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Eat better, feel better

By: Carla Landázuri, José Andrés Acosta, Alejandro Espinel, Ignacio Ortiz, Martin González, Micaela Lugo, Rafaela Romoleroux

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What is Nutrition? .........................................2 FruttiAventura…………………………………………….4 Tips for a better Nutrition……………………………5 Naranfructi ………………………………………..……….7 The Nutrition of our community…………………8 Mega Frutilla……….……………………….…………….10 Credits……………………………………………………….11

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What is nutrition? Nutrition, is what we know as giving food to your

food we should eat daily. My pyramid and my plate are a lot alike the only difference is that my plate has more nutrients and minerals. My Plate has a good food division system that helps us measure how much amount of things we eat. As this system said you should eat more protein on your diet at eat less fats, so

body so your body can get

you can have a better health.

energy, heals injuries, and helps your immune system to be healthy. To have a good nutrition your food should be colorful and rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The essential



carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, minerals and vitamins.




nutrition doesn’t mean eating something




something, for that the U.S.A

Many women make diets of not eating so they can be skinny but actually having a good diet is all you need to don’t have problems like anorexia or obesity.

invented a system for us to

For you to weight what

know how many portions of

is normal you need to make

each food we should eat.

sacrifices, like don’t eat junk

This system is called the food

food. You should never eat

pyramid, but now this system

junk food, well sometimes in

is called My Plate.

a while it is OK. Some

My Pyramid was changed to My Plate because my pyramid

nutritionists recommend you to eat at home where you

know how the food is made.

restaurant where you know

Eating outside may be fun but

its good food for you. You

you shouldn’t eat outside

don’t realize that junk food is

always because that may

bad for you until you really

make you sick or make you

see its consequences. One of

have problems like obesity. In

the biggest consequences is

the U.S.A people eat more

obesity. When we say eat

outside than in home, that is

healthy we don’t say don’t eat



at all, if you don’t eat you can

obese. In the U.S.A the city

have problems like anorexia

with most obesity is Houston,

or bulimia.



well maybe until 2011. If you don’t believe us, you





We think that nutrition is something you should have on mind. Remember to eat many nutrients and vitamins like fruits and veggies. We recommend you to eat junk food at least one time lees in

Super-Size Me. In that movie you can see what happens when you eat too much Mc Donald’s. Mc Donald’s is the most popular restaurant of junk food, other than being unhealthy it’s the place where most people in the U.S.A go to eat. If you are planning to eat outside go to a healthy

the month or week. Junk food is not necessary; with healthy food you can also have a delicious meal. To know more about what to eat and what not so much look in the internet there you would find recipes that are healthy for you. So keep a healthy body with a good nutrition.

Tips for a better Nutrition There are many ways to improve your nutrition, here there are four ways recommended by us, we also are going to give tips to a good & healthy nutrition, and how to make a healthy diet daily. The first one is: Eat five times a day, not only three because then your body thinks you are in survival and doesn’t absorb the nutrients it needs and does not get the waste out in time. The second is: to eat fiber because fiber helps our digestion to get rid of waste in less time, something interesting about fiber is that if people will eat just five extra grams of fiber they would need fewer calories for the rest of the day. The third is: eat foods with higher content of water, because water is calorie-free and it fills you up with fewer calories & fat, also it is recommended for you to drink two to

three liters of water daily. The fourth: eat food that is rich in nutrients and fills you up with fewer calories, like: papaya, wild rice, fresh fruits instead of juice, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp and all vegetables and legumes. These are some of the best foods that fill you up with few calories than others.

Here are some tips that can help you to have a better nutrition. Prevent eating the popcorn they sell at the theater because it’s not just with butter it has been soiled in many other fatty oils. Another good tip is to eat the colors of the rainbow in your veggies, because it is assured that it gives enough nutrients to your body, even if you are a vegetarian you can get all your nutrients from the vegetables. Try to eat the portions of each food group in the “my plate”, because it is a very healthy and balanced diet, you can also follow the food pyramid but the “my plate” is more accurate. Try these tips and recommendations and you’ll notice the difference. Another way to have a healthier diet is to eat less fast food, because it has lots of fat and calories. If you don’t burn the calories you consumed eating the fast food you can get obese and have probability to have heart disease. Fatty foods have more fat than food rich in proteins and carbohydrates. It’s better to eat dairy products( yogurt, cheese, milk) that are fat-free. If you don’t eat too much fat you’ll have a better life.

You should eat proteins because they help to the repair and growth of the body. Protein include: meats, beans and nuts (make sure that if they are meat, they are just lean meat). Calcium helps to grow bones and repair. Some foods that contain calcium are: dairy products, broccoli, almonds, sardines and okra (cooked). Another good mineral is Iron because it helps the body structure and if you don’t eat enough of it you can get anemia. Some products that contain Iron are: chicken, some beans, dark chocolate & cocoa powder, and tofu.

The Nutrition in our Community How many meals do you eat per day?


¿How many meals do you eat per day? 11%







consume per day?

1 2







found out that 3 meals is part of some balanced diet. 5% of the people eat 2 times per day. People should be eating more than that because the body needs energy that we obtain by eating at the proper moment and our body and our body needs more nutrients that two meals can give us. 26% eat 4 times per day, eating like that is really good and even better if you are an athletic person. 0% of the people eat 1



Never 2-3 candies

Most of the people eat 3 meals per day. This is really good because we

How much candy do you consume per…


4-5 candies

Most of the people eat 2-3 candies per day, this is not fantastic because it would be better they only eat one candy per day. 22% of the people never eat a candy per day, that impact us a lot because your body is not getting extra fats. But also, we were surprised that 22% of the people eat more than 10 candies per day, this is terrible because candy can damage your body. 5% of the people eat 6-7 times a candy per day.

meal, this is awesome because nobody eats 1 time because


doesn’t give us the energy our body needs. 11% of the people eats 5 or more times a day, this is really good because your body is getting only what they need from the food and it´s not conserving the extra fats because it knows that you are going to eat with regularity.

How many times a week you eat fast food? In this graph most of the people eat fast food 1-2 times in the week. We were surprised that the second most high percentage was never. That means people eat healthier than we thought. But then the percentages

began to decrease to 5% and 0% in

How many times a month you eat

5-6 times and more than 7. That is

a balanced diet?

How many‌ 5%



Most of the people eat a balanced diet every day of the month that are Never

67% that is great because we know


they are eating healthy every day.

really good because that means

We were happy that people at least

people eat healthy most of the time

4 to 5 times a month eats a

and at least they are getting some of

balanced diet. We are surprised that

the nutrients our body needs daily.

7-8 times a month people eat a

How many salads do you eat per

balanced diet because they are



Most of the people eat one salad per

How many fruits do you eat daily?

day, this is not very good because

In this graph most people eat 2 fruits

the salads are very healthy and

daily which is the 47%. That’s not

when we eat salads we get all the

really good because fruits are the

nutrients we need. 37% eat 2 times

ones who give you vitamins and

per day a salad; this is a lot better than eating only one salad per day.

How many fruits do you eat daily?

5% of the people eat 3 or more times a day, eating like this is fantastic because you are getting the nutrients you need. 0%



0% 58%



16% 47%

Never 1

nutrients your body needs. So two

How many saladas do you eat per day? 0% 37%


fruits daily is not enough vitamins for your body. Then people eat fruits

1 time

one time daily. That is not very good

2 times

because your body needs the right

people eat 4 or more times a day.

amount of energy in a day. Fruits

0% of the people never eat a salad

not only give us vitamins and

per day, that is great because we

minerals they also give us glucose


that is very important for your body.




healthy one way or another.





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