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Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Emma Summer

Model: Miss Kimberley Photographer : Phil Bailey


Editor: Dominic Federici Front Cover Photo: Leanne James (c) Rowan Murray Contribution: J Monster Art

Model: Miss Kimberley

Model : Cassie Leigh Photographer : Phil Wardle Bailey Photographer : Fiendarella

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“Leanne James.. The Spirit Girl who’s taking over 2013! Hold on to your seats guys & girls!”

What hav e y o u go t plan n e d f o r t h i s ye a r. . any e x c iting v e n t u re s o r i d e a s?

I am currently studying hairdressing this is a career I’d really like to pursue along side modelling. I am also collaborating with a few companies on a clothing line & working on a new website to make it easier for people to buy prints & posters! The rest of the year will be important for me as i’m hoping to hit up America!

Photographer - Magic Owen

The world of the alternative is forever changing..what changes would you like to see in the next few months?

I’d love to see more high standard fully tattooed women out there in magazines, a lot of the magazines use women that have bad tattoos , cover ups or hardly any, I don’t have a lot of work but its all of a high standard & I think that’s why I’m so well published, id also like to see blokes on the cover of tattoo magazines, there’s some great tattooists out there working on full body suits that need to be shown!

A n y ne w int e r e s ts o r b a n ds yo u’ve r e c e ntly h ea rd that ne e d a s ho ut ou t ? Im a big metal fan, Im really enjoying the new Black Sabbath album, glad to see Ozzy back where he belongs! Also loving this years releases from Blood Red Throne & Amon Amarth.

Photographer - Magic Owen

S i n ce last tim e w e spo ke we s e e y ou ’ve had s o m e n ew ink do ne. Te ll u s a bit abo u t this a n d who yo u go t it d on e by? I’ve been getting tattooed for 3 years by my tattooist Jon Westwood of Atomic Tattoos Bicester, my current work in progress is my chest piece, it is a design featuring 2 cats, skulls & roses, it’s almost complete & stunning! I have a lot of horror themed tattoos my right sleeve is based on the artwork of Mark Riddick & my left sleeve on Godmachine ( main designer for Disturbia clothing) i also have a big sullen piece on my thigh & a Slayer eagle on my other, Slayer are my all time favourite band!

Finally what do you want to say to all your fans out there? Big love Leanne! I just want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past 2 years, my Facebook page has rocketed to 25,000 followers & I’d be nowhere without you! Stay tuned for some exciting news next month!

Photographer - Magic Owen



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V l e v Pa oscow - 2013 in M






Adidas Originals JS License Plate Miami

“3 wo rd yours s to desc ribe elf? D i f fere Crazy & Fun nt, ”

Name: Stephanie Nickname: Miss Steph Zombie Age: 20 Location: Dublin, Ireland Favourite Band: The Used


Miss Steph Zombie

Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? Walked into the men’s bathroom by mistake.. my luck there was 4 guys in there having a whizz.

If you had one super power what would it be and why? To shape shift! think of how awesome that would be, to have anyone’s identity

New Era and High Tops or Skirt and Heels? New Era and High Tops.

If you were queen for the day what would you do? Give all my riches away to those in need and free tea for everyone!

Party animal or Duvetmonster? Duvetmoster by day, Party Animal by night ;)

Photographer - Dave Kavanagh

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best chat up line ever used on yourself? Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?â&#x20AC;?

The Monks of Mellonwah are a fourpiece alternative/indie rock band based in Sydney, Australia. The band has toured nationally and traveled to the United States twice, winning awards for Best Indie Rock Band (2012 AIM Awards) and Best International Act (2012 LA Music Awards). Their two EP’s and subsequent music videos have gained them worldwide critical acclaim, airplay on MTV’s network and extensive radio play. Strongly influenced by rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Muse, Pink Floyd and the Chili Peppers, the Monks’s music displays a masterful and unique blend of intense space, driving riffs and sharp metaphors. As their sound evolved, so did their love for both classic rock and modern progression/experimentation.

Their first EP, “Stars Are Out” found the Monks receiving significant radio play across Australia on community radio. The band released their first music video “Swamp Groove” in April 2011 and enjoyed airplay on ABC’s music program RAGE. “Swamp Groove” also claimed first prize at a music video night at “Harold’s Shorts” short film festival, receiving great reviews and the award from legendary music historian and personality Glenn A Baker. The Monks released their second EP “Neurogenesis” in May, 2012, along with a new video for “Neverending Spirit”, to an overwhelming response.

In addition to international and national radio play, College Radio in the US and Canada, “Neurogenesis” received hundreds of reviews and features worldwide, including coverage on MTV, Big Takeover Magazine, CMJ, Kings of A&R, Noise 11 and Tonedeaf. The media attention earned them licensing spots through a number of production companies in the US including Discovery Networks and Bunim Murray. The video for “Neverending Spirit” also received high profile exposure in the US including MTV Networks. The College Music Journal (CMJ) featured the track on their MixTape for May along with a feature of the band in their magazine.

The Monks successfully toured for “Neurogenesis” throughout Australia in Summer 2012 working with Tone Deaf, and continued their outreach with a United States tour organized by President Entertainment. Their debut full-length is currently in production, partly with legendary producer Keith Olsen and partly self-produced. The Monks have also signed a development deal with A&R Worldwide (Adele, Muse, Coldplay). Intensive touring plans are in the works for both Australia and the United States in 2013.

direction that was hinted at with “Neurogenesis”. It was released on limited edition vinyl and digital only. Now the Monks have taken a turn again with “Ghost Stories”, truly showcasing the bold new sound they’ve developed over the past year of touring, writing and studio work. Rock, electronic, and strong pop sensibility infuse this offering, meant as a preview of their forthcoming full-length.

On April 1, 2013, the band released the progressive and experimental EP/single “Sky and the Dark Night”, an emotionally charged, heavy offering showcasing the band’s new Photos credited and owned by Monks of Mellonwah and their respected photographers


Air Max 1EM

Photographer - Adam Barnard Model - Cherry J





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Name: Madeleine Liljestam Nickname: Eleine Age: 22 Location: South of Sweden Favourite Band: Queen, Sonata


Madeleine Liljestam

“3 wo rds to yours des elf? G ratefu cribe l, car and l ing, oving ”

Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? I truly am interested in technology, but when I was on my first date with my boyfriend, I complained about my TV-channels that wasn’t working at the moment. I hadn’t plugged it in. New Era and High Tops or Skirt and Heels? Skirt and heels. Party animal or Duvetmonster? Totally a Duvetmonster. :) If you had one super power what would it be and why? Invisible. Curious about what people do when I’m not there!

Photo: Amanda Stiverius Photography

What would be your Dream Job? The one I have. Singer and model, but more money would be nice though. ;) If you could be one person in the world who would it be and why? I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be anyone else, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so excited about being myself. I got my whole life ahead of me! Favourite part of yourself? The parts with tattoos.

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. <3


â&#x20AC;&#x153; Why do you love Teen Spirit? I love how you support alternative people, and you feel really.. caring. Like true people, like me and my friendsâ&#x20AC;?

Photo: Gedda & Natalie G Sundling

Model: Coby Van Wilde Photography: Miss Mercy Photography

Photographer - Phil Bailey Model - Miss Cassie Law

Favourite piece you’ve done? I told a girl yesterday that hers was my favourite; it was a Snoopy the Cat piece. It was a funny tattoo and I like doing fun stuff like that. I’d say the best one I’ve done is the sunflower side piece, the roses and gun side piece, or the clock hand piece. Weirdest piece? It’s gonna have to be either a Ken Barlow portrait or Adam and Steve. This guy wanted Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden with HUGE shlongs, which is what I gave him. But then he wanted all this random crazy shit in the background. We’re talking condoms to swastikas. Thankfully he decided to just have the dudes, shlongs and trees. Yeah… that was pretty weird! Most difficult piece? I hate doing shit like intricate tribal/ symmetrical/celtic… anything massive that’s just loadsa lines and black basically. It bores the shit out of me and I find it hard to get into. Interview with Dan Leicester of Manchester Ink Dan Leicester may have only been on the tattoo scene for a few years, but this up-and-coming artist is one to watch. We talk tattoos, soiling and er… Adam and Steve.

Best thing about the job? Good money! The environment too; I don’t have to wear a suit to work or have to mind my language. I can just be myself and have a laugh. A girl asked me the other day “How much is this gonna hurt?”

Dan Leicester Manchester Ink Interview by - Jessica Ostler

Best thing about the job? Good money! The environment too; I don’t have to wear a suit to work or have to mind my language. I can just be myself and have a laugh. A girl asked me the other day “How much is this gonna hurt?” So I said, “Well, have you ever had your nipple bitten?” “YEAH, YEAH!” she says with real enthusiasm… “Ah right, doesn’t feel like that, I just wanted to know.” Worst thing? I sit there all day… every day… tattooing. Then I go home and sit there all night… every night… planning what I’m doing the next day. So apart from not having time to do much else, I always hurt everywhere. What was your first experience with tattooing? I was 15 and got my mates’ uncle to tattoo me at his house. The tattoo’s covered over now, but that was the first time I was properly exposed to tattoos. I wanted loads from that moment, but I’m glad I didn’t get them till later.

How long and where did you apprentice? I apprenticed at Dragons Den in Blackpool, which is closed now. There wasn’t really an official end date, they just trusted me more and more as I got better. But they had me in the studio for about four months before letting me tattoo anything on a customer. Any words of wisdom for budding tattoo artists? Be prepared! You can give Dan a shout at Manchester Ink studio. He’ll also be working his first ever convention at Manchester Tattoo Show on August 3rd.

Wearing it. Becoming it. Defining it. Every day. Every moment The product is based on the Essex lifestyle using slang and other terms identifying the Essex way, we pay homage to the working class Essex that is sometimes overlooked.


California Collection

Photographer - R. Javier Gallegos of AlexaM Photography Model - Courtnie Marie Ross

Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling 01492 872000. Tickets for Saturday are £15, Sunday £10 and a weekend ticket is £20. Under

Cariad Ink is a boutique, unique event being held at Venue Cymru, Llandudno This bijou festival is brought to you in association with Absalut Ink, Deganwy Complete with local, national and international tattooists, as well as live music, burlesque performers and various vendors. Artists to be confirmed this space!

S atu rd a y 3 0 th N o v 10am to 10pm S u n d a y 1 st De c 10am to 4.30pm

Model: Jamie Winyard Photographer: Rudy Garcia Location: Los Angeles

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Weve got the up and coming ‘The Words We Use’ with us. So lets get to know these boys!.. What was the turning point in The Words We Use when you thought to yourself.. actually people are digging us! Twwu: When we released our newest song ‘Absence’ and saw the amount of kids who dug our old EP ‘Morals’ still supporting the new stuff. It was a great feeling to know we could change our sound and still keep the interest of people who were with us from the beginning.

The music industry nowadays is one of the hardest to get into. What were the hardest obstacles you came across? Twwu: The biggest thing is staying focused and putting all of your effort towards your music. we’ve been in various bands for the better part of a decade and it takes a long time to find four other people who all share the same dedication and goals.

The Words We Use is one heck of a name for a band. Who came up with it and how did you come up with it? Twwu: No joke we’ll put this to bed right now. On our way back from recording our very first single, we stopped at a rest stop and were relaxing literally trying to think of a new band name... so while we’re sitting some old tall skinny bad ass biker dude walks up to a parked motorcycle that was about 30-yards away from us. He sits there for a few minutes as if hes watching us, and someone noticed him and said “hey why don’t we ask that dude if he has any good band names.” So Tyler, our singer, walked over to the guy just as he was about to take off and asked him. He responded something to the effect of, “I overheard you guys talking as I have a high powered hearing aid. You guys need to stop trying and just use... ‘the words we use’.” He then started up the motorcycle and left... Tyler returned and told us all what he had said and we decided right then and there because it felt like a twilight zone episode that we should call the band, The Words We Use. That’s how we got our name, real life.

Your fans are known to be some of the loyalist around the globe.

Photography given and owned by their repsected photographers through The Words We Use (c)

What’s the 1. most nuts thing you’ve seen a fan do and 2. the nicest thing a fan has ever done?

 Twwu: Probably go nuts yelling at other fans for disagreeing with their opinions about OUR band, haha. It’s really awesome to think anyone would care so passionately about something that YOU

created; that they would actually fight over it! And the nicest thing we’ve ever seen besides a fan making shoes out of our bands logos and stuff, was probably a few fans mentioning that our music LITERALLY saved their life. Had it not been for our songs and lyrics hat they might have taken their own lives. That’s really heavy! And we’re so glad that we are able to help people in this manner. Telling someone that you in somehow someway helped their life become better is one of the nicest things anyone can do... even better than what YOU did to help them as that takes a ton of courage and strength. It’ just stunning to hear. Every band has influences, idols or people they look up to. Whom were your idols in the making of you?

 Twwu: We love a lot of bands, from It Prevails, to Circa Survive, from Lydia to Between The Buried And Me, and Defeater. Hundredth and Sevendust, Korn, Tool, and The Acacia Strain. There’s just so many people we could list as influences.... even Ozzy of course... but many other musicians and bands old & new.

Your favourite part of being in The Words We Use?

 TWWU: The fact that we’re making music that touches people in ways we never thought possible. It’s truly inspiring, and we absolutely live for it. As a band, we all feel differently about certain things, but we know one thing, is that making music period is what we love to do, and the fact that other people enjoy what we play is one of the main reasons why we do it! We’ll end with a massive amount of love to you guys and any shout outs you want to give out there? Twwu: Yeah, to the fans firstly and most importantly. “Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do” And to Zing Studios, Tiger Heart Recording, Pale Horse Management, and Buzzin! PR, anyone that has helped us along the way thus far. We’re just so thankful, period.

Model: Arin Nikole Vickers Photographer: Kash R

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Teen Spirit Magazine 015  

Inked Up Babes, Skate, Rock and Spirit! Teen Spirit Magazine Issue 015 - UK's fastest growing Alternative Online Maga...