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EUR 35,000.00

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< EUR 2,200.00

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EUR 16,000.00


EUR 8,000.00

EUR 28,000.00

> EUR 45,000.00

Store Kiosk / Cart Starter Kits Shop in Shop

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Home Party Kit

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Home Party Kit

up to EUR 2,200.00 up to 10 m2

Perfect for: * Birthday Parties * Child Care Centers * Summer Camps * Scout Events * Schools * Corporate Events and Parties * Country Clubs

Teddy Mountain® has all the “ingredients” for you to enter the Home “Party” Market for your business venture! Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, and Special Events can provide you with a lucrative return for a few dedicated hours of time for large planned activities! All you really need to start are our wonderful Teddy Mountain® products and your customers can enjoy the art of making a bear by hand stuffing! Try it, you will find out quickly how much fun everyone can really have with a low overhead, dedicated group of happy bear-making party goers! Sales features include:

What’s Needed?

Low risk, low investment – choose your items, try it, sell through, instant return

* Hand Stuffing fiber (stuffer optional) * Teddy Mountain® Products * Dedicated Trained Host * Mascot outfit (optional)

No machine required (your choice) Dedicated Large groups with pre-bookings (large return per hour) Plan your very own bear-making business today!

Starter Kits

From EUR 2,700.00 From 7 m2 to EUR 7,500.00 to 15 m2

Perfect for: * New Business Start-ups! * Portable/Mobile Party Market * Fundraisers (e.g. School) * Home Party/Birthday Party

What’s Needed? * Stuffing Machine (Portable or Train) * Products

Teddy Mountain® offers several “Starter Kit” options for your business needs. We have created different stuffer and product options tiered towards meeting various market and sales needs. If you do not see the exact package you are looking for we will listen to your needs and create a custom package just for you! “Starter Kits” are a fantastic way to launch yourself into the DIY Plush business at a bundled discount price! Features include: Discounted “Bundled” Pricing (reduces stuffer cost, increases ROI) Low cost, Low risk packages Flexible business options available

At a $4 to $1 return you may pay for your machine cost after your first sell through!

Shop in Shop

From EUR 1,500.00 From 5 m2 to EUR 15,000.00 to 30 m2

Perfect for: * Toy Stores * Retail Co-Branding Store Sections * Family Entertainment Centers (FEC's) * Zoo’s, Aquariums, Themeparks

What’s Needed? * Stuffing Machine (Portable or Train) * Shop-in-Shop display fixtures

Our Teddy Mountain® Shop-in-Shop systems are designed to allow you to put in a Teddy Mountain® “Section” inside an existing Retail business or store. Shop-in-Shop is intended to provide a low cost, high return investment option for venues that are carrying on other/additional business activities. Our modular fixtures are perfect for window, corner, linear, or even aisle way merchandising to compliment existing in-store sales offerings resulting in additional traffic and profits! System features include: Low cost, quick return offering Modular and Scalable to meet any Store needs

Adding Teddy Mountain® to your assortment will increase your impulse and destination shoppers!

Kiosk / Cart

From EUR 5,800.00 From 10 m2 to EUR 15,000.00 to 20 m2

Perfect for: * Shopping Center Aisles * Play Areas * Soft Play Areas * Family Entertainment Centers (FEC's) * Co-branding (Toy Store Sections)

Our Teddy Mountain® Kiosk systems are the perfect business solution for aisleways in enclosed shopping centers and other small area locations that require a two sided display with security tarp. Marketing and sales features include: Train Stuffer: Attractive remote controlled LED Lights throughout the train for customer attraction

What’s Needed?

Bear Display Cart: Includes two sides for customer product display, see thru paneling to not impede sightlines, product LED lighting, along with a retractable security tarp for lockup

* Train Stuffer * Kiosk Cart * POS counter * Software (optional)

POS Cart: To provide a user friendly area for your manual cash register (or computer based), writing surface for Adoption Certificates, and Sound Module display area. You can add as many “Bear Display Carts” as you like to grow your display!


From EUR 16,000.00 From 30 m2

Perfect for: * Shopping Centers * Factory/Leisure Outlets * Terminals * Family Entertainment Centers (FEC's)

Our Teddy Mountain® Store systems are designed to be modular and scalable to meet the needs from a small shop setup to a very large Retail Store venue! We work with you to design your store in 3D based on your business and budgetary needs. You will see your store in 3D and have a full budget workup prior to making any decisions towards proceeding. Teddy Mountain® Store features include: Completely themed and process flowing “Experience” retail environment

What’s Needed? * TM Retail Display Fixtures * TM Software * TM License * TM Expertise

Highly interactive fixtures including our “Picture” adoption certificate maker, “Mulching” fiber Mountain, and “Bear Reflection” air bath! Integrated in-store POS and Kiosk “Bear” software systems including frequent shopper programs Malls request established National chains. Teddy Mountain® has worked with Westfield, CBL, Simon, General Growth, Cadillac, and many more!

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