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Issue No: 56

Oct/Nov 2012

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Teela says..... Hello lovely ladies

In this Newsletter...

The nights are drawing in and the clocks go back this month and that can only mean one thing - yep, Christmas is near. As usual Dave and I will be flying off to warmer weather over December for our annual holiday. So don’t forget girls, that the studio will be closed between 12th December and 12th January.

Miss Sparkle 2012


Important Changes


Big Sale


This Newsletter is only a quick one this month but I will put out another before the end of the year.

Girl of the Month


The sale has gone down really well, as usual and there are now VERY LIMITED appointments left, so if you were thinking of getting another photoshoot in this year, I would act quickly to avoid disappointment. Tilly is away at the moment so the Tilly’s Blog feature is absent this time but will be back in the next edition and I’m sure she will be full of exiting news.

Our Cover girl is Joy Fairchild

Also, don’t forget the “Wardrobe Sale” that we are holding in November - there will be great bargains available - further details further on in this newsletter. See you all soon, Love from Me,

Teela-Jane xxxxx

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COVER GIRL - JOY FAIRCHILD One of the prizes for the Miss Golden Sparkle 2012 was a photo-shoot and Joy came to the studio in August for an afternoon’s photoshoot. Joy is such a lovely person and within minutes we were chatting away like old friends. We had a fabulous afternoon together snapping away and chatting. The photos taken that day are to be featured in Roses Repartee magazine so I have held off publishing my own until now but please look out for the finished article in the next edition of Repartee.

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“Whoopee ! What can I say other than “you’re a genius and I love you”. I’ve been through the disc at last and there is some fabulous stuff, just brilliant – you’ve turned a silk purse into a sow’s ear” ____________________________________________________

Joy Fairchld

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As from the end of January 2013, we are ending the storage service. If you have storage at Transpose and we haven’t contacted you yet, please can you get in touch to finalise arrangements. Please accept our apologies for the cessation of this service, this is due to lack of space in the studio.

Secretary Day

This service has now been suspended. It may be reinstated at some point but will notify you in a newsletter.


The annual membership was originally introduced to help out those of you who came on a regular basis and this has proved to be very successful. After a brainstorming session with Tilly, we decided to do away with the membership scheme and introduce a Loyalty Scheme. So all current memberships will run to term and from January next year we are introducing a “buy 2 and get one half price“ offer to run throughout the year. Further details will be posted in the next newsletter.

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Debit & Credit Cards

With immediate effect, we have no longer the facilities for credit and debit cards. For those of you who like to pay for services and goods on card, can still do this, but we will be operating it through the computer via Paypal on the day. Alternatively we can take a cheque on the day or prepay by bank transfer. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but the costs of operating the streamline machine have become ridiculous.

Postal Service

With immediate effect, we are no longer offering an ordering service or a parcel receiving service.

Christmas Closing Times

The studio will be closed from Tuesday 10th December and reopens again on 11th January 2013. For those of you wishing to retrieve your storage items between those times, please contact Teela via Text giving 3 days notice and someone will be available to open up for you.

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The Transpose Wardrobe Sale For those of you who have been for a 3* or 5* photoshoot, you will have seen what’s in the Transpose wardrobe, everything is crammed in and the need for a thinning out is now long overdue. So, if there is anything in there that you fancy owning, please read on....... We will be holding a Wardrobe Sale which will be open to anyone on Friday 2nd November and Saturday 3rd November. The prices are going to be silly, so please do not miss out. If you can’t make it and would like to own a specific piece, please let me know and as long as payment is received, I will hold the item back for you. Within the wardrobe are items that are brand new, still with the tags, dresses, skirts, tops as well as some leather skirts and various PVC items. There will also be shoes, wigs, make up and other accessories included within the wardrobe sale.

09:30 – 18:00 Friday 2nd November 10:00 – 16:0 Saturday 3rd November

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Here is the lovely Fiona who came to visit us last month after an absence of nearly a year - mainly due to work commitments. But it was lovely to see Fiona again and we had a great couple of days. Fiona came armed with a gift as she usually does but this time the gift was chocolate stilettos - beautiful. I didn’t know whether to frame them, use as a table centrepiece or eat them. Ultimately, with the help of my chocoholic husband, we ate them. Mmmmm delish!! “Thank you Teela for a wonderful day, you are one in a million!!!”

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Transpose Newsletter No. 56  

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