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Choosing the right fireplace insert When you consider the use of the old masonry wood fireplaces in your home today and the new advanced technology that has been introduced in this field, you will be amazed at how ineffective these units are. Many people are being forced to forsake their old fireplaces due to the high cost of operating them and the little they are bringing them in terms of efficiency. However, it is important to say that things should not be this way. There are so many ways to change this lazy unit into a better thing and even use different kind of fuel on it. For example you could use the napoleon gas inserts for changing these wood fireplaces in such a way that they will run on gas. These units are not only suitable due to their hassle free use but because they make older units more effective in an incomparable way. With any napoleon fireplace insert, you can transform your older wood burning fireplace into a home heating machine beyond your imaginations. Napoleon gas inserts are good for you because of the many advantages they offer to your home heating mission. To begin with, a napoleon fireplace insert ensures that you use minimal energy while generating more heat than what you would be able to get when using the old fireplace with more fuel. At the same time, this napoleon gas inserts also helps in lowering the amount of heat loss that is experienced when using these other kinds of fireplaces. This is done through insulation which should be done properly in order to experience this. Anyone how have used an old wood burning fireplace knows how a lot of hot air is lost through the draft thus depriving you of the necessary warmth. At the same time, the draft brings in cold air that neutralizes the little warm air left in the room. This can however be avoided by using the napoleon gas inserts or any other napoleon fireplace insert depending with the kind of fuel that you might be willing to use. This should be informed by the availability of any given fuel in your area. These inserts can be installed in any fireplace be it prefabricated or masonry unit. You will only need to follow some of the following steps to achieve this: Take the measurements of your fireplace opening as well as the room where the fireplace insert will be used if you are buying the prefabricated one. Together with your napoleon fireplace insert dealer, seek to know the BTU ratings which fit within your measurements. Napoleon gas inserts can either be direct vented or vent free depending with your choice and therefore you should make this decision at this point. There are many different designs and colors of napoleon gas inserts or even other and therefore you should choose the one you would like to have. Choose your preferred gas logs depending with the available types and also compare the prices. With these few steps you will be able to pick your ideal unit.

Choosing the right fireplace insert