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JISTEM - Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management Revista de Gestão da Tecnologia e Sistemas de Informação Vol.10 No. 1, Jan/Apr., 2013 pp. 41-60 ISSN online: 1807-1775 DOI: 10.4301/S1807-17752013000100003

BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS’ PERCEPTIONS RELATED TO THE INFLUENCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN INDIVIDUAL WORK Ricardo Adriano Antonelli UTFPR – Federal Technological University of Parana/ Pato Branco, PR, Brazil Lauro Brito de Almeida Márcia Maria dos Santos Bortolocci Espejo UFPR - Federal University of Parana, PR, Brazil Fernanda Luiza Longhi FADEP – Faculty of Pato Branco, PR, Brazil ____________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT According to the literature, much has been said about the impact of Information Technology on organizations, but little about its impact on the individual. This study aims to identify Information Technology benefits in individual work, choosing as a proxy some “latu sensu” post-graduation students, from a federal university in the south of Brazil. For data collection, a questionnaire based on the studies by Torkzadeh and Doll (1999) and Pereira (2003) was prepared. Torkzadeh and Doll dealt with the process of working; Pereira, with the four phases of the decision-making process. The final instrument, after being validated and tested, amounted to 21 questions to detect the potential benefits of Information Technology. The results demonstrated that users are satisfied, by pointing an average of 2.69 on a scale of "1" (little satisfied) to "5" (very much satisfied). The framework, work process, got an overall average [2.82]. Managerial control [3.10] and productivity [3.06] had the highest ratings; innovation [2.34], the lowest one. With technologies fully implemented, greater satisfaction was observed for all constructs of the survey, with statistically significant differences. Such differences were also proven in the Information Technology solutions that use Enterprise Resource Planning technology, the best-evaluated one. When comparing age, it was found that younger users were more _____________________________________________________________________________________ Manuscript first received/Recebido em 16/05/2012 Manuscript accepted/Aprovado em: 12/12/2012 Address for correspondence / Endereço para correspondência Ricardo Adriano Antonelli, Mestre em Ciências Contábeis pela UFPR, Professor do Curso de Ciências Contábeis da UTFPR – Campus Pato Branco. Rua Caramuru, 599, ap. 401 - Centro - Pato Branco/PR - Brasil - CEP 85.501-051 Fone: (46) 3225-6096 E-mail: Lauro Brito de Almeida Pós-Doutorando em Administração pelo PPAD PUCPR, Doutor e Mestre em Ciências Contábeis pela EAC/FEA/USP, Professor PPG Mestrado em Contabilidade UFPR. Av. Visconde de Guarapuava, 4517, ap. 171, Batel - Curitiba/PR – Brasil - CEP 80.240-010 – Fone: (041) 3779-7893 E-mail: Márcia Maria dos Santos Bortolocci Espejo Doutora em Controladoria e Contabilidade pela Universidade de São Paulo-FEA/USP Professora - UFPR - PPG Mestrado em Contabilidade Av. Prefeito Lothário Meissner, 3400 – Jardim Botânico - Curitiba/PR – Brasil - CEP80.210-170– Fone: (041) 3360-4417 E-mail: Fernanda Luiza Longhi Advogada e Especialista em Direito Processual Civil pela Universidade Castelo Branco – RJ Professora – FADEP – Faculdade de Pato Branco – Curso de Direito. Rua Goianases, 195, Centro - Pato Branco/PR Brasil - CEP 85.501-020 - Fone: (46) 3223-4444 E-mail: Published by/ Publicado por: TECSI FEA USP – 2013 All rights reserved.

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First number of the 10th edition of the JISTEM (Journal of Information Systems and Technology)