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January to February 2011

T.E.D. Newsletter

IS BORN! A bi bi––monthly insight into TED’s current and upcoming initiatives.

TEACHING ENHANCEMENT PLAN (TEP): LAUNCHED! In 8 December 2010, the University Council gave its green light to the proposed project of TED, the Teaching Enhancement Plan or TEP. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hassan Said, led its project launch last 28 January 2011, attended by the academic community of the university. Prof Hassan gave an enlightening sharing on the main purpose why the university needs to establish the teaching excellence framework. Dr. Angelo, Head of TED, who is also the project proponent, provided the briefing for all the attendees. Mr. Pradeep Nair, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Ms. Abby Loy, VP-Group HR, encouraged the academics to actively engage the project team members in order to have a worthwhile teaching enhancement plan for the academic staff.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Interested to know more about TEP or to participate in this project? Please contact Dr Christian Kahl or Dr Angelo Cruz Maduli at (Continue at page 4)

What have YOU missed ? .... 2 TED Boosters for Academic 2

The “new” TED?

Echo 360º................................ 2

Teaching and Educational Development (TED) was formerly known as Centre for Teaching and Learning. TED is one of the arms of InTeLLeCT (Integrated Teaching and Life-Long Learning Centre at Taylor‟s). TED aims to cultivate excellence in teaching through practice, development, and innovation. TED assists the academics by providing platforms in order to achieve the desired Taylor's teaching excellence standard. TED ensures provision of developmental activities that would enhance their teaching capability and learning engagement.

The Teh Tarik Moment........... 3 Your Naked Mind? ................ 3 TED Institutional Missions ....... 4

Teaching and Educational Development (TED) @ InTeLLeCT

WHAT HAVE YOU MISSED…? … for the past two months?

An average of 15 new and existing academic staff spent an average of 1.5

22 academics + 8 modules + 2 hours

hours to attend each Continuous


Professional Training (CPT) offered by TED, from January to February 2011.

An average of 22 new academic staff spent an average of 2 hours to attend

If you are interested to participate as

each New Academic Staff Induction

participants or as trainer, please write to

(NASI) module offered by TED, from

us at

January to February 2011. 15 academics + 2 modules + 1.5 hours = CPT?

“If you study to remember, you will forget, but, if you study to understand, you will remember.” Anonymous,

ECHO 360º TED, with the help of Bee-Net Singapore, Echo360º representative, has conducted an Echo 360º recording on Mon, 28 February. This exercise was carried out during one of the new academic staff induction (NASI) modules titled, “Engaging in Academic Research” by Associate Prof Dr Vikneswaran Nair, Director of Centre for Research and Development. Echo360 may be used by TED to offer e-trainings to all academic staff from various schools of varied teaching schedules to be able to learn online, anytime and anywhere.


TED BOOSTERS FOR ACADEMIC STAFF TED offers New Academic Staff Induction (NASI) to ensure the new academic staff are ready to blend into the teaching and learning culture in TUC by adapting to the TUC‟s Teaching and Learning Framework. To e qui p th e academic staff with updated skills and techniques, TED offers Continuing Professional Training (CPT) in the areas of assessment, teaching techniques, learning techniques, instructional technology tools and other general pedagogy topics. Academic Staff will also be given the opportunities to experience various pedagogy knowledge via Alternative Learning Forum (ALF), such as The Tarik @ Taylor‟s, Teaching and Learning Conference and much more. Teaching and Educational Development (TED) @ InTeLLeCT


“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” Galileo Galilei


First Teh Tarik @ Taylor’s in 2011 Emergency: Saving Education ● Thu, 27 Jan 2011 ● Dr Angelo Cruz Maduli

Our current education is now exhibiting some symptoms detrimental to its health. Because of the complex and rapid changing condition of its environment, people involved in education are having a hard time coping with change. This informal sharing lead by Dr. Angelo C. Maduli was taken from his long experience and extensive engagement with education from various capacities. According to him, “Having gone through the “educational system” myself, I found out that there are a lot of things that we failed to see and analyze. Just like any other educator who became so passionate about learning and education, I would like to take it upon myself to be a „learning physician‟, tirelessly seeking for means and ways to make each engagement (with students) relevant and fruitful.”

TED is collaborating with Charles Naidu & Ernesto Carlos Pujazon from the Taylor’s Design School and CPE unit to offer a sequence of Life Drawing Workshops, uniquely designed for academic staff. These three-days workshop, which will be held in July, is envisioned to present new perspective and learning points on how the arts, specifically, fine arts, can enhance pedagogy or learning facilitation. Though, considered experimental, Dr Angelo Cruz Maduli, will share with the facilitators his own pedagogical perspective of the experience. So, do keep in touch!

Major parts of his sharing were the negative symptoms being exhibit and the right attitudes by which educators can do to improve th e co n di ti on of l e a r n i n g facilitation. The session was attended by fourteen (14) participants from various schools and it became a very engaging exchange of ideas and perspectives among the participants.

3 Teaching and Educational Development (TED) @ InTeLLeCT

TED INSTITUTIONAL MISSIONS... In the last six (6) months, TED team participated in several institutional task -forces. TED, through Dr. Angelo, shared its inputs in the Ranking Task Force chaired by Assoc. Prof. Mushtak Arriving at NTU on 6 January 2011 for sessions by Blackboard

Talib, Dean of the Engineering School. The other on-going institutional initiatives where TED is involved are...

 Strategic Planning Committee:

TEP Launching on 28 Jan 2011

Thrust Area 2—Transformational Teaching and Learning

 E-Learning Task Force  Teaching Enhancement Plan


Classification n by appreciatio A token of gan to Prof N ik Te y Dato’ Lo CELT, Director of Daniel Tan, and y lit ita sp ho NTU for his sharing.

Continuing Assessment Teaching Excellence

TEP 3-3-C C Pla Frtfoam rmsew


NTU Visit

by e-Learning Task Force, 5 Jan to 7 Jan

The major undertaking of the task force is to come up with a five (5) year road map on how technology can become a tool to enhance the student’s learning experience. Part of this initiative, was the educational tour conducted by the management under the leadership of no less than the Group CEO, Dato Loy Teik Ngan. More than forty members of the management participated in the tour which brought them to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore last 5-7 January 2011. It

became a very fruitful journey for all the decision makers. TED is looking at the possibilities of adopting new learning technology to enhance teaching facilities.


WHY TEP? The current scenario in higher education setting, when it comes to academic staff profile, is characterized by the growing influx of industry professionals compared to professional academics. This situation is due to the initiatives taken in higher education circles to bridge the gap between the kind of graduates educational institutions produce against what the industry would like to employ. The industry professionals who join HEIs include fresh graduates, industry retirees, and those who eventually take up full-time academic work. However, this scenario may be producing both positive and negative effects in the learning process. At the moment, we are not fully aware of its impact. A similar situation is now being observed at Taylor’s University. The situation at hand demands better awareness and understanding from all the stakeholders in order to avoid an ambivalent outcome. We must respond to this emerging concern. Hence, TED is proposing an initiative (TEP) that would lay the groundwork for establishing clear expectations and actions in addressing the issue.

TEP Activities

Phase 1 1. Organized the Technical Groups 2. Processing the University academic database

Phase 2 Coming Soon...

Teaching and Educational Development (TED) @ InTeLLeCT






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