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Tecnimetal sa Ignacio Ellacuria, 10 - 28017 Madrid -Spain tel +34 91 3562294 - fax +34 91 3555808 E mail:

Technical specifications and equipments are subject to change without any notice or ob ligation on the part of the manufacturer

Thermoregulator wuth display

Mounting press for metallographic samples, automatic pneumatic, compact, safe, easy to use, for high volume sample requirements.

Technical data

• Corrosion, heat and impact resistant moulded cover. • System control of the cycles through an electronic thermoregulator, with direct reading on digital display. • Mould temperature, heating time,cooling time are selectable and preset. • Control of heating from 0 to 200°C.. • Direct reading of pressure (0 to 6 bar). • Selector for ram up/ram down. • Non-conductive closure handles. • Possibility to produce moulds from 25 through to 40mm. • Audible time-out alarm.

•1200 W. of power • Dim. 380x450x600 mm • Weight: 40 kg.

Accessories Mould assembly Mould assembly Mould assembly Mould assembly Mould assembly

25mm. 30mm. 32mm. 38mm. 40mm.

(code 03-20-A025-A) (code 03-20-A030-A) (code 03-20-A032-A) (code 03-20-A038-A) (code 03-20-A040-A)

Consumables tecmet 2000 supplies a wide range of high-quality metallurgical consumables for the preparation of high-quality samples: Hot mounting compounds Cold mounting compounds Mounting accessories Abrasive cut off wheels Diamond blades Abrasive papers Self-adhesive diamond discs Abrasive suspensions Polishing products Polishing cloths Magnetic system Accessories for finishing. ®

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