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ED'S NOTE Congratulations to all those who have completed their secondary school education! You’ve made it – are you ready for your next phase of education? This year’s Passport to your Future encompasses all the info you will need to make informed decisions and move on smoothly to your tertiary studies. From the different educational pathways (p. 2) to a comprehensive Poly Open House guide (p.4) to the A-Zs of tertiary student life (p. 26) and more, we hope to help you through this exciting milestone of your life. Last but not least, we’ve prepped a few pointers to help you get excited for the academic year ahead. With tips on how to ease into your first day and make new friends (p. 30), a mini guide on balancing school and your social life (p.20), beauty hacks for any situation (p. 38), and a sample of THEFACESHOP’s Daily Repair Moisturizer Hydrant to help you put your best face forward. I’ll leave you with an inspirational quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Let 2017 be the year of new adventures, discoveries and milestones. Don’t worry, it’s going to be awesome. Love,

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What’s Your Learning Style?

Find out what study methods best work for you

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Reaching Greater Heights

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Gear Up

Plan Your


Junior College ( JC) and Centralised Institute (CI)


Academic Qualification

GCE ‘A’ Levels


Duration of study

Two years (JC) or three years (CI)

Three years

What’s next for you after your secondary school education? To help you get started, we mapped out an overview of the various options you can consider before embarking on your tertiary journey. What you need to know

• Similar to the secondary school syllabus, JCs and CIs operate on a timetable schedule where students attend academic lessons on Mathematics, Biology, History etc., along with specialised electives such as Art, Music and Language programmes. • At the end of your studies, students are required to take the GCE ‘A’ Level examination, which will determine your entry into a local university of your choice.

Choose this if…


• Polytechnics provide students with a strong foundation in practical experience through handson coursework and work attachments. • You will also be exposed to plenty of networking opportunities with industry professionals, equipping you with transferable skills that prepare you for the workplace.

• You prefer an accelerated route to university and prefer theory-based learning.

• You seek to develop your passion into a professional career and hope to gain a better insight into your desired industry.

• Offers you a higher chance of getting into a local university.

• Hands-on learning that will give you a competitive edge.

• A longer timeframe to think about your future specialisation.

• Fosters strong teamwork skills as project-based assignments make up most of the curriculum. • Wider selection of skilloriented courses to fit a range of interests.

• Competitive environment and grade-intensive curriculum due to university entry qualifications after GCE ‘A’ Levels. Cons

• Lack of practical industry experience should you decide to enter the workforce directly after GCE ‘A’ Levels.

• Requires consistent effort to maintain a high GPA score throughout all three years of study. • Need for self-discipline as students are given more autonomy when it comes to assignments, coursework and projects.


Institute of Technical Education (ITE) National ITE Certificate (NITEC) or Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher NITEC) Two to three years • With a strong emphasis on technical and vocational skills, ITEs offer on-the-job exposure to students in preparation for further studies or the workforce. • You are allowed to choose between a full-time course or a part-time traineeship programme, which will help you advance into your career or higher education.

Specialised Education

Private Education Institution (PEI)

Overseas Education

Certificate, Diploma, Degree

Certificate, Diploma, Degree

Certificate, Diploma, Degree




• Specialised institutions focus on niche programmes that allow you to explore your topic of interest in depth, which will give you an advantage to excel in the industry. • Compared to those who opt for the more general courses, students hailing from specialised institutions are better equipped to enter the workforce.

• Private institutions enable students to obtain international qualifications in your home country without the hefty costs incurred when living overseas. • There’s also the option of fast-track programmes that speed up the academic process, allowing you to graduate ahead of your peers. Part-time courses are available for those who require more flexibility as well.

• Overseas education gives students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a foreign education system, where you get to become fully independent and gain a new cultural perspective. • Studying abroad can also open up doors to a slew of foreign employment opportunities should you decide to stay on after graduation.

• You aim to cultivate relevant technical skills in an engaging environment and hope to make full use of apprenticeship opportunities with industry partners.

• You are clear on the career path that you would like to embark on and are committed to obtaining specialised and relevant skills for that industry.

• You want to secure an international certification without having to study abroad and enter the workforce as quickly as possible.

• You would like to acquire your international qualifications while experiencing student life abroad.

• Practical learning that places less emphasis on theoretical lessons.

• Opportunities to develop expertise in a specialised field of interest.

• Flexibility in enrollment due to multiple intakes per year.

• Independent living which encourages aptitude and personal growth.

• Skills gained through ITE are sought after by employers. • Ability to apply skills to working environment upon graduation.

• Better internship and job placement assistance that might lead to direct employment. • Well developed facilities to accommodate your needs.

• Takes a longer period of time to obtain diploma or degree compared to those who entered junior colleges or polytechnics.

• Narrower job prospects due to niche skills and knowledge. • Difficulty in switching professions if you choose to opt for a transfer mid-studies. • Possibility of incurring extra costs due to equipment or materials that are required during your studies.

• Affordable alternative for attaining international qualifications without going abroad. • Shorter duration of study, allowing you to graduate faster and enter the working world sooner.

• Immerse in new cultures and form meaningful connections with people from all over the globe. • Valuable experiences abroad that will help to increase your career prospects.

• Limited exposure to overseas markets despite getting an international qualification.

• High cost of living that requires student to allocate their budget well.

• Lesser breaks and free time due to a highly structured schedule compressed into an accelerated timeline.

• Requires good self-discipline when managing work and play without supervision.


Gear Up

Open House GUIDE

What can you expect at the Polytechnic Open Houses this year? Here’s how you can make your OH17 experience a fulfilling and memorable one!

OH Pre-Checklist

Before heading down, make sure you tick these to-dos off the list!

Research on the courses you are interested in. Check out the different topics the syllabus has to offer, the credit weightage for each module, as well as the career prospects available. There are over hundreds of options to choose from across the five polytechnics, so narrow down your choices to the ones that appeal most to you.

Know your qualifications. Make sure your scores meet the minimum requirements needed for your preferred courses – you don’t want to waste any of your 12 choices during the Joint Admission Exercise! Take the time to choose wisely as your decision will determine where you will spend the next three years at.

Seek the opinions of your parents and secondary school teachers. They are the ones who’ve been with you throughout your growing up years and know where your expertise lies. Sharing your goals with a trusted party will give you a better insight on what’s the best course of study.

Map out your route. Find out the travel time required between schools and split up your visits into batches based on proximity. It will take you days to cover all five polytechnics, so plan your schedule accordingly and keep track of the duration spent in each school to efficiently to maximise your time.


OH Survival Guide

You’re all prepped and ready to go – follow these step-by-step tips to make the most out of your Open House experience! You Snooze, You Lose There’s going to be a lot of people and a lot of activities going on, so it’s best to head down early. Not only do you get to beat the crowd (and the heat), you will also be the first in line to get your hands on exclusive perks and free goodie bags! Keep Calm And Carry On Upon stepping into the bustling campus grounds, you might feel overwhelmed by the whirlwind of events and

swarm of unfamiliar faces. Don’t panic – remember that everyone there is around your age and you guys might even end up as schoolmates in the future, so go ahead and mingle! If you’re here without any friends or family members to accompany you, don’t be shy to approach a fellow student ambassador on site who will gladly greet you with open arms. You can usually find them along activity booths and where the guided campus tours are held. To Ask Or Not To Ask? Come prepared with a list of questions you may have about the faculty. Don’t hesitate to clarify your doubts and ask for feedback

from the seniors present. How was their experience as a first-year student? How are the orientation camps here conducted? What do they find the most challenging about their course? Remember to speak with the academic staff or a course counsellor to get a professional point of view as well. Polytechnic life is a completely different ball game compared to secondary school, so it’s important to know what you are in for as a prospective student. Collect ‘Em All You may feel tempted to throw out that stash of brochures you’ve gathered, but trust us: these handouts will certainly come in handy when it comes to finalising your top 12 choices. Locate a quiet corner after settling down and take a good look at all the information listed, which will give you a complete summary of what you can expect from each course. Having all the pros and cons laid out will help you to weed out and prioritise your options. Real Talk Attend the various seminars and workshops that will be taking place, where you can find out more about the different curriculums, scholarship opportunities, admission requirements and other academic queries in detail. There are also dedicated forums for parents to participate, which provide an overview of what pursuing a tertiary education is all about, while allowing them to pick up tips on how they can guide their child into making informed decisions. Spots might be limited, so make sure

to register for the talks you have in mind on their respective websites ahead of time! What A Tour Aside from seminars and workshops, go on the guided campus tours where you get to check out the academic buildings, student amenities and specialised equipment provided for your preferred courses. Having a conducive environment assures that students get ample hands-on experience in and out of the classroom, which is why it’s important to ensure that the facilities are readily accessible and in good working order. While you’re at it, explore the study areas, food courts and recreational offerings too as these are the places you will be spending most of your time at in between classes. It’s Show Time Don’t forget the CCAs showcases! Take your pick from the endless array of extracurricular activities available – from academic school clubs, to special interest groups, to sports and adventure teams, there’s sure to be one that tickles your fancy. To really step out of your comfort zone, why not challenge yourself by joining something you’ve not tried before? Not only is it a great platform for you to pick up new hobbies and develop it into a passion, CCAs can also help to beef up your resume and help it stand out from the sea of university/job applications in the future. Win-win!


Gear Up What’s The Buzz?

Don’t miss these exciting happenings at the respective polytechnics!


Singapore Polytechnic


Republic Polytechnic

Foodie alert: Nowhere else can you find an on-campus llaollao other than SP. The best part? You don’t even have to queue for it!

• Discover the many state-of-the-art facilities RP has to offer, including an anatomy museum, an interactive touch pool, a live television recording set and a virtual aerodrome simulator! • RP’s School of Hospitality is looking for its next #SOH star! Aside from free etiquette, grooming and makeup workshops, attendees can also take part in the #SOHstar Photo Contest and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! • Go early to grab yourself a foldable RP Bear before they’re all snapped up. Psst, post up a creative picture entry on Instagram with your RP Bear and you might just walk away with fabulous goodies!

• Hop on SP’s campus tour bus and get a peek at unique spaces such as a navigation simulator, a fully integrated communications agency, a music production studio and even a cyber wargame centre. • Enjoy performances by student clubs, including dance, cheerleading, mixed martial arts and more at the SP Plaza! • Drop by the Career Interest Profiling Booth at the Convention Centre where you’ll receive a detailed analysis of your recommended career path based on your personality and interests.

Foodie alert: Get your healthy fix at The Crowded Bowl located at RP’s The Lawn Food Court – this vegetarian salad joint lets you to customise your greens at just $3 for a regular bowl.

What to bring:



Temasek Polytechnic

• Fancy trying your hand at radio broadcasting, DNA fingerprinting or virtual reality games? Experience it all at TP’s interactive campus tours! • Be part of a live fashion show where TP design students showcase their stunning creations on the runway. • Take part in the Beyond ‘O’ Level Seminar at the Convention Centre, where you can engage in discussions on pursuing your passion, furthering your studies and landing your dream job with a panel of professionals.

Foodie alert: Enjoy frozen treats from KoolWerkz, proudly manufactured by TP students at their very own off-campus training factory.


Nanyang Polytechnic

Foodie alert: Check out L’Cafe for delicious sandwiches, pastries and beverages, along with an assortment of goodies handmade by the NYP Central Production Kitchen!

• Show your support for the teams for made it into the finals of the NYP Jam! singing competition and NYP Groove! street dance competition! Who will be crowned the champions? • Create your own self-tattooed tote bags, personalised T-shirts, mechanised robots, skateboards and more at NYP MakerSpace! • On 6 January, experience the vibrant night atmosphere at NYP’s Night Open House amidst performances from local pop-rock quintet The Summer State and homegrown favourites The Sam Willows!


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

• Spend ‘A Day with NP Fam’ where you’ll get to attend bite-sized lessons of your dream course, have lunch at their canteens, go for your favourite CCAs and hang out at the coolest spots in NP! • Check out the various CCA exhibitions and workshops at NP’s PoCCAmon Showcase, while capturing ‘sightings’ of sports demos, fun performances and more! • Not sure which course to choose? Sign up for the Find Your Dream Course workshop at the Convention Centre to find out which courses are the most suitable for you.

Foodie alert: Who can resist the legendary kaki fuyong at NP’s Makan Place? Think chunks of fried chicken ser ved atop a fluffy omelette and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. No wonder it’s a cult favourite amongst students!



What’s your Learning Style? Learning how you absorb information best will improve your studying capacity by leaps and bounds. Take this quiz to find out the best study methods for you!

2. A friend asks you for directions to a new place you visited recently. You a. Text her the step-by-step directions b. Draw the directions on a piece of


c. Bring her there yourself 3. You can’t go without ______ during your study sessions a. A good music playlist b. A neat desk with nothing but your

study materials

c. Your favourite snacks

Mostly As Auditory Learner You absorb and understand info best by hearing – you gain comprehension better while listening to the teacher verbally explain the subject instead of reading detailed study notes. And you tend to repeat information aloud to better understand and retain it. Interestingly, auditory listeners learn better when studying while listening to music.

Up your study game:

• Engage in group discussions so you will have the opportunity to listen and verbalise your thoughts • Make flashcards and recite them out loud repeatedly • Use word association to remember facts • Record lectures for review during study sessions

4. While waiting in line to pay for your shopping, you: a. Make small talk with people who are also

in the queue

b. Eyeball the clothing racks for other items

you might have missed

6. When telling your friends about a new Instagram profile you chanced upon recently, you are more likely to remember this detail first: a. The Instagrammer’s face (or other

physical details)

c. Fidget and/or play around with the things

b. His/her IG handle c. A specific photo that was posted

5. When going through a new chapter of notes in class, you a. Tend to repeat what the teacher just

7. You’re ordering food at a new cafe, would you a. Ask the waiter for their

b. Love using differently-coloured

b. Look at what others are eating or look

you’re holding

mentioned to yourself

highlighters to colour code all the important points c. Find yourself frantically scribbling down what the teacher says, word for word

Mostly Bs Visual Learner


for reviews on the Internet

c. Choose something similar to what

you’ve had before

Mostly Cs Tactile/Kinaesthetic Learners

Look and see, that’s how you learn! You’re a visual learner, which means you understand, remember and organise things by sight; pictures, diagrams and illustrations work best to help you understand information. When recalling information, your mind remembers the visuals first (like how a person looked, the colours you saw, etc.) before other details.

If you lose concentration or get restless easily in long lectures, chances are you’re a tactile learner! You learn best through hands-on learning, and practical lessons where you can be actively involved. You pick up and retain info better through taking notes (although you probably won’t refer to it after) or acting out what you need to learn.

Up your study game:

Up your study game:

• Visualise all info that you hear • Employ visual aids (charts, mindmapping, graphs, drawings, etc.) • Colour code your notes • Incorporate visual media into your notes as much as possible (Eg. use diagrams and pictures in place of words)

• Schedule five minute breaks inbetween study sessions • Memorise info better by rewriting everything or creating flashcards • Fidget with non-distracting movements, like tapping a pencil or your foot during a session.

Text: YAP Jing Yi

1. Which game are you better at? a. Taboo b. Pictionary c. Charades


Nanyang Poly

reaching Greater Heights IT whiz Joshua Tan and media company founder Daniel Lee are two individuals who share vastly different passions. But one thing they have in common? Both kick-started their bright futures with Nanyang Polytechnic!

At the age of 13, NYP alumnus Daniel Lee did not foresee a career in the arts – influenced by his father, who served in the special forces, he aspired to be in the military, or to become a pilot. But a severe sports injury at 16 effectively ended his dreams. Seeking to distract himself during what Daniel describes as the lowest point of his life, he started dabbling in illustrations, a childhood interest that he had never seriously considered pursuing. Focusing fully on creating illustrations, researching other artists and their creative styles, it was not long before Daniel was hooked. Deciding to actively study animation, he enrolled into the Diploma in Digital Animation at Nanyang Polytechnic. Under the tutelage of animation lecturers who possess a wealth of industry experience, an immersive course and an eye-opening internship, Daniel enjoyed every minute of his education in NYP.

Daniel Lee

Alumnus, NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media

Although inexperienced, Daniel was equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to start out in the industry. He landed his first freelance job at 18 and further honed his skills from the steady stream of jobs that followed. It was also through these opportunities that helped

Daniel to discover a love for motion graphics, and the rest is history.

Recipient of the illustrious Lee Kuan Yew Award and Ngee Ann Kongsi Award, NYP alumnus Joshua Tan has a long list of achievements under his belt, including being Singapore’s first Microsoft Office 2010 Make-It-Great Ambassador and the NYP Campus lead for Microsoft Student Partners in Singapore. Graduated from NYP in 2013, Joshua’s journey into the field of Information Technology (IT) started when he was 10, when he created his first website. At 16, he embarked on a fruitful educational journey with NYP through Direct Admission Exercise into the Diploma in Information Technology.

Since joining NYP, Joshua participated in prestigious IT-related competitions, which further increased his understanding into the topics taught at NYP. He even had the opportunity to represent Singapore in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in Russia – being the youngest competitor on the world stage, Joshua and his team were exposed to eye-opening global talent and projects.

Kick-starting bright futures at NYP. Because We Can!

Today, Daniel is the founder of Semicolon, a creative company which crafts film, TV commercials, digital content, music videos and other motion content.

Earning an edge over his peers with the wealth of experiences and knowledge gained while at NYP, Joshua was a recipient of the Integrated Infocomm Scholarship, issued by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, and is currently furthering his passion in IT as a Computer Science student at Nanyang Technological University.


Ngee Ann Poly

My Kind of


Bring out your best at Ngee Ann Poly (NP). From quality programmes and internships, to enriching global exposure and service-learning opportunities, NP is committed to nurturing your head and heart. Whatever your interests, they go the xtra mile to ensure you reach your fullest potential.

Check out NP’S 49 exciting courses!

School of Business & Accountancy • Accountancy • Banking & Financial Services • Business Studies • International Business • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management • Tourism & Resort Management

School of Design & Environment • Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management • Product Design & Innovation • Real Estate Business • Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering

School of Engineering • Aerospace Electronics • Aerospace Technology • Audio-visual Technology • Automation & Mechatronic Systems • Biomedical Engineering • Clean Energy Management • Electrical Engineering

NP Open House 5 to 7 Jan 2017 | 10am to 6pm

• Electronic & Computer Engineering • Engineering Science • Engineering with Business Management Programme • Marine & Offshore Technology • Mechanical Engineering • Network Systems & Security

School of Film & Media Studies • Advertising & Public Relations • Film, Sound & Video • Mass Communication • Visual Effects

School of Health Sciences • Health Sciences (Nursing) • Optometry • School of Humanities & Social Sciences • Arts Business Management • Business & Social Enterprise • Child Psychology & Early Education

@ngeeannpoly @NgeeAnnNP @ngeeannpoly

@ngeeannpoly @NgeeAnnPolytechnic

• Chinese Media & Communication • Chinese Studies • Early Childhood Education • Psychology Studies • Tamil Studies with Early Education NEW!

School of InfoComm Technology • Animation & 3D Arts • Financial Informatics • Information Security & Forensics • Information Technology • Multimedia & Animation

School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology • Biomedical Science • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering • Environmental & Water Technology • Landscape Design & Horticulture • Molecular Biotechnology • Pharmacy Science • Veterinary Bioscience


Republic Poly SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE • Diploma in Biomedical Sciences • Diploma in Biotechnology • Diploma in Environmental Science • Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture • Diploma in Materials Science • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Embark on a unique learning journey at Republic Polytechnic (RP) – discover your potential, transform opportunities into realities and achieve your goal with RP supporting you every step of the way. 2017 marks RP’s 15th anniversary. As RP celebrates this monumental milestone, take pride in how much the institution, their students and alumni have achieved over the years. You are invited to join the RP family, to set off on a transformative learning journey to achieve your goals!

Visit the RP Open House from 5 to 7 January 2017, 10am to 6pm to experience RP - the campus, the courses and many exciting activities!

• Common Engineering Programme • Diploma in Aerospace Avionics • Diploma in Aerospace Engineering • Diploma in Aviation Management • Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering • Diploma in Engineering Design with Business • Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management • Diploma in Green Building Energy Management • Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management • Diploma in Supply Chain Management

SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY • Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business • Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management • Diploma in Integrated Events Management • Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations • Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management

SCHOOL OF INFOCOMM • Diploma in Business Applications • Diploma in Business Information Systems • Diploma in Infocomm Security Management • Diploma in Information Technology • Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media • Diploma in Mobile Software Development republicpoly



SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION • Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research • Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology • Diploma in Mass Communication • Diploma in Social Enterprise Management


• Diploma in Health Management and Promotion • Diploma in Health Services Management • Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences • Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management • Diploma in Sports Coaching

SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ARTS • Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management • Diploma in Design for User Experience • Diploma in Game Design • Diploma in Media Production and Design • Diploma in Sonic Arts

SP +SEREENJIT Diploma in

+ and Communication Media SP SEREENJIT Diploma in Media and Communication

I can expand my horizons IWith can my horizons SP, it’sexpand So Possible

With 47 diplomas and over 100 Possible CCAs, we can help you pursue your passion and broaden your global perspective. With SP, it’s So With 47 of diplomas and&over 100 CCAs, we can help you your passion and broaden your SPglobal DESIGNperspective. SCHOOL School of pursue CHEMICAL & LIFE School ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Aerospace Electronics School of ELECTRICAL & Common Engineering Programme ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Computer Engineering Aerospace Electrical Electronics and Electronic Engineering Common Engineering Energy Systems andProgramme Management Computer Engineering Engineering Systems Electrical and Electronic Engineering Engineering with Business Energy Systems and Management Engineering School of Systems MECHANICAL Engineering with Business & AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING School of MECHANICAL Aeronautical Engineering & Bioengineering AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Common Engineering Programme Aeronautical MechanicalEngineering Engineering Bioengineering Mechatronics and Robotics Common Engineering Programme Mechanical Engineering School of ARCHITECTURE & Mechatronics and Robotics

the BUILT ENVIRONMENT Architecture School of ARCHITECTURE & Civil Engineering with Business the BUILT ENVIRONMENT Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management Architecture Integrated Events and Project Management Civil Engineering with Business Landscape Architecture Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management Integrated Events and Project Management Landscape Architecture

SCIENCES Applied Chemistry School of CHEMICAL Biomedical Science & LIFE SCIENCES Biotechnology Applied Chemistry Chemical Engineering Biomedical Science Food Science and Technology Biotechnology Nutrition, Health and Wellness Chemical Engineering Optometry Food Scienceand andCosmetic Technology Perfumery Science Nutrition, Health and Wellness Optometry SP BUSINESS SCHOOL Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Accountancy Banking and Finance SPBusiness BUSINESS SCHOOL Administration Accountancy Business Innovation and Design Banking andInformatics Finance Financial Business Human Administration Resource Management with Psychology Business Design TourismInnovation and Resortand Management Financial Informatics Human Resource Management with Psychology School of COMMUNICATION, Tourism Resort SCIENCE Management ARTS and & SOCIAL Applied Drama and Psychology School of COMMUNICATION, Creative Writing for TV and New Media ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCE Media and Communication Applied Drama and Psychology Creative Writing for TV and New Media Media and Communication

Hashtag us at #speye and #singaporepoly Hashtag us at #speye and #singaporepoly

Experience and Product Design Games Design and Development SPInterior DESIGN SCHOOL Design Experience and Product Design Visual Communication and Media Design Games Design and Development Interior Design School of DIGITAL MEDIA & Visual Communication and Media Design INFOCOMM TECHNOLOGY Business Information Technology School DIGITAL MEDIA & Digitalof Animation INFOCOMM TECHNOLOGY Infocomm Security Management Business Information Technology Information Technology Digital Animation Music and Audio Technology Infocomm Security Visual Effects andManagement Motion Graphics Information Technology Music and AudioMARITIME Technology SINGAPORE Visual Effects and Motion Graphics ACADEMY Marine Engineering SINGAPORE MARITIME Maritime Business ACADEMY Nautical Studies Marine Engineering Maritime Business Nautical Studies

Get all the details at Singapore Polytechnic is located at 500 Dover Road, right next to Dover MRT Station. Get all the details at Singapore Polytechnic is located at 500 Dover Road, right next to Dover MRT Station.


Temasek Poly

keeping her Eyes On The Prize A budding chemist and an accomplished floorball athlete, Temasek Polytechnic student, Yeo Xuan dispels stereotypes to prove that you can possess both brains and brawn – and excel in both. were not as good as the senior players in the team. At the same time, I was in my first year of poly and was finding it quite hard to balance my studies and national competitions.” But with support from her family, friends and lecturers, Yeo Xuan persevered, “Initially, because of my training sometimes clashing with class, I faced a lot of time management issues,” she continues, “My lecturers constantly encouraged me to excel in both sports and studies, and reminded me that my interest in sports may be useful for getting a spot in university in the future. This has kept me going with the right attitude throughout my time here in TP.” “TP has professional sports advisors and they always take the extra step in caring for their students. When I was playing competitively for TP, I was well taken care of even when I was injured and during my recovery. Our sports advisor also monitors every student’s grades to see if they are balancing their CCA and studies well. They would give encouragement and advice to keep us going so that we can do well in our CCA without neglecting our studies.” And the efforts paid off. Not only did Yeo Xuan and the national team bag a gold at the 2015 Sea Games, she was able to travel to Australia, Czech Republic and Finland to compete globally, all while maintaining a stellar 3.62 GPA! An athletically-inclined science student does exist – just ask third-year Diploma in Chemical Engineering student, Yeo Xuan. Not only is she a recipient of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Scholarship, Yeo Xuan is also a member of the Singapore National Women’s Floorball team, as well as a SEA Games 2015 gold medallist. Discovering her passions for chemistry and floorball in secondary school, Yeo Xuan shared, “I have always wanted to study something related to Chemistry and

Mathematics. I heard [good reviews] of TP’s lecturers and environment, and upon finding out that the course consists of 60 per cent chemistry modules, I decided to choose it.” Not one to rest on her laurels, then 17-year-old Yeo Xuan also had her heart set on trying out for the national floorball team after joining TP’s floorball CCA. “I struggled initially in the national team as I was considered inexperienced and my skills

When asked to impart words of advice to future TP students, Yeo Xuan enthused, “Choose something you are interested in to study so that you find greater joy while pursuing your diploma. TP is a great place to study – the well-planned timetables here will allow you to have enough time for your social life, studying, as well as CCA.” She added, “When things get a little tiring, remember the passion you have in you. With determination, anything is possible if you work hard for it.”

Visit for more information on the Chemical Engineering course, as well as the other 47 courses offered by Temasek Polytechnic





“I Have A Question!”

Confused about the next step of your educational journey? Here are eight essential questions to help you narrow down your options before picking the right programme to pursue your post-secondary studies.

Should I choose a programme that I’m passionate about?

The million dollar question that plagues many teenagers today: should you choose a programme that is aligned with your passion regardless of where it will lead you or one that will guarantee you a steady job after graduation? While success is not determined based on education alone, your educational choices will inevitably influence your immediate career pathways and opportunities. Thus, it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and have a clear idea of what you want to get out of your tertiary education.

Will enrolling in this programme/ school better equip me for the workforce?

Having the right qualifications and work experiences may make you eligible for a job – but having a robust set of soft skills like critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving and good communication skills, etc., will give you an advantage over your peers and help you excel no matter which sector you are in. While these invaluable skills are often acquired outside of the classroom, make sure that your school of choice encourages and provides opportunities to advance these life-long skills, be it via extracurricular activities, presentations, or more. In addition, programmes these days cover a lot more than the surface basics, which employers take into consideration as well.

What type of programme freedom do you want? Students who prefer a more flexible and in-depth learning experience can choose to go for full-time programmes, while those who wish to explore other aspirations in the midst of studies can opt for part-time programmes. The great thing about Kaplan is that they offer both full-time and part-time programmes – and there’s a possible completion of the programme in eight months, subject to meeting entry requirements, allowing you to enter the workforce ahead of your peers!

Have I talked to someone about this programme?

If you’ve been aimlessly sifting through online articles or taking quizzes on “which programme should you take?” – it’s time for an intervention. Instead of making a lifechanging decision based on the results of some random personality test, it’s best to consult a field expert who can properly understand your strengths, weaknesses and ambitions through an in-depth assessment. To guide you in making an informed decision, Kaplan has a dedicated pool of course consultants who will be able to offer you concrete advice during personal counseling or seminar sessions. You will be able to gain better insight and find out the answers to all your burning questions!

Do I know enough about this programme?

We’ve seen our fair share of students who took the plunge without first looking up on it, and ended up realising that their dream programme wasn’t what they had in mind. Before jumping into it, conduct ample research on all the vital details: the qualifications required, type of modules the syllabus covers, programme fees, etc. Apart from online resources, you can also head down to the Kaplan Open House where preview sessions are held to allow potential students to attain information about their desired course from seniors, lecturers and even industry experts.


Is my college strong in this major? What are the career opportunities available? Will I do well in this programme? We know how tempting it is to aim for the popular programmes, or to enrol in the same course as your friends, but you should also evaluate whether the academic requirements match your personality, interests and skillsets. It is important to be realistic – play to your strengths and find a balance that works best for you.

For those seeking a headstart into your career, look for a programme that offers plenty of attachment opportunities for you to get real-world experience and equips you with learning skills that are applicable when you go into the working world. Not only does this help to add credibility to your resume, but it also allows you to expand your networking circle and gain transferable skills in ways classroom-confined courses couldn’t achieve.

Not all tertiary programmes are created equal: even the most reputable institutions can lack in certain disciplines, so make sure to find out what your college can offer if you choose to enroll there and explore other options if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Accreditations are a good rule of thumb in determining the area of specialisation for each faculty. For instance, Kaplan has established itself as one of the Best Private Education Institute for business management1, communications & media2, computer science & IT2 as well as marketing1, at the Jobscentral Learning Training & Development Awards* 2016 which sets you up for a strong academic foundation you can leverage on when you enter these fields in the future.

Registered with Committee for Private Education UEN: 199409389H Validity: 20-05-2014 to 19-05-2018

Disclaimer: 1Kaplan Higher Education Institute 2 Kaplan Higher Education Academy



Gear Up

work hard, Play Hard Meeting all the demands of school, work and social life can be a tough juggling act. Fret not – here’s a cheat sheet to help you keep the balance and get back on the ball.

Tip: Lay off any distractions that might disrupt your workflow and encourage you to procrastinate. Turn off all electronics, hunker down in a library and get grinding! When you’re not hitting the books, you’re probably busy making pocket cash on the side. Whether it’s to earn extra allowance or pay off your student debts, keep in mind that you can only do so much in a day. If you’re unable to find a flexible after-school job that can accommodate to your schedule, you can try making money off your hobbies such as selling your secondhand goods

online or landing freelancing gigs. This way, you’ll be able to get a steady income without having to sacrifice much of your study time. So you’ve been honeymooning with your new buds on campus, but let’s not forget about your old crew whom you’ve been unintentionally blue-ticking. Take breaks in between classes to ring up your neglected bestie for a short chat, or catch up over a Skype date. You can even organise a huge social gathering where both cliques can mingle openly – who knows, they might just get along! You don’t want one side assuming you’re ditching ‘em for the other, so it’s important to still reconnect with your old pals while making new ones. Tip: If your friends ask you out and you really can’t afford the time to hang out, don’t hesitate to turn them down. You can make it up to them another day! With a schedule packed to the brink, chances are you might be missing out on important family

moments. Before you slink away into your room for another mugging sesh, spare some time to update your parents on what went on during the day. It may be a small gesture, but they will definitely appreciate your sharing. On the weekends, plan a family night to spend some quality time with your folks – only pizza, fun and games are allowed! It sounds like a nobrainer, but giving your brain ample rest from time to time will go a long way in helping you keep a healthy perspective. Don’t get so caught up that you forget to catch a breather – be it going on a run, getting some retail therapy or tuning in to the latest episode of your favourite K-drama, you’ll feel so much more prepared to tackle any responsibilities that come your way after that! Tip: When handling important projects, taking short breaks in between will help to freshen up your mind and get you out of the productivity slump.

Text: Chew Hui Ling

Some of us tend to over-pile ourselves with commitments and end up feeling completely burned out. Be realistic about the goals you set for yourself and learn how to prioritise your tasks. However, if the workload gets too much for you to handle, don’t be afraid to ask for help and see if you can split up the workload with a partner. That’s what classmates are for, right?


Reaso s to c oosE DIS

Here’s what makes the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) one of the preferred private educational institutions in Singapore.


61 years of

Academic Excellence Established since 1956





• • • • • • • •

Business and Management Engineering Fashion & Design Health & Life Sciences Media & Communications Psychology Technology Tourism & Hospitality



Date: 13 to 15 Jan 2017 Time: 12pm to 8.30pm Venue: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (Near Somerset MRT)

25 20 9

Certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Specialist/ Graduate Diploma Programmes

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Programmes

LEARN FROM EXPERIENCED LECTURERS Integrated Campus Facilities • TV and Radio Studios • Life Sciences and Computer Laboratories • Fashion Studio • Hospitality Training Centre • Engineering Laboratory and Workshops • Psychology Laboratory

Holistic Learning Experience MDIS provides Personal Development Training for all their full-time students

A fully Global

student community Students from


MDIS Career Assistance Unit

provides job placement services and internship opportunities



Campuses in


countries uzbekistan


India Singapore

MDIS Interest Groups

Sports, Social and Enrichment Activities available on campus

Management Development Institute of Singapore Reg. No. 201001793H 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018


Curtin Singapore

which business course

Should You Choose? Mulling over which Curtin Business School business major would suit you best? Take this quiz to find out!

Tick the top five options that best describe you: D: People describe you as efficient and organised B: You take pride in being well-informed about current happenings A: You easily spot mistakes that would normally go unnoticed A: You’re able to spot trends and patterns easily C: You make friends easily D: You work well under pressure B: Creative projects are right up your alley A: Your reactions and decisions are always backed by logic and facts C: Friends often seek you out for comfort and advice A: You are good with numbers

Curtin Business School is accredited by AACSB, which is awarded to less than five per cent of business schools worldwide.

B: When faced with tough decisions, you tend to rely on your gut feelings D: You’re able to look beyond the little details, to see the bigger picture C: You always know the best way out of a sticky situation B: You are the social media whiz in your group C: You have a positive, can-do attitude D: You adapt quickly to different situations Mostly


GCE A-Level and Poly Diploma holders are eligible for the stated degrees and GCE O-Level students can enrol through a diploma pathway.



Human Resource Management

Analytical, logical and good with figures, you possess an eye for details and an uncanny ability to spot trends, which is integral in an industry with no room for mistakes. With your excellent interpersonal skills, you will flourish in this fast-paced but rewarding environment.

Often the first person your friends seek for advice, people recognise you as a trustworthy comrade and are receptive to your opinions. Employing ingenuity and resourcefulness, you easily tackle pressing situations while maintaining a diplomatic approach – traits a good Human Resource Manager should possess.

Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) or Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance)

Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Human Resource Management)




Visit for more course info

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Marketing and Advertising

A creative individual, your ability to think out of the box and conceptualise intriguing concepts will come in handy when brainstorming for Marketing and Advertising campaigns. Your high social media consumption places you as the go-to person for current updates within your circle and your intuitive personality makes it easier for you to recognise and understand consumer behaviour. Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) or Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Advertising)


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Results-oriented and levelheaded, you work well under pressure and react quickly to different situations. A stickler for organisation and structure, you are determined to push through obstacles and handle leadership roles well when given the opportunity. Nothing beats the satisfaction you gain through seeing a project to completion; a tell-tale sign that you’ll do well in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry. Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

> > >

− − − − − − − − − −


SEED Institute


For Your Future

Becoming an Early Childhood Educator or Educarer is easy! Just follow these simple steps. Ingredients:

x 1 WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (WSQ PDECCE) x5 GCE O-Level Credits (Entry requirements) Serves:

Teach children from 18 months to six years old


x 1 WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (WSQ ACECCE) x 3 GCE O-Level Credits (Entry requirements) Serves:

Teach children from 18 months to four years old


x 1 WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Years (WSQ ACEY) x1 Completed secondary 4 education

Directions: Step 1. Enjoy working with children Step 2. Believe early education is important Step 3. Decide to play a part to nurture the young! Step 4. Call 6332-0668 for a phone consultation Step 5. Bring original qualifications to SEED Institute


Birth to three years old (infant care)

and register now!

SEED Institute provides the Place-and-Train programme, an option for students to work while studying. Let’s hear what the SEED student and graduate have to say: “I saw a recruitment advertisement on the SEED website for trainee teachers. Within a few days of application, I was notified by SEED that I was shortlisted for a job at a preschool near where I lived. After a couple of interviews with my current preschool, I was asked to join the team.” – Jane Chen (SEED Student)

“After stepping foot in the industry, I realised that all children are gifted in their own way. While we teach them about life, sometimes it is the children themselves who teach us what life is all about.” – Cindy Goh (SEED Graduate)

SEED Institute Pte Ltd | CPE Registration No.: 199504758Z | Period Of Registration: 25-02-2015 to 24-02-2019


Gear Up

Dictionary Of Success

B C A D I E Stay on top of your scholastic game with our ultimate A-Z guide to slaying tertiary years and beyond!


For any on the go student, it can be tough ensuring that your bank account stays within the positive, which makes it even more important to keep track of your daily expenditure. Set aside an allocated amount of money for food, public transport and other lifestyle expenses – maintain a running tally of your purchases via a trusty app. It’s no easy task, but think of how rewarding it’d be when you have leftover ka-ching to treat yourself to a good meal!


Joining your alumni association opens up a network of industry contacts that could help you get a foot in the door for your tertiary education or even your professional journey. At the same time, don’t be afraid to reach out to alums in your potential institution so you can better familiarise yourself with the campus rules before enrolling.

Have an eye for the arts? Wish to make a difference for society? Enjoy outdoor adventures? Tertiary institutions offer a well-rounded variety of extracurricular activities where students get to expose themselves to new experiences and pick up fresh skills, while widening their circle of friends. Take the chance to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to likeminded individuals – these are the people who will make your life on campus a memorable one.




For those who enter tertiary education with an idea of which industry you might want to start a career in, take into consideration the school’s ability to produce work-ready recruits as well as the course’s emphasis on graduate employability. Degree specialisations and relevant experience will also garner you extra brownie points during the selection process.


Not sure which route to take after completing your secondary school education? There are tons of options available if you choose to pursue a diploma: polytechnics, specialised education, private education institutions and even overseas education, depending on your eligibility and preferred approach of learning. Unlike JCs, CIs and ITEs, institutions offering diploma programmes equip you with hands-on training to prepare you for the workplace.


For those who do not have to adhere to dress codes, picking out the right ensemble for the first day of school is trickier than it seems. You want to make a great first impression, so look for outfits that express your personality. You can’t go wrong with a smart buttondown, some classic jeans, a pair of go-to sneakers, and a statement jacket (psst, this will come in handy in airconditioned lecture halls too). Feel free to play up your style, but be mindful to still look appropriate for school.


GHK oals


The next few months leading up to orientation is a crucial period. As you’re about to enter a new chapter of your life, start to think about the things you hope to achieve at the end of the three years. Perhaps you aspire to get into a reputable university, or to pursue your passion in a particular industry, or to simply discover your calling before graduating – set your goals and create a daily plan of action to make them happen.



With educational costs on the rise, it comes with a lot more financial responsibilities. For those struggling with the hefty fees, consider taking up bursaries or grants that will help to waive off tuition expenses and other compulsory fees. Do note that not everybody is eligible for the grants, so check through the criteria before applying for a suitable scheme.





Nerves sometimes get the best of us during interviews, but going in well equipped is half the battle won. The night before, ask a buddy or family member to conduct a mock interview (complete with potential questions) while you prep the answers. It’s also important to compile a portfolio of your past educational or work experiences (if any), along with relevant certificates and testimonials to strengthen your resume. Now go and ace that interview!

Depending on the flexibility of your class schedule, you might be able to find time to fit in a side gig or two. While wiping tables, folding shirts and attending to nasty customers might not be totally enjoyable, it’s a great way to kick off your resume while earning a few extra bucks. It can get pretty overwhelming, so make sure you’re able to cope with the workload.

To avoid the mad rush of application deadlines, get organised with your key documents such as academic results, personal records and CCA slips. These applications usually take up a good portion of your time so it’s helpful to have all the materials you need at hand. Testimonials and recommendation letters from your secondary school teachers or previous employers will give you an edge over the other applicants too.



While you’re anxiously waiting to hear back from your top tertiary choices, put the remaining time to good use by picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill. Register for a foreign language class; try your hand at baking; hone your photography skills. Not only will you be distracting yourself from the pre-enrollment results jitters, but it will also provide you a bonus skillset that might come in handy in the future. We’ll leave you with this quote: “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”



Gear Up


With the millions of things you have on your to-do list, it can all get too much for you to deal with. Go into it with a game plan: optimise your study time by priortising your tasks, put yourself in the productivity zone, but always remember to reserve some time for yourself. Take a walk around the block, ring up a pal for a chat, or schedule a midday gym sesh. You’ve got this!



When it comes to campuses, it’s certainly not one size fits all. Take a good look at the various campus facilities they have to offer. Having a properly equipped environment plays an important role in ensuring a student’s well-being. Schools these days not only provide a multitude of study areas, some even bring it up a notch by building interactive landscapes, personalised workspaces and even stimulation spaces!

O P Q pen House

It’s the Open House season! Before heading down to the respective campuses, be sure to search up on the available courses so you can keep a lookout for their respective course booths. You may also want to register for guided tours to gain a better insight on the various faculties. For a more in-depth rundown, check out our handy OH guide (p.4 to 7)!



It’s easy to target the courses everybody wants to get into, but you should take a realistic look at whether your qualifications measure up. However, just because your grades fall short doesn’t mean you’re at a dead end – if you’re serious about pursuing a certain course, try out for an appeal or alternative admission exercises. Taking a gap year to buff up your CV via internships may also be an option.


Start researching early on your preferred courses of choice; this will allow you ample time to explore your options before jumping heedlessly into applications. Focus on the specific factors you should consider, including student support services, scholarship opportunities, university advancements etc.


We know how daunting it is to step foot into a new environment without your old classmates, but remember, there are also plenty of other people who are nervous about making friends just like you. Putting yourself out there will make you appear more approachable and have you enlisted in their squad in no time. Don’t be shy to mingle around!

cholarships For deserving individuals with a stellar academic record, there are plenty of merit-based scholarships offered annually to help fund your studies while providing you with grooming opportunities to excel. However, do take note that being bonded to a scholarship often comes with strings attached, such as having to reach a certain GPA or getting attached to the scholarship company after graduation – so ensure that you’re able to meet those requirements to avoid unnecessary penalties.




Beyond academics, it’s also nice to see students who are passionate about giving back. Schools usually come affiliated with a list of nonprofit organisations you can volunteer for, or you can seek out specific projects that support your cause. From tutoring underprivileged kids, to taking part in a beach cleanup, and helping out at donation drives, there’s a lot you can do!


Mid-course transfers are not uncommon. But if you do find yourself in that situation, access your reasons behind the desire to transfer and speak with an advisor to decide on the best solution for your move. In cases where the situation can be fixed, it’s possible to opt for class transfers, module exemptions or deferment. But if you already have your heart set on a school transfer, it’s best to schedule a campus visit and meet with the admissions officers to get a better idea of what you’re in for.




Before deciding on a pathway, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you’re keen on getting a headstart into your career, or pursuing a university education after. Junior colleges grant you an accelerated route to graduation and are more likely to land you slots in universities, whereas polytechnic students require you to maintain a steady cumulative GPA in order to stand out amongst the A-Levels graduates. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons!



In recent years, more and more students are opting to earn their certifications abroad. Enrolling into an international school not only allows you to experience independent learning, but also exposes you to the local cultures alongside people of different backgrounds. Granted, it’s not gonna be an easy ride considering the amount of independence it requires, but if it’s a risk you’re willing to take – then bon voyage!



Schools look at more than just perfect grades – perhaps you’re bad at math but you possess a talent that will give you a leg up on the competition, or you’ve demonstrated leadership skills that would make you a standout contender. No matter where your X factor lies, take advantage of your strengths to gain recognition in your field. It’s time to realise your star potential!


Like many Asian parents, your folks might want the final say on your tertiary pathway. No doubt they can provide good insight on what’s the right educational fit for you, but following their wishes blindly will only lead you down a road of regret if it’s not where your interest lies. Sit them down, discuss the reasons why you wish to pursue your stated major and assure them that you’re making the best decision for yourself. After all, you’re the one spending the next few years at a place you’ll soon call your second home.



With a jam-packed timetable that involves tons of deadlines after deadlines, students are finding it harder to clock in enough shut-eye each night which takes a toll on your mental and physical health. For a start, make a commitment to set up a curfew where you lay off all electronics and other distractions. Instead of refreshing your socials after dinner, take a warm bath, read a book or listen to some calming music. Your body will thank you the next morning!


Gear Up

friendly At First Sight Stepping out of your comfort zone to meet new people and form friendships can be daunting. Here are some tips to ease you in!

It’s inevitable for most people to be shy on their first day, so why not step up and make the first move? Initiate a conversation by introducing yourself – throw in snippets of personal info, like which school you were from, or which course you’re in – and break the ice by asking your future schoolmate about themselves. Non-invasive questions like their musical interests, favourite shows, former CCA, or even who they follow on Instagram/ Snapchat should do the trick. Trust us, you’ll stand out (in a good way) and your future friends will definitely appreciate your gesture.

Sure, true confidence comes from within, but looking your best undeniably helps you feel the same way too. Strut across campus in an ensemble that reflects your personality: ditch the denim shorts for a stylish maxi skirt, or swap your go-to T-shirt for a neat button-up. There’s no harm in donning a dressier outfit especially on your first day – but ensure that you’re appropriately dressed and comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Between familiarising yourself with the campus, memorising class schedules, learning your new classmates’ names and updating your socials, first days are usually filled with overwhelming details. But don’t let it deter you from making meaningful connections. Put your phone away, engage in distraction-free conversations and start listening. Chances are, people will also start paying more attention to what you have to say if you set the example. A little sincerity never hurt nobody!


This may sound kinda superficial, but giving a compliment could go a long way. That’s not to say you should shower people with false praises to butter ‘em up. Find something you sincerely like about that person, i.e. a quirky accessory, their immaculately styled outfit, cool hair... Plus, not only would that off-handed compliment be an instant mood lifter, it also serves as a good conversation starter. So go ahead and make someone’s day!

Social situations may be more daunting for some, so be alert. Every time you see someone standing at the side trying to join in your group conversation, subtly widen the circle to include them. Find someone alone in the corner? Engage them in a conversation. Not only will you help lessen their awkwardness, these gestures speak volumes about your good character. You’ll gain more friends by being a friend!

Text: Yap Jing Yi Photo: Getty Images

As wiser people have reiterated, “If you’ve got nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. While speaking your mind is usually encouraged, bear in mind that you’re in a new environment with people who are unfamiliar with your thoughts and mannerisms just yet. Instead of indulging in inane chatter, contribute to the conversation constructively, by way of witty remarks or relevant opinions. Be careful of your tonality: try to avoid using tones that may come across as being overly opinionated or aggressive. At the same time, don’t be overly judgemental against people who rub you the wrong way – give ‘em a chance!

One way to calm down, appear more approachable (and attractive), instantly feel good, and build better relationships: smile! It sounds way too easy, but smiling has been scientifically proven to give all those benefits and more. If you’re too nerve-wrecked to conjure up a smile, visualising your favourite happy moments with friends and family should do the trick!

"One never gets a chance to make a first impression. But remember that the first impression is not the last chance to make a good impression." – Anonymous

It’s simple, but true. Quirky and random? Flaunt it. Curvy or stout? Embrace it. Too loud or overly hyper? Don’t sweat it. Only when you’re truly comfortable in your own skin will you be able to radiate good vibes, which in turn lets others be comfortable in your presence. Forget about trying to be someone you’re not – not only will people smell it a mile a way, the only ones who should matter are the people who accept you for who you truly are. #Realtalk

If you’re getting good friendship vibes from a potential pal, ask for his/her number and make plans to meet up again later – invite them out for lunch, go exploring around the new campus grounds, or suggest a cool after-school hangout activity. Don’t worry about coming off as creepy; everybody appreciates having plans especially when you’re new in the area. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


Gear Up


Not sure how to break the ice on your first day of school? From tongue-in-cheek stationery to envy-worthy desk accessories, you’ll be the life of the classroom with these conversation-rousing knick-knacks!

Looking sharp, mate!

Suck UK Sharpener Pen Pot, $45, Megafash

LOVE SG Singlish Highlighters Set, $9.90, Naiise

What’s your favourite song to sing at the karaoke?

Can I borrow a pineapple pen?

2017 Black & White Desk Calendar, $24.90, kikki.K

Donkey Super Voice Micro Funky Ruler, $11.90, Naiise Mini Buffalo Pen, $5.99, Typo

Comics Axis Laptop Sleeve, $76.80, Snupped

Happy Jackson Behold Pencil Case, $19.90, Weekends

Pineapple Shape It Pencil Case, $17.99, Typo

Born In Colour Macaron Post-It Note, $42.70, Naiise

What Would Beyonce Do Desk Plate, $43, Nastygal Donkey Think Big XXXL Eraser, $10.90, Naiise


So cheem leh, can teach me?

Ameba Cheem Notebook, $4.90, Megafash

2017 Cream Sassy Planner, $39.90, The Paper Bunny

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

2017 Weekly Cute Diary Small, $39.90, kikki.K

Brain Dump Pad, $15.90, Monoyono Bucket List Activity Journal, $24.99, Typo

You, me, Facebook friends? 2017 Goals Premium Diary, $19.99, Typo Thumbs Up Sticky Pad, $8.90, Monoyono 17 Month Classic Agenda, $39.90, Monoyono



busting Period Myths Think you know all about that time of the month? Think again. Here are five uncommon misconceptions about periods – don’t let your period cramp your style!

Women should avoid exercise when menstruating

FALSE Ironically, working out while having your period can help to alleviate period symptoms. Exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins that help lift your mood and energy levels, while reducing stress, cramps and headaches. And perspiring can help to relieve bloatedness! But don’t stretch yourself thin – ease off the high intensity workouts and opt for light cardio instead; yoga, Pilates and stretching will do the trick.

Toxic Shock Syndrome does not exist

FALSE Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a life-

threatening bacterial infection where poisonous substances are released due to bacteria overgrowth, and while its causes are commonly linked to the usage of tampons, it can also affect anyone regardless of age and gender. Despite TSS cases being relatively rare these days, it is important to exercise good hygiene especially on your period, even when you are using a sanitary napkin – this means changing it at least every three to four hours, and sanitising your hands thoroughly before and after.

You lose a lot of blood during your period

MAYBE It varies from woman to woman, but an estimate of four to 12 teaspoons of blood and fluids are lost during each cycle. You might experience heavier flows on certain days of your period, so be sure to keep hydrated! Stay dry and fresh with UUcare’s Crown Antibacterial Sanitary Pads – each napkin is shaped like a funnel for faster fluid absorption and has a soft, breathable surface for all-day comfort! Period blood has no smell

Menstrual cramps are just like regular stomachaches

FALSE Unlike usual stomachaches, cramping can occur right before and during the menstrual period. In a nutshell, most period pains are caused by uterus (womb) contractions (where the uterus contracts to expel its lining). Symptoms of cramps may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, and more. Period pains may be relieved by laying heat pads over the abdomen or soaking in warm baths – visit a doctor if severe and painful cramping persists.

TRUE Believe it or not, menstrual blood is generally odourless. But while there might be a slight odour because there’s more to the fluid then just blood (like bacteria, mucus, tissue, etc.), period blood should not be foul-smelling. It is easier for odours to develop when on your period due to the combination of blood, bacteria, and even perspiration, so keep clean by changing sanitary napkins frequently. UUcare sanitary napkins have a cotton, antibacterial surface that is suitable for even sensitive skin. Its antibacterial properties eliminate odour and effectively minimise bacteria growth, leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

Stay fresh and active all day long even when on your period with UUcare Crown Antibacterial Sanitary Pads

With its antibacterial, soft and breathable surface, these sanitary napkins inhibit bacteria and neutralise odour for more than 12 hours. What’s more, UUcare uses non-fluorescent adhesive (chemical agents that are potentially harmful to your body), and has a patented funnel shape that allows for faster absorption of fluid that keeps you dry, and right-angled wings that adhere to your undergarments perfectly, thus preventing abrasion to your inner thighs. Stay comfortable with UUcare!

UUcare range is available in personal care stores and major supermarkets


Gear Up

BEST OF BEAUTY Hacks Heading back to school? Arm yourself with these super easy beauty tips and tricks that actually work!

#12 Get a little more out of your dried-up foundation, concealer or mascara by soaking the bottle into a bowl of hot water for two to three minutes. The heat will help soften and loosen up the formula so you’ll get a few more uses out of it!

#11 Achieve a matte lip by applying concealer on your lips before applying your glossy lipstick. It’ll help prolong the colour too!

#10 Don’t have time to wash your hair? Section your fringe (or top half of your hair), wet it with conditioner and rinse it out. After it air dries, throw the rest of your greasy hair into a tight ponytail (or wear a hat). Dry shampoo will be the best fix here, but this kinda gross method will coast you through with none the wiser.

Running out of foundation? Create a higher-coverage tinted moisturiser by mixing the foundation with a small amount of lightweight moisturiser.

#1 Save the easier parts of your makeup routine for when you’re commuting – lipstick, blush or even mascara can be discretely applied. Have a pack of wet wipes/tissues handy, just in case.

#9 Forgot your eyeliner? Load an angled brush with mascara and use it like you would use a normal gel liner. Likewise, if you forgot your mascara, swipe the eyeliner onto your lashes using windshield wiper-like motions. It will amplify and brighten up your lashes.

#2 Instead of labouring over creating the perfect cat eye, brighten up your peepers in an instant by lining your waterline with a water- and smudgeproof pencil eyeliner. Follow up with mascara to open up tired eyes even further.

Woke up with puffy eyes? Pop two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes before putting them over your eyelids – the cold temperature will quickly reduce any swelling and refresh you at the same time!

#3 Add a rosy hue to your cheeks just by using your lipstick! Pinkish or coral shades with a creamy texture, or a lip tint will work the best. Simply dot onto your cheeks and blend away.


#7 Pull double-duty on your blusher and warm up your complexion by using it as a contour. Peach/nude shades work well. Work it onto your brow bones, temples and sides of your mug and buff well till it blends into your complexion.


Want beachy waves but have no idea how to create them? Go to bed with your hair plaited into braids – the smaller the braid, the tighter the curl. Before heading out the next day, run a straightener over each plait before shaking ‘em loose.

Forgot your dry shampoo? Translucent loose powder or baby powder will degrease your hair just as well. But give your tresses a good brush afterwards to get rid of the white powdery effect on your hair roots.



Time To Get Lucky Create makeup magic with the limited edition ETUDE HOUSE Give Me Luck collection! ETUDE HOUSE puts a celebratory twist on their signature Look at My Eyes eyeshadow and Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy lip tint ranges with on-trend colours for Spring/Summer 2017 and lively packaging inspired by the year of the rooster! The ETUDE HOUSE Give Me Luck collection is available from January 2017 onwards

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Pucker Up! The lippie lovechild of a lipstick and a liptint, the ETUDE HOUSE Give Me Luck Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy creates the perfect pout with its water-based, highly moisturising formula. Featuring five vibrant shades, easily recreate any look you please; swipe it on for a subtle, sweet look or layer on for a bold, luscious statement.


Gear Up

If you don,t have makeup remover handy, clean up smudged makeup with moisturiser or vaseline.


#14 Help your perfume last longer by applying vaseline on your pulse points (wrists, inside your elbows, neck) before spraying it on.

#15 Get extra bouncy hair with the reverse hair washing technique: load up on conditioner and let it soak in for three to five minutes. Then, apply your shampoo on top and wash it out as per usual. The conditioner nourishes and protects your hair from getting stripped of moisture, and the shampoo ensures your locks don’t get weighed down with thick conditioner.

Did you know that you can remove existing nail polish with more polish? Simply layer on a fresh coat, wait a few seconds and wipe it off with a cotton pad. Repeat till there,s no residue left.

#16 Swap highlighter with a clear lipgloss for a subtle, (and more affordable) dewy glow. Pat it on, set with clear powder and you’re good to go.


If your nail polish is chipping off at the top, file the tip down and seal it with top coat. For gel manicures which are growing out, do a reverse ombre effect with glitter to extend the life of the manicure.

#18 Use your toothbrush to gently exfoliate lips after brushing your teeth. It works just as well as a lip scrub!

Rinse your hair with cold water before leaving the shower. The cold temp will help to close hair follicles, leaving it shiny and smooth.

Protect your feet against blisters by rubbing deodorant (or vaseline) over your ankles and toes as a protective layer against blisters. Odd, but it works.

Tucking two bobby pins downwards into the rubber band on the underside of your ponytail gives your mane an instant lift.

Sweating up a storm with no deodorant in sight? Apply a squirt of #23 #21 antibacterial hand sanitiser onto your Freshen up your tresses by , spritzing a hairbrush with armpits – it ll your favourite fragrance neutralise any funky and running it through. Don’t spray it directly onto odour thanks to the your hair because the rubbing alcohol. higher alcohol content will #24

dry out your hair.


#19 Achieve a thick coat of lashes by first applying mascara, then dusting on a thin layer of baby powder, and finish with another swipe of mascara. Careful not to get powder in your eyes!


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Teenage Passport To Your Future 2017  

A complimentary supplement with every copy of Teenage January issue 337. A back-to-school guide jam-packed with everything you need to know...

Teenage Passport To Your Future 2017  

A complimentary supplement with every copy of Teenage January issue 337. A back-to-school guide jam-packed with everything you need to know...