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What are the best android apps? Within a few years, the Google Android operating system has benefited vast grip in smartphone market. This operating system has been top in the mobile world and users of this operating system love these features available in this android operating system such as true multitasking and open environment. However the smartphone market is smaller when compared to the iPhone market, which is growing day by day. In this article, you can get to know about what are the most useful android apps available in the market today. They are Camera Zoom FX Most of the android mobiles have low quality cameras, however this android app will give more clarity to your pictures. It contains more than forty effects for your clicking happiness. Where This android app is easy to use and you can find out where you are. If you want to go to new locality then this app is used to find out any places and reach your destination easily. Paper Toss It is a simple and amazingly addictive game, which contains features such as fixed controls, and fantastic graphics, which makes the hours to run. Trip it A usual travelers best friend is the Trip it which it makes your travel planning successfully. It groups your entire planned list and give you clearly. Meeting Notes This android app is suitable for taking both audio, text and pictures at the time of meeting. Consequently you can easily use the notes which suits you correctly. Cashbook This most useful android app let you to know about your expenses. It will show you the average spending of money by logging in which is done weekly and monthly. In the telecommunication industry, new technology and services are introduced and it changes rapidly. You can update the latest android app in your mobile phone and use it anywhere.

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