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One day I met a giant. He was sad because no one wanted to play with him, so I played with him.

To say thank you for having But his such a fun balloon was day he gave so big that I me his floated up balloon. into space.

Suddenly a man in a space suit appeared and tried to steal my balloon. He was Alan the naughty astronaut and he steals all the balloons that float into space from earth so that they can’t go back to the children they belong to. He was very greedy.

I hid behind the moon, but the moon is made of cheese and a big space rat grabbed me and my balloon.

He was a good rat and was helping to save me. He hid me and my balloon in his home in Mars. The big red spot on mars is his front door.

Alan the naughty astronaut got tangled up in the rings of Saturn so me and the space rat ran and got all the balloons he had stolen so that I could take them back to the children who had lost them on Earth.

But how would I get back?

Then a shooting star zoomed by but it was so quick I missed it. Luckily the space rat was as fast as a shooting star so I jumped on his back and we chased it until we were close enough for me to grab it and it

pulled me all the way home.

All the boys and girls were very happy to get all their balloons back again and I got lots of cake.

Tys space story  

Dictated and illustrated by Tyler aged 4. His story of a journey into space, a naughty astronaut and a friendly space rat. Adventure, intri...