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Click to BuyApparel Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Emma Summer

Models: Shannon Ratcliffe & Rebecca Horton HMUA: Katie Hallam Clothing: Props Skate Store Alice Blenkinsop Photography

Spirit Girls:


Photographers: Art Of The Lens Andy Watson Darren Flynn Long Sien Photography

Photograph Front :

for teens that

like to rebel..

Art of the Lens Photography

Editors Intro: W O W we ’ve reach ed issu e 8 a nd the Te e n S p ir it e r a ha s real l y kicke d off . This mont h w e b r ing y ou the hotte s t in in t e rna t i onal babes alongside some of the d op e s t tre nd s a ro u n d t h e wo rld a tm! Dope as! If y ou w a nt to f e a ture in our n e x t is s u e c o ntact us today: teen s pi r i t m agaz i n e@l i v e. co. u k L o ve

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Model: Rach Dee Hair: Rach Dee Clothing: Be Right Over Clothing Alice Blenkinsop Photography

“I think we all need a trip


under if inked up babes like this exist!”



Photography - Art of the lens HMUA - Sheridyn Fisher Styling - Cup Cake Cutie

Name: Tanjhena Hughes Nickname: CupCakeCutie Based: Central Coast, Australia Age:22

G’Day under from down Austra lia


a n e h na j

s e h g Hu

Favourite Band?: ACDC and Guns and Roses Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? Both I love a bit of veriaty Favourite Food?: Bake Dinner :-P yummmi Party animal or duvetmonster?: Retired Party animal Idol/Inspiration?: Marilyn Monroe she is just devine Cats or Dogs?: Both I love animals



We P


“If you could take

3 things to a ]

desert island what would they be?: My Bestfriends, Music and cocktails so we could turn it into

party island�

r en fo e u q were t would u o y f “I wha y a d o? the you d ook out uck l would m a I Run arry, ehe I H e c Prin hit up, h gine s a e r m i a t n t eve ns I would n d l u a co nanig ut I have a h s the be to. B p u d to t e t ge n s wa lice in alway ueen in a i was the q and when say erl can wond just so i R ld a chi H HE


We P


WIT ” F F O !!!! D A E H



What are you most scared of?: Not living life to its fullest Favourite part of yourself?: My Tattoos and my crazy personality What would be your dream job? To have my own organisation to help homeless and abused kids on the street deep down money and fame doesnt compare to the feeling of helping someone in need Why you love teen spirit?: Omg its amazing were do i start ! its my new favourite read but i would have to say it stands out from the rest because of the unique and standout teen spirit babes <3



To all my C up Cake C utie fans I < it wasnt for 3 u all if use guys I w ouldnt be fo dreams as llowing my a model so t hank you!! m wah xoxo

Tanjhena <3



Photographer: Sara Callow www.t Agency: SC Model Management Models: Anastacia and Becky Holt



Sit back a

nd just th ink.. T

he things


Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d do for o

ne of thes

e.. Phwooa r!

Mclaren p1

concept car

After 20 years of originally introducing the fastest production vehicle in the world, British mclaren automotive has released information about the debut of their newest sports car, the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Mclaren p1â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. aiming to replace its iconic predecessor, the new concept will be introduced at the 2012 paris motor show as a design study, expecting to inform the new form factor of the production model. Although the supercar still has no official release date, it is expected to be manufactured in limited quantities.

One Off

Ghociuall! Spe

Californiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s HUF label has dropped some super limited edition Halloween themed cannabis socks. The number of these socks are always limited and for any keen collector these are a must have! Killing it in Orange, black and white these socks are all the range to get you in the mood for Halloween! Dope as usual!

Model: Jessi Anne Steve Squall Photography

Nike x Undercover ‘GYAKUSOU’ Holiday 2012 Collection


As seen this new drop from Nike and Gyakusou is temptation to say the lease. Get your cash out and get buying! This collection sees some real beautiful interpretations of the Bike Lunar Speed Lite running shoes alongside lightweight running clothing. Gyakusou always produces something special and this range names the “ Autumn Monks “ is non the less dope as! According to head honcho Jun Takahashi, was an attempt to reflect some of his favourite natural highlights in Nagano during this time of year, most evident in the leaf camouflage inspired by the cedar trees.

Model: Iska Ithil MUA: Alice Bizarre Lauren-Becki Rowlands

Model: Evilyn Frantti Latex from Naucler Design Photos: Martin Niklasson (TzR)

ere paces w k r o w ll If a


! like this

DC Shoes UK

open “skateable” showroom

The in sa we thin nest k we’ ever se en! DC ve have


killed it


DC have gone all out on this latest project by fitting a sick ass bowl in their Newquay store. What better way to try on your DCs then by seeing how they flow and feel with the board. Seeing brands dwelve into their roots is one of the most satisfying things around and DC have accomplished this with this next level store! With both handrails and the bowl this store is a skaters paradise. We wonder how many CVs get dropped here everyday! Stunning!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme I/0 TZ

Model: Jessi Anne Steve Squall Photography

“Look up


All Photographs permissioned by Kristina Labahn and are copyright of respected photographers (c)

in the dicti onary an d what do you find ?... Miss Lab ahn for sure !”




a n i t s n i h r a b a L KKristina Labahn Name: Kristina Labahn Nickname: Kris, Labs Age: 23 Location: London

a DeowfnoEyed Br t! Beau


re the e w u “If yo for one queehnat would day w d why?: an you do ittens k l l a Adopt me crazy o to bec y. Don’t cat lad s necesif it’ know be queen o sary t t?” a h t o d to

3 words to describe yourself?: Down to earth Naughty or Nice?: Nice with a touch of naughty Favourite band atm?: I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like to play favourites, but most listened to this week is probably Amia Venera Landscape. Skateboarding or BMXing?: Both are so cool I think skateboarding is a bit cooler though. If you could be one place in the world right now where would it be?: Diving off the coast of New Zealand.

“Why do you love Teen Spirit?: You pick some great babes.” Party animal or duvet monster?: I’m a serious duvet monster. I do like to party though. Favourite quotes?: Quotes should only come from Anchorman. Best chat up line that someones used on you?: Had genuine ‘what’s your star sign?’ once. I politely spat my drink out laughing. Feminine isn’t the word. Sweets or Chocolate kinds girl?: Dark chocolate, or super sour sweets. I’d rather just a cheeseboard.



ur o y l al o t ds e supr o w ew ho hav ughout f A ns w ro h e: t t a a u f o y od t d e r t por caree guys! your heers C xx


3 < a n

t s i r K


Supreme x Leviâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AW12 Collection Supreme and Levi have really got our tastebluds going next level here with this collab. Jeans, shirts, jackets and belts..this drop is simply insane! Reppinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the leopard print this is something out of this world to see from the likes of Levis especially and my god does it pay off..Just check it out! Classic!

Model: Starfucked Latex: Maebelle Latex MUA: Colorfulmakeups Photos: Martin Niklasson (TzR)

Model: Amelia Travis Hair & Makeup: Katie Hallam Alice Blenkinsop Photography

lassic c e h t g n Bri yle to t s h s i Brit ifornia range. the Cal


Vans California x Barbour Capsule Collection Two big brands collabing to make something utterly stunning in the shoe world. Barbour have joined forces with Vans and have brought together these sleek but stylish sneaks. Barbour have out their classic feeling to the classic vans and overall have produced something that fits into the range perfectly! This shoe maintains both brands and really does work well in showcasing them both. Dope!


Model: Victoria Eriksson (Victoria Lovelace) HMUA: Stephanie Elfstedt Martin Niklasson (TzR)



112 m agazine

tm m agazine

Adidas Originals Grand Prix

Model: Rach Dee HMUA: Rach Dee Alice Blenkinsop Photography


& Walrism -A Sty h g Winnin Combo!


er t n i W / l l a me F


s, caps, e hoodie gain! m o s h it once a f 2012 w clothing range o ty r li a te u in q e ll/W d l suprem e 5th Fa patterne ve hit th ts and in genera a h e m m tartan k o s fr shir ri Supre b g in e for th rk com u warm n! o mes wo a y c re p u p e o u e y S in ilst to k e latest caps all them wh n. Grab ome of th ge of hats and o s s s a e e e s s r n p winte The dro to brand new ra shirts

Apple iPhone 5 Apple has demonstrated that with the iPhone 5, the highly considered approach to re-inventing the manufacturing processes results in highly efficient electronics. By providing an all new precisely engineered 7.6 millimeter aluminum and ceramic glass enclosure, the phone exults a longer body with a four-inch retina display that boasts 1136x640 pixels of resolution.


Pre-loaded with iOS 6, the entire software and interaction experience is elevated by including features such as siri, iCloud and a refined version of GPS maps, where its vector based graphics and text are detailed for smooth panning when users zoom in and out. For any keen Apple fans this phone will blow your socks off literally. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like a best friend! Check it!

In order to maintain a proportionate display, Apple has decided to enlarge the screen by creating a 16x9 widescreen format, but remains dimensionally as wide as the iPhone 4s so it can still be comfortably operated using one hand. The incorporation of LTE wireless technology and an A6 CPU accelerates performance, graphics download speeds and optimizes battery life to provide up to 8 hours of network browsing and talk time. Simply Dope!

imply s s i e b This Ba art, e h n i Ild Get Wild! W ! l u o S nd mind a rty i D d n a down y! s with Lu

The Reptil

e Goddess

all her Glor





an Lusy Log Name: ne ri e lv me: Wo hire Nickna ts il W Based: Age: 23

Stay Co with nnected Lusy!

Photographer: Andy Watson / DRW-images Crocs:

Lusy Logan

Favourite band?: Rob Zombie Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? Heavy Metal Favourite food?: Chinese noodles

â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you w the da ere quee y n for chang what wou ld e all t he law you do? back m s, brin edieva g l d u and to ngeon rture s c buy m h a m y b when self a load o ers, im no t quee f stuff for n lolâ&#x20AC;?

Party animal or duvetmonster?: Duvetmonster If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My pug puppy Pumpkin, Iphone, teepee with duvet included haha Idol/Inspiration?: Marilyn Monroe Cats or Dogs?: Pugs smile



ay He

es Com

to my



d Frien


u lov o y y h “W : It’s a ? t i r i p s teen zine a g a m ss good a ing h t y r e v with e t in it!” n a w u yo



Skiing or Snowboard?: Skiing New era or Beanie?: Beanie Heels or High Tops?: Omg i love both!! Best chat up line youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had?: Never been fed one What are you most scared of?: People Favourite part of yourself?: My eyes What would be your dream job? Working with Big Cats

What do yo your fan u want to say t o all s?: if i h a v e youve go t good ta any haha ste! hah a

Love Lu sy xoxoxox ox


tm m agazine

Nike ‘

ck’ a P c i r t excluGeome

nd new g a bra Light, The All a b to anaged in this Air Max have m hich see the nge involved e in Size? w a m e deal ki Mid r aks co sive Nik ow and the To ack’. The sne an all to e L P lu 2 b ic t r k tr r u e a o m d C o style red to ew ‘Ge out out brand n s colours from se sneaks sh rns being u he tte numero th medium. T pes and pa ong matea r h a s e ! the str tric round e Work nd the geome a ir h e s e th cts. Nic m u e d o id with r s p ir d along y of the adapte with an e s u e rial Nik

Model: Victoria Eriksson (Victoria Lovelace) HMUA: Stephanie Elfstedt Martin Niklasson (TzR)

Photos by: Marianne Harris

o w T f o e l a T Cities A What genre of music would you put yourselves under? We don’t really like labeling music too much. If we had to describe our sound I guess Alternative Rock would cover it. That’s what iTunes says we are anyway! And what has been your career highlight to date? Playing live is always our favourite part of being in the band. We’ve been lucky enough to play with some great bands already like Deaf Havana and Exit Ten. We always get great crowds when we play in our hometown so I’d say the feeling you get when we can hear the crowd sing our songs back over how loud the PA is second to none.


Your favourite venue/ place/festival you’ve played? The o2 Academy in Bristol was a fantastic venue to play. The sound was fantastic as well which is always a huge bonus!

If you could collab with one person/ band who would it be and why? I’d love to collaborate with an orchestra. That would be amazing. Metallica’s S&M album where they played with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra shows what can be added to a band’s songs. We used some symphony strings effects when we recorded the EP so it would be great to have this as part of a live show. When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for? It really depends. We struggled with writing our last single “Four Words” for a few weeks. We were on the verge of giving up on it when all of a sudden we took a part that was initially at the end of the song, put it at the start, and re-wrote the entire song in about 20 minutes! We don’t like to force things as they never come out naturally so if we struggle we’ll start on something new. Someone always has a new idea to work on.

If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to? In an perfect world we’d be headlining the main stage at Reading Festival! Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years time? Hopefully we’d have a couple of records under our belts by then and be a successful touring band. The dream would be able to be a full time musician instead of having to work day jobs 9 – 5 and fit our music around that. Why do you love Teen Spirit? Girls, tattoos, girls with tattoos, awesome music and articles… what isn’t there to love about it?! What do you want to say to all your fans and supporters out there? Thanks for all of your support so far, buying our merch and coming out to shows. We really appreciate it! Hope to see you all at a show very soon!



Model: Dannii B Photography by: Darren Flynn



Jaw Dropping gorgeous..

Dannii B Stay co

Name: Dannii B Based: Leicester Age: 22


d with


e ot on I’ve G r you.. fo word


d?: ban and from e t i ur eb ow Favo imate fav t 15 till n u t l o u i b a ut My i was roy’ b he when Fall of T ring me t , e d B h is ‘T ally into, Burns Re nd t e r s e u r u a am ug on, A rive, Emm z i r o h D way Park ects atm. t i or Arch over L k Roc r? sic y! le Clas y Meta ll the wa a v r a e l e a t H y Me Heav ?: ood ite f way! r u o Fav se take a e vetChin r du o l ima y an i Par t ter?: both s nt of n u o o m m ven a An e say! d woul


were u o y “If r the o f n queehat would day w o? Sing you d an

i m e h o ‘b ’ y d o s rhap o a final and d ;)” haha show

Idol/Inspiration?: Mosh, she is beautiful! Cats or Dogs?: Dogs! Skiing or Snowboard?: I have never been snowboarding, but its a bit cooler than skiing New era or Beanie?: Beanie If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: A Ship, My boyfriend and a manual so we could learn how to sail the ship.

Heels or High Tops?: High tops Best chat up line you’ve had?: You are one of those girls that looks good in pj’s, i would make you a bacon sandwich and i would buy you a yacht What are you most scared of?: Spiders, dinosaurs Favourite part of yourself?: My eyes What would be your dream job? To open my own little shop like Drop Dead’s for mine and my partners clothing company ‘Peaked Apparel’ that would be rad, and also further my modelling career at the same time :)

“Why y

love teoeu

hottes girlie’s!



spirit?: It featu res t




say to


your s

do you

all you

want t

r fans

you for


stay r



all of

so far

! and

ad <3

Danni iB xox

Model: Rach Dee HMUA: Rach Dee Alice Blenkinsop Photography


tm m agazine

tm m agazine


Photographer: Emma Pilkington Hair & Make-up: Samantha Mercer Model: Rebecca Rusby

r e t n u h Deer t!

es s b â&#x20AC;&#x2122; t i at n io rat t s u Ill


Deer Hunter is the design and illustration work of Nottingham based designer, Hannah Sheargold. Unlike other creative types, she has a penchant for animal hats, deep thinking, and taxidermy for dummies. Specialising in band artwork, merch design (t-shirts, posters, flyers etc), custom shoes and murals, Hannah is not afraid to step outside the box and experiment with new ideas and techniques, resulting in a very unique end product which will stand out from the rest. If you wish to commission Deer Hunter for any of your needs, or have any questions, please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate to get in contact! POW!

irit? ve Teen Sp irly new “Why you lo r a lot fo a fa g in o d e b ing promote You seem to that is help y d o b y n a nd oks!” magazine a od in our bo bands is go

r e w o L ds n a L


t Lets s..Righ d n a L wer hen.. me Lo boys t u Welco o y w t kno you pu get to would ic s u of m genre if we’re W hat nder? u ck band s ro e e lv v e ti s a your . n altern we’re a urselves simply I’d say o in expla er high trying to r care u o y n s bee hat ha ouncAnd w yet ann rne ? e it t a n o d n o wtho light t we’ve not bee with Ha when r u to h g n u Altho oing o d them we’re g huge. We love ack y ing that ld me b k tt to re p ’d u s o a y w la in b c nd if Heights unger a to “the silence o y ing re e support we w ning as liste as 14 that’d be ed you. w I n e wh eliev nIw t have b ite” whe and wh day I would no e tival them on ce/fes ue/pla n e v ite d favour er playe Your ? d e y e’ve ev t w la s e p w F o e s h olve you’v fun s layed W y venue e most p th e k w in I th hen a tin It was t year w stage was las o’s in Leeds. was no re e th g a d Was ti n n a s at Sa d full t to u . s packe re literally nex a lt so w fe h d ic wh e crow nce we th ie d es re u e a e Shap w wh so the g a sho n getting to se in y la p cool as fu as well. and it w after us rt involved a p a stage tear the

If you could collab with one person/ band who would it be and why? Probably have to be Jamie Lenman from Reuben. When we first started jamming we were all insanely in love with Reuben, we still are but back then they were pretty much the reason we decided to play together. Even if he’d just come shout yeah a few random times over some of our songs I think we’d all be unbelievably happy. When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for? It tends to be that someone comes to practise with a riff and then it just goes from there. We’re all really involved in the writing process we’re not the sort of band where anyone just takes over and tells everyone what to do. If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to? I think the dream would be to be supporting a band like Foo Fighters one day. Aside from that we’d just like to see the world and get to make music for as long as we can and hopefully be able to put off getting real jobs for as long as possible.

What do you want to say to all your fans and supporters out there? Cheers for checking us out it means the world to us, we’re just four good friends who like making music it still shocks us that people care! Keep your eyes peeled October 2012 is going to be a big month for us and then if the world doesn’t end and we make it to 2013 that should be a huge year for Lower Lands.


Model: S he Photogra ila Nastazio pher: Le Bandit








m agazine



39 m agazine

Hype &


NT Coll


One wo rd for yo u..BOOM British b ! Th ran and Rep ds collab to ma is is one of the hott resent h ke this in ave sane tee est tees to hit th printed te e marke o e, and w come together t on this d ne of the must hat a tee too rad haves o this year the tw for word ebut coll it is ! A tt o f the sea s! dope a e b n o ti o ra n ti to detail on celeb work! and the rating th son. Hype overall lo is ok of this supernova tee is sim ply

terally This tee is li orld! out of this w



Old Sko



Adidas Originals Spezial (Dark Royal & Mars Red) Adidas has taken the everlasting classic 3 stripe sneak and taken it to two new levels in dark royal and mars red. This 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s era trainer still looks as good as the day it came out and these two new colours have made it more desirable then ever. The tonal mix in colour alongside the gold branding makes for a overall dope sneak.

These 5 panels are simply out of this world! Dope work!



! p o r d csn

r taste et you have g .. e b glo Indcsn t d the aroun ! UK brand collection bu s r e v s r e lo y e p o k o m b c d a m nge is Snapb these bad very late su this ra acky colin a e s in s u d e a u c n b li e of w of the ever b anels ed this dropp etter then n e dope 5 p caps some b m e late is sisting of so akes thes m n as! Co d patterns it t right now! e n ours a on the mark t s e d d ra

Nike x Haze 窶連ir Force 1窶イ Capsule Collection Eric Haze returns with a stylish va va voom to the Nike Sportswear range with the Air Force 1 capsule collection. Perfect for casual or to skate, Nike tees are always winning combos for any keen tee collector. Three different designs; this collection is no doubt small but at the same time dope as! The haze style comes hand in hand working alongside the nike logo and standard tick. Overall this range is a definite winner and Nike and Haze will be hitting the streets


ze have Nike & Ha up repped it ith rge again w



this win collab!

Bilbo for MKI T-shirt Collection

Taking pocket tees to the next level this Yorkshire stor MKI (Miyuki-Zoku) have collabed with Bilbo to bring these insane pockets out of no where! The skill, design and overall work that has been put into this collab has made for some fresh out of this world pockets and a dope tee in general! Check it!


Against The World


tm m agazine

tm m agazine

ery t t a B o N ricity Or Elect ! Needed

Pokket Mixer

portable DJ console German designers christian komm and robert thomalla have created the ‘pokket mixer’ - a mobile mini DJ platform, requiring no power supply so that a user can mix their own music wherever they might be. The 130 gram console features a crossfader, a ‘listen’ switch which allows music to be heard from any device through headphones and an ‘equalizer switch’ which can change low, mid and high frequencies of the left or right player. Every device with a headset output can be plugged in such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, notebook, iPad, PC or personal CD player. The ‘pokket mixer’ uses only a headphone signal to activate it, making it the first DJ mixer that does not require battery or electricity. This is as dope as it gets for up an comind DJs!

Model: Jamie Winyard Photographer: Andrew Guyton

Jaguar f-type


Debuting at the 2012 paris international motor show, the ‘f-type’ by jaguar is presented as a two-door convertible, taking visual design ques from its iconic ‘e-type’ predecessor. With a supercharged 5.0L v8 engine producing 488-horsepower and a maximum torque of 375 lbft, the vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 186mph (300km/hr), attaining 0-62mph (0-100km/hr) in 4.2 Seconds. The eight-speed transmission uses an aeronautical influence for its sportshift selector, where additionally, the interior dash controls are ergonomically modeled after the cockpits from fighter jets.


Dope a

The exterior front end features a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;blade dissecting the shark-like gillâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, which emphasizes its bi-xenon headlamp and integral led daytime ru ning lights. At its back end, an active rear spoiler which deploys at speed to reduce lift by up to 120kg is found alongside a pair of full led rear taillights. Too dope for words is this rad ride! Va va voom!

This Jag is one insane Ride! In & Out!

om “This Chic fr is Down under t more then jus ight.. a pretty s nely She’s a Insa HOT sight!”





th Ma

t wi onnec

Favourite band?: Right now, Sleeping with Sirens, Funeral for a Friend and The Offspring Favourite food?: I am addicted to Mexican food and chocolate! Party animal or duvetmonster?: Party Animal for sure! If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My phone, My best friend and some awesome tunes.

i l a M l a t s y r K Model: Mali Krystal Photos: Long Sien Photography


u lov o y o d “Why Its a : ? t i r i p teen s zine a g a m wickedat reads e with gr ys come a and I alw deas i w e n up with ing it!” ad after re MALI KRYSTAL | BRISBANE, AU


p lin u t a h c not “Best e

m had?: “I e v ’ u o y ll, I’m a t s i h t y l l rea on my g n i t just sit ays makes Alw wallet” augh” me l n e Dow

r! Unerde tehey’re ! om


Wh on babe s babe

Idol/Inspiration?: Honestly, My inspiration is to be better than the person I was yesterday. I always try and improve myself. Cats or Dog?: Cats always! Skiing or Snowboard?: I havent done either, but snowboarding is on my bucket list. What are you most scared of?: Fear of Fear Favourite part of yourself?: Probably my up front honesty, but I don’t think others like it very much!

love you all, and

Rock O n! Big Lo ve

Mali <3 xxx

Model|: Em m a S um m er P hotog ra pher : A n d y W a ts on


Model: Kya Wolfwritten Martin Niklasson (TzR)


Contact us on: (+44)7922219482 or Visit us at: Yorkshire Tee Studio, S1 Artspace Upstairs, 120 Trafalgar St Sheffield S1 4JT

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