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 Puzzle pages and suggestions to have a good weekend!

Review of the avengers!!! We saw the movie and we loved it!!! The Avengers is one of the best Super-Heroes movies. In this movie Hulk became the main threat like the first comic of The Avengers and Loki as the evil guy too, but all the heroes are well-developed. It is a good choice if you want action, special effects and to have of fun with The Avengers.

Interview with Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. talks with our magazine! 1 - When were you born? ‘I was born on April 4, 1965.’ 2- What was your first movie? ‘My first movie was Pound. I did this film when I was 5.’ 3-What was your last movie? ‘My last movie was The Avengers. I was the Iron Man.’

Robert Downey Jr. 4 - What was your favorite movie? ‘It was Sherlock Holmes because it was very exciting and mysterious.’ 5 – How many awards did you win in the last years? ‘I won 16 and I feel very happy when I win a new award.’

It is  a  video  game,  developed  by  Infinity  Ward  and   Sledgehammer  Games,  with  Raven  So;ware.  It  is  the  third   installment  in  the  Modern  Warfare  series.   The  game  was  released  on  November  8,  2011  in  North   America  on  different  versions.  In  24  hours,  the  game  sold   6.5  million  copies  in  the  U.S.  and  UK  alone!  It  is  the  biggest   entertainment  launch  of  all  Nme!    



Pro Evolu.on  Soccer  2012  (PES  2012)  it  is  exclusively   licensed  by  UEFA  and  contains  the  UEFA  Champions   League,  UEFA  Europa  League  and  UEFA  Super   Cup  compe@@ons  along  with  a  license  from  CONMEBOL  to   feature  the  Copa  Santander  Libertadores.   In  this  game  you  can  play  football  ,you  have  a  team  and  a   player.  It  is  recommended  for  all  ages.                

Temple Run  

It  is  an  endless  ac@on  video  

game developed  by  Imangi   Studios.  The  game  revolves   around  several  curious   explorers  aKemp@ng  to  steal   an  idol  from  a  temple  and   being  chased  by  "demonic   monkeys".  The  player   controls  the  explorers  by   touching  the  screen.  You   need  to  run  as  far  as  possible   without  being  "eaten“!  


tv Series The Simpsons is a

comedy series about a funny and weird family, where they make the craziest things you can imagine! They have a lot of episodes, and this week, they are going make the 500th episode! And they don ´t have just the series, they have a film too, The Simpsons Movie.

•  Day of  the  release:  17/12/1989   •  Creator:  MaV  Groening   •  TV  channel:  FOX  

Are you  searching  for  weekend   acNviNes?  Check  our  suggesNons!               1-­‐Having  a  good  Nme   2-­‐Hanging  out  with  friends   3-­‐Going  for  a  bike  ride   4-­‐EaNng  out   5-­‐Staying  at  a  friend´s  house   6-­‐Playing  soccer     7-­‐Going  to  the  shopping  center   8-­‐Playing  computer  games        

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