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The TEENVIEW Magazine is a publication designed “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view”. It offers a platform for teens to connect with other teens on issues that are relevant to them. Teens are also able to gain “real-world” experience as they report on various topics and assist with the design and layout. Participants learn various computer programs, photography, general to creative writing, and many other skills as a result of their involvement with the TEENVIEW Initiative. Moreover, participants are afforded great opportunities, such as meeting and interacting with influential people. TEENVIEW Magazine is a sub-program of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in teaching financial education to youth, ages birth to 24 years, with a special emphasis in low-income communities.

July/August 2013

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April 2013

Don’t ignore the symptoms.

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JULY/AUG For TEENS by TEENS 2013 From a TEEN’S point of view

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DEPRESSION Jowona Bowen- Northeast Magnet

“1 in 8 teenagers battle depression in the United States.”


ver the past 70 years, the percentage of teenagers who face depression and anxiety has increased drasti-

Everything in life seems negative, and there’s little to no escape from it. It’s almost like being in love with your sadness but, at the same time, you would do anything to let it go. Depression is an actual disorder, which is why there are medications to help treat the symptoms. People who deal with chronic depression have a chemical imbalance of mood-related chemicals in the brain such as: serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Depression occurs when these chemicals are low, which is why there are medications to help restore the balance. By the way, our society has ered “normal” often feel less than what they should. This is one reason why the depression and anxiety rates have increased so much over the years. Another cause is the pressures of their lives at home. With trying to meet their child’s mentality. Some parents do want the best for their son or daughter but don’t realize that their teen is struggling. Oftentimes, teenagers don’t speak up about how they’re feeling because they may feel ashamed to or they can’t. It seems pretty messed up how teenagers will be in their rooms having panic and anxiety attacks while their parents are watching television. Personally, it is hard to say something about it because it feels like you’re screaming a cry for help silently, making it seem like you’re alone with nowhere to turn. There are signs to tell if a person is depressed. Don’t ignore them! If you see someone in need of assistance, reach out to them so that they can get the treatment they so desperately need.

Suicide Prevention Hotline Sedgwick County 316-660-7500 If you or someone you know is talking about suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 24 hours a day/7 days a week. COMCARE Adolescent Services 7701 E Kellogg, Suite 300 Wichita KS 67207 316-660-9605 Peer pressure, academic expectations and changing bodies can cause emotional ups and downs for teens. Do you feel irritable or have angry moods, unexplained aches and pains, sadness, extreme sensitivity to criticism, or do you just not feel like being with friends anymore? Sometimes these feelings are more than temporary feelings; they can be symptoms of depression. If these feelings persist, give COMCARE Adolescent Services a call at 316-660-9605. Teens must be accompanied by parent or caregiver.

Losing A Friend to Distance Jesus Alvarez- North

Having a person that you grow very close to is great! Not necessarily a lover; he or she may be a best friend, brother, other relative or anyone you consider to be very important in your life. Spending every second you can with them is great, but what do you do when they tell you they are leaving? Not only that, they tell you that they are definitely leaving and are unsure if they will ever come back. Soon the day comes when you watch them leave, and minute by minute they get farther away. Now you must deal with the fact that they are gone. “What now?” you ask yourself. Then, of course, sadness begins to overwhelm you, and tears fill your eyes. But you shouldn’t remain sad for too long, for two main reasons: (1) It’s bad for your health, and (2) When the person that means a lot to you asks, “How are you doing?”, you’ll end up giving them a lengthy response about how sad you are because of their absence and how you wish they could be there with you. You will ultimately make their departure harder, and inadvertently make them feel guilty for leaving. Be considerate of their feelings. Don’t you think that leaving their home was hard enough? Instead, tell them how your day went, what you are doing this summer, or better yet, ask them how they are. Avoid bringing up the fact that they left, and how you’ve been impacted by their absence. Do not go on about how much you miss them; a simple “I miss you” will do just fine. Never forget to tell them that they are on your mind; don’t let that person think you’ve forgotten about them. My personal advice is stay strong! Those memories that you have running through your head every day should be your motivation to one day make more with that person if possible. So, it shouldn’t matter if they are one mile up the road or 5,934 miles away; only you can decide what will happen. If it’s the love of your life that left, stay loyal. If it’s your best friend, stay cool. No matter who has left, stay connected. Thankfully, we live in a world where long distance relationships are possible. Skype, Facebook, and your local post office; it’s possible!!!

Marquis Murphy’s

MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT Discouraged, Unmotivated, Dreamer There is a DREAMER in every one of us. Remember when you use to run around as a little kid imagining you were……yeah, you remember. Everything was possible, and you could see back then, you could be back then. Imagination creates enthusiasm in the dreamer. Some of us still have the ability to dream, but some of our dreams have lost the dynamism that they use to have. Somewhere along the line we may have become discouraged. The hope of “doing” or “being” just doesn’t seem so possible anymore. Maybe you have tried and failed, and your courage to follow your dream has lost its luster. It could be that you’re unmotivated. An unmotivated dreamer dreams without action. They may have the, “Why Even Try?” attitude. Though we are all created with these awesome dreams on the inside of us, only a few allow them to come out. Consider the Fourth of July, when you lit the fuse of a firework, then ran back and watched in anticipation to see what the firework would do. You watched the fuse burn down and, and, NOTHING! Think about it, the manufacturer of the firework carefully designed each firework with a unique purpose. They packed whatever kind of explosive powder inside a tight space and placed a cool wrapping around it. Finally, a fuse is in place to connect to the inner part of the firework. But when the fuse is lit and nothing happens, it is nothing more than a D.U.D! Discouraged Unmotivated Dreamer. You may have encountered many challenges that have made your dream difficult to achieve; but I challenge you to DREAM AGAIN! As the firework that is ignited by the fuse shoots into the sky, all below are marveling at it as it explodes and what was once on the inside has burst out for all to see. So, imagine, pursue, dream again and explode into your greatness for the entire world to admire. “Just don’t be a DUD!”

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Phone: (316) 719- 2929 Business Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Getting to Know Sushi Master Chef Kanai Born in Kyoto, Japan, David Kanai as a young boy learned the ways of sushi at Kappo Ryokan, a Japanese hotel focused on providing the most authentic Japanese dishes. He then brought that knowledge to America, when he moved to Los Angeles, to serve as head sushi chef in many restaurants around the LA area for over 10 years. During his stay, Kanai traveled America from state to state including Louisiana, New York, and even Alaska. Interestingly enough, he arrived in Wichita, Kansas as a consultant and saw a huge opportunity for sushi in this small mid-western city. David Kanai opened KANAI three years ago and has been at the restaurant everyday! Working long hours, Kanai wants to bring the customer their “experience of Japanese traditional cuisine to Wichita”. His 25 years of experience has classified him as a “Master Chef in Sushi”; a title that is very difficult to achieve. He wants to bring the customer a type of food known as washoku (authentic Japanese food). Kanai, being a very humble man, desires for people to taste and see for themselves. His wife, Mari Kanai, helps him both run the restaurant and provide the customer with an unforgettable experience. “She is a huge part of my success”, Kanai said.

KANAI 12111 W. Maple, Suite 131 Wichita, Kansas 67235

of the restaurant is so very relaxing, instantly making one more able to enjoy their food. My personal experience was just this, “very admirable service, making me eager to return”. The “Wa-shoku” Experience The sushi is phenomenal in taste and presentation; and if you choose, one can even sit and watch their sushi as it’s being prepared right before them. The “open preparation” to the customer is so that the customer can see that “freshness is a vital key to the way sushi is prepared at KANAI”. Every step in making sushi is very delicate and complicated; this process can only be accomplished by Master Sushi Chef Kanai and his cooking crew. All sushi is made fresh, as Master Sushi Chef Kanai goes the extra mile to bring the customer the freshest-tasting sushi ever. Bringing fresh fish to the middle of the United States isn’t easy, but Kanai made it possible. What do I recommend? The following suggestions would be a good place to start: Roppongi Roll - Spicy tuna and shrimp roll topped with tuna, masago, scallions, mayo, and tataki sauce.

Price - $10.50 / Amount - 8 pieces

Fisherman’s Wharf - Shrimp, crab, and masago topped with fresh salmon. Price - $10.75 / Amount - 8 pieces

Pumpkin Roll - Spicy tuna and avocado rolled with seaweed and soy paper topped with cream cheese and seaweed salad. Price - $9.85 / Amount - 8 pieces

Jesus Alvarez- North High

KANAI ~ Japan in Kansas Walking into Kanai, one is greeted right away by the caring staff as they all say “Irashai mase” meaning “Welcome”. When you are done eating and heading for the door, they all say “Arigato” meaning “Thank you”. What is the reason for saying this? Well because KANAI is dedicated to bringing the customer a very friendly experience, the traditional Japanese experience. Kanai’s ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the best possible Japanese quality food and ambiance. The decor “…A very affordable and delicious restaurant for an amazing night out!”

352 S. West Street #100 (Maple and West)

Nick Hunt- East High

Mooyah Burgers & Fries:


Interview with Anthony Powell Anthony Powell, former KSN news So if excellent customer service is anchor/ reporter, is now the current high on your list of priorities when owner of a local restaurant here in eating out, Mooyah Burgers & Fries Wichita called Mooyah Burgers & is where it’s at! They pride themFries located just North of Kellogg selves on their customer service. Mr. on West Street. The restaurant has Powell says that his staff enjoys been open for a little over five working at Mooyah which makes it months and is doing very well, in easier for them to take pride in their spite of the numerous restaurants work and then boosts the overall competing in that location. morale of the establishment. Mr. Powell has a lot of other things going Why is it doing so well? For starters, on, so he’s not working there all the the burgers at Mooyah are made time, and he refers to his job at the fresh to order with a large selection restaurant as “being flexible”, so he of “add-ons” depending on your can pursue other business ventaste or your mood including their tures. But whenever he is there, his special ‘Mooyah Sauce’ that is sure presence is sure to be noticed. Mr. to please any taste buds. The buns Powell only works about four hours are toasted and you can have your a day, during the busiest times choice of french fries or sweet potato (lunch and dinner). Not to mention, fries (which come in abundant porhe also does sales and marketing for tions, satisfying the largest of appethe restaurant including a recent tites). While speaking directly with commercial for Mooyah. He enjoys Mr. Powell, I asked him about how being his own boss, so he can take his business worked, and he off whenever he wants and do things referred to it as “fast casual” and such as play basketball with his explained that “It’s not fast food like friends without having to “ask his at McDonalds where you just get boss for time off”. your food…” at Mooyah they “provide service by going around to your The “Mooyah Chain” started back in table and asking how your food 2007 and is based in Frisco, TX. Mr. tastes, and if you need a refill, and Powell owns the second Mooyah to more”. Mr. Powell commented that be opened in the state of Kansas there were “several repeat customwith the first one being located in ers that come back not only for the Garden City. Plans are in the works delicious food, but also for the to open twenty-five to thirty more service and the atmosphere”; the “Mooyahs” by the end of 2013, restaurant has a chalkboard that which will bring the total to about nearly covers an entire wall for the eighty in the country. The huge sucdoodlers and artists that may want cess of the Wichita basedto leave their mark. It’s a big change restaurant is a tribute to the great from the anchor/reporter job he had service and delicious food they proprior to this; he says “With news, it’s vide there. It is a place where my intense… 10, 11, 12 hours a day”. family and I will be happy to be “regulars” at in the future.

the school 3242 N. Rock Rd #106 Wichita, Kansas 67226 316.630.0600

FUTURE PROFESSIONALS Written by DeVontay Roberts- East High In the world of fashion and design, sometimes it does matter what is on the inside. Christy Reese is a 20 year old cosmetologist who works and studies at Paul Mitchell the School this summer. She admits that her love for the industry does not just stop at cosmetology, but it goes on to all forms of fashion such as clothing design. In fact her favorite type of clothing is “Summer Wear”. Upon graduation, she does not plan to stop after Paul Mitchell; but instead, she plans to keep progressing up in the industry starting at a salon in Hutchinson, Kansas and then hopefully continuing on to owning her own salon in 2-4 years. Her “love for the art” is what drives her career path and will surely help her to meet her goals in the years to come!

Valerie Mason had to do. She is a 27 year old teacher/girls’ basketball coach at a Catholic Academy who is presently working toward getting her license in cosmetology. She went to after doing hair for so long, she decided that it was time to actually do something with her skills. Now because of this initial “Step of Faith”, she has many options laid ahead of her. A few such options include striving to be a traveling stylist or settling down at one of the two salon locations in Atlanta, Georgia or in St. Louis, Missouri. These opportunities were made available to her by current clients or acquaintances. Clearly, this proves the point that “it’s not always what you know; sometimes it is who you know”. Truthfully, in this type of industry, this perspective seems to be the case in most instances. Thankfully though, Paul Mitchell the School Wichita positions its future professionals to constantly make such connections!

Internships:“Putting In Work”

Natasha Houston- Miss Black KS 2012-2013

What is an internship? An internship is a situation in which the student gains experience in a particular field or arena as if they were already employed. They have the potential to give the individual realistic insight on what to expect in the given environment. Many students participate in internships at the collegiate level hoping to gain credibility that leads to offers of employment. While this is the case, internships are available at the high school level and earlier if you pro-actively pursue them. That would be my advice. Pursue and create opportunities! There are opportunities to intern during the summer and during the school year. The earlier that you start your journey, the more potential you will have to make immense strides in your place of interest. You may find that you love your intended area of interest or that it is not a fit and your path needs redirecting. Internship experiences can be paid or unpaid. If you have the opportunity to obtain a paid internship, go for it! While it is usually desired to receive payment for our services, I wouldn’t be so quick to turn down an opportunity that may not include monetary payment. Many individuals have gotten their feet into major doors by being willing to sacrifice monetary payment in exchange for a greater reward that showed up later. It has been stated that when it is your passion “you will be willing to work for free”. Sometimes the experience alone is priceless! When it is something that you really love, you just want to be around it. So along with this, never just settle for making a paycheck. Seek to do something in life that you really love. In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. There is more than one way to pursue an internship. There are job and career websites that specifically ask for them. With the internet, the possibilities are endless. Another idea is to find a mentor in the desired profession. Ask to shadow that individual. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I don’t know of too many places that will turn down someone who

is willing to volunteer their services. Go online and do your research. Take the initiative to be where you want to be. A few steps of faith may take you farther than you thought. Set yourself apart early by putting in the work. Here are some comments of individuals who have participated in internships! Arsena - “They were beneficial because it allowed me to see what I did and DID NOT want to do after graduating. It gives you a chance to work a real world job for a temporary amount of time… like a trial run. Recommend them!” Chante - “I had two unpaid internships in undergrad. It was beneficial because I got to experience what I was taught first-hand. Unfortunately, I was not able to get that career started, but it did show me another aspect that has become my new career goal. It definitely has its benefits.” Christina - “I think you have to be proactive in your internship and be determined to learn. You can show up as an intern, and disappear and learn nothing, or you can go, be seen and heard, and walk away with connections and a job.” James - “I think they are a great way to learn your trade. They are beneficial because I think that experience is the best teacher; there is only so much you can learn in a textbook or classroom-setting. It helped me in my field at the time because I actually got to do what I was learning in the classroom in real time, and it makes you realize how much you still have to learn. I would recommend doing internships preferably paid because oftentimes some of the people who give out internships will actually abuse you when they find out they don't have to pay you.” Quela - “My only internship was unpaid but very beneficial. To be given a chance to ‘practice’ helped me tremendously. Since I'm an observer, I was able to learn ‘how NOT to act’ if offered the position.” Takeyah - “I believe it’s necessary in order to obtain work in your field. Plenty of internships lead to a permanent position after graduation. It's also a great resume-builder and networking tool.” My personal experience with internships sums up most of what was commented. While I have had multiple, the one that impacted my life the most was the one that embraced what I love the most. That is music. The others also incorporated pieces of my business studies. Nothing was lost. During my time at the music label, I was able to see and run daily operations, learn the culture, and give my input on projects. I met influential artists and musicians in the industry and was even offered a position before I graduated from college. It was unpaid but the experience was priceless. While I did not take the offer because of personal reasons, I was assured of a part of my purpose. Music may not be everyone’s passion, but something is. I just encourage you to get a head-start on whatever that may be. Start making moves to “put in the work”…now. Miss Black KS USA 2013, Natasha S. Houston

Think Like a Banker Hello! My name is Recil Robinson and I am a Private Family Banking Coach. I have been helping people learn how to “think like a banker” when it comes to their finances for two years now and have been providing “Debt Coaching” for several years prior. Today, I am here to introduce you to the beginning steps of “Thinking like a Banker”. Let’s take for example, purchasing a car, we have all been taught that there are only three ways of purchasing an automobile, and they are as follows: 1. Save our money and pay cash for it. (“This is the best way.”) 2. Borrow the money from a bank or finance company. (“Not the best thing to do.”) 3. Lease it from the car lot. (“The worst way to handle it.”) So, let’s take a closer look at these: Cash – This is the “acceptable way” to save up the money and pay cash because we are not paying interest, right? But what happened to your savings the day you bought the car? Do you still have it? Is it still gaining interest? Or are we back to zero? But you say, “I have a car and no car payments!” What are you going to start doing now if you are smart? You are going to start saving for the next car, right? (A.k.a. Car Payment) Borrowing – This is using a commercial bank (or finance company) to do the job. At the end of the 4-year time frame of the loan, all you have is a 4-year old car. Leasing - The car lot owns the car and “rents” it to you for a fee above what would have been charged to finance it. So not only are you paying interest, but you have no car and have spent all your money by the end of the lease agreement. Now, here comes the “paradigm shift” or new way of thinking that I coach people about. There are actually two other ways that you can provide the money for buying a car. These two methods are; Visit and read more.

Mayona PresleyNortheast Maganet

Are you looking for a new place to hang out? Then, Northrock is the place! Northrock Lanes is located at 3232 North Rock Road and is open 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. with “Special Summer Hours” on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visiting Northrock Lanes is a fun and inexpensive way for all ages to enjoy spending time with friends and family! Not only is there bowling, but Northrock Lanes also has an arcade and food! There are concessions and AJ’s Sports Grill, merely a few steps away. Northrock offers a variety of reasonably priced bowling packages and league memberships. On your way into Northrock Lanes, make sure you visit the Pro Shop. If you are celebrating any special occasion like a birthday party or just want to schedule coaching, you may make reservations by calling 316-6365444. For more information you can visit the website at

Visit us in Wichita at:

We have the Best Burrito in town! Don’t take our word for it, come and see!

550 North Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67212 Tel: (316) 944-7313 3415 East Harry Wichita, KS 67218 Tel: (316) 944-7314

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Open Mon-Sat 10:30 am - 9:00 pm Closed On Sundays

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4525 E. Central Ave - 316-260-4660 2839 S. Hydraulic - 316-866-2881 2251 E. 21st St. N. - 316-440-1781 2275 N. Amidon St. - 316-832-2271

Did you ever wonder how to go after those exciting jobs First, you learn the tools, then you learn to apply them in the r re Academy gives you the opportunity to do both. As a re student, you’ll work with industry-current software and equipment, often on real projects with working professionals. You can ear a few weeks and go straight into the work force, or you can take accredited classes with transferrable credits to pursue an advanced degree at other schools. re combines classroom education with hands-on experience to make you job-ready in the ever animation, audio recording.

Classes start March 25

THE NEXT GENERATION OF GAMING Written By: Kyle Holly E3 2013, the largest video game expo in America that happens every year, the big talk has been about Sony and Microsoft’s new “Next-Gen” Systems. Sony’s new system being called the PlayStation 4 or simply PS4 and Microsoft's new Xbox One; both companies teased the world with their new systems earlier this year during their own little press conferences. Sony being showcased in February and Microsoft in May, but E3 2013 was meant to pare for yourself. This will help everyone decide on which system is right for them when they both come out this holiday season. So, there you have it, the New Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. Both have been end of this year, just in time for the holidays. Each system has its own unique features that set it apart. The launch of both systems with brand new games and some familiar titles like the new “Call of Duty Ghost”, “Madden 25”, and the much anticipated, “Watch Dogs” along with more to come, show that the future of gaming has never looked so good.


PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Price (USD) Optical Drive

$399.99 Blu-ray/DVD

$499.99 Blu-ray/DVD

Game DVR




8GB GDDR 5 Single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor with 8 cores 500 GB Hard Drive (Removable)

8Gb DDR3

500 GB Hard Drive (NonRemovable)

External Storage


Yes, through USB

Cloud Storage



CPU Storage

What do you think of the Mandatory Game Installs No upcoming systems? Does one Required Internet stand out more than the other? No Also, do you believe that Connection Nintendo’s Wii U system, Used Game Fee No released last year, will stand up to the competitors? Head on Backwards Compatibility No over to under the new GAMER Blog, Yes Cross Game Chat where gamers can talk about Dualshock 4, PlayStation 4 Eye all the future titles and systems, (Not included) and PlayStation Motion Control and let your voice be heard!!! Move (Not included) PlayStation Plus Subscription Fee

8 Core Microsoft Custom CPU

Yes Yes, but ONLY for the system’s mandatory day one update No No Yes Kinect 2 (Included with every system) Xbox Live


USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Live Streaming



Web Connection

Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi

Gigabit, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi


Bluetooth 2.1

A/V Hookups

HDMI output (Supports 4k) and Optical Output

Region Locked


No HDMI input and output (Supports 4K) and Optical Output No


Final Four:

(Left to right) Kyle “3-Fingers” Holly, Jonathan “Zown” Crigler, Alex “ATO” Crigler, Eugene “MIDW3ST” Warren.


ichita's local hip-hop and rap scene is growing rapidly. From young teens to adults, the city’s music culture has expanded over the

to overcome this problem. Final Four is a local hip-hop group; it is four guys with one sound. Final Four was formed in the fall of 2008 when four co-workers, turned friends, discovered their shared passion for music. The jam sessions were just for the Block," although made out of boredom, ended up showing them how creative they could all be. The group is made up of Eugene "MIDW3ST" Warren, Kyle "3-Fingers" Holly, and brothers Alex "ATO" Crigler and Jonathan "Zown" Crigler. These young men set themselves apart for other rap groups by providing clean music that everyone can enjoy. Final Four doesn't to be uplifting and to spread positivity through their music. Each member writes his own verses. However, the group works well together when sharing ideas or helping a member out. They have performed at venues around Wichita, Kansas City, and Junction City. The group even participated in TEENVIEW’s very own “100 Degrees” Fashion Show. Final Four hopes to have more opportunities in the future. One day they want to be a name everyone recognizes. Until then, they realize that they all have room for

growth and improvement. These young men strive to produce the best in music and continue to work on being successful artists.


Poem written by Cambria Green- Northwest High

For more poetry, visit


BattleStations Gaming offers a unique digital experience with the best technology, the best guest service, and the most affordable pricing in a clean, safe, and fun environment.

"Whether you are fighting a dragon, sniping a n00b, or shuffling your deck, we're the destination for you!"

11330 E Central Ave, Suite 800

Wichita, KS 67206


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