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What’s on the rail... True to Dalton

Mitali Banerjee

Interview : Justin Whitman

Half-Moon Outfitters

Jennifer Jeng

Sweet Tricks in the Works

Daltoninan Skater

Elizabeth Simak

Fashion-Forward Boutique

New Boutique in Town!

Hannah Walsh

Rutless in Downtown

Music Review

Kate Bordine

Where is a Good Place to Go

Restaurant Review

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Retrospect It is the day and age in

Dalton’s history when every resident takes pride in his/her evolution as being successful,

happy beings in this small town a.k.a heaven. What works for our sprits, is the sheer happiness and pride in our change from a confined carpet industry to a creative, open minded and a professionally sound city of hope. This issue of

RAIL marks a significant turn in the societal model of our city. Creativity had been budding in small pods within technical education and the needs of a Daltonian consumer. However, our city is now home to the

Half-Moon Outfitter’s headquarters which is predicted to have significant impact on the cultural, creative, educational and leisure aspects of the town. Also interesting to this month’s issue are the dots c o n n e c t i n g a r t a n d m u s i c movements within the walls of our small town, empowering Daltonians under the umbrella of being culturally enlightened and connected intrinsically within the It is time to sit back and enjoy the life of being a Daltonian.


community .

Editorial Team


NEW Dalton Office Half-Moon Outfitters is expanding their business and opening a corporate office in Dalton, GA. Hundreds of professional positions will need to be filled! A full list of job opportunities and more information about the job fair is available online. Visit the website and sign up today!

Accounting Buying Marketing Public Relations Graphic Design Product Design Web Design Art Direction Project Management Fashion Management

h t t p : / / w w w. h a l f m o o n o u t f i t t e r s . c o m / d a l t o n j o b f a i r

and more...



CEO TALKS Justin Whitman

By Mitali Banerjee

Half-Moon Outfitters, the pride of the southeast is known for its quality goods and services for adventure and travel since 1993.


hey are a leading dealer for kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, surfing and travel gear mostly known to the consumers for their esteemed product knowledge and high class service. Based in North Carolina, ever since the idea of outdoor adventure clothing and gear was born, the company in 2010 decided to restructure its organization and move its headquarters to Dalton in Georgia, USA. The CEO Justin Whitman had a very positive vision for their new move to this small town and here is an exclusive insight into this development.

Q - Great! I am sure, Dalton will inspire the company’s development. Can you tell us more about the company’s expansion project within the town?


- Dalton has an ever expansive natural typography that allows Americans to indulge in various sports such as mountain hiking, biking, kayaking etc. Outdoor adventures not only initiate community and family involvement but also add a sense of belonging to the memories spent during those activities. We wanted our employees to get inspired from Dalton’s natural zest for outdoor adventures. This is why, we have a campus and not a confined headquarter where employees will interact with local communities, outdoor adventure spirits and infuse that excitement in the working of the company. The work would involve a high level of participation within such environments so that we understand consumer point of view. We also plan to develop the areas in and around campus, to facilitate the benefits of the employees.

Q - The plan sounds very promising. How do you envision the reaction of the locals to your expansive move?

A - Our company intends to bring in about 2000 employees form our NC headquarter. However our Q Half-Moon outfitters is planning to expansive move will require almost double the amount relocate their headquarters to Dalton. Can you -

tell us more about this recent development?

A Our company has foreseen an opportunity to grow and expand throughout the country based -


on our positive financial growth. We needed a bigger place where creativity could thrive, and our employees could understand the essence of serving the market for outdoor adventures. Dalton is small, well connected and its essence lies in the cultural diversity intermingled with the natural beauty of the surroundings. It felt like the most suitable environment to begin the next chapter in our company growth.

of our existing force, which the board intends to hire from within the city. We want the culture and spirit to be infused within the smallest of our organization’s functioning. Additionally we shall have the supply chain and warehousing functions which will require a large amount of personnel job work. Our company plans to train the local population on our expense to assist us in carrying out those operations. Small size retail outlets, as well facilities will be other indirect benefits for the local population. We hope to intermix our expansion within Dalton’s operations and hope that the locals will be co-operative with this move.

target express


serving you in Dalton, Georgia 200 W. Cuyler Street Dalton, Gerogia 00000 Tel_706. TARG.ETE


Stock Bike

where bike is our the most important thing. 101 E.5th st. Dalton, Ga Toll 705 556 7834

Sweet Tricks in the Works

Members from Dalton Parks and Recreation Department, professional skateboarders, and local skaters attended a launch party and ribbon cutting ceremony at Albert Rollin’s Park’s new skate park.

Photograph By : Benjamin Hecht

new skate park “Maloof Skateboarding aims to raise visibility of skateboarding across the U.S” By : Jennifer Jeng


he park was supported by the Whitfield County parks commission and the “Adopt-a-Park” program in response to the growing population of talented skaters and young thrill seekers. The Maloof Brothers, sponsors of the epic skateboarding competition the Maloof Money Cup-“the world’s greatest skateboarding event”-donated the majority of the funds necessary to open the park. The “Adopt-a-Park” program, “where small businesses, community groups, and individuals provide funds to refurbish city parks”, has seen success in other parts of the country and Dalton skaters were more than happy to welcome the Maloof Brothers’ generous contribution. “Maloof Skateboarding aims to raise the visibility of skateboarding across the U.S. and globally through professional, amateur contests and partnerships, to support local skate shops and to give back to the communities that it touches.”

Whitfield County Parks and Recreation director George Page added, “This is a very special project for us in Whitfield County and especially for the city of Dalton. The park was a long time in the works and it’s fantastic to see the turnout we got today”.

What do the local Dalton skaters think?

Pro skateboarders from all over the world arrived in droves to skate with local youth and teach them some sweet tricks. “It’s killer to see the kids’ faces, how happy they are to have a place to practice their tricks” said Volcom sponsored skater Darrell Stanton.

“The community really needed this. Normally activities such as skateboarding get overlooked in Dalton and even looked down on, but now we have a sweet skate park that skaters from all over will come to check out” added fellow local skater Stacy Rollins.

“I know I really appreciated my local skate park when I was a kid, honing my skills and knowing the local community supported my efforts and didn’t just think I was just a grungy troublemaker” said Rusty sponsored skater Bastien Salabanz, hailing all the way from Toulon, France.

“We finally have a place to hang out and work on our skills. It’s everything we asked for and more”, gushed ten-year-old Tony Travez.

The event was a hit for nonskaters as well, with many commenting that they never knew how skilled the local youth were. All in all, the event was a winner for everyone involved. The opening marks the start of a new hangout and practice ground for skaters. The day ended with an epic boardslide by pro skateboarder Lizard King, who declared that “all kids who love skateboarding should have a place like this”.


Photograph By : Perez Bruno

New Boutique Coming to Middletown! I

ces is a fashion-forward boutique for trend- conscious women searching for the perfect accessories, offering customers high quality fashion jewelry, shoes and handbags. Ices was founded in 2008 by two graduates of the Florida State University. It opened its first boutique in Tallahassee, Florida and quickly expanded to include an online presence and a second store in West Palm Beach, Florida. This spring, Ices is opening its third location in Middletown. In an interview with Rail, co-founder and owner of Ices, Isabel Parello talks about what brought this Florida girl to Dalton and what Ices means for Middletown. “Our initial idea behind opening up the first Ices boutique was to bring high quality fashion in a fun setting to Tallahassee.” Isabel and her partner immediately recognized the need for a better shopping experience; “None of the stores offered a place to get really great wardrobe pieces or a really great environment to shop,” she said. “Most of the ‘fashion forward boutiques’ stocked low quality, super trendy merchandise with so-so customer service, kind of like Forever 21 used to be. Not that there is anything wrong with that, we just recognized the opportunity for something different to come around. We see that same opportunity with Dalton. In the last few years, the young population here has really taken the city in a totally different direction.”

Elizabeth Simak

The new direction, Isabel talks about, is, of course, the influx of young energy into Dalton, specifically Middletown, “With so many great restaurants, more nightlife and the budding music scene, it seemed like a great place to open a third location-- to really be on the ground level of building up this neighborhood. “When we opened in Tallahassee, a lot of thought went into our customers. Most of the girls who needed a dress for a sorority function or shoes for graduation shopped online or drove to Jacksonville, Destin, any large city within a few hour radius. With Middletown offering the nightlife and culture most people used to drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga to find, I felt that Ices would give Dalton the same luxury we gave Tallahassee, a local destination with great fashion.” Ices has also begun working with Dalton college students to plan its grand opening event. “Coming from a place where the local community really helped us get off the ground, we constantly want to encourage other young people to follow their dreams.” Ices plans to open its doors to Daltonians in early spring, “Maybe we’ll even have people from Chattanooga come to Dalton to shop too!”


Make your Reservation

Hilton Hotel

Dalton, Ga

Public Space

Reservations 706.208.COOK

Social Life


r te


kie Mon s Bakery

3 1 0 W. F r a n k l i n S t 路 D a l t o n , G A 路 7 0 6 - 5 2 5 - 4 2 1 3

f o s e r u s

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Alternative rock, Christian rock, hard rock, post-grunge Hannah Walsh


ometimes the most ambitious artistic breakthroughs are birthed out of the most unexpected circumstances, or more accurately in the case of Rutless a painfully dull childhood atmosphere. Lead singer Jeff, stated, “You know it wasn’t the most fun area to grow up, but I’m thankful that I’m from Dalton. I had a lot of time to work on my vocals and develop my own style. We had to fill our time as I didn’t really do the best in school. I think the other guys feel the same way” . Many teenagers and young adults are finding inspiration from Rutless. High school student, Michael Ferd, who aspires to start his own band this summer, looks to Rutless for hope. “This band is awesome. Hard rock with wonderful lyrics. No screaming uninteligable lyrics, no rap (except for “Ride Away”, which is done by a guest rapper). Just flat out rock. The message is great. It’s awesome that we have a band from Dalton to relate to. We all grew up here and it’s cool to have artists that are making a difference”.

Rutless will start touring around United States this June and will have their opening concert right here in Dalton at the beautifully designed, recreational facility at the First Presbyterian Church of Dalton. The eventis free and will be held on June 1, 2021 at 7pm



Re co r


Local resident, Rob Phoenix, 25, has been recording music in his home in Dalton for the past three years. He uses his Apple Mac G5 computer with a 23-inch screen flanked by a microphone, synthesizer, mixer board, monitor speakers and other gear to produce his music CDs. Rob is excited to move out of his cramped living room and into an old storefront downtown that he recently has purchased. “I’ve been wanting to take my music to the next level for quite a while. I have been happy playing and recording by myself, but I have realized that there is only so far that I can take it alone.” Rob is opening the recording studio to increase collaboration efforts with his music.

! lton


e o h n P ix b


e n in g i n D o p o o i wn d u t t S ow g n n i d

“ Dalton students and residents

are encouraged to stop by and check out his new equipment. Anyone interested in using his equipment can pay a small fee to make his / her own CD.“


Street Fair June 18th 9am-3pm MiddleTown Where Art Can be Scene

Monthly Events

....By Tara Henderson


Open Mic Night Thursday, April 1st 7-10pm; Free for all ages The Bean Coffee Shop and Gallery Are you a songwriter? Do you play your own homemade instrument? Are you a looking to share your poetry with an audience? The Bean’s Open Mic Night always brings out the best in talent the first Thursday of every month. Pros can try out new material while aspiring performers will have a chance to try out the stage in a friendly, warm, and supportive environment. The show starts at 7pm. Performers should arrive at 6pm to sign up for their desired 10-minute set. The show is free!


Exhibition | Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial April 5th until May 7th Dawd Gallery

Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial highlights the artist’s significant contribution to the field of American art and shows how Dial’s work speaks to the most pressing issues of our time—including thewar in Iraq, 9/11, and social issues like racism and homelessness. The exhibition presents 70 of Dial’s large-scale paintings, drawings and found-object sculptures, including 25 works on view for the first time. Spanning twenty years of his work as an artist, it is the most extensive showing of his art ever mounted.


Performance Art | And the Whole Yard Said Amen Friday, April 9th Starts at 7pm Dawd Gallery Amphitheater Join Chicago-based installation artist Theaster Gates and his ensemble, The Black Monks of Mississippi, for a performative response to the visual art of Thornton Dial. Inspired by the rich symbolic world of the black South, Dial’s art explores the hard truths of history and political and social issues. In this performance, Gates and The Black Monks improvise to create “black sound,” borne of the power of gospel. The performance combines this black spiritual music with the blues and Eastern chanting traditions to create a unique collage effect with music that corresponds—and responds—to the visual impact of Dial’s art.


Battle of the Bands Friday, April 16th 8-10:30 pm $5 for Adults, $2 for Children under 12 La Fonda

Come celebrate, support, and recognize the talent of Dalton’s local bands in our 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands Contest. Winners will receive a $1000 cash prize and a feature article in Rail magazine. The event will be held at Dalton Civic Center is Friday, April 16th and begins at 8pm. La Fonda restaurant will be catering the event, offering drinks and small bites. All proceeds from the event will go towards future Battle of the Bands events. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $5 for adults and $2 for children under 12.

** *

eman n Golf and Country Club

Saturday March 5 9am-6pm Membership and amenities open to all members of the Dalton community

19th Hole Taven Open to the public and available for parties and events

Stop by anytime!


Map of Dalton



estaurants eview...

By Kate Bordine

These reviews are a result of wandering through Middle Town Dalton and stumbling upon on these delicious jems.

They are an eclectic mix of authenticity and originality.. Something that seems to be the norm in Dalton. I am continually impressed with the offerings that Middletown has to offer and can get lost in the bustle of it all.

With the tasty treats you will walk away with a

permanent sweet tooth you just can’t shake and definitely will not be oscar the grouch about it.



La Fonda

Authentic Mexican Food with the zesty


flavors that will make you feel back home.

Barley House


Craft your own Beer

The option to personalize your own

beer choosing the hops that will only

accentuate your style. You can’t go wrong with

a beer and a flavor of your fancy.


132 6-535 7 0 7 l l o T 20 GA 307 , n o t l a D p Road a G g u wer D 1234 Lo

Pockets of wealth

Creatives dwell here

Unweaving history Editor : Mitali Banerjee Ads Designers : Kate Bordine, Kitipat(Ted) Cheecharoen, Krista Siniscarco, Tara Henderson and Yahara Rosario Graphic Designer : Kitipat (Ted) Cheecharoen Co-graphic Designer : Kate Bordine, Krista Siniscarco and Yahayra Rosario Article Authors : Elizabeth Simak, Jennifer Jeng, Hannah Walsh, Kate Bordine and Mitali Banerjee Coordinator : Yang Ji (Alex)

Flourishing future

Vision of Dalton  

Dalton, the carpet capital of the world has been famous for its high quality, versatile forms of carpets that are sold to wholesalers and di...

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