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Baby Amiga and the Wicked Gnomes By Baby Girl Dear Journal, Well, the cubs and I went to the zoo, what a day I've had. It all started out this morning. This is the story:

The cubs: Ookami and Amiga, BBG’s cubs, woke up early that day, and could hardly wait! Mama had read them a picture book with lots of furry things, like their cat and dog, except bigger in water and could fly! They were going there!

Ookami: We're going to the place with lots of fur and big eyes! (sounds like wa ma la nanana) Amiga: I'm gonna go up in the leaves with the things that have tails! (sounds like mola noglah mitip)

Later on that morning, BBG brought Amiga out to the back yard for some fresh air and exercise:

“Look mommy I can fly,” chirped Amiga. BBG laughed and moaned to herself, this one is going to be a pawful -- she takes after her auntie Bizzy. The Bizzy dogs yelped in excitement, thumping their tails against the grass. “Jump Amiga!” They seemed to say.

Penelope Meanwhile the Gnomes in the zoo knew there would be a batch of new cubs coming to the ZOO that day, the re-opening with the new owner, Penelope. This pretty pet knew nothing of gnomes and to her everything, as with all pets, a Gnome was a myth. They even had a game named after them on Facebook! (please click on link to view video) Copyright Gnomeville

In reality, the wicked head Gnome, who was banished from the land of Gnomes, and who had started his own band of rival Gnomes, ended up being cursed and planted in gardens around the world. For decades, the cast-out gnomes would come awake in the cool night, when the dew would gather on their hats and noses unable to move, yet able to see. They were often treaded as fire hydrants by four legged pets. What a curse! They knew of an antidote. The antidote would be fresh cub stew that would bring them back to life. Today, a day when there would be a new owner was the day they could come back alive for fifteen seconds and snatch a baby cub. They had one in mind, the one that could sing, the one that had fangs. She would set them free.

Her name was Amiga.

Muffin Muffin heard the voices from the future and those from the Past. She did not like what she saw, and knew she had to act fast. She slipped into her Secret Squirrel outfit, and attached her diamond Danger purse to her thunder paw. She nodded to princess before vanishing towards Penelope's ZOO. “Yes, Boss, Ma’am,” said Princess to Muffin, “I’ll hold down the fort.” BBG remembers how muffin could see into the future (please click on link for video)

The Muffin appeared before her friend Penelope and alerted her to the possibility that Amiga might disappear. She winked to her old pal Bigfoot, and knew then and there, that the ZOO would be in safe paws. She then disappeared from the scene to check out her little sister BBG.

Bizzy Beens Muffin then went to see Bizzy Beens to warn her of possible danger, to keep her eyes averted from any creepy looks, and to ask for her protection while BBG would be away on a mission.

"BBG will be counting on you," said Muffin. "She will entrust her cub to you for ten minutes while she takes care of a medical case." (Oh no, SSVALIT... could she possibly be infected with the kidnapping virus that twists the future to eradicate cubs... as in the year 1293... that summer 5,000 cubs disappeared, the mark of an evil genius. Since then, mothers have never been the same. I must alert BBG before she goes to heal Fluffy Little Lola. (Or not. It could be a trap!) To the reader: If you understood Muffin's reasoning, ten points to you!

Fluffy Little Lola

BBG continues to write in her journal about the day's events. Muffin visits her student Lola and engages her as a spy at Penelope's ZOO. "I hope you're not afraid of heights, SSVALIT." Lola jumped next to the red phone, “Oh no, I have wings to fly!� Muffin sighed.

Below, a photo of a friend of Princess, one from inside Muffin’s walls, the caged creatures (never run into them, or you’re toast!) One of Princess’s wall friend set up shop to make sure no Gnomes would sneak that way. The zoo, indeed, was being cased from every corner.


Baby Girl arrives at the zoo

BBG finally arrived at the zoo. All the pets were on alert. Muffin’s pals did not seriously think about checking on the GNOMES!!! Muffin never did like those Zynga creatures, they offended Princess, and that came too close to her fur. So, from behind a tree, she saw them communicate amongst themselves; her suspicions were confirmed. She could hear their message “Subject is entering park. Inject serum.” Muffin steeled herself pet against the past 800 years (give or take a century) It was such a beautiful day, so BBG invited the Penelope on a picnic with a blanket spread along the ground. “Invite all the pets, anyone who would like to come. There’s plenty of food!” The gnomes cackled and rubbed their paws. They licked their plaster lips, and listened...

Before the picnic started, BBG had a favor to ask of her good friend: "Penelope, do you know anything about cubs?" BBG could hear Penelope wince. Not that kind of help, No, not that kind! There in the cub bag was a pile of diapers.

Stuck between a rock and a hard nappy, Penelope knew she had to take care of Ookami while BBG went to help Fluffy Little Lola, who was dying in her crib from some illness, leaving the cubs helpless, away from their mother. It was hard sometimes being a PETiatrician who specializes in ancient illness and BBG knew she was on call 24/7. (And the gnomes knew that too.) bu bu but really... not this, is a cub's life worth THIS? Penelope had a pet attack.

Cub now changed and fresh, Penelope felt a sense of accomplishment; she kind of got used to the little rascal, "…and this is one part of the my zoo, and this is another," she rhymed out, not quite knowing what to say to a cub...

Muffin watched from behind her rock. Baby Girl chose well, Ookami was in safe paws. Those gnomes, however, were not going to last long. Those zynga gods were going to breathe their last emissaries from down below. Muffin evaporated to her home to reinforce her powers.

Penelope walked back to the entrance towards the giraffes, and crossed paths with the gnomes, and snorted at them, holding Ookami protectively in her paws. She had a picnic to attend.

Meanwhile back at FLL’s place, the cub was practicing flying, so sweet and innocent, unaware of the nasty Gnomes. An injection was headed her way. Thant the Goddesses that Baby Girl had any antidote for any illness, especially Middle Ages conditions (and menopause). FLL gets poked

(please click on link for video)

Time was dovetailing, and the gnomes had struck, and had injected Fluffy Little Lola with their evil venom. It was working its sinister way into her fluffiness.

The Call: Ring ring (cell phone goes off) "Hello?" "Hello BBG?" "The one and only" "This is Darling, and I hate to do this, but Fluffy Little Lola is dying!" "Dying?" (BBG blinked) "I'll be right over!" (The Gnomes!) BBG looked for Bizzy, "Bizzy, can you take care of Amiga?" She could always depend on her BFF! The gnomes listened, unmoving.

Muffin watched.

Baby Girl lovingly set the cooing Amiga into Miss Bizzy Beens arms. “I’ll be right back!” and she looked into her friend’s eyes. It was almost as if she knew what fate had in store for her friend. “Don’t worry, Bizzy, Muffin is here, Penelope, and even soon, in as a split second, little Lola.” Miss Bizzy Beens was confused there as Lola was in her sick bed, dying. “I will protect her with my life.” Bizzy responded. “Just don’t look at statues, and you’ll be safe from harm.” Bizzy nodded. “okay..” And BBG was off. “Psst! Psst!” A sound came from the direction of the gnomes. Bizzy refused to look anywhere except at the tiny, furry paw that was playing with her finger. “Who’s the pretty, girl? Oh! Who’s the pretty girl?” Amiga sang out, “wahh whah!” The Gnomes hissed angrily. MBB was not looking in their direction!

Miss Bizzy Beens knew the responsibility that came with being a godmother pet. She held onto Amiga; no pet or Gnome could get her. Oh no. For good luck, Miss Bizzy Beens held Amiga in her arms and implored the Faeries to protect her and her charge. Just as she spoke, she heard an angry psst and absently looked into the eyes of the gnomes. She fell into a deep trance. Ahooo!Amiga went sailing out of Bizzy's arms and over to toward the wee gnomes. "Ho, how precious this is!" The female gnome cackled reaching out to the cub "Eight hundred years, and at last some tender cub stew!"

BBG in the meantime was ministering to FLL (Fluffy Little Lola aka SSVALIT), giving her a powerful dose of health bomb, curing her in ten seconds flat. Was the dosage enough? Was there enough time to save her cub? Could all of Amiga's care takers save her? Fate and Her companion Trust will reveal the outcome in Time. Until then, Doctor BBG concentrated on Fluffy Little Lola, knowing her friends at the zoo were there for her cubs. For good measure, BBG sang a Justin Beiber song, Baby Baby Baby, and tada! Fluffy Little Lola was healed.

Meanwhile back at the zoo, silence permeated the flora and fauna, and the gnomes congratulated themselves. One second and the cub would be theirs!They had won! Yes, one second, and they would have a magical fanged cub perched on their pointy hats, a cub who could sing pure and sweet, the perfect ingredient for the brew that would bring them back to life.

gnomes (please click on link to view video) ……………………………………………………………………………………..

Muffin Saves the Day! muffin saved the day (please click on link to view the video)

Muffin saved the day (Bigfoot helped in the background with the storks cheering on) "Amiga went thataway! thataway!" Penelope jumped up and down, excited, Ookami bouncing in her paws. "gurgle burp!" while his sister Amiga was having the time of her life. “Whee!”The girl cub landed *plop* into Muffin’s capable paws. Muffin intersected the cub trajectory and caught little amiga, setting her back into Miss Bizzy Beens arms. Muffin looked out towards her sisters, the faeries and nodded, "Warrior sisters forever!" Five seconds passed, and BBG arrived at the ZOO. She looked around, everything had happened in the space of fifteen seconds.

There sat Amiga in Auntie Bizzy's paws, sucking on her own soggy paw. When the cub saw her mama, she leaned back stretching against Bizzy's chest and blinked lazily, content and ready for the rest of the afternoon fun and food. There was a strong scent of vanilla. Poison turned into medicine, perhaps? Perhaps.

Later in the day, Bizzy remembered when Baby Girl had entrusted Amiga to her just a few hours earlier. She wrapped her paw around the cub. No evil gnome will ever harm this cub, or any other. Little Amiga sensed a determination of a paw around her tiny waist, and she broke out in mewling song (her unique talent) her fangs piercing the sun, a deadly combination. The monkeys cheered, and then, out of the blue, one could hear the shattering and popping of clay and screeching Gnomes. Arrrrrrrrrgh! The evil empire of Wicked Gnomes was eradicated with the cub's pure voice, fangs (and the scent of vanilla.)

(Arggggggggggggh! The underworld! Donna suck us down!!! ) Now your average or not-so average, garden type gnome could carry out its respectful existence, and regain the Trust (predicted) of the pets around the land, all in good Time. All they needed was a little Trust. BBG adjusted the camera in her paw, “Smile!” Bizzy had no problem doing that. The train choo chooed, and the many visitors cheered, “Hurray for the ZOO!” All was well at Penelope's zoo. ………………………………………………………

Baby Girl closed her journal and sighed happily, “I’m off to bed” On her way to her sanctuary, she stopped off at the cubs’ room to tuck them in. In the crib lay Ookami, Amiga and Fluffy Little Lola. BBG chuckled, and covered the three cubs. Sounds emanated from under the covers, a little chirping mewl, a gurgling, and a cof cof. Hmm, one of them was awake. I wonder which cub. She kissed each one on their furry little cheeks, and stroked their fur. “Nighty night,” she whispered, and padded off to her room. The End

Post Script: Penelope did become the preferred babysitter of the cubs, when miss Bizzy Beens was busy, although, BBG still had a trust issue regarding nappies. One day, Penelope took the cubs out for a stroll. She paused on a bridge to inhale the county air. A shrieking sound came from the other end: “Oh Penelope, don’t throw them in the river!”

Baby Amiga and the Wicked Gnomes  

Wicked Gnomes infiltrate Penelope's zoo and attempt to kidnap Amiga, the cub with vampire roots and a healing voice, and make her into a ste...