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like to rebel..

Model: Mery SP Photographer: Thai Soriano MUA and Hair: Ana Cabanillas

for teens that

Spirit Girls:


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Kounelli photography Mastertouch Karmen Poznic Oblak Sara Bertic Andy Watson / DRW images

Photograph Front :

Main - Kounelli photography Image Below: Model: Emma Summer Photography: DRW Images

Editors Intro: We l l wha t a issue w e h ave f or y ou he re . We ’ re on the v e rg e o f our 1 ye ar an niversary a nd to ge t y ou a ll hy p e d up fo r i t we ’ ve g o t s ome of the glob e s ins a ne s t b a b e s a longs id e t h e us u a l lo ve of everythin g alte r na tiv e ! I t’s Fe b r ua r y a f te r a l l . T h e m o nth of love! Cont act: teen s pi r i tm agaz i n e@l i v e. c o . uk L o ve

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Model: Rachael Dee Photographer: Alice Blenkinsop

Hotness scale..


ory e e h e t ltimat h T “ d u !.. n i h ss be e n HOTt’s the Tha w o Harl y!”

r o e Th



Nam e Nick : Harlow Theo nam ry Gunn e , Jub : Machet e que ba an Base en, L d d: Pla M ady Age net S iss H. : 23 ynde y, Au strali a.

e Com k cheOcut! me

theory e is b a b s i Th T of U O y l l litera world! this

Photograhy by: Mastertouch Clothing: Tentacle Threads(



Favourite band?: My taste is so wide spread but Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor is my GOD. Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? Anything I can headbang to! Favourite food?: Anything with chicken and chilli, I am a fiend for that. If my face isn’t melting off, more chilli please! Party animal or duvetmonster?: I sleep like the dead and tear the party scene apart. If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My love Thommy Gunn, all my amazing friends and a lot of alcohol and have our own fantasy island with the animal friends!


om p e a wit rt hm y e !



Photograhy by: Kounelli photography

“If y for ou w th ere w Ha ou e d qu a of ve a ld yo y w ee mo alte kin u d hat n o r hudels a nativegdo ? ge nd h on m pa av ly rty e a !�

p u t a h c ad?: Best

“ u’ve h ver try o y e lin ’t e n o y d Guys to me, the e k k to tal st and ma a walk p e noises strang ften.” o more

bout.. Howfaace & an a fit ane bod! ins !




Cats or Dogs?: CATS, I have 4 cats. I have a blonde ginger ninja named Kat Stephens. Skiing or Snowboard?: I’ve only ever skied, I hate being cold though. New era or Beanie?: Beanies, the more studs and spikes the better!

What are you most scared of?: The dark and heights, my knees shake looking at ladders. Idol/Inspiration?: Anyone who follows their dreams, but Ulorin Vex has been a HUGE inspiring force for me since I was about 17.



Photograhy by: Kounelli photography

Heels or High Tops?: Heels are more fun but Big badass boots make me weak!


Why you love teen spirit?: Infusing alternative decadence into the




Favour ite par t of you self ?: rMy mind and boo bs. W hat w ould be your dr job? eam Being a world c lass mo make-up del/ artist an d taking cial Theo Artifiry world wide.


Photograhy by: Kounelli photography

See you

ive g ver ll in e nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t are a r o D we e h t e up, s tog thi <3

ox x w

rlo a H



Adidas Originals Decade OG W


Model - Terri De-Lis Altilar Photographer - Alice Blenkinsop MUA: Jess Tresidder Clothing (Tshirt Pic) - Fresh Dough


Well guys & girls..we’ve found a real gem for you here! We’re about to take you from the wild side and drop it over to the streets and bring you a wild street brand! ‘You what?!’ might say; but mental as it sounds, it’s here and it’s going to take 2013 by storm!.. here we stand with the insane ‘Wilderness!’ Wilderness brings together quality produce and insane design to bring about one super brand! The garments themselves feel, look and shout out high quality and mix that with the designs from up & coming London artist Jack Woodward – out pops this force to be reckon with! Someone needs to tame them before it gets out of hand!!


ne Someo this E of a TAeM s b aratnd! b Wild, Wonderful and out to hit 2013 in a storm! The range that we see from the ‘Wilderness’ team is vast and now offers a very high quality collection of tees, sweats, hats & varsity jackets. The extended range is a massive mark up from last year and just shows the growth of this brand. They have improved and grown aggressively since they launched last year, listening to fan feedback and constantly monitoring current trends which we can see evidently in their new range which we’re just about to get on to.


High e

! T E E R STnsane. I

We’re going to keep it warm first off and start off with a look at some of Wildnerness’ outerwear and especially the varsity jackets they have on offer in this new range. This sees the likes of “The Glitter” jacket and “The Chaos” which are some of our faves in the range and designed on a 80% cotton/ 20% polyester basis with a choice of 2 jackets. This is a jacket ready for any condition. The designs themselves are intricate and very much seem to be based around a illuminati kind of vibe. Only Jack will know the real secrets behind the designs as like in the illuminati. It’s always best to be kept secret but always deliver! Something these designs definitely do!


When you let the wild get this.. what a brand! We move on to the more light garments and take a look at some of the tees. This range sees a variation of geometric designs mixed with fine detail and a load of hard work which can be really seen when the range if infront of you. Hard graft has taken this brand from the wild and mixed it up with some serious street credit. Coming in a range for both guys & girls.. there’s no excuse as to why you haven’t come on board the wilderness era! If you want to get recognized next down your down for a skate or out about town. Join the wild side and join in with ‘Wilderness’. There’s nothing we don’t like! Insane!

Wilderness sell primarily through street apparel website that is owned and run by the same people. You will also find Wilderness concessions in Brick lane, London and The North Laines, Brighton, so get your mobile out.. Google maps it and get buying! If not just check out the site!


Ford Atlas pickup truck Concept at 2013 NAIAS


Featuring a next-generation ecoboost powertrain, Ford has introduced ‘atlas pick-up concept’ at the 2013 NAIAS, which incorporates enhanced auto start-stop engine shutoff technology. By shutting off the engine when stopped in traffic to save fuel – the truck smartly suspends the feature when the vehicle knows it is towing. Also complete with a 360 degree point-of-view camera, the system gives a bird’s-eye view of the pick-up to help position the concept in tight places or when there are obstacles near the truck – such as on a busy job site or grocery store parking lot - both being a company first.

The ecoboost uses gasoline direct injection and turbocharging to deliver fuel-economy gains of up to 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent, compared with larger displacement engines. Features such as ‘active grille and wheel shutters’ ,’drop-down air dams’, and ‘power running boards’ help improve aerodynamics at highway and low speeds. Self-charging batteries use energy from the wheels’ motion to power the seperate functions. This car all in all is an absolute beast! Anyone would be crazy not to double look one of these!

WD! A G y M at a Wh T!



Chill.. Chill..

Model: Ewel Marius Sachtikus Photography Cothing: Mordhaus and Honiro MUA: D탑ed탑e



â&#x20AC;&#x153;DAY Delto UUUU UM re the b has ent MM.. uildin e g!.. O red h my

Name: Is abelle Delt ore Nicknam e: Based: M I wish I had one. elbourne, A ustralia Age: 30

nts a w o Wh e more! to seE DO! W

All photographs belong and are copyright to Isabelle Deltore and the respected photographer (C)

DAYS !â&#x20AC;?

Favourite band?: Down or Pantera ... both. Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? I’m all over a lot of random stuff. Favourite food?: Nachos and Tequila. Tequila is a food. Party animal or duvetmonster?: I had to google what a duvet was, ha ha we call it a doona. But I’m always out doing random stuff. Can I take my doona with me? If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My pet ferrets, a rad Las Vegas casino, maybe The Bellagio and my MV Agusta F3. All completely useless on an island.

“If you were queen for the day what would you do? Play



on the biggest TV screen I could find and then turn the palace into an animal shelter, Jumanji style.”

My ! D! GAeW aven H

part e t i r “Favou lf?: My

se of your It always sleeveo. od no looks g ow drunk rh ed h matte s a r t w I am, ho r make up ro my hai dodge w is or ho es are. My th my clo lways a sleeve ts.” n represe

Isabelle Deltore

New era or Beanie?: Hell yeah, New Era Heels or High Tops?: High Tops, but if they had high top heels I think I’d die. With happiness. Best chat up line you’ve had?: I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours? What are you most scared of?: Couch fluff. Serious. The crap and crumbs under your couch cushions ... makes me want to puke, the thought makes me freak right out. I threw my last vacuum cleaner out after vacuuming under the couch cushions because of it. What would be your dream job? I’m living the dream. I get paid to party Idol/Inspiration?: Lara Croft and Neo (The Matrix) Cats or Dogs?: Ferrets ISABELLE DELTORE | 30 | MELBOURNE


Skiing or Snowboard?: Snowboarding? I’m kind of in a desert here in Australia so let’s go with snowboard on sand dunes.

ussieto a s i h T how knowdso it!


ou y o at d y to all h W “ sa wish o t I t wan fans?: hem t your ld hug e up I cou ut hit m ve B ’ll ha ugs I all. , B h on F virtual o .” to d nstead i


l l e ab

3 < e

“Why you lo teen spirit ve hot are th?e: How girls you have in mag? It’s this epic They are a ! smoking h ll ot. I wish ther more Maegswere like this here in Australia! ”

Isabelle Deltore

Nike Air Max Air Max 90 OG


Model: Jessi Anne Steve Squall Photography

Why you love Teen Spirit? What’s not to love? Babes, clothes, Babes, cars, Babes, music and Babes.

H t o y H T a C g o e

W y W w b t

A c W h o b ( i l

W ha t do and sup you w Than por ant te k more s for al rs out to say l t soon from us your su there? o all y ppor in 20 our , if yo t. we w 1 fans u ould haven’ 3. See y You’ll be t o love hear u h e o ar ut to se d e yo of up, p there so ing a lo t u! leas e ch mewher eck e us o ut,


Y f W K i r t a

I p b W w F b A

Hi there Taxirun ..For all the Teen Spirit readers out there tell us abit about yourselves. Hey guys, there are four of us in Taxirun. Myself, Adam and I sing and play guitar, Si on drums, Chris on bass and Sam on lead guitar. We’ve been going for just over a years and we are doing everything to make 2013 our year. What genre of music would you put yourselves under? We’re still experimenting in lots of ways with instruments and sound but at the heart of our sound is alternative rock. And what has been your career highlight to date? We’ve been lucky to already have had so many big opportunities in our career but the best by far has been playing to 15,000 people (mostly screaming girls) supporting Conor Maynard at the end of last year.

When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for? We’ve always got a few ideas whether its a guitar riff or a beat so it’s never difficult to start a song. However, finishing is the hardest part and it sometimes takes a while to complete a song and get it just how we want’s always well worth it though! If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to? We’d love to be considered by others as one of the greatest bands of all time, along with Nirvana, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, we love to think big! 3 Words to descirbe the band.. Cheese on toast. Any embarrassing things we should know? Where to start.... most of this happens to Adam. He had his flies undone for a whole gig once and it wasn’t until a guy said “can you play with your flies done up” which was when he realised. There’s too many embarrassing stories that aren’t really suitable for even Teen Spirit Magazine.

Your favourite venue/place/ festival you’ve played? We loved playing at B Festival in Kent but for true rock history playing at the Trubadour in London really made us feel connected to rock legends like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepplin. If you could collab with one person/band who would it be and why? We’d love to form a superband with bands that we all listen to like Foo Fighters, LTA & Young Guns but if that fails....bring back RICK ASTLEY

Nike Sportswear NBA All-Star Weekend Area 72 Collection To celebrate the convergence of NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas, Nike Sportswear is releasing an “Area 72″ collection, featuring the Nike Blazer Mid, Nike Vandal, Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Barkley Posite Max and Nike Air Force Max 2013. All-Star sneakers for Kobe, LeBron and KD, this collection has extraterrestrial design inspiration. It’s also building off the Big Bang collection from last year’s All-Star Weekend.

034 076

sneaks These terally

are li


In this collection, iconic Nike shoes of the past are now updated with galactic textures, reflectivity and glow-in-the-dark highlights. On the collar lining of every shoe, there is a customized print that is also only featured on the sneakers in Nikeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All-Star collections. But perhaps whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be most appealing to fans is the return of the decade-old Nike Raygun character (jetback and alien-like physique), brought back on the tongues of each of these shoes. This pack will be available starting February 14 in limited quantities at select retail locations and


Model: Ewel Wiki Bekeovรก photography Clothing: Mordhaus

atch This wof this is OUldT! To DIE wor literally! for.


Takashi Murakami x Hajime Asaoka “Death Takes No Bribe” Tourbillon Watch Takashi Murakami, the artist whose beautifully animated work has been the subject of infinite fine arts discussions, teamed up with independent Japanese watchmaker Hajime Asaoka for a custom watch. Entitled “Death Takes No Bribe,” the tourbillon movement timepiece is the result of over three years of meticulous planning and design. Featuring flower and skull imagery in Murakami’s trademark style, the watch is an exercise in dark humor–it observes the temporality of life in both the engraved face and the watch’s form. Asaoka will premiere the watch at the Academie Horlogere des Createurs Independants’ (AHCI) 2013 watch fair in Basel, Switzerland and we can’t wait! What a dope watch!

Model: Ruth Vaquerizo Photo & Design: Pedraxas Photography



Model: Miss Polli Photographer: Pontus Fagerstedt MUA: Annelie Nilsson SevenOfHearts Makeup

Photography by Andy Watson / DRW Images

Ali Amour .. A h t i w start s g n i !” g th n d i o z o a g “All r.. Am u o m Ali..A ALI AMOUR | 18 | SWINDON UK


Name: Nunya! Nickname: Ali Amour Based: Swindon, Wiltshire Age: 18 years young.

“All we have f this U or K stu nner is love !W you A e amour li! F body t ace and o die Buzzinfor! ’!”

f One o est FF the BUon the Babes net! pla





Favourite band?: I have loads! Depends on the genre. I have got a little obsession at the moment with a French band called Betraying the Martyrs. Such great guys in such an incredible band!! Classic Rock Lover Heavy Metaler? Heavy Metaler all the way!


Favourite food?: Dairy Milk Caramel Nibblets! Mmmm! Party animal or duvet monster?: I rest hard and party harder! If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: A yacht, a hammock and sun tan lotion!


If you were queen for the day what would you do? Go dancing! I bet she has never had a good night out on the town! Idol/Inspiration?: Everyone loves a bit of Marilyn Monroe. She was an unbelievably sexy and curvy woman who graced the cover of Vogue. How can any curvy model not put her at the top of their Idol list? Cats or Dogs?: Dogs!

“Best chat line y ou’ve up had?: “So.. I kisse ’ve never d a girl pierci ngs b with efore. .”



Skiing or Snowboard?: Not sure yet! Going Skiing next month. I guess I will find out! New era or Beanie?: Beanie all the way! Heels or High Tops?: High tops! Truth be told I am a bit of a tom-boy! What are you most scared of?: I have a horrible phobia of Meerkats! ha! I know it’s lame but it’s true!

for h c u om s u o ky t! I r o p p Than r su u o ere y h f t o o all eg v a h n’t could u! <3 o y t u witho

r u o m Ali A xoxox

Favourite part of yourself?: My ink! All the way. What would be your dream job? I am doing it! Modelling and Makeup Artistry are the only things I want to do and I am doing them both! I feel very honoured to be where I am today.




u lo ey o y y “Wh pirit?: Th The s ! teen uch fun just o m azine s e r a ag m the e e l v o wh ! I lo thusis p po rs the en s, the u le colo he artic just ’s ,t asm dels! It ad!” mo ch a fun re su

n We cay that sa safely’ve fallen we VE!

in LO



Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Cat B

Click to BuyApparel Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Emma Summer


Model: Miss Polli Photographer: Belinda Iseline Bärtzner Assistant: Emily “Pollution” Macgregor

Model: Abi Louisa Dekker photography



Model: Abi Louisa Dekker photography


Eric Koston


Model: Miss Polli Photographer: Peter Pandapod


Model Zoe Moore Photographer adhoskinsphotography

t e l o r v e h 2014 C te Stingray Corvet


After teasing the public for weeks, Chevrolet has finally revealed the 2014 Corvette Stingray. The first Corvette to bear the Stingray moniker in over 40 years, this latest model marks a return to the Corvetteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roots after several years of less-than-stellar models. Boasting an all-new LT1 small-block V8 engine good for 450 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque, this latest Vette will do 0-60 mph in under four seconds. Aesthetically, the Stingray features a more chiseled and aggressive look than the outgoing model and the aggressive, premium styling continues inside with aluminum and optional carbon fiber accents. Offering supercar performance without the supercar price tag, this latest Corvette is bound to be popular once it hits the streets.

have t e l o r “Chev ed the ball h pull really he bag wit t ! out of sane ride this in d it’s too My go ooth for m dam s ords!” w

ingray t S s i Th eed p S e n is o N! DEMO

w Dr

es g I m a graphy

to Pho n o ats W y And 102

Model: Rachael Dee Photographer - Alice Blenkinsop

062 066


Jam i e so n


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Model: Mery SP Photographer and Digital Artist: Anima Somnia Website:



Model: Mery SP Photographer: Thai Soriano Web: MUA and Hair: Ana Cabanillas

ake 3 t d l cou u sert o e y d f I a “ to uld o s g w n i th hat w d iss n w a S l : is ey be? gerith id alog d y m , n knife and an a doo camera!”

Nea Dune NEA DUNE | 27 | CROATIA

50 of.. s ShadseNEA Mis UNE! D uum! Dayu 076

Name: Nea Dune Nickname: D Based: Croatia Age: 27 Favourite band?: Tool Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler?: Both! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like choosing between Johnny Depp and Jared Leto, you just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t! Favourite food?: Chocolate, solid or liquid


insaneea is one of th st babe e out s

of Eas tern E to come ur my go d whatope and babe she is a !

Photographer Karmen Poznic Oblak Jewellery Sexy Plexy | MUA Petra Sever

Party animal or duvetmonster?: Deffo party animal

e v o l you h

s y “Wh irit?: Fre of sp ull f n e d e n t a y k e he es!”


i d o o g

Idol/Inspiration?: Movies and fiction Cats or Dogs?: Huskies! Skiing or Snowboard?: Snowboarder for life! New era or Beanie?: So beanie!

“If you were q u the da y what een for do? Ho would y p on m y priva ou te jet and fin ally fly to Antarc tica!” NEA DUNE | 27 | CROATIA

Heels or High Tops?: Heels, 8“ please! Best chat up line you’ve had?: Is that your natural hair? Heh I’ve come up with so many vicious replies I could write a book! What are you most scared of?: Losing the most important people in my life Favourite part of yourself?: Eyes. Especially when my pupils are uneven, spooks everyone each time! What would be your dream job? I’m kinda doing it already =)

Photographer Sara Bertic Jewellery Korkyra Hair Manic Panic

Photographer Karmen Poznic Oblak MUA Petra Sever | Jewellery Sexy Plexy Clothing Vedrana Mastela

t& Brighat a wh T! BEAU

What do you want fans?: B to say to ig kiss to all your all from y our Croa homegirl! tian

Nea xxx

Model: Emily Nichols Photographer - Alice Blenkinsop




Model: Ewel Photography: Lukas Macek


What genre of music would you put yourself under? A variety of rap.

R3NZ My Name is Chris Eracleous A.K.A. R3NZ, I am a rapper from North London. I started out as a drop out from school getting involved with the wrong crowds. In 2006 I was given a Scholarship for the Centre Performing Arts College which turned things around for me. From the age of 15 I started to put my emotions into writing poetry which then turned into music. Being from a Greek background I have a great love for my family and friends, I am also very charitable and give to good causes when I can. I live by the philosophy of ‘’Veni, Vidi, Vici’’ roughly translated, I came, I saw, I conquered.


What has been your career highlight to date? Being the main support act for Fabulous in his 2010 tour in Geneva. Your favourite venue/place/ festival you have played? Sound Club in Leicester Square which sadly is no longer there. If you could collab with one person/band who would it be and why? It would have to be James Arthur because he puts his emotions into his music like me and can make any type of music his own. When you boys are jamming do the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound you are looking for? It all depends on my mind frame at the time of penning lyrics. If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourself to? A major recording artist selling out stadiums across the globe and number ones all over Europe.

Any embarrassing things we should know? Wearing ballet tights was one of my most embarrassing experiences. Why you love teen spirit? It reaches people from all different musical backgrounds and is the fastest growing online magazine; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something that I as an artist want to be part of.


W ha t your do you wa fans and nt to sa y su Than ther ppor te to all k you rs o e port ? f ut it is a or the o verw ppre helm ciate me in d, keep a ing supn eye 2013 . on

Model|: Em m a S um m er P hotog ra pher : A n d y W a ts on

Teen Spirit Magazine 011