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Is your Jail Management System vendor as concerned about costs as you are?

Across the United States, county jails face the same, difficult challenge: how to reduce operational costs intelligently, without compromising the safety of corrections staff, inmates, or the general public. Finding practical, sustainable answers to that question will be a top priority for agency decision makers for the balance of this decade. Syscon, a global leader in the development and implementation of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Jail Management Systems (JMS), delivers innovative, efficient solutions to address that specific challenge. With the introduction of WorkflowJAIL™, we have invested significantly to provide forward-thinking agencies with the software solutions they need to improve operational efficiency, reduce the time it takes to complete business processes, and provide operational insights – all without compromise to the integrity of business processes or the safety of the operation. If your JMS solution isn’t providing that level of support for your agency, valuable opportunities to reduce your costs safely and intelligently are slipping away. Let’s start the discussion today.

WorkflowJAIL™ Delivers Innovation and Value from a Name You Can Trust Flexible Task Management

WorkflowJAIL™ provides an integrated business-process engine that optimizes jail management in ways that can’t be found in any other JMS. It features task-pooling, a powerful set of configurable tools that tracks activities involving inmates, directs tasks to appropriate staff or units, and helps to manage time-sensitive activities and high transaction volumes. Tasks can be configured to run in linear sequence or in parallel, and can be re-ordered based on agency requirements, providing rapid and cost-effective response to business or legislative changes. Less-urgent tasks can be pooled for later or re-assigned to other staff, and tracked in visible queues until they’re completed.

Intuitive User Experience

WorkflowJAIL™ delivers a clean, rich user interface that is designed to move corrections staff through every task faster and more accurately. Across every task in every business process, WorkflowJAIL™ presents users with precisely the information they need to see to complete the task rapidly, and move on to the next one. By shortening the time it takes to complete every task, WorkflowJAIL™ enables greater flexibility in staff planning and allocation. An intuitive user interface means less training time and faster user adoption, ensuring greater operational efficiency for every facility under management.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Information is the lifeblood for every modern jail operation – it shouldn’t be so difficult to access. WorkflowJAIL™ was designed with reporting and business intelligence in mind, to enable every agency to gain the insights needed to run a better business. Formatted reports are delivered for every business process, and appropriate staff have the ability to modify those reports as needed. Embeddable dashboards provide the flexibility to easily create custom views of agency-specific information for key staff to monitor. Embedded query and analysis tools enable appropriate agency staff to analyze operational information to find opportunities for improvement, and track metrics against key agency objectives.

Mobile Device Support

WorkflowJAIL™ was built to embrace a changing corrections landscape. Young corrections staff today understand the power and efficiency of mobile devices, and WorkflowJAIL™ delivers for them. By enabling specific tasks to be performed on a secure, Android-based tablet, agencies can eliminate redundant, error-prone manual effort. Operational and agency management can review reports and status dashboards from anywhere, anytime.


More and more corrections agencies recognize the significant cost savings that can be realized by moving from expensive, on-premise data centers to hosted JMS applications in a secure, government cloud. WorkflowJAIL™ was built for deployment in either setting, on-premise or cloud-based, without performance trade-offs.

The clean, intuitive interface for WorkflowJAIL™ ensures that every user can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Embeddable dashboards provide users with quick snapshots of essential information associated with their area of responsibility. Less urgent tasks can be moved to a task pool, a unique WorkflowJAIL™ innovation, and are maintained in a visible queue to be addressed when time permits, or for reassignment to another correctional officer.

Reduce the cost of corrections without compromising safety. Let Syscon show you how. Syscon Justice Systems is a proven, global leader in the delivery of information management systems to meet the needs of Jails, Prisons, and Community Corrections agencies. Over more than 30 years, we have successfully delivered solutions to clients in six counties on four continents, including 11 US counties and more than 75 jail operations in Canada, England, Wales and Australia.

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Syscon, a global leader in the development and implementation of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Jail Management Systems (JMS), delivers inn...

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