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North End Big League Baseball Player Photographed: Nolan Gauthier #6 Position Started In This Game: Starting Pitcher

By: Brandon Lavallee Teens Succeed Final

Intro This is an example of a teen succeeding. Nolan is playing baseball. Baseball is both great for your health because you get plenty of exercise and it also provides entertainment for the fans in the community and family members that go watch our games.

Pre-Game Nolan and I are heading out to the outfield. We are going to play some catch so we can warm up our arms.

Pre-Game Nolan working on his pitches. With each throw he starts throwing faster and faster so he can get in a good rhythm before the game starts.

Game Time Nolan is on the pitchers mound getting ready for the first pitch of the game. Before throwing his first pitch he stretches his arm out and does windmills so his arm isn't stiff.

Opening Pitch Nolan throwing out the first pitch for a strike low and away. Nolan’s pitching motion starts with a high leg kick and ends with a long stride.

Pickoff Attempt Nolan attempts to pickoff the man at first base. It was a perfect throw to the bag but the runner be out the throw and was safe at first.

On Deck Nolan is on deck (next at bat), timing his swing to every pitch the pitcher throws and doing anything else to get ready for his at bat.

Getting Signs Nolan is looking down the 3rd base line at our coach for the signs. So if he signs for a bunt, sing at the first strike, take 1st pitch, hit and run, or any other signs. Then Nolan will know what to do and what the plan is during this at bat.

Layin’ Down The Hit Nolan lining one right by the 2nd baseman for a single.

Base Running Nolan getting a great jump off of the pitch and stealing 2nd base safely.

Final Score North End – 0 vs. 2 – Paxton Only the 2nd game North End Big Leagues lost all season long, and a great pitched game by Nolan.

Teens Succeed Baseball  

Baseball is a way of entertainment for the fans in your community and your family members that watch your games. It's also healthy for the p...

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