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Prepared By Tanmayee Sadangi   We have offices in Orange county, Maryland, New Delhi and Noida Skype ID : tecorb eMail ID:

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Table Of Content        

INTRODUCTION Web Services ROR Services Application Feature User Flow E-COMMORCE Process E-COMMORCE Advantage Dis- advantage


ď ˝

e-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services via electronic channels such as the Internet. Make your e-commerce store available to your mobile users as an m-commerce platform with in a munities thus achieving the m-commerce store with excellent store

1.Accessing Internet via mobile has become one of the hottest trends of the word. 2.If you are using magneto/ROR as your current ecommerce platform and our services Will help you for improve your e-commerce application . 3.ROR_ecommerce is a complete ecommerce platform written completely in Rails 4, and built to scale

Web services:     

Providing powerful marketing features Seamless data access for mobile apps. Multiple device and multiple stores support . Empower user to shop online. We will save your time, effort, resources and most of all, money. 

ROR Web Services 

Shopify (product) for your initial, easy to perform, low-

customization, micro-business implementations. Relatively short time to launch, not a lot of effort that goes into it. Downside: higher cost per transaction sometimes going into double digits which doesn't hurt you when you don't have a lot of customers. Spree (e-commerce platform) for the expansion stage of your business when you know what you want and have several customization requirements. Besides you need transaction costs to go down into single digits due to increasing sales (and costs) - you can count on our ( Ruby on Rails Commerce Developers) expert advice in that area


& DEVELOPMENT SPEED: Spree is written in Ruby on Rails (web framework), highly

customizable and well supported by the community (several useful extensions). With Spree you can release an MVP faster than with any other framework. CUSTOM

LOOK: On the front-end you can use Bootstrap (CSS Framework) which is a template /

theme framework which let's you create your custom Mobile-ready, Responsive Web Design FACEBOOK-LIKE

UI: On the front-end we also use React (JS Library), which is created, supported

and used by Facebook for a facebook-like user experience. SEO

SUPPORT: Relevant, Meaningful URLs, On Page Keyword Targeting, Clean Content thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, a responsive CSS framework search-enginge-friendly, On Site Performance Optimization Minimizing HTTP requests for better search engine crawler behavior


PROMOTIONS: Promotions within Spree are used to provide discounts to orders, as well as to add potential additional items at no extra cost. Promotions can be activated in three different ways: when a user adds a product to their cart, enters a coupon code during the checkout process or visits a page within the Spree store


REPORTS: Spree has a sales reports module in the admin panel. You can also use additional extensions to create custom reports that fit your more complex requirements.

Application Features  

Shopping online is made easier and more convenient  brings to you the widest selection of products that are original and available at their best online shopping prices. allows you to browse and search for your desired products, provides safe & secure online payment options as well as Cash on Delivery and gives you timely updates on the status of your orders.  Shop anytime, anywhere from millions of products, available at great prices on our India's largest online store.  guaranteed 24x7 customer service support, faster delivery, easy returns, convenient online payment options and the cash on delivery (COD) option, whichever suits your need and the 100% purchase protection option offered. View product images, item details and price specifications, Search for the best price by reading customer reviews and ratings.

User Flow :

E-Commerce Process

Graph related to Mobile app for ecommerce

E-COMMORCE Advantage     

Fast Buying /Selling Procedure . Easy to find Products 24/7 Buying and Selling Low Operation Cost Better quality products.

Disadvatge ď ˝ ď ˝

There are no guaranty of the product quality. Mechanical failure can cause the unpredictable cost on the total process.

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