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Newsletter June 2013

“Summertime fun!”

Update from “Ted”

Summer is here and so are Teddy Mountain's latest creations to add to your assortment and HEAT UP your SALES! This Summer we have decided to create some new themed outfits that are super cute and will be super sellers! Our latest creations take you and your customers down the path of happiness. They are light, fun, very detailed and look absolutely gorgeous on dressed bears! Be sure to order early and add to your store front display bears! We hope you will enjoy our ”Summertime fun” collection!

New in June!


“Strawberry” Swimsuit w/Towel (16”)

Perfect for “days at the beach”! Super cute swimsuit with towel and strawberry embroidery.

New in June!


“You are my Sunshine” outfit w/Hairbow (16”)

Don't worry, be happy with our latest fun-filled creation! Exclusive from Teddy Mountain – this cheerful, bright and shiny outfit will put a smile on your face everyday!

New in June!


“Bearfield Champs” Football outfit (16”)

Time for the boys to come out and “hit the field” in our sporty red plaid and blue denim outfit! Great for those who love football and rugby or just want to look cool in our latest fashion bearwear!

New in June!


“Flamingo” Dress (16”)

Stunning and unique fashion beachwear! This one-of-akind dress is light, puffy with pink flamingo and palm accents. Get ready for the beach ball!

New in June!


“Bernie” the Bengal Tiger (16”) NEW STYLE!

Bernie is our latest update of our tiger series, brother to Bennie, and carries a more traditional tiger look and feel! Bernie will appeal to those with a more wild and adventurous spirit!

New in June!


Red Heart Inserts (Red only) (100 qty/pack)

Love is in the air! You can now order red only Heart Inserts for that special moment you promise to love and cherish your new friend!

New in June!


Scottish “Highland” Dress (16”)

Dress up and celebrate your pride in our fancy tartan kilt and lace dress ensemble! Complete with buckles, plaid, kilt and sequins - this dressy outfit is absolutely a winner!

New in June!


“Scotland” Soccer Outfit (16”)

Get your game on with this stunning soccer outfit, complete with Scotland flag design colors and soccer ball!

New in June!


Red “Irish” dress (16”)

Beautifully detailed, our Red “Irish” dress is the perfect outfit for those special occasions.

Teddy Mountain Times June 2013 UK  
Teddy Mountain Times June 2013 UK