this publication means, and I think it is important that you do.

HOPELESSNESS Some years ago, as I tried to empower a group of young people at the local Boys and Girls Club, I noticed that I was starting to become ineffective. I regrouped and began to offer up some of my best presentations that would inspire a nation; yet, these few students were not moved. After a while, I stopped with the presentation (feeling a bit insecure in my ability to teach) and flat out asked the students, “What’s going on?”. They responded, “Mr. Murphy, we like you and appreciate what you are doing. We just don’t believe that what you are saying is possible for us.” I’ll never forget that day. In fact, I thought about it for a long time. These kids “are” hopeless. There is nothing I can say that can move them from this state. Hopelessness eats away at your will, conceals your dreams and smothers your passion... For the young, it steals the possibilities of the future. I knew that my purpose in “Nourishing My Brother” would be fulfilled in restoring hope to a hopeless generation. So after some thought and a great deal of prayer, it occurred to me that if the students could somehow touch their dream, then they would see it possible to obtain. Our youth needed to realize that their lives are significant, and that their views matter… and so was “birthed,” The TEENVIEW Magazine! Producing a magazine would allow them to meet people, attend events, research careers and experience opportunities that they could, otherwise, only dream. They could write about them for their peers to also learn from their experiences. It was a great idea! The students had a sense of restored hope as we worked to make this project happen. The only challenge was that I didn’t know how to produce a magazine by myself. It was no surprise that it took us a whole year to get the first one out, and then, another year for the second one. GIFTS WITHIN After a while and with little community support, we shelved the TEENVIEW project. We worked to put on events to try and raise money which turned out to be a BIG Fail! For those of you who may remember, Unity Ball/ Day 26 in 2009! Time went on and some of the original TEENVIEW Members said that we should “bring the magazine back.” It was 2012 when we partnered with MindFire Academy to do a summer program. We took about 10 kids and trained them to use Mac computers, taught them Illustrator and Photo Shop. None of the students had ever worked with computers on this level. They helped design the first magazine in September 2012. In November, we produced another magazine. We decided to produce a monthly magazine in January of 2013. The students are trained to not only write the articles, but, they even work on the layout, take pictures, work the website and even produce a TV show. We remind them that they have the “Gifts Within” to accomplish whatever their heart’s desire. Every year, students “graduate out” and new ones come in. We have clubs in surrounding schools and reach about 103 students in our network directly. Some students have gone on to receive big college scholarships, better jobs and unique opportunities because of their involvement with TEENVIEW Magazine. It is my goal to increase our effectiveness and reach students from Junior High through college. I hope to give them stronger skills in media arts, financial literacy, business etiquette (“soft skills”) and career development.


Every time we produce a magazine, you can be confident that we are restoring hope to young people and giving them a platform of endless possibilities!


Marquis Murphy -Founder/CEO




ADOPTION MONTH November is national adoption month. Read a point of view from one of our adopted staff. Page 4 & 5 THE LOVE FAMILY A story from the Love Family about the difficulties musicians face in the music industry. Pages 6-7 2018 TALLGRASS FILM FESTIVAL The 16th annual fall festival was in late October. The festival is held in various historic downtown theaters annually. Pages 8-9 NFL KICKERS RANKINGS We’ve ranked the accuracy of all of the NFL kickers for every team. Pages 14 - 15 TEENVIEW CULTURE Food, movie, app, and product reviews from teens like you. Pages 16-20

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about us Issue 55 November2018

The TEENVIEW Magazine is a publication designed “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view”. It offers a platform for teens to connect with other teens on issues that are relevant to them. Teens are also able to gain “real-world” experience as they report on various topics and assist with the design and lay-out. Participants learn various computer programs, photography, general to creative writing and many other skills as a result of their involvement with the TEENVIEW Initiative. Moreover, participants are afforded great opportunities, such as meeting and interacting with influential people. TEENVIEW Magazine is a sub-program of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in teaching financial education to youth, ages birth to 24 years, with a special emphasis in low-income communities.



November is


Adoption Month

Written by Michaelie Holly

November is national adoption month. Adoption is the process of taking on legal guardianship of a child. Around 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year. About 59% are from the child welfare (or foster) system, 26% are from other countries, and 15% are voluntarily relinquished American babies. (“Adoption Network Law Center”) Adoptions can take anywhere from a few months to years, all depending on any restrictions the adopting parent or parents have on what they want. I believe there is a lot of taboo surrounding adoption. Some people believe it’s selfish to want to give up your own child and some people think that it would be hard to love a child that is not your own flesh and blood. For some, adoption may be the only option. Some couples are infertile and can never have children, gay couples may also want the option to have kids, and some people have kids naturally but also want to bring more into their family.

“Whether your children are yours through biology or adoption they are yours through love.” -Sadia Rebecca Rodriguez.

As beautiful as adoption is, it’s not easy! Some children have separation issues, especially ones being adopted at an older age. Some children are adopted out of the foster system after they have been put in home after home after home. That is extremely difficult for a child to adjust to a permanent lifestyle. A lot of children need extra attention, care, and discipline they never received by their birth parents or in the foster system. I am adopted. I’m not only adopted but I was a black girl adopted into a white family. I have grown up with many questions as to why I didn’t look like my family, suffered through racism among my extended family, and questioned where I truly belong while finding myself. It wasn’t always easy. But it has also been a very positive experience as well. With my new family I experienced opportunities I would have never gotten with my birth parents. They were able to give me a life that I might not have been able to have. My

birth mom knew she couldn’t give me the best life so she chose to give me a better home. I can only commend her for that. Upon adoption I gained a sister. She had to immediately learn to share her toys and space with me. We are extremely close in age so we did everything together. There was only love within my family. There was never that waiting period to fall in love with each other. They were officially my parents and she was officially my sister. I know I have received many blessings since being adopted. Adoption is a rewarding experience for many. I have gone on to contact my birth parents and was welcomed with open arms. Being able to personally thank my birth parents for making that choice was wonderful. Every day has been a blessing since the day I was chosen to become part of a loving family.


In the Name of

LOVE Written by Samara Murphy

Be thankful in all of your doing and give your 100% everyday, no matter what day it is, and if you don’t then forgive yourself, dust your feet off and keep going!

The Love Family was originally from Oklahoma, but later migrated all the way to Wichita. Their father, Robert Love, was a great singer and sang in gospel groups. He had a partner and good friend by the name of Don Level and they eventually became known as “Don and Bob”. The Love Family “piggybacked” off of their dad’s music and maintained his style. The Love Family is very close. They love each other and stick together. They were taught to respect each other and they love to worship God. Making the documentary brought them closer together and they were beginning to see their dad’s legacy come together. Their love also goes further than family though, Mr. Rudy Love said, “There is a lot of people who don’t have the name Love but share the same love for the family”. Their group is composed of people with and without the last name Love.

When Rudy was younger he was in the music industry and


Pictured left to right: Don Level Jr., Rudy Love, Ed Macey, Shirley Love, Peggy Love and Dennise Love

made many songs but he was not getting a lot of fame and money. His producers took his music overseas and he became really famous in London and people loved his music. His producers were making a lot of money, but he did not even get a dime. Rudy did not know about his fame in London and other places because his producers did not tell him and he did not have the technology to find out. They later found out but it was too late for them to get their money back so Rudy Love and the Love Family made a documentary to tell their story and help keep others from going through the same situation that they did. The Love Family wants to make sure that novice musicians know these things before they rush into the music industry: Be sure that you are mindful of all the rules and regulations of the industry and follow it. They also said to make sure you have copyrights and contracts and thoroughly read through them! The legacy that the Love Family hopes to leave behind is to give it your all and do not give up!

Ms. Peggy Love says. The Love Family also said that education was very important! Get your education first and do not rush to get to the fame because them you will get into situations that you will not know how to handle and resolve. Mr. Rudy Love said to not be disheartened in the music industry. People aren’t always in it for the love of music, some are in it to get money and they will wrong others to get the money but you have to be able to recover quickly and get back in the game!

TalllGrass Film Festival Recap

The 16th annual Tallgrass Film Festival was October 17th-21st, being held in theaters all throughout downtown Wichita (The Orpheum, Scottish Rite, The Ruffin Building, and more). Filmmakers and guests, ranging from indie directors to more well-known actors - like Pam Grier and Jim O’Heir - attended the festival and had their films shown. Everything from a documentary about flat earthers, a narrative about a shoplifting family in Japan, to a documentary about the famous Wichita musician Rudy Love played throughout the week, giving Wichitans a unique movie-going experience. Aside from the more “famous” filmmakers, local young adults and teens had the opportunity to both participate in the festival and have their own shorts play. The final day of the festival, a shorts program for emerging filmmakers showed short films from all over the world, all made by people 18 and under. The impressive work from teen directors and actors played, from comedy’s to animations.

At the closing awards ceremony, an award was given to two teen filmmakers for best narrative film and best documentary. Andrew Kivett, an 18 year old filmmaker studying at the University of Kansas won best narrative for his film ‘No Hard Feelings.’ Brett Jones, a 17 year old senior at Derby High School, won best documentary for his film ‘I’m Gonna Win ‘Cause I Wanna Win.’ Other films that played included ‘Unaware’ a short film by 18 year old Caitlyn Cody, and ‘An Adventure Through Bowling and Time Travel’ a short by Joe Siroonian, a senior at a high school in LaHebra, California.

If you’re interested in film, consider entering your short film projects to Tallgrass for the 2019 year, submissions begin in June of 2019. If you’re currently looking for a festival to attend or submit to, the Doc Sunback Film Festival - accepting submissions from now until December 31st. Both are free for students. Interested in film but don’t have any of your own? The Tallgrass Film Festival offers an Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship, a program that gives middle schoolers and high schoolers the opportunity to review student films submitted to the festival, as well as an opportunity to meet filmmakers from all over the world.





Visit for 3805 E. Harry St. more photos. Wichita, Kansas 67218




Josh Lam


Aldrick R 96.3%






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Matt Brya 5.8%


Prior to the 2015 season, the NFL decided to move the distance for extra point kicks back from the two-yard line to the 15-yard line. While this change may seem minor, turning a 19-yard kick into a 34-yard kick; this change has revealed that kicking in the NFL isn’t as easy as it seems. Kickers all across the NFL have been exposed as being not as consistently accurate as we used to think. Several kickers have been frustrated over the years but usually, it’s only been one or two having serious issues with kicking. This year it seems every team in the NFL is having problems with kicking the ball through the uprights. Now that we are past the halfway point of the NFL regular season here is a look at the most accurate, and inaccurate kickers in the NFL.

Written by AJ McDaniel




Accuracy Percentage



Cleveland Browns


Zane Gonzalez, Greg Joseph


Los Angeles Chargers


Caleb Sturgis, Michael Badgley


Oakland Raiders


Matt McCrane, Mike Nugent


Pittsburgh Steelers


Chris Boswell


Green Bay Packers


Mason Crosby


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Chandler Catanzaro


Minnesota Vikings


Daniel Carlson, Dan Bailey


Philedelphia Eagles


Jake Elliott


Los Angeles Rams

88.2% More Att.

Greg Zuerlein, Cairo Santos


Arizona Cardinals


Phil Dawson


Seattle Seahawks

88.9% More Att.

Sebastian Janikowski


Tennesee Titans


Ryan Succop


Indianapolis Colts


Adam Vinatieri


Dallas Cowboys


Brett Maher


Houston Texans


Ka’imi Fairbairn


Detroit Lions


Matt Prater


Denver Broncos


Brandon McManus


Cincinnati Bengals

92.1% More Att.

Randy Bullock


Baltimore Ravens


Justin Tucker


New York Jets


Jason Myers


Chicago Bears


Cody Parkey


Washington Redskins


Dustin Hopkins


Miami Dolphins


Jason Sanders


Carolina Panthers


Graham Gano


San Francisco 49ers


Robbie Gould


Kansas City Chiefs

94.6% More Att.

Harrison Butker


Buffalo Bills


Stephen Hauschka


New Orleans Saints


Wil Lutz


Atlanta Falcons


Matt Bryant


New England Patriots


Stephen Gostkowski

2 1

New York Giants Jacksonville Jaguars

96.3% 100%

Aldrick Rosas Josh Lambo




CULTURE written by: Emily Arreola

If you are looking for good inexpensive food, Jacky Chan sushi is the place to go! Located: 7820 E Harry St. Wichita, KS. They are a family owned business, the chef has been working with sushi for over 10 years. They have a variety of selections from appetizers, noodles, and even desserts!

Girls Like You Maroon 5 A bonus is that they offer take out, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy delicious food. Now, let’s get down to business, I tried the Bento Box A, it came with the assortment of Fried rice, Sweet & Sour chicken, a salad, 2 pork sticks, and 6 pieces of California Maki. It was delicious! Let’s start supporting our small community restaurants! And I think this is the place to start!

Mona Lisa Lil Wayne


5 Seconds Of Summer

I Like It


Cardi B


Sicko Mode Travis Scott


FEFE Krab Kingz is a new restaurant on 784 N West street. That I tried this weekend, It was really good. They are cheap for the most part, The highest thing on their menu is $40. They give you so much food for $40.

The crabs are really juicy and really good. Their potatoes are really good and have a great flavor. Their sausages are seasoned very well. Their eggs are really good according to my dad. You will get full very easily.

Their waitresses have the best attitudes and they give you everything you need before you get your food. The atmosphere is family friendly. The food comes in a pan because they give you so much of it, and their bathrooms are really clean.

I would recommend this to anyone who is not vegan or vegetarian. Sorry they don’t serve tofu or animal free food. If you have been here what was your experience? If not, why not?

So what I tried the #3 Just Snow Crabs, which comes with 2 huge crab legs, A boiled egg, potatoes, and sausages. You can pick any type of butter you would like to have. There is also butter and juice on the pan.




Love Lies

Khalid & Normani



Imagine Dragons


Ella Mai

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Do you ever just stop at a stop sign, And not move? You forget you are driving in that moment. But it doesn’t really matter because nobody’s around. Nobody’s in danger. You are in utter peace or thought. That can be a good thought, Or a bad one. You could be having the worst day, And maybe you just don’t have the energy or desire to push your foot down on the peddle. Or you could be having the best day, The best thought, That you are so lost in that moment, And with your eyes wide open, You picture something. Picturing your future. Picturing a moment so precious to you, Or a person so precious to you. Then suddenly you become aware again that you are at a stop sign, And, You have to move. So you start driving. But, You cannot stop thinking about that moment at the stop sign When you were in such peace with the world Or possibly taking it all in and getting a fresh breath of air. Sometimes you just want to go back to that stop sign. Maybe even put the car in park. Roll down the windows, And breathe. -Xoi Xcedaire McElfresh



Movie Review Written by: Michaelie Holly


October is almost over and my favorite holiday is almost here; Halloween. This whole month I’ve indulged in candy, sipped on my pumpkin spice drinks, and watched a variety of horror movies. I just love this month, but every year I always find myself watching Halloween. The original by John Carpenter is an amazing film. The original Halloween is what started it all for me. Michael Myers is such a fascinating character in each film (except for Season of the Witch). So when I found out about the new Halloween coming out this year in October it was only right for me to go see it. Let me say, this new Halloween film is one of the best. The new 2018 Halloween is a direct sequel to the original film. It is 40 years after the terrifying events of that Halloween night. This film ignores every film that has come out after the original including the separate Rob Zombies film. Halloween 2018 is not a reboot, it is not a retelling, it in most cases, a continuation of the original 1978 film. The film starts out with two reporters visiting Michael Myers at an insane asylum where he has been since the ending of the first film. Michael Myers is chained up, mask-less and not speaking to anyone. All his doctors that have worked with Michael have been unsuccessful to get him to speak and have all given up on him except for one, Dr. Sartain. He becomes a little bit attached to Michael as he has studied him the most. The film then jumps to Laurie Strode, played by the original actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, still affected by the events that happened decades ago with Michael Myers. This time she is more aware and prepared for Michael Myers to return. Lau-

rie is so prepared that she has ruined her relationships with her daughter and granddaughter. Michael Myers is scheduled to be transferred to another mental institute. The bus transferring Michael gets into an accident and Michael Myers escapes. At this moment the murders are ongoing till the end of the film. Halloween 2018 can be compared to the original film in the same way as Star Wars: The Last Jedi is compared to Star Wars: A New Hope. Even if it’s a continuation of the original film, some of the things in this new film mirror the original. Even some of the methods Michael Myers used to kill some characters are being repeated in this film. There are many references and Easter eggs to be seen throughout the film. Many of the references are callbacks to the first original film, but some Easter eggs are references to the 11 Halloween movies including the Rob Zombie films. This is a great film if you are a fan of the genre and the series. There were a few moments while watching that were tense, a few jumps scare, and some pretty funny moments as well. As a big fan of all the Halloween movies I just wished that this film told a little bit more of an original story than to be compared too heavily to the original 1978 film. If there is one scary film you are going to see this Halloween season 2018’s Halloween directed by David Gordon Green is a must see. Just remember if you are under the age of 17 to come with a guardian or parents.


MUSICALLY to TIK TOK Written by: Amana Murphy Some of the most major social medias are Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.. For a while these apps were super popular until the new app called Musically came out. Let me tell you a little bit about the app musically. Musically is a app where everyone can post music videos. So for an example you would pick a song that you would like to reenact and you can do hand motions or whatever you would like to the specific music (sound) you picked. The cool thing about Musically is that you don’t only have to make musicallys, you can also message people on the app and watch other peoples musicallys, What are the updates like? Musically puts out an update on the app every couple of months. Musically updates help improve the app. For an example they change up the profile section, the like button, the messaging spot, and much more. If you have an Apple product like an I phone or Ipad than you get a better update than the android users do, because in some peoples opinions “apple

products are better than androids” MUSICALLY to TIK TOK In November 2017 a Chinese company called ByteDance bought musically and changed the name to TikTok. Everything transferred over and it was the same exciting app as before. In the beginning of 2018 Tik Tok was the world’s most downloaded app! In conclusion I enjoy the different sounds and watching my friends TikToks, I also love the private section so I can keep all my sounds in the folder so I can have it when I want to do a musically. This is a great app for friends to connect and most importantly have fun!

MUSIC review Most of Khalid songs sound the same, have a similar beat, and use the same tone most of the time. But his voice is different from most famous singers. His voice is smooth and doesn’t sound forced. His new album “Suncity” makes me feel, in my opinion, very relaxed and laid back. But like most of his other songs it sounds semi the same but there are also two different songs on the album. One of the two different songs was just a melody and you couldn’t hear anyone singing, only instruments. On the second song there were only people talking! Both songs were only a minute or two long. I don’t understand why he would do that but I feel it was on a personal level. He was trying to teach us a lesson or trying to show us another side of him. Khalid puts emotions into his songs and feelings and makes it noticeable and relevant.

Written by: Trey Murphy

Although I feel like he just threw a couple of things together and put it into an album and released it, I don’t think his songs are horrible or bad. I’m just saying he could have done more and possibly added a couple more songs and put more soul into his songs. Hopefully the next album he puts out will have more and have a background, story, or theme to make it different from everyone else. He should connect the songs and make it like a pattern or a puzzle but that’s just my opinion. I recommend his new album and score it a 7/10.


New Apple iPad 2018 Written by: Kyle Holly Apple announced some long awaited updates to some of their products last month. On October 30th revealed all-new iPad Pro, with a new edgeto-edge LCD “Liquid Retina” display. The new iPad Pros have no Home Button and use Face ID to log in. This marks the first time that Face ID is available outside of an iPhone. The major difference with this Face ID is that you can use it while holding the tablet in any position or even while seated. The new iPad Pros come in 10.5, 12.9 and a new 11 inch iPad. With the removal of the home button, Apple was able to keep the same size table as last years model but make the screen larger. Both iPads are 5.9mm thin claiming to be the thinnest iPad design ever. Powering the iPad Pro is a new A12X Bionic Chip, which is Apple’s smartest and most powerful tablet chip they have ever created. Apple compared the gaming on the new iPad Pro to that of the Xbox One S.

tz techzone

The other major new feature of the new iPad Pro is the USB-C connector that is replacing the old lighting connector. This new connector opens up the door for new data transfer features between devices and the ability to connect to displays up to 5K. The 11-inch and 12.9-inch are available in Silver and Space Gray in 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and a new 1TB option. 11-inch models start at $799 (Wi-Fi) and $949 (Wi-Fi + Cellular), while 12.9-inch models start at $999 (Wi-Fi) and $1,149 (Wi-Fi + Cellular). They will launch on Wednesday, November 7. What do you think of the new iPads? Are they a step in the right directions? Let us know at

• 1 OUT OF EVERY 5 TEENS have abused prescription drugs. • ONLY 50% got them free from friends or family.

Only use n o i t p i r c s e pr d e b i r c s e r drugs p to you!

TVM November 2018  

Here is the November 2018 Issue of TeenView Magazine. November is National Adoptio​​n Month! Also, check out our coverage the talented Love...

TVM November 2018  

Here is the November 2018 Issue of TeenView Magazine. November is National Adoptio​​n Month! Also, check out our coverage the talented Love...