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Tom Kendrick Industrial Design Portfolio


Curriculum Vitae Non-Literal Form Tag Heuer Shower Gel Lexus Design Award 2014 Bus Shelter Disney Tracking Wristband Medical Bed

Curriculum Vitae Work Experience

Contact 180 Heaton Park Road Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE6 5AP


Laminating Technologies Ltd I went on a two week placement to Laminating Technologies in Knighton. They are the worlds leading manufacturer of infrared heat and vacuum applicators for aerospace cabin interiors and hot drape carbon composite forming. While I was there I mainly worked with the 3D designer who constructs full models of the machines on solidworks so I assisted him with making components. I also spent a couple of days in the factory seeing how the machines are manufactured.

About Me


My name is Tom Kendrick I am 20 and I am from Wales. I am currently studying Design for Industry at Northumbria University. I am very interested in sports. I am a very keen rugby player and skier. Travelling is a great passion of mine because I love experiencing new cultures and places. I am also interested in architecture and car design. I enjoy listening to music and playing music. I achieved grade 5 saxophone and also play the guitar. I am very interested in electronics and technology which I believe gives me an advantage as a designer. I like functionality and understanding how things work. I am a methodical thinker and I believe in simplicity in design.

G.C.S.E 2 A* and 10 A A Level Electronics B, Product Design B, Art B Higher Education Currently studying Design for Industry BA (Hons) at Northumbria University (2nd Year)

Curriculum Vitae Live Projects

Skills My education so far has helped me gain many skills to help me tackle a wide range of design problems and produce a refined and practical design solution as a result. Here are the main skills I use when undertaking my design process:

Finalist in the Lexus Design Award 2014

Group Project designing new wake up light Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Sketching / Rendering Rhinoceros Alias Automotive Solidworks 3D Modelling CAD Modelling

Previous Employment G A Jones Newsagents 2 years 2 months Tesco 2 years 4 months

Thank You Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio and C.V. I hope that it shows my enthusiasm for design and creating interesting and innovative solutions to design problems. I hope to here from you soon.

Non-Literal Form Create a non literal form that could have the potential to become an electrical product.

Non-Literal Form Initial Sketches

For this non-literal design I wanted to create a very smooth and interesting shape that had a lot of intersecting. After sketching and soft modelling I refined my design to the one shown in these sketches. I like the harsh divides and smooth curves and the way they fit together harmoniously.

Non-Literal Form Modelling The groove that cuts into the side of the model creates a divide line for the spiral top of the model to wind in to. This creates an intriguing shape. the sharp groove at the base of the model helps to give the appearance that the design is spiralling down.

The spherical shape of this design creates an interesting appearance. The groove at the back of the model helps to stop the design being so circular and keeps to the non-literal brief for this product. This model fits very securely and comfortably in the user’s hands. This could mean that this non-literal design could have numerous applications.

Tag Heuer Shower Gel Create a shower gel container based on an existing brand of your choice.

Tag Heuer Shower Gel Initial Ideas

The Brief

The brief for this project was to create a shower gel container for a particular brand. I chose Tag Heuer because I wanted to create a high end product that was both elegant and sophisticated. These sketches show my initial designs. I wanted to keep the design simplistic but involve simple features to create an atrractive product.

Tag Heuer Shower Gel Final Concept

The colour scheme of this design would be mostly black and silver to be in keeping with tag heuer watches colour scheme however the top of the bottle would be white to add contrast and create a more elegant design

The design is based on an open sail as an omage to oracle sailing boats who are sponsored by Tag Heuer. The design is in keeping with Tag Heuer products as it looks like a high end item.

Lexus Design Award 2014 Design a product based on the theme “Curiosity�

Lexus Design Award 2014 Finalist

Lexus Design Award Curiosity

The Brief

For the 2014 Lexus Design award the brief was the word ‘Curiosity.’ I was curious about how people and animals perceive the world. I began to explore different ways of seeing the world and decided on a rolling camera that could capture footage from a ground level perspective. I placed as a finalist in this competition.

Lexus Design Award 2014 Finalist

Lexus Design Award Curiosity

- HD Camera Lens - Ultrasonic sensor - Hemisphere Wheels

- Micro USB port - Speaker - On / Off switch

This new camera design allows the user to explore their own curiosity. They can leave the device to “Roam” across a landscape while capturing every image on camera. This will allow the user to see the world from angles that they would never have seen before. This device also doubles up as a webcam.

Lexus Design Award 2014 Finalist

“See the world from a different perspective”

Bus Shelter Design a bus shelter for use in an urban environment.

Bus Shelter Initial Ideas For this bus shelter project I decided to experiment with intersecting shapes and sharp clean angles. I think this gives a contemporary feel to the bus shelter design.

Bus Shelter Final Concept This bus stop would be constructed out of recycled stainless steel and glass. Recycled stainless steel is ideal because it won’t corrode or rust and it is very strong. Using recycled materials would be beneficial because it is cheaper than using new materials and environmentally friendly.

This design is simple and very easy to construct. The glass is fixed into prefabricated slots in the stainless steel. This gives the bus stop a dynamic and interesting look while also providing shelter. There is space on the side of the main steel frame and underneath the times screen for advertisements.

Disney Wristband Design a child tracking system for use in theme parks.

Child Tracking Disney Wristband

The Brief To create a child tracking device for use in theme parks. The disney band is designed for children to wear. It features bluetooth and skyhook and has two different types of tracking systems. The band also features a stamp collecting system to encourage children to want to wear the band and interact with the device

Child Tracking Disney Wristband

The wrisbands come in many different colours which allows the band to be more personable to the child. The band is not block colour but white with colour highlights. This is in order to not over clutter the look of the wristband when the stamps are collected by the child. It also showcases the stamps more clearly.

The wristbands would have a stamp collecting system around the band. The concept is to try to make the child want to wear the wristband not just have to wear the wristband. The stamps would be collected by the child at the end of the ride or attraction that they have just been. The stamp would be inserted onto one of the extruded mickey mouse logos. The child would try to collect enough stamps to fill all the spaces. Stamps could also be purchased from gift shops. Each stamp would be different so every child’s wristband could potentially be different.

Child Tracking Disney Wristband The wristbands would feature a traffic light system that would warn both the guardian and child that the child is an unsafe distance away from the guardian. The large mickey mouse light would be green when the child was within 10 metres of the parent. The light would change to amber when the child is between 10 and 20 metres away. When the child is further than 20 metre away from the guardian the light would flash red and the wristband would vibrate

The wristband would have a back up tracking system using skyhook which would pin point the exact location of the child if they were completely lost. Bluetooth would be used for the traffic light system because it has the capability of linking devices together and also having a master device which would be the guardian’s device.

Medical Bed Design a friendly product.

Medical Bed Initial Ideas

Medical Bed Development Sketches

Medical Bed Final Design This is a medical bed for use in care homes or nursing homes. The concept is to create a friendly and comfortable medical bed for people needing long term use. The bed performs all the functions of a medical bed, while also being more comfortable and less intimidating than current medical beds.

The bed has padded sides instead of traditional metal rails, this makes the bed more comforting and also reduces the risk of suffocation by becoming trapped in the bed. The sides fold down simply for patient access in and out of bed. The sides can also be used for small children to sit on, for example visiting grandchildren.

Medical Bed Final Design The bed has the ability to move into a seating position and a number of adjustable positions. The mechanics are mostly hidden underneath the bed’s base to make the bed seem less purposeful and more like a normal bed.

When the bed is raised into a seating position the head guard remains in place and the mattress is raised. The middle safety guards double up as chair arms which improves patient comfort.

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Tom Kendrick Industrial Design Portfolio 2014  
Tom Kendrick Industrial Design Portfolio 2014  

A collection of work from my second year studying Design for Industry at Northumbria University