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Project earth Book Five

Fires from the GODS By Teddy Lee

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Dedications to this book belong to my LORD YHWH, wife Patsy Ann, and my physics/electronics ---Instructor Lamar Ritchie!

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***Within the cosmic realms of space-time-matter is locked up deep the very codes to literally crack all ongoing mysteries surrounding the universe and our very existence. These codes incrementally dwell within the minds of the prophets of Yahweh (YHWH)!

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Title 1: Predated Earth Title2: Carbon Connection Title 3: Merely an Experiment Title 4: Changes for Life Title 5: Repetition Title 6: Beyond Pluto Title 7: Territorial Title 8: Neutral Title 9 Mini Universe Title 10: King and Priest Title 11: A Consuming Fire Title 12: Water Title 13: A Bit of Ice Title 14: Born By Fire Title 15: Homes for the GODS Title16: Fire for the GODS Section A-Fire gods Section B: YHWHâ€&#x;S Fire Section C: God of gods Section D: The Davidic Factor Section E: The Ezekiel Factor Section F: the Joel/Malachi Factor Section G: the Messiah/Apostle Factor Section H: the Daniel/Revelation Factor Title 17: Lawgivers (DFOB) Title 18: To Merge the GODS Title 19: First to Emerge

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Predated Earth Since the dawn of the predated earth, our planet has gone through many changes. However, let us be careful when we speak of changes, for it is not of sound mind to assume that we can pinpoint every era preceding or superseding a change in earthâ€&#x;s configuration or history. We, thus far, have seen that, every recorded change that we can examine by record, has been that of natural changes brought on by, usually, celestial events (changes in a star sector), that thus implicated and affected a change in the historical and geographical status of earth! What the author is getting to is this, it is not sound logic to try theorizing past the barrier of the last 10,000 years-which by the way is the date set for the appearance of ancient Sumer. Furthermore and foremost the author does not desire to see the bottom fall out from under the foundational status of the first four books, but on the other hand, I deemed it a formidable chore to consider the available data, so that one may better understand when the next change may occur, and what to expect. For the purpose of this topic, we must first return back to books one and two, and once again grasp the principle of the celestial war, that brought not just earthâ€&#x;s history, but the entire history of the universe to its current conditional status quo-then we may determine that after the mustering and launching, from earth, of the rebel forces, that the whole of changes brought about by Water-Fire-and Ice, took place as a result of this cosmic dispute. Thus the earth was left to the violent changes of volcanic eruptions, impacts, and even shifting of poles, to possibly include many deluges! This is evident by the 2nd verse of the first book of Moses, when it reads that the spirit of YHWH moved upon the face of the waters! Then with sound reasoning we can conclude

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that this is a result of the last notable glacial period, and that the shift by divine instruction was preparing the earth for a Brand New Project, and a Brand New Race, to manage the beauty once wreaked through war and rebellion. Between the first star war and 10,000 BC-there existed a wreaked planet. This condition prevailed until the Eternal Spirit initiated, at the end of the last cosmic era-Project Earth-to settle the issues that brought about the first rebellion, leading to ruin, and thus a need for renovation! Carbon Connection If then the predated earth lie in devastation from the first star war, then does this mean that there was no life-forms present on planet earth between the period of initial desolation and 10,000 BC? Certainly not! Let us not forget that the rebel host is still in charge of this star sector (which would explain our UFO phenomenon) and that the earth was already seeded with the precursors for life before the celestial conflict! From the primitive oceans sprang forth a variety of life that eventually became more and more suited for dry ground! In each and every glacial and interglacial period emerged a vast horde of creatures so that through devastation after another, and from one era to another would appear life that seemed suitable to the hostile environment. Humanlike beings emerged through the life-giving compounds of nitrogen, iron, and carbon, but please take note that these creatures could have been partly influenced and or developed by the enemies of cosmic peace. Thus meaning that the 3rd part of the SROCI who launched an attack against the initial CLEP (Cosmic Love Expansion Project), were free to experiment with what was left of the original project earth! However, possessing a now corrupted scientific knowhow it was impossible for them to restore any portion of this star sector back to beauty or harmony. After they conspired against the universal Love principle there was simply no good thing left in them, and their attempts to restore their original home, ended each

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time in failure! Simply put their powers were now limited, and so they waited for the next divine transition in order to continue the spread of their revolt on the EP (Earth Project) made new, which is the project situation we now find ourselves in the middle of-the final chapter in earthâ€&#x;s long history of transitional changes!

Merely an Experiment If we, at this point in our journey, stop, and carefully ponder the entirety of data presented in books one-four, can we sanely and soundly consider the concept of- is the earth project a cosmic experiment? My friends, this is not very far from the correct mark of theoretical accuracy! However, one must be very careful not to rush into thinking of the EP as just a mere experiment! For if it is a mere experiment then itâ€&#x;s true purpose for existing could get lost within the shroud of theoretical mumbo-jumbo! If it is merely an experiment gone wrong then why does the data point to the collapse of the former, due to the neglect of divine principles? Thus the data examined in this book series points to the fact that (and this is true for all past cultures), when there is a neglect in brotherhood, unity, and love, then the earth itself reacts to this spiritual malignancy, and sometimes with catastrophic implications on a global scale! It is an impossibility to escape the karmic spiritual cyclic love factor of-what goes round-comes back around! Every time that I have from the goodness of my being, gone out of my way to help another human being-there would follow a peace deep within my mind, but every time I stole, cheated, or lied to others, I felt like the most miserable person in the world! So, pray tell mewhatâ€&#x;s up with that? The answer is plain: the manner in which the Eternal Spirit set up the earth project is that of conscious humans, and all other creatures being fined tuned with their planet so

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that when divine principles are ignored-corruption and mismanagement dominate! Thus the earth is encoded with a survival mechanism, and mother-natureâ€&#x;s fury is unleashed! This type of scenario is what caused the predated earth to lie in ruin for many eons, before the Eternal Spirit renovated the ruined project. So then, while it may be looked upon as an experiment, the project still maintains a state of readiness to return back to the predated environment-maintaining the identity of true purpose in the plan toward universal completeness! Changes for Life 10,000 years ago the Master of space-time-matter, the conscious mind behind the original Cosmic Love Expansion Project, stole the spotlight away from the rebel forces, and initiated a change in planet earthâ€&#x;s environment, for the sole purpose of genetically engineering life from the ground elements of a newly renovated planet! Thus this is why we find within the record of cave drawings and cylinder seals, the emergence of ancient Sumer, the proto-civilization paving the way for latter intelligent cultures! The change involved a thawing out of the waters, and this frozen state was due to pole reversal, volcanic activity, and possible celestial impacts, which blanketed the planet from our nearest sun, resulting in lowered global temps, and what we know to be called an Ice Age! After project thaw out was launched sunlight penetrated the chaotic scenery, allowing for an oxygen atmosphere to form, poles to be restructured into our current North and South, and most likely topography in the form of 3 huge supercontinents! This environmental structure continued until after the mysterious disappearance of Sumer, or Eden, when once again the natural forces of earth responded to the rebellious system of those days with a global deluge, and then topography in the form of 7 continents, and the establishment of a divine launch pad and worship system! This worship system is a result of the calling out of Abram from pagan territory, and the worship system and base station of Nimrod, with all his

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luxurious cities dedicated to the sun-gods, with all their rituals known as the age-long-sun-cult! Their main structure contemplating their rebellion against divine principles is the well known Tower of Babel. After the linguistic dispersion of that center of revolt, we have another notable change known as the exodus of Abramâ€&#x;s descendants out of Egypt by the hand of the prince/priest Moses. It is interesting to note that Egypt at that time was the pagan sun-cult center of the world, and at that time in history there was another global upheaval by earthâ€&#x;s natural forces along with a possible star sector disturbance. Please note that with every change for life there was a deliverance of those who followed the divine principles, or Sacred Oracles. During that first Passover, a 7 day feast, Israel was tested on the Sabbath concept before ever arriving to YHWHâ€&#x;S launch pad under Mount Sinai! The next major global and celestial event came right in the midst of Pagan rebellion under the world rule of Rome, upon the fullness of times or the birth of Yeshua, the Christ. Again pay close attention that this is the same system, in the form of the Holy Roman Empire that will spiritually dominate until the next and last Change for Life, at the end of all the ages for both earth and cosmos! Repetition Shifting tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, frequent global earthquakes, and skyrocketing storms of enormous magnitude are stigmatic marks plaguing planet earth since the dawn of any planetary record! Many classes of theological thought claim that this is due to whatever happened to Sumer, or Eden, and that earth never experienced such anomalies before the spiritual Eden calamity! Furthermore they claim that all such disruptions are isolated, and confined to planet earth! However, as we have demonstrated within the confines of this book series that such thinking is a most disastrous road that leads one to philosophical suicide! If by any means this is the case, then why are there craters in the moon, mars, and signs of many other

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cosmic disturbances in every other celestial body within our immediate SOLAR BACKYARD? In addition, why is there an asteroid debris belt between the orbits of mars and Jupiter, along with the fact that the earth has the same history of celestial impacts? Then note that we must consider the fact that, such disruptions of cyclic change occur throughout the entirety of the known visible cosmos-due to the first celestial war, so that, if, we logically consider that such anomalies are the end result of spiritual inadequacies, then it is not confined to one star sector, but has disrupted every star system, which is why we have evidence such as supernovae, and the formation of black holes from which new star systems are devised! So that we can then conclude that, due to spiritual contamination, a 1/3rd part of the SROCI has thus placed the entire CLEP, in a state of disharmony-so that the entire physical creation cries out in mourning to be delivered or to return to a former harmonious state of existence! So then we must consider many things when trying to pinpoint the exact nature of the next global earth change! Thus remember that according to the cosmic cyclic trivia movie reel, we can feel confident that the very next global geological change will follow a similar pattern as before! This is easily deduced from the fact that the cosmic embryo, from which visible matter was presupposed upon, maintains the blueprint, and what path to follow, after the launching of the CLEP (Cosmic Love Expansion Project), and this project was-and still is-SABATOGED! Another inconsistency within the theological society is the „ole saying-NO MORE WATER BUT THE FIRE NEXT TIME! Fact is, every time there has been a major geological earth change, there has been water and plenty of it! The earth is made up of 2/3rds water, and so is the human body. Without water there would be no life as we know it! In addition, water possesses a unique characteristic of permeability, insomuch that, if it froze from the bottom up, instead of at the top first then downward, then again there would be no life! Furthermore, ancient Hebrew

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prophets indicate that there will be rivers and springs for life on the earth made new. Thus, there is no escaping the fact that, whatever happens, there could be no life now, or in the future, without water! Another inevitable fact is that, numerous times throughout earth‟s history, there has been purification by fire, whether by impact, or changes in earths‟ overall surface temperature, before recorded life appears or reappears, the earth every time is seen in desolation from water, fire, and ice, and there can never be one without the other! The repeated changes of water, fire, and ice, are earth‟s stigmatic trademark! Perhaps a better way of stimulating the principle thought of the BIG 3, is to entertain the concept of glacial meltdown (or melt-off), from various pollutants spanning many decades of planetary abuse. Then changes in ocean level boundaries-coupled with increasing amounts of tectonic plate shifting, earthquakes, and volcanoes give way to continent shifting and reshaping into a different configuration-whether slightly or on a larger scale! So as a result about 2/3rds of earth‟s dry land surface will be submerged! However, there will be survivors from that small portion of dry land that did not submerge! So instead of massive global flooding, there will be only more than half of earths‟ landmass affected. Therefore, we can conclude that major global flooding, tsunamis, and weird supermassive storms will plague the earth in the not too distant future. We can already see this type of weather trend going on in this current age! We may as well brace ourselves and prepare for some life-threatening situations, that we must wake up and face most any day now! Just as in the days of Daniel-we can already begin to see the handwriting on the wall that is about to plunge our modern day corrupted society into complete system failure, and most of animal and human life will be snuffed out by the change. This change is brought about and administered by many plagues that bring massive disturbances within the matrix of earth‟s cyclic musical beat! Only

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this time there is promised a full restoration of both earth and the entire cosmos! A universal recovery is in our future!

Beyond Pluto Beyond Pluto we find star systems, clusters, and then onward we travel into the heart of our spiral Milky Way, thus when the SROCI view our star system we are indeed the 7th planet among 9, as viewed from deep space! The spin of the Milky Way is faster at the center, and then proportionately slower toward the outmost galactic limbs-where planets can be at the right distance, from a life-giving star to form a life-producing planet! The history behind our star system is that of life emerging and then disappearing after disastrous celestial impacts, and or collisions, and fingerprints from all such disasters is embedded within barren planets in the form of craters, mountains, and or signs of life upon examination of elements within a planetâ€&#x;s surface! Most definite signs of chaos exists in every planet in our system, and so the most sound conclusion we can expect to surmise from these signs is that, the first star war among the SROCI left these imprints to further human knowledge concerning prehistory so as to learn more about our past, present, and future. These predated fingerprints, left on our immediate 9 planet system, were not left by accident, but left to fill up our curiosity mug! In addition, Orion and Pleiades are repeatedly mentioned throughout the OT canon in connection with the creation of the milky-way, and I can clearly see a connection between Orion and Nibiru! This giant red planet appears in ancient Sumerian artifacts as the destroyer,

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wormwood, or the planet of judgment, and is always in connection with the Great Day of YHWH! There is a bit of evidence that ties this celestial event to every earth geological change! It is assumed that this planet is the home for the SROCI. The planet Nibiru possesses an orbit that is very elongated, and thus for any and every practical purpose it is a system intruder. Collision with earth, moon, and other neighboring planets has occurred in the past, and is most likely to occur again. This type of reoccurring celestial event is highly likely to be our plane ticket out of here to tour the rest of the Milky Way! Furthermore, a space city to house humanity is what we end up in after a 1,000 year space expedition! Ancient Hebrew apocalyptic writings indicate that this city will return back to planet earth for a final resting place! As a change in both the heavens and the earth are predicted, so the presence of this giant intruder planet will refashion or realign both our star system, and earthâ€&#x;s geography. On this new earthly environment, seas disappear, but earth retains its fresh water supply, and the regenerated earth is filled with fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables! Due to a reordering in planetary structure-our view of the immediate heavens above is changed or made new. Our view of certain planets, stars, and constellations, will be much different than what we are use to viewing. This type of change is enormous by any Cosmic Scale, for it affects not just earth, but the entire cosmos as well! Territorial Throughout the dilemma of Earthâ€&#x;s historicity-all issues of warfare centered on dominance for land mass and resources! So then if earthly governmental structures encompassed a particular version of universal law, so then this also means that the celestial war shared in such aspects as cosmic territorial warfare, and for dominance over entire star systems! So if then the SROCI space-city is the universal court and worship center for the universe, then this must mean that the

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grand-cosmic-intelligence-who started the original CLEP (Cosmic LOVE Expansion Project), stretched and or pitched cosmic tents or planetary homes for heavenly beings, similar to which he initiated when HE pitched the earthly tents around the earthly sanctuary, or earthly worship center! Thus if the Watchers, who were assigned to this star sector (and to earth as their home), corrupted their inheritance among the stars, then it was and is expedite that they remain here in order for YHWH to plant His new physical project-so as to rub it in so to speak! So as to firmly embed into the minds of every living creature, what the issues plainly show, and how patient the main intelligence has been in dealing with every single issue of eternal weight! But how do we know that all of the corruption of modern societies, will ever be solved or intervened upon, and how do we know if this has not been a never-ending repetitive cycle? Well here is why it must and will be dealt with! You see the problem did not begin with earth, and or human history, but in the predated past! The type of beings that started the whole rebellious mess cannot be retrieved, for their technology, celestial heavenly knowledge, and their hi-tech secretsmust be safeguarded, and so they must be replaced by another race that have been spiritually trained to be trusted with the Lost Science that vanished after Eden! In the world tomorrow on the New Earth-the earth will be filled with beings that have helped to spiritually nurture this current and final project earth! None of the corrupted traits inherited by humanity will exist anymore, and this star sector will be handed over to humans who possess such character traits that exist in the Eternal One! Humanity, for the first and last time, eternally merges in with the original CLEP, and this earth becomes the worship and governmental center for the entire cosmos! Destruction is something that YHWH despises; however, it will eventually come to the first rebellious sect from the heavenly family! The spirit of warfare over land and resources comes to a final close, and the New-Earth-Landmass, is evenly distributed just as it was all

Fires from the GODS 14

intended to be from the very beginning, but as we all know Israel failed and became ensnared with the sun-cult. The New Earth will soon be a reality! Neutral If the visible cosmos has been stretched like a curtain and been artificially composed and arranged to support members of the SROCI, then the elements of water-fire-and ice have been evenly distributed so that life-supporting worlds may bring forth adequate living quarters for a variety of life-forms, just as our own beloved planet has done so. The cosmic embryo contained the right ratio to distribute atoms such as hydrogen, iron, and oxygen to produce cycles of weather and planetary seasons. But not all life-supporting planets are based on hydrogen/oxygen atmosphere, and not all life forms are carbon based, but variety in atmospheric conditions will vary across the vast universe which would account for why ancient records give to us a variety of celestial beings! We can, in the records of Sumer, Hebrew, and Assyrian, see things like the winged Cherubim, giant beings in space equipment, and some beings with swords drawn, and all of these depict for us a variety of living creatures spread out through the vast cosmos. This is why ancient earth records reveal that the earth was formerly inhabited by a variety of god races, such as the Pantheon, and the giants mentioned in Genesis chapter 6! Sumer science viewed them as the Annunaki, and one of the bible races is the Rephaim, but no matter the tribe they are all descendants of the original band of rebels that are responsible for the spread of warfare throughout the universe! In addition it is of necessity to assume that the Eternal Spirit wants to give the inheritance of the earth-to a race of beings who will maintain its beauty and resources for all eternity! The fallen gods destroyed its original purpose and beauty, and so it will be the New Earth that sets the buck straight! Air, water, and food on the earth made new will be so pure

Fires from the GODS 15

and nourishing that it will sustain us forever and the curse of rebellion, corruption, and warfare will be no more.

Mini Universe Before we continue with the theme of Water-Fire-and Ice, or further embarking upon the campaign of sudden paradigm shifts whether-geological, celestial, political, or spiritual-let us consider the enormous concept of why earth is to be the central headquarters of the entire universe. For instance, ever considered the possibility that the reason why earth is so filled with seemingly endless amount of life diversities is because it could be a mini-universe-a physical counterpart-depicting on a small scale the entire cosmos! The main supporting agent for such a hypothesis centers about one of the most important, if not the most important, theme encompassing this book series, and that is the awesome reality of universal worship. We have already in great detail demonstrated how that the Israeli portable sanctuary was patterned after the cosmic or heavenly sanctuary, and how that the CLEP (Cosmic Love Expansion Project) is established upon the universal law of love, and that every created creature is endowed with the power of free-will-choice to either obey or reject the principles upon which the universe was and is founded upon! The cosmic temple is the focal point and worship center in which beings from every star sector in the universe meet and convene in worship out of unconditional love for the sacred oracles that maintain planetary peace! In addition, to all of this, we find also, according to prophetic time-lines, a final work of judgment convening with the prince of princes-Michaelwho stands for YHWHâ€&#x;S people in every age of time, and because of His accomplished work here on earth, has become our mediator, advocate, judge, and High Priest in this universal

Fires from the GODS 16

cosmic worship center! The earthly sanctuary of Hebrew antiquity was meant to convert and or point pagan nations of Israelâ€&#x;s time to the presence of the great heavenly prince (Michael), and convert them to a holy lifestyle, but as we learned in books one and two, Israel became ensnared with their strange gods, and spiritually lost out as a saving agent for the Eternal One! BUT BRACE YOURSELF BECAUSE THE AUTHOR HAS NOT EVEN SCRATCHED THE SURFACE YET-FOR WE ARE ABOUT TO LEARN SOME STAGGERING TRUTHS BEHIND THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE AND COSMOS, AND OUR PURPOSE FOR DESTINY CENTERS AROUND THE SANCTUARY AND THE UNIVERSAL ISSUE OF WORSHIP! Kings and Priests It seems that the concepts of universal law, worship, and if need be, salvation from rebellion, are forces that permeate space-time-matter, as much as the laws of physics bind and permeate the reality of earthbound creatures. In addition we see the entity of the priesthood, from the very beginning of earthy rebellion; we see project rescue immediately launched in Genesis 3 and 15, and the priestly sacrifice and or sacraments from loyal Abel to the appearing of Melchizedek! However, let us keep this one thing in mind, just as physical laws mandate the visible earth, so spiritually governed divine laws, although forces unseen, mandate the visible counterpart, or visible creation! Throughout the biblical discourse, we find, just as we do the spiritual and physical worlds, an earthy and a spiritual or heavenly priesthood. Every aspect and ceremony that was enacted within the service of the earthy tabernacle was according to the pattern of the celestial temple, and yes even the priesthood is of celestial origin-and please-that is an understatement! Please read the entire book of Hebrews, and there will be left no doubt as to, what office Christ holds in

Fires from the GODS 17

the heavenly temple, what His specific duties are, and why the earthy levitical priesthood had to be replaced, or be improved upon. Now the author has a question for you the reader-is Christ the only member of the SROCI that participates in the priestly service of the temple? Answer-NO ( 4&5)! Notice we have the Cherubim, the 24 elders, and they are participating in both leading out in worship and in intercession for the saints! Then the angels or hosts of YHWH, countless 1,000S, join in with the celestial temple worship! Then when Gabriel appeared to Zachariah to announce the birth of a son, He said He stood in the presence of Yahweh, and the bible reveals that Gabriel is the personal messenger for Christ. Then notice that we also studied how that Lucifer was a covering Cherub, so that then He attended, before his rebellion, to the service of the priesthood, and led out with music, song, worship, and the service of the celestial priesthood. He stood in the presence of YHWH, and everything about Lucifer was perfect, until the seed of greed, power, and dominance entered into his mind. This is indeed my friends what makes him such a formidable opponent to universal peace and truth-the fact that he was so well favored and trusted in the heavenly realm, makes him a real threat and a subtle deceiver to human souls, and the ultimate manipulator of both the church world, and solid truths of the bible! Remember it is because of Luciferâ€&#x;s rebellion that project earth was initiated, and because of our rebellion that project rescue was initiated, and in order to rescue His people a better priesthood was established in the heavens! It was not established on the physical or the earthy, but upon better sacrifices, promises, and with Christ as the head of this brand new priestly order-reigning as the High Priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek. Now if Melchizedek be an earthy priest, then His priesthood does not represent the spiritual realm, this would be lake saying, that the physical lineage of King David is forever, but he is

Fires from the GODS 18

both dead and buried, read Acts chapter 2, so that Melchizedek pops up out of nowhere with the holy elements of the Passover Lamb, and Abraham pays tithes to Him, but Hebrews reveals that Abram paid tithe not to the Levite priesthood who were still in the loins of father Abram, but to another priesthood, whose lineage is of the spiritual realm! So brace yourselves, but the renegade fallen angels where of the divine priestly celestial order entrusted with the divine service of YHWHâ€&#x;S temple, and they BLEW IT! Now Christ has reared up another race of people that He has purchased with the sacrifice of His own body, and will soon finalize their transformation and incorporation into the God-Family, and this theme permeates the whole of biblical writ! In exodus chapter 19, we see the notion of a future divine priesthood, and it becomes more obvious when reading the prophets, all the way over to the last book of the bible, when this very theme dominates the overall foundation of the book of Revelation! It seems that if all celestial intelligences are pitched around the center of worship, then there is a missing tribe, and that tribe will be replaced by faithful humans, who will bear the body of their savoir who has forever linked them with the spiritual, and He will add them to the celestial gene pool of the tree of life! A whole new race joining with the SROCI, who share in both physical and spiritual attributes of existence! A race that is like none other ever been, and will be like the bible reveals, a race of Kings and Priests, a Royal Priesthood, a divine nation or race, and will participate in the service of the temple, and will share in all the glory of the eternal priestly order of Melchizedek! They will pitch their tents in the east on the New Earth, but the lion of the tribe of Judah (Christ) will like the Judah of old-pitch His dwelling in the midst of the others, and in the midst of the sanctuary, forever!

Fires from the GODS 19

A Consuming Fire Every single time there is a major change in the heavens and or earth, they are a direct result of the dominating factors of water, fire, and ice! Each and every time the celestial temple is revealed to ancient prophets, and the great high priests Christ is seen in the midst of universal worship we have the overwhelming presence of fire! From the coals from off the altar-to the presence of YHWH described as a consuming fire,-the dominating element of the God-Family is fire, and everything else is a settled product of divine energy, or fire! The prophet Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, and others, describe this being as one who owns a fiery chariot, with the wheels all ablaze-a fire issuing out from before him, and that His limbs from His loins downward burned with fire, and so does Saint John the divine describe the messiah in virtually the same manner. Isaiah reveals that it took the power of this strange fire to purge his mind and lips from iniquity! It seems then that fire is the man tool within the toolbox of the Gods! Notice that anytime there is universal evolvement, or future prophecies concerning a future major change for earth and cosmos that water (the global deluge), ice (the ice ages), and or fire (earthquakes, volcanoes, and the coming global purification), are the 3 major tools of the Immortal One! Acknowledging and learning about our creator brings us face to face with these 3 major dominating universal elements, and these give just a whole lot of insight into what makes both earthly and celestial cycles tick! We might say therefore that the root sum to the space-time-matter expansion project is the foundational elements of water, fire, and ice, and furthermore these are in fact the building blocks to everything visible and possibly invisible! Only in the unseen spiritual world could we then find the radiance of these building blocks to be composed of an entirely different structure but when applied to the mathematical formula of virtual reality then upon assuming physical

Fires from the GODS


identity they become the visible physical elements that we dread the most, and of which are the prevailing theme for all the destruction within our modern world today, whether by the hand of society and humanity, or at the hand of nature! We just simple cannot escape these forces that have been deployed by the Master Designer at the initial launching of the CLEP (Cosmic Love Expansion Project), and have indeed been deployed for the purposes of change and judgmentuntil all things are restored back to its original state of harmony and beauty-when everything is made NEW! Water-giver/taker of life The author of this book series dreamed a dream, and this is the sum of the whole matter. The author looked up at the mountains in S.E. Kentucky, and behold water did splash against them, and the waves did topple over the peaks thereof! The water did cover the mountains, the valleys were flooded, and there was no hiding place for the people of the land! The devastation that followed from these waters was thorough and complete. As a young boy the author set in many churches and listened to the speech of many ministers. Many times these ministers put forth the claim that there would be no more total destruction by water, but by fire will the earth be destroyed the next time around. Two facts stand out firmly against such line of thinking. First of all the earth has never suffered total ruin, for when the waters dissipate all life regenerates itself. Secondly, the earth has many times faced devastating changes, but in each case there has always been survival by at least a few of various species. Even the bible reveals that the earth has in the past been covered by water. The record stands firm on two such incidences. We find the evidence of this in Genesis chapter one and verse two, and again in Genesis chapters six-nine, which most everyone refers to as Noahâ€&#x;s flood. Then we

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must realize that in the words of Solomon, in Ecclesiastes one and verses nine and ten, that what has been will be again, and what exist now has already been of old, and there is nothing new under the sun! In plain language this means that our scientific knowledge and technical knowhow of today has already existed long ago! Many experts in the study of ancient civilizations, such as Martel, von Daniken, and Sitchin, suggest that the technology of today is no match for the technology that existed at the time of ancient Sumer. In fact the proponents of this theory has labeled that generation as obtaining the knowledge of what many refer to as the Lost Science! It seems that travelers from other worlds (such as the Annunaki) taught them astronomy, the workings of the heavens, and even possibly a lost form of computer science! In addition they were also taught of a rogue planet that ventures close to earth every 3-4,000 years. The author calculated the time sequence of its appearance, and it seems to coincide with the biblical record of every major change in planet earth. Such a close encounter from a rogue planet would or could result in changes in normal gravitational coherency, leading to earthquakes, volcanoes, massive storms, north/south pole reversal, and huge tidal waves that could submerge, if not all, then most of earth‟s dry land mass. There would be survivors, but most earth‟s population would be destroyed. While this scenario of change for planet earth by a rogue planetary invader is what brought about past reconstruction of water and land is yet to be proven, there is still one element of the equation that is for certain, it happened in the past and it will happen again. Just now as the author‟s pen is moving along the page, the Mississippi and Ohio rivers are at an all time record breaking level; snow storms have devastated the whole of the United State‟s eastern sea board from New Jersey all the way down to the Carolinas; and tornadoes have wrecked and pillaged most of the better part of our southern states from Tennessee all the way through Louisiana,

Fires from the GODS 22

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and even parts of Florida. Moreover earthquakes continue to Rock and Roll the old world. Part of Japan has recently been devastated by an earthquake/tidal wave, and the Iranian-Afghanistan border was just rocked a few days ago! Then we have the hurricanes that ruined Florida and the gulf within just the past decade, and New-Orleans was wiped out by the one referred to as Katrina. Furthermore, even the cozy mountains of Perry and surrounding counties are not immune from natureâ€&#x;s calamities, for just a few months ago an earthquake shook hard the city of Whitesburg in Letcher county Kentucky, and did considerable damage to the downtown area of which the courthouse and annexes felt the main blunt of the blow. When considering another future water filled earth, one must above all things pay close attention to any changes in ocean temperature, depleting ice caps in the northern hemisphere, and subsequent rising ocean levels, with chaotic storms attached thereto! It seems that for about fourteen years now (starting in 2,000) scientist have been warning us of depleting ice caps, along with the wildlife that depends on this type of environment. When wildlife such as the penguin and polar bear are threatened, it is just a matter of time before humankind becomes threatened as well. The gravest error in thought when pondering upon an ideal for a future earth change is for one to assume that there has ever been, or could ever be, a total destruction of the earth. Planet earth has been designed to withstand any and every calamity that may befall it! Again Solomon states in Ecclesiastes one and verse four, that one generation passes away, and another generation cometh up in its place, but the earth abides forever! It is life-forms that passes away, while the earth itself must go through changes it still survives because of the built in mechanisms instilled within the matrix of the planet at the time of birth. The apostle Peter makes this plain in his

Fires from the GODS 23

second epistle chapter 3 and verses 5&6, when speaking of the old world, recording that the world that then was perished being overflowed by water. Then again in chapter 2 and verse 5, he records that God and nature spared not the old world (note that the word means inhabitants), but saved Noah (and his family of 8 souls 1st Peter 3&20), a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly. Then in 2nd Peter verses 6&7, we find the destruction of two cities of antiquity-Sodom and Gomorrah, and the deliverance of Lot and family out of those cities. Thus it must be accurate to assume that it is life-forms that are at stake every time nature blows her winds of change, therefore, she is in effect fighting back against such things as overpopulation, human warfare and deterrent activities, crimes against nature and mankind, and human chemicals and or pollutants. The earth is filled with natural majestic beauties, but if we continue on our present course its beauty will fade through depletion and ruin of her resources, and the earth will continue to fight back, even if it means our eradication! Just as Peter wrote, the earth standing out of the water and in the water, reminisces to the fact of at least two recorded instances of a water submerged earth. Thus if Solomon is correct in his thinking, a water covered earth will happen again. There will however be a time of fire to finally purge the earth clean from the works of humans, as stated many places in the Holy Writ, which we will examine before the closing of this book. A bit of Ice If in the past planet earth has gone through much renovation, then there must have been a catalyst that initiated each and every reconstruction of water/land mass ratio. Specialist, theorist, and geologist speculate that the young earth may have suffered impacts in the form of meteors, comets, and asteroids. Such an impact from a large enough celestial body would indeed blanket the earth, blocking out the sun causing havoc to all life-forms including humankind. Such an

Fires from the GODS 24

impact from a large body has an angular momentum in surge thrust that more than likely is the equivalent to 10-50 X that of the Hiroshima atom bomb-depending of course on its size and mass. This form of obliteration is similar to a nuclear winter, and could cool the overall temperature of the earth to such a degree that would be equal to that of an ice age. It is also worthy to mention that such an occurrence could also cause a polar shift, or even a reversal of earth‟s poles. The minimal effect would be a change in structural orbit, and a shift in the tilt of the earth on its 24 hour axial spin. Such an event would cause our planet to wobble, alter the current gravitational order, and displace our distance from the sun, or even changing our angular tilt, thus in effect altering planetary seasons. Furthermore, an immediate alteration will be noticeable with the amount of daylight hours and nighttime hours, or we might say observable differences in the sun and moon. Unlike the impact theory, another doomsday catalyst that is well recorded and documented is the destructive force behind volcanoes. When at the age of 20 the author woke up to a grey sky overhead as a result of the enormous eruption of Mount St. Helens in southwestern Washington State. The first huge blast happened on March 27th of 1980, and the sky turned grey over Perry county Kentucky the very next day. Another awesome blast took place on May 18th, accompanied by an earthquake that measured 5.1 on the Richter scale, followed by a huge landside from the mount‟s northern base, but soon overtaken by a another airborne blast which produced ash and stone shooting outward 15 miles from its summit, producing a temperature of about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, with speeds up to 300 miles per hour! This all produced a tremendous avalanche, then fore with came mudflows that buried the rivers below the volcano. Layers of mud and other debris reached out to an area of 17 miles below the Mount, and ash and gases reached out 16 miles into earth‟s atmosphere. When it was all said and done 57 people and

Fires from the GODS 25

thousands of animals perished from the May 18th blast, and 200 square miles of trees were flattened as a result of the lateral blast! Smaller eruptions continued until 1986, and lava grew in the giant horseshoe shaped crater. Seismic activity reoccurred between 1989-‟91, along with more blasts in‟95 and ‟98! This was a very powerful volcanic eruption, placing a blanket over a big part of the U.S. blocking out the sun as far as Kentucky, and producing an ash cloud as far as Montana, and causing pitch darkness over Spokane Washington about 250 miles N.W. of the explosion! If indeed there existed on the young earth numerous active volcanoes, even more than at present, such as Saint Helens, then it is not hard for one to see that enough of these exploding over say a short time period-then the earth wouldn‟t have one prayer of maintaining a stable atmosphere, or temperature, so to render this planet uninhabitable! Truly this would be a most frightening situation! Then let us not be deceived, for we are not above or beyond such a scenario, for all over this globe exist enough known active mountains to allow us to regress back to a situation equal to that of the young earth. The ignition switch to turn up the volcanic boiling points seems to be associated with both impacts, and shifting of the tectonic plates below us resulting in earthquakes. They all seem to be connected one to the other just as all the members of our human body operate together in unison. All these catalyst for earthy change have happened in the past, and they will happen again! What is of more importance when considering the culprit behind global change is the fact that the prophets of Holy Writ, spoke of the very same agents, we have discussed thus far, bringing about the next major global event. There are many prophets who recorded these events, but for

Fires from the GODS 26

the sake of brevity, the author will stick with just a few. The first weâ€&#x;ll examine is the writings of the prophet Isaiah. This is the prophet Christ read from after His baptism in the water of Jordan. In Isaiah chapter 24 and verses 1, 3, 5, 6, 18, &19-23, the scripture reads like this: the creator is going to make the earth empty and desolate, and turn it upside down (note this is a pole reversal). Verse 5 mentions that the earth is defiled, or abused under the inhabitants thereof, or they have misused the resources of earth and in the process destroyed its natural beauty. Verse 6 states a time when the earth shall be burned and few people will remain left. Verse 19 states that the earth is utterly broken, and is moved exceedingly out of its place. Verse 20 reads that the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, removed like a cottage from its original orbit, and wobbles on its axis like a staggering alcoholic. Then notice in verse 18 that the windows from on high are open, and the very foundations of the earth do shake. Finally note verse 23 stating that the moon will be confounded and the sun ashamed in the day of the Eternal One. Now let us turn onward to the prophet Joel chapter 2 and verses 10&31, and note the words of the prophet rehearsed by Peter in acts chapter 2. The words read that the earth shall shake under peopleâ€&#x;s feet. The heavens shall tremble-the sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars cannot be seen from the earth zone. Then verse 31 reveals that the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon blood red, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes! Please note these are the exact same predictions that the various branches of science have been bringing forth to our attention. Then we have the red words of Christ confirming the words spoken afore by the Holy Prophets. Let us begin with the gospel of Luke the physician chapter 21 and verses 25&26, and there we find this: there shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, then upon the earth chaos or

Fires from the GODS 27

confusion among the nations, or a feeling of uncertainty. Then He spoke that the seas and the waves roaring, and or hurricanes, and in verse 26 the master expresses that the powers of the heavens shall be shaken! Now letâ€&#x;s take notice of a topic of epic importance, especially when dealing with the subject of impacts, in Matthew chapter 24 and verse 32 the master spoke and said now learn a parable of the fig tree, when the branches are tender putting forth its leaves, then you know summer is nigh even at the door. Verse 33 states-then likewise when you see all these changes taking place around you then know that the end of the age is at hand. So what is so significant about this fig tree mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24? Well at first glance it does not seem all that important, but fact is by examining other scriptures on this topic we can successfully decipher the parable. In Revelation chapter 6 and verses 12-15, St. John, a half brother to Jesus, records that he sees a great earthquake, and the sun turns black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon turns blood red. Then he sees the stars of heaven falling to the earth as a fig tree cast her untimely figs when she is shaken by a mighty wind. The heavens depart as a scroll when it is rolled together (read Hebrews chapter 1), and every mountain and island were moved out of their original places. Then if one turns back to the words of Christ in Luke 21&29, we find that here the parable expands on the original foundation by including all the trees! The one that is of all importance to the economy of the middle-east is the olive tree. To express importance of this commodity in relationship to prophetic predictions, letâ€&#x;s return to Isaiah 24 and this time verse 13. In this particular chapter Isaiah takes us all the way through the desolations that are to come in the future and then he likens the whole ordeal to a mighty shaking of an olive tree. It is worthy to note that fruit yielding vines are referred to as vine trees. The gleaning of the grapes or the vintage lying ready is referred to in Revelation chapter 14 and

Fires from the GODS 28

verses 14-16, as the few people who survive earthâ€&#x;s next and final disastrous change. (In Matthew 7&14, Christ spoke, straight is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life and there will be just a few that find it)! If things like volcanoes, tectonic shifts/earthquakes, and impacts from space bodies can blanket the earth-blocking out the sun & moon. Then it goes to follow that an ice age can result from such occurrences. If then this is coupled by a melting off of polar glaciers, and rising sea levels then the ice must and will go somewhere. As a rule of thumb the ice will naturally flow from north to south, rapidly changing the temperature of the southern hemisphere, and as a result ushering in an ice age of either minor or major proportions! Temps could change in every warm region around the globe by 10-30 degrees colder than normal. It would in fact be a worldwide winter affecting crops, thus our food supply, making for us a formidable chore just to maintain a normal body temperature. Furthermore all wildlife would be challenged, and instead of humans lounging around, or fishing, or boating, or surfing the TV/net, one would have to face the day with the stern reality of what they must do today to survive! The modern world will be thrown for a major loop, with their heads spinning like a windshield wiper. Whatâ€&#x;s even worse is this: the prophecies tend to indicate that all the things we have discussed in this chapter, could all occur in sequence covering only a short space of time! WOW people this is a most serious and sobering line of thinking, of which sober folks cannot ignore! Born by Fire The universe with all its wild and extravagant objects such as galaxies, quasars, pulsars, black holes, and galactic nebula, can be visualized as a huge billiard table with all the balls racked up and ready to go. When the balls are packed and ready the selected person cues up using a pool

Fires from the GODS 29

stick with the cue ball to break all the numbered balls on the table. If the break is successful the balls will be dispersed at the sides and all four corners of the table, and if lucky enough some will go into the sides or into the corner pockets, and the first person to put their numbered balls into the pockets wins the game. At the initial launching of the cosmos, the Eternal Force cued up, causing a gigantic explosion, and matter was spread out into the four corners and sides or in a circular motion from the center of the universal birthing point! Space and time were born instantly along with the dispersion of matter thus the 3 worked in unison, such as you cannot have one without the other. The cosmic point of birth was very hot, so that it took at least millions of years for matter to cool off through interactions/collisions-similar to that of our billiard table. Under these conditions it must have taken a long time for matter to cool and settle to form super-galaxies, and everything to achieve its identity following the blueprint instilled in the formula embedded within the cosmic embryo! These super-galaxies can be understood by realizing that the very young earth started out with probably 3 super-continents. Eventually through the progression of the interactions between cosmic elements, galaxies continued to form and spread out, just as one breaks up the racked up billiard balls! Through much time and procession galaxies evolved by the billions, slowly becoming more cooled, settled, smooth, and more evenly dispersed throughout the fabric of space-time-matter. It seems that just as our current arrangement of 7 continents developed at approximately the same time, so our current galactic configuration formed at about the same time, and is estimated to have been about 13-15 billion years ago! Even though there seems to be younger stars and nebula, there still exist older stars within those systems.

Fires from the GODS 30

Now the galaxy in which we dwell is the Milky Way possessing billions of stars, and measures about 100,000 light years across. The Milky Way is a part of what astronomers call the local group consisting of about 20 known galaxies including the Magellanic Clouds, which are close companions to the Milky Way. Most galaxies exist in clusters and sometimes supergiant clusters which measure 100â€&#x;S of 1,000,000â€&#x;S of light years across. (A light year is the distance light travels in one year at a speed of 650,000,000 miles per hour). Within our local group, and throughout the universe, dwell 3 main categories of galaxies; the spiral, elliptical, and disk or irregular shaped formations. The oldest of the galaxies seem to be the high energetic Quasars, and the prevailing theory is the more active and energetic galaxies contain a Black Hole at the galactic centre. Some galaxies are very hot and active due to new star formations, producing glowing gases, star dust, clouds, and molecular complexes! The Maggelanic Cloud companions measure 160,000, and 190,000 light years distance for the larger groups, and they could be responsible for new star formations or even future galaxies. We dwell within this cloud system on one of the outermost limbs of the Milky Way. We have other companions to our local group such as brown dwarfs and brown dwarf elliptical class systems. Sagittarius is one of these dwarf galaxies that has been caught up in the stronger gravitational force of the Milky Way and could join up with us sometime in the future. In addition we have in this class Carina, Draco, Formax, Leo I, Leo II, Sextons, Sculptor, and Ursa Minor galaxies. Also within these groups we have the supergiant nebula of the high energetic H ii regions of nearby galaxies. They possess about 1,000X the ionizations per second than Orion; these are very tight groupings of stars, and about 10X as bright of any groups in the Milky Way, and they measure about 200 light years in diameter. The local group or cluster of galaxies including the Milky Way all belong to a

Fires from the GODS 31

supergiant nebula named 30 Doradus. Therein lies a supergiant star S Doradus in the constellation of Dorado, and radiates 1,000,000X more energy than the sun! Some galaxies, clusters, and nebula seem to interact (sometimes violently), for the borrowing and sharing of matter, with other systems, and one such case applies to our nearby neighbor the Andromeda galaxy classified as M31. It is about 2,480,000 light years from us, with a diameter of 200,000 light years. It is amazingly similar to our own Milky Way, with dwarf stars and galaxies, and seems to have suffered collisions in the past by the sharing of materials with M32 & 33. Indeed collisions between galaxies, clusters, nebula, and star systems are an age-long stigma on the way the Milky Way formed, and all the other galaxies. Furthermore, this is the way all other galaxies formed, and this is the way planetary systems evolved. In addition, we have colliding phenomenon, and a vast array of celestial bodies spread throughout the heavens such as: brown and white dwarfs, neutron stars, red giants, and hot burning suns. Moreover, we have the already mentioned Quasars, then Pulsars, X-ray star sources, and radio sources. Most Quasars and X-ray sources burn at a temperature far above that of our own sun. The temperature at the core of our sun is 15,000,000 Kelvin, and 5,800 K at its surface, with sometimes the release of charged particles we call a solar wind or flare. High energetic electrons are initiated along with visible, ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, and gamma which is at a maxed out freq at the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum! The scary thing is that we have stars and systems within the local group, and beyond, that radiate energies 100-1,000X greater than that of the sun, and everything is constantly colliding, changing, expanding, and interacting with everything else. The sun our life-giver, like all other G categorized stars, survives on hydrogen fusion, and there are about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, and at least a billion or more are Gburning stars. The sun travels around the galactic centre, and the galactic centre travels at a speed

Fires from the GODS 32

of 500,000,000 miles a second, and the Milky Way completes a circuit every 240,000,000 years! The sun has a distance from earth at 93,000,000 miles, and a mass332, 000X that of the earth, and the sun makes up 99.9% of the total mass of the solar system. Our satellite the moon is only about 238,900 miles from planet earth. The most distant stars and gas clouds lie around 72,000 light years from the Milky Way‟s centre, while the distance of the sun from the centre is about 25,000 light years. With all these blazing hot suns, supergiant clusters, nebula star clouds, and planetary systems it does indeed seem that they all still share a common denominator and have been unified by hydrogen, helium, ice, and born by FIRE! The initial explosion of the cosmic embryo, placed these elements into universal play, and this line of logic can be supported by the composition and nature of planet earth! Approximately 90% of earth‟s mass is in the form of such element as, oxygen, silicon, and silicates. Increasing temperatures dominated when earth was born by fire from the solar nebula. The sun, earth, and the other 7 planets in our system, were born from hot stars, as a fairly large star disk, from which through collisions/explosions settled into a new star system probably generated by a hot star cluster, or supernova, nearer to the galactic centre. This process of formation by fire left earth with a metal rich core, a silicate mantle, and a rock enriched highly refined crustal surface. To further prove our hypothesis of colliding and sharing of galactic material, one only has to examine the core of earth. The core of our planet contains anywhere from 85-90% of earth‟s iron, along with a few other metals, while crustal rock contains more aluminum and uranium. However, please pay close attention to this next statement I type! The temperature of earth‟s core is roughly 6,000-8,500 degrees Fahrenheit at the core centre, which is, get this, comparable to the surface of the sun! Now then please take notice of another statistic

Fires from the GODS 33

by the cosmological experts, and that of, every other planet in our system seem to follow suite with earth‟s basic structure of core, mantle, and crust, of course with variations in the size of each region. The centre core of our planet blazes hot with molten metal, and the temperature of our sun blazes red hot-converting 674 million tons of hydrogen to 670 million tons of helium every second! According to Einstein‟s famous equation of E=MC2, more than 4 billion tons of matter is turned into energy every second. O‟ MAN, it does look as though our entire universe was born by FIRE! Homes for the Gods Themes in mythological cultures indicate that certain Zodiacal constellations are connected to such deities as; Orion, Atlas, Apollo, Zeus, and Poseidon. Orion is described as a very handsome giant, and also is referred to as the great hunter. The tale in mythology is he received a vision and his strength from the sun, and then resided in Crete with Artemis. One tale in correspondence to his death elaborates that it was by the hand of Apollo because of his love and jealousy for Artemis. But other accounts carry the tale of him being taken out by a giant scorpion. He is identified in the sky by his sword, club, belt (or girdle), and lion‟s skin. He is seen chasing Pleiades, and Orion is said to be pursued by Scorpio, or the scorpion. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Themes in Greek mythology connected to Pleiades correspond to the 7 sisters, or the daughters of Atlas. It is said that these 7 daughters all bore children to gods except for Merope who married the moral Sisyphus. The story of Merope and Sisyphus can be found in Homers odyssey book X1, and his Iliad book V1.

Fires from the GODS 34

Canis major is known as the dogs of Orion. The brightest star in this constellation is Procyon; the 8th brightest star in our night sky, and holds a place of the 13th star nearest to us. Canis Major dwarf galaxy is only 25,000 light years from earth-making it the closest galaxy to us, and is referred to as Orionâ€&#x;s hunting dogs. Within Canis Major is the very hot bright Sirius in which places 5th as the closest star to planet earth. Sirius is only 8.6 light years from us here on earth. Sirius is 23X the luminosity of our sun, and also is much hotter and larger than our sun. furthermore, Sirius is connected to the Egyptian sun-cult, and to them the star was known as Sothis. Sothis is also related to the flooding of the Nile River, and to the length of a calendar year of 365.25 days. The ancient Romans declared that the hottest days of the year is connected to Sirius, as to the rising of the Dog Star, hence the phrase dog days. Sirius is also a binary star, and its companion Sirius B can be compared to the mass of the sun, but is much more condensed. Sirius B is the very first white dwarf star discovered by astronomers. The constellation Ursa Major is associated with Callisto, and said to have been assigned to the heavens by Zeus in the form of a bear-with her son Arcas, or Arcturus, bear keeper, known to the Greeks as Arctos, the she bear, and also Helice by its orbit around the pole star. The Romans named this constellation Arctes, Ursa, other names are; Septemtrions, the wagon, plow, Big Dipper, and Charles Wain, a group of 5 stars, and a member of of the cluster is the stray one called Sirius. Arcturus is the 3rd brightest star in the night sky, and is located in the northern constellation of Bootes. To the mythological Greeks it was known as the constellation Icarius, or again Arcas, the human son of the titan Zeus.

Fires from the GODS 35

Poseidon, the god of water and ocean, possesses the titles of “husband of earth”, or “lord of the earth” Greek tradition indicates he is the son of Cronus by the fertitlity goddess, Rhea, and brother to the chief god Zeus, and of Hades, the god of the underworld. The trident was his weapon of choice, but originally a long fish spear. He seems also to be in charge of earthquakes, and connected with the trade and upkeep of horses. Tradition suggest that he was father to the winged horse Pegasus, by the winged-monster Medusa. Poseidon was labeled as being brutish, and most of his offspring were savage creatures and the genetic lineage includes Orion, Antaeus, and Polyphemus. Huge athletic contests are associated with the chief festival of Isthmia in Corinth. He is also identified with Neptune in ancient Roman culture. Another related Greco-Roman deity, Atlas, a brother to Prometheus is known as the creator of mankind. Atlas is viewed as an oceanic god, who separates or holds apart the pillars of earth and heaven. A rocky mountainous region in N.W. Africa is the land where Atlas reigned as king, and the region was created by Perseus. Perseus is seen showing Atlas the Gorgon‟s head, for his nonappreciation of his gift of creation. According to legend every person that looked upon the Gorgon‟s head were turned to stone. In the Old Testament canon is described for us the same nebulas, stars, and constellations as we have thus far analyzed in the mythical cultures of the ancient Greco-Roman worlds. In Job chapter 9 and verse 9; 38; 31&32, and Amos 5&8, is detailed for us the possible origins of the gods who influenced earth‟s history and its inhabitants. In Job 38; 31&32 we find that the sweet influences of Pleiades is associated with the 7 stars, which is probably a reference to the deity St. John visualizes in Revelation chapter 1 and verse 16. In ancient Hebrew eschatology Pleiades is named Cimah, and Orion is called Cesil. Arcturus is seen being guided by the Hebrew God YHWH (Yahweh) with his sons or neighboring stars. In ancient Hebrew culture the 12 signs of

Fires from the GODS 36

the Zodiac are referred to as Mazzaroth, and the binding of the 7 stars (Revelation 1&6) of Pleiades, and the loosing of the bands of Orion indicate that YHWH is both the God and creator of all these heavenly stars, clusters, solar systems, and constellations, as further put forth in Amos 5&8. Amos declares to serve and seek Him who created all these things. Another scripture in antiquity worthy of examination is Genesis chapter 6 and verses 2&4. Here we find were the sons of God took to them wives of the daughters of men and bore children unto them. These sons of God could actually be the gods we have examined in ancient mythology. It could be that it‟s not mythical fantasy, but may hold some foundational truths. After all Yeshiva was impregnated by the spirit of YHWH by the intercessory act of the archangel Gabriel; being born the God-Man; the eternal sacrifice to make possible the incorporation or joining of mankind with the gods of heaven to be adopted into the family of Yahweh. It indeed can be assumed that this nebula, clusters, stars, and constellations can be labeled as the Homes of the Gods, but their true nature should also be analyzed by the astronomical data as well. The Orion nebula, category number NGC-1976 and M42, is a bright diffuse nebula, can be vaguely seen by the naked eye-while gazing at the sword of the Great Hunter‟s figure located in the constellation Orion. Its approximately 1,350 light years from our earth containing 100‟S (about 700) of blazing hot O-type young stars grouped up within a nexus of four more massive stars labeled as the Trapezium. A wide variety of radiation from this group of stars ignites the nebula aglow. Orion was first discovered by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc, and also by Swiss astronomer Johann Cysat in 1618, but the first photograph came by Henry Draper of the United

Fires from the GODS 37

Sates in 1880. As technology improved so did our images of Orion, which showed objects emitting energy in the infrared frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Then the Hubble telescope provided for us a clear image to the birth of a new star. Within the nebula lie Betelgeuse, the much brighter Rigel, the 3rd brightest Bellatrix, and the entire cluster lies close to the celestial equator. Also visible is a gas plume traveling at a speed of 148,000 miles per hour, and is a result of a newborn star! In the nebulaâ€&#x;s centre is a dense star cluster emanating ionized hydrogen in the ultraviolet range of frequency. In addition, the Orion nebula seems to be a stellar nursery with new stars being born out of very hot gas/stellar dust. It is theorized that our own sun formed out of such an environment! Orion contains around 700 young stars, and some 150 pockets of matter from which new planets eventually will be born! Moreover, there are 4 such newborn stars around which exist proto-planetary disks, which are the precursors of solar systems. It is logical to assume that our own planetary system formed in this manner some 4.6 billion years in the past. The newborns and the surrounding disks of gas and dust measure from 2-8X the diameter of our own solar system! Pleiades, category number M45 is an open cluster of young stars within the constellation Tarus. It is only 430 light years from our planetary system; it is filled with bright-glowing nebulous material, and contains more than a 1,000 stars. Greek mythology embraced the cluster as the 7 stars (Alcyone, Mala, Electra, Merope, Taygete, Celaeno, and Sterope). These names were applied to the 7 stars, and said to be the 7 daughters of Atlas and Plelone. The cluster was first examined by Galileo, and photographed by Paul Henry in 1885. Then let us not forget Arcturus, the 3rd brightest star in the night sky. Arcturus is a orange giant star only 36.7 light years from us, and lies nearby in line with Ursa Major or the great bear. Thus Arcturus is named in mythology as the bear guard. Then let us consider also Ursa Major,

Fires from the GODS 38

placed among the stars by Zeus as the Great Bear, and along with Arctos, Arcas, and or Arcturus as its bear keeper, and is referenced in the O.T. book of Job 9&9; 38&32, as mentioned earlier. In summation-according to the evidence these are the places among the heavens where the Gods of old reside! Fire for the Gods It is sound thinking for us to conceive that life did not start out here on earth, nor will it ever end here on earth. In the previous chapter we have demonstrated that there are numerous star systems that seem to be natural havens for either similar or other forms of life. We have proposed that there are many active systems burning hot or bright, and are the catalyst for birthing points for solar systems and other celestial activity. We have spoken of the extraordinarily amounts of hydrogen being converted into helium-even millions of tons every single second! We have deliberated on the internal core of the earth, consisting of molten iron and other heavy mineral elements; and of stars/systems that burn even hotter than the more familiar physical astonishments. Thus we can conclude that with any and every given physical system, the single most contributing element is energy-or fire! Two examples of modern-day-fire is equal to the mimicking of the energy produced by hot suns in the form of nuclear fission or hydrogen fusion, when speaking in regard to the U-Bomb or the H1-Bomb! The hydrogen-1 bomb is the replication of the process that goes on within our own sun on a smaller scale. A single atom of hydrogen, with one proton and one electron, is mechanically detonated, or excited, so that the proton being split excites the residual electrons which are fighting to return to a ground or a more stable environment. In their battle to return back to home base (or to their original identity), they emit an array of radiations that span almost

Fires from the GODS 39

every frequency in the electromagnetic band world. The resulting highly excited energetic particles include ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, and gamma rays. This intermixture of particle waves and wave packets include at least alpha, beta, and gamma ray particles. Thus such a wide variety of radioactive particles indeed replicate what is happening out there in deep space among the stars. It then is a most appropriate thing for us to pause for a moment and tip our hats and applaud for Einstein who gave us such knowledge by laying the foundation for advanced physics. Our modern technological age is not the only generation or life forms that possesses the knowledge of propulsion in advanced transportation modes such as rocket engines (air and space travel); combustible engines (automobiles, motorcycles, etc.), but is the product of a much more precise science of old! Archaeological evidence suggests that this technology existed long ago. It seems not only be associated with such cultures as the Sumerians and Egyptians, but even much longer ago-insomuch that we might conclude that it is the technology of the Gods ! The only way of knowing is to examine ancient records, thus finding out more about this mysteriously advanced technological fire! Section A-Fire Gods One of the Greek titans, Prometheus, bears the title of the supreme trickster, and “God of Fire). In ancient mythology he is a master craftsman connected to fire and the creation of mortals. It was the Greek poet Hesiod who puts forth that Prometheus tricked Zeus, the chief deity, into accepting only the fat and bones of the sacrifice, probably keeping the meat for himself, thus as a result Zeus hid the secrets of fire (technology) from mortals. However, Prometheus stole it back and returned it to earth. In retaliation, and for human punishment, Zeus

Fires from the GODS


creates the woman Pandora. She is sent down to Epimetheus, and though warned by Prometheus, marries Pandora, who takes off the great lid from the jar she carries unleashing disease, hard labor, and every kind of evil upon humanity. Prometheus is depicted in Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, as not only the giver of fire and civilization to mortals, but the great preserverteaching human arts, sciences, and survival techniques. Xiuhtecuhtli is the Aztec god of fire. He is also known as the creator of all life. He is named the “old godâ€? in his association with age in the Aztec pantheon. His female counterpart is Chantico, and Xiuhtecuhtli is believed to be the express image of the divine creator Ometecuhtli. Centered on the duties of the Aztec priest is the maintenance of the sacred fire-making sure it would burn perpetually. The two festivals of Xiuhtecuhtli and the dedication of new buildings incorporate a new fire which is ritually kindled. The completion of a 52 year cycle in the calendar of the Aztecs is accompanied by ceremonial fires which are transferred from temple to temple, and then from temples to homes. The official insignia of the god of fire is Xiuhcoatl, or serpent of fire-with a horned nose and adorned with seven stars. When it comes to ancient cultures we have many deities bearing the title of god of fire. In Japanese Shintoâ€&#x;s religion we have Ho-musubi, along with his mother female creator Izanami, who was fatally burned giving birth to Ho-musubi, and his father Izanagi cut him into pieces making many new gods. Agni is the fire god of the Hindus, second to Indra in the Vedic god linage of ancient India mythology. Agni is the carrier of the oblation, and messenger between mortal and divine orders of beings. He is equal to the fire of the sun, lightning, and the fire or hearth men light for

Fires from the GODS 41

worship. The deity is described in India‟s records as having 2 heads, 3 or 7 tongues, hair-like flames, 3 legs and 7 arms. He is also identified with Ruda, and is seen accompanied by a Ram. Another fire god of antiquity is one of the Hebrew angels named Uriel. He belongs to a special hierarchy of 7 angelic beings such as Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. His Hebrew name specifies “Fire of God” or “Light of God”. In the Jewish culture of antiquity he is described also as the angel of thunder and earthquake. Uriel is also seen as the keeper of the fiery sword, or flaming sword, protecting the way of the tree of life, and instrumental in the driving out of Adam and Eve from Eden. He is also depicted as the one who destroyed Sennacherib and his host (11Kings 19&35), of 180,000 soldiers. He is also said to be the one who enlightened Ezra with visions from Yahweh. Other titles for Uriel are “Regent of the Sun” and the “sharpest sighted spirit of all in heaven”. In addition we have in all other ancient cultural religions such as, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, ancient Egyptian culture, and many others, the age long element of fire associated with their mysterious rituals and cunning religious practices. So then it falls upon us as a necessity to somewhat analyze these cultures, to better understand our mythical past. Now, to me, the most intriguing of all ancient religions is the one the author is the most suited for, and that being the fire that is associated with the Hebrew deity YHWH! Section B-YHWH‟S FIRE The slogan for this section of chapter 16 will be taken from the title attached to chapter 11. The most celebrated of all the gods of antiquity is without a doubt the Hebrew God bearing the title of Yahweh, or the sacred tetragrammation of YHWH. Coinciding with this name is the Christ or Messiah of both the old and new testaments-Yeshua, or Yah saves. He bears the title of

Fires from the GODS 42

creator of heaven and earth and everything that dwells therein. The complete picture of His nature and future goals for both earth and humanity can be best visualized through the scope of the NT book of Hebrews. Yeshua‟s origin, His nomination for the sculpting of project earth through His prophetic bodily sacrifice, and His continued work as High Priest in the celestial temple, are completely denoted and vividly described in this book. Beside the book of Hebrews there are many other writings by the apostle Paul which decipher for us a being that all other powers are subject too. Whether these be powers seen or unseen, whether they be thrones or dominions, whether they be in heaven, earth, or under the earth-all things were created by Him and for Him. Paul describes this being as one who dwells in unapproachable light (Colossians 1; 14-16, 1st Timothy 1-17, 1st Timothy 6-15 and 16). There are many Hebrew prophets and other servants of Christ who did encounter this light, but it seems that Paul‟s encounters with this light were much more intense. At one time his name was known as Saul and he was the Top Dog persecutor of the followers of Christ. Saul of Tarsus was a very educated man, who spoke 7 languages, and a member of the Sanhedrin council, a Jewish sect who were the strictest of law keepers. After the stoning of Stephen, he begins a journey to Damascus with paperwork to bring Christ‟s followers before the courts of the council. As he journeyed on his way suddenly a bright light shown around him, as he fell face down to the ground a voice spoke to him in the Hebrew tongue. The soldiers that were with him saw and heard nothing, but a great quaking fell upon them-freezing them like dead men (Acts Chapter 9). Please take note that this exactly what happened to the guards because of the quaking by the presence of an angel at the resurrection of Christ. It was because of this encounter by the mysterious light that Paul is left blinded and afterwards must be lead by his men into Damascus. Thereafter, Paul being instructed by the voice of Yeshua, goes to the street called straight to meet

Fires from the GODS 43

with the prophet Ananias, who would pray for him to receive back his sight. Upon the laying on of hands by Ananias to freakish scales fall from his eyes resembling fish scales, and then receives food as is strengthened. Whatever the nature of such a light as described here it must be of a very intense nature, and furthermore not meant to be observed by human physical means. It is probably way off the bandwidth of the electromagnetic frequency chart-exceeding Gamma by a long shot. After his experience with the light and voice Paul becomes a minister and devoted follower of Messiah, and suffers greatly for His cause (11Corinthians chapter 11-23-28). It is this same Paul who was caught up to the 3rd heaven and heard things uttered not lawful for a man to rehearse or write (11 Corinthians chapter 12).; and it is this same Paul who gives us the Punch-Line-Theme of the current section for this chapter-“For our God is a consuming fire� (Hebrews 12 and 29)! Section C-God of gods Of all the gods in antiquity that are associated with fire, it is the Hebrew God Yahweh that seems to take center stage. The entirety of biblical discourse is filled with this deity describing His character and personage as being the appearance of unbearable light and fire! Many places in the ancient apocrypha, as well as our compilation of holy writ, we find angels associated with Yahweh; two of which permeate OT literature, and 7 that dominate the last biblical book of Revelation. The author was reared up in a Christian home, and is very familiar with the Holy Scripture. Therefore this author is going to make an attempt to hit all the highlights of both testaments dealing with the subject of fire. The connection of the Hebrew God Yahweh to fire goes all the way back to Genesis chapter 3 and verse 24. With the forfeiture of their inheritance, the first family in biblical record is driven

Fires from the GODS 44

out of their rich stable habitat, and Yahweh places Cherubim with a flaming sword turning in every direction to keep the way of the tree of life! The first humans were blessed with longevity of life. The life-span in the antediluvian earth was between 600-900 years, with Methuselah surviving the longest at 969 years of age, but with his father lasting only 365 years, and said to have left here in a chariot of fire. Therefore whatever happened to this Eden left man to till the ground, and women to reproduce offspring through much hard travail. This condition of rapid environmental change is what the bible and bible scholars refer to as the curse of sin and death. The most critical point for us to realize is that we are intimately and physiologically connected to our planet and cosmos. Any immediate changes that occur here on earth directly effects all lifeforms down here on home base! The best way to grasp this concept is to examine a particular scripture recorded by the apostle Paul in Romans chapter 8 and verses 17-22, where he states that the whole creation groans in travail (like the woman driven from paradise) to be delivered from the current conditional configuration. Please let us also consider that burnt offerings were instituted by Yahweh (probably by Michael the archangel, who later became Christ, and with an OT name of Melchizedek, Hebrews chapter 7-Genesis 14; 17-20), when He made coats of skin in Genesis 3; 21, and clothed them. This practice was taught to the two sons of Adam, Cain and Abel, but we see only Abel practicing the art of a blood sacrifice in which they are always offered by fire. Later on this practice is incorporated into the services of the portable sanctuary of the Israelites by the Levitical priesthood. This practice is commonly known as burnt offerings unto Yahweh. One of the best examples of the force or power behind Yahwehâ€&#x;s fire is detailed for us in Genesis chapters 18&19. Chapter 18 tells us that three manlike beings appear unto Abram (Abraham) in the heat of the day in the plain of Mamre. He recognized one of them as being the

Fires from the GODS 45

LORD-from his encounter with Him when he received the promise of a blessed seed, and at their meeting with bread and wine in chapter 14 and verse 19. After He promised Sara a man child in her old age, negotiations were then underway for the salvaging of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abram‟s brother Lot and family dwelt in those cities below the mountains around Mamre. Here in this text Abram is at it again, trying to rescue his brother from imminent danger just as he did at the slaughter of Chedorlaomer and the kings with him in the valley of Shaveh. Abram‟s bargaining chip was however halted because they could not even find 10 people that were not corrupted with the wickedness of those cities. Afterwards, in chapter 19, we see 2 of the 3 men that supped with Abram, going down to the cities to rescue Lot, wife, and their 3 daughters. A large group of Sodomites gathered about Lot‟s house with a desire to have their way with the 2 angels, but the angels smote them with blindness, and then rush Lot and family out of Sodom. The exact nature of this fire and whatever means of device was used against Sodom and Gomorrah cannot be known, but it must have been of a nuclear nature-for when Lot‟s wife turned to look at the fire she turned into a pillar of salt (or dust). Furthermore, Abram describes it in Genesis 19; 27&28 as the fire and smoke of a great (or gigantic) furnace. After the days and reign of Joseph over Egypt, being placed in charge by the Pharaoh to manage the 7 year drought, the Hebrew nation greatly multiplied in the land of Egypt. Then there arose a Pharaoh who knew not the mighty deeds of Joseph, committing the Hebrew to vigorous labor. Now the king placed the midwives named Shiphrah and Puah under orders that when they perform office to the Hebrew women kill every male child, but the females let them live. The midwives disobeyed the order and so the Hebrews grew even more exceedingly in the kingdom. Upon reinforcement of the death decree a certain Levite woman hid away her son for 3 months, but when she could no longer hide him she built an ark and placed the child in the Nile river near

Fires from the GODS 46

the quarters of the daughter of Pharaoh. She reared up the child and named him after the infamous Pharaoh linage of Thutmose 1, 11, and 111-with an extra s on the end of Thutmose we have then Moses. Moses was strong and mighty in word and deed, and being educated in all the universities of the Egyptians, he soon became the head prince over the realm of the kingdom. Afterward he learned of his Hebrew lineage and smote an Egyptian guard over his contention with a Hebrew slave. Moses flees to Median where he became a shepherd over the flock of Jethro. One day while tending his flock on top mount Horeb an angel appeared to him in a flame of fire-out of the midst of a bush, but Moses noticed that the bush was never consumed. He turned to look at the amazing sight, but a voice spoke out of the fire saying Moses do not come any closer. The angelic being commanded him to slip off his shoes for you are standing on holy ground or on dangerous ground from a divine presence. Moses is then commissioned by this being to gather his brother Aaron and deliver the Hebrew nation out of Egyptian oppression. Through 10 distinct plagues, and then after the death of Pharaohâ€&#x;s firstborn son (on the 1st Hebrew Passover) on the final 10th plague, the Hebrews are finally delivered under the direction of Moses and Aaron byr the divine power of Yahweh. It is worthy to note that the 7th plague of hail was mingled with fire and it ran upon the ground in full view of everyone in the realm. When Moses was commissioned he was enlightened by the voice of the angel, that the Hebrew nation would possess the land of Canaan, and take it from the heathen nations who were caught up in the age-long religion of the sun-cult.the possessing of the land of Canaan and surrounding territories would be accomplished under the leadership of Joshua. Notice that there are only 2 places in all of scripture where you find the commandment to take off shoes. The 2nd time is found after the crossing of Jordan when Joshua was near Jericho. In Joshua chapter 5 and verses 13-15, Joshua sees a man standing with His sword drawn. Joshua asks are you for us or

Fires from the GODS 47

for our adversaries? The being announced Himself as captain of the host of Yahweh, and in the Hebrew tongue captain means a chief prince. The shoe commandment given to Moses on Horeb is repeated in Joshua 5 & 15. One of the most interesting elements of ancient Hebrew worship is the giving of the law (the 10 commandments) on top Mount Sinai, and the order placed for the construction of the portable sanctuary. After they pitched below Sinai Moses is instructed by Yahweh to sanctify the people against the 3rd day, by performing sanitary acts by washing themselves and their clothes. Then 3 days later something extraordinary happens very early in the morning, Yahweh descends on Mt. Sinai with thunders and lightning; a thick cloud was upon the mount, and the voice of a trumpet exceeding loud-so that all the people below in the camp greatly trembled. The scripture states that Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because Yahweh descending upon it in fire- and the smoke ascended as the smoke of a furnace. Mt. Sinai quaked greatly! Then the voice of the trumpet sounded long and waxed loud, and Moses went up and Yahweh answered him by a voice probably in the Hebrew tongue. He orders Moses to warn the people lest they venture up the mountain to gaze upon the fiery sight and many perish. (Exodus 19; 10-21 and Hebrews 12; 1821). After the giving of the law, verse 18 of chapter 20 said all the people heard the thundering and noise of the trumpet, and saw the mountain smoking: and when they saw and heard these things were frightened and stood afar off. Then in verses 24-26 we find instructions for the making of a temporary altar for the purpose of burnt or animal sacrifices made by fire. Then Moses is commanded to build a portable tabernacle for a sacrificial worship system. The 3rd compartment housed the tables of stone overlain with pure gold, and the Cherubim of pure gold looking down on the law tablets, wings touching of which are guardians of the Sacred Oracles the Mercy Seat even in the celestial temple as seen in the book of Revelation. It is most peculiar

Fires from the GODS 48

to note that all the gold, silver, and precious stones that were freely given to the Hebrews before their departure by the Egyptians was all used to furnish the tabernacle and the Ephod for the precise garments of the High Priests Moses/Aaron. The similarities between the phenomenal activities surrounding Sinai and other passages of Holy Scripture are very profound. For instance our earlier story of the conversion of Saul who later became the apostle Paul, were no one heard the voice or saw the light, but a great quaking fell upon the men who accompanied Paul, stunning or suspending them in sort of a space-timewarp! Then we have the presence of this being upon Sinai causing smoke to ascend as the smoke of a furnace which can be compared to the Sodom and Gomorrah incident! Moreover we have the quaking that confounded the disciples at the Mount of Transfiguration in Matt. 17; 1-9-Mark 9; 2-10-Luke 9; 28-36, and 2nd Peter 1; 16-18, when only the disciples Peter, James, and John saw and heard the vision. There Moses and Elijah to them, of which they experienced encounters with these heavenly beings with thunder, lightning, and earthquakes. Furthermore almost every prophet expresses His vocal as being that of a great trumpet, and physical changes occur after close contact with Yahweh and company. For instance, Paulâ€&#x;s eyes being sizzled, and Moses face shining bright after his Sinai encounter (Exodus 34; 29-35 and 11 Corinthians 3; 13&14). Elijah who appeared with Moses and Christ at the Transfiguration sight was translated in 11 Kings 2; 1-12. In verse 5 of Matthew chapter 17 is mentioned a bright cloud overshadowing the Transfiguration scene. This is the same cloud, or Shikinah glory seen leading the Hebrew nation by day, and then changed to a pillar of fire by night, and this is the same pillared cloud that enshrouded this OT divine being when He descended between the Cherubim of gold in the 3rd compartment of the portable tabernacle, when they rested and would not journey until the cloud

Fires from the GODS 49

was taken up, and it appeared to them in a pillar of fire over the Cherubim by night! (Exodus 13; 21&22; 40; 34-38) *{Special Note: during the journeys of the Hebrews, the Levites carried the Ark of Yahweh. When the pillar of cloud came down to rest between the Cherubim they stopped and pitched their tents. The largest tent was the portable tabernacle, with the outer court, of brazen wash-pots and sacrificial altar. The 2nd compartment was furnished with the 7 branched golden candlesticks, the table, the showbread, and the altar where the priest enters to do his work of intercession for the errors of the people after his sacrificial work of the court. The sins were then transferred to rest on the mercy seat in the most holy place where the priest entered in once a year, properly adorned with the Ephod and miter. The 3rd compartment contained the cabinet that housed the tables of stone, the golden Cherubim of glory overshadowing the mercy seat (cabinet), the books of Moses beside the ark, Aaronâ€&#x;s rod that budded, and the golden pot containing manna. There the priest sprinkled blood on every article in the 3rd compartment; 1st for himself the blood of a bullock, along with his censer filled with burning coals from off the altar, and with sweet beaten down incense, and light it from the fire before Yahweh, that the smoke may cover the mercy seat that houses the testimony, that the priest die not from the glory of the divine presence. The blood of the bullock he takes and sprinkles it upon the mercy seat facing eastward 7 times. Then the goat is slain for the sins of the people, and after the priest accomplishes that work, he then walks out of the 3rd compartment and places his hands on the scapegoat (Azazel) and it is lead aimlessly into the wilderness. This day is known then and now as the Day of Atonement. The presence of Yahweh appeared as a pillar of fire by night, but when the cloud ascended they journeyed where ever the cloud led them (Exodus chapter 40; 34-38, and Hebrews chapter 9).

Fires from the GODS


It seems a fact that only those consecrated (Moses and Aaron) were able to offer up sin offerings, burnt, and peace offerings. In Leviticus 9 and verses 15-24, we see that if done appropriately Yahweh acknowledges by fire. Verse 24 indicates that Moses and Aaron being consecrated went into the 2nd compartment, and after presenting the offerings of the people, came out and blessed the congregation, and all seen the glory of the LORD! Then we find there came forth a fire from Yahweh consuming the burnt offering and the fat, and all the people fell on their faces! However, not being consecrated to offer holy services, and entering into the presence of the LORD, is a sure fire way for death. Nadab and Abihu Aaronâ€&#x;s sons entered into the tabernacle of the congregation took a Censer putting fire and incense thereon and offered strange fire before the LORD, of which He gave no commandment to do so. Suddenly there came fire from Yahweh and devoured them so they died before the LORD! In verse three of chapter 10, we find Moses reiterating on the words of Yahweh, that one must be sanctified that comes near to the divine personage. Yahweh then speaks to Aaron in verses 8&9 warning him and the remainder of his sons to not enter into the sanctuary under the influence of wine or strong drink-which was the calamity that caused the death of Nadab and Abihu. The rest of the chapter is devoted to offerings made by fire, the heave shoulder to be eaten by the priests, and the wave breast. Now we come to the story of Samson. The heart of the story is found in Judges Chapter 13. A certain man of the tribe of Dan, named Monoah had a wife with a barren womb, and an angel of the LORD appeared unto her proclaiming the good news that she would bare a son. He exhorts for her to drink no wine or strong drink, neither eat anything unclean. She breaks the news to Monoah, and describes the divine personage as having a countenance like an angel of the LORDvery terrible. In regard to barren women of the bible, it seems that a divine presence shows up to

Fires from the GODS 51

help out every-time. As already discussed it happened to Abramâ€&#x;s wife Sara, then here it is again, and we will examine other such incidences later on in this discourse. Now letâ€&#x;s pay attention to the fact that Monoah ask the angel for His name in verse 17, and in verse 18 the angel answers why do you ask me this for it is a secret. Now Monoah seeks to detain the angel while he prepares a kid goat for Him, but the angel would not eat. He rather instructs them that if they offer a burnt offering offer it to Yahweh! So Monoah took a kid and offered it upon a rock to Yahweh for a burnt meat offering. Then something miraculous happens, when the flame ascended upward from off the altar, the angel of the LORD ascended in the flame of the sacrifice. Thus we can conclude that these divine beings possess a nature that makes them feel right at home within flames of fire! Once more in regard to barren women of the bible, our story takes us to 1st Samuel chapter 1. A certain man of Mount Ephraim named Elkanah went up every year to Yahwehâ€&#x;s temple to worship and offer up sacrifice in the town of Shiloh. Elkanah had 2 wives named Hannah and Peninah. Peninah had children but Hannah was barren. Peninah was her adversary provoking her yearly because the LORD had shut up her womb. When Elkanah offered he gave portions to Peninah and her sons and daughters. Hannah received also a most generous portion for Elkanah greatly loved her. However Hannah was so grieved over the mocking of Peninah, that we they entered the house of the LORD she wept sorely and would not eat! Hannah arose from the banqueting table in bitterness of soul and weeping sorely! Then she prayed a prayer in silence, but the priest Eli marked her words. She begged Yahweh to give her a man child promising by a vow that she would dedicate him to the temple service all the days of his life. Because of the silence Eli misconceived that she was drunken on wine, but she told him that she had not partaken of any wine or strong drink. She told him that she had fasted and poured out her soul

Fires from the GODS 52

before Yahweh. Hannah told Eli that she was no daughter of Belial, but a servant of the LORD YHWH! Eli spoke to her go in peace and may Yahweh grant thee your petition. The next morning after worship, they returned to Ramah, and Elkanah went in to Hannah, and the LORD remembered her request. She conceived and bore a son whom she named Samuel meaning he was asked of the LORD! Hannah did not return with the rest to Shiloh until the child was weaned. When he was weaned she presented the child to Eli, and told him this is the petition that I asked of the LORD. The child remained there with Eli in the temple according to her vow. Every year Hannah made a coat for Samuel and went up to Shiloh to see the child and to worship. (Chapters 2-4) Now the sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, followed Beliel and not the LORD. They corrupted the offerings of the people, and committed forication with the women who gathered at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, but little Samuel ministered before Yahweh clothed in linen Ephod. Then there appeared to Eli a prophet of the LORD, foretelling the death of his sons and the fate of his father‟s house for he preferred his sons over Yahweh and allowed them to corrupt the temple service. They made the people‟s offerings contemptible becoming fat on the sacrifices made by fire. Though a good man Eli deviated from the priesthood established by Moses and Aaron! The LORD appears to Samuel in a vision declaring that the sins of the house of Eli can never be atoned for. In a heated battle with the Philistines Eli‟s sons are slain, the Ark of GOD is captured. When the news of these tragic events reaches Eli he falls backward in his seat breaking his neck and died at the age of 98. He had judged Israel for 40 years. The best part is that after Hannah lent out Samuel for the service of Yahweh-Eli prayed for the LORD to bless her seed. The LORD visited Hannah and she had 3 more sons and 2 daughters.

Fires from the GODS 53

(Chapters 5&6) With the Ark of GOD in the hands of the Philistines Israel was grieved, but the Philistines remained threatened by disease, plague, and death. They wanted to give back the Ark of YHWH, so they made a cart, with a peace offering of items of gold to try and stay the plague from off their kings and lords. The cart flows on its own into Bethshemite where those men were reaping their wheat harvest the Levites took down the ark from the cart, placed the golden items on the great stone of Abel, and the men of Bethshemite offered up offerings by fire unto Yahweh. However, the men of Bethshemite got a little to brave for their own good looking into the Ark of GOD, and the glory of Yahweh smote 120,000 men. The people lamented over the loss of these men for it was a great slaughter. (Chapter 7) The men of Kirjathjearim repossessed the Ark of Yahweh and brought it to the house of Abinadab, and consecrated Eleazar his son to keep service to the ark. The ark remained for 20 years in the house of Abinadab, and the people mourned and sought for Yahweh. Samuel spoke to Israel exhorting them to put away their gods, even Baal and Ashtoreth and serve only the LORD, Yahweh. So all Israel put away Baal and Ashtoreth and served the LORD only. Then Samuel gathered Israel to Mizpeh, and they drew water and poured it out to Yahweh. They continued in fasting and prayer on that day. Now the Philistines heard of their gathering, and their lords went up against Israel, and the people became frightened at their presence. Israel said to Samuel, do not stop crying out unto the LORD for our deliverance. Samuel took a suckling lamb, and offered the whole of it by fire unto Yahweh. He cried to him for Israel, and Yahweh heard him. When the Philistines drew nigh to battle against Israel, Yahweh thundered a great

Fires from the GODS 54

thunder discomfiting the Philistines, and they were smitten before Israel. Israel pursued the enemy and smote them even to Beth-car. Samuel sets up a commemorative stone between Mizpeh and Shen calling it Ebenezer, or the stone of help. Yahweh‟s hand remained against the Philistines all the days of Samuel. All the cities subdued by the enemy were restored to Israel from Ekron to Gath and the coast of them, and finally the people were at peace with the Amorites. Samuel marked a new era in Israelite history becoming the forerunner to a merging office of both King and Priest, of which David would faithfully execute to the fullest after the blundering reign of Saul! Our next story dealing with the fire of Yahweh-takes us to Mount Carmel and is found in the 1st book of Kings Chapter 18. A sore famine is throughout all the land, at the request of Elijah‟s prayer to Yahweh, and the time drew near for relief from the drought. At that time Ahab was king over Israel, and a wicked one for he had joined forces with Jezebel a prophetess of Baal. She greatly persecuted Yahweh‟s prophets, but Obadiah, a man of God, hid 100 of YHWH‟S prophets in a cave and fed them bread and water. By word sent from Obadiah, Ahab meets with Elijah, blaming him for the drought by calling him the one who troubles Israel. Elijah with much boldness hits a home run declaring, I am not the one who troubles Israel, but you and your father‟s house (previous wicked Kings who followed pagan gods and the practices of the suncult) in that you have forsaken the sacred oracles (10 commandments) and followed Baal! Elijah presents to Ahab a proclamation: gather all Israel this day upon Mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal 450, and the prophets of the pagan groves 400 who sup at the table of Jezebel. So the King gathered all together to Carmel! Elijah then spoke to all the people and said, why are you so mixed up in mind and spirit; this day if Yahweh be God then follow Him, but if Baal be god then follow him. Now let the prophets of Baal chose a bullock, dress it and place it on wood, but

Fires from the GODS 55

put no fire under it. Elijah then spoke-I will do the same, and call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the LORD, Yahweh. Thus the God that answers by fire let Him be God, and they all agreed. So the 850 prophets of Baal cried out to their gods from morning to noon, and Elijah mocked them saying, maybe his busy, or on a journey, or maybe he is asleep. They cast themselves upon their altar to the point where they cut themselves, saying, Oâ€&#x; Baal hear us, but there was no answer from Baal. Now at the time of the evening sacrifice (3:00 PM), Elijah brings the house of Israel near him, and repairs the altar of Yahweh that had been broken down. Elijah gathered 12 stones and built an altar in the name of Yahweh: and he dug a large trench around the altar. He placed the wood in order and cut the bullock into pieces laying it on the wood. He orders some men of Israel to fill 4 barrels of water and pour it on the sacrifice, the wood, and commanded that they repeat the procedure 3 times. Elijah also filled up the trench with water. Then at the time of the evening oblation, Elijah spoke and said, Oâ€&#x; God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that you are the only true God over Israel and that I am your servant! Then the fire of Yahweh fell and consumed the sacrifice, the wood, the stone, the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. All the people fall to the faces at this amazing sight, declaring, Yahweh He is God, yes Yahweh He is God! It does indeed seem that the law given to Israel by fire is the very one Israel turned their hearts back too by fire at the hand of a commandment keeping prophet called Elijah! It does appear that this man Elijah is most intimately connected to both Yahweh and His primary weapon of judgment and that being FIRE! After the death of Ahab, Ahaziah took the throne in Samaria, but unfortunately followed in the footsteps of his father worshiping Baal and Ashtoreth. Because of his apostasy he is stricken with sickness, and is layed in an upper chamber

Fires from the GODS 56

in Samaria. He sends out messengers to enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron, whether he would recover or not. Sent of GOD, Elijah, goes out to meet them in the way, asking of them is not there a God in Israel that you would go and enquire of Baalzebub in Ekron? The men returned to king Ahaziah telling him of these words. After the messengers describe the man, the king perceives that it was Elijah the Tishmite. The king sends out a captain with 50 others to meet with Elijah, and behold Elijah was sitting on top of a hill. The captain of the 50 told Elijah the king of Israel commands you to come down. Elijah spoke-if I be a man of Yahweh, then let fire come down from heaven and consume you and your 50, and fire came down out of heaven and consumed them. After this the king sent out another captain with50 (he must just love losing men), and at Elijah request fire came down out of heaven and consumed them. Then the relentless pagan king sends out still a 3rd captain with 50 others, but this time the captain fell to his knees, knowing full well the fate of the first 2 regiments, and pleaded with Elijah to spare their lives. The angel of the LORD said it‟s alright Elijah go with him, and he arose and went with him to the place where lie the king. Upon arrival Elijah pulls no punches, but speaks to him the very same words he spoke to the messengers; that because he sought counsel from Baalzebub and not the LORD, he would not arise out of that bedfast condition, but would surely die! Verse 17 states, “So he died according to the word of the LORD which Elijah had spoken.” Being in tune with the fire of Yahweh does seem to have its advantages. Elijah knew of the intentions of the first 2 captains because of the death decree that followed his ministry, and is probably one of the main reasons for his strange departure from earth by fire. (Chapter 2)

Fires from the GODS 57

Then came the time for Elijah‟s departure from planet earth! He meets with Elisha at Gilgal, and Yahweh sends him to Bethel, Jericho, and Jordan, and each time Elijah requests that Elisha remain behind, but he would not leave the presence of his mentor. Elisha knew from the words of Elijah that he would be taken away by Yahweh, and the sons of the prophets at Bethel and Jericho confirmed his imminent departure from this world. Now Elisha followed him all the way to Jordan. Elijah took off his mantle and wrapped it together, and smote the water of Jordan. The water divided, just as it did in the days of Joshua when it parted for the priests bearing Yahweh‟s Ark. After they crossed over between the separated water, Elijah spoke to Elisha and said, ask what you will of me before I am taken away, and Elisha requested a double portion of his spirit or force. Elijah said if you see me when I am taken away, this shall be so to you, but if not then it will not be so. Then verse 11 tells us that while they journeyed and talked, behold there came out of heaven a Chariot of FIRE separating them, and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. Then Elisha returns to the Jordan and parts the water with Elijah‟s mantle, saying, “where is the LORD GOD of Elijah?” And poof the water separates! The 50 men that stood afar off to view the separation of the Jordan River kneel before Elisha asking him if they could send 50 strong men to look for his master Elijah. These presupposed that the spirit of Yahweh might have dropped him off on some mountain, or in some valley. Elisha forbade them, but they pressed the issue, and he reluctantly agreed. These men sought diligently for 3 days, but they did not find him. The same can be said for the antediluvian patriarch Enoch, which we will discuss later on in this book. The best locations in the bible to better understand what might be meant by the phraseChariot of Fire lies within the writings of many other prophets in Holy Scripture, and the results are paramount.

Fires from the GODS 58

Another intriguing incident found in the book of 2nd Kings is in correspondence to the Jewish tradition that the archangel Uriel (one of the 7) possesses the flaming sword of Genesis 3&24, and the power behind the destruction of the vast Assyrian army. In 2nd Kings Chapter 19, Isaiah prophesies good to the repentant Judean king Hezekiah, so that Yahweh adds 15 years to his life, and then prophesies destruction for the Assyrians: in that the city of Yahweh would He defend for His sake, and for the sake of His servant David. Thus it came to pass that very night that the angel of the LORD went out into the camp of the Assyrians and smote 145,000, and when Israel arose early in the morning for battle, behold the battle was over! In summation, thus far, it does seem that there is either an element or a combination of elements that sets apart the nature of Yahwehâ€&#x;s FIRE from our compilation of what we perceive to be fire here on planet earth. It could be that such weapons as a flaming sword could have properties of other elements such as laser light, or some other form of possibly foreign or unknown energy from other worlds in our galaxy and beyond! Section D: Davidic Factor As thus far demonstrated the only way to fully understand and satisfy the topic of Yahwehâ€&#x;s fire is through the writings of the prophets. The single most powerful and contributing agent in the whole bible is the writings of the prophet David. To some scholars and students of Holy Scripture he is known as King David, and to others the Psalmist David, but by all rights he is definitely a prophet of the highest order. From His life, teachings, sufferings, temptations, crucifixion, even unto the casting of lots for His garments-the life and times of Christ are vivdly and breathtakingly foretold in miraculous detail. David who arose after the rebellious reign of Saul, followed the pattern of Samuel, in the category of a merged office of King/Priest, and

Fires from the GODS 59

furthermore after the order of Melchesidek! There is barely a single line of prophetic discourses of both Christ and the apostles that does not include an overshadowing of Davidic Ecclesiastical overtones. The prophecies stated in places like Isaiah chapters 9&11, that Messiah was destined to inherit the throne of David; so as Luke records in chapter 1; 32&33; so as Paul records in Acts 13&22, and thus as Christ speaks of Himself in Revelation 22&16. This little humble shepherd boy who slew lions, bears, and the Philistine giant Goliath, became a great King and prophet, and a first class witness to the fire of Yahweh! David demonstrates his knowledge of Yahweh‟s fire by first acknowledging, as do many other prophets, the beings that are associated with the fire, of which also is His means of transportation. In Psalms 18; 6-15. Here David records that he cried unto Yahweh, and He heard him out of His heavenly temple. As on Sinai the earth shook and trembled, and the hills were shaken by His voice. Smoke came forth from His nostrils, and a devouring fire from His mouth that kindled coals! Verse 10 states that He rode upon a Cherub and did fly. Darkness is His secret place; dark waters and thick clouds of the sky, and this my friend sounds like the condition of the earth and water in Genesis 1&2. Then at the presence of His brightness the dark clouds passed, then appeared hail stones and coals of fire. In alignment with the writings of David, concerning the fiery issue from Yahweh‟s mouth, and the kindling of coals of fire, we find the confirmation testimony of the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah prophesied during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings over Judah. One of the most distinguished of all his prophecies was the defining of the overthrow of the Assyrian army, and the heartfelt repentance of King Hezekiah, resulting in the prophecy of him being healed from a life threatening sickness (which involved a boil); the adding of 15 years to his life; the prediction of after 3days returning to the temple service of Yahweh, and the miraculous moving of Ahaz‟s sundial ten degrees backward in orbital timed plot movement (11 Kings

Fires from the GODS


chapter 19& verse 20)! A most intriguing stanza in this particular prophetic protrusion is found in verses 5&6 of chapter 20, when in verse 5 Hezekiah is labeled by Yahweh as captain of His people, and that He is the GOD of his father David. Verse 6 states that Yahweh spoke by the mouth of Isaiah saying, I will deliver thee (Hezekiah) and this city, Jerusalem, out of the hand of the king of Assyria, and I will defend this city for mine own sake, and for my servant Davidâ€&#x;s sake! Please keep in mind that this is the very seed by which Christ will repossess Project Earth, after 1,000 years of planetary rest. Now due to the reign of wicked kings, Judah was constantly slipping back into the pagan rites and rituals of their neighboring heathen nations. Isaiah became perplexed in mind and spirit, and at his lowest point he received a vision from Yahweh! The vision is recorded in Isaiah chapter 6. In the same year of the death of Uzziah, Isaiah being in turmoil is praying in the temple of Yahweh. He sees Him on His throne high and lifted up, and His train or presence filled the temple. Above the throne stood the Seraphim each having 6 wings. The wings of these creatures seem to work in unison, but with different or separate tasks. Two wings covered their face, two wings their feet, and with the other remaining two they did fly! One cried unto another, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy is Yahweh the whole earth is full of His glory. The posts of the temple door moved at the cry of their voice, and the temple is filled with smoke! This is a rendition from Exodus 40&34, when even Moses was not able to enter the portable tabernacle to minister, and when the priests or Solomon were not able to enter the newly built temple for the smoke from the glory of the LORD in 1st Kings 8&10. Thus because of the glory of the LORD, Isaiah is dismayed and pronounces that he is one of unclean lips being influenced by the evil of all Judah. Then one of the Seraphim flew to him having a live coal of fire in his hand, which he had with the tongs taken from off the altar, and he laid it upon Isaiahâ€&#x;s mouth, saying, thy iniquity has

Fires from the GODS 61

been taken away and thy sin purged! Then the voice of the LORD spoke and said, who can I send, and who will go for US? Then Isaiah said, here am I send me. Then Isaiah is sent to prophesy to Judah. The significance here in this passage is the fact that one of the six-winged beings is the instrument by fire through which the prophet‟s sin is purged. Moreover, the word US in verse 8, reveals a cross reference to Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26, of let US make man in our own image and likeness, and also to Genesis 3&22-24, when GOD said the man has become like one of US, to know good and evil. So to prevent mankind from partaking of the tree of life and living forever in a fallen state; He placed Cherubim in charge as guardians of the mystery, and a fiery or flaming sword turning in every direction to keep the way of the tree of life. The mystery behind these winged beings can be best understood by the examination of the book of Ezekiel. As we shall soon study, these beings are always present at the appearance of the Old Testament deity Yahweh. These beings are also seen as actively participating in elements of intercession and judgment in the Book of Revelation. Verse 13 of Psalms chapter 18 makes the evidences of Yahweh‟s vocal by His profound thunder in coherency with His voice, and then hail stones and coals of fire. The foundations of the earth and channels of water are disclosed at His rebuke. In relation to the Elijah left off by a chariot of fire, David states in Psalms chapter 68 and verse 17 that the chariots of the LORD are 20,000, even 1,000s of angels (Hebrew for many thousands), Yahweh is among them as in Sinai in the Holy Place, or the celestial temple. It is very obvious that wherever this temple resides, the Eternal One dwells between the Cherubim, or the guardians of the sacred order. Psalms 80&1 makes the residence of the creator evident, and so does 99&1! Then in summation let us dwell on the words of David in Psalms 12&6, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a

Fires from the GODS 62

furnace of earth, purified seven times�. As we shall soon see, when the earth turns into a furnace of fire, only those words will remain!

Section E: The Ezekiel Factor Another prophet in Hebrew antiquity is the prophet Ezekiel, and he provides for us a detailed account of the 4 living creatures or beasts that are ever connected to the Old Testament deity Yahweh. Ezekiel is of the 1st wave of exiles during the 5th year of Jehoichinâ€&#x;s captivity. The date set for this prophecy is July the 5th around 595 years before the birth of Christ. He is among the captives by the river Chebar in the land of the Chaldeans. Ezekiel was the priest of the now burnt down temple, and the son of Buzi. There by the river Chebar Ezekiel sees a whirlwind from out of the north; a great cloud, and there was a fire enfolding itself. There was a magnificent brightness emanating from the cloud; the color of amber emitted out of the midst of the fire. Then out of the midst of the burning cloud came the likeness of 4 living creatures. They each had 4 faces of a man and a lion on the right side, and on the left an Ox, and the face of an eagle. They each had 4 wings, one of which joined one creature to another, and one of which covered their body, and the remaining was for flight. They turned not when they maneuvered but went straight forward wherever the spirit bided. Their feet were straight feet like a calf, and sparkled like burnished brass. Their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like burning lamps: the fires went up and down among the creatures; the fire was very bright, and out of the fire came forth lightning. The movement of these creatures was like a flash of lightning. As Ezekiel beheld the awesome sight, he beheld 1

Fires from the GODS 63

wheel upon the earth by each of the creatures, and the working of it was as it were a wheel within a wheel. The appearance of their rings were dreadful, and their rings were full of eyes round about them. When the creatures stood these stood, and when they were lifted up from the earth the wheels were lifted up over against them-for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. The likeness of a terrible crystal was stretched forth over their heads in sight like to earthsâ€&#x; firmament. The noise of their wings was like the voice of great waters; as the voice of the Almighty, or the voice of speech; and the noise of a multitude. When they stood upon the earth and let down their wings, there came forth a voice out of the firmament above their heads. Then above the firmament above their heads the prophet sees the likeness of a throne as the appearance of a sapphire stone, and the likeness of a men above upon it! The color of amber and fire was around it, and the whole body of this man was the appearance of fire, and the fire was very bright. The brightness that was round about the throne was like a rainbow. Ezekiel falls to his face in awe. Then a voice spoke rising him to his feet and commissions him to speak unto the house of Israel whom the Eternal One had labeled as a stiff necked and rebellious nation. As we shall soon see these creatures are so intimately connected to the cosmic creator that they are frequently seen participating in the measuring and dealing out of earthy judgment. Afterward, Ezekiel is shown the pagan abominations exercised by the ancients of Israel in which include sun worship, the offering of incense to abominable creeping things, and the holding to the pagan customs surrounding the sun and moon goddess Ashtoreth including the weeping of Tammuz (read Ezekiel chapter 8: this is the sun-cult practice that is known as Easter Sunday). A man clothed in linen is commanded to set a mark upon the foreheads of all those who sigh and cry out to me for all the abominations committed in Yahwehâ€&#x;s temple and in the city. After the mark is placed upon the penitent ones the other 5 angels are ordered to start at the sanctuary 1st

Fires from the GODS 64

with the ancients of Israel, and then into the city slay both old, young, maids, women and children, but touch no one who bares the mark from the inkhorn given by the one clothed in linen. Now in chapter 10 we find that the 4 living creatures are specifically named Cherubim. The prophet sees Yahweh leave His place over the Cherubim and stand over the threshold of His sanctuary. The LORD‟S house was filled with the cloud, and the court was filled with His brightness. The voice of the Cherubim‟s wings was heard unto the outer court as the voice of the Eternal One when He speaks. The man clothed in linen was commanded to go and take fire from between the wheels; from between the Cherubim. So he went in and stood beside the wheels! Now look out friend for this one-one Cherub stretched forth his hand into the coals of fire that were between the Cherubim, and dipped live coals and placed it into the hands of the man clothed in linen, and He took it and went out. These coals were to be sprinkled over the land of Judah. Then the prophet once again describes the Cherubim for us; for there appeared under their wings a man‟s hand. In addition he details for us 4 wheels, one wheel by each Cherub. The 4 had 1 likeness as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel. Their whole body, back, front, hands, wings, and their wheels were full of eyes, yes, even the 4 wheels they each had one. It was cried into the ears of the prophet, O‟ Wheel-as if it were a issued commandment for movement. Then the glory of the LORD departed from the court and the threshold of His house. The creatures with their wheels beside them mounted up from the earth-turning not but going straight forward. They all stood at the door of the east gate, and the Glory of Yahweh was over them above! Section F: The Joel/Malachi Factor

Fires from the GODS 65

We must now venture into the last of the remaining prophets who to a significant degree shed for us light on the subject of Yahweh‟s fire. The prophet Joel prophesied around 800 years before the birth of Christ. He speaks of the coming of the day of Yahweh, and with the eschatological elements of both the end of the age, and the beginning of a new age or order! Let‟s pick up the prophecy in Joel chapter 2. There is 1st an exhortation to blow a trumpet and sound off an alarm in Yahweh‟s Holy Mountain! For the day of the LORD is nigh at hand! This historical event will be preceded by a time of darkness, both with natural disasters, and the spiritual condition of human hearts and minds. A great people cometh such as has never been, and never shall be again. Verse 3 states that a fire devoured before them, and fires left behind them are rampant. This army appears to be as horses: causing a noise like many chariots, and like the noise of a flame of fire devouring the stubble (the wicked) as a strong army set in array for battle. Verses 8&9, proves that this is a supernatural army and shall come to earth like a thief entering in through a window (Matthew 24; 42-44, 2nd Peter 3; 10-12, Revelation 16; 15). The 10th verse tells us that the earth will shake, and the heavens shall tremble; the sun and the moon will be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining. Then in verse11 the LORD utters His voice is before His army (indicating He is captain of the vast host); for He is very strong in fulfilling His word: for the day of the LORD is very great and terrible, and who can abide it (Revelation 6; 12-17). Then the prophet Joel suggests for us a personal remedy in order to escape calamity. He suggests turning to the LORD with the whole heart, with fasting, weeping and mourning: rendering the heart and not garments: for the LORD is gracious, merciful, and full of compassion. Joel‟s faith in Yahweh‟s mercy indicates that He will repent of the intended executable judgment! Verses 21-26 indicate the restoration of the earth, and the dwelling of peace and righteousness thereon! Finally verses 28-32, suggests the true spiritual empowered age

Fires from the GODS 66

this side of the cross-whose dreams and visions comes from Yahweh the universal creator, while 30-32 expound even further on what supersedes the coming of Yahweh-with great wonders in the heavens and on earth: blood, fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun is darkened, causing the moon to turn blood-red before that awesome day of the Eternal One-the Prince of all princes! The last remaining visionary prophet details for us a final global destruction at the grand event of the day of the LORD. One thing to keep in mind is that 1 day is as a 1,000 years with Yahweh (2nd Peter 3; 8, Psalms 90; 4). Actually in fact the coming of the Eternal One is in 2 phases: 1st of all a mission of rescue for the righteous dead and living, and another return after the millennium, and this is the main topic found in the last of the list of prophets in the OT canon. Furthermore prepare yourself for some other major insights from this brief but very powerful prophecy. Let us pick up the prophecy in Malachi chapter 3. We see in verse 1 that the messenger would come to prepare the way of the LORD (John the Baptist), and the LORD would come to His temple whom the Jews sought after, and this happened after the baptism of Christ by John in the Jordan River. Christ then taught in their temples but they did not adhere. Thus after the stoning of Stephen 31/2 years after the crucifixion of Christ (marking the end of the 70 weeks of allotted Jewish probationary time), Paul is converted and the gospel goes forth to all nations. Peter being revealed through a vision the acceptance of the gentile nations, speaks plainly to us of all nations as being a peculiar people, a royal priesthood (1st Peter 2; 9), and Malachi proclaims this in verses 2&3 with an overtone from Joel of who shall abide in the day of His coming? Who shall stand when He appears: for He is like a refiners FIRE, and like fullers soap, and shall sit as a purifier of silver, and He shall purify the sons of Levi purging them as gold and silver; so that they may offer up before Yahweh an offering in righteousness-meaning the spiritual conditioning of the heart and mind. The Levites

Fires from the GODS 67

were the OT priests of the OT portable sanctuary in the days of Moses and Aaron, but the NT indicates that this is all those people who follow the lamb whithersoever He goeth. In Revelation chapters 1; 10, 6; 5, and 20; 6 we find them being labeled as Kings and Priests, and now Christ ministers in the Most Holy Place in the Celestial Temple-virtually separating the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25; 31-46). Christ said plainly that when He returned to His project earth then will every one of us receive reward according to our works (Revelation 22; 12), and Matthew 25; 31-46 demonstrates the fact of it being a matter of how we treated fellow human beings. The system of this present world infrastructure is corrupt and unfair with lower classes of people, and this is plainly seen in Malachi 3 and verses 5-7. Verse 5 makes clear that the system is corrupt by false teachings, and very oppressive on behalf of the poor of the earth! Verse 6 gives to us the irrefutable law that the Everlasting One never changes, and verse 7 tells us because of sorcery and divination, His people whom He loved and nurtured abandoned His ordinances due to their practices involving the sun-cult. GODâ€&#x;S ordinances are the 10 commandments. This is clearly recorded in Revelation 22; 14&15, and in verse 15 is seen John reiterating on the sorcery theme, and then naming off most of the Decalogue. Then Malachi 3; 16-18 speaks of the before mentioned rescue mission, by an extraction process known as the retrieval of Yahwehâ€&#x;s Jewels. Chapter 4 of Malachi then speaks of a day to come that shall burn like an oven, and all the proud and wicked shall be stubble and burned up leaving them neither root or branch-or no hope of eternal life referred to in Revelation chapter 20 as the resurrection of the wicked and or the 2nd death! Verse 2 tells us that the righteous shall live and grow up spiritually maturing on the new earth. Verse 3 makes plain the wicked shall be ashes under the soles of the feet of the righteous. Verses 4-6 leaves no room for doubt about the validity of GODâ€&#x;S law-with the word remember. The only commandment of the 10 that begins with this word is the 4th one-the Sabbath

Fires from the GODS 68

commandment! It is the only constant that has been changed by the world church system, and in Isaiah chapter 24 we find this is exactly why the earth is burned by fire, and layed desolate (read the whole of Isaiah chapter 24). Then in verse 5 we find a movement of commandment-keeping people who like John the Baptist go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare a people for the return of Messiah (once more see Malachi 3; 1)! Section G: The Messiah/Apostle Factor Standing in the midst of a long line of biblical prophets is the Messiah of the NT. However, this Christ was not just a prophet, but our Pascal Lamb or sacrifice to join or bridge the gap between heaven and earth, mortal and immortality, corruption and incorruption-just as Moses stood in the gap even as a mediator Yahweh and the threatened Israeli lives. This same Messiah that led the Hebrew nation through the wilderness, by a cloud and a pillar of fire by night-is the same Messiah that suffered a cruel slow death on our behalf. The NT Christ had much to say about fire, especially on the subject of the global purifying fire at the close of this present age. The messenger spoken of in Malachi 3;1, 4; 4-6, spoke of such fire in Matthew 3; 10-12, where Matthew records John saying: the axe is laid at the root of every tree (people), and every tree that does not bring forth good fruit-is hewn down and cast into the fire! Then John states Christ would come after him. John baptized with water, but Christ baptized with the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost. Then it states the righteous are harvested as good wheat, but the chaff (leftovers of the summer threshing floor), shall be burned up with unquenchable fire. When Christ spoke of the end of the age-He referred to it as either hell-fire, or everlasting fire (Matthew 5; 22). In Matthew 7; 19, we find Messiah reiterating on the words of John concerning the trees or world people. In Matthew 18; 8, 9, Messiah reiterates from His

Fires from the GODS 69

sermon on the mount, stating to be careful of offences (verse 7), or the way we treat others or ourselves, insomuch if our hand or foot offend us to cut them off, for it would be better to enter into life halt or maimed-rather than having everyone of our members to be cast into everlasting fire: and if your eye offends you pluck it out, saying it would better to enter into life with only one than having 2 good eyes to be cast into hell-fire. In Matthew 25; 34-41, we read of the parable of the sheep and goats, and once more let me state that it is all about the way we treat others! The righteous sheep inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the earth, but in verse 41 the cruel and heartless goats, the cursed seed, are severed from the just into everlasting fire prepared for Satan (Lucifer) and his angels. As we plainly seen in Malachi, the wicked are reduced to ashes, along with the fallen beings from other worlds (Ezekiel 28; 11-19). In addition it is also worthy to note when Christ speaks of hell-fire and everlasting fire, it is a metaphor in the language bible scholars refer to as a parable. The fact is the results of the fire last forever, but not the fire itself. Jude wrote in verse 7 that Sodom and Gomorrah suffered the vengeance of eternal fire, but as we all know they are not still burning today. Hell-fire is a method by which a final judgment is administered. It is a final total judgment upon heartless people, but no fire (except the fire of the Cherubim of Yahweh) can burn endlessly throughout eternity! This deceptive form of thinking indeed works hand in hand with ancient witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and new age spiritualism-in constant sync with the theories surrounding Greek and Roman philosophers, and the teachings within the domain of human immortality. The bible teaches that only Christ is immortal (1st Timothy 1; 17, 65, 15, 16). Now we must turn our attention to the epistle of 2nd Peter chapter 3; 1-14, where he first exhorts to be mindful of the words spoken of old by the Holy Prophets, and the teachings of Christ and of us the apostles. Then Peter records for us the realization of the whole world being

Fires from the GODS 70

led astray-losing faith in any higher power ever returning, and that earth is in fact an abandoned project. Then he teaches that these people are willingly ignorant of that the heavens exist of old by Yahwehâ€&#x;s infallible word, and the old world perished by water: but the current heavens and earth are kept in store reserved unto fire for judgment of ungodly people. Then submits that one sign of their ignorance is failing to realize that GOD is longsuffering, and that His timescale is not our perception of the passing of time. Then Peter reveals that the day of the LORD will come as a theif. The heavens are seen passing away with a great noise, and the elements (the stratosphere, ionosphere, and ozone) shall melt with fervent heat; the earth also and everything therein shall be burned up. This is elaborated on even further in verse 12, when Peter even mentions that the starry heavens would be on fire; the elements melting with fervent heat, and the earth burned up. What an amazing prophecy reminiscent of the OT prophets, with overwhelming details of the awful final fate of this current worldâ€&#x;s system and inhabitants! Section H: The Daniel/Revelation Factor Around 607 B.C. the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar marched his troops into Jerusalem, ransacking the whole of the city and surrounding territories; turning it into ashes by fire. The closing statements of 2nd Chronicles 36; 17-21 we find the details of the destruction, and a valuable point to consider is the carrying away of the sacred vessels from Yahwehâ€&#x;s house, gathered before the burning of the same, nut take note that, king Nebuchadnezzar kept them in his golden city behind a locked door. Later, after his departure his son commands his servants attending to a drunken party to unlock and bring the sacred vessels, stored by his father: after drinking wine from them and appraising the gods of idols the kingdom of Babylon falls into the hands of Cyrus and Darius-the Persians and Medes.

Fires from the GODS 71

To get a better insight on the specific conditions encompassing the destruction of Jerusalem, and the captivity of its people, we must turn to the book of the prophet Jeremiah, and a good place to start is chapter 27; 5-11. We see here in this passage that the LORD Yahweh calls Nebuchadnezzar his servant in verse 6, and then the prophecy states that if GODâ€&#x;S people were to continue living, and to even return back to their land-they willingly must submit to the yoke of Babylon. Then traveling back to 2nd Chronicles 36; 22, 23, we find that Yahweh stirred up the spirit of the Persian king Cyrus, who took over the Babylonian kingdom after its fall in 536 B.C: Cyrus made a proclamation that Yahweh had charged him to build for Him a house in Jerusalem. So in several increments, between 536-457 B.C., Cyrus freed the Jewish nation, and after these campaigns Yahwehâ€&#x;s house and the wall were rebuilt! The Jews had remained in captivity for 70 years as spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah. 11 Chronicles 36; 21, tells us the root of the problem: the Jews slipped into the pagan practices of the sun-cult, and YHWH concluded that if His people were not going to keep His law, especially the Sabbath (which is the 1st commandment they were tested on after their Egyptian Exodus, and before they ever received the whole law at Sinai. The LORD in effect laid the land of Judah desolate, so at least the land could rest for 70 years of Sabbaths. For a whopping 3,360 Sabbaths the land the land rested without inhabitant. For close to a century all kingdoms of earth served the king of Babylon whom the Eternal One labeled as His servant. Meanwhile, within the confines of the Golden City, king Nebuchadnezzar, has picked out 4 goodly young men to be educated in the Babylonian universities. After passing the diet test in Daniel chapter 1, they become highly favored by the captain of the guards, but the ultimate test by fire was only a little bit off in their future. After putting the sorcerers, astrologers, and enchanters to shame by revealing to the king his prophetic futuristic dream and its interpretation,

Fires from the GODS 72

Daniel is placed 1st prince and 2nd in command throughout all the realm of Babylon! It is a most profound and mind-boggling story of how the GOD of heaven chose a pagan king to reveal a succession of kingdoms all the way up to the final scenes in earthâ€&#x;s history, but this is exactly what we find in Daniel chapter 2! In Daniel chapter 3, we find Danielâ€&#x;s 3 associates, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, defying the golden image set up by Nebuchadnezzar for all Babylon to worship. The colossal image stood 90 feet high and 9 feet wide. The king commanded for his princes, governors, and counselors within the whole realm to bow down to the image of gold at the sound of the musicians. Everyone did except the 3 young Hebrew boys who stood firm in their convections over the law of GOD. The 2nd commandment stated that paying obeisance to idols is false worship, and they firmly told the King, listen up, NO WAY! The king pronounced a sentence against them to be bound hand and foot and cast into a furnace of fire. They answered the king the 2nd time, no, and were cast into the fiery oven. However, when the king looked in the furnace he saw 4 in the furnace and describing 1 of them as the son of the gods. The only thing that the fire devoured was the bonds that held them. Furthermore, we can read of the protection of Daniel in the den of lions-as a result of a campaign to remove Daniel from office, and again it was over a manmade law concerning the paramount issues of obedience and worship (read all of Daniel chapters 3&6)! Now we come to the end of the list of prophets, and let me say-this book is 1 hum-digger of a prophecy. The visionary of Saint John the Devine takes up to new levels-using the climatic sequence of the prophets of Old and using the stepladder effect as does the Daniel prophecies. The stepladder effect is the only method by which we are able to decipher the signs and symbols giving us a detected sequence of events that cannot be decoded by any other means. OT

Fires from the GODS 73

scriptures is the format by which Christ and others depict for us visual stigma and cunning hieroglyphics of what will befall earth dwellers in the closing scenes of project earthâ€&#x;s final scenes, and the events that will prevail thereafter. It also pins a badge upon believers pertaining to the fact Christ seems to have help in the celestial temple, by the presence of the already stated Cherubim, and made an addition thereto by the already presence of the 4 and 20 elders. The whole of the opening statements of John is nothing but intercession for those who follow the lamb, and judgment for those who do not! These are prophecies of the greatest order, and cannot be disputed-for they take us through complete church history, beginning with our LORD, and taking us through solemn events all the way up to the closing of this current world order! In accordance with the testimonies and visions of the elder prophets it seems that the 4 living beasts, creatures, or Cherubim, are actively engaged in intercession for earthly beings in coalition with the 24 elders and of course the lamb. They seem to be in charge of intergalactic transportation and the masters of fire! In addition, it seems that this coalition includes a vast host of divine angelic beings with a shared common goal of incorporating new species into their Divine Family. Furthermore, in accordance with the elder prophets, the entire discourse of eschatological prophetical theme centers around one inevitable event: the return of these Celestial Beings to this earth-ushering in a new age preceding the purifying fires, and then the subsequent renovation of earth excavated from the ashes of the former. This Divine Coalition of Beings will enjoy a new habitat wherein will dwell peace and harmony, based upon the 10-coded eternal law devised by these heavenly visitors. This eternal law is none other than the 10 commandments! The entire visionary discourse found in Revelation is like the pro[phecies of old-centered around the coming of the SROCI (super Race of Cosmic Intelligence) with the ultimate enhanced

Fires from the GODS 74

feature of the 7 angels of hierarchy. These 7 angels are the 7 lamps of fire burning before the celestial throne, and there present is the Cherubim, elders, and the 7 horns and eyes of the Lamb of God, who through much suffering earns the right to open the 7 seals, but it is the 4 Cherubim who leads Him into the visions. Moreover, both Daniel and St. John the divine, saw the presence of the Eternal One with a complexion like the sun, snow-white hair, feet like polished brass, voice like a multitude (or many waters), and eyes like lamps or flames of fire! When upon comparison between the attributes of this being, and the ever-present-transporting Cherubim, we find very similar aspects such as: the appearance of lamps of fire; voices like thunder or a multitude; feet and lower extremities like sparkling or fine polished brass, and finally extraordinary maneuvering capabilities. It is easy to assume that these beings are of one family, and are working toward one overwhelming marvelous event-the extraction of the righteous from planet earth immediately following the 7 last plagues of Revelation chapters 5, 6, 8, 11; 14-16, and 19&20! After the opening of the seals in Revelation chapters 5&6, we see a separated party in chapter 7, which are protected from the plagues. Then in chapters 8, 15&16, we find the receiving of the 7 last plagues by the 7 angels. Then after this we see the angel in charge of human intercession ending His work, and fills His interceding censer with fire from off the altar-casting it to the earth; and there were freak storms, thundering, voices, and an earthquake! Then in chapter 11 verses 14-19, we see earthy kingdoms falling; rewards given to His servants the prophets and all believers, but destruction for those who through corruption, greed, pollution, and warfare destroyed the earth! Then we can plainly and without error see in chapter 8 and verse 19; and in chapter 15 and verses 5-8, the controversy behind the whole matter (as also stated in the writings of the Elder Prophet Isaiah chapter 24, and many others), is the ark of Yahwehâ€&#x;s testament-

Fires from the GODS 75

which is also the testimony of every other member of His heavenly coalition! Please take note of Revelation 15 and verse 7 when it is one of the 4 beasts or Cherubim (see Ezekiel chapter 10) that hands over the plagues to the 7 angels, just my friends as we have studied in Ezekiel chapters 9&10! Also take note that the 3rd and 4th plagues deal with elements of persecution and sun-worship. The passage states that the global false church system described fully in Revelation chapters 14, 17, and 18, is a system full of the shed blood of saints and prophets; so their contaminated water causes them disease and death. Then in the 4th plague solar flares scorch humans with fire and or great heat, because of their sun-worship and pagan festivals. The specifics of all the abominations of this worldwide church system are recorded in Revelation chapters 17&18, and in chapter 14 is described those who escape her calamities, by the keeping of the 10-coded eternal law in verse 12, and the destruction of those who follow her global apostate deception. Within the prophetic vision of the grand scene we find in verse 18 an angel who is in charge of the power over fire. Then the final burning is found in Revelation chapter 20, and the awesome renovation scene is found in the remaining closing 2 chapters of chapters 21&22! Lawgivers (The DFOB) When speaking of the Cherubim, let us be a little less of a mystery than was Paul in satisfying the topic! Remember in Isaiah chapter 6 we learned that the Cherubim are multi-tasks beings, and among their long list of functions includes the work of intercession both in the Old and New Testament eschatology. Then we came close quarters to the verse in Isaiah 6; 8, where the term US in most every reference source leads us into Genesis 1; 26, to the creation of our current race, and then finding in Genesis chapter 3; 22-24-Yahweh speaking that the new race has become like one of US, and His remedy was to place Cherubim in charge of the way of the tree of life.

Fires from the GODS 76

Thus this DFOB-Divine Family of Beings, possess the keys to the secrets surrounding immortality. In connection to this they are guardians of the sacred oracles, both in the days of Moses within the veil of the ministry of the earthly tabernacle, and in the celestial sanctuary as detailed in the Revelation of Saint John the divine. Both Isaiah and John envision their active role in intercessory work toward our species, and Ezekiel chapters 1, 9, and 10, and Revelation chapters 4, 5, 6, and 15, defines their active role in as being leaders of worship and administrators of judgment. As stated, these beings are multi-functional and are indeed in coalition or are one in the same with the Eternal One. The reason for such a statement from the author is very clear, it is that little 2 letter word-US, and again the references speak for themselves that these beings have played an active integral role in every aspect of both the development of earth and its species! This little 2 letter word US holds huge ramifications for it signifies a family of divine cosmic beings as we have thus far by scripture demonstrated. Now then the whole discourse of the book of Hebrews makes better sense when viewed through the eyes of a divine family of beings which goes way beyond the typical notion of the trinity. If we have only a trinity, then why did angelic beings come on the scene to feed and strengthen Christ after His 40 day and night affliction in the wilderness; why does then Christ exhort in Matthew 24; 30-31 that millions of angels will accompany Him at His return (also see Revelation chapter 19), and would be in charge of the gathering together of His Jewells? Moreover, why are they present at the resurrection and ascension of Christ? It is of course because they are all of one family-joined by many worlds, and with the common goal of preserving both life and the sanctity of the sacred order or oracles! In alignment with Hebrews chapter 1, and a whole host of other scriptures, we find evidence that Michael (Christ) the archangel was voted into office-much in the same way as one would

Fires from the GODS 77

vote into office a president, or some other governmental official. We see the details of such a system in Daniel chapter 7 and verses 9-14-where the thrones of earth are subdued by the Ancient of Days whose hair is white as snow. Daniel saw the wheels and His throne ablaze by a fiery flame (the presence of the Cherubim); and 1,000‟s upon 1,000‟s stood before Him. The judgment was set in order and the books were opened. Now then please take a very strong double note of verses 13-14, where Daniel sees one likened unto the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven to meet with the Ancient of Days, and they (designating the Cherubim-the hierarchy of the divine family) brought Him near before the Eternal One. This my friend can only be the case, for the Cherubim are always seen in connection with the Eternal One, and ever guarding the omnipotence of the throne, and the eternal nature of the sacred 10-coded law! Within the realm of the DFOB, there is none closer to the Ancient of Days than these Cherubim, and not only do they bring Michael (one of the 7 hierarchy) close to the Ancient of Days for His inauguration, but were instrumental in His nomination, campaign, and election! It is worthy for us to place emphasis on the fact that the Cherubim were also present when the sacred oracles were established, and had a hand in their creation-just as they had a hand in the creation of our species. Thus this is why they are seen being designated as holy guardians of everything they have helped to design-being eternally a shield to the sanctity of everything sacred, consecrated, good, and HOLY! To Merge the GODS By performing a quick scan around our earthy habitat it is evident that the earth is very interesting and peculiar to say the least. It is further evident that our home planet has acquired too much beauty in both the plant and animal kingdoms. Several plant and animal species live hundreds of years, and microscopic algae and bacteria live up to 1,000‟S of years! It is therefore

Fires from the GODS 78

logical to assume that our finite lifespan cannot compare to these natural beauties-thus then we are newcomers compared to most every other species of earth! Not only are we newcomers to other terrestrial species, but another firmly established point of interest is the fact that our physical composite seems to be a duplicate file to the elementary composition of Project Earth! The very elements that identify and make unique our planetary home are the same elements and minerals to which we pay homage to with our own physical structure-the human body. Therefore it is inescapable to assume we were created from the dust or basic raw elements of the earth with the aid of the DFOB! Nothing else seems to suit the bill. While the emergence of certain life-forms without divine intervention may be possible, it seems that our current race must have had help in design for us to reach our current IQ within the realm of this Hi-Tech computer age of interplanetary and global mass communication systems. So then it is more than reasonable to assume that while our composition is physical-we have at every level throughout earthâ€&#x;s history been visited by the GODS! If then we are like all other species and intimately connected to our planet, then the SROCI and or DFOB, are designed to physically, or when compared to earth, non-physically, match up with their own habitat. For instance we are carbon-based life, and another dominating stable and solid element is iron. Although, let us not forget that approximately 2/3rds or 73-75% of our bodies is H2O, the chemical structure of water, and even our planet is surrounded by the same 73-75% water to land ratio. If then solid mass is approximately 25%-75% for water, then this is even further evidence of our ultimate interconnection with planetary surroundings, and thus all physical life on planet earth is intimately connected to the utmost.

Fires from the GODS 79

However, if we have life existing in other worlds based on say helium, or some other element (of which all active elements tend to desire to reach stable iron), then the composition of those beings would be totally different than the composition of earthlings! Thus it is of sound logic to assume every species is structured and patterned after its own planetary habitat-just as we see right here on earth. This among many other things would explain why biblical prophets described these beings with special indigenous traits, such as; eyes of fire, bright shiny complexions, lower features of burning bright glowing polished brass, voice like a multitude, or many waters, and snow white hair! Judging by what we have discussed in this book series, it is of good judgment to conclude that many species from different worlds spread out through the fabric of space-time, , must have at some point, by visitation of the heavenly hierarchy, merged to become ONE GOD FAMILY! Just as all nationalities of human species eventually merged to become one human family-so these species merged to become ONE with the Eternal Force, and the common denominator or bonding cohesive agent was the sharing of the same cosmic goals-thus the same governmental system we have labeled in this book series as the 10-coded sacred law or oracles. This is a shared law among all celestial life-forms, and this is exactly why it was shared with us at the beginning of our current race, and will continue to be the bonding cohesive force at the time of the restructuring of both earth and universe! First to Emerge In book 4 of this project earth book series we explored the hypothesis of the conception of life and cosmos being a pre-calculated recipe and the current universal configuration being a product of the initial launching of the universe from the embedded formula existing within the cosmic

Fires from the GODS 80

embryo. Therefore, if this is true then not only were the heavenly bodies the product of preconception, but our very existence we owe to the conceived cosmic formula. Every galaxy, hot sun, and world, with whatever life-forms accompany them, is thus a product of the grand scepter the author terms as preexistence. Much more before there was ever a planet called earth, or a being called Teddy, Fred, or Patsy, or any other name, we in fact existed within the formulaic cosmic egg! Everything in the universe, and even us, is the fantastic result of an intelligent pre-calculated mathematical equation resulting in the launching of the CLEP (Cosmic Love Expansion Project). Still in light of this revelation are we plagued with the question of where and how did the DFOB, or God Family, emerge and from what? In giving it much thought-attending to the study of the origins of life daily the thought seems to prevail that the SROCI (Super Race Of Cosmic Intelligence) or DFOB, were also preconceived from the moment of the birthing of the universe. Then we are plagued with still another disturbing mystery-of what kind of intelligence formulated the universal birthing point, and what is its origin? We find in Holy Writ that the being of the Old and New Testaments possesses immortality dwelling in the light which no person can approach neither look thereon (1st Timothy 6; 16)! Then in Hebrews chapter 1we locate writings that Christ came in the brightness of the fatherâ€&#x;s glory, and the express image of His person, and when He had by Himself purged our sins sat down at the right hand of the majesty in the heavens. Being made so much better than the angels, for He by inheritance has obtained a more excellent name than they. For to which of the angels said He at anytime, thou art my beloved Son this day have I begotten thee. Thus when He brought the first begotten into the world; He said and let all the angels worship Him. Still again He said, set thou at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Who makes His

Fires from the GODS 81

angelâ€&#x;s spirits and His ministers a flaming fire! Then in Hebrews chapter 2 verses 1-2, we read that if the words spoken by angels were steadfast and every transgression or disobedience received a just recompense of reward-how shall we escape if we neglect the salvation of the sacred oracles. Again the first New Testament church martyr, Stephen, delivers a strong profound message to the members and rulers of the Jewish temple, one must read the entirety of acts chapter 7 to get the full impact of his discourse, but let us pay close attention to verses 4953, and especially verse 53, where he exhorts them how they had received the law by the disposition of angelic beings! Now the secret in understanding the mystery surrounding the cosmic Divine Family Of Beings (DFOB) is the examination of the book of Hebrews, and in a nut shell our precise understanding awaits us in, once more, chapter 1 and verse 5; “For unto which of the angels said He (the Eternal Force) at anytime, thou art my beloved Son-this day have I begotten youâ€?. Then in the previous verse we find where He (Christ) was made so much better than the other angelsfor He hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than the rest of the angelic hierarchy. This simply means that He volunteered and was then voted into office to be our eternal sacrifice, lawyer, administrator of the new covenant with humans, mediator of said covenant; advocate in the celestial courts, and our Great High Priest in the heavenly temple erected by the DFOB. So it is the fact that He was willing to be made flesh for the suffering of death in order to connect us to the God Family, for the purpose in the expansion of His celestial Godhead. This is the exact same way that all other beings from many other worlds have been incorporated in-it is just that our case is so unique because this is the neutral zone in which every issue of eternal weight is eventually resolved! We my friends have been caught in the middle of a great debate and grand

Fires from the GODS 82

deception. Rest assured that, for us, the battle is real and the outcome is sure as outlined in the words of the prophets. Now as pertaining to the Cherubim we can, according to the evidence conclude, they are the 1st race of beings to emerge, and are the oldest race in the universe at large. From among this 1st family emerged the great war found in Revelation chapter 12; 7-12, and then emerged the need to salvage both earth and eventually the human race. It is also sound thought for one to assume the ideal of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost being 3 aspects of the same entity, and this line of thinking is absolutely and fundamentally correct! There are not 2 but 3 sides to every coin, the back and front, and the rounded edge of the object, and this holds true for every object on our physical planet-everything is 3 dimensional! Christ dwells in the Father of Lights (James 1; 17), and this is none other than the Eternal Light or energy source from which the universe was born. The 1st life-giving world emerging from the embryonic state was the world that gave birth to the Cherubim (sometimes translated as Seraphim), and they dwell in the Eternal Force or energy source. These are the beings that devised a plan after the galactic war, and that plan included one of the hierarchies of intelligences to connect our seed to His Eternal Seed whose secret of immortality dwells in the Eternal Light. We owe this salvage plan, discussed in this final chapter of book 5, for both earth and her inhabitants, to the 7 celestial angelic hierarchies, and or the Cherubim, who are the masters of FIRE-the very element by which everything in the universe has emerged!

Fires from the GODS 83


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Fires from the GODS 84

When will be the next climatic global event? What climatic event is just in the future for Project Earth? Where dwells the GODS who are in charge of this project? What is the exact nature of these beings? Moreover, what is the nature and secret to their powers? This book explores the nature of past global changes-bringing about our current planetary configuration, and examines the precise details of earth’s next global change at the end of the age! Join author Teddy Lee as he examines the birthing points of new star systems within the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies: mythological gods

Fires from the GODS 85

associated with fire; and the epic scope of the angelic hierarchy-who are beings of fire with a real purpose/plan for the future retrieval of both earth and its inhabitants!

Project earth book 5 fire from gods  

Book 5 of the earth project book series exploring the birthing nurseries for new star systems: mythological fire gods; and the Hebrew angeli...

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