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What is  TED? TED  is  a  nonprofit  organization  devoted  to  Ideas  Worth  Spreading.  Started  as   a  four-day  conference  in  California  26  years  ago,  TED  has  grown  to  support   those  world-changing  ideas  with  multiple  initiatives.  At  TED,  the  world's   leading  thinkers  and  doers  are  asked  to  give  the  talk  of  their  lives  in  18   minutes.  Talks  are  then  made  available,  free,  at  TED  speakers  have   included  Bill  Gates,  Jane  Goodall,  Elizabeth  Gilbert,  Sir  Richard  Branson,   Benoit  Mandelbrot,  Philippe  Starck,  Ngozi  Okonjo-Iweala,  Isabel  Allende  and   former  UK  Prime  Minister  Gordon  Brown.  Two  major  TED  events  are  held   each  year:  The  TED  Conference  takes  place  every  spring  in  Long  Beach,   California  (along  with  a  parallel  conference,  TEDActive,  in  Palm  Springs),  and   TEDGlobal  is  held  each  summer  in  Edinburgh,  Scotland.  

What is  TEDx? In  the  spirit  of  ideas  worth  spreading,  TEDx  is  a  program  of  local,  selforganized  events  that  bring  people  together  to  share  a  TED-like  experience.   At  a  TEDx  event,  TEDTalks  video  and  live  speakers  combine  to  spark  deep   discussion  and  connection  in  a  small  group.  These  local,  self-organized   events  are  branded  TEDx,  where  x  =  independently  organized  TED  event.  The   TED  Conference  provides  general  guidance  for  the  TEDx  program,  but   individual  TEDx  events  are  self-organized.  


The extraordinary  people  we  all  know,  the  innovators   and  pioneers,   have  

gumption. When   you   strike   upon   a   good   idea,   you   need   to   take   action,   right?  Waiting  for  the  world  to   change   on  its  own  won’t  get  you  very  far,  so   you  find  that  you  need  to  become  the  agent  for  change.  When   fear   inhibits   most,  you  turn  it  on  its  head  and  use  it  to  your  advantage.  You  discover  that  it  

impels rather   than   paralyzes,   motivates   rather   than   discourages.   In   the   face   of   ‘it   can’t   be   done,’   you   say   that   it   can.   When   you  meet   resistance,   you  shake  its  hand  and  keep  going.  For  what  you’re  holding  onto  is  an  idea   worth  spreading  that  will  help  make  this  world  a  better place. It   isn’t   long   until   you   realize,   unfortunately,   that  


doesn’t last.   The   next,   best   idea   is   always   out   there,   and   if   you’re   not  

thinking about  it  then  someone  else  is.  Yet  there  must  be  a  reason  why  the   extraordinary  people  we  know  seem  to  achieve   extraordinariness  again  and   again.  Have  they  realized  something  that  we  haven’t?  Are  they  truly  different   from  us?  What  we  come  to  find  is  that  what  seems  like  a  secret  to  us  is  only   something  they’ve  learned  and  practiced,  something  we  all  can  learn—that  

becoming extraordinary is a continual process. The  extraordinary   folks   out   there   are   always   in   need   of   becoming   extraordinary   again.   The   process  of  becoming  is  about  movement.  We  become  extraordinary  when  we   decide   to   run   headlong   towards   our   passions.   The   theme   of   becoming   extraordinary   is   about   unlimited

potential. We   are   all,   always,   in   the   process  of  becoming  extraordinary.  All  it  takes  is  that   extra   step  or  leap  to   bring  us  to  that  inspirational  “a-ha”  moment.  It  also  doesn’t  hurt  to  hear  from   extraordinary   people.   By   hearing   their   stories,   we   find   out   how   simple   a   process  becoming  extraordinary  is.  We  all  can  do  it.

Event Schedule

8:00am– Registration  and  Conversation   9:00am–  Session  One:  Gumption     Inside  every  one  of  us  is  the  potential  for  gumption—  the  potential  to  be   courageous,  to  be  resourceful,  to  take  initiative,  and  most  importantly,   do  it  all  with  a  little  spunk.   Anis  Mojgani:  Equal  Parts  Science  and  Magic Crystal  Schenk:  Aurora Linda  K.  Johnson:  The  Habit  of  Being   Jesse  Laird:  Strategic  Nonviolence  for  Human  Rights:                                            Extraordinary  People,  Extraordinary  Times Colleen  Wainwright:  What  I  Did  On  My  Summer  Vacation TED  Talk  by  Caroline  Casey:  Looking  past  limits

Conversation Break  (see  pages  8-9  for  more  information) 11:15am–  Session  Two:  Unlimited  Potential Whether  it  is  the  beginning  of  your  journey  or  you’ve  been  on  the  road   to  extraordinariness  for  a  while,  everyone  has  the  unlimited  potential  to   greatness  and  the  ability  to  inspire  generations. kin  trio:  emswi Goodnight  Billygoat:  Passage  of  Time Taylor  Adam  Swift:  Take  Courage Rev.  Reneé  Ward:  When  the  Ordinary  Just  Won’t  Do Jenn  Cohen:  The  Circus  Project:  Getting  Youth  Off  the  Ground TED  Talk  by  Kathryn  Schulz:  On  being  wrong

Lunch Break  provided  by  local  Portland  Food  Carts (see  pages  12-15  for  more  information)

2:00pm– Session  Three:  Mystery  Session Guest  Curated  by  Jefferson  Smith (see  insert  for  more  details)

Conversation Break  (see  pages  8-9  for  more  information) 4:15pm–  Session  Four:  Pioneering   All  great  ideas  and  movements  have  a  starting  point  and  first  original   pioneer,  pioneers  who  break  down  walls  and  barriers  along  their  way  to   becoming  extraordinary.   Mark  Powers:  I  Am  the  Instrument Nathan  Schmitt:  The  50/50  Rule Cheryl  Strayed:  Radical  Sincerity   Ethan  Knight:  One  Generation Our  School  -  Occupy  Education:  What  Community  Looks  Like TED  Talk  by  Luis  von  Ahn:  Massive-scale  online  collaboration  


Gift Bags With all  of  the  awesome  swag  you  received  today,  we  wouldn't  hold  it   against  you  if  you  confused  yourself  with  Hollywood  royalty.  The  truth  is,   the  gift  bags  you  received  are  an  expression  of  our  gratitude  for  your             important  participation  today.  All  of  the  items  were  donated  by  our               wonderful  community  business  partners.  Our  partnership  with  the                     businesses  whose  logos  appear  here  is  in  keeping  with  the  TEDx    mission  of   fostering  a  growing  community  of  people  who  share  in  the  vision  of  ideas   worth  spreading.  Please  check  out  their  websites  and  learn  more  about     these  incredible companies.

Gift Bag  Items  Donated  By:


Gift Bag  Thank  You  Cards  Donated  By:

With great swag comes great responsibility. In pawing through your gift bag, you  may  have  already  discovered  a  Thank  You  card,  which  was   created by one of six local artists. At  some  point  during  the  day,  please   write  a  note  of  thanks  to  the  speaker  who  has  inspired  you  today  on  your   journey  of  becoming  extraordinary.  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  volunteers  –   in  grey  shirts  –  will  happily  collect  your  card. Cards  will  be  distributed  to   the speakers shortly after the event.


Conversation Break Refreshments Provided By:

Batdorf &  Bronson  Coffee  Roasters has  been  handcrafting  the  finest   coffees  from  around  the  globe  since  1986  and  their  standards  are  among  the   highest  in  the  specialty  coffee  industry.  They  put  immense  effort  into  sourcing   and  roasting  fresh  beans  for  coffee  and  espresso  enthusiasts  who  crave  quality   and  consistency  and  seek  out  special,  limited  edition  coffees  for  fans  of  unique   complexity  of  flavor  and  aroma.  So,  it’s  no  wonder  they  were  chosen  as  an   extraordinary  coffee  company  for  this  year’s  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  event.   Batdorf  and  Bronson  went  above  and  beyond  their  refreshment  duties,   donating  coffee  for  today’s  event,  but  also  for  our  TEDxLive  viewing  party  on   February  29th,  including  coffee,  supplies  and  servers.   B&B's  standards  of  quality  also  extend  to  the  way  they  do  business.   They  strive   to  meet  the  challenge  of  sustainability  with  every  decision  they  make.  They   offer  Certified  Organic,  Fair  Trade  Certified  and  Bird-Friendly,  Shade  Grown   coffees  and  continuously  work  to  lighten  their  environmental  footprint  through   the  purchase  of  100%  renewable  energy.

About Our  Conversation  Breaks... Some  of  you  may  have  noticed  some  familiar  faces  today.  Speakers  from  last   year  have  taken  on  new  roles,  community  members  are  participating  in  new   ways,  and  last  year's  connections  have  delightfully  blossomed.  So  let's  keep  it   up!   In  true TED  and  TEDx  spirit,  we  will  have  conversation  breaks  between   each  of  today's  sessions.  We   encourage  you  to  reconnect  with  those  familiar   faces,  to  talk  to  today's  speakers,  and  to  meet  some  new  people.  Use  the   conversation  starter  on  your  name  tag  or  ones  provided  by  the  on  stage  hosts   and  talk  about  all  of  the  great  ideas  worth  spreading.  Make  new  friends  and   contacts  and  please  keep  the  conversation  going  after  today  is  over  –  exchange   your  info,  join  our  Facebook  group,  follow  us  and  have  conversations  on   Twitter,  or  invite  us  to  your  events.  We  are  happy  to  have  this  opportunity  to   get  to  know  you!


Extraordinary Food Carts KOi Fusion  is  all  about  new  ideas,   and  that’s  exactly  what  they’re   serving  up.  Experience  an   innovative  and  funky  fusion  of  Korean  BBQ  and  fresh  Mexican  flavors.  Starting  in   2009  as  one  mobile  taco  truck,  Chef  Bo  Kwon  was  inspired  by  the  genre  of  Korean   Fusion.  They  use  Mama  Kwon’s  secret  family  marinades,  fresh  vegetables,  and   locally  sourced  tortilla  vendors  to  create  a  new  twist  that’s  uniquely  Portland.  

Korean BBQ  Burrito Choice  of  Bulgogi  beef,  chicken,  pork  or   tofu Kimchi  fried  rice,  cabbage  slaw,  pico  de   gallo,  mung  bean  sprouts,  cucumber   spears,  cilantro  and  Korean/  Mexican   salsa,  all  wrapped  in  a  soft  warm  flour   tortilla  

The Whole  Bowl A  comforting  and  healthy  medley  of  brown   rice,  red  and  black  beans,  fresh  avocado,  salsa,   black  olives,  sour  cream,  Tillamook  cheddar,   cilantro,  Tali  Sauce  and  trace  amounts  of   attitude.  Made-to-order  and  gluten-free.   (Vegetarian or vegan option) Tali  Sauce  is  The  Whole  Bowl's  secret  weapon.  Referred  to  by  many  as  "crack   sauce,"  this  lemony-garlicky  blend  has  been  building  local  addictions  in  the  Pearl,   Downtown  and  at  the  new  Hawthorne  location  for  over  8  years.  Sauce  devotees   have  been  known  to  experience  a   prolonged  sense  of  well-being  and   tremendous  relaxation  upon  consumption.


Our core  belief  is  when  you  have  good  food,  cooked  with   love,  it  brings  people  together  in  harmony.    We  use  fresh   ingredients  because  we  are  conscious  of  the  importance   of  a  healthy  lifestyle.   Meat  Choices:  Our  Varsity  Blue  grilled  chicken  is   marinated  with  tantalizing  spices  that  are  guaranteed  to   give  your  taste  buds  a  well-deserved  hug.  Using  a  special  combination  of  fruit   woods  and  natural  charcoal,  our  15-hour  slow  smoked  beef  brisket,  served  on  a   bun,  is  bursting  with  superior  flavor  so  tender  it  melts  as  soon  as  it  hits  your   pallet.  Our  house  dry  rubbed  seasonings  flavored  with  love,  blends  perfectly  with   our  signature  BBQ  sauce. Vegetarian  Options/  Sides:  Grilled  Vegetable   Medley  includes  asparagus  and  zucchini   grilled  and  seasoned  to  perfection.  For  the   sides  we  have  two  favorites  that  complement   the  meat  selection  at  any  occasion:  smoky   baked  beans  and  southern  style  potato  salad   all  made  fresh.  Bon  appétit. Margherita  Pizza:  Hand  crushed  San  Manzano   tomatoes  with  mozzarella  cheese  and   whole-leaf  basil   Bella  Siciliana  Pizza:  Fire-roasted  red  peppers   and  mortadella  with  whole-leaf  basil   Sicilian  Green  Garden  Goddess  Salad:  Spring   greens,  herb  infused  sun  dried  tomatoes,  roasted  red  peppers,  ci  ci  beans,   sesame  seeds,  sunflower  seeds,  California  plump  raisins,  and  sheep  milk  feta   cheese,  served  with  our  house  wood  fired  maple  vinaigrette  dressing Young  entrepreneur  Stephen  Ferruzza    was  inspired  by  his  dynamic  Sicilian  family   who  make  handcrafted  artisan  pizzas  and  pastas  in  the  basements  of  their   modest  homes  and  who  taught  him  the  secret  Sicilian  style  recipes.  He  has   perfected  an  authentic  tomato  sauce  and  traditional  rustic  style  dough  recipe   created  in  collaboration  with  his  father,  Francesco  Ferruzza  who  was  born  in   Castellana  Sicula  Sicily.  At  his  camp  in  the  Adirondack  Mountains,  Stephen   discovered  a  new  phenomena  in  pizza  making  when  his  father  built  a  stone  oven   from  cobble  stones  collected  from  the  woods  and  taught  his  sons  and  daughters   how  to  cook  on  a  wood  fired  oven.  This  laid  the  foundations  of  Sicilian  rustic  style   authentic  pizza!

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Extraordinary Partners

We wish  to  extend  an  extraordinary  thank  you  to  our         financial  partners.  Their  generosity  helped  make  this  event,   well,  extraordinary.  

Our Extraordinary  production  team: Steven  Harper  from                    

Randy Sommers  from            

Program cover  by:

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Other Partners:


You probably  don’t  remember   Jackie  Hendrickson  from                   TEDxConcordiaUPortland2011   because  she  was  the  star  behind   the  scenes,  putting  in  300  hours  of   work  in  four  months!  Intern   turned  webmaster,  stage  director,   program  creator,  marketing             specialist  and  social  media                 coordinator  to  TEDxLive  organizer,   Jackie  has  done  it  all,  so  it’s  no  surprise  that  her  next  task  is  to  master  being   an  on-stage  host. Jackie  is  originally  from  Colorado  Springs,  Colorado  and  moved  to  Portland   to  play  soccer  at  Concordia.  She  is  senior  captain  on  the  women’s  soccer   team,  majoring  in  Business  with  minors  in  Finance  and  Marketing.  Jackie   loves  TED,  saying  that  “the  TED  model  I  have  grown  to  admire  breeds   lifelong  learners,  requiring  an  elevated  level  of  personal  investment  that   compels  a  spirit  of  sustained  ingenuity...personal  experiences  have  taught   me  that  transformation  follows  adversity.  TED  challenges  my  assumptions   and  beliefs,  leading  to  a  heightened  awareness  of  my  connection  to  the   greater  community.”   “Where  others  might  shudder  under  the  weight  of  indecision,  I  embrace  the   opportunity  for  exploration.  As  a  chronic  perfectionist,  it  is  not  the  scope  or   depth  of  these  challenges  that  intimidates  me,  but  the  question  of  how  I   can  best  prepare  myself  to  tackle  them  that  causes  my  youthful  restlessness   to  resurface.”  As  fellow  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  planning  team  member   and  friend,  we  expect  Jackie  to  tackle  her  job  as  on-stage  host  in  the  same   fashion,  using  this  as  an  opportunity  to  challenge  herself  and  become  even   more  extraordinary.  

Jackie Hendrickson On-Stage Host

At TEDxConcordiaUPortland2011,   he  taught  us  to  dance.  He  also   shared  with  us  about  his  lifelong   love  affair  with  Bollywood,  and  we   learned  that  he  sang  to  his  mom   before  he  ever  spoke  to  her. This  year,  Prashant  Kakad   returns  to  the  stage  as  one  of  our   on-stage  hosts.  He’s  excited  and   honored  to  take  this  role,  and  he’s  looking  forward  to  helping  our  speakers   share  their  extraordinary  stories. If  you  remember  Prashant’s  talk  from  last  year,  you  know  he  has  an   extraordinary  story  of  his  own.  His  passion  for  Bollywood  led  him  to  singing,   which  then  led  him  to  dancing.  The  “real  world,”  on  the  other  hand,  led  him   to  Cornell  then  Intel.  He  was  an  engineer  and  he  continued  to  dance,  but   juggling  both  of  these  didn’t  feel  right.  He  thought  a  lot  about  what  he   wanted  out  of  life,  and  he  returned  continuously  to  the  place  he  considers  the   most  extraordinary  in  the  world,  “the  stillness  of  one’s  soul.”  “One  must  visit   that  place  and  understand  the  why  to  the  best  of  their  ability.  The  how  then   takes  care  of  itself.”   And  so  it  did.  He  quit  his  job  at  Intel  and  he’s  been  spreading  his  love  of   Bollywood  ever  since.  DJ  Prashant  now  teaches  audiences  to  dance,  and  he   revels  in  getting  them  moving.  Dancing  has  always  been  celebratory,   expressive,  and  liberating.  It  is  in  this  spirit  that  Prashant  incites  his   audiences  to  get  lost  in  the  music  and  the  movement  of  dance.  “There  is   something  magical  about  dancing,”  he  says.  “The  goal  is  to  share  the  joy  with   everyone  on  planet  earth!”

Prashant Kakad On-Stage Host


Switching from  his  role  as  a  2011  speaker  to   that  of  2012  Guest  Curator,  Jefferson  Smith   is  excited  to  be  a  part  of   TEDxConcordiaUPortland  again.  One  session   has  been  curated  and  will  be  hosted  entirely   by  Jefferson.  The  speakers  Jefferson  has   chosen  have  inspired,  challenged,  and   entertained  him.   Jefferson’s  TEDxConcordiaUPortland2011  talk  about  democracy  in  action   offered  an  inspirational  and  refreshing  perspective  on  the  power  we  all  have   to  change  our  community.  Being  able  to  assemble  great  teams  that  have  been   responsible  for  change  is  something  Jefferson  is  well  known  for.  His   collaborative  spirit  is  at  the  heart  of  the  innovative  Bus  Project  he  founded,   and  it’s  apparent  in  all  of  the  lasting  changes   he’s  made  representing  East  Portland  in  the   Oregon  House  of  Representatives.  In  his   current  campaign  for  mayor  of  Portland,  he   hopes  to  further  promote  connection  and   collaboration  at  the  local  level  in  order  to  help   Portland  be  the  city  it  aspires  to  be. Jefferson  is  also  excited  about  our theme  of   “Becoming  Extraordinary.”  “What  I  like  about  the  theme  is  that  it  allows   plenty  of  flexibility  for  all  of  the  speakers  to  share  unique  stories  of  becoming   extraordinary  that  resonate  with  their  own  skills  and  experiences...This  city   has  cultural  strands  where  sameness  isn’t  required;  in  fact,  it’s  a  city  where   different-ness  can  be  culturally  rewarded  and  celebrated,”  he  says.  His   philosophy  of  people-driven  politics  and  involvement  is  one  that  doesn’t  stop   at  the  stage.  Many  of  us  remember  his  TEDxConcordiaUPortland2011  talk  as  a   highlight,  but  we  also  remember  how  he  struck  up  conversations  with   attendees  during  conversation  breaks  and  how  he  stayed  until  the  very  end  of   the  day,  and  even  helped  stack  chairs  and  clean  up  after  the  event.  

Jefferson Smith Guest Curator

Your Extraordinary Notes


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   When  Things  Fall  Apart  

by Pema  Chodron   “Pema  encourages  her  readers  to   embrace  a  state  of  hopelessness,  ‘[so]  we   can  have  the  courage  to  relax  with  the   groundlessness   of   our   situation.’   I’m   excited   to   experiment   with   creating   art   from  a  place  of  what  is,  instead  of  what   could  be.”

Who has  inspired  you  to  become  extraordinary? Everyone  who  discouraged  me  from  following  my  heart.  I  have  a  tendency  to   be  a  rebel,  so  each  time  an  external  (or  later  internalized)  voice  attempted  to   dissuade   me   from   following   my   passion,   or   told   me   I   couldn’t   do   it,   it   only   served  to  reinforce  my  commitment  to  myself.  My  passion  for  the  craft  and   my   love   of   circus   provides   the   continued   inspiration   to   persist   despite   the   obstacles   that   present   themselves;   I   feel   incredibly   grateful   for   the   opportunity  to  do  work  that’s  close  to  my  heart.  

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? Co-create   a   show   of   course!   I   would   love   to   facilitate   a   performance   that   tapped   into   collective   creativity   of   a   large   group   to   express   whatever   was   present  and  explore  the  nature  of  our  relationships  to  one  another  and  the   world  around  us.

Jenn Cohen The Circus Project: Getting Youth Off the Ground

“I love  things  that  turn  my  thinking upside down and challenge my basic assumptions.”   If  you’ve  ever  seen  a  circus,  you  know   that   the   body   is   a   strong   and   pliant   thing.  Performers  push  themselves  to   do   things   that   stretch   the   limits   of   possibility   until   you’re   left   to   wonder   whether   what   you’ve   seen   was   actually   magic.   Starting   at   a   young   age,   Jenn   Cohen,   director   and   founder   of   the   Circus   Project,   was   fascinated   with   this   magic.   Cohen   began  the  Circus  Project   in  Portland  in  2008  as  a   way  to  harness  this   magic   and  potential  so  she  could  share  it  with  the  community,  especially  homeless   and  at-risk  youth.  She  has  a  master’s  degree  in  Process  Oriented  Psychology,   and  through  circus,  counseling,  personal  development,  work-study,  and  very   high   expectations,   the   lives   of   these   youths   end   up   transformed.   In   the   future,  Jenn  says  she  hopes  “to  continue  on  the  path  I’m  on,  but  with  more   presence,  more  patience,  more  love.  More  and  more,  I  realize  it’s  not  what  I   do,  but  how  I  do  things  that’s  important.”

Where you  can  see  Jenn:  The   Circus   Project   is   partnering   with   Cirque   du   Soleil   to   bring   circus   training   programs   to   youth  in  need  for  their  newest  show,  OVO,  on  May  4th  at  the   Portland  Expo  Center.  


Extraordinary Book Recommendations:   Patti  Smith’s  memoir,  Just  Kids   Buzz  Aldrin,  What  Happened  to  

You in  All  the  Confusion?  by  Johan   Harstad   “Having  the  will  power  to  design  and   construct  a  boat  to  sail  to  the  Caribbean   Islands  from  the  Faroes,  without  any   experience,  seemed  pretty   extraordinary.”  

What are  some  achievements  you  have  yet  to   accomplish,  but  hope  to  in  the  future? As   for   Goodnight   Billygoat   as   a   band,   I’d   hope   to   travel   more   and   collaborate  with  other  musicians.  Since  the  work  is  cerebral  it  tends  to  work   best   in   theatres.   I   wouldn’t   be   opposed   to   sharing   a   stage   with   a   much   larger  group  of  musicians.  

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? I  think  it  could  be  fun  to  see  these  pieces  live  one  day  as  a  surrealist  opera.  I   could  imagine  the  visuals  projected  in  tandem  with  live  moving  sets,  actors   and  complete  orchestration.  

Goodnight Billygoat Passage of Time

“Anywhere where  you  have  a  clear  view  of   the night sky free of light pollution is an



David Klein  began  Goodnight   Billygoat  as  a  solo  project  in   2006,  combining  stop-motion   animation  and      ambient  music.   Nick  Wooley  joined  soon  after  to   help  with  production  and  the   soundtrack,  and  they’ve  been   developing  new  films  and  live   shows  ever  since.  In  creating  his   stop-motion  animation  pieces,   David  thinks  about  Johanes   Kepler’s  belief  that  geometry   existed  before  and  served  as  a   model  for  the  creation  of  the  universe.  Expect  Goodnight  Billygoat’s   performance  at  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  to  be  a  fantastically  cerebral   experience  and  also  be  incredibly  entertaining.  Their  art  is  something  to  get   lost  in,  to  enjoy,  and  to  feel  good  about.

Where you  can  see  Goodnight  Billygoat:  Widmer   Brothers  Brewing  contacted  Goodnight  Billygoat  to  produce   their  new  line  of  beer  signs  that  will  appear  in  businesses   across  the  country.  They  are  hand-carving  custom  wooden   lightboxes  they  have  making  for  the  last  six  years.  


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   The  Port  Huron  Project:

Reenactments of New Left Protest Speeches  by  Mark  Tribe “This  book  involves  the  reenactment  of   some   of   the   significant   Vietnam-era   protest  speeches…  They  serve  for  me  as   incredible  reminders  of  my  responsibility   as   a   citizen   of   conscience   in  a   democratic   society.”  

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? I  would  ask  each  individual  to  carve  out  a  one  hour  block  of  time  each  day   for  3  months  just  for  themselves.  This  time  would  have  no  agenda,  no  goals,   no   shoulds,   and   would   be   encouraged   to   be   silent.   It   is   not   work   time,   catch-up  time  or  leisure  time,  as  that  often  has  an  agenda  attached.  Rather,   this   time   would   be   merely   set   aside   to   delight   oneself   –   walking,   reading,   staring   at   the   sky,   feeding   the   birds,   etc...The   kind   of   inner   quietude   and   self-knowing  that  this  kind  of  time  encourages  is  really  what  our  civilization   needs.  Currently,  we  have  too  much  activity  and  too  little  self-reflection.

Linda K. Johnson The Habit of Being

“For me,  the  most  extraordinary  place  in  the  


is right where I am in each

moment. Anything else is a distraction from fully showing  up  wherever  I  happen  to  be.”   As  a  dance  artist  and  educator,  Linda  has   received  critical  reviews  from  Metropolis   Magazine,  NPR,  Dance  Magazine  and                       Landscape  Architecture.  Linda  is  a  prime               example  of  what  change  can  be  facilitated  when   someone  combines  the  great  ideas  they                 naturally  have  with  the  self  awareness  it  takes   to  ignite  a  driving,  forceful  passion.  "Artists               frequently  get  accused  of  living  and  working  in   an  ivory  tower,  and  Johnson's  work  not  only  stands  as  a  shining   counterargument  to  that  claim,  but  also  demonstrates  how  the  most  power-­‐ ful  art  always  arises  out  of  connection  with  people's  lived   experience."   Brett Campbell, Journalist As  a  native  Oregonian,  Linda  hopes  to   be  able  grow  more  of  her  own  food.  In   the  future  she  aspires  “to  spend  more   time  alone  in  the  creative  process…to   find  more  balance  between  family  and   everything  else…to  spend  more  time   volunteering  to  help  other  people   [and]  to  raise  a  healthy,  confident  and   joyous  child.”   Photo  Credit:  Alice  J.  Rose


At this  year’s  event  we’re  jazzed  to  be   partnering  with  kin  trio.  Eugene  Lee,  artist  and   founder  of  kin  trio,  says,  “I  formed  kin  trio  in   2011  with  the  idea  to  combine  two  of  my   favorite  things:  bebop  and  minimalism.   Musically,  I  come  from  a  bebop  background  and   will  always  have  a  soft  spot  for  it,  no  matter  how   experimental  my  projects  become.  The  idea  of   this  group  is  to  use  the  context  of  bebop,  one   that  is  normally   frenetic  and  freewheeling,  to  portray  these   experiences  of  tranquility  and  inward  focus.   Most  of  the  compositions  are  jazz  standards   that  have  re-written  melodies  that  are  spacious  and  sparse,  full  of  silences  and  held   tones.” The  name  kin  trio  was  first  chosen  without  a   specific  meaning  in  mind  and  has  come  to   imply  a  level  of  kinship  between  the  three  artists.  Tim  Duroche  is  a  longtime   meditator,  Andre  St.  James  practices  qigong  daily;  they  all  try  to  maintain   some  consciousness  about  physical  and  spiritual  health  and  thus  are  on  the   same  wavelength  when  it  comes  to  the  mission  statement  of  kin  trio:  simply   put  as  “minimalist  bebop.”  “We  reject  the   bombast  and  ADHD  which  is  normally   associated  with  bebop  and  instead  try  to   weave  textures  that  allows  the  listeners,  as   well  as  ourselves,  to  sink  deeper  inward.”

kin trio Emswi

“Like all  worthwhile  endeavors,  it  is  a  tall   order, and we are just at the beginning stages, but like other journeys it is one that is possible through persistent cultivation.”  -Eugene Lee

In addition   to   being   the   founder   of   kin   trio,   Eugene   Lee   is   also   the   graphic   designer   for   TEDxConcordiaUPortland   and   is   responsible   for   creating   the   posters  and  promotional  materials  featuring  “bubba  the  fish.” bubba  is  red,  whereas  all  of  his  fish  kin  are  black.  bubba  is  as  different  from  a   clone   as   the   DNA   of   same   species   fish   will   allow;   in   other   words,   he’s   the   archetypal   outlier.   Outliers   are   something   that   most   TEDxsters   will   appreciate,  which  is  why  a  smile  will  crack  when  you  view  this  audacious  fish   in  artistic  action. Eugene   thought   to   name   this   painting   series   of   “bubba   the   fish”   after   “semiautobiographical”  events  that  inspired  him.   Though   not   every   caption   such   as,   “bubba   the   fish   articulates   his   feelings   on   climate   change,”  or  “bubba  the  fish  is  surrounded  by   hipsters,”  comes  literally  from  Eugene’s         personal   experience,   he’s   observed                           generalities   in   the   world,   specifically                   Portland,   and   has   articulated   them   through   the   life   of   a   red   fish,   who   is   named   after   his   bubba  the  fish  overcomes  his   roommate’s  exceptionally  fat  cat. social  anxiety  and  becomes  a   natural  born  leader

Where you  can  see  Eugene:  His   artwork   (including   more   paintings   of   bubba!)   is   on   display   in   the   Concordia   University   library.     Please   visit   27 bubba  during  the  conversation  breaks.  

Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   Deep  Economy:  

The Wealth  of   Communities  and   the  Durable  Future   by  Bill  McKibben Where  do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? So  this  is  going  to  come  off  all  Peter  Pan,  but  wherever  the  heart  is.  I’ve   traveled  the  world  many  times  –  lived  in  remote  communities,  worked  all   manner  of  jobs  (both  sincere  and  insincere),  and  for  me—a  self-professed   meaning  junkie—the  heart  really  truly  is  the  only  place  I  want  to  live.  

Who has  inspired  you  to  become  extraordinary? There’s  a  number  of  great  people  out  there  who  have  inspired  me  and   continue  to.  But  more  so  are  those  small  families  and  individuals  whose   notoriety  aren’t  of  great  importance,  but  whose  human  footprints  are.  The   family  who  doesn’t  throw  away  anything.  The  man  who  doesn’t  use   anything  other  than  human-powered  vehicles  (not  even  the  elevator).  Or   the  student  who  falls  in  love  with  a  manner  of  living  so  incongruous  with   her  family  that  she’s  a  black  sheep–  but  loves  what  she  does. In  that  vein,  I’d  have  to  say  it’s  the  humblest  of  us  who  are  the  ones  who   continue  to  inspire  me.  

Ethan Knight One Generation

“Passion is a better predictor of success than IQ  will  ever  be.”

Ethan Knight,  executive  director  and  founder  of  Carpe  Diem,  would  gladly   admit  that  college  wasn’t  for  him—at  first.  During  his  freshman  year,  he   realized  that  he  wasn’t  being  fulfilled  in  a  meaningful  way.    In  2009  Ethan   founded  International  Carpe  Diem  Foundation,  which  helps  students  from   low-income  families  attain  scholarships  for  experiential  education.   Right  now,  he’s  in  the  midst  of  forming  an  Association  for  Gap  Year   providers,  “something  that  will  further  empower  the  students  we  work  with   to  get  information,  collect  data,  and,  of  course,  create  a  set  of  standards   that  the  entire  industry  can  benefit  from.”  Ethan  says  he  would  also  like  to   have  the  collected  energy  of  600  people  “work  towards  high-output  green   energy  development   –  be  it  fusion,  or   some  other  as  yet   undiscovered  source   of  energy.  But  if   energy  were  in   greater  abundance,   that  I’d  say  would  be   the  next  great   evolution  of   mankind.”


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   The  Apology  by  


Where do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? I  think  Earth  is  the  most  extraordinary  place  in  our  solar  system,  and  for   obvious  reasons.  First,  the  Aurora  Borealis.  Second,  San  Francisco,  California,   and  San  Jose,  Costa  Rica.  Third,  sea  turtles,  phosphorescent  algae,  and  the   cyclic  migration  of  the  stars.

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? I  would  have  them  create  a  massive  free  university  whose  sole  purpose   would  be  to  facilitate  the  intellectual,  spiritual,  and  psychic  liberation  of  all   human  beings,  by  and  for  their  own  power,  to  live  meaningfully  in   harmonious  community  with  all  living  creatures  throughout  the  Universe.   If   there   is   any   time   left   over,   I   would  have   them   abolish   money.   Actually,   I   think   that   abolishing   money   would   be   part   of   the   psychic   liberation   objective,  so  never  mind.   And,  if  this  were  to  work  (and  eventually  it  will),  the  university  itself  would   become  so  massive  that  it  would  become  the  underlying  structure  of  a   global  civilization.  

Jesse Laird Strategic Nonviolence for Human Rights: Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Times

“We would  collectively turn away from things that do not matter, such as money, and orient ourselves toward Justice, Truth, Love, Wisdom, Beauty, and the Divine  in  all  things.” Jesse  Laird  knows   education,  and  he  also   knows  about  change.  He   teaches  Humanities  at     Concordia  University  and  is   a  doctoral  candidate  in   Human  Rights  Education  at   the  University  of  San   Francisco.  Since  2002,  he   has  marched-on,  taught-in,   walked-out,  blockaded,   occupied,  obstructed,  and  strategized  in  dozens  of  nonviolent  campaigns.  At   Concordia,  he  teaches  Peace  Studies,  Global  Diversity,  Speech,  and  Ethics. Jesse  facilitates  regular  workshops  in  strategic  nonviolent  action  through   Our  School,  a  Portland  activist  education  collective.  His  publications  include   case  studies  of  nonviolent  social  movements  and  he  has  recently  lectured   and  presented  on  activist  themes  at  numerous  universities  and   organizations  in  California  and  Oregon. He  says  he  would  someday  like  to  become  more  balanced.  For  some  people,   this  might  not  be  a  concern;  however,  for  someone  who's  devoted  his  time   to  studying  the  balance  and  imbalance  of  power  in  governments  and   institutions,  the  idea  of  achieving  that  ideal  state  of  equality  and  equilibrium   is  probably  one  that  is  ever-present.  


Extraordinary Book Recommendations:   The  Wind  in  the  

Willows by  Kenneth   Grahame     Epileptic  by  David  B.

Where do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? New  Orleans  is  the  birth  place  of  Jazz,  America’s  first  true  original  art  form.  It   is   a   beautiful   city,   its   people,   its   homes,   its   food.   The   U.S.   meets   Europe   there   creating   something   that   is   both   and   neither…I   ain’t   ever   been   in   another  place  like  it...Everything  there  leaks  music:  the  rooftops,  the  street   signs,  the  bricks,  the  river.  Parades  materialize  out  of  nothing.  The  sounds  of   horns  walk  the  street  like  ghosts.  Pianos  fall  out  of  open  windows.  There  is   singing  everywhere.  Every  corner  sings,  even  when  it’s  a  silent  part  of  town,   there   is   a   song.   The   river   sings   through   the   city.   The   city   sleeps   inside  its  arms.  There  are  no  strangers  in  New  Orleans...I  love  New  Orleans.   Partially   because   I   am   from   there,   but   more   because   it   has   a   flavor–   it  is   sweet   and   salty   and   snaps   under   your   teeth.   The   city   reads   like   a   mystery   that  one  doesn't  have  to  solve.  It  unfolds  its  layers  before  you,  to  climb  over   and   under   and   ride   a   bicycle   through…   Most   extraordinary?   I   don’t   know.   But  this  place,  nestled  on  the  banks  of  the  Mississippi,  kissing  the  Gulf,  down   at  the  part  of  the  river  where  all  the  cities  in  the  hearts  of  this  country  carry   themselves  to.  It  iss  my  most  favorite  city  in  all  the  world.  Always  will  be.  

Anis Mojgani Equal Parts Science and Magic

“I want  to  open  people up to the possibility of what this world could actually be if we fully recognized the inherent potential  of  ourselves.” Anis  is  originally  from  New  Orleans  and   now  lives  in  Austin,  Texas  with  his   wife.  He  is  a  two  time  National   Poetry  Slam  Champion,  an   International  World  Cup  Poetry   Slam  Winner,  a  National  Book   Award  Nominee,  and  a  former   artist  participant  in  Oregon   Literary  Arts  Writers  in  the  Schools   program.  His  work  has  appeared   on  HBO,  NPR,  and  in  many  literary   journals.  He  is  the  author  of  two  published  poetry  collections:  Over  the  Anvil   We  Stretch  (2008)  and  The  Feather  Room  (2011).  He  aspires  to  open  a   bookstore  because  opening   one  is  “an  extraordinary  act  in   this  time  in  history,  with   mankind  racing  forward  into   the  new  electronic  future.”

Where you  can  see  Anis:  As   the   MC   for   Verselandia,   the   first   city-wide   all   high   school   poetry   slam   on   April   25th   in   Portland,  Oregon    


“My hope  is  by  moving  towards  truth  in  my   life I may move towards becoming a better person.”- Elmira If  you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? Hilary   –   I   would   focus   on   education.   600   extraordinary   people   could   get   foreign   language   learning,   art,   music,   and   PE   back   into   a   few   schools.   And   those  schools  would  produce  and  inspire  a  lot  more  than  600  extraordinary   people.   Mark  –  Share  their  knowledge  and  wisdom  with  each  other  and  anyone  else   that  might  partake.  When  that  happens,  many  projects  will  follow.   Liam  –  I  would  ask  them  to  talk  to  their  neighbors  face  to  face,  one  on  one  or   in   a   creative   forum   and   engage   in   compassionate   communication   so   that   their  extraordinary  energy  could  inspire  others  that  are  seeking  to  find  their   own   passions   and   interests   to   be   active   with,   causing   a   ripple   effect   of   inspiration  and  motivation  to  be  extraordinary. Elmira   –   I   would   inspire   those   600   others   to   rise   up   against   oppression   wherever   it   exists   in   our   world.   I   would   want   one   super   revolutionary,   a   leader  reminding  people  of  his  or  her  own  power  where  oppression  exists.

Wherever awareness takes hold, ideas form and actions are taken to bring forth something extraordinary.” - Mark

Our School-Occupy Education What Community Looks Like

“I think  that  everywhere  has  extraordinary   potential right now—as we all find our power and become kinetic forces of change.”  - Hilary Last  fall  “We  are  the  99%”   became  the  rallying  cry  of  the   Occupy  Movement.  What  began   with  Occupy  Wall  Street  soon   spread  to  cities  nationwide,   including  our  very  own  Portland.   We’re  pleased  to  welcome  Liam   Doherty-Nicholson,  Hilary  Boyd,   Mark  Nerys,  and  Elmira   Rodriguez  from  Our  SchoolOccupy  Education  to  our  stage.   Together  they’ll  discuss  Occupy’s  past,  present,  and  future.  They’ll  speak   about  phase  two  of  the  movement,  which  involves  discussion  with  the   community,  community  improvement  projects,  and  free  education  through   the  “Our  School”  program.

“I believe  that  the  most  extraordinary  place   in the world is inside each human being. The place where we go to in with which we are able to dream the visions of our ideal world and actualize the ability to move our path  in  that  direction.”- Liam


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   Anything  You  Want:  40  Lessons  for  a  

New Kind  of  Entrepreneur  by  Derek   Sivers   “Sivers’   honest   and   creative   approaches   to   running   a   business   and   helping   others   in   the   process…have   been   incredibly   inspiring   to   me.”

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? I  would  have  them  adopt  an  approach  along  the  lines  of  Paul  Wesselmann's   "Ripples   Project."   Consciously   generating   "small   waves   of   kindness,"   the   works  done  by  our  relatively  small  group  of  600  can  emanate  out  to  have  a   positive  impact  on  exponentially  more.

Where do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? One   of   the   most   extraordinary   places   I've   yet   to   experience   is   the   beautiful   Yunnan  province  of  China.  The  ancient   Naxi  music  of  Lijiang,  Snow  Mountain,   the   Shilin   Stone   Forest   and   the   spicy   foods  all  make  me  excited!

Mark Powers I Am the Instrument

“I am  continually  aware  of  many  people  do-­ ing so many great things for themselves and others. I can't help but see their


and actions  and  ask  myself,  ‘hmm  .  .  .  how   could  a  drummer  apply  that?’  ” Drum   roll,   please.   And   hold…for   twelve   hours!   Mark   Powers,   percussion   artist,   teacher,  and  writer,  once  co-held  the   Guinness   Book   of   World   Records   title   for   longest   continuous   drum   roll.   When   he’s   not  traveling  or  performing,  Mark  teaches   private  lessons,  classes,  and  workshops.  In   teaching   people   the   rhythms   he’s                     mastered,  he  uses  music  to  touch  people’s   lives.   In   some   cases,   it   even   helps   to   heal—he   teaches   at   Riverfront   Wellness   Center  and  he  presents  percussion-based   Correctional   Education   programs   in   adult   and  juvenile  facilities.  In  the  future  he  says  he  hopes  “to  find  new  ways  to  use   music   to   touch   people's   lives.   Percussion   has   held   such   an   integral   role   in   cultures   around   the   globe   for   centuries   and   rhythm   is   something   that   each   one   of   us   possesses   within.   My   goal   is   to   harness   its   power   and   potential,   using  it  for  community  building,  wellness  and  personal  growth.”

Where you  can  see  Mark:  He  is  headed  to  Kuwait  City  to   be  artist-in-residence  for  two  weeks  at  an  international  school.   Following   that,   he   will   be   spending   four   months   performing   music   in   the   South   Pacific   before   returning   to   the   US   for   a         series  of  school  and  corporate  percussion  workshops.


Extraordinary Book  Recommendation:   1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by  

Charles Mann “I  keep  imagining  what  an  extraordinarily  different  world  we  would  live  in   now,  had  the  tide  turned  the  other  way  and  the  Native  people  had  survived.”

Who has  inspired  you  to  become  extraordinary? One  month  after  my  mom’s  death  I  was  in  a  serious  car  accident  caused  by  a   drunk   driver.   Our   vehicle   was   struck   head-on   then   flipped   over—   it  was  a   miracle   that   we   survived.   The   incident   was   another   reminder   not   to   sleepwalk  through  life,  but   to  wake  up  and  enjoy  each  day….I   realized  that   my  father  always  prepared  for  life,  but  never  lived  it.  Both  of  my  parents  had   lives   half   lived.   They   waited   for   something   better   to   show   up   that   never   came.  I  don't   want   to  spend  the  rest   of  my  life  wishing  for  something  else,   when  the  life  I  have  now  is  so  precious,  wonderful  and  awe  inspiring.  I  have   made  my  own  choice—  to  relentlessly  pursue  my  passion,  my  art.  I  started   down  that  road  ten  years  ago  when  I  gave  up  studying  computer  engineering   to  go  to  art    school.  Now  I  am  fully  embracing  that  path.  

Still in  its  early  phases,  the  stage  is  truly  on  its  way  to  becoming  an   extraordinary  backdrop  for  all  of  the  speakers’  talks.  

Crystal Schenk Aurora

“I have  also  made  the  choice  to  go  play  in   the world. I choose to

explore, to

create, to  make  friendships,  to  thrive.” With  an  MFA  from  Portland  State   University  and  a  BFA  from  The   School  of  the  Art  Institute  of   Chicago,  Crystal  is  currently  an   adjunct  professor  at  Pacific                 Northwest  College  of  Art  and               Portland  State  University.  Crystal’s   artwork  has  been  published  in     Sculpture  and  Craft magazines.   “I  have  a  very  labor-intensive  and   detail-oriented  way  of  working,  in   which  craftsmanship  and  material   choices  play  a  large  role.  My             sculptures  address  issues  of  physical   and  mental  health/illness,  class,   memory  and  social  interaction.  Much  of  my  subject  matter  is  drawn  from  my   familial  history.  Often  my  work  starts  as  a  lingering  feeling  or  impression  that   defies  words  and  imagery.  I  spend  a  long  time  meditating  on  this  sentiment,   turning  it  over  and  over  in  my  mind  like  a  worry  stone.  It  is  important  for  me   to  hunt  down  the  perfect  metaphors  and  representations  until  I  find  one   that  resonates.”

Where you  can  see  Crystal:  She   will   be   having   a   solo   exhibition  of  her  work  at  the  Miller  Fine  Art  Gallery,  located  at   Linfield   College   in   McMinnville.   The   show   will   run   from   April   2nd-May  5th.  


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   Rules  of  the  Red  Rubber  Ball:  

Find and  Sustain  Your  Life’s   Work  by  Kevin  Carroll

Who has  inspired  you  to  become  extraordinary? I   had   the   opportunity   to   be   home   schooled   through   graduation   from   high   school.   My   mother   taught   me   how   to   question   the   world   around   me   and   how   to   make   a   difference   in   society   by   getting   me   involved   with   the   local   community   at   a   very   young   age.   My   dad   is   a   committed   financial   provider.   He   has   taught   me   how   to   work   hard   for   what   I   am   passionate   about.   My   wonderful  parents  have  been  married  to  each  other  for  36  years  and  continually  teach  me  what  an  amazing  marriage  looks  like.

Where do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? Germany.   This   nation   has   shaped   our   world   for   the   good   and   the   bad,   but   after  committing  the  world’s  largest  genocide,  they  have  been  able  to  repent   of  their  mistakes  and  pick  themselves  up  again.  To  this  day,  Germany  is  one   of   the   most   financially   successful   nations   in   the   world   and   has   turned   into   Israel’s  strongest  ally.  Our  nation  has  been  majorly  influenced  by  Germany.   The  German  language  was  one  vote  away  from  being  the  official  language  of   American  at  one  time.

Nathan Schmitt The 50/50 Rule

“My mother  taught  me  how  to  question  the   world around me and how to make a difference in society by getting me involved with the local


What is  the  purpose  of  an  education?  This   is   a   question   Nathan   Schmitt   has   spent   a   lot   of   time   pondering.   “The   information   taught  in  schools  and  read  by  an  individual   person  is  basically  incomplete  knowledge  if   what  they  read  is  not  followed  by  hands-on   action.”  He’d  like  to  see  theory  and  praxis   balanced   in   education,   and   he’s   crafted   a   50/50   rule   that   speaks   to   this   idea   worth   spreading.   Nathan   says   he   considers   himself   a   very   “competitive,   ambitious,   passionate   and   sociable”   person.   He   is   in   the  midst  of  building  his  own  business  and   he  plans  to  write  a   book.  Ideally,  he’d  like   to   get   involved   in   the   leadership   of   his   community  and  country.  

Where you  can  see  Nathan:  Wandering  around   Concordia’s  campus  to  classes  as  he  works  on  completing  his   undergraduate  degree  in  Business  Administration.    


Extraordinary Book   Recommendation:   The  Chronology  of  Water,  Lidia  

Yuknavitch’s memoir

“I’m awed  by  the   heart  and  integrity   on  every  page.”

Where do  you  believe  is  the  most   extraordinary  place  in  the  world? My  bed  at  six-thirty  in  the  morning,  after  my  two   children  have  rammed  themselves  in  beside  me  and  my  husband  and  our  cat,   Gulla.  Because  real,  live,  wild  love  is  there.  And  what’s  more   extraordinary  than  that?

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them  do? I  would  channel  that  energy  into  working  toward  improving  the  status  of   women  throughout  the  world,  with  a  special  emphasis  on  women  who  live  in   developing  countries,  where  many  are  denied  even  the  most  basic  human   rights.  Gender  equity  is  key  to  any  fight  against  poverty,  to  any  movement   that  seeks  to  better  the  lives  of  children,  and  to  any  sense  of  ourselves  as  an   ethical  people.  The  injustices  committed  against  women  are  unconscionable.   There  is  so  much  to  be  done  in  so  many  areas.  I’ll  admit  I  feel  defeated  about   it  sometimes—  from  maternal  health,  to  violence  against  girls  and  women,  to   economics  and  political  reform,  to  changing  the  enculturation  of  harmful   gender  norms,  to  sex  trafficking  and  reproductive  rights,  and  on  and  on  and   on.  But  600  extraordinary  people?  We  owe  it  to  millions  of  women  and   children  to  try.  

Cheryl Strayed Radical Sincerity

“I want  to  continue  to  grow as an artist. My greatest professional hope is that my next book always reaches further, dives deeper, and risks bolder than the one that came  before  it.”   The  writing  of  award-winning  author  Cheryl  Strayed  has  been  described  as   courageous,  gritty,  elegant,  precise,  smart,  funny,  and  sublime.  She  wrote   the  critically  acclaimed  novel Torch,  as  well  as  essays  that  have  been   published  in The  New  York  Times  Magazine, The   Washington  Post  Magazine, Allure, Self,  along   with  many  others.  Most  recently,  however,   she’s  been  in  the  spotlight  for  her  upcoming   memoir, Wild,  which  is  about  her  1,100  mile   solo  journey  along  the  Pacific  Crest  Trail.  She   walked  the  trail  seeking  forgiveness  and  hoping   to  find  her  “innocent  self”  again,  yet  what   began  as  an  “idea,  vague  and  outlandish  and   full  of  promise,”  became  something  much   greater. Through  this  journey,  she  found   transcendence,  hope,  and  healing.  She   confronted  the  wild  and  she  confronted  herself,   ultimately  finding  the  extraordinary  in  those   things  that  we  so  often  take  for  granted.  The  movie  rights  to  her  memoir   have  been  purchased  by  Oscar  winning  actress  Reese  Witherspoon  who   intends  to  star  in  the  film  as  well.   Cheryl  says  that  “everything  good  in  me  can  be  traced  back  to  her   [mother]...She  would  have  laughed  if  you  told  her  she  was  extraordinary...   She  never  allowed  us  to  feel  poor  because  we  were  rich  in  what  mattered.   She  made  a  beautiful  life  for  us  in  spite  of  many  hardships.  She  brought   magic  into  every  day.  She  believed  in  kindness   above  all.  She  died  of  cancer  when  she  was  45,  but   her  strength  informs  my  life  each  day.”


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   East  of  Eden  by  John  


What else  do  you  want  the  TEDxConcordiaUPortland   community  to  know  about  you? I  really  enjoy  listening,  hearing  stories  of  hopes  and  loss.  The  stories  of  life.  I   don't  consider  myself  extraordinary,  but  I  have  had  extraordinary   opportunities,   mainly   because   I   wanted   to   be   challenged,   see   the   world   through  different  eyes.  Most  of  the  big  decisions  in  my  life  involved  less  than   a   weeks’   worth   of   time   to   execute.   Moving   from   Virginia   to   California   for   college.   Flying   to   New   Zealand   for   a   two   month   adventure   in   a   van.   Moving   from   L.A.   to   San   Diego   to   work   for   Invisible   Children.   Moving   to       Colorado  to  work  for  a  year  in  the  Rockies.  And  finally  moving  to  Oregon.  I   am   so   thankful   for   change,   a   catalyst,   something   else   that   helps   keep   that   spark  of  life  glowing.  An  opportunity  to  pursue  the  extraordinary.  

Who has  inspired  you  to  become  extraordinary? It   seems   odd   to   think   of   myself   as   extraordinary,   but   there   have   been   so   many   people   who   have   inspired   me   to   breathe   deeply   and   live   fully.   Inspiration   comes   in   so   many   forms:   books,   movies,   friends,   family,   near   death   experiences,   sorrow,   unexplainable   joy,   to   name   a   few…I   also   had   a   professor  in  college  who,  I  thought,  could  see  the  potential  in  each  and  every   one   of   his   students.   His   teaching   reflected   that   as   well,   he   knew   how   to   phrase  and  convey  thing  so  you  left  the  classroom  with  every  creative  ounce   of   you   wanting   to   succeed.   It   seemed,   to   me,   that   he   wanted   to   take   a           journey  with  each  student  and  help  them  realize  their  creativity.  

Taylor Adam Swift Take Courage

“I want  to  be  challenged and be moved to action, see growth despite success or failure. Learn to better love the people  around  me.”   After  a  bad  auto  accident  landed  Taylor  in  physical  therapy,  he  found  that   he  couldn’t  pursue  his  calling  as  a  photographer.  What  drew  him  to   photography  were  the  stories  he  could  tell,  but  he  soon  heard  another   story  that  captured  his  interest.  A  friend  told  him  about  Invisible  Children,   a  non-profit  organization  that  grew  out  of  a  documentary  film  about  child   soldiers  in  Africa.   Taylor  applied,   interviewed,  and  in   less  than  a  week   was  working  as  a   “roadie,”  giving   presentations  in   Texas,  Louisiana   and  the  Pacific   Northwest.  In  the   span  of  one  year  he   presented  over  170  times  to  crowds  that  ranged  from  15  to  2000.  Taylor   says,  “My  family  at  Invisible  Children  has  contributed  so  much  to  the   person  I  am  today.”   Taylor  also  desires  one  day  to  “hike  the  Appalachian  Trail  on  the  East   Coast.  As  a  photographer,  I  want  to  use  my  skills  for  the  conservation  of   our  public  lands.  Documentary  films  -  there  are  stories  to  tell  and  I  want  to   help  tell  them.  Continue  to  meet,  share  life,  and  create  with  people  who   are  more  talented  than  I  am.  See  the  potential  in  people  around  me.”


Extraordinary Book Recommendations:   Unbroken  by  Laura  Hillenbrand     Status  Anxiety  by  Alain  de  


 In  a  Perfect  World  by  Laura  


Photo Credit:  Barry  Schwartz  Photography

What else  do  you  want  the  TEDxConcordiaUPortland   community  to  know  about  you? I  don’t  know  about  anyone  else  on  this  roster,  but  I  am  extremely   uncomfortable  with  being  described  as  “extraordinary.”  I  am  absolutely  a   regular,  normal  person  who  was  able  to  accomplish  one  extraordinary   thing—  and  with  the  help  of  a  lot  of  other  people,  at  that. However,  while  personally  I’d  prefer  that  this  whole  thing  be  focused  on   extraordinary  events,  I’d  also  like  everyone  to  know  how  honored  and   grateful  I  am  to  be  included.  Especially  since  the  other  people  on  this  stage   actually  are  extraordinary.

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? End  organized  religion.  Or  the  patriarchy.  Either  one  works  for  me.

Colleen Wainwright What I Did on My Summer Vacation

“I’m most  often  moved  off  the  dime  by   naysayers—


who told me I

couldn't do  it,  that  I’d  never  amount  to   anything.” Strokes  of  genius  happen  to  normal  people  too.  In  fact,  no  one  becomes   extraordinary  without  having  first  been  rather  ordinary.  This  little  known   fact  may  be  part  of  what  makes   Colleen  Wainwright  so  successfully   accessible.   A  self-proclaimed  “communicatrix,”   Colleen  used  her  social  media  and   attention  attracting  talents  to  raise   over  $50,000  in  just  50  days  for  the   Los  Angeles  based  non-profit  for   high  school  girls,  WriteGirl.  Wit  and   humor  are  the  most  praised   weapons  in  her  arsenal  and  they’ve  been  sharpened  by  ten  years  of  writing   award-winning  TV  copy  for  brands  like  Wheaties©,  Gatorade©  and  Jell-O©.   After  another  ten  years  of  acting  in  ads,  Colleen  decided  to  channel  her   creative  talents  into  helping  other  blossoming  talent  come  to  full-fledged   fruition.  In  the  future,  Colleen  says  she  would  “like  to  get  the  sum  total  of   my  life’s  lessons  down  in  some  portable,  easy-to-consume  form  so  what  I’ve   learned  can  be  passed  on.  I’d  like  to  figure  out  how  to  get  WriteGirl  funded   in  perpetuity,  so  they’re  not  always  scrambling  for  dollars,  and  to  help  them   expand  into  any  place  in  the  world  that  needs  a  WriteGirl  organization   locally.  I’d  like  to  write  a  hi-larious  Broadway  musical  that  raises  public   awareness  about  chronic  health  conditions  and  how  ill-served  by  the   medical-industrial  complex  are  the  people  who  live  with  these  illnesses.  I’d   like  to  erase  fear  in  myself  and  hopefully,  replace  it  with  love.  I’d  like  to   provide  a  real-time  example  of  cycling  off  this  planet  with  grace,  humor,  and   dignity.”  


Extraordinary Book Recommendation:   Remembering  the  Power  of  Words:  

The Life  of  an  Oregon  Activist,   Legislator,  and  Community  Leader   by  Senator  Avel  Gordly  

“I’ve drawn  strength  from  her  words  as  a  silent   yet  vigilant  warrior  for  justice  and  humanity.”

Where do  you  believe  is  the  most  extraordinary  place   in  the  world? Dalen,  Norway  is  one  of  the  most  extraordinary  places  I’ve  ever  lived  in  my   life.  In  1978  I  had  the  pleasure  of  living  there  for  a  year  as  an  American  Field   Service  exchange  student  and  it  changed  my  life  forever.  I  was  blessed  to  live   with   two   families   who   shared   similar   and   not   so   similar   life   experiences.   Although   our   language   and   cultures   initially   conflicted,   we   soon   discovered   common  denominators  that  brought  us  together  in  harmony   –  love  of  food   and   love   of   music.   I   will   forever   have   a   special   place   in   my   heart   for   the   people  and  places  that  I  visited  throughout  my  tour  of  Scandinavia.  

If you  could  channel  the  energy  of  600  extraordinary   people  into  one  project,  what  would  you  have  them   do? Drop   their   guard/mask   and   become   open   and   honest   with   themselves,   dismissing  the  pretense  that  everyone  will  like  you  or  agree  with  what  you   have   to   say.   Be   yourself   rather   than   continue   to   beat   up   yourself.   I   have   several  ‘ice  breakers’  that  I  use  to  set   the  atmosphere  when  I  come  before   an  audience  so  that  I  can  determine  “who’s  in  the  house.”

Rev. Reneé Ward When the Ordinary Just Won’t  Do

“I’m blessed  and  I  am  not  ashamed to the  world  how  good  God  has  been  to  me.”

In 1998,  following  the  death  of  her   husband  from  an  AIDS-related  illness,   Reneé  founded  Chrysalis  Ministries,  a   faith-based  nonprofit  agency.  Since  then   she  has  been  featured  in  a  30-minute   documentary   entitled,   “Who  Will   Speak   for   Me?”   which   profiled   African   Americans   of   the   Pacific   Northwest   whose   lives   had   been   impacted   directly   or   indirectly   by   HIV/AIDS.   She   has also established  two  programs  to   educate,   advocate,   and   empower   those   struggling  with  breast  health  and   cancer.   Lately   she’s   been   working   on   four   separate   books   because   it   is   her   “utmost   desire   to   become   an   accomplished   author,   lecturer,   and   speaker   in   2012.”   She   plans   to   release   the   books,   one   every   quarter.   “These   publications   will   offer   inspiration,   revelation   and   motivation   to   the   readers,   and   I   hope   they   help   stimulate   dialogue   and   courage   among   those   who   have   felt   isolated   because   of   their   brilliance  as  an  independent  thinker.”  


Extraordinary Books In true  TEDx  fashion,  we  want  to  do  all  we  can  to  create  a  community,  so  we   asked  each  of  attendees  and  speakers  to  tell  us  the  most  extraordinary  book   they’ve  read  in  the  past  year.  We’ve  asked  out  bookstore  partner  to  make   some  of  these  extraordinary  book  recommendations  available  for  sale  in  the   lobby  of  the  library  throughout  the  day.  Their  display  will  also  feature  books   and  CDs  from  our  2011  and  2012  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  speakers  and   performers. TEDxConcordiaUPortland2012  Speakers’  Works  Available:    

Extraordinary Book  Recommendations  Available:   Unbroken:  A  World  War  II  Story  of   Survival,  Resilience,  and  Redemption  by                          Laura  Hillenbrand

Rules of  the  Red  Rubber  Ball:  Find  and   Sustain  Your  Life’s  Work  by  Kevin  Carroll

Rules for  Radicals  by  Saul  Alinsky  

1491: New  Revelations  of  the  Americas   Before  Columbus  by  Charles  Mann

The Chronology  of  Water:  A  Memoir  by   Lidia  Yuknavitch

The Wind  in  the  Willows  by  Kenneth   Grahame

The Celestine  Prophecy  by  James  Redfield

Anything You  Want:  40  Lessons  for  a   Remembering  the  Power  of  Words:  The   New  Kind  of  Entrepreneur  by  Derek     Life  of  an  Oregon  Activist  Legislator,  and                                                                   Sivers   Community  Leader  by  Avel  Gordly In  a  Perfect  World  by  Laura  Kasischke  Deep  Economy:  The  Wealth  of   Communities  and  the  Durable  Future  by   Bill  McKibben

Buzz Aldrin,  What  Happened  to  You  in   All  the  Confusion?  By  Johan  Harstad  

East of  Eden  by  John  Steinbeck

And more...

Featured TED Talks Activist Caroline  Casey  tells  the  story  of   her   extraordinary   life,   starting   with   a   revelation.   In   a   talk   that   challenges     perceptions,   Casey   asks   us   all   to   move   beyond   the   limits   we   may   think   we   have.  

Caroline Casey:  Looking  past  limits Most   of   us   will   do   anything     to   avoid   being   wrong.   But   what   if   we’re   wrong   about   that?   “Wrongologist”   Kathryn   Schulz   makes   a   compelling   case   for   not   just   admitting   but   embracing   our   fallibility.  

Kathryn Schulz:  On  being  wrong After   repurposing   CAPTCHA   so   each   human-typed   response   helps   digitize   books,  Luis  von  Ahn  wondered  how  else  to   use   small   contributions   by   many   on   the   Internet  for  greater  good.  At  TEDxCMU,  he   shares   how   his   ambitious   new   project,   Duolingo,   will   help   millions   learn   a   new     language   while   translating   the   Web   quickly  and  accurately  —  all  for  free.

Luis von  Ahn:  Massive-scale  online  collaboration  


Thank You Our TEDxConcordiaUPortland  planning  and  production  team  is  truly  extraordinary.  They  have   worked  for  months  to  make  a  series  of  small  and  large  decisions  to  make  today  possible…from   choosing  March  31st  to  debating  whether  the  theme  should  be  “become”  or  “becoming”                 extraordinary  to  selecting  all  our  speakers  and  which  food  carts  to  invite.  We  are  all  more   extraordinary  as  a  result  of  their  dedication,  integrity  to  the  process,  and  commitment  to  live  the   TEDx  values.  A  very  special  thank  you  to: Our  TEDxConcordiaUPortland  Planning  Team  (open  to  all  who  want  to  dedicatedly  join  us): Michelle  Jones!**  –  license  holder  and  organizer  extraordinaire Amanda  Wheaton**  –  co-production  designer  extraordinaire Sean  Wheaton***  –  storyteller  extraordinaire Brittany  Duncan***  –  speaker  liaison  extraordinaire Mike  Dickman*  –  speaker  liaison  extraordinaire Katarina  Krouse*  –  program  designer,  outreach  coordinator,  idea  generator  extraordinaire Krista  Reynolds**  –  budget  mistress  extraordinaire Jackie  Hendrickson*  –  former  intern  turned  show  director  then  on  stage  host  extraordinaire Ira  LaFontaine*  –  idea  generator  and  social  media  guru  extraordinaire John  Petri!*  –  designer  of  all  random  things  we  need  and  volunteer  wrangler  extraordinaire Paige  Reitz***  –  co-production  designer  and  gets  everything  she  asks  for  guru  extraordinaire Jolie  Griffin***  –  gift  bag  donation  getter  (also  everything  she  asks  for)  extraordinaire Tess  Smith*  –  Eventbrite  mistress  and  registration  guru  extraordinaire Linda  Church**  –  food  carts,  bookstore,  and  artist  wrangler  extraordinaire Mari  Addy*  –  food  cart  handler  extraordinaire Janet  Denman*  –  webmistress  extraordinaire Hunter  Brookshier***  –  storyteller  and  outreach  specialist  extraordinaire Dick  Hill**  –  takes  all  the  small  tasks  and  does  them  with  confidence  and  flair  extraordinaire Andrea  Bailey***  –  marketing  and  partnership  cultivator  extraordinaire James  Gaynor*  –  on  stage  host  role  model  and  idea  generator  extraordinaire Louisa  Mariki*  –  nametag  and  sign  designer  extraordinaire   Steve  Braun**  –  supporter  &  partner  finder  extraordinaire Lucy  Palmersheim***  -  special  assistant  extraordinaire  to  the  guest  curator   Our  Event  Day  Volunteers: Tina  Schantz*** Jonathan  Hart*** Matt  Wise** Samantha  Jones*** Eli  Nicholes* Kaiao  Nahale-a* Turner  Bloom* Tim  Shrout***

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"Becoming Extraordinary" with speakers Cheryl Strayed, Anis Mojgani, Colleen Wainwright, Mark Powers, and more.