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Victoria Justice Nickelodeon’s new leading lady

? b a l f e h t x i f I How do Dr. Julie shows you how to build your core

For girls only Getting past “girl meanness”

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Vol 3 issue 3 • Fall 2009

How do you stop the bully before he starts?

The answer: Even the “bad” guys know when they are doing wrong. But they might not realize that when they harm another, they are actually harming themselves. They might need your help to see this. Give them The Way to Happiness. This booklet contains 21 common sense directions for a better, happier life. And one of them is this rule for the bully: “Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you.” When you help someone treat others better, everyone wins. Find out more. Go to Watch video #19: “Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them To Do To You.” (And then watch the rest!)


® Copyright © 2009 The Way to Happiness Foundation International. All Rights Reserved. The Way to Happiness and the “Road and Sun” Design are trademarks owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library in the USA and in other countries (trademark registrations issued and other registrations pending) and are used with its permission. Item C6235.

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EDITOR’S NOTE Candice says goodbye and passes the torch.


GIRL NEX T DOOR Teen Trend talks to Victoria Justice.


FLAVOR OF THE SEASON See what five new hot products you


COLLEGE DIR Teen Trend’s directory of colleges.


BOY NEX T DOOR Teen Trend talks to Nathan Kress.


STAR BIO Learn about Ariel Winter, the star of the new ABC

could win.


VANESSA’S VERSES Meet Vanessa, a member of the class of ‘10.

comedy Modern Family.


COLLEGE 101 Learn what colleges have green lush campuses


POP QUIZ What type of subject should you major in in college?


ONCE UPON A TIME A summer romance at water land.


WEBCRAWLER the lowdown on hulu.


DR. JULIE Learn how to fix the flab by focusing on your core.


WRAP IT UP Where to find the fashions and enter the contests


MUSIC REVIEW Teen Trend evaluates 3 new CDs.


BOOK REVIEW Emma gives you her thoughts on three new books for teens.


FOR GIRLS ONLY Carole suggest books to help teens find their way in life.

in this issue. Also find the Fall Graffiti and Directory of Services.


IN THE STARS See what’s in store for Fall with horoscopes by Psychic Azure.


SCHOOL TO WORK TRANSITIONS Community Options Inc. helps students with disabilities plan for their futures.

editor’s NOTE

Parting is such sweet sorrow You know, I never really knew the meaning of that phrase until now. Why? Well, this is my last issue as Editor-in-Chief of Teen Trend. I started Teen Trend back in 2006 after hearing a teenager on Sean Hannity’s radio show talk about how there was nothing really available to conservative teenagers. Since I was a conservative teen myself, I answered the call with Teen Trend. The first issue was published in May, and I was wholeheartedly supported by Sean and a fellow radio host, Mark Levin. I am still grateful for their support and encouragement. So much has changed in my life since starting Teen Trend, and it has only been three years. I have made many wonderful friends thanks to this magazine, but it is time for me to let go and move on. Like a senior graduating high school, I am sad to let the past go but looking forward to what the future holds. There you have the “sweet” and the “sorrow”. To all of the writers and photographers that have been with me since day one: You are priceless. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for everything. To my wonderful family: Thank you for your support. I look forward to spending more time with you. To Teen Trend’s loyal readers: Best of luck in your future endeavors. Remain true to yourself, keep smiling and keep dreaming. I leave the magazine in excellent hands with ASM Publishing and new Editor Marissa Broe Marissa Broe recently graduated from Syracuse University where she spent her time studying and immersed in magazines. Like all the Teen Trend readers, Marissa was once a teen and knows how important these years are. She is very excited to join the TT team and to be able to reach each and every one of you through the magazine. As much as Marissa believes she knows what’s going on in the teen world, we welcomes letters from her readers filling her in and letting her know what you’d love to read about! She looks forward to her future with all of you! I love you all.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Candice Cain PUBLISHER David Jones CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Don Wolak DIRECTOR OF CIRCULATION David Aultman REVIEWS Teen Tech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Craig Lawrence Bookworm. . . . . . . . . . . . Matthew Johnson Flavor of the Season . . . . . . Sasha Marie Reel Review . . . . . . . . . . . . Kaysee Mitchell CELEBRITY CORRESPONDENT Cali Ross ILLUSTRATOR Brian Gauler CONTRIBUTORS Billy Bradford, Bryan Carey, Julienne Cook, Karen H. Gros, Juliette Harris, Lori Leidig, Howard Miller, Mechelle Martz-Mayfield, PHOTOGRAPHY Billy Bradford, Karen Cho, Deborah Mantell LAYOUT & DESIGN Melissa Witchey, Chris Colleluori

Love, ON THE COVER Victoria Justice

Teen Trend (ISSN 1931-4507) is published four times a year in February, May, July, and October by ASM Publishing with editorial and advertising offices located at 106 Cobblestone Court Dr. #323, Victor, NY 14564. Telephone (585)924-4250. Printed in the United States of America. All rights reserved. Copyright 2009, ASM Publishing. Subscriptions: Rates for the United States and its possessions follow: one year $12.97; two years $22.25. Canadian subscriptions are: one year $17.97. U.S. funds. Single copies U.S. $2.95, $3.49 foreign. Advertising: Teen Trend does not necessarily imply endorsement. Queries, questions, and requests for media kits should be directed to the Chief Marketing Officer, Don Wolak, 106 Cobblestone Court Dr. #323, Victor, NY 14564. Telephone (585)924-4250. Manuscripts: Teen Trend assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or artwork. Submission of manuscripts and photographs, either unsolicited or assigned, is a statement that the author or photographer owns the copyright or that all copyright permissions to such material have been secured. The publisher is held harmless if such rights and/or permissions have not been secured. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and inquiries to: Teen Trend, c/o ASM Publishing, 106 Cobblestone Court Dr. #323, Victor, NY 14564 4


FALL 2009

flavor OF THE SEA SON Sonic Boom Sweetheart Clock TM

Guaranteed to Wake Even the Deepest Sleeper. This ultra-loud, bed-shaking clock features a 113dB audio alarm (that’s 3X times louder than a typical clock) with adjustable tone and volume control and a powerful 12V bed shaker. It is guaranteed to get even the deepest sleeper out of bed in the mornings, even after a late night pajama party. Priced at $42.95 (plus shipping and handling). To purchase a Sonic Boom alarm clock or see other available styles, visit:


Pout N Polish Pout N Polish is a revolutionary smile and lip treatment created by Dentist to-the-stars Jennifer Jablow. This on the go treatment freshens the breath, brightens and polishes your smile, and gives you beautiful sexy lips! The stain eraser formula for your smile is the first ever peroxide free clinically proven formula that is safe to use everyday, several times a day! Ford Models love it so much they endorsed it on a youtube video! The minty gloss is infused with green tea, co q10, collagen and hyualronic acid to give you a soft beautiful pout! Available at for $22.

Set-your-own combination locks Master Lock introduces a new generation of resettable combination locks. The lock is faster to open than traditional locks, more secure and customizable. Users can create their own easy-toremember, resettable combinations. Pick one up at Staples or Home Depot for $6.99

Flair4all reusable wall decals These new wall decals offer designs to fit any teen’s style—whether she’s a diva, a rocker or somewhere in between. Best yet, flair4all decals come off surfaces just as easily as they go on. Flair4all has come to the rescue of style-stymied teens everywhere who are barred from selfexpression because of parental drywall anxiety. Packages of flair4all are sold exclusively on the product’s Web site,, for $20.00. Flair-packs include three 12 x 17-inch sheets with decals of various sizes and designs.

Garden of Eve Skin Care Garden of Eve skin care lines provide a natural alternative to brands that use toxic ingredients. With teens in mind, Garden of Eve has a face care line designed specifically for those suffering from acne and need a strong solution without the use harsh chemicals. The Garden of Eve Clearly Lovely skincare line includes: • Facial Cleansing Nectar - Offers gentle cleansing with extra nourishing and conditioning that benefits acne prone skin. • Clearly Lovely Facial Toner - A blend of organic plant hydrosols selected for acne care and/or combination skin. • Eve’s Mud Party for Clearly Lovely— Dead Sea Mud blended with organic plant hydrosols that support acne prone skin. • Clearly Lovely Face Cream—Blended specifically to assist your skin in producing the proper balance of oils for clear smooth skin. The products can be purchased at

FALL 2009



% / & ) ? % vanessa’s VERSES

s ' a s s e n a erses




am VERY Vanessa and I is e am n y M or t Hig h Hey ever yone! nior at Bellp se a am I nge to that sounds so stra excited to say at th , ow W ! must 2010 r at all! But I io School, class of n se a ke li el don’t fe ’s so weird to say because I nbelievable! It u s d n u so it g ds Forever” admit, sayin C song “Frien in am it V s ou have the fam life! mer which finally come to the end of sum d n ou ar ’s it , at the same So right now to go back but py ap h so am I ant it to is bittersweet e and I don’t w om es aw en be year up has e same ever y time summer th ch u m ty et things is pr uate. So many end. Summer ad gr u yo re fo e you er be Class last at the age wher until the summ ly Vanessa in Gym al n fi re u’ e yo th d to an fe g li n r star t changi to live you year all the e independence h or it m w e le m ib so ed e cr av h in job, and spent mer has been t a car, I got a m gh su u y bo M I , se t! n es ach! full y lice I had at the be pened. I got m ce ap an h ch at y th er s about ev ge chan mixed feelings I have a lot of o e n idea year and hav g in m co p u e th myself to when I drive t ec p ex to at wh think I’m first time. I e th r fo l oo e best sch hing because th yt an an th r ie ved. I happ has finally ar ri l oo h sc h ig h man 3 year of g in as a fresh n ki al w r be remem eling awking lost and fe years ago gett little overso feeling a ward. I’m al e age now use I’m at th whelmed beca t the help myself w ithou g n ti or h ac pp be su t e tr ied to to star Fun at th a breeze, but I pay and need be to s to ll ar bi e ye r av h io asses! n where I not so tough cl s wanted my se be ay w ay al m I … . ts ok d en of my par me tough an hedule w ith so equal out my sc the senhappy that I am y el em tr ex m I’ ! I can’t of the year book or it ed s as cl r io tray the e work to por th n gi be to t yearwai best. Between s it at 10 20 of Club, class ident of Key es pr g in be , book taking, it P courses I’m and the few A o much. enjoy school to sounds like I t to throw At times I wan Truth is I do! t of the a fire, but mos my books into to attend arning! I plan le y jo en I e m ti eg e an d anging with friends Jo se p h’s C o ll H . St at l o o h sc ally become tu en ev to on study educati



FALL 2009

vanessa’s VERSES

a Hig h School history teacher . Of course ever yone wan ts the “college ex per ience” of going away to school, but I feel like I would miss ou t on other thin gs if I left home. I don’ t think I cou ld last long w ithout seein g my family anyway, so stay ing home fo r school was m Vanessa and y smar test ch her family: Tw oi ce. in brothers Michael & An thony, Mom An When I was litt toinette and le I made a list Dad Mike things I’m look of a few in g forward to du like any other senior year. T ring my year or w ill it he First Day. feel depressin school? I’m Will it feel g since it’s the ready to find last “first” day out! Spring Break. Gradu of hig h ation is going to be so close I can almost to uch it! I’m su re the anticipation w ill m ake me crazy! Prom. A beautiful gow n, p er fect hai r, a w hole nig ht of fun an d memor ies… need I say anything else?! And finally, G raduation Day. I don’t kn ow about you , but I w ill most likely be cr ying my ey es out that day! I know I w ill be so prou d of myself to walk dow n the aisle w ith my cap and gow n and begi n the rest of m y life! I know it’s pr etty obvious bu never been m t I have Tim ore anxious fo e for prom r anything else intend to live in my life! T it up and mak his year w ill fl e the best of it w ill be the mos y by so I ! I’ll keep you t epic and mem posted on what orable year of I’m sure my life!

) % ? %% Vanessa and Danny Gokey of American Id ol

FALL 2009




ictoria Justice is the hottest new teen star to his the small screen. Appearing on shows such as Zoey 101 and iCarly, Victoria has had a pretty accomplished acting career for a 16 year old girl. She is even waiting to find out if her very own Nickelodeon television show is going to be aired. Even though Victoria is a rising star, she is still a down-to-Earth teenager, trying to maintain a “normal� life. She took some time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Teen Trend Magazine so that we could get to know her a bit better.


Photos by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo 8


FALL 2009

girl NEX TDOOR How did you get involved in acting? I was almost 8 years old when I was watching a kid on a TV commercial, and I told my mom that I wanted to do the same thing. She said that I would need to get an agent and that she would research it. I was really lucky that we lived very close to South Beach, (Miami), and that there were a lot of agencies down there. Most of them were modeling agencies which also handled commercial auditions. I signed with a couple, (because you could be multi-listed, instead of just having one agent like L.A.), and started modeling right away. Soon after, they sent me out on my first commercial audition for "Ovaltine." I remember how excited we were, when we got the phone call that I booked it. I remember being the youngest of the four leads, and we all had to wear soccer uniforms. There's a scene of all of us running and my uniform was so big on me, that it looked like my shorts were going to fall off. I still remember my lines to this day, "it's chocolaty, Ovaltine's amazing!" Why did you decide on an acting career? I was really so young that it wasn’t a decision I made that I’m going to be an actor at that age. It was more like,“that looks like fun, and I want to try that.” When I started doing it though, I loved it, and I knew that I wanted to keep doing it. I always loved performing. I was in an after school care program that focused on the arts, (dancing and singing); from the time I was 5 till about 9 years old. I always looked forward to all the recitals and holiday performances. Most of the work I did in Florida was modeling, and my parents knew that to really support the acting that we would have to go to LA. So we came in the summer of 2004 to give it a try, and we never went back, (we still visit, but we have never lived there again). If you weren't acting, what would you do with your life? It would probably be something in the entertainment field. I have a very inquisitive personality so I think I would make a good talk show host. I’ve also met so many talented people here in LA that are struggling, just trying to get a break. It would be really nice to be able to feature new talent on my talk/talent show, and help someone achieve their dreams. Yeah, that’s what I would like to do. What is it like being famous? Sometimes it’s great and sometimes not so great. I don’t think of myself as really being famous. People tell

me that will change next year as all the things I’ve been working on will air. I know this is true, because I can look around at my peers and I see their lives, and what they go through. I love my fans and I try to keep in touch with them as much as I can. I’m so, so appreciative of their support. But recently, it was a bit overwhelming. I recently took my sister and her friend to Demi Lovato’s concert. I went to the concession stand to grab a snack, and along the way I took a few photos with some fans. Within just a few minutes, I was mobbed by about 500 kids and backed into a corner. I was very flattered, but it was really scary at the same time. Five security guards had to come and break up the crowd. That doesn’t normally happen to me just walking down the street or in a mall, I just happened to be somewhere where the people there were my audience. The next night, I went to a Cold Play concert, and never had a problem, because the people there were so much older and didn’t know who I was. I’m only 16 years old and it’s hard growing up in the spotlight. You have to always be very careful of what you say, what you do,

what you wear, etc. Of course, I’m going to make mistakes, but it’ll be difficult making them while the whole world is watching, and then weighing in with opinions. Also, any photo taken of you, everyone will have an opinion from your hair, makeup, what you wore…just everything. Good or bad their opinions will be everywhere for everyone to see. So, that can be tough also. Your family, friends, boyfriends, anyone in your world is also judged. The average person doesn’t have to live under a microscope like that. What are you doing for your education? Right now I’m home schooled and in 11th grade. I’m finishing up my last few units of 10th grade math and World History. I went to regular school almost all of my freshman year, (I had to be pulled out to do a movie, “Spectacular”) and was home schooled from then on. I was also home schooled one other time when I was in 8th grade, because we went 26 episodes on “Zoey 101” one season. I came back in enough time to graduate middle school with my friends, which was really important to me. Aside from that I’ve gone to public school most of my life and loved it. What are your plans for the next 5 years? Well, we’ve shot the pilot for my own series on Nickelodeon in February, and we’re just waiting to hear if we’re greenlit. I also have signed a record deal with Sony, and I’ve been working on music. So hopefully in five years, the series will be up and running, (and hopefully doing well), and I’ll be really into my music as well. I would also like to be working on a great project with some great actors that I really admire. That would be nice. Do you have any advice for Teen Trend readers? Being a teen can be tough. Just try to surround yourself with really good friends that really have your back, and also be a really good friend to those who really care about you. If you’re not sure about certain things, talk to your friends that you trust and your family. Also, I recently learned something. Try not to make important decisions at night. Things always seems to be more dramatic then. Also the later it is, the more intense it seems. Wait until the morning and you’ll see things are never as bad as you thought they were. FALL 2009




Color: Turquoise Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip Mov ie: Garden State and Almost Famous Book: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Actor: James Franco/ James Macavoy/ Emille Hirsch Actress: Natalie Portman Food: Lamb chops with mint green jelly and for breakfast, eggs Benedict. Vacat ion Spot: Would love to go scuba diving in Australia Favorite past t ime: Laying on my hammock either reading or listening to my ipod. Favorite female singer: Sara Bareilles Favorite male singer: Jason Mraz Favorite g roup: Cold Play Favorite ar ticle of clothing: Sam Edelman Moccasin boots Favorite qualit y in a fr iend: Loyalty and a great sense of humor. Favorite season: Summer. I love the beach and the freedom of summer. TV Show: I haven't really been watching a lot of TV lately, but when "American Idol" is on, I try to catch it every week. Spor ts Team: I don't watch sports on TV, but if I had to choose, I'd have to say the Dolphins, because I'm from Hollywood, Florida and my Dad loves them. Quote: "Treat others the way you would like to be treated."



FALL 2009

college PROFILE

Discover Burlington College Welcome to Burlington A great deal of information College — a progressive, liberal about Burlington College is arts institution with a humanavailable in the school’s catalog istic, interdisciplinary approach and on the Burlington College and a commitment to individuWeb site: alized education. But the best way to appreciThe community-based misate what Burlington College is sion at Burlington College all about is to visit the campus includes a commitment to both to really discover the unique the local and global communinature of the school and the ty, inclusive of people with people who work and study diverse backgrounds and culthere. Experience firsthand the tures. The emphasis is on the personal attention students fact that it is Burlington’s colhave come to expect from their lege, and as such, the goal is to advisors and professors. Attend reflect the values and principles a class or two, all small semithat are synonymous with the nars with an average of 10 stubeautiful city, as well as the dents. Participate in one of our state of Vermont. public forums or neighborThe long list of challenging hood events. Go out on the programs at Burlington College lake, take a ride on the bikepath Photo curtesy of Burlington College includes Cinema Studies & or walk downtown or to the Film Production, Transpersonal Psychology, Writing & Literature, Waterfront Park. Join students in the digital editing lab, at a career day Inter-American Studies and many more majors, along with certificate with professionals in the fields they are studying, or at one of the many programs and the Institute for Civic Engagement. Burlington also festivals that take place in the city of Burlington. offers the option to attend classes on campus, through our low-residenBurlington College is the right place for those interested in a college cy distance learning Independent Degree Program or a combination of that treats each student as an individual, nurtures creativity and develthe two. Burlington College provides a rigorous academic program ops skills in self-directed learning, encourages civic engagement and with many opportunities for students to merge theory and practice and stewardship of the environment, and fosters open communication and to discuss history, arts, culture and the relevant issues of the day. shared responsibility. Discover the Burlington College difference!

Design your own major at

Burlington College

n Small classes. n Individual focus. n Real life experience. It has long been a tradition at Burlington College for students to design majors that meet their own particular needs and interests. The individualized major can be a variation on one of the College’s existing majors or it can be a course of study unique to the student’s interests.

The following are self-designed majors that students have pursued:


Anthropology Arts and Social Change Arts, Culture, and Community Bereavement Studies Children’s Literature Comparative Religion Communications Contemporary Spirituality Creative Arts Therapy Creativity Culture and Critical Theory Cultural Studies Documentary and Media Studies Ecological Design Ecology, Arts, and Education Economics, Politics, and History

Education and Pedagogy Education and Technology Environmental Design Environmental Education Environmental Studies Film, Music, and Audio Production Health Communications History Holistic Studies Land Use Planning Literature Media and Social Justice Media Literacy and Social Change Music and Film Philosophy Political Philosophy

Political Science/Community Organizing Psychology, Religion, and Culture Social Ecology Social Technology Spirituality of Peace Sustainability and Education Sustainability Studies Sustainable Design and Planning Transformational Dance Transpersonal and Counseling Psychology Transpersonal Studies/Writing Urban Affairs and Public Policy World History Writing and Film

95 North Ave., Burlington, VT 05401 • 1-800-862-9616 • • FALL 2009



college DIREC TORY 800 Bethany Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066

• Private, four year coed college • Two beautiful historic New England Campuses • 30+ programs from Accounting to Veterinary Science • NCAA Division III sports • Outstanding internships, co-ops, on-site facilities and study abroad 61 Sever Street, Worcester, MA 01609



Individual Focus. Equip your mind Engage your soul Change the world 800-843-9410

With 62 majors and 38 minors, our comprehensive curriculum and multi-disciplinary approach immerses you in a broad-based liberal arts education while helping you develop real-world skills.

(607) 753-4711

Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, is committed to the discovery of Wisdom and the transmission of Learning, through research and through undergraduate, graduate and professional education of the highest quality. Guided by its Catholic and Jesuit traditions, Fordham fosters the intellectual, moral and religious development of its students and prepares them for leadership in a global society.

Real life experience. 95 North Avenue Burlington, VT, 05401 1-800-802-862-9616 email:

At the

University of Virginia

4 Star Camps


Discover Your Future...

“I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” – Ezra Cornell, 1868

Cornell offers more than 4,000 courses, 70 undergraduate majors, and 93 graduate fields of study in seven undergraduate colleges; a graduate school; and professional-degree schools in business management, medicine, law, and veterinary medicine. 607-254-4636 email:

Where Success is a Tradition. 178 Central Ave. Fredonia, NY 14063

800-252-1212 email:


Teaching students to write effectively, learn from each other and think for themselves. 198 College Hill Road Clinton, NY 13323








Small Classes.


Seize the moment. Feel the momentum.


(800) 843-2655 w w

Harvard offers 6,500 undergraduates and education from distinguished faculty in more than 40 fields in the liberal arts as well as engineering and applied science. 8 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138

617-495-1551 100 Job Hall 953 Danby Rd Ithaca, NY 14850 800-429-4272

Kenyon welcomes curiosity, creativity, intellectual ambition, and an openness to new ideas. We see learning as a challenging, deeply rewarding, and profoundly important activity, to be shared in a spirit of collaboration. Gambier, Ohio 43022

(800) 848-2468 w w Email:









Located in New York’s stunning Finger Lakes region, Ithaca College provides a first-rate education on a first-name basis. Its Schools of Business, Communications, Health Sciences and Human Performaces, Humanities and Sciences, and Music and its interdisciplinary division offer over 100 majors.


391 W. Washington St.

The best part about attending Le Moyne is the opportunity to get to know your instructors and classmates in a small setting.


(800) 333-4733

For over 151 years, Lake Erie College has been educating students for the world after college. We combine a liberal arts education with practical “real-life” experiences. Painesville, OH 44077



FALL 2009

1419 Salt Springs Rd., Syracuse, NY 13214

Selective. Comprehensive. Personal. 61 S. Sandusky St. Delaware, Ohio, 43015 (740) 368-2000

Engaging minds and opening doors. Life on a great lakeside campus is interesting, life-changing & fun. SUNY Oswego • 7060 Route 104 • Oswego, NY 13126 Phone: 315-312-2500 Email:

college DIREC TORY

Options. Opportunities. Outcomes. Exceptional academics, professional experience, and the New York edge. 800-874-PACE

“You think the future’s exciting? Wait ’til you see what we did today.” UCLA represents the very best of what a university can be – a diverse community of talented people who enrich our society through education, research and service.


Meliora: Ever better

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs will provide unsurpassed, student-centered teaching and learning and outstanding research and creative work that serve our community, state, and nation, and result in our recognition as the premier comprehensive, regional research university in the United States.

One of the country’s top-tier research universities houses more than 200 academic majors, more than 2,000 faculty and instructional staff, and some 9,300 students with a low 9:1 student to teacher ratio, and increased interactions with faculty.

1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs, CO 80918

800-990-8227 www.uccs.e du

(585) 275-2121 •

Thinking ahead Innovating to help students balance education and life in a rapidly changing world. 4615 E. Elwood St. Phoenix, AZ 85040


Pursuit of Excellence Air Force’s premier institution for developing leaders of character.

2304 Cadet Dr, Ste 200 USAF Academy CO 80840


“Large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to be friendly.” 203-432-9300 I

FALL 2009



college 101



here’s lots of talk out there about going green and choosing a college is no exception. But we’re not talking about recycling or even the cash it takes to go there. No, the original green: grass and trees. Part of what makes the following schools stand out (aside from their academic and athletic offerings and reputations) is that they all provide lush, green campuses, as their leafy monikers might suggest. So whether it’s a city you seek (enjoy Boston or Philadelphia while still on a real campus at Pine Manor and Chestnut Hill, respectively) or acres of trees at Lindenwood in Missouri or the wooded bike trails of Oakland University in Michigan, if you’re into nature these schools are mustsees.

Cedar Crest College Allentown, Pennsylvania This all-women’s college sprawls across 84 acres in suburban Pennsylvania. With more than 130 species of trees, the park-like campus 14


FALL 2009

is a nationally registered arboretum, but is also just one hour from Philadelphia, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants access to a city while still enjoying the beauty of a historic college campus. With more than 1,400 students from all over the U.S. and 20 countries, Cedar Crest focuses on leadership development and preparing its students for the global community. Cedar Crest offers both traditional academic schedules and majors as well as innovative classes and programs.

aspirations. CHC also offers study abroad programs with Regents in London, Sorbonne in Paris and Seisen University in Japan, and is a member of SEPCHE. There’s also an exchange program with other Sisters of St. Joseph schools throughout the U.S. A NCAA Division II school, CHC competes in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC), and has 15 varsity intercollegiate sports teams.

Chestnut Hill College

Lindenwood University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Charles, Missouri

Located just outside Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill College offers an inclusive Catholic education with emphasis on service and concern for the earth. With 2,100 students, Chestnut Hill became coed in 2003, and now offers 30 majors and 29 minors. Popular majors include education, psychology, communications administration. and business Chestnut Hill also features a Personal Learning Plan that allows students to create and define their goals and

With a green, 500-acre campus boasting shady Linden trees, Lindenwood University is the second-oldest college west of the Mississippi River. With approximately 14,500 students, Lindenwood is known for its innovation and entrepreneurship, the college encourages students to collaborate with professors on projects and has a strong honors program. Last fall, in September 2008, the university opened a new J. Scheiddeger Center for the Arts. The Center features two

college 101 theaters, The Bezemes Family Theater, a 1,200-seat Broadway Style and the Emerson Black Box Theater, an experimental space that transforms to hold a variety of music, dance and theater. Additionally there is the Boyle Family Gallery, which displays a variety of works from paintings to sculpture.

Pine Manor College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts A small, private college for women located just five miles from downtown Boston, Pine Manor emphasizes leadership and social responsibility not only through classroom work, but community partnerships. Pine Manor enjoys a 60-acre wooded campus, but with easy access to Boston’s public transportation via a regular shuttle service. The college is made up of approximately 500 students and while it offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 subject areas, the majority of its classes are fewer than 20 students, allowing each student the best access to professors. Also at Pine Manor is the The Center for Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility, which develops the leadership skills of young women, both at the college and in the community.

Oakland University Rochester, Michigan Located on 1,500 acres, Oakland University’s campus includes bike trails and two nationally-ranked golf courses. Founded in 1957, the University enrolls more than 18,000 students and offers 129 bachelor’s degree programs. But while the University might sound large, OU promises its students a small community feel. Classes are, on average, smaller than 35 students and uses few graduate teaching assistants – which means professors will be in the classroom and get to know you. OU also offers special first-year programs to help freshman get acquainted with each other and the OU community, including an online newsletter called Bear Essentials, and COM 101, a first year course designed to help students acclimate and excel in academic and campus life.

Elms College Chicoppe, Massachusetts This co-ed, Catholic liberal arts college with 700 students is nestled in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, offering many nature activities as well as academic ones. Elms offers associate degrees as well as

bachelor’s and students can choose from 33 majors, the most popular of which are nursing, business and social work. A NCAA Division III school, Elms offers 15 collegiate teams. The campus also feature the Irish Cultural Center and the Polish Center for Discovery and Learning. Elms college welcomes each freshman class with Elms night, an outdoor dinner with the upperclassmen.

Palm Beach Atlantic University West Palm Beach, Florida Just one mile from the Atlantic ocean, Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) is most well-known for its community service program, Workship. A combination of Work and Worship, each student is required to participate in community service. PBA is a nondenominational faithbased university, with 26 faiths represented within the student body. The university offers more than 60 majors, including ministry and counseling, as well as business, media communications and education. PBA also has a school of Pharmacy. PBA also offers online and distance learning opportunities, showing its commitment and dedication to its diverse student population as well as cutting-edge technology.

FALL 2009



pop QUIZ

What do I do next? Summer has just flown by. School is about to start. You have all your needed supplies and have even purchased those essential wardrobe pieces. It may be time to go back to school, but for those in High School, especially seniors, it’s time (or maybe even beyond time) to consider what you want to major in at college. For some of you the idea of deciding your future now may seem a bit daunting. However, there’s no need to get stressed about what you choose. Here’s a helpful test to help you figure out areas that you might be interested in and good at.

1. Your friends ask you to settle an argument for them, do you consider the facts and remain objective or do you allow your feelings and how the decision may effect others to influence your decision? a) I remain objective. b) I consider the effect on others but it doesn’t affect my decision. c) I don’t like to consider too much of anything when I’m making a decision. d) I struggle not to let feelings cloud my judgment but they often do. e) I allow my feelings and the effect of this decision on others shape my decision.

2. Your weekend is packed with multiple options for going out or staying home. Do you like to keep your options open or do you prefer to make a decision and only attend one event? a) I like to make a decision quickly and move on to the next matter at hand. b) I narrow the options based on the options I think are best in this situation. c) I have a hard time making a decision and prefer to be told what to do. d) I like to make a decision but continuing weighing the options until it’s time to act. e) I like to leave my options open.

3. Your sports team plays are outdated, do you develop new and innovative plays or work on making the existing ones more efficient? a) I like to develop new, innovative systems. b) I just want to make existing systems we have work more efficiently. c) I just like to work on things I already know and am comfortable with. d) I like to make existing systems work efficiently and in doing so am occasionally innovative. e) I like to develop new systems but I also enjoying increasing efficiency of old ones.



FALL 2009

4. In solving problems you consider yourself to be… a) I am logical and analytical. b) I am personable and sensitive but I can step back and see the big picture, too. c) I don’t believe in being either logical or personable. I’m just here to work. d) I am logical but I do have a heart, too. e) I am personable and sensitive to the exclusion of logic. 5. Some students do well with concepts and ideas, others like hands-on experiments. What are you? a) I am a practical, hands-on worker. b) I am a hands-on worker who comes up with the occasional idea. c) I don’t get paid to come up with ideas. I’m just here to learn. d) I am an idea person who sometimes finds it easier to be quiet and focus on work. e) I am an idea person. 6. It’s your birthday, do you….. a) Plan every moment to the finest detail. b) Plan a few key moments, but just have a good time. c) I don’t focus on anything — it’s my birthday. d) Relax and enjoy the day, but make sure that my birthday cake is my favorite flavor. e) Go with the flow — I’ll have a good time no matter what happens.

pop QUIZ 10. You are asked to make a persuasive speech in support of your favorite cause… a) I can never seem to convince others to share my point of view. b) I am always able to persuade others that I am right. c) I am uncomfortable trying to persuade others. d) I have a hard time persuading others. e) I am sometimes able to persuade others that I am right. 11. You are asked to clearly explain a complex problem to the class verbally. You are… a) never able to describe complex matters verbally. b) sometimes able to describe complex matters verbally. c) uncomfortable trying to describe complex matters. d) I struggle when trying to describe complex matters verbally. e) always able to describe complex matters verbally. 12. Your science teacher asks you to write clear instructions for an experiment you have developed. a) That’s easy! I have no trouble writing clear instructions. b) I’d rather not. I struggle when trying to write clear instructions. c) Do I have to? I am never able to write clear instructions. d) I can try. Writing instructions makes me uncomfortable. e) I am sometimes able to write clear instructions.

7. You are at a huge social event at a college you are touring. Do you… a) I like to watch what people are doing around me. b) I prefer to listen but sometimes I like to watch people too. c) I don’t like to be too aware of what other people are doing or saying. d) I prefer to listen to what is going on around me. e) I like to watch what’s happening around me but I listen, too. 8. It’s time to choose your college classes. When you’re reading the class listings, you choose… a) Classes where I can learn by doing my own experiments. b) Classes that focus on detailed diagrams and pictures. c) For me, learning is a struggle whether it’s done by seeing or by doing. d) Classes that allow me to do things myself with occasional photos or diagrams. e) I like classes that mix visual and hands-on training. 9. You are assigned a task in class. The first thing you do…. a) I like to read the directions first. b) I glance at the directions but I have a pretty good idea how to proceed. c) I feel uncomfortable undertaking a task until I have been trained in the procedures. d) I think I can figure this out as I go but I will glance at the directions if needed. e) I can figure things out as I go.

13. Your math teacher asks you to compute some simple problems quickly in your head. a) No problem. It’s easy to compute numbers in my head. b) The simple ones are okay, but the more complex ones I have difficulty with. c) I can do it, but I would rather use a calculator. d) It is a challenge for me and I struggle when computing numbers in my head. e) That’s impossible — I’m just not good with numbers. 14. You ask your teacher a question and they answer with “That’s just the way things are.” Do you… a) question the reason why things are the way they are. b) accept that things are the way they are for good reason. c) I may not like the answer, but I’m not going to question it. d) sometimes question why things are the way they are but I accept them that way. e) accept things as they are but sometimes I can’t help looking for the reason. 15. Your art teacher asks you to visualize a piece of fruit and reproduce the image on your paper… a) I am never able to create something based on a visualization I have experienced. b) I am sometimes able to create something, but it often doesn’t come out right. c) Being artistic and creative is highly overrated. d) I am sometimes able to turn a visualization into some thing recognizable. e) I can visualize something and make it come to life with ease.

FALL 2009



pop QUIZ

ANSWER KEY Mostly A's — SCIENCES/TECHNOLOGIES You have a fine attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving and analytical thinking. Yet you question things around you and like to discover new things. You would be successful pursuing a career in the sciences or technology. Look at areas such as: medicine, geology, computer science, or engineering. These career choices will suit your skills best.

Mostly B’s — BUSINESS. Your attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving and analytical thinking is much like someone with a science interest. However, you also have shown an ability to persuade others and learn by doing. You will be successful with a career in business. Business majors often find themselves in management careers in a variety of fields such as: hospitality, construction, retail, and manufacturing. There’s a ton of options open for you!

Mostly C’s — STILL UNDECIDED. You are uncomfortable coming up with your own ideas and aren’t sure what you want to do. This is not a reason to let others choose a college major for you. Think of a few things that you enjoy doing and take some classes in those areas your Freshman year. The great thing about college is that you don’t have to decide right away. You might surprise yourself by taking a class you never heard of and find that something just clicks! If not – that’s okay! Use this time in college to discover who you are and don’t be afraid to make some decisions on your own.


Your knack for logical thinking makes you a great match for careers in the social sciences or in criminal justice. You like to reason, you see order in the details and yet you are passionate about your interests. You may find yourself drawn to legal fields, but might also find yourself in areas of: journalism, archeology, anthropology, history or psychology. Your desire to discover the truth will prevail.

Mostly E’s — ART AND DESIGN.

You pay attention to details and have a creative spirit. Given your willingness to question why things are they way they are, and your propensity to observe the world around you, you are an art student in the making. Whether in performance or traditional arts, you will enjoy expressing your ideas and allowing others to enjoy your talents. Your creativity will shine.



FALL 2009

Do you know the TREND? TREND Why follow trends when you can start your own!

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Mail to: ASM • 106 Cobblestone Court Dr. #323 • Victor, NY 14564 • 1-800-932-4557 • FAX: (585) 924-4325

once upon A TIME

“Please stand behind the yellow line.” Jen repeated for what seemed like the 3000th time. She hated working at Water Land, but her parents were standing firm that they were not going to buy her a car. If she didn’t start saving now, she would never have enough by next September when she turned 16 and got her license. She had been working there for two weeks and hated every minute of it. From the minute she clocked in at 8:00 a.m. to her lunch break, where she scarfed down the ham and cheese sandwich her mom packed for her, to the line she stood in to clock out at 5:00pm, Jen knew that Water Land was not her type of land. This week Jen was assigned to the Tube of Doom, a floatation device that was released from the top of the steep hill and had 20


FALL 2009

a long drop down to the bottom. There was a constant stream of kids who did the drop over and over, and

another stream of kids who got to the top, chickened out, got down and then climbed back up only to chicken out again. “Please stand behind the yellow line,” Jen heard in a male voice. She turned to find a rugged tall blonde with bright blue eyes and a white smile looking at her. She blushed automatically, but was glad she was a little sunburned so this stranger wouldn’t notice. “Hey, I’m Pete. They told me in the office to come help you out. They don’t want all these kids coming back up if they don’t go down the first time.” Jen had no idea what Pete was talking about. She didn’t even really hear what he was saying but she nodded and tried to smile as she pushed the tube off of the top of the landing. “Hey, you’re pretty good

once upon A TIME at that, I never seem to push them hard enough, they always come back up at yell at me to make them go faster.” Jen wanted desperately to say something witty and charming to his compliment; something to show Pete that she was mature and sophisticated yet young and fun. “Thanks.” She tried to formulate the rest of her thought, but before she could Pete started walking towards her and her stomach dropped. He leaned over her left shoulder and spoke to a boy behind her. She could smell his sun block. “Hey, if you’re going to go back down, you can’t come back up again. Sorry, but those are the rules. Don’t be afraid, it’s fun!” Pete leaned back and they were face to face. She loved Water Land at that moment. She loved the area that she used to call “The Cave.” It was so small that she felt squished in there all day, but now the two of them stood closely together. She loved the old guys in the office who ate fried food all day for sending Pete to enforce the rules. She even loved those stupid kids for getting scared and causing the problem in the first place. “Banana?” Pete was looking into her eyes obviously waiting for an answer. Jen’s mind raced. What could he be asking? He didn’t come up there with any fruit, she didn’t see any monkeys around. All she could do was stare at him. “Your sun block. Banana?” Jen started laughing. Pete seemed puzzled but smiled. “Yeah, it’s banana, I feel

like a fruit salad when I wear it.” “I like it. Smells sweet.” For a week, Pete helped Jen keep the kids to a “one chicken” minimum. That’s what they called it. They had agreed that every kid had the right to chicken out once. Jen showed Pete her “swing and push” method of getting the tube to go faster and he surprised her with a new, odorless, sunscreen. She was sad when Friday rolled around. It meant the end of the week and a change of position. Today she beat Pete to the platform where she sat in her chair waiting for the

throng of kids to tube to their doom. She was sitting with her eyes closed letting the sun hit her face when she felt something on her neck. She reached up with her hand and felt her neck, Pete was putting a necklace on her. He handed her a little mirror. It was a silver strawberry. “So you don’t have to feel like a fruit salad.” Jen was speechless. It was the first time a guy ever gave her a gift. Over the week, she had started to like Pete more and more but tried to convince herself that he couldn’t feel the same way. “Jen, want to go to the movies with me tomorrow night?” Suddenly all she could hear was the thumping of her heart in her ears. She was thrilled. “No.” she had spoken without thinking. “Um, ok. I’m sorry, I just thought….” Pete was obviously shaken. “Wait, no, not “no” I just, I don’t drive and my parents won’t be home tomorrow” Pete smiled obviously relieved. “I can drive.” It was going to be a great summer after all.

“Hey, if you’re going to go back down, you can’t come back up again. Sorry, but those are the rules. Don’t be afraid, it’s fun!”

FALL 2009





is day job is playing the tech-savvy sidekick to Nickelodeon’s biggest virtual star iCarly, but 16year-old Nathan Kress enjoys reading Ted Decker, playing Xbox, and going to high school just like a regular teen. Here Teen Trend goes one on one to find out just Who is the real Freddie Benson?




FALL 2009

boy NEX TDOOR T.T. So you j ust finishe d filming sea so n tw o. What is your sho ot ing sc he dule like? N.K. For every month we are shooting for three weeks and then we get one week of hiatus. And on those shooting weeks we’re working five days a week. We rehearse Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then shoot the actual episode Thursday and Friday and each workday is about 10 ? hours a day. T.T. Not your averag e sc he dule f or a 16 y e a r o l d . N.K. It’s a full time job, plus when you’re trying to manage school with that its two full time jobs together. T.T. Do you e ver f eel like you’re miss ing ou t o n that r eal lif e exp er ie nce? N.K. Yeah, I’m hoping that maybe my senior year I’ll get to go to a regular high school but I’ve definitely missed out on the classmate camaraderie and going to pep rallys and football games and all the typical high school dances. But, I’ve been able to get a little taste of that, here and there, by going to my brother’s high school and stuff like that, and I’ve made friends there. So, I’m really getting half and half, but it seems at time we’ve missed out on the regular kid stuff. T.T. Has the re b een a t ime w he n you got t o me et o ne o f your id ols you g rew up wat ching o n Nic kelo deon? N.K. My big thing was Drake and Josh. That was one of my favorite shows of all time and I still love it and still

watch it when I can. I did a bit part that was eventually cut out because the character I played was so similar to Freddie that they didn’t want people to get confused on “who was who.” When I was doing that part I got to meet both Drake and Josh who were kind of my inspiration in the Nickelodeon world. T.T. Wh at ’s i t li k e g oing t o the awards shows? N.K. It’s an absolute blast. There is such a really cool energy about all those awards shows, especially the Kids Choice Awards because you can tell all the kids in the audience are so pumped about whatever is about to go on. There’s just this awesome buzz when you walk into that auditorium, especially when you get to participate in it. T.T. I kno w y ou’ve b e e n a c t ing almost your w hole lif e, but w ith the suc cess o f iC ar ly, ho w has your lif e chang ed? N.K. If you go to a theme park where you know there is going to be a lot of younger kids around you can pretty much expect that someone is going to recognize you and then you’ll do the whole autograph and picture taking thing. Which is a blast. For me it’s half the fun being able to meet people into the show. I’m fortunate enough that I get recognized, but I haven’t gotten to the point where people start swarming me, and I hope I never really do. I’m sort of in that “middle stage” and that’s where I like it.

T.T. What are your relat ionships like with the other two lea ding la dies on the show? Do you and Sam bicker as much in real life as in the show? N.K. Jennette (Sam) and I have really become best friends through this whole experience. We have dressing rooms right next to each other, so we’re seeing each other whenever we go to set, whenever we come back from set, whenever we all go to lunch. So we’re around each other 24/7 so we’ve become really close friends. I’ve made quite a few lifelong friends between her and the crew throughout this whole experience, so its been really, really fun. T.T. How are you and Freddie alike? N.K. Tech-wise, I would definitely say that we are tech geeks, but Freddie is doing a much, much higher degree. He’s definitely smarter when it comes to computers than I am, but in general, I’d say Freddy is a pretty mellow guy, pretty laidback. I think we’re both really chill guys, we kind of roll with the punches, we’re both very dedicated to our friends, hardworking, determined, we want to get that job done and get it done right. I think, all around, we are in general, really similar. T.T. What ab out your real mom and your TV mom? N.K. I can fortunately say that they are 100 percent different. My mom is pretty darn chill compared to Mrs. Benson. The similarities between my mom and Mrs. Benson stop at the fact that they are both my mom.

Quick Facts About Nathan Birthday: November 18, 1992

Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Fav TV Show: 24

Book/Author: Ted Decker. Currently reading Sinner

Musical Artist: Pet List, Switchfoot, Amberlin, The Classic Crime, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin

On-set food: Reina’s (set cook) Chocolate Chip Cookies

FALL 2009



Star bio: Ariel Winter MARISSA BROE Ariel Winter, star of the new ABC comedy Modern Family, took time away from her busy schedule and amidst a fever and double ear infection (What a champ!) to speak with Teen Trend. The actress, who you might recognize as “young Trixie” in Speed Racer, previews her new gig and tells teens why being an eco-girl is important. T T: What att r acted you t o your ne w r ole in Moder n Famil y? AW: The comedy for sure, considering the hardships people are having today, it’s nice to have a little comic relief. T T: How ar e you and your c har acter alike? AW: We’re both pretty smart, a little nerdy, and sarcastic! I feel like I am the glue in my family and I think that Alex is too. We both want to be appreciated for our minds not our looks. Alex likes chili. I like chili. T T: How d o you balance a cting and b eing a r egular t een? AW: I enjoy hanging out with my friends, talking on the phone and surfing the Internet. I have chores and I always have to finish my schoolwork. When it comes to acting its not like a job its fun for me. T T: What is your r egular sc he dule like f or filming? How he ctic is wor king o n a TV show and taking c lass? How t o you manag e? AW: It’s not very hectic it’s actually kinda cool working through the weeks and seeing how my character develops. I’m usually up by 5am and I get to set by 6:30, I have class on set between scenes and I do homework just like other kids. I don’t work everyday and I spend my time off relaxing, shopping, singing and hanging with my friends. T T: Your b io say s you like t o he lp w ith e n v i r o n m e n t a l c h a r i t i e s , ho w a r e y ou doing your par t t o li ve a “green” lif e? AW: Yes, I support the STAR ECO STATION (A tropical jungle themed environmental center in California that rescues at-risk wildlife) I also use the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle. I unplug all our appliances when not in use and conserve water. GO GREEN! T T: What can you say t o your p eers w ho w ish t o he lp the e nv ir onme nt? AW: Use the 3 R’s and conserve water because what we each do affects the planet and our everyday environment. We all can make a difference by setting a good example for our peers and the next generation. T T: What has b een your favor it e par t o f your a cting car eer th us far? AW: It’s been really cool to fine tune my craft and watch myself reach another level. I like being able to play different roles and take another view on situations as well as wearing different styles and being someone else for a little while. I get to meet some really amazing people and I get to challenge myself regularly. Its all been a really incredible experience so far. T T: What is so me thing that not many p eople know ab ou t you? AW: I eat baby food. SHH! Don’t tell. I love it, I think it makes me younger. :)



FALL 2009


Hulu who? BY RACHEL FLEHINGER You’ve seen the ads: famous actors as aliens trying to take over the world through our computers, more specifically via; Alec Baldwin, Denis Leary and Seth McFarland plotting to take over the world and eat our brains. Apparently being able to watch TV and movies on our computers is putting us just where they want us, with our brains full of mush like our parents promised.

BUT WHAT EX ACTLY IS HULU? Hulu’s list is diverse. From “V.I.P.” starring Pamela Anderson to current episodes of “Family Guy,” from Disney movies to “Super Size Me” and everything in between, has something for everyone all at the click of a button. Before you get too excited, the catalog of shows is extensive, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to watch every season of every show available. If you’re satisfied with becoming addicted to a show only find different seasons of the same show, you’re safe. If you’re the type of person who likes to watch a whole season before you move on to the next, you might still find yourself at the video rental store. If you don’t mind skipping around and you’re just there to see Pamela shoot guns, you’re all set! No buying or renting episodes on DVD. No waiting for a re-run to come around. The navigation is simple enough. Hulu is separated by popular episode, popular clips and featured videos. Each is in it’s own column, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Just a few clicks, and you are layers deep in different shows, clicking around in what seems like a never ending viewing dream. All this and no need to subscribe! If you have favorite shows that you would like cued up for you upon your return to, subscribing is a good idea. As you click through the titles, you are given the option to cue it 26


FALL 2009

up. Keep in mind, however, this may not be the actual whole show you’re cueing but a clip, trailer or behind the scenes moment. If you’re ok with that, cue it up! You might be surprised with what

“If you’re the type of person who likes to watch a whole season before you move on to the next, you might still find yourself at the video rental store.” you find. If you think a future in TV might be for you, is a great resource for interviews, spotlights, trailers and even discussions.’s message boards are limited and don’t have the full scope of other message boards you might be used to. There is a category called “General Discussions.” In that area, you can find discussions about different shows, plot lines, even a NetFlix vs. thread. There isn’t a solid community yet, but as viewership grows, so will it’s community. For now, most people use to watch shows. Don’t turn off your television sets forever, though. Those who used to watch through their PS3 or iPhone will be sadly disappointed when they find that the site is not compatible with those platforms. You will have to actually visit the site, and if you chose to, subscribe. Even then, when you actually subscribe and cue up your shows, after being given a long list of shows to subscribe to, you might be disappointed to find only clips of the selected shows. So much for sitting down with a bowl of popcorn — you’re off to search another show that contains the whole episode.

web CRAWLER Even when you search through’s list of movies, many of which are older (like 1960s older) you will find that there are only clips of those as well. There are some classics, but most likely they are movies your parents haven’t even heard of. Basically is far from complete. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s content isn’t a full library. It is important to get out in the world sometimes, actually go hang out with friends. However, if you are they type to give into peer pressure and you find you’re friends are talking about TV and you’re the one who’s always left out of the current SNL you can subscribe to the show and cue it up. You can even share it, as offers URLS so you can embed episodes into your favorite social media sites. A wonderful feature of is the limited commercial interruption. Relax knowing there will only be two or three commercial interruptions during the show, and short ones at that. Unfortunately, they are presented by sponsor and aren’t varied so the same commercial might be shown each time. That is a small price to pay for getting to watch an episode of “Family Guy” with only three breaks in it. has its problems, but over-all, who can complain about being able to watch TV’s and movies online with very limited commercial interruption? Check it out. You won’t be disappointed if you know what to expect.

FALL 2009




How do I fix the flab? What is the Core and Core strength? Many people talk about the core and not a lot of people have the right idea. The Core is not the flat bellied six pack everyone longs for, but goes much deeper into muscles we don’t see. It is in our pelvic floor and in a major muscle underneath the rectus abdominus or six pack, known as the transverse abdominus. The transverse abdominous muscle is a deep muscle that has horizontal fibers that squeeze your mid section kind of like a girdle during activity. It makes the body more efficient, because a stable center makes the arms and legs move shorter distances. This makes it so throwing a baseball, running, grabbing or reaching for a field hockey ball, and even swimming becomes faster and quicker.

How do we activate the transverse abdominous (six pack)? Good posture can assist with activating the transverse abdominous. Think about a draw string from your belly button to your back pulling tighter and tighter together. Think about yourself on

the beach and some attractive person that you are into is walking by. You don’t let it all hang out in your bathing suit do you? Heck no! We “suck it in”. When I say, “Suck it in”, I don’t mean that you cannot breath. I mean that you hold everything in while still being able to hold a conversation. You see guys do this all the time, trying to look hot as they walk on the beach, shoulders back (not up), chest out and belly in.

Who has the best CORE strength? Usually people who are into Pilates, Yoga, and dance (long poses like ballet) usually have a strong core to be able to stabilize themselves for longer points of time with a lengthened position. Interestingly enough, age is not a huge factor in the activation of this muscle. Even old people who participate in these exercises usually are more active, healthier and have better posture.

Recommendations: Watch your posture in class. Make sure that when you are sitting or standing around you aren’t leaning too far back or slumping too far over. It is unattractive and weakens the core.

Activities such as yoga help build stronger Core muscles.

Try some entry level yoga poses to feel the muscles stretching hold for longer and you will feel delayed onset soreness the following day. This is a good thing because it means your muscles are working hard. Even when doing a simple exercise like a crunch remember the drawstring between your belly button and back and lift up toward the ceiling not toward the thighs.

Record-setting gold medalist Michael Phelps knows a thing or two about Core muscles – the deep muscles beneath the pelvis that help to make the body more efficient in activities such as throwing a baseball, running and yes, swimming. 28


FALL 2009

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Fall music preview


FRANKO FranKo has a secret. But this band of Brits isn’t quite ready to reveal it yet. “You have to buy the album to find out,” says FranKo guitarist Richard Craker. The 17-year-old, along with singer Tommy Bastow, bassist Chris Gilbertson, and drummer Beau Poynys, have been cranking out their own brand of pop/alt tunes since they formed in 2007. Now they’re poised for widespread stardom with their iTunes debut on September 8 and the independent release of their LP early next year [UNTITLED, MARCH 2010]. The tracks “Nighttime” and “Today” are featured on iTunes as a two-for-one, but Craker says FranKo is more than just a stereo-worthy band. “We have lots of energy on stage, he says.”It’s always a fast-paced show.” But what’s with the solo-sounding name? The band named itself after vocalist Bastow’s father, Frank, for no apparent reason. But it remains as sort of an inside joke between the band members. Bastow, also an aspiring actor, splits songwriting duties with Craker, who finds inspiration in some other UK bands you might have heard of. The Beatles, Queen, Radiohead, and The Police to name a few. Although they still have one more year left at school, the guys of FranKo don’t see this as just another extra curricular on their transcript. Craker and co plan on continuing the band after graduation, in hopes of getting noticed by execs and labels. But with teenage energy in tow and some killer hair, this not-quite motley crew of mop tops has already garnered a following. They didn’t necessarily pick up instruments for the girls, but the perk still came. Google FranKo and you’ll be assaulted by loads of OMGs on tween fan forums. The band is currently serenading FranKo fans locally in London, but catch them this side of the pond at the CMJ Music Marathon in October. Maybe it’s the hair. Or the leather jackets. Or maybe it’s the fact that the band seems legitimate in both its sound and approach. Either way, FranKo wants to leave a mark, and the secret might be out soon.

A CLEAR BLURR A Clear Blurr’s second studio album Trigonometry is one 40minute long song. From beginning to end, you don’t know where it begins or ends. Instead, you’re left under whelmed and a bit annoyed. It’s easy to fall into the teenage angst archetype when you and your band mates are teenagers. But A Clear Blurr has fallen prey to the low-grade, teen comedy soundtrack styles of the 1990s. The band offers nothing new but yet another attempt at high school-cool “edge.” But what they do, they do acceptably. A Clear Blurr adequately fills in any void the Sum-41/Blink 182 genre might have. But the fact that these Jersey boys aren’t mediocre within a musically mediocre genre, is not saying much. Not to say Trigonometry will fall on deaf ears. The opener “Drive Me Crazy” is a good example of what A Clear Blurr is trying to accomplish and opens the door to snotty, post-punk references so deeply rooted in Americana. Songs like “Brain Dead” and “Whiny Bitch” will undoubtedly strike a chord with other locker-bound youngins. Singer Tom Kenney, however whiny he might sound, ultimately does a good job, but paired with lyrics like “Might want to hold me back / before I break this chair over your back” and “Gyna I haven’t seen ya,” all you can muster is an eye roll and maybe some laughs. The music itself is no consolation. The chord progressions are repetitive and every song feels like deja vu. Kenney and his band are young, so their sound hasn’t evolved. Let’s hope their post-high school endeavors prompt better song material than college chicks and keggers. 30


FALL 2009

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reviews BOOK S

Recommended reading BY EMMA JONES

Show Off: How to Do Absolutely Everything. One Step at a Time. Cand lewick (Septemb er 22, 2009; $18.95) by Sar ah Hines Stephens (Author), B ethany Mann (Il lust rator) Fall is here and you need something to do after school. That’s why you need the book Show Off. On a sunny day you could launch a rocket or learn some new bike tricks and on a rainy day you can stay inside and learn how to make manga and get a fake tattoo. There are 224 total fun ideas for you to enjoy. Show Off tells you how to do almost anything you’ve ever wanted to know how to do. This book is practically for everyone, it has sections about fashion, cooking, sports, illusions, spycraft and that’s just a few. The book tells you exactly how to do each step with colorful pictures that are easy to understand. It’s a pretty fun read that the authors Sarah Hines Stephens and Bethany Mann made enjoyable. Don’t forget to try and make the fake barf!

CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way (Sasquatch Books; November 2009; $18.95), By Winona Dimeo-Ediger This clever yet stylish book shows you how to use your clothes to create the perfect outfit. Closet Confidential guides you on what to wear to a variety of occasions, whether it’s a girl’s night out or a job interview. It features the purse color wheel, handy guide to hosiery parings and many other helpful charts for quick reference, plus a few quizzes. Winona shares some of her fashion adventures while you learn the secrets to good style. You’ll learn all the basics - from what jeans fit you to the best coats, hats, shoes and accessories. At first glance the book might seem like it’s directed towards older women but teens can really benefit from this book as well. Not only is this book fun to read, especially because of the humorous way in which information is presented, but it also inspires you look at your clothes from a new angle. Overall, when you finish reading Closet Confidential, you’ll want to run to your closet and begin experimenting with all the new tips you’ve learned or head out shopping for a new look.

Legacy (2009; $24.95) by Cay la Kluver

Young Princess Alera is being forced to wed her nightmare, the despised Steldor, believing she is doomed until the mysterious Narian arrives. Cayla Kluver, the author, enchants you as Princess Alera faces both struggles and romance. Legacy captivated me right away as it is set back in time when kings and queens ruled kingdoms. Kluver, who is just 16 years old, proves that teens can be successful writers, as she wrote the first draft of Legacy when she was 14. I recommend you get this book in your hands as soon as possible. I’m already dying for the next book, Allegiance, which is going to be released next year. 32


FALL 2009


For girls only BY CAROLE KOROLUCK Girls, let me tell you, I’ve been there. Not only do I remember my teen years, but also I teach 8th grade now. So I realize what you are going through each day at school. I’ve been reading about “girl meanness” and the justification that it is merely a rite of passage. Of course, it is difficult when your friends are ignoring you, whispering behind your back, or just giving you “the look.” Sometimes your parents and teachers don’t understand because they simply fail to see those looks or whispers. I would like to give you the comfort of knowing that you are not alone and also offer some suggestions on how to cope with this huge problem of female bullying. Besides trying to find a good listener, another proven method of expressing your anger, sadness, or jealousy is to start writing. Keeping a diary or a journal will help you to vent. Writing can change you; writing can help you see the problem more clearly. There are even books that have space at the end of each chapter for you to note your thoughts. One of these is written by Bunny McCune and Deb Traunstein, Gir ls t o Wome n, Wome n to G ir ls, and it covers friends, crisis, cliques, and self-esteem, as well as motherdaughter relationships. In addition to using writing as a coping mechanism, reading may be an extremely successful method of dealing with the pressures of home and school. Reading fiction and non-fiction and poetry offers you the chance of knowing there are others who have similar problems. When you see yourself in literature, that book can become your friend. Katherine Paterson, one of my favorite writers, has said that a book can give you “life, and growth, and refreshment.” As a matter of fact, books may help you to erase your fears and begin to understand these issues in life. Here are some great titles you can turn to when you need support during these trying years. If you are not already familiar with the Chicken Soup series, they are filled with stories, poems, and cartoons about teens and their problems. Teens themselves have actually written some of the entries: Chic ken S oup for the Teenag e S oul: 101 hic ken Stories o f Life, Love and L ear ning or Ch Soup for the Teenag e S oul: The Real Deal h ic ke n S o u p f o r t h e Chal le ng es or try Ch Teenag e S oul o n Toug h Stuff: St or ies o f Toug h Times and L esso ns L ear ne d. Indeed,

these books have been reassuring teens for years. Some other self-help books I have discovered may also be helpful. St ress e d Ou t: Stud ents’ Guid e to Hand ling Peer Press ure by Dr. Lisa Medoff has an easy-to-read format and focuses on drama at school along with popularity, cheating, discrimination, and friends in trouble. In B eing a G ir l actress Kim Catrall gives great advice for girls ages 12 and up. Then there are these interesting titles: The G ir ls ’ Guid e t o Fr ie nds by Julie Taylor; For Teens Onl y : Quotes, Notes, and Adv ice You C an Use by Carol Weston; Stay St rong: Simple L ife Lesso ns for Teens, with an introduction by Queen Latifah, and written by Terrie Williams. Finally, the title alone should lure you into reading this one by Erika V. Shearin Karres, Mean C hic ks, Cliq ues, and Dir ty Tr ic ks: A Real G ir l’s Guid e to Ge tt ing Throug h the Day w ith Smar ts and St y le. Fiction also addresses current teen themes very well these days. Some popular writers can always be relied on to deal with the pressures of school and friendships such as Laurie Halse Anderson, Caroline Cooney, Jerry Spinelli, Sarah Dessen, Kevin Henkes, Phyllis R. Naylor, Joan Bauer, and Paula Danziger, Sharon Flake, and Norma Fox Mazer. Newcomers to the field are dazhe zling, including Jennifer E. Smith’s Th Come ba ck Season, Madeline George’s Looks, and Garret Freymann-Weyr’s My Hear tbeat. Mel Glenn, Sonya Sones, and Sara Holbrook speak to teens through their poetry and novels in verse. When you are ready for more great books, check with your teachers and librarians. They have lists and reference books filled with wonderful titles to keep you reading all year long. Yet another source of comfort can be found in the website which is so teen friendly. There you can find information that empowers girls to celebrate what makes them unique even as they challenge the pressures to be perfect. Click on the special link to You’re Amazing: A NoPressure Guide to Being Your Best Self, a book that credits teens with being wonderful just the way they are. In the meantime, realize that you are not alone. Always remember that reading and writing can offer solace no matter how old we are, and that we all need to find the inner voice that makes us unique, special, and above all, amazing. FALL 2009



School to work transitions

Adam Sanders (Employment Specialist) Gema Martinez (STEP Participant) Ashley Peters (STEP Participant) Ashley Metcalf (STEP Participant)

hat are you doing to plan for your future right now? Are you working after school? Does making the transition from being a student to entering the workforce frighten you? The transition from school to work is a challenging time for young adults. For young adults with disabilities, these challenges can be very overwhelming. Community Options, Inc. is working to make that transition easier for young adults with disabilities and their families. Community Options, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization that develops community—based housing and innovative employment supports for people with disabilities. The School to Employment Program (STEP) created by Community Options was created based on the high level of need there is for young adults with disabilities to start planning for their futures early on while still in high school. Sampling different types of employment opportunities is often the best way for students preparing to enter the




FALL 2009

world of work as well as assessing preferences and aptitudes. This is the core concept of the STEP. The STEP starts at the end of a student’s junior year in high school and Community Options works with students, families and child study teams to identify those young adults interested in job sampling throughout their senior year of high

school. Community Options has thirty offices across nine states. We are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and New Mexico. Across the country, Community Options is supporting thousands of people with disabilities to

Presents of Mind Gift Store - a contracted job sampling site for STEP participants

be contributing members of their communities and to experience an improved quality of life. Community Options believes that people with disabilities experience an improved quality of life when they are able to form meaningful relationships with their non-disabled peers. These types of relationships foster the true meaning of inclusion and there are many ways for you to be involved with the organization. The STEP program holds parent and student workshops. The workshop consists of an eight-week training period at the end of a young adult’s junior year or once they are accepted into the STEP. The workshops include several community-based vocational assessments with regards to that person’s strengths and abilities that they already possess, the building of a basic resume, sample job applications, several mock interviews and role-playing. The STEP workshops are a great way to get involved with the program to help Community Options spread the message of STEP all over the country! David Awrachow, Director of the

Vaseful Flowers and Gifts - contracted job sampling site for STEP Participants.

“Community Options has been there every step of the way since the inception of the program to guide both parents “and students as they evolve through the transition and ease students into future employment.”

Ashley Peters (STEP Participant) Gema Martinez (STEP Participant) Adam Sanders (Employment Specialist) Chris Brownback (STEP Participant)

STEP says, “The STEP supports students between the ages of 16 and 21. These students, who are currently enrolled in special education or who have recently graduated from high school, are the focal point of the program. STEP’s ultimate goal is to render meaningful employment to the program participants upon program completion.” The internships that Community Options offers the students include: Health Information Management, Environmental Services, Patient Management, Surgical Services, Food and Nutrition, and Engineering just to name a few.” “Community Options has been there every step of the way since the inception of the program to guide both parents and students as they evolve through the transition and ease students into future employment,” offers Awrachow. Erin Rooney is an Education Instructor for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, NJ where Community Options currently has a contract to provide internships to students participating in the STEP program. Erin says, “The STEP program is the most organized group that I oversee. The students FALL 2009



are a breath of fresh air when they come to the hospital each day, they remind the hospital employees to look forward to coming to work each day!” Other businesses that the STEP participates with are Vaseful Flowers and Gifts, the country’s only nonprofit flower shop, which delivers anywhere in the entire world. Another business the STEP participates with is Presents of Mind, which is an upscale gift store that offers full online shopping capabilities. The Daily Plan It is another job sampling site for youth transitioning out of school. The Daily Plan It is a complete conference and copy center that offers small business owners luxuriously appointed office space at significantly reduced costs with a full concierge service. There are many ways for teens to



FALL 2009

Group of STEP participants and administrators on the first day at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

get involved with the STEP. Teens can volunteer with the STEP to offer support and friendships to youth being supported in the program. Teens can also assist the administrator’s of the program by

helping with the student and parent workshops. Teens can also serve on the Community Options STEP Advisory Council, which helps support the program, and make decisions about the future of the program. STEP is the most innovative transitional program for youth with disabilities in the country and Community Options needs the help of teens throughout the country to help them spread the message about the work that is being done. For more information about STEP, please visit You can also start blogging with Community Options at Community Options national headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey and can be reached by telephone at 609-951-9900.

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March 21 - April 20

Don’t be afraid of Winter, Aries. If you spend all of your time dreading the snow, you’ll miss all that Fall has to offer. Take time to appreciate today. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

July 23 - August 22

Leo, try keeping your anger in check. You’ve been letting it get away from you and, although you’ve been able to smooth things over, that might not always be the case. Breathe. Remember to calm down before you speak or you might say something you can’t take back.


CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

Things are calming down now, Virgo. The summer can be overwhelming with all of the craziness. Get ready to settle in for winter. Organize things so your favorite books are within arm’s reach and stock up on the cocoa.

Capricorn, you’ve been denying your creative side for too long. Indulge your inner painter, writer, actor, singer or sculptor. Once you do, you’ll realize that it might help you in the future when you’re stressed.

May 21 - June 22

FALL 2009

January 21 - February 18

October 23 - November 22

You haven’t been taking time to yourself, Scorpio. Friends have been demanding and you’ve been there for them, but it’s time to take some "you time." Try journaling, resting and recuperating. The party will always be there; for now be nice to yourself.

Celeb Celeb Libra Libra Nick Nick Cannon Cannon October October 88 teenTRENDMAGAZINE.COM



June 23 - July 22


LIBRA September 23 - October 22

Remember to do good for others this summer, Libra. You are going to get caught up in a lot of fun, and it will be easy to lose focus. Plan some volunteer time to keep yourself grounded, or you will end up partiedout before the summer is over.

CANCER If you think you were stressed before, just wait Cancer. All of the planning you’ve been doing doesn’t hold a candle to what’s about happen. The upside: once you finish figuring out what you’re going to do, all that’s left is to do it!

You ready, Sagittarius? This Fall is going to be some of the most fun you’ve ever had, if you keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Stop over thinking everything and start jumping in! If you do, you’re going to have a lot more fun.


GEMINI Gemini, things are getting intense for you this Fall. Everything seems to be coming to a head. Don’t worry, it will all work out one way or another. Just ride the wave for now and things will calm down soon.

November 23 - December 21

August 23 - September 22

April 21 - May 20

The answer is "yes," Taurus. That thing you’ve been afraid to make a decision about has been weighing on you for too long. Just pull the trigger already and say "yes" already! If you need inspiration, rent Yes Man with Jim Carrey.


Aquarius, you’re ready for a new look. You’ve been wearing the same things for too long. Get out of your rut! Cut your hair, get some new clothes, try new jewelry! It will do wonders towards a new outlook on life.

PISCES February 19 - March 20

It’s time to get out of the pool, Pisces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Rake a pile of leaves and jump in, start decorating for Halloween early, try out recipes for Thanksgiving! Fun is everywhere; sometimes you have to create it yourself.

Celeb Celeb Scorpio Scorpio Katy Katy Perry Perry October October 25 25

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