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Say Goodbye to Dry Hair and Skin...

ADANNA BODY & HAIR PRODUCTS WE ARE ALL NATURAL ALTHEA WIGGAN ADANNA was formed out of the growing public demand for body and hair products that contained mostly natural plant ingredients for a healthier lifestyle. Our mission at ADANNA is to provide our customers with only the best natural plant based products, organic essential oils & botanical fragrances in our products. Our products contain no GMO ingredients, no parabens, no sulphates, no animal products, no petroleum or mineral oil and no harsh chemical preservatives. Natural preservatives are used to extend shelf life and integrity of the products.

Our products are hypoallergenic & cruelty free.

Althea Wiggan, studied at the University of the West Indies majoring in medical technologies in Jamaica and relocated to the United States in 1981. She began making body products over 20 years ago. After many buys of natural products, she realized that just because something was sold and marketed as natural, did not mean it was natural or safe. After making body moisturizers for herself, her daughter started using her mom’s moisturizer instead of the name brand she and her friends had to have. Friends and other family members who received her moisturizers as gifts, soon wanted more. Althea, founded Adanna Body Products, LLC. in 2010.

All Products made in USA.

Just Fur Fun® is about people, our pets and how we express ourselves through them! We at Just Fur Fun® are excited at the prospect of helping you achieve that expression. This trend setting style of wearing matching accessories will highlight the unique relationship you have!! Just Fur Fun® offers unique dog and cat handmade beaded collars created for those that yearn for a touch of fashion in their pet’s lives! Our supple brown and black leather collars are adorned and hand-crafted for us in the USA. Really want to stand out in a crowd? We provide matching hand-crafted beaded black leather belts and a variety of matching hand-beaded jewelry for you!

Just Fur Fun

Never Ordinary ... Always Extraordinary ... Just Like You and Your Pet ... Exquisite Pet and People Accessories (561) 809.6596

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