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Every issue of Teenbook will have a letter in it for you. Written by someone who we think is pretty inspirational and hopefully you’ll agree. First up is author Dallas Clayton. We could tell you all the reasons why we think he is such a big deal but why do that when you could just read the letter he wrote for you and discover his epic-ness all by yourself. Buy his books/read his blog. They will make you smile. A lot.

Dear Teenbook readers, I think the most important thing to remember about all of this is that at the end of the day most of it isn’t even real. Therefore you should find the thing that makes you most happy while making the most other people the most happy and do it as often as you can until it stops making you happy. Then, if you have time left over you should try and find another thing that makes you happy and do that thing until it also stops. You should continue this pattern until you learn more than you ever thought you might know, visit more places than you ever thought you might visit, or until it all vanishes in an instant. If anyone tells you that this is not a realistic plan you should inform them that airplanes didn’t used to exist and look at how well they’ve caught on. Also pretend it’s your birthday often. Also get a nickname. Also try not to sleep inside, it can get boring. Dream big!  Love, Dallas. 


Issue 2  

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