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TEDxBergen 2014 is looking for you! Find your dream-team! Sponsorship Team: This team is responsible for finding sponsors to our event. They prepare proposals and packages and meet with potential sponsors to persuade them to fund our events. Applicants to this team are preferred yet are not required to have been working in fundraising for some time and to possess the communication skills this task requires. Speakers Team: Speakers Team Lead is responsible for suggesting and contacting potential speakers with the support of Speaker Liaison officers. This position requires excellent intuition and research skills, ability to remain committed & focused in the face of eventual disappointment. Due to the high profile nature of the speakers we contact, a high level of competency with the English Language is required for this position. IT & Design Team: This team will handle the technical side of the project; we are looking for accomplished individuals who can demonstrate their skills to thousands of people. Namely: 1) Web developer that will not only maintain and expand the TEDxBergen website but also someone who enjoys working alongside the Communications Lead toward creating the platform from which the event story may be shared.

2) Creative Designer is in charge of constructing and directing a corporate identity through a logo, posters, programs, speaker information, etc. This job is for a person with a creative acumen willing








compositions. Marketing and Communications Team: TEDxBergen rightfully considers these persons the ‘storytellers’! The Communications Lead handles PR through the website and social media. In addition, M&C Team is responsible for the expansion of the brand name TEDxBergen. Apply for this position if you relate to the TEDstyle of communication and have a clear idea of how to tell the story of TEDxBergen to the global community. Excited to help out on more specific aspects? “My expertise is not mentioned but relevant to TEDxBergen” If you have specific skills that you think are crucial for TEDxBergen but that are not mentioned here, please apply and describe your contribution to the event. We’ll instantly create a team member position for you as we need out-of-the-box-thinkers and do-ers. Or: “I’m good at many things”! We can't have enough of these people: if you love TED, TEDxBergen and are excited to invest time and effort into making this event spectacular, then don’t hesitate to apply for a team member position.

We are not only looking for people with specific skills but also for flexible, organizational types: the ‘glue’ of the team. Upon applying, mention what you can contribute to the team and what experience you have previously acquired. How can I apply? Send your CV (or a link to your LinkedIn) spiced up with a few lines of motivation to Apply by Friday, Feb. 14th, 23.59!

TedxBergen 2014 recruitment brochure  

Become a part of TEDxBergen history! Join us in 2014 and apply today!

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