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2 Table of Contents 3 Bio’s 4-5 LBJ Baseball: A fresh start 6-7 Bacon’s Revenge 8-9 Keeping Austin Weird 10 Badmitton: The Rules, Equipment, and Facts 11-12 Austin Teen Helping Out 13-14 The Good, Bad, and Ugly 15-16 Hip and Fresh Quiz 17-18 Ghost Stories 19-21 Colt McCoy: Heisman Watch 22 Eye Catching Movie 23 Spoiler Alert 24-25 Cell Phones in School 2 Fall.Teenology

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BIO’S Elena G. -The Freak

Elena G. is a trumpet playing, Potter Maniac, and cute, Ninja-obsessed LASA freshman. Elena likes to spend her time reading, doodling or just making up stories. In this magezine you can find her name on the “Harry Potter” review the Leslie Cochran article and the badminton “how to.”

Adriana V. The Creative One

Adriana V. loves to draw her own pictures. She likes that her name means “The Dark One.” Adriana also likes to learn the meaning of names. In her free time she plays old Mario games. She contributed the articles on cell phones in school, the ghost stories, and “Austin teens helping out”.

Zach J.-The Smart One

Zach J. is an all around sports guy. He loves football and baseball the most. Zach is on the LBJ baseball team and loves video games. Zach worte “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, “Colt McCoy: Heisman Watch”, and an article on the LBJ baseball Coach, Kris Gawriluk.

Tim F. -The Asian

Tim loves fighting games and great movies like District 9. He is a memeber of the LBJ wrestling team and plays trombone in the “One the Only” LBJ concert band. He is also a proud Aggie fan. Tim’s name can be found on the “Hip and Fresh” quiz, the review of “District 9” and “Bacon’s Renevge” article. 3 Fall.Teenology


LBJ Baseball:A fresh start After the intense work at Florida, Coach Gawriluk is ready for a new start at LBJ

trutting onto the field, they told the players what they had to do and they sprinted towards their positions. It wasn’t a top-notch college, but you couldn’t tell with the way things were run. They hit fungo and split them up in groups, all spiked-up and ready for action. Throw after throw, their intensity never died. Just in their second year at L.B.J High School, Coach Kris Gawriluk and Coach Brian Johnson are ready to show off their team’s hard work, especially against McCallum and Crockett. After playing at the University of Florida for two years and then coaching at New Smyrna Beach High School for a year, Gawriluk, the 25 year old head coach found himself at L.B.J. in the fall of 2008, not sure what he was in for. After a dismal 5-15 record in 2008, Gawriluk and Johnson are ready to bring L.B.J baseball back to the state playoffs. “Crockett and McCallum will be L.B.J’s major test this year,” said Coach Gawriluk. In past years, L.B.J’s baseball has been heading in the wrong direction, but now the program is on a different road. With a different mentality and a skip in their step, players and coaches believe they have a special team this year. “I truly believe that this year’s team is going to turn heads, both within our school and in the Austin area,” Gawriluk said. Coach Gawriluk thinks the new players will have to step in order to have a decisive season. The 2009-2010 team is comprised of five seniors, four juniors, a handful of sophomores, and three freshman. According to Gawriluk, the younger players will have to support the team. 4


For the 2010 season, the team will have to “develop new players and have other players step up.” “I believe Jefferson Reese, Sam Porter, Llano Espinosa, & Zach Johnson, the younger guys will be the ones that decide our fate,” Gawriluk said. Last years team, shadowed the younger players, but Gawriluk now thinks it is their time to take over and gain the respect of the team. Last year’s seniors were a big building block for the team. They took the first step and it is now the turn of the younger players to catapult the L.B.J Baseball program to bigger and better feats. “I think last year’s seniors did a good job of teaching their replacements the way things will be done in a real program and they have taken the torch and have taken this fall to take off running,” Gawriluk stated. The seniors were the first to see Gawriluk and his commitment to the program and this has attracted younger

players to Gawriluk’s program. Even though all of the seniors were valuable to the aspiring team last season, only one player went to college to play baseball. Jacob Porter is trying to walk on at Hendrix College in just his freshman year of college. “I think last years seniors would be greatly impressed and happy to see where the younger players are taking this program,” Gawriluk said.

“I am more confident because it the second year for the guys. They understand the expectations and demands of the head coach. The district, I believe is also younger this year. Last year many teams were senior based.”

that knew the game,” Andrew L-C said, a senior that has played through three different coaches in his tenure at LBJ. Not only is this his first qualified baseball coach, it is one that has brought major changes to the overall program. Gawriluk continues to work hard to make the necessary adjustments for the LBJ program in order to make it successful.

With Gawriluk getting used to the life of high school baseball, he tries To help the to remember building team the days of Last year’s team at Nelson Field, Coach Gawriluk (right) and Coach Johnson (left) await district-play in their from last Florida and first season. From top left: Coach Gawriluk, Charles Y., Jefferson R., Ryan S., Nick Y., Sam F., Andrew season, Coach L-C., Jacob P., Coach Johnson. Middle: Sam P., Jacob I., Jim P., Sam V., Kirk E., Josh T. Bottom: Ronald their national Gawriluk and N., Mike M., Kelvin R., Israel R., Josh S., Llano E. championship Coach Johnson winning team, are adding new techniques to improve Gawriluk and Johnson hope to have at he recognizes the differences between the team’s performance. Including least 35 players in their program. “We the two. “It’s like comparing little more focus on pitching and fielding be- have to establish a JV program in order league to the major leagues. The time cause those two weaknesses could have to help develop players for the future. restraints & energy needed for each helped the team last year form a strong, Last year we did not have a JV team and level is so different,” Gawriluk said, as central core. I think it hurt us in not being able to he chuckled. Gawriluk really knows the give more players quality game experi- swing of things now, he is just wait“We are trying to spend more time on ence,” Johnson said. ing to show off the team’s hard work. pitching and building a strong foundaHowever, in the end, it is still baseballtion for hitting which we didn’t do last “If this program is to improve I have to fundamentals, determination, and the year,” Gawriluk said. look at the present, while still looking quest for perfection will ultimately at the future. The more kids I can get determine Coach Gawriluk’s impact on Improvements have been noticed in the into the program, the more things we the LBJ program. key areas of pitching and defense, as the will be able to do,” Gawriluk said. team attempts to reduce the number of errors and walks in the upcoming Gawriluk is not the only one who is season. happy to be at LBJ, his players are excited to benefit from his expertise. Coach Gawriluk and Coach Johnson are better prepared for the season because “After two years of football coaches, I it is their second year in the program. was glad that we actually had a coach 5


Bacon’s Revenge?

Is swine flu the avenger of pigs that are on our breakfast plate?



Max Z. is a small kid, but he’s tough. He got something

that most people fear for their lives over. He got swine flu. He is only 14 years old and only 5’ 2’’. “It was horrible. I felt very tired and I had a headache most of the time,” Max said, “I also had a very bad cough and couldn’t stay awake for long.” Max never thought he would to get it but I’m sure everyone else who got swine flu didn’t expect it either. Out of the 50 states in America, there is only 4 that has not reported cases of swine flu. In the U.S. alone, there are over 1000 deaths caused from the swine flu. Barack Obama has declared a national emergency on Sunday. They ask us to not panic and everything is going to be okay. They

say we will be able to get better resources such as vaccines and medicine faster and quicker but that is a promise I must see to believe. The swine flu has not just affected the U.S., it has effected 189 different countries as well. Max Z. is one of the very many people affected by H1N1. He goes to the Liberal Arts Science Academy and he missed a week and a half of school. Some people might say you’re lucky because you got to miss school, but he wishes he never missed one bit of it. “I didn’t want to come to school because I didn’t feel good, but the next week I wished I had because I had double the homework in every class... and it was horrible...” There have been an

Max wasn’t looking that normal when he had the swine flu and had to go to the hospital.



estimate of about 86 cases of sine flu related deaths of children under the age of 18. And out of the 120 million vaccines promised by the government, only 13 million have come through to be given to the public. Max wasn’t able to do much while he was sick and he didn’t have the best of feelings while he was sick, but he says that is wasn’t that bad as some people are saying it is. “I don’t think it was that bad it just felt like a normal seasonal cold. It wasn’t like everybody’s making it out to be.Yeah just a cough and a runny nose and a headache and sleepiness and a fever.”



Everyday downtown Austenites see him walking around in women’s clothes, some people shout greetings to him, while others turn away in disgust. He is beloved around the city, not just for his looks (or lack thereof) but also for the fact that he stands up for what he believes in and what he thinks should be changed. Albert “Leslie” Cochran has been walking around Austin for over 13 years. Then, on October 3rd of 2009 he was found along I-35 and Oltorf in a semi-vegetative state. He was taken to the hospital and it was widely believed by all the doctors attending that he would not make it through the night. Leslie has made it through the night, along with many more and is now going through therapy; he is staying with friends until he is back to “normal”. Leslie was found by a taxi driver along Interstate 35, he was then taken to Brackenridge Hospital. There were vigils held in his honor hoping and praying that he would not die. One was held outside at the hospital where he was being treated and was attended by many people including Leslie’s sister who came to send him well wishes. The worry for Leslie had spread over all of Austin. “I was worried that he was not going to be okay,” said Bosco. Rachel said “I was sad cuz Leslie is just one of those things about Austin that you take for granted until you don’t see him.” The worry even spread to teachers here at LASA. Mrs. Kendra Young the Ezine teacher, even said, “I was really worried that we would lose an Austin icon.” Leslie is not just considered an Austin icon by Young but by many other people as well. They believe that he is a good symbol for Austin’s slogan of “Keep Austin Weird.” Austinites don’t just think this for the fact that he dresses up as a woman, but also because he stands up for other homeless people in Austin. Leslie is a big part of making sure that the police do not mistreat the homeless. He even goes out of his way to try to convince complete strangers to not do drugs. Preaching about the dangers of doing drugs is what Leslie said got him attacked. After coming out of Brackenridge’s 8


rehabilitation center on October 24th, he said that he was attacked by two men; Leslie claims that he had been walking by and he overheard two men wanting to buy some drugs from a dealer, and then go get high. Leslie then walked up to them and gave them a whole speech about how doing drugs would kill them or seriously mess up their lives. They then

attacked him in, one from in front and then the other from behind. In 1996, after a motorcycle accident where he hit a deer and consequently hit his head, Cochran went in to a coma for about a month. According to his sister, when he woke up his stutter that he had from the time he was little was gone. Before Austin, Leslie lived everywhere from Washington D.C to Atlanta where his sister settled, to Florida where he grew up. After he was well he came to Austin on a threewheeled bicycle to live life as a homeless person, which he freely chooses. This is about the time when Sandra Galdeano first encountered Leslie. “I remember seeing him with his bike and large billboards at Braker Lane and North Lamar” stated Galdeano. “I was slightly taken aback but he seemed harmless to me” she said. People claim that what he does is affecting the children and that he should be locked away. Rachel B., a high school student who used to attend a school near where Leslie would often be seen walking, thinks differently. “I would think that they are only thinking about how he looks and people shouldn’t think about that. When Rachel and her classmates would see Leslie walking pass the school they would yell out a greeting to him.” After we all shouted “hi” he shouted back, “Stay in school kids” Rachel said. Leslie is now staying with friends until his therapy is over; he is not just a crazy guy who walks around in thongs but a true fighter. He stands up for what is right even though he puts his life at risk doing it. He’s an icon for the weird side of Austin. Leslie might not be the best icon for all people of Austin, but for the true wacko’s out there he is a great guy. Bosco, an employee at Book People, stated, “It was about 10 years ago, at a local bar where my friend was the bartender when I had my conversation with him” “He’s a nice man even if he’s a little crazy” said Bosco with a light hearted smile.

-- Mrs. Kendra Young LASA teacher BEST SPOTS TO SPOT LESLIE: -Bus Stop in front of Fulmore Middle School --201 East Mary -Bouldin Creek Café --1501 South First -Bus stop in across from Seton Community Health Center --corner of S.1 st and Post Road KEY FEATURES OF LESLIE’S CLOTHES - High Heels of sandals - Short skirts - Thongs - Fur coats in Mid-July - Long Platinum Blonde wigs - Cheerleader Uniforms - Animal Prints - Sunglasses Leslie’s known to have a few drinks so try a couple of downtown bars.



BADMINTON: The Rules, Equipment, and Facts

THE RACQUET.(RED CIRCLE) THE SHUTTLE COCK AKA BIRDIE (WHITE THING) The Racquet used to hit is either hit over-hand or under hand but for begginers underhand is the norm.

THE UNDER HAND SERVE Under hand serve starts with the bird held out at arms length the raquet is then sung back and hits the bird from underneath sending it up and away over the net.

THE OVER HAND SEVRE In the over hand serve the server hold raquet behind head and throw the bird up then bringing the racquet it the bird is hit.

SCORING POINTS A point is scored once a pesron fails to return the bird. See the bird was not going to be hit so a point would be earned by the otherside

FACTS: -Badminton first became a summer olympic sport in 1992. -The court width varies depending on wheather it is a game of singles or doubles. (singles on person per side doubles two people per side) -For singles it is 44 ft long and 17 ft wide for doubles it is 44ft long and 20 ft wide. -A rally starts after the serve and ends when one side fails to return the bird. -Badminton calls for athlete with lots of stamina, energy, and agility. -There are many different types of groups there are singles, doubles, mixed doubles( 1 male, 1 female), left-handed singles, and left/right handed doulbes (one left handed player and one right handed player on each team)

Some Famous Badminton Players. -Fu Haifeng (chinese mens double team memeber from 2008 summer olympics) Silver Medal -Margaret V. Bloss, an El Paso, TX Athlete 1999 inducted in to World Badminton Hall of Fame -Susi Susanti (Indonesia) Latest additon to Hall of Game(picture from Photos by Edmund G. and Elena G. 10 Fall.Teenology

Harry Mania

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Directed by: David Yates Screen Writer: Steve Kloves

BY:Elena G. This sixth installment of the Harry Potter Series directed by David Yates and starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Michael Gambon as Dumbledore came to theaters over the summer. There in the first line you could see my family and I waiting anxiously to see what we thought was going to be the best Harry move ever, but when we came out, us and the other viewer were enraged to see how this movie totally killed the story.Rolling Stones says that this was “a triumph of visual wonder and emotional storytelling”, I don’t see it that way. I went to watch this movie and was expecting a movie with lots of the usual Potter magic yet that is not what I and the other viewers got. When I came out of watching the new movie one question I found myself asking is, where did all the exciting parts from the book go? There are so many important, touching, and explanatory scene that were need to be in the movie. Dumbledore is supposed to be show Harry the memories of people who were close to the young Voldemort and have

Harry try to figure out the importance of each memory. Harry is also supposed to be involved in a big fight where his friend, Bill Wealsly, was to be attacked and gravely injured, and then Fleur (Bill’s fiancé) was to say that she would still marry him no matter what. Then after Dumbledore was killed there was supposed to be a beautiful ceremony where Fawkes the Phoenix would sing a tear jerking lament, but no… that wasn’t needed and wasn’t important to give the great Albus Dumbledore a big send off. Another thing is that if a really important scene did make it into the movie it was twisted and turned so much the reader couldn’t tell that it was once part of the book. Then there was a small battle at the Wealsly house in the beginnig of the movie instead of the big battle at Hogwarts when Snape tries to flee after killing Dumbledore. The last major change was in the beginning when Harry was picked up at the Duresly’s there Dumbledore was to explain to them that for Harry to stay protected by his mothers charm he would need to return just once more before his seventeenth birthday and the go to Slughorns’s (Jim Broadbent), but that was changed to Harry was picked up at a subway station before a date with one of local girls. I am not sure why Mr.Yates changed these scenes but the way he did just made the movie worse. This movie was supposed to be full of fights, secrets, and suspicions.Yet Mr.Yates and Mr. Steve Kloves (screenplay writer) turned the to-be amazing movie into a mushy-gushy chick flick. These two middle aged men completely forgot who their major audience was, the avid readers of the Harry Potter books, the true fans. They made the focal point of the movie the stubbornness of Hermione and Ron and how they wouldn’t just come out and say that the loved each other. Then they took the whole Ron and Lavender Brown (Jessie Cove) relationship to a whole new level. To where it takes over and forces all the parts that are wanted out of the movie. I am obviously not the only one who hated this movie. Over 65% of the reviews on give it comments such as “ …trash…”, “ The worst of all the HP movies”, and one reviewer even went as far as to say that Mr. Kloves should apologize and then be shot. Then at the end they say something like “I was being nice to give it four out of 10 stars”. Armond White from the New York Press says “ASTOUNDINGLY UNIMAGINATIVE, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ruins the idea of popular entertainment.” So if you want to see this movie, remember that this one strays the most from the original book and that the only way you could possibley like this movie is if you have never read the books.

11 Fall.Teenology

Austin Teens Helping Out By: Adriana V. Pictures By;Adriana V.


VERY EVENING AS SOON AS SHE GETS home from school, 17-year-old Daniela waters her small backyard vegetable garden. Her garden contains a couple of Jalapenos plants, tomato plants, and lemon trees. She says her and her parents got the idea of her uncle who has a small

tomato garden that paid off because it produced a lot of tomatoes. Teens in Austin help the environment with little efforts, many of these pass unnoticed by others, and some just don’t think it’s worth it. At this time in their lives, many believe teens don’t care about anything, but here in Austin they prove otherwise. Teens all over Austin do small things that might seem insignificant, but help the environment. For example Daniela and Lisa M. recycle everything they can at home, and do the same in school. “I slept over at my friend‘s house and I saw a man at 7:00 a.m. picking up trash, I asked my friend why he did that, and she said he did it every day!” said 16-yearold Brenda. She decided that if that man in his 50s could do such an effort at his age, then she many years younger should at least try to do something. Brenda inspired decided to help out her mom in her garden, the garden isn’t huge, or a vegetable one, it’s a garden full of flowers of many colors that adorn the front of her home, along with a couple of trees. She says that although she doesn’t have a green thumb it is great to go outside and do something beneficial for more than just her. Brenda decided that to help the environment in other ways, like she would car pool with a close neighbor that went to the same school, it’s been three years since, her mother picks them up from school, and her neighbor’s mom drops the off every morning. “I think that it‘s not just us three helping the environment lots of other teens in Austin help, they recycle papers from school, take shorter showers, recycle, etc., and even adults like teachers encourage this kind of behavior,” Daniela said when asked if she was alone in this effort. “I am not an environmental freak, I don‘t focus my life around it, but helping is just now part of me, I do it unconsciously.” Brenda lives in a trailer park, and says that they don’t have recycling bins there, so she just helps other ways, like, showering in less time, walking to nearby places, using a minimum amount of paper, and encouraging her 6-year-old brother to do the same. Brenda said, “I‘m no expert, but I know that if everybody makes an effort to help, we can accomplish a lot, and even if the results aren‘t huge, or noticeable any help is good help.”

13 Fall.Teenology

The GOOD. The BAD. The UGLY.

By: Zach J.

Rankings of todays top game consoles and their features

14 Fall.Teenology

We all know that the hype for technology is at

its all time high, but what should you buy when it comes to video games. Here is the breakdown of the top game consoles of this day and age. The Good: The best game console right now, is the Xbox 360, with its 1080i inpuuts for a full HD gameing experience. Along with over 700 games ranging from shooting to sports, multiplayer to single player, etc. Xbox Live is the biggest aspect of the 360. It allows you to play people from around the world. With many Xbox Live compatible games, gamers are given the full features of the gaming experience. With a stellar starting price of $199.99 you wont have to break the bank. It also includes many extensive accesories icluding wireless controllers, network adapters and in-gmae xbox live gamer points. The Bad: Closely behind the Xbox 360 is the Nintendo Wii, with its wireless sensored technology, cords are not needed (for controllers). It also allows you


to move the controller freely during gameplay. The Wii also contains a stylish home screen in which you can buy wiiware and virtual console games some of which were previously used in Nintendo’s past consoles. WiiWare and Virtual Console games cost around a couple of dollars and features a retro conroller. Other wii channels can be purchased or downloaded for free from the WiiWare and Virtual console online store. The one downside of the wii is its games. The general idea for the wii was a younger audiance of children. Many gmaes are either related to a younger audiance or are behind in graphics compared to the Xbox 360. The also gives gamers the luxury of a free online experience, but most games are not compatible for online gameplay. The wii is vulnerable to hackers and is easy to mod for free games and wii channels. At an also cheap $199, the wii will thrill gamers with new aspects at a low, flat rate. Overall the wii is great for younger children and is user friendly with sensored controllers, but it is not the best console for an avid, hd gamer.

The Ugly: Many people may say that

the PS3 is the best game system, but from consumer reports, the PS3 is not rated to hot. Yes its blu-ray function is handy for those who don’t want to spend $250 on a blu-ray player, but its gaming functions are less in comparison to the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. It does have an high-definition gaming experience unlike the wii though. It is the most expensive game console out of the bunch at $299 and for most is not worth it. For a portable size of the playstation, gamers can pick up the PSP Go, a newer version of the PSP 3000. Those who like to play on the go will love playstation’s new product, but for others, $250 is too much for a 3.8” LCD screen. The Breakdown: The best gaming console right now is the Xbox 360 with many exclusive games and features. Right behind the Xbox 360 is the Nintendo Wii, lacking some aspects that the 360 excels in. Lastly, is the PS3 and the PSP Go. Its price wards off many costumers and cannot compare to the other consoles. 15 Fall.Teenology

Are You “Hip and Fresh”? By: Tim F.


A friend tells you about a party tomorrow and you tell him...

You say of course! Count me in! Your friend asks for a favor that you really don’t want to do.You say... You make up something and tell him you’re sorry and walk away

You say go away, I hate parties.

You just got pushed down the stairs on accident and people start laughing at you? You...? You don’t want to do it but you do it anyway because he’s your friend.

You are Hip and Fresh! You like to have fun and you are helpful to others and you don’t enraged when something bad happens. 16 Fall.Teenology

You find the guy and push him back to get revenge!

You are Hip You’re Allright don’t like the And you have best game

Yo ju cl

Quizzes Do you have an Xbox 360, Wii, or a PS3? No

Do you play any instruments or in the band?

Yes, and I just got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

No, I like the older gaming systems.


If the Tennessee Titans played the Dallas Cowboys, who would you cheer for?

You forgive the guy and ust go on your way to lass. Pancakes!

but not Fresh. and you Cowboys. one of todays console’s.

I would most definately cheer for the Titans! The cowboys are loser’s! Pancakes or waffles? Waffles!

I would cheer for the Cowboys because I’m a true Texan!

You are not Hip and Fresh! You take some things way too seriously plus, waffles are not hip and fresh...You’re kinda cool. 17 Fall.Teenology

Ghost Stories of Texas 1 Sawyer’s Wife’s Ghost

2 3 4 5

In 1864 a deserter from the confederate army name Sawyer lived in a cabin half a mile from what use to be “Sawyer Oak”, with his wife and baby. Confederate authorities found out about him and the drumhead court martial sentenced him to hang. His wife went to “Sawyer Oak” where he was hanged, so he could kiss her and the baby goodbye, but when she got there he was already dead. Till this day her spirit is still trying to make it to the hanging of the spring of 1864. She has been seen carrying a baby on her way to “Sawyer Oak.”

Stumbling Man

In Polk County there is a Church were you can hear the stumbling of a man walking. This ghost at Bethel Church is believed to be the one of a man whose leg was amputated as a punishment for raping a girl. The sound heard at Bethel Church sounds like that of a man walking on one leg and dragging the other.

Glowing Grave

A women working at a power plant in Oklahoma was killed by radiation. She was brought to Texas and buried at the Danville Cemetery in Gregg County. People claim that when you walk past her grave late at night you can see the radiation emitting through the ground that giving the area an ominous glow.

Flirting in the Seventh Floor

The Baker Hotel is known to be haunted by many spirits who died there or returned to remember the great times spent there, but the most famous ghost is that of the women who haunts the seventh floor. She is believed to be the mistress of the hotel manager back in her time. Deeply agitated by her affair she jumped from the top of the 14 stories high building to a horrifying death. She lived in a suite in the southeast corner of the seventh floor. Many people who have walked through the hallways of the seventh floor have reported smelling the aroma of her perfume. It is believed her spirit flirts with men, and maids have reported finding glasses with lipstick on the rims. Throughout the day her heals are heard, she walks around as if she was still alive. The Lady of Frio River In the early 1900’s Maria Juarez and her sister were the two prettiest ladies in the Community of the Frio River. Maria was very close to her sister although her sister was a couple years older and married to a men named Gregorio. Maria helped her sister care for her children, and she dreamed of one day getting married and having her own children to care for. As Maria grew older she became even more beautiful, soon her charming beauty was not only caught Anselmo Tobar a young man her age, but also by Gregorio. Anselmo began to speak to her of marriage; she became very excited about it. One summer afternoon Gregorio called Maria and spoke his heart out to her, she told him she loved Anselmo, and ran off to a tree were she waited for Anselmo. When only the moon could be seen clearly she heard a noise assuming it was Anselmo she went out to greet him, but the man standing in front of her was not Anselmo, it was Gregorio. Gregorio pulled a gun out and shoot Maria right in the heart; he went to hide in a barn when he realized what he had done. He had left the gun next to Maria, when the town saw the dead body of Maria they were outraged, they traced Gregorio with dogs, but were surprised it was him, he was sentenced to a long time in prison. As for Maria she was buried in her sister’s wedding gown, and adorned with wild flowers. Anselmo Tobar got married a couple years later and had the children Maria would die for. The location of her grave is unknown but she still walks around Frio River, her souls still insists on having kids. It is believed her spirit comforts children when they need it, covers children on cold nights, and even sits at the end of their bed to protect them from any harm.

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San Antonio Children A bus with ten children going home stopped on railroad tracks, the bus driver didn’t know a train was coming so he stayed there. A speeding train comes and destroys the bus, killing all the children. Now on any day cars stop on the tracks intentionally to see if the stories are true. The spirits of the ten children move the cars off the tracks. Some even cover the car’s trunk with talcum, and little hands with peanut butter and jelly stain the car. The streets nearby are believed to be named after the children. Many have claimed to have heard the children’s exhausted voices, and even insults for making them push another car. Ghost’s Bridge Around 1930 the cotton prices had fallen, many farmers were going broke including Jake. It is believed that Jake went crazy as a response to being broke. There is two horrifying stories about his ghost that haunts a bridge between Hutto and Pflugerville. The first is that he was a young man who killed his wife and two children, when he realized what he had done, he felt so guilty; he couldn’t live with himself so he hanged himself at the wooden bridge. The second is that Jake pushed a car containing the bodies of his parents, off the bridge, and years later he died in a house fire. His spirit is supposed to haunt the bridge, he messes with cars and tries to push them off the bridge to death. The Clean Menger Hotel Although the Menger hotel is haunted by more that one ghost, the one that is seen more often is Sallie White’s ghost. Long ago in the mid 1870s Sallie was a chambermaid who worked in the hotel. One night after getting in an argument with her husband she decided to stay there overnight. Her angry husband threaten to kill her the next day. He kept his word, and on March 28, 1876 he attacked her in the hotel. She was severely injured, and was able to live for two days after the attack, but on that second day she died from her injuries. The Hotel paid $32.00 for her funeral. Till this day her ghost continues to do her duties in the Victorian wing of the Menger Hotel. It is believed Sallie’s ghost is dressed in an old long gray skirt, with a bandana around her head, the hotel uniform during her times. Sallie is normally seen walking along the hallways, carrying clean towels for the guests. Billy the Ghost of the Theater At Bedicheck Middle School, Billy was a student playing the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera. He was in the auditorium on the new catwalk, when a rope slipped, he fell, and hung himself. Billy’s ghost is said to push students off the catwalk, and help them memorize their lines.


Suicide High Lakeview High School opened in the 70’s but it was always known as the bad school. “Suicide High” was the name many called it. Why? In the late 1970’s a boy shot himself in the boy’s restroom. In the 80’s a depressed girl broke a mirror in the bathroom and cut her throat, she was later found by two other girls. It is said many students in the mid 90’s committed suicide in this school. As a respond to this there are no longer mirrors in the bathrooms. Students have reported hearing their voices everywhere, and getting cold in certain areas.


Slashing Ghost In Plainview High School in the early 80’s some students were up in the balconies of the theater decorating. Later every body left, only one student remained. That night he killed himself, he hung himself from the top balcony. Under the auditorium there are some big tunnels where students were often found skipping school. Two weeks after the suicide, a couple of kids were skipping and got caught. The guards ordered them to stop, but they ran as fast as they could into the tunnels. The guards waited out, they thought they would eventually have to come out, but the time past and they soon got tired of waiting. They went in the tunnels to get the kids, but they found the bodies of the kids. Their throats had been slashed; the knife had clearly gone all the way through stopping only at the bone. The police went in to investigate but they were shocked to find a dead end that would mean the murder would have to get in and out through the front. Till this day no one knows who or what killed them, but what is clear is that their souls never left, their screams are heard very often “Help!” and “Please don’t kill me!” 19|Fall. Teenology 19 Fall.Teenology


Colt McCoy: Heisman Watch The reason Colt McCoy should win the HEISMAN trophy in the 2009 college football season By: Zach J. Photographs by The Daily Texan

20 Fall.Teenology


olt McCoy drops back in the pocket, steps up and throws a bullet to Jordan Shipley over the middle at the 25 yard line who then breaks through the Oklahoma defense. Quan Cosby drills an Oklahoma defender to free Shipley for one last moment as he dives into the end zone. Colt McCoy beat Oklahoma and the winner of the Heisman trophy, Sam Bradford in Dallas last year 45-35. This year he has even more pressure on his shoulders as he leads the #2 Texas Longhorns hopefully to the National Championship. I believe McCoy is deserving of the Heisman trophy and should be awarded it as voters should look at his numbers and how far he has brought Texas to where they are today. Some critics disagree and say that since McCoy hasn’t played in a big game like Bradford or Tebow (considering the 2008 National Championship in which Florida defeated Oklahoma 24-14) he is not deserving of the Heisman Trophy. Another point people put out there against McCoy is the reason he has such a high passer rating contributes to only throwing short passes in an offense totally geared towards the passing game. While others speculate that McCoy from Tuscola and from a small 2A High School doesn’t have that much “big-game” experience. And then for other knockers it’s that he plays for the University of Texas who nobody in the press really thinks to care a whole big deal about. Colt McCoy is deserving of the Heisman Trophy this year for a number of reasons. First, just look at his stats from a year ago: in 2008 he set a college football record with a 76.6 completion percentage rate as he completed 332 of his 433 passes for 3,859 yards, 34 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He also led the Longhorns in rushing with 561 yards and 11 more touchdowns. While previous Heisman winners like Tebow and Bradford have had a dominant skill (throwing or running) McCoy is an all around complete athlete. Texas also went 11-1 in the ‘08 regular season with the biggest win over Oklahoma 45-35 in Dallas and their only loss against Texas Tech in Lubbock 39-33. Another reason why McCoy should win the Heisman is that both Bradford and Tebow (still college athletes projected to win this years Heisman) have already won the Heisman trophy. Not only hasn’t he won the Heisman before but he comes from one of the best school’s in the nation. Texas’ schedule is a lot less tricky this year as they do not have to play #1 Oklahoma, #11 Missouri, #6 Oklahoma State, and #5 Texas Tech like last year. After the 34-24 win over Texas Tech (September 19,2009) Texas has only have 2 more tests the rest of the year (Oklahoma on Oct. 17 in Dallas and Oklahoma St. on Oct. 31 in Stillwater). So far Colt has not put up the stellar numbers like last year, but it is still early in the season and he has yet to play Oklahoma and Oklahoma St.

21 Fall.Teenology

Lastly, McCoy has been a major ambassador for college football. In news conferences he never talks bad about the other team even if it so happens to be Texas A&M or Oklahoma. After every game he goes out and shakes opponent’s hands after a pummeling win or a heartbreaking defeat. He has brought sportsmanship back to college football. Remember the days of Miami in the early 1990’s with taunting gestures and brawls. He is the perfect college quarterback and Christian giving everything to God and his teammates because without them he would not have the success that he has had. He is humble and it is nice to see that, definitely from a Longhorn. The Heisman committee should award Colt McCoy the Heisman trophy because his stats this year and last year are worthy of great recognition, Bradford and Tebow have already won the award, and he is and continues to be a great role model for college football. It will be a tough rest of the year for McCoy but if he keeps up his endurance, composure, and is healthy he will have a good shot at the Heisman trophy (as both Tebow and Bradford have been injured this season).

Inside the Mind of Colt McCoy

McCoy’s favorite things and his every thoughts... Jordan Shipley: McCoy’s roomate and favorite target

McCoy’s favorite pregame meal, PB & J (

McCoy is just 4 wins away rom becoming the winningest quarterback in college football history

22 Fall.Teenology



in the story it held me captive in the sensation of amazingness. The car chases and different battle scenes cover this area completely. “While a solid actioner, what makes it so special is a human heart that propels this wham-bam sci-fi film straight into deepest six-star territory.” -David Edwards Daily Mirror[UK]. Right now, I have seen only positive reviews on this great film. Peter Jackson is an amazing genius because of his greatest trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. Scenes such as when he starts turning into an alien, he realizes that these aliens are bad people. This camp that they’re running is killing their way of life and culture. They start bottom feeding and they start killing each other for food and just for fun. Although District 9 had some harsh scenes that would be inappropriate to immature children, they had meaning. Some people object to this violence in the upmost manner. “If this movie touched you in any novel way, then I suggest you spend some time confronting a brutal reality that too many of you fellow human beings are enduring right now. Maybe you would also be moved by real footage of torture, etc...” -Ysnapper. Seriously though, what kind of movie would this be if it had no violence. Sure it was pretty brutal, but without those scenes, do you really think that it will as realistic as it possibly could be. Leaving the scene out where the African guy tries to cut off and eat the main character’s hand would be devastating. Because thats when he realized that he could take STARRING: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie control and use these weapons to save him and his friend (an alien). I think too many people underestimated this Boltt movie to be a losing, unthrilling, boring adventure. And DIRECTED BY: Neill Blomkamp thats almost what I thought about it before I saw it. Then, the movie was just amazing it caught the viewer’s eye and Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans awaitmine. I will almost never underestimate one of Blockamp’s ed for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither ever again. The director of the movie was Neill Blockamp, and here came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their are some of the main characters: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie home world. The creaters were set up in a makeshift home in South Bollt, and Sylvaine Strike. This movie made about 37 million dollars Africa’s District 9 as the world’s nations argued over what to do with in the first weekend while they spent about 30 million making it for them. Like “Perhaps we’re witnessing a new dawn politically engaged about a profit of 7 million. And this was Sharlto Copley’s first movie sci-fi and horror, with Blockamp as a latter-day George Romero. Ei- to ever act in. ther way, this is a stunningly impressive debut.” -Tom Huddlestone of Time out. While others thought it was too “gory” for children under the age of 13. Such as my mother says, “It has a interesting story to it, but it could have been a little less gory.” Like in the seen where they get his arm and force him to tests the alien guns, which only aliens can wield, on different targets. Even aliens. I think the violence added the touch I, and so many others in the Austin area have been waiting for in a eye catching movie like this. The scene’s, feeling almost real, made me wish something like this really existed. It made me feel like I was

District 9

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Unlimited Uses

By: Adriana V. M.


N JANUARY OF 2009, a nineyear-old girl was kidnapped by her grandmother, but she was found thanks to a cell phone signal and Google street view. According to http://www. the signal from the girl’s phone came from Athol, Massachusetts. The authorities found the girl thanks to Google Street View; they used it to have a virtual look at the place. The girl was found in a hotel, where her grandmother was hiding. Cell phones are not just a comunication tool, they are also a life saviors, cell phones have helped in many kidnappings. It is necessary for students and adult to have one in case of an emergency, or as a way to communicate. At the Liberal Arts and Science Academy students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school, and if a student is caught with one, the cell phone is taken away, it cost $15 dollars to get it back, which is a high price to pay every time a student is caught with one. At LASA most students handle more than just homework; they also join clubs, band, and sports. If they are trusted with that, then they should be trusted with a cell phone in school. Students often get cell phones in middle school, so it’s not that big of a deal. Seniors are able to drive to schools, so why shouldn’t they be trusted 24 Fall.Teenology

with a cell phone, after all cell phones can’t run over people and cause them permanent injuries. Student’s who don’t ride the bus have to be picked up by their parents and they need to be able to call them quickly in case of a change of plans. Plus if parents need to contact the students during school hours quickly, they should be able to call them to their cell phones instead of calling the office, waiting for them to locate the child and then get a pass so that the student can go to the office and talk to their parent. Most cellphones have a camera which may come in handy. Cameras have been helpful by recording numerous crimes; take for example the kid who recorded a teacher in Thailand beat a 12-year-old boy. According to TG daily the 29-year-old teacher grabbed the student by the throat and hit him against the board because he forgot his textbook. If it wasn’t for the recording the teacher could of continued to abuse these children. Many argue that cell phones are a very distracting device, that students may use it to cheat by looking up answers during a test, or that they may text during class. Students in LASA can’t text during class because each class is packed with information, and you can’t risk getting behind because it’s hard to catch up. Students have to work extra hard to be admitted into LASA, so if they are hard workers they don’t need to cheat, they are use to working hard and achieving without cheating. If a student is irresponsible, and immature, it is up to the parent to decide if their child is ready to own a cell phone. Cell phones can be helpful in school, if they are on silent, they won’t make any noise, so they won’t distract anyone. There could be certain times when a student s could use their cell phones in school. If students are here in LASA with cars, and are responsible enough to handle school, homework, and other activities then they should be trusted with cell phones. 25 Fall.Teenology


The study of teens from a LASA perspective.

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