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March 2013


Greg Marshall Get to know Wichita States Coach Top 25 Teams of March Madness

A list of the top teams who dominated during March Madness since 1946

m o r f S N E E T y b S N E w e i For TE v f o t n i o p S ’ N a TEE Photo taken by Jack Freeman- East High visit us @


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11330 E Central Ave, Suite 800

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The TEENVIEW Magazine is a publication designed “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view”. It offers a platform for teens to connect with other teens on issues that are relevant to them. Teens are also able to gain “real-world” experience as they report on various topics, and assist with the design and lay-out all while promoting the magazine. Participants learn various computer programs, photography, general to creative writing, and many other skills as a result of their involvement with the magazine. Moreover, participants are afforded great opportunities such as, meeting and interacting with influential people.

March 2013

March Madness HIGHLIGHTS: Poetry Corner

Poems provided by TeenView Magazine’s Shacora Logwood who attends East High.

Greg Marshall

Get to know Wichita State’s Men Head Basketball Coach.

TVM March Madness Bracket

Fill out who you believe will be the NCAA National Champions with the TeenView Magazine bracket.

Top 25 Teams of March Madness

Top teams who dominated during March Madness since 1946.

BattleStation Gaming

Were TeenView Magazine goes to get the ultimate gaming experience.

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Marquis Murphy’s

MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT Getting Your 1 FAILURE! We try to avoid it. We work hard to beat it. But no matter what we do, sometimes we just come up with a BIG FAT ZERO. It hurts, when you work so hard and give so much, and then you don’t accomplish what you set out to do. Sometimes failure, or even the thought of it, will keep us from even trying a thing because for some, the disappointment alone can be unbearable. I will not insult those of you who have experienced failure with the mere, “shake it off” and “get back in the game” statements. Failure hurts and recovery takes time. I know, I have failed and have occasional run-ins with failure still today. However, I want to offer a new perspective. Earlier, I equated “failure with zero”. I don’t think that this is such a bad idea; but, I do challenge you to work towards “getting your one (1)”. That “one” may be your first book, your first sale, your first gig. No matter what it is, keep going until you get your one. If you fail, categorize it as a zero and continue to go back after your one. Why do this? Do this because ZERO is a number. When Abraham Lincoln started his career, he encountered failure frequently. He failed at business(ZERO); he failed at running for office (ZERO); he became a lawyer, and again failed at another attempt at office (ZERO). He had a few terms he won on the state level, but failed three more times while attempting to gain a Senate seat (ZERO), (ZERO), (ZERO); but he diligently pursued going after his one. Now, Abraham Lincoln, who had the strength of a long list of zeros, had the experience of knowing what it was to run a political campaign and continue to go after his one as he pursued the highest office in the land. Failure has a way of grooming you, if you have the courage not to quit. Each failure is full of lessons and experiences that will prepare you for your next journey. If you persist along your path toward your destination, you will eventually get your ONE. Just as zero can represent nothing; it also holds a place value. When you take a one and place it in front of a zero, it is greater than if it stands alone. What do you get when you place a one in front of six zeros? For Abraham Lincoln, you get the presidency. “Now, you go get your 1!

Time In the Aspect of View The thoughts of a young adult.

Thinking too much often makes me concerned. I like to think about thinking, and many of my thoughts turn into a paradox, a paradox of time! We live in the twenty-first century. It is already 2013; the years are flying away like birds. Birds fly away with the intent to survive the algidity and find a nest. The ones that are impaired fall down and collapse. It may seem confusing to you, but that’s my “realistic imagination.” Life gives us ambiguous situations; some of them may seem minute, but actually they mean so much. I believe that life can be described as a conflict from the moment we are born until the moment we die. That’s how I see this time and the way people use it. I feel sad when I see people waist their time in front of the TV, for example, watching Desperate Housewives, without realizing they look like one. I feel sad when I see people eating McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, or Taco Bell for breakfast and yet having the desire to wear a decent “medium” size pair of jeans. I feel sad how teenagers and now more and more adults coalesce into Facebook, becoming individuals causing drama and wasting their lives. You may be still wondering but, yes, this is what I am concerned about! I am not a debate expert, philosopher, n or another type of professional. I am just a seventeen year old senior in high school who is willing to give her best in order to accomplish her goals, to do what makes her happy and to have a bright future.

? ? ? The opinions that I’ve shared above are the reason why critical thinking fulfills me. I am glad that I understand the value of time, hard work, and persistence. I believe I have an altruistic personality. Seeing some of today’s world makes me willing to help my classmates, teammates, or other diverse groups of people who struggle finding the REAL THEM. My goal is to motivate people, to make them realize that, instead of dreaming the life, they should live the dream. I have realized that life is about being hardy, not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in it. Do you have the spiritual fervor to control your destiny?

Crowned Inspiration: The Dating Game Miss Black KS USA 2013

If you had a chance to read the last article, I shared some of the areas in which I’ve dealt with personal things that teens go through. Among the list, I included DATING. For some reason, I really feel the need to address the area of dating with you. While March is a time of “March Madness”, and people around the world are watching sports games, I want to talk about the “teenage dating game”.

Natasha Houston- Miss Black KS 2012-1213

This was inspired today, while reflecting on some of the comedic comments shared by some of my former students. It also made me think back to some of my recent speaking engagements as Miss Black KS, in which I asked questions about individuals who were dating. Teenagers are sometimes known for being “boy and girl crazy” during these years. Crushes run rampant. I’ve been there before. I, too, dated in high school. I once sat where you’re sitting. There’s a saying that says “the more things change…the more that they stay the same”. I know that some of the guys think that they have “game” and some of the girls too. While I didn’t date around and was in a relationship with the same guy my entire high school career up until my freshman year in college, there are some things that I learned. I want you to read this and be and do better than I did. My aim is not to sound like your parents, but to make you think and slow down. These are things that I wish that someone would have shared with me. I may have rethought some things. Nevertheless, the purpose of our individual journey should be to help those coming behind us. So, this is what I hope to accomplish with this.

This leads me to ask you some questions. 1) Do you know who you are? Do you know what you were created to do? If not, that is where the focus should be. Do not find yourself in such a rush to grow up. I can almost guarantee that at some point as you mature, you will see things through a different set of eyes. I was in a relationship for many years. I did enjoy my high school career, but I did also spend a lot of time in a relationship when I probably should have been spending more time focusing on myself and what I really wanted in life. Honestly, these are years in which the focus should really be on learning who you are; growing and evolving. 2) Do you know the purpose of dating? I know that you are teens, and that “teens just want to have fun”. That was a Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” remixed reference for those of you who caught that. Seriously, dating should not be an aimless hobby either. In everything that we participate, there should be purpose. Even when you are ready, we still want to walk in purpose right? Right! There should be a destination that you’re aiming to reach. That destination is marriage and family, which right now should not be stressors in your life. Yikes! Your concerns should be a little more light-hearted at this stage in life. At this point, finding a date for and getting ready for prom should be “stressing” enough (smile). 3) Do you really know your worth? This question is asked in order to get you to respect yourself and others. This is not a sexed lecture, but know that your body should be on reserve. Know your worth and know your value. Being in a relationship does not make you whole. I repeat....It will not make you whole! In a “sex-sells” type of society, media has played its part in promoting a lack of purity. There is nothing wrong with remaining pure. In fact, it is honorable. Do not make the mistake of compromising your body to feel loved. Even if you have engaged in any type of sexual activity, it is not too late to turn around and say ‘Hey, I’m better than that”. Start fresh if you need to. You can make that choice and start right now! What is meant to be shared in covenant with one man or woman should not be experienced by just anyone or everyone. Coming to a close, as you enjoy “March Madness”, I am hopeful that someone's game of speed-dating and dating games are coming to an end. Relax… for now at least. Calm those teenaged hormones. You’ll have time to figure all of that other stuff out when it comes. “Each day brings enough trouble of its own”. When it’s time, you will know. If you take this time to enjoy your present, learn who you are and what you are here for ….everything else will make itself known in time. Miss Black KS USA 2013, Natasha S. Houston

Glitz & Glam

The Story of the Eye

A time of year everyone looks for A time to show off looks And not have to worry about books Just a night out with you and the dance floor What to wear? What to wear? Picking an outfit is quite contrary Can’t wear red and look like a cherry But as time passes, options vary So what to wear? The freedom to express yourself But a struggle to find what’s perfect Oh, a nice dress with a belt Little things that define me Like pearls for how pure My smile can be So shine bright and true Go and get yourself something brand new!!!

The good and the bad I can see both Happy or sad Hides in the eye The look in an eye can tell a story Or even mean many things Maybe, a cry out to someone Or a shield for pain A joyful eye full of love Or an evil eye full of hate Brings a debate of which Is shown in the eye at what time… So when I look into your eyes, What will I see? Joy or Pain?

Both Poems are written by Shacora Logwood- East High

For more poetry, visit

Foggy Bottom LLC 3234 E. Douglas Ave Wichita, KS 316-681-1960 Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm 1. Purchase your dress. If you have a date, agree on your “colors” first. 2. Be adventurous and check out the cowboy boots at Foggy Bottom; they work with both long and short styles. Definitely, a DARING fashion statement!!! Otherwise, buy the shoes that best compliment your dress 3. Buy your jewelry 4. Call for your hair appointment at least a week before the prom. Make sure to allow for 2 -3 hours at the salon so that the stylist will have enough time to achieve your best style. Wearing your hair partially up or even completely down decorated with a headband or like accessories is the perfect way to go. Some may even opt to do a “50s/ 60s” pin curl design. 5. Call for your make-up appointment at least a week before the prom. Make sure to allow 3 – 3 ½ hours for the make-up artist to create a masterpiece. The word is “FALSE EYELASHES” are a must! What better way to complement those eyes but with BRIGHT, BOLD LIPS. Do you have the nerve to be different??? 6. Call for your nail appointment at least a week before the prom. You may choose to schedule your

time for the “day of”, but 1 – 2 days before would work just as well and then, you can make sure to avoid the “MAD LAST MINUTE RUSH”!!! Make sure to allow 2 – 3 hours for the nail technician to make your nails a “walking piece of artwork”. Of course, there’s no better time than the PROM to flaunt your details & designs. Go ahead “dazzle” them up!!! 7. Here’s the hard part…time to think about your date. Buy his boutonniere. Don’t forget…it’s all about your colors!!! 8. Finally, BREATHE and RELAX!!! 9. Call up friends, get ready together; giggle, laugh, ravish one another with compliments and then wait. By the way, don’t be surprised if you have to wait, wait, and maybe, even wait a little bit longer. On that note, maybe you should have bought him a watch too. But seriously, he may be hanging out doing the same thing you’re doing and lost track of time, or he could possibly be very nervous. So make sure to give him some breathing room. 10. Once your limo rolls up and your dashing, handsome date arrives, go and PARTY IT UP at your prom!!! #FoggyBottom @TeenViewMag for a chance to win a free makeover

Wichita State University

1 16 8 9 5 12 4 13 6 11 3 14 7 10 2 15 1 16 8 9 5 12 4 13 6 11 3 14 7 10 2 15

1 16 8 9 5 12 4 13 6 11 3 14 7 10 2 15 1 16 8 9 5 12 4 13 6 11 3 14 7 10 2 15

Top 25 Teams in History of March Madness

1. 1946-47 Holy Cross Crusaders 2. 1951-52 Kansas Jayhawks 3. 1955-56 San Francisco Dons 4. 1956-57 North Carolina Tar Heels 5. 1959-60 Ohio State Buckeyes 6- 10. 1966-73 UCLA Bruins 11. 1973-74 North Carolina State Wolfpack 12. 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers 13. 1978-79 Michigan State Spartans 14. 1979-80 Louisville Cardinals 15. 1981-82 North Carolina Tar Heels 16. 1983-84 Georgetown Hoyas 17. 1989-90 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels 18. 1991-92 Duke Blue Devils 19. 1992-1993 North Carolina Tar Heels 20. 1995-1996 Kentucky Wildcats 21. 1996-97 Arizona Wildcats 22. 2003-04 Connecticut Huskies 23. 2006-07 Florida Gators 24. 2008-09 North Carolina Tar Heels 25. 2011-2012 Kentucky Wildcats

March Madness first originated in an Illinois high school basketball gym. It was an annual tournament played by a small group of male teams in 1908 and eventually grew into a statewide competition of over 900 teams by the 1930’s. Before any of the professional teams or the college game was played, they used to have sellout games of these teams competing. These teams were known as the “Sweet Sixteen”. It became so popular that when an essay was written about it, naming it March Madness, the name stuck. Today’s March Madness differs from back in the day. Now, there’s also the “Elite Eight”, and female as well as male teams participate. The tournaments are broken down by school size. Also, the team’s best dunkers and 3-point shooters are part of the tournament. This entertaining event now provides an Illinois high school student with a scholarship from all the fees received from the licensing of the trademarks.

Simeon Willis Southeast

Congratulations to TeenView Magazine’s Shelbi Ware for winning Ms. Jr Black and Gold 2013

Word Of Life Church 3811 N. Meridian Wichita, KS Clint price 316.303.2742

#Goldentuxedo @TeenViewMag for a chance to win a free tuxedo rental

Golden Tuxedo Prom 2013 Okay guys…the countdown is on!!! We’re going to do this like they do in sports…starting with a recap, high-lighting all that has happened up until this point. 1

By now, if you are taking a date to prom, you should already know the color of her dress.


What? A budget!?! Have you set yours??? Dinner reservations…pick a restaurant and go ahead, be a risktaker, call and schedule your date/time TODAY!


LIMO…of course, she’s expecting to ride in style; so while you still have that phone in hand, go ahead double your risk, call and reserve your limo, too, TODAY!


If you missed February’s Prom article, make sure to visit to see some of the DEBONAIR styles, BOLD colors, and “NASTY” designs hanging around at Golden Tuxedo. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what direction you’ll want to go in when it comes time to renting your tuxedo.


TICKETS…how else are you going to get in!?! Purchase those tickets as soon as they are available.


Make sure to schedule an appointment to get your haircut at least a week before your prom.


TWO WEEKS before…get fitted for your tux.


ONE WEEK before…go get that haircut.


Oh yeah, order the corsage…remember #1, what color is she wearing?


D-DAY, no I mean, PROM DAY… Pick up the corsage Pick up your tux. Hang it up in the car and as soon as you get back home. RELAX!!! Get ready early; call some friends, “kick-it” Pre-Prom Party Golden Tuxedo-Style…hey!!!

All Suits and Tuxedos are provided by Golden Tuxedo


DeVontay Roberts- East High At first glance, the building does not look like much; but upon entering, I discovered a “slew of technology” and a few happy people ready to help me explore it. Battlestations Gaming is a journey where “retail meets arcade”. Games and game-related merchandise can all be purchased here like any other place; but what makes this place unique is that you can actually play your game of choice, all while in the store, with 20 Xbox 360s, 20 PS3s, and a few other surprises like Wii Us and Retron 3s. This could easily be a Gamer’s Paradise. But wait, there's more! You’ll be playing your system of choice on one of the 24 – “3D capable” Sony Playstation TVs along with a set of turtle beach headphones. All you have to do is ask, and if your game can be played in 3D, glasses will be handed to you. You can also play the Xbox 360 kinect on an 80- inch screen TV or go to the back room for a private gaming session with your friends on another 80 - inch screen TV, with surround sound, plenty of chairs and even a whiteboard for those of you who feel the vneed to keep score. If playing computer games is your “addiction”, you have not been forgotten! You’ll be treated to 24 PCs and the Emperor! The Emperor, “a three-screened beast of a PC”, attached to a beautiful gaming chair, accompanied by a set of turtle beach headphones, is the “prime seat” in the house. A Gamer’s Paradise, all for a reasonable price; so if you haven’t been out there yet; you need to plan your trip today! Battlestations Gaming owned by Steve Heiden, who is now 25 years of age, imagined this concept when he was only 14. Now, with two partners, several investors and some “hefty loans” later, he made this dream come true. It was quite a gamble, but he said, “It was worth it”… “gotta chase that dream”. August 31, 2012, the doors were opened and unleashed “endless possibilities”. According to Steve, he “strategically picked out his location”. He wanted a place where “parents wouldn't mind dropping off their kids; so he picked a place not too far away from major schools, but not too close to all the trouble in town”. In fact, he actually reported driving from certain schools to see how long it would take. The businesses surrounding the location also made it a “good choice” because “it would attract more students”. So, there you have it; from one man’s dream emerged an amazing building where all your gaming needs can be satisfied under one roof.

OPEN M C N G HT Can you say “HOT SPOT”!!! TEENVIEW Magazine hosted the “Open Mic” night at Mead’s Corner in February 2013. There was a huge crowd and many artists with diverse talents, creating an electrifying ambience. Check out what some of the performers had to say: Erin Gray and Valerie Gray have been singing and playing the guitar and ukulele for about two years, and February 2nd was their first time performing at Mead’s Corner; located at 405 E. Douglas. They said they weren’t nervous about performing because they are use to showcasing their talent to their family. Both Valerie and Erin visit Mead’s Corner when they aren’t jamming out to the tunes of their ukulele. The two started out teaching themselves and writing covers to uncover for family members and have decided to perform just for fun. Valerie Gray- Erin Gray- Rondre, a local rap artist in Wichita, Kansas also performed at Mead’s Corner that same night. He started at the age of eight and was influenced by his brother and another artisit- Big Boy. Music is in his bloodline and he has decided to carry it on. Rondre has performed around four times previous to his performance at Mead’s Corner. He was not nervous, but instead excited to get up on stage and perform. Rondre- Make sure to keep a look-out @ for the TEENVIEW Magazine’s next “Open Mic” Night. Although, you definitely need to sample some Mead’s Corner gelato as soon as you can!!!

A Fair Trade Coffeehouse.

Did you ever wonder how to go after those exciting jobs in film, television, audio? First, you learn the tools, then you learn to apply them in the real world. Mindfire Academy gives you the opportunity to do both. As a Mindfire student, you’ll work with industry-current software and equipment, often on real projects with working professionals. You can earn a certificate in a few weeks and go straight into the work force, or you can take accredited classes with transferrable credits to pursue an advanced degree at other schools. Mindfire combines classroom education with hands-on experience to make you job-ready in the ever-expanding fields of film, animation, audio recording.

Classes start March 25

TeenView Magazine March Issue  

March edition of TeenView Magazine, A magazine for teens, by teens, from a teen's point of view

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