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About Techwitty Techwitty is Sydney based technology advisory owned by Tulla Private Equity Group (the Maloney Family). No matter what the problem, or how urgent the project, we support and treat our clients as our business partners. The network and global reach of our parent – Tulla Private Equity Group enables us to leverage these relationships for our clients. Don’t waste time and money making mistakes. Leverage our specialist knowledge and the powerful insights we have.

About SEO


most people these days generally understand that having a solid online presence is a mandatory part of doing business,


Company Sydney is the foundation stone on top of which any great website is created.


Services Sydney can get a bit technical when people try to explain all of the associated rules and components.


for ease of understanding, the key to understanding SEO is to think of Google and other search engines as being intelligent newspapers in which you want to have your content (your website) published.


Firstly, the content must be relevant, on topic, factual, and up to date.

The website description (or Meta Description) needs to explain your website correctly so that the information and keywords contained within your website are actually about what your website description says


were seen to be referencing your article (your website) this would give your article credibility.

you want to know that the article references and is referenced by trusted authors.

This is what hyper linking and back-linking strategies are all about. Linking your website to others that Google and other search engines rank highly.


Finally, with the advent of the Internet, there is no such thing as a static newspaper anymore.

These days, newspapers are live documents that need to be updated regularly.

Typically, there should be new and fresh content being published relevant to each key word as often as possible.

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Seo company sydney techwitty  

Techwitty is the best seo company in Sydney. Techwitty also provides all types of seo services in affordable price

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