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Find the right jacket to get you through the season


The dos and don'ts of proper business attire

WHEN IN GOTHENBURG Explore a city full of wonders

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Get inspired by our premium jackets that have many distinct details incorporated into the design.

Do you find the business dress code to be an impassable jungle? Let us guide you through it.


elcome! Or welcome back, for this is, as some of you might know, the second issue of Style and Story. Since last, we have been on yet another trip to Sweden. This time to Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast where both the largest amusement park in the Nordic region and the experience of island hopping are within your reach. Sweden is such a beautiful country, and we hope that our Gothenburg guide on page 10 can inspire you to visit some of the wonderful places.

We have also been in the process of creating a new collection of jackets, and we hope you appreciate the special attention we have put into the small but, in or opinion, important details in the design. Generally, we put a lot of stock in the details at Tee Jays. If you ask us, it can be the smallest things that have the greatest impact. A good example of this is the code of behaviour, or Her skal selvfølgelig andre billeder etiquette, which states behave ind,that menhow skalwe have lov atand tagewhat nye we wear

affect how we are perceived by others. Sending the right professional signals very much depend on how we behave – and also on how we look. In this issue you will therefore find our guide to business dress etiquette. We can’t promise that it is a perfect checklist; but it will hopefully give you a sense of the importance of tending to the details.

With a little planning, you can pack light and still have everything you Let the pursuing commence. Enjoy. need for a weekend away. Sincerely Tee Jays.

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Gothenburg is a diverse city with a lot to offer. Take a stroll with us through old cobblestone streets and join us for dinner at marvellous restaurants.

Read our guide on what to pack for a weekend trip, so you don’t end up either packing too little or too much.


S T Y L E et S T O RY


Missing summer already? Battling the fickle fall weather becomes a little easier with the right jacket.


he wonderfully warm days of summer are coming to an end, and, perhaps a bit reluctantly, we begin to brace ourselves for colder weather. For though summer is not over yet, we have come to the point of the year when the days begin to shorten little by little for each day that passes. Soon it will be time for lighting candles and drinking warm beverages while watching the wild and changeable fall weather unfold outside the window. How-


ever, we neither can nor want to stay inside for an entire season no matter how many episodes there are of our favourite series on the streaming services. So, when venturing out into the unpredictable weather of fall, it is important to do so wearing the right jacket. Being a Danish-based company, we know all about changeable weather, and we also know that the perfect jacket has to withstand rain and wind as well as keep us warm on the cold days, yet not feel bulky. On top of this, the perfect jacket has to look good; because though many a mother has tried to convince her child that being exposed to the cold weather is worse than committing fashion suicide, this is not always the most popular belief. At Tee Jays we believe in designing clothes that are functional and of the highest quality as well as up to date with current trends, and with our latest collec-

tion of jackets, we have taken this concept one step further. ELEGANCE IS THE KEY A completely basic jacket may at best appear dull and at worst unfinished. This is why we put so much effort in the extra details. With our latest collection we have increased our focus on the design, so that our new jackets are full of all the small and elegant details that transform a nondescript jacket into an elegant one. During the design process, it was important for us to incorporate tasteful details in order to create a complete and polished look. We have added visible pockets on many of our designs as well as some stylish features along the zipper. Furthermore, every jacket is devised to give space for a logo without it disturbing the aesthetic of the design.


STAY WARM WITH STYLE All our fall jackets are designed to make you look your best, even when the weather is at its worst.

THE RICHMOND JACKET The Richmond jacket is characterized by a supreme, long-lasting quality, a shaped fit and a slightly aristocratic vibe. The diamond quilted pattern with lightweight padding, stylish elbow patches and the detailed collar gives this jacket a sophisticated and classic look.

URBAN CITY JACKET This is a classic mid-thigh length jacket in polished soft twill with high quality DuPont™ padding. It has integrated functional features such as inside detachable collar for wind catching ability, adjustable sleeve cuffs and inside regulation at waist.

THE URBAN ADVENTURE JACKET This premium outdoor jacket is crafted in a two layered performance material with a detachable hood. It has water repellent skills and is insulated with high quality DuPont™ padding. Black, dull trim contrasts give the jacket an urban edge. The jacket has many functional features that makes it perfect for outdoor activity.


S T Y L E et S T O RY

AN EYE FOR DETAILS SMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT A jacket is just as much a part of our style as everything else in our wardrobe. We design jackets with focus on the small details that make all the difference.




Our new Urban City Jacket is enriched with a lot of cool details like a dull, black metal trim, uniform belt details, metal buttons and graphic pocket shapes.

Our Newport Jacket features cool Cordura details at the shoulders and black metal zippers.

Black, dull trim contrasts give this jacket a cool urban edge. It features double pockets, consisting of a large front pocket with a discrete zipper pocket and nice details at the hood.

RICHMOND JACKET Richmond is one of our most sophisticated jackets. The diamond quilted fabric, brass buttons, elbow patches and stylish leather details emphasizes the exclusivity of this jacket.



SEASONAL DELICACIES RELISHING RECIPES TO TRY THIS FALL Fall is on its way, and while the right jacket will keep the cold at bay when you are outside, it is also nice with some delicious and heart-warming recipes to warm you up.

RECIPE Four servings

You will need 2 tbsp olive oil 3 medium carrots, coarsely chopped 1 butternut, coarsely chopped 1 large onion or 2 medium, coarsely chopped 4 cloves of garlic, whole 7 dl broth 1 can of coconut milk ½ tsp chili powder 1 tbsp sweet paprika 1 tbsp lime juice Salt and pepper to taste

Here's how you do it 1. Chop all the vegetables. Add them and the whole garlic cloves to a large pot together with some oil and the spices and heat for 5-10 minutes. 2. Add broth and let simmer for another 20 minutes. 3. Blend it all with a hand blender or food processor – add the coconut milk and heat for another five minutes. Add lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. 4. Serve with bread or rice

BUTTERNUT SOUP Fall is the season for butternut, and in a soup together with coconut milk it tastes absolutely wonderful. There are a multitude of ways to make this soup – this is our favourite.

Tip: if you have some fresh lemon basil, add about a handful together with the broth. It will taste absolutely delicious.

RECIPE Four servings You will need 2 tbsp olive oil 3 carrots, finely chopped 2 stems of celery, finely chopped 1 onion, finely chopped 250 grams of mushrooms, cut into slices 15-20 baked chestnuts 3 dl red wine 1 tbsp balsamic 1 tbsp wheat flour 1 teaspoon thyme 1 tbsp dark marmalade 3 dl broth 2.5 dl cream Salt and pepper Here's how you do it 1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees – cut thought the peal on the chestnuts and bake them for 15-20 minutes.

2. Let them cool off and try to peel while still warm 3. Heat up 2 tbsp of olive oil in a large pot at medium heat. Fry onions, celery and carrots with regular stirring for 5-10 minutes until they are well-browned. 4. Add the peeled chestnuts and chopped mushrooms to the pot and continue for a few minutes. 5. Add 3 cups of red wine and 1 tablespoon balsamic - let it fry for 5 minutes. 6. Add 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and stir well, so it does not lump. Continue with 1 teaspoon of thyme and 1 tablespoon of dark jam. Stir for a minute. 7. Add the broth to the pot and cook until the casserole is thick and delicious. Season with salt and plenty of pepper. 8. Add the cream just before serving – it has to be well heated but must not boil. 9. Serve with mashed potatoes

CHESTNUT STEW WITH MASHED POTATOES Chestnuts are another of our fall-favourites and completely free if you gather them yourself. Try this recipe and enjoy the wonderful taste of chestnuts. It is a little time-consuming – but worth it!


S T Y L E et S T O RY


DRESS ETIQUETTE Depending on your place of work, there may be a clear dress code, or, if it is a casual office, the dress code may be mostly free while some items of clothes are prohibited. And then there are the rules that aren’t clearly stated on the workplace but affect the way you are perceived by your boss, your co-workers and by clients. This is called etiquette.


tiquette was once a clear set of rules of conduct, and much has been written on the subject throughout European history from the renaissance to the 20th century. And though etiquette is still a popular subject, the lines have become blurry. This is perhaps a result of the introduction of the business casual dress code, which is a more relaxed pendant to the classic business etiquette. But it is important to note that casual does not mean that the rules for proper appearance have been totally discarded; nor do we use the word rule as a reflection of strict necessity. We use it to implement the significant role your appearance plays in your interaction with other people. Personal style plays an increasing role in today’s society, and mastering etiquette is not about erasing the personal aspect of your style, but about dressing in a way that allows people


to see beyond what you are wearing. Because, though style can be a way of showing your personality, it can, especially in matters of business, draw the attention away from what you are actually saying. CUT A HEEL, CLIP A TOE Everyone who has read the Brothers Grimm Fairy tale Cinderella knows that this version is slightly more grotesque than the one we know from Disney. Here it is related how one stepsister cuts a heel while the other clips a toe in order to fit the glass shoe and thereby gain the princes affection – or at least his kingdom. We are definitely not suggesting that you go to the same extremes in order to make a better impression at the office, it would likely create the opposite effect, but in a strange way the logic behind the stepsister’s actions makes a lot of sense:

If our clothes are either too small or too big, we don’t make the right impression, and so it is important to choose clothes that fit and replace the ones that do not. Likewise, strong perfumes and over-accessorizing can have a negative effect at the office – but they are a great way of turning a business look into a going out look, if you are headed straight from work to party. NAVIGATING IN THE JUNGLE Choosing the right fit is a step in the right direction, but there is still the question of what proper attire at the work place is. We have gathered a few of the terms you might come across in regard to business attire. And though their meaning can differ depending on the workplace, we have gathered some guidelines to keep you on the right track. And remember: If you are ever in doubt, it is better to be too formal rather than too casual.


When dressing for business there are several looks to go for, but these three especially are good to know: traditional business, smart casual and business casual, as they represent the varying demand for formality you might find at different workplaces. This is a quick guide to the three looks.

TRADITIONAL BUSINESS We start at the top. Traditional business is the most formal of the business attires. That means formal suits for men and skirt suits or pantsuits for women. Men should pare this with a tie, a classic business shirt, polished shoes and a nice watch. For women traditional business calls for elegant, heeled shoes, not stilettoes, and stockings. And, it hardly needs to be said, if the etiquette at your work place says traditional business, you do not opt for your old backpack – or any backpack for that matter – as your choice of bag. Invest in a briefcase instead.



Smart casual is a notch down from traditional business which basically means that the suits can be exchanged for the more casual sports jacket for men and a jacket or a dressy sweater for women, and the dress shirt may be exchanged for a casual shirt or turtleneck.

Business casual is at the bottom of the formal-scale, but leans toward being a bit more formal than casual. It applies to both women and men that you do not need to own a suit to dress for business casual.

In relation to men wearing a tie, some say that smart casual means that the tie is optional. Though, as ties are becoming increasingly optional at most offices, wearing a tie as part of your smart casual look will help give your outfit a more formal appearance. Choice of accessories is still as described under Traditional business.

You can wear what is probably already in your closet, as long as they are nice. The operative word for this look being nice: nice pant, a nice skirt, a nice blouse or a polo, and nice shoes.


S T Y L E et S T O RY

The Amuse bar at Hotel Pigalle


Gothenburg - a big city just 15 short minuttes away from the beautiful archipelago of the Swedish west coast. Gothenburg lies on the Swedish west coast, and besides being Sweden’s second largest city, it is also the fifth largest of all the Nordic countries. So, it is quite a big city, and it actually has the largest amusement park of the Nordic re-


gion, Liseberg, placed at the centre. Despite the size of the city, most attractions and culinary experiences in Gothenburg are within walking distance from each other, making Gothenburg the perfect city for a prolonged weekend, as it is possible to experience a lot in a short amount of time. A bunch of us from Tee Jays bought tickets for the ferry and headed toward this city which is also known as the capital of the Västra Götaland County. And though we would all have loved to spend a few days perusing the many singular shops in the city’s old neighbourhood, walking through the amazing and wide spreading green areas and experiencing

the thrill of island hopping, we had other things on the agenda. It was with the purpose of finding the perfect locations for the photoshoot for our catalogue that we headed to the Swedish west coast. But while we were out scouting for locations, we discovered some amazingly beautiful sights, stayed at the most spectacular hotel and delighted our taste buds at a wonderful restaurant. And though we did not get to sightsee quite as much as we would have liked this time around, we would like to share some of these places with you, and maybe you will be inspired to set your course due north.



Step into an other world – a world of decadence and lavishness of a passed and glorious time.

We spend a few, but long days experiencing and taking pictures all over Gothenburg, and at night we returned to the very unique rooms at Hotel Pigalle. Though we did not have as much time relaxing at the hotel, as we would have liked, we enjoyed every minutte of it. It has to be said that a stay at Pigalle is not just about having a place to store your luggage and a bed to sleep in. The entire hotel is an experience in itself. The décor at Pigalle is inspired by the 1920’s and the rooms are uniquely and individually adorned within this theme. The 1920’s theme is not only visible in every aspect of the décor but is also felt in the elegant manner of all the staff. This naturally affects you as a guest, and the whole experience of staying at the hotel is like travelling back in time. The hotel has a lovely restaurant with season based and international meals, and this restaurant is a natural and highly recommended choice if you are staying at the hotel.

Mr Fox at Restaurant Norda

RESTAURANT NORDA From the elegance of the past to the free spirit of the modern age, so we move from Hotel Pigalle to Restaurant Norda. Located in another of Gothenburg’s interesting hotels, Clarion Hotel Post, which is a renovated old post building, Restaurant Norda serves up green and organic food to the mellow tunes of a soulful saxophone. Here we enjoyed several delicious dishes. The food is a fusion of New York-style and Swedish food traditions and prepared with the main focus on creating great taste. The price level is in the high end of the scale, but if you like your food to be nourishing as well as an experience, Norda is definitely worth a visit. We did not walk away disappointed.

Norda consists of both a restaurant and a bar – each designed and decorated in different styles and colours.


S T Y L E et S T O RY


With its striking architectural detail the Palm House in Gothenburg is a wonder from the past.

Sweden has some of the world’s most stunning nature, and if you are ever in the country, you should definitely experience some of the strikingly beautiful places in the lesser populated areas of Sweden where nature is entirely its own and unspoilt by the human race. That said, one of the interesting aspects of big cities is how nature is incorporated. Great parks and green areas often break with the concrete towers, and Gothenburg is no different. One of such places that is truly spectacular lies at the centre of the Garden Society of Gothenburg, which is one of the best-preserved 19th-century parks in Europe. We are talking about the Palm House. This is a magnificent glass building that was modelled after the Crystal Place in London. Enter the crystal-like building and walk your way through five sections of exotic plants while marvelling at the 20th century’s sense of style.




Earlier we mentioned the beauty of the unspoilt Swedish nature, and Gothenburg is not far from the amazing Archipelago. Here a string of beautiful islands exists just outside of the coast, so if you want to experience the more rustic side of Sweden, island hopping is a great way to do this. It is a short train ride from Gothenburg to Saltholmen, from where a ferry takes you to Donsö, the first of many striking islands. The islands offer amazing and scenic lookout points and stunning nature all around. The Archipelago of Gothenburg is the perfect place for de-stressing, as life is lived slowly on these parts. Eat, hike, bike and sail your way through the islands and in your own pace. You can either see some of the islands in one or two days, or you can stretch your trip over several days and take your time enjoying the variety of natural experiences the area has to offer.

If a city has a well-preserved old neighbourhood, it is usually worth a visit. Not much beats the nostalgic feeling you get when you walk along small cobblestone-covered streets with old houses and shops. Most of the shops in the neighbourhood are unique, and you can buy everything from chocolate, marzipan and spices to modern fashion and curious antiques. When you tire from shopping, you need not look far after a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.



Ever since our beginning, Tee Jays has aspired to be the no. 1 choice when costumers want premium fashionable classics for the promotion market. For us, this means having the ability to do customizations directly at our factory. “We have just invested in three brand new embroidery machines from Barudan” says Peter Høfler, owner and CEO of Tee Jays. He is the son of the man, who brought Tee Jays to the European market: Georg Høfler. After years of friendship between founder Terry Wylie and Georg, Peter and his father bought Tee Jays in 2002, and since that time they

have been passionate about making Tee Jays the best choice on the European promotion market. Having an embroidery department is just one part of this vision.

Peter Høfler. “We have 20 years of experience with embroidery, and we continuously invest in new machines, so the technology stays up to date.”

Tee Jays has specialized in creating designs that are meant to be embroidered. We have done this because we want all we do to be the best possible quality. This naturally means high quality fabrics – but we consider that to be a given. We want to go above and beyond; we want to design and deliver the best fashion products on the promotions market. This means that every little detail counts, and our embroidery department is no exception. As an example, all our jackets have hidden zippers, as this presents a smoother finish when we mount frames.

Currently our embroidery department consist of seven employees who all help ensure a flawless look in the customizations. A uniform look is also achieved through the use of the same control card throughout the departments. Thereby, it is possible to have customizations made at our factory and supplement from out stock in Denmark without it affecting the look.

“With the addition of three new embroidery machines, we now have six machines with a total of 36 heads” informs

With a flexible production, making it possible to customize single pieces, and with quick delivery, within a week, we have made it easy for you to make your mark – just like we have made our mark on the European market these last 20 years.


S T Y L E et S T O RY



PACK YOUR BAGS THE ART OF TRAVELLING LIGHT We love to travel, and we love to write about our travels and share our experiences with you. Perhaps you were inspired by our travel guide to Gothenburg and want to explore the city yourself. Or maybe you have other travel plans coming up?




DRESS DOWN With a little planning, you can pack light and still have everything you need for a weekend away.

PACK AND LEARN If you love to travel like we do, you are probably familiar with the hardship of packing a suitcase with all the necessary travel items without either overstocking your bags or arriving at your destination only to discover that you have packed too little. Neither is optimal, but how to avoid such inconveniences? Well, there is no perfect answer, as we all differ in preferences, but years of travel experience, both for business and pleasure, has given us some valuable lessons in regard to the process of packing.

BE REALISTIC There is often a big difference between what you want to bring and what you need to bring. Check the weather; do you need to bring a sweater? Bring one in a neutral colour that will go with almost every outfit. Does your trip involve a lot of walking? Travel in a pair of functional sneakers (as they take up more space) and have a pair of nicer shoes in your suitcase, if you know you will be going out to a fancy restaurant – if you won’t then don’t bring the fancy ones; you’ll end up not using them.

PLAN AHEAD If you are going on a trip, there is usually a plan involved: What sights do you want to see, how do you get from the airport to the hotel, do you need to bring a converter for your phone. You have probably spent hours planning these things. Do yourself the favour of planning your outfits just as carefully. So, when you know your travel plans and have an idea of what would be good to bring in accordance to weather conditions, it is a good idea to plan each outfit for the day. You might not know what your exact plans are for each day but planning the outfit will stop you from overpacking.



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