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Founder's Message Since 1991, Landmark Consulting Group has handpicked and worked with education projects and organizations that have the potential for major academic and social impact. Our goal has been simple: to enable the creation of powerful learning environments that will provide millions of students endless opportunities to succeed.


Several years ago, there were two defining moments that influenced my work. The first was when I participated in the oversight of a multi-billion dollar education technology grant program. There were a lot of good intentions at high levels, but good intentions were not enough to make sure the change happened in the classrooms of those systems. The result? Little to no positive change in the student experience or outcomes for schools. As a result of this experience, Landmark only engages in projects that we believe will result in significantly changing the quality of students’ learning experiences. We are committed to students being fully prepared to succeed in life, career and citizenship in the 21st century. The second defining moment was when I helped launch the New Technology High School model in Sacramento. This was the first urban implementation of the school model--with the majority of students coming from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds. In just a few months, I witnessed the transformation of students from disengagement to complete engagement and ownership of their own learning. We learned to have faith in the students. They have the innate power, ability, and enthusiasm to learn. Our job as adults is to inspire, challenge, support and remove barriers so powerful learning can happen. This experience influenced Landmark’s perspective about what works for students. When we get involved with projects, we implement innovative approaches to take advantage of opportunities and solve tough problems. Our expertise helps your board and leadership team focus on the important issues (no matter how tough) to replicate, scale, be financially sustainable, and generate the level of social impact you envision. For each project, we pull together an experienced team that focuses deeply on issues of priority. Our team members are amazing people who are passionate about the impact education has on student success in school and in life. They are leaders and experts in their field who have the ability to align your organization’s vision, policies, practices and procedures to ensure that student learning is changed significantly for the better. We look forward to working with you.


E. Ted Fujimoto President/Founder

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Unique Capabilities and Focus

Key areas of focus

Our team has worked with, designed, and/or supported more high performing school models than anyone in the country. We know the systems, processes, and conditions needed to replicate models with quality and fidelity and how to bring these to scale. We have a track record and expertise in helping organizations assess and manage risk, develop accurate financial models, and become fiscally sustainable.

Model Codification

Identifying the critical non-negotiable design elements that drive performance within a model including leadership practices and embedded culture.

Replication System Design

Designing a replication system that properly supports implementation of the model design with high fidelity and sustainability.

Community Conditions

We understand the conditions (operational, financial, political, community engagement, autonomy, management, etc.) needed to support and sustain high performance school models.

Industry Supports

We have launched or created the strategies for successful school support service providers including charter management organizations, education service providers, consortiums, education intermediaries, replication organizations, curriculum companies, finance and insurance companies.

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E. Ted Fujimoto, Founder/President

Who we are

Ted Fujimoto is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant in organizational performance, development, scaling, and business planning. He has helped develop business strategies for many education organizations including Bay Area Coalition for Essential Schools, Big Picture Learning, New Technology Foundation, Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, Partnerships for Uplifting Communities, Linking Education & Economic Development, California Charter Schools Association, and the New York Charter Schools Association - representing more than $150 million in funding. As a freshman in college, Ted founded and operated for eleven years a management and technology consulting company serving a range of customers including AirTouch Communications, Bank One, Chandon Estates, California Chamber of Commerce, GM, IBM, New York Times, and Remy Martin. He was an equity partner in the consulting firm that developed the retail concept for Saturn car company and re-engineered the retail networks of 11 automotive and hospitality brands. As a community business leader, Ted helped to design and found the highly regarded Napa New Technology High School and the New Technology Foundation that currently has 62+ schools across the country. He also managed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Carnegie Foundation grants for education reform initiatives in the Sacramento region. He served on the California Education Technology Advisory Committee and received the 2002 Center for Digital Government "In the Arena" award for education leadership in transforming vision to reality. In Converge Magazines "1999 Year in Review", Ted was named one of "Educations Dreamers, Leaders and Innovators."

He currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee at the California Credit Union, a $1.4 billion credit union serving the education community. Page 5

Kyle A. Miller, Senior Consultant

Who we are

Kyle Miller is an analytical, collaborative and influential professional experienced in building strategic initiatives, programs and partnerships. Kyle earned a Master of Arts in Not-for-Profit Leadership from Seattle University and a B.S. in Business from Skidmore College. She has a passion for social justice and responsibility, and equity of access and outcomes for the disenfranchised. Kyle has demonstrated strengths in systems thinking, strategic problem-solving, leadership coaching and fostering consensus understanding. Serving as Senior Program Officer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for six years, Kyle was instrumental in the development of education investments designed to reduce the national high school dropout rate and to increase college readiness and completion of low-income students. Through her landmark work, Kyle invested over $200M to help leaders accomplish systemic social and academic equity outcomes for atrisk students. She designed processes that energized education leaders and communities to have higher expectations for their students, to operationalize a new vision, and to initiate collaborative, productive practices and procedures focused on measurable impact. Kyle established her ability to build strategic community partnerships in her work as Senior Program Manager with the Alliance for Education. She intentionally combined the expertise of industry, not-for-profits and education to link community resources and support to priority initiatives of Seattle Public Schools. During her five years of employment in Nordstrom Corporate Operations, Kyle proved that organizational titles and positions, while relevant, were not as important as relationships built on common values. She successfully persuaded highly autonomous regional managers to implement efficiency programs which were managed corporately and which improved the company’s overall financial health and environmental stewardship. Page 6

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Organizations we have supported

Organizations we have supported

Organizations we have supported

Contact us

Contact Us

Ted Fujimoto 916-769-2417 Kyle Miller 909-529-2066

PO Box 11616, Burbank, CA 91510

Visit our website at

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