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Editor : Dominic Federici

Model : Cat B Kimberley Ann photography




Na ber me: ley Ag Purto e: n 2 QLD Loc 3 at , from Austra ion: New lia b Zea ut I’m lan d. Kim

We’ve gone across the other side of the globe to get to this inked up babe! One word..


Model : Miss Kimberley Photos : Phil Bailey Photography

3 words to


yourself? Thoughtful, Stubborn &


ter? ons o the m t uve ot int or D n l a nim er, I’m a y t at Part tmons at all r wh e e v e u n w e D r po ty sc upe tI s par e ...bu o on why? g n d i S d u ha and ind rea rouble! e If yo d it be t to agin ym l wou t to sa ld lead o fly, im n t u I wa hat wo ability t e feel ably th ould go b o u r o c p re y e h w

Favourite Band: Hard to pick! But I’ve always been a big Nirvana fan Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen over in front of everyone haha I slipped down a bowling alley trying to swing the ball once. I don’t do bowling haha. Best chat up line ever used on yourself? Haha I don’t think I can pick just one, what’s worse than that though is the Facebook message ‘chat ups’.... It’s sweet you want to talk but really, I wonder what these guys are on assuming that “you have nice eyelashes, and a nice butt, will you date me?” will get them anywhere.....

What would be your Dream Job? I do my dream job for a living - I’m a tattoo artist, Im one of the lucky ones! If you could be one person in the world who would it be and why? I don’t think I’ve ever had the desire to be anyone else really, I try to like what I have and who I am. Being a millionaire for a day wouldn’t be too bad though haha

Favourite part of yourself? I’d say my eyes What’s the best thing you’ve ever accomplished? Becoming a Tattoo Artist. I see people out there all the time struggling to reach their dream job, especially those wanting to get tattoo apprenticeships, so I feel grateful that I have got this far and get to do this everyday and that I get to work with the girls at Garage Ink.


v you lo o d Why Spirit? Teen cool a h c e It’s su to giv e u aven re to all the su expo ative girls and d e, an altern r e h t out e guys xplor e e o t ll for a nd se ure a lt u t. c the abou ll a s ’ it what

e? s out ther n a f r u o y all to say to t is..and t a n h a t w r e u v o e y t ha What do very one t to be, w e n a r o w f u t o a y h o t er Be wh ten more s s, rememb y n a e p lw p a a h ’s r ere whateve ou down th y s g in ing. r b o u’re amaz o y person wh k in h t who

The Red haired beauty is back with vengeance and back reppin’ it big style in Teen Spirit! Big Love Miss Cat B!


Model : Cat B Kimberley Ann photography


Model : Kate Van Doren Giulio Aprin


Alternative Fashion | Beauty | Promotional | Publishing


So lets welcome one of the biggest icons from the rock industry to chat with Teen Spirit - Ville Valo - The lead singer of HIM! Welcome Ville to Teen Spirit. I know its cold and dark outside so thanks for coming on by and braving having a chat with us today! Don’t worry we’re use to the dark and cold. The Finnish winters have barely 2 hours daylight, and if the moon doesn’t come out there’s barely any at all! As I’m sure you’re aware everyone loves you guys over here in the UK; What is it like playing the UK? Not sure if everyone does but we do try; it’s tough but since the release of one of our album - Love Metal which came out ten years ago, it really did open up a door for us as people started to enjoy and appreciate what we were about. But it’s a special place for us as many of our idols come from the UK so making it here was historical. Are there bits that you actually like when you’re in the UK then? There is. I love the nature, the language; even the weather at times. It’s a cool place to hang out! I’m happy that the tour is ending here.

Photography /Interview by Simone Dominique

So Is this why you decided to record So you mentioned Kiss and Maiden, what would be your dream line up your albums/music in English? for a festival, obvious with yourselves I think it was natural as a lot of the Finn- headlining? ish rock n roll is fair arty and we don’t have any ‘Finnish metal’; its very based If it was a dream festival we definitely on verbalism. The Finnish language wouldn’t be in it; we’d just chill. There doesn’t really give you the ability to talk are soo many influences so the likes internationally and as we grew up with of type o negative, electric wizard, inKiss and Maiden we had big hopes and terpol, bad brains, misfits - It would be we had to dream. It seemed easier to a traveling festival.. and add in Iggy write in English. The bar is much lower as Pop of course as you can’t have a Finnish is a complicated language; as festival without Iggy.. but there’s too i’ve tried writing in Finnish and it didn’t many to remember! work

What Festivals really stand out for you either now or when you were a kid? The Roskilde festival in Denmark, it has something like only 100,000 capacity but its a great festival in the sense of it has everything; all different kinds of music and from stage to stage you walk and you’re always surprised at each stage. I went back in 1996 and it was the only time I’ve been to a festival as a paying customer. But it had bands such as Sex Pistols, Type O Negative, Slayer Some really heavy acts and then some folky acts. So it was amazing!

So your career has now spend over 2 decades now and you’ve been killing it for quite a while now. What do you think it is that makes you so relevant still? What Now the Heartagram is one of the do you think it is that has kept you in most iconic, recognisable band log- touch with your fans all this time? os out there. How do you feel when you see your fans with it tattooed I think not being in touch with the fans onto them? too much. We’re not big on social media and i think if its one thing we do well Proud! I think its very similar to songs. is trusting our gut instincts! I think its imWhen you write a song its yours.. portant to trust yourself and to please when you rehearse it, its ours with ourselves and hopefully this is the magic the band. Then once its out of our you can hear in our music. We’ve always hands it the peoples to interperate been independent and even though we the way they want it. When i drew have worked with major labels; we’ve althe Heartagram i didn’t know what ways been adamant that our albums are it was going to be like but it grew our responsibility and our burden to carry and traveled really well all across to the pearly gates as so; so its something the globe and it’s really recognisa- that we have to be proud of. There has ble and acknowledged worldwide. to be passion and a reason to make the Im proud to be apart of that! I think album. Whatever we do has to be heart the best things come when it just felt as soo many people nowadays get happens and goes with the flow. It’s into it and lack the passion and prefer the magic of it. We didn’t have any aspects as social media and forget the hopes as it was just a logo and it’s music. That’s something i think is not very been a very surreal journey! special about us but is very HIM.

I mean we can see that your fans adore you - especially those getting the Heartagram tattooed on them! Have you had any really crazy fan experiences? I mean what was the most intense? I mean different cultures have there different ways. In some Eastern Europe places you have more aggressive people where people think they own you and grab you. But everywhere is different take for example we played in Wolverhampton and i was checking the city out on a Sunday night when i ran into a guy called Mr Death - a big fan who was dressed in a Skeleton Dress and we ended up in a pub drinking pints and chatting shit about TV; so that what i call a very crazy and intense fan but in a positive way! But then we do have people come along and knock on your door in the middle of the night which is crazy.. this happens probably once a month.

Is there a song that particularly goes down well or have you got one that is your personal favourite to get the crowd up and going? I mean one song that goes down well especially in the UK is Buried Alive By Love. Its one of the songs that got good plays and it was one of the first songs that people thought ‘this is HIM and this is what makes them special.’ But people react differently every night to different songs. Some places you have a calm crowd and others you’ll get moshpits.

So thank you soo much; its been a great pleasure and we hope to meet again during 2014! This is Ville Valo from HIM

All Album Artwork is registered and owned by HIM and has owners right (c)


Model : Misa Rose Kathy Matthews Photography

Adidas Originals Superstar 80s

Cody Wayne a photographer of over ten years. His fascination with photography started at an early age as his family used to travel all over the US. Accompanied by his mother, they would wonder off during their travels and would capture images of the landscapes and wildlife that surrounded them. It wasn’t until Cody was around the age of twenty that he got into digital photography. From there he spent more time learning the “in’s-nout’s” of photography such as camera settings and paying attention to lighting. When switching to digital photography, Cody found himself more interested in shooting people as a subject rather than the nature that he grew up with. Since Cody was always into the alternative life style since anyone could remember it was pretty much inevitable that he started shooting for tattoo magazines, bands, and alternative models which is now what Cody is mostly known for. As of today, Cody is on tour with “Tattoo Tour” which is a 22+ city tour with a group of tattoo artists, models, and himself attending many tattoo conventions that are hosted all over the US. If you attend a tattoo convention in 2014, chances are you will run into him.

BACK! SHE’S Model : Airica Michelle Photographer : Cody Wayne


One of our previous front cover girls is back and rockin’ out with us again at Teen Spirit. We coulldnt get enough of her last time so we had to get her in again! Enjoy people! If you end 2013 with anything make sure it’s this Blue haired goddess

Model : Airica Michelle Photographer : Cody Wayne



So we end the year with one of our favourite Spirit Girls Looking insanely Gothique with all the added bonuses included.. pure buffness! Ewel is one to hit the big time in 2014! Reppin’ Teen Spirit to its fullest!

Model : Ewel Photograph : Denisa Justusová Šumcová

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Model : Kate Van Doren Giulio Aprin


Skin is just a exterior so who needs it? Imagine if we didnt have it and what we would look like! .. Well Gerrel Saunders has done the gnarly part for us.. check it! Dope illustrations right here. Look for the inner beauty in someone..

CERVENA FOX Model : Cervena Fox Joseph O Brien Photography

Canvas can be anything from your bog standard paper to.. wait.. skulls?! Mile Aldridge has started using some mad canvases and as you can see they look badass! Drawing his illustrations on skulls has made some of his work limited and indeed extraordinary! Dapper!



Name :R Nickn omanie Sm ame: ith Ro Age: 1 manie 9 Locat ion: Lo ndon


Favourite Band: I love so many, it would be hard to just choose one. I love my music. Most

embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? hmm... I got my tongue stuck to the freezer and ended up in hospital with suspected frost bite.. that was VERY embarrassing! Best chat up line ever used on yourself? best?? is there a best? This one was cute - There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you. New Era and High Tops or Skirt and Heels? Skirt & Heels! I like to feel feminine.

s to f? d r o 3 w yoursel ribe ing, c v s o e l d , fun rthy e u Uniq trustwo &

Model : Romanie Nicola Grimshaw @ My Boudoir Make-Over Boudoir Photography Julian M. Kilsby ShadowFlux Studio


t do

you w fans ant to s Mw ay ou ah! T han t there to all y k our ? cont inue you for d su a ppor ll your t.

u o yo it? d y Wh en Spir Te so lovee that it’s l e I lov i o n a b t f a s hd has grea an es! g a m i

If you had one super power what would it be and why? The power to read people’s minds, it would save a lot of time trying to figure people out! If you were queen for the day what would you do? Shop, all day long! I’d have a team of personal shoppers to assist me and a dozen gorgeous men to carry my bags :) What would be your Dream Job? I’m living the dream, although if I wasn’t a model I’d probably want to be a photographer. If you could be one person in the world who would it be and why? There’s no-one I’d rather be than myself. Favourite part of yourself? My eyes - I like eyes, they are the windows to the soul. What’s the best thing you’ve ever accomplished? My career, it’s ever evolving, every project is a new accomplishment to be proud of.


Photogtaphy : Kirsty Mitchell


Model : Rebekah Flower Alice Blenkinsop Photography


Marko Grilc takes to the slopes with Reb Bull and just check out some of the insane shots caught! We salute you!

Puma Japan Suede Mid LPD

Blood : Defines what runs through your body; Black : Defines a shade of the night. Together you get Black Blood Apparel - A mysterious brand that a human being can’t resist! We’re taking a look today at this dope brand and reaching further into it to see exactly what the ingredients are for one of the hottest brands on the market.. Black Blood apparel .

Black Blood Apparel

Well lets start out with design. Every good brand has its unique designs that will set them apart from the others and Black Blood is no exception. What we see is intricate lining with a feast of illustrative objects/patterns alongside. For instance the ‘Stay Hungry’ design shows off the detail and dopeness of the illustration alongside a strong colour - in this case red. The colour draws you in and the illustration takes you away to a different place. The combination is a dream team!

All images are owned by their respected photographers and have been issued by Black Blood Apparel (c)

The range of Black Blood isn’t just tees, they have hoodies, beanies, jackets and accessories aswell. The quality of items are the very best with the tshirts coming in heavyweight cotton so it won’t fall apart in your washing machine like soo many brands do nowadays. Most items are unisex as

But what we really like about Black Blood and what sets them apart is the added extras that you don’t get with your commercial brands. Every item comes with a hand drawn piece of artwork and it goes to that extent that the army jacket they do are official vintage army gear so some of them aren’t perfect but official none the less! Where else can you get detail like that from! Black Blood has certainly taken 2013 by storm and 2014 looks to be a great year for them. We love them and hope that the commercial market won’t swoop them up as what they’re doing right now is insane! Keep it up!


LAUREN BROCK Model : Lauren Brock Joseph O Brien Photography

M o d e l : N i n a Te r r o r Photographer : Dekker Photography


Model : Abbie Sara Photographer : Dekker Photography


We give you a inked up goddess like no other.. Taylor Brynne is killing the scene atm and no wonder why.. piercings, tattoos and a bag full of alternativeness.. Simply buff! We’ll be seeing a lot more of Taylor in the new year so keep your eyes peel and well your tongue in your mouth for now

Model : Taylor Brynne

Photograhs all have owners right for Taylor Brynne and are owned by their rightful names (c)

Nike Lebron XI


So we’ve found one of the insanest inked up babes in all this land and can you believe this is only her first ever shoot! Reppin’ it for Teen Spirit... Miss Broughton has nailed it!

Model : Claire Broughton Photographer : Shawn Bishop


Out of hundreds of tattoo artists worldwide that are trying to kill the scene atm with there geometric art we’ve picked Chaim Machlev as one that really does stand out.. intricate, detailed and precission to its finest makes it really stand out

So we have Reptilia Art Movement with Teen Spirit; the movement ready to take on 2014 with a storm. Crawl out and release yourself to a new world of design and meet the Reptilia family. Reptilia Art Movement is unlike a normal clothing company.. It’s in the title.. It’s a movement. The guy behind it is David Hillier and he brings about this movement to promote his family of Reptilia artists whilst at the same time bringing you some of the dopest threads on the web. They provide the design; David provides the quality garments and together.. the movement is happening!

from rtists a aick omp andp n to acc t and h RAM the natio ovemen nts e ss m acro m on this the garm ey th e in h e t e op ny an se st how d is their c u ju yo really re cusuced prod are. Art sa wing proreally as all dra not over , has e gam rawn and ing label to d el th tom is clo d lab and h e t it d m duce itself a li ns come ole esig art c mad t of. D rs and st comr a p be a grab you s many use A go so already! and and litg a p lectin over ex hanged tilia c s s p ie n e pan us desig c; R publi and previo lease the allenges em h p h tle to on new c to give t s all in s t is e t d ar tak an f o e r s u n s t the desig um expo g tee a in k maxim weet loo s a ll a f it! end o

All Photographs Issued and owned by Reptilia Art Movement and their respected photographers (c)

Reptilia Art Movement The RAM is a tight family and works similar to a studio. You have your different designers.. different styles, colours and signature features and with each of them producing their own tee the collection becomes a vigarous edition for any keen tattoo enthusiast. From

time to time a guest might mqake an appearance so stay tuned in to Reptilia Art Movement through their social media networks - add them, like them.. follow them as these products will come and go fast!


Lets talk about the tees them self. Coming in unisex format they can be worn in the day or at night. Simply accompany it with some jeans or a jacket and your good to go! The quality of the tee is great with the screenprint being on a high quality 100% fine ring spun cotton tee so this is one to keep. The designs are varied but intricate and is a total mash up of dope art! Thats what we like to see.. a non conforming clothing label! Their is simply something for everyone in this range and as it keeps on changing with new exciting talented artists keep a keen eye and dont crawl too much in the cave.. The Reptilia Art Movement has begun!

All Photographs Issued and owned by Ruination and their respected photographers (c)

Teen Spirit met up with Nashville rockers Framing Hanley after their show with The Blackout, and saw there’s much more to the band than an awesome cover. We met frontman Kenneth Nixon to find out more.. First off why dont you tell the Teen Spirit readers something about yourself? Were just 5 dudes that like to play music and got lucky to be able to do it on a worldwide level. Its been about 7 years that we’ve been doing this and it still hasn’t sank in, and then there are nights like tonight when you play a show and are like ‘wow Im on the other side of the globe, doing what I love to do, and what thousands of bands that are bet-

ter than us wanna do and somehow we got this opportunity!’ So were just 5 dumbass guys who somehow got here.. So its been a while since you guy were over in the UK, what’ve you been doing? We’ve been working on our album, we did a ‘Kickstarter’ in July of last year.. For the people who don’t know this, the new album was funded fully by the fans donations through the bands Kickstarter page. That must feel amazing having that much support? It completely flattered us and blew us away that it happened and that we

doubled our goal. Luckily, cause what a lot of fans don’t know is that we spent half of that money working with one producer but it just wasn’t the right fit, we did 12 tracks, and kept about 4 of them. So we started doing weekend shows in the U.S to make more money to re-record another record, and we never wanted to say that to our fans cause we didn’t wanna be like ‘Hey, we blew your money! Thanks!’ but we wanted to take the time to get it right and i think we nailed it.

age and shipping so we gave people advance copies of the digital album, instead of just sending posters out to them. But we still have lots of things ready to send out to some people, so don’t worry, its coming.


They got rewarded for their donations though right? Yeah it got a little complicated with fans overseas though, trouble with postPhotography /Interview by Simone Dominique

So I saw you headline Academy 2 a couple of years ago, and also play alongside Good Charlotte in Academy 1. What are the main differences for you? Being a support act you get to play to bigger audiences, to people who don’t know your band yet.. But when you headline its more intimate and you know people are just there to see you. How does it compare?

Awesome! So, a noticeable difference.. Where’s Luke? (Luke McDuffe played bass with Framing Hanley 2005-2013) He quit. He left the band in August. It was one of those things that we didn’t see coming, but at the same time, we did.. But he’s one of the most talented musicians Ive ever met in my life. He’s actually the only bass player that Chris, our drummer, has played with in ten years. So now (Jonathan) Stoye’s with us its a bit of an adjustment, but Stoye’s incredible, he’s filled big shoes and is doing a great job! I think Luke felt like he was in a position where all of us had families, were getting married, having kids, and I think he felt ike he had a lot of things to do and was going in slow motion.. And he’s gotta do what makes him happy, and we’re making the best out of a crappy situation, and on nights like tonight it feels like Stoyes always been a part of our band.

P h o t o g r a p h y b y w w w . K r y s t l Ve s t . c o m

We felt like we needed to take a break from headlining after being away for two years, and tonight we played support and the show didn’t sell out, but we played the same venue as headliners 2 years ago and it sold out, so either we played a shitty show last time or people haven forgotten about our band, cause 2 years is a long time for a band to disappear. The only band that’s worked for is Guns n Roses with Chinese Democracy, we joke that this is Chinese Democracy part 2. But I love supporting, just playing those 30 minutes. You can hear my voice now, Im not used to singing on tour, its gonna take some time to get used to that. Last night in Birmingham I had no voice and Stoye and Ryan (Belcher, guitar and backing vocals) had to take a lot of my parts. But its awesome to be back and be supporting cause you get to play the songs everybody wants to hear and also play some new material. Also when you know most of the people are there to see the headlining band, yu want to give it more cause you want those people to leave with a good impression.

You opened with Lollipop, so even people who aren’t familiar with Framing Hanley know the song, they can get involved.. This is the first time we’ve played that song in so long, we took it out of our setlist. After doing this for 7 years and having everyone know your band because of a cover that you did to take the piss, but my wife made me realise we were lucky to have a song that did what that song did for our band, whether it was a cover or not, that was the song that brought us over to the UK for the first time. Thats the reason a lot of people found out about our band..

Has Lil Wayne Heard it? Yeah, we hung out with his band at their show back in 2010 and the version they play live is way closer to our version than it is to his record. And they had a chick don’t quote me on this, but Nicki Minaj was fairly unknown at the time and she was on that tour, and it was either her or another chick thats signed to his label, came out and sang my melody as the high harmony in the chorus, so that was pretty awesome. Like I said, it could have been another chick, Im not certain it was Nicki Minaj but she was on that tour and was pretty unknown, which shows how long ago that was!

Well your transition from the first to second album showed a noticeable difference, are we to expect the same from the third? The difference in CD one and two was the addition of Ryan in the band, I had never wrote with anybody before so it took us in a completely different direction. But with the third album, we kinda knew what the fans liked in our first two albums so we took that on board when writing the new stuff and we ended up with 12 songs that we think our fucking awesome. But I prefer the second album to the first, and I prefer this new album to the other two. But, we’ll see.

Since meeting with the band, Framing Hanley have signed to Imagen Records, so no doubt we will be hearing from them soon!

Yeah! So Lollipop was originally a hip hop song, but you guys are from Nashville, which is more famed for its country music. What were your main influences? I grew up on Country music, the first time I was introduced to rock n roll other than more country rooted blues type bands like ZZ Topp was Guns n Roses. My uncle left the Appetite For Destruction cassette at my dad’s house, and that for me did it. My dad was a country musician, so i don’t know if it was the rebel in me or Axl Rose’s voice, but I was like ‘Man, this is really cool’. If theres one band we would wanna mould ourselves after it’d be the Foo Fighters, cause look how long they’ve been doing this and they’ve just put out, arguably, the greatest record of their career.. If you can do that 15 years in to your career you’re doing something right.

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Check out this insane set of photographs in the series by Tomaas - ‘ Plastic Fantastic’..It’s certainly fantastic. Get inspired!



Model : Bexy Beatdown Beth Chambers

Image by: Andy James Photography, Model: Tiddlepops

Model : PG Alternative Model Photography/Editing: Magic Owen

Model : Ewel Photograph : Denisa Justusová Šumcová

Nicky Romero

So we got our South American correspondant Fernando Bruccoleri who had a quick catch up with the legend of house and trance - Nicky Romero! One of the dopest DJs in the entire planet. We caught a few quick words with him.. Check it! Nicky, how do you feel when you work with artists like David Guetta, Nervo, Calvin Harris or Hardwell? Excited to work with David for the first time was great. As you go a long you learn a lot and teach each other some inside tricks. So I am always happy to collaborate with talented people as that is a source of inspiration. We know you just release your last video of your song “I could be the one” Ft Avicii. Tell us more about it. Well guys that has been out for months lol It was my first official UK number one chart hit! So I am over the moon with that track. You are always working with some of the best and brightest artists in the dance music community. Who is next on the list for a collaboration with you? Well I just release a track with Krewella called Legacy, i have some great tracks with David Guetta on the shelve that need finishing and for the near future I am concentrating on some original work What parts of your childhood would you say have influenced your music the most? To be honest, I think it’s still the same guy. I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson for years and years, when I was a small boy until now. I’m still listening to his stuff, and I think he really inspired me to do everything that I do now. He showed the world that you can get as big as you want as long as you believe in yourself. I thought that was a great quote. So you can check out Nicky Romero in 2014 killin’ the scene as always but thanks for the quick words as after all he’s one of the biggest DJs in the world! Reppin’ Teen Spirit! Dope!

Interview by : Fernando Bruccoleri Nicky Romero

TIDDLEPOPS Introducing..drum roll.. actually we dont need a drum roll because all you have to do is look! Check out Tiddlepops in all her glory. This dark beauty is pure insane! We’ll be seeing alot more of this inked up babe in 2014!

Model : Sam Ashton Photographer : David Clic Photography



Photography : Jays Boudoir Models : Danielle Abbott Holly Gibbons | Lucy Kemp

NATALIA KALASHNIKOVA Model : Natalia Kalashnikova Photography : Jays Boudoir

Model : Michelle Alexandra Wistuba Photographer : Jeanene Osgood

M o d e l : N i n a Te r r o r Photographer : Chris Bulezuik


Model : Bambilarous Photographer : Rowan Murray

Puma Blaze Of Glory OG

Teen Spirit Magazine Issue 018